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Emil Nolde

b.1868 in the olde Prussian duchy of Nolde (which after The Great War became part of Denmark.)


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Nolde is by far the most famous artist featured heretofore on The Wire.  He represented some of the original 20th century art movements, was part of Kandinsky’s Der Blaue Reiter Group and ran afoul of each movement that would have him.  For that I had always admired him.  Then I learned he was a Danish Nazi so now I think he was a punk.

Whatever, times were tough.

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In an ironic twist the Nazi assholes who he supported later deemed his art degenerate and stripped it from museums, despite the fact that Nolde was one of Germany’s most famous painters of the day.  He was prohibited from exhibition after 1941.

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Emil Nolde.  New Master.

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  1. I’ve seen that last one somewhere

  2. I love the part of the story where he’s a Nazi and yet they remove his art from museums.

    First they came for…

    Cool art though. Massages Chumpos shoulders in a Bill Clinton creepy way.

  3. heh, mare, was just thinking that. and I read it just after seeing a beanie Sanders ad. we are simpatico!

  4. Wakey wakey

    I wonder what was degenerate about it.

  5. I’ve been walking around wondering where I saw the last one and it finally dawned on me: my friend has a print of it in his living room. His mother was big into art and over the years gave him several original pieces in addition to prints such as that one. I’ve only seen him at conferences the past few years and haven’t visited the house which explains why it took so long to remember. That and the neurofibrillary plaques and tangles.

  6. I wonder what was degenerate about it.

    Lines are too fuzzy. Too strong a hint of the abstract. Doesn’t depict the good things of Aryan society or the wickedness of the Jooooooos.

    That’s my guess.

  7. Maybe he slandered the prophet of Islam.

  8. Not to be nitpicky, but he was born in the village of Nolde, in the Prussian Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein. I look up things when they are from Denmark. Not that I know where my relatives are from. I guess maybe I should look that up sometime.

  9. The last one reminds me of Doc Holliday.

  10. Heh, time to go over a lot of heads: https://xkcd.com/208/

  11. http://is.gd/HAupD1

  12. DAY OFF.

    Worky worky was good last night – slow but people threw money at me.

  13. Must have worn the low cut top, high cut skort.

  14. Have I expressed my deep admiration for The Foals?

    Cuz they rock, and this video, when watched on your phone, allows you to change the camera angle.


  15. Beautiful work.

  16. Everyone must be watching The Foals video over and over again.

    I get it. I really do.

  17. TITS activity list addition?

  18. We could drink whiskey, too

  19. Gotta have some wine, too

  20. I’m not watching the Foals video. I’m too busy lamenting my job change again. The long break gave me time to forget how much I dislike myself for doing this. It’s sort of like going out of the house while you’re cooking a nice stew, then coming back after a few hours to smell it anew.

    Except you’re stewing skunk.

  21. Oh man, I hate it when leon lays the low hanging fruit out there all tempting like.

  22. At the doctors office w wifey. Sitting in the waiting room and the goddamn liar in chief is on the tv. I can’t change the channel, I can’t turn it off, I can’t turn it down. Trapped.

  23. I detest this strawman building motherfucker.

    Goddamned networks better give some rebuttal time.

  24. Now some Dan rather sounding talking head is tongue polishing the prezzys message in a grave tone.

  25. Can you shoot the TV? That would be fun!

  26. CBS is all in. They’re sticking 14″ of uncircumcised donkey cock down our throats. LIV’s are thinking it mighty tasty I’m sure.

  27. Donkey cock is a delicacy in Indonesia.

  28. It was on my radio. All I can guess was that the audience was filled with people willing to suck his cock.

  29. I went to the bathroom and took a shit. No tv in there.

  30. Does any dem ever speak in front of an audience that isn’t handpicked. ?

  31. Obama tried that one time, in Joe the Plumber’s yard.

    Look how well that worked out.

  32. Yeah, he got his media pals and government terrorists to savage the poor guy.

  33. Dude was a damned good painter.

    But, Art Nazis Must Die…

  34. But the organizations and people who ascend in a victimhood culture are very different. Some set themselves up as saviors; others focus on a common enemy. In all cases, they treat people less as individuals and more as aggrieved masses.

    Any names come to mind?

    Sometimes the NYT is useful for something other than wrapping up the garbage.

  35. People are not individuals. They are only their skin color, sex, gender, etc.

    It’s a good idea to make sweeping generalizations about their traits and then form an policy and ideology based on those generalizations.

  36. MJ knows shit.

  37. Jay, LOL!!! That was my grandmother too.
    Miss her.

  38. Here’s Carin with her shepherd’s pie recipe.

  39. Gutten tag, der Hostages.

  40. Gluten hag.

  41. Ok after hours of exhaustive research – I think I like the Vivoactive

    Anyone have any experience with them?

  42. pricey, aren’t they?

  43. Any bets on how long before one of Car in’s kids steals it?

  44. Well – I need something with at least a GPS – so that’s going to put them up on the scale. There are older models that are cheaper – but this one has heart rate minitoring/gph/ activity tracking etc…

    I mean if I buy a watch for $100 that doesn’t do what I want, that is $100 wasted.

  45. Also it has a nice LARGE screen so I can actually see it when I’m running.


  46. I should not be this sore after the gym last night…

  47. Guess Gym really kicked your ass, huh?

  48. That’s what I get for basically not going for a month.

  49. Taking early pleasure in a porch-chilled (24 degrees Fahrenheit) IPA may be a moral failing; but if that is true sirs, then this personage emphatically must reject the guidance of our better angels, and embrace peccancy as her true nature.

  50. Live better with chemistry! I recommend VICODEN!

  51. Here here!

  52. Nice avatar, MJ.

  53. Is that Rikki Lake?

  54. If Bill Clinton were a Republican, everyone would still know who That Woman is. She would be trotted out by the media at every opportunity, held up as an innocent victim of workplace sexual predation (instead of a tramp, which is how they framed her instead), and used to endlessly kneecap Republicans.

  55. Monica must have oodles of Clinton money by now. That or she’s been threatened.

  56. IPA? Too bad I don’t like hops that much. Everyone has IPAs now.

  57. Rikki Lake played Monica Lewinsky in The White House Intern?

  58. Heh, Obama referred to himself 76 times in a 33 minute speech.

  59. I am that I am.

  60. How’s things, jewstin? Cook anything interesting lately? You need a PBC.

  61. Today I am making beer biscuits, ham steaks, and green beans with bacon bits and hot sauce. I would love a PBC. I have some pork in the freezer that should be cooked in one of those things.

  62. hmm, beer biscuits sound good. Made some beer bread once that was fantastic. Can’t remember the recipe or where I got it, or I’d try it again.

  63. You’ll just have to use that Weber kettle. Indirect. I actually like using the kettle for chicken breasts better than the PBC. Uses less charcoal, and I can concentrate the smoke flavor.

  64. I think smoked Jamaican Jerk would be pretty terrific.

  65. The Christmas ham I got from work was enormous. I can’t get rid of the thing. Even after I eat what I’ve carved, I have a ham bone that will make a week’s worth of ham and beans.

  66. We had Christmas Ham. I think it was Sean that said ham was for Easter.

  67. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 5, 2016 5:34 pm

    Heh, Obama referred to himself 76 times in a 33 minute speech.
    Somebody had to listen to that and count the references……what a horrible job.

  68. I think ham is an all-season meat. I will have to ask Julia Child.

  69. Back in the olden times when Bill Gates was running Microsoft, somebody was assigned to count the number of fucks he used during a meeting. I suspect the Obama speech listener is wildly envious.

  70. Mmmm…ham

  71. I like nazi artist. I think his art can be shown with a disclaimer like the old Looney Tunes and Sesame Street videos.

  72. Leon?


  73. Heh

  74. 3/4″ of rain in San Diego. Mights well have been 3/4′.

    Traffic no move

    City grinds to a halt.

  75. Chicken book arrives tomorrow.

    *drags sleeping bag to mailbox*

  76. Jew, many packets of minced ham sitting at the front of the freezer is a nice thing. Split pea soup, omelets, etc. Yoink and heat.

  77. “…pigs and chickens Living together…its complete anarchy!”

  78. Mr Chumpo, I have been in SD twice when Padre games have been postponed due to rain. Roads get very slick. Drivers that get scared just stop instead of moving to shoulder. It is insane! Like NM when it snows.

  79. I’m just happy to hear that it rained somewhere in SoCal.

  80. Lauraw – I just made my chickens oatmeal.

    It’s cold out there.

    *starts knitting chicken sweaters

  81. Well, Ositer. Thanx but Im an old hand. I just drive 70 mph in the E lane until I get where Im going. Ive been home for 90 min.
    Cars work the same in the rain or in the sunshine. I dont have the e’scarde’.

    Ice is a diferent animal.

    Anywho, I’m drink in hand and maybe making a pitcher of margs just to be sure.
    See you in AZ. I’ll bring your casa grande pot I wanted to give you.

  82. I have a pattern. Of course. I’m not just freewheeling.

    I’m not crazyd.

  83. Weather is bad enough her that several airliners have diverted.

  84. I have bags of diced ham and boxes of ham stock in the freezer. I can use it. It’s just a bit astonishing how much there is. The thing must have been a 50 pounds.

  85. Can’t wait to see you guys in Tempe!!!

  86. 6 more adult comic books released today. It is ridiculous. I can’t believe Sam’s hasn’t added color pencils to my SKUs. I sell every coloring book that I get in stock. OK, some are stolen.

  87. I’m waiting for the Playboy Adult Coloring Book.

  88. It’s just a bit astonishing how much there is. The thing must have been a 50 pounds.

    Hog’s asses are under-appreciated.

  89. GoT is close enough! (Not really. Pretty tame) Liked your comment at the HQ about the situation in Cologne.

  90. GoT is close enough! (Not really. Pretty tame) Liked your comment at the HQ about the situation in Cologne.

    Which one?

  91. Crap. I saw it. Thought awesome. Noticed it was you.

  92. I also made a butter cake today. I didn’t have anything special for the topping so I made pear butter. Having eaten a piece, I now have to get rid of the rest.


  93. FYI, Roamacita has lost her internet (thanks, contractor!) so she needs one of you lovely ladies to put up an HHD.

  94. I had a brain fart a couple weeks ago and topped off my windshield washer fluid with coolant.

    Today I tried cleaning the windshield as we were driving into a setting sun.

    Not good.

  95. Lauraw – I just made my chickens oatmeal.

    It’s cold out there.

    *starts knitting chicken sweaters

    That’s a quality comment.

  96. I’m waiting for the Playboy Adult Coloring Book.

    I just color the articles.

  97. the Playboy Adult Coloring book uses a lot of pink and pale tan colored pencils.

    On the other hand the Hustler coloring book has lots of patterns built in…

  98. I have bags of diced ham and boxes of ham stock in the freezer.

    WTF is ham stock

    Don’t…dammit…I just can’t add a new food category right now. I’m swamped.

  99. OK so tell me.

  100. Ham Stock

  101. *claps hands*

    *instantly, flying monkeys roll Sean up in a carpet, fly hard, and drop him into the ocean*


    That went well.

    *gives monkeys a raise in fruit pay, and extra freeze-dried termite bonuses*

  102. I’m a nice boss.

  103. Candy Carson’s new book came out today. I like the way SJWs and Feminists feel the need to talk about her looks, weight, and clothes. She seems pretty amazing.

  104. Silly Oso, everyone knows she’s not a real woman.

  105. What’s the difference between Candy Carson and Bruce Jenner?

    One is a Republican nutjob who pretends to be a woman… and the other is a former Olympic decathlete.

  106. Who the heck is Candy Carson?

  107. http://is.gd/dhgoPI

    Ham stock?

  108. Did anybody alert anybody else’s flying monkeys to a crate of bananas that fell off the back of a truck in exchange for looking the other way while they made their escape today?

  109. Ham stock is ham juice. As you might make chicken stock or beef stock you make ham stock. Onions garlic salt and pepper. Drain the extra juice, freeze it in a box or a bag, and you have the beginning of gravy or a delightful soup base. My ham stock will likely turn into ham and beans.

  110. Or boxes and bags when the ham is bigger than MJ’S house. One ham can make a small pond of stock.

  111. Ben’s wife.

  112. ZOMFG – 52 days until TITS2!!!!

    *muffles a “squeeee”*

  113. Ben’s wife.

    Well bless her heart, then.

  114. Yummmm.

    I’m headed to Jew’s house

  115. Sounds like split pea soup nirvana to me, Jewstin.

  116. Pick me up!

  117. It is terrific, Laura. After making gravy from the New England bake I still had a pot of ham juice left. It’s all frozen for now. I did make a tagine with ham stock. Fantastic.

  118. New England Bake? As in clam bake? Why was I not notified?

  119. Wait, there’s no gravy in a clam bake.

  120. Jewstin is just making shit up.

  121. CoAl, yep. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Extremely smart woman. Accomplished in her own right. Leftists verbally abuse. Drunken scrunt that enables a rapist and bint that has been fired from or failed at any job she’s ever had: Democrat nominee!!!!

  122. I carved up and froze an entire ham. There’s gonna be split pea soup, navy bean soup, and ham and beans in the near future.

  123. In fly-over country a New England Bake is a ham baked with cabbage and potatoes and a small mountain of vegetables. I always add bags of carrots, celery and pearl onions. Make a few sides and you can eat like royalty for a week.

  124. I advise mashing the roasted potatoes with crushed garlic and extra sharp cheddar. Ham stock makes better gravy with corn starch than flour.

  125. We ate our ham as ham!!! Need moar HAM!!!

  126. Is WerdPuss is being fucky tonight for anybody else?

  127. I like how someone named Jewstin is schooling us on Ham

  128. Cyn, yes. Mobile, too

  129. Let Roamy know that HHD is handled. HANDLED.

  130. WTF, Politifact?

    Anyone who repeatedly buys and sells firearms “with the principal motive of making a profit” has to get a dealer’s license, whether they deal out of a brick-and-mortar store, at a flea market, or online, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Licensed firearm dealers must run background checks on non-licensed buyers before selling them a gun.

    But the law does not require a dealer’s license for private hobbyists and others who occasionally buy and sell guns for the purpose of enhancing or liquidating a collection. If an individual buys a gun from someone who does not have or require a license, the purchaser does not have to undergo a background check.

    So a violent felon could buy a gun from a hobbyist over the Internet because he or she would not be subject to a background check. The purchase would still be illegal, because of the buyer’s felon status, but it would not create an immediate red flag. The same thing can happen at a gun show.


    Said it’s mostly true. That is not how I understood it works.

  131. The client potential future bossman was going to link me up with appears to have gone quiet. Might just be the holiday, but he says he’s just going to look for a better fit and drop that particular job from consideration for now.

    So I wait and lament, still.

  132. My guess would be that what is described in Jay’s link is not how the huge majority of the youth who look like they could be Obama’s son obtain their weapons.

    Attach an anecdote, ignore a wave of shit.

  133. leon have you considered going out on your own?
    i think you could do very well – there’s a lot of positives about being an independent contractor.
    lots of companies are willing to use contract service providers.

  134. I’ve considered it, but I’m not connected enough to find clients, nor does that aspect of the business really appeal to me. I think a small company is a better fit for me. Adequate autonomy with some teammates to rely on, and I get to focus on project work rather than sales.

  135. Will the duty chicken report to the galley and swim through the broth.

  136. When they kick at your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your derp
    Or on the trigger of your gun

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