Sleep-in Saturday

New day, new poat. Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder.
Me, New Year’s Eve.
dog wine

little train
Love that look.
Coffee’s fresh, and it’s not raining. Y’all have a good day.


  1. Morning, children. Supposed to actually get above freezing today, hopefully it will melt some of this snow. Another storm headed in next week though, grumble…….

  2. Wakey wakey.

    Open to close yesterday – so much for “early out”. Please let today not be more of the same.

  3. Read your squat article the other day, Carin. Confirmed my opinion on pistols. I can almost do them, but my knees don’t like them.

  4. Moarning. Just putting together next weeks BBF and sipping coffee. Nessie the Wonder Dog is laying on me feets, I don’t think I’m supposed to get up now.

  5. Read your squat article the other day, Carin.


  6. Alas, I didn’t learn squat.

  7. The Big 12 is getting all excited now about basketball and what power players they’ll be as we wind toward March Madness. Uh, okay, but here’s what I’m thinking: Just as they’re currently proving during the football bowl season, much of their “power conference” status is smoke and mirrors. When they get too far outside their own conference, bad things happen to them.

  8. Most of the bowl games I watched were blowouts. When you don’t have a dog in the fight the incentive to watch is a close, hard fought game. Maybe today

  9. Last holiday gathering of 2015 is today. Finally it will be over.

  10. Morning.

  11. wow I slept till 9. I never do that

  12. Leon – it’s been the longest freakin holiday season. And I’ve pretty much worked it all.

    So over it. People need to learn to cook for themselves.

  13. Beasnson will be heading back home today.


  15. Fogged in here, we haven’t seen the sun very much since the big storm. Really strange for NM, usually we get snow, sun comes out and the snow melts in a few days.

  16. The sun is shining here. I should go for a run.

  17. Sidebar link about “teens” pushing a car down subway stairs – let me guess, Muslim yutes? All the more reason to have a big-ass American car instead of a Mini or a Fiat.

    “Let’s move this ’66 Chevelle!”
    “On the other hand, let’s not.”

    My sister had a Honda Civic in high school, and her friends would occasionally move it around the parking lots just to mess with her.

  18. Yesterday I made zitti. Today I am making a chicken, artichoke and olive pizza, and a New England bake. I can’t think of any good sides to make with a New England bake.

  19. Freedom Fries?

  20. Mashed potatoes are already included. Freedom Fries would be far too decadent. Shrimp in Sriracha sauce sounds good.


  22. I make dill cous cous every holiday. I want something different.

  23. #richwhitepeopleproblems

  24. I’ve been making cold plates, ham, beef, sausage, cheese, crackers, sliced fruit. I think it’s my new favorite way to eat. Sliced peppers when I’m feeling spicy.

  25. That is the best on a warm summer day. Sliced tomatoes, salted cucumbers, and cold beef. Fucking outstanding.


  27. I think I may have just perfected the flourless peanut butter cookies down to 1.5 carbs per cookie!

  28. Aww, but I like carbs.

  29. First, it was too hot to bake, now I’m too tired.

  30. Going to give this a try, will add onions and peppers and maybe some bacon.

  31. I settled on green beans with cream cheese stuff, cornbread stuffing, and grits with my ham. When did heavy whipping cream get so expensive? Made me want to cut a bitch. $4 for a half pint?!

  32. I usually don’t pay attention but I think at Thanksgiving I paid $4 for a quart.

  33. Even with no sales tax groceries are more expensive here than in other places I’ve lived, but dairy is fucking ridiculous.

  34. I use heavy cream in my coffee. It’s always been expensive to my knowledge. I got used to it when I was low carb dieting, never went back to half and half.

  35. I rarely buy heavy cream. It is required for mashed potatoes and grits, so I didn’t have a choice.


  37. I use heavy whipping cream in tea or coffee. It sweetens it up enough that I don’t need sugar.

  38. Coffee should be had black.

  39. Wildly racist coffee.

  40. I hold no truck with mixed coffee.

  41. I gave your mom heavy cream.

  42. Black coffee matters!

  43. Done packing for the day. The back spasms have spoken.

  44. When this happens, it might be an indication that you are drunk.

  45. Hi

  46. I always laugh when someone starts talking about how Europeans don’t have the problems that we have with binge-drinking. They’ve obviously never seen pictures of London on a Friday night.

  47. I could use a nap. Who’s with me?

    *not you boys*

  48. Perv.

  49. Back in the olden times when I traveled a lot, I showed them Brits how to tie one on. I was perpetually surprised by how squeamish they were about drinking.

    Me: Hell yeah, bring me another Sapporo!

    Brit: I don’t know. I should stop.

    Me: Fuck that. Bring him another Sapporo too.

    Brit: *falls in gutter*

    Me: Fuck. *carries guy to room, passes out*

  50. That was the guy who found a rat in the bathroom next morning.

  51. Not a euphemism.

  52. So disappointing.

  53. Finding a rat in the bathroom couldn’t possibly be a euphemism for anything good.

  54. I wish I could say it was a gerbil. But, no. It was a rat. Not even a mouse. A rat.

  55. I remember the thing being as big as a door with fangs and foaming Chops, but it was probably just a regular rat.

  56. A Thai rat, poisoned by the fetid waters of the canals in Bangkok.

  57. We’ve had supply problems with half/half and heavy cream. Not sure what the problems are. Our DC is in Wyoming. Members have been pissed. Today was the retail Perfect Storm that we were totes not prepared for. The computer scheduling model was unprepared. It was brutal.

  58. Sorry, Oso. I will do what I can with road conditions. It gets bad fast here. Sherman Hill is often a wreck.

  59. Comment by scott on January 2, 2016 4:01 pm
    Black coffee matters!


    In my top 10 comments ever!

    We are moving and both my husband and I (who are both very physically active) are sore everywhere in particular our backs are trashed.

    We have been happy and surprised by our moving crews on both ends of move. Just hired guys from truck companies by the hour. Polite, hard working (except for the one white guy), one guy even asked me about his work ethic, which I said was exceptional. My husband has written recommendations for both crews.

  60. Yay, MARE!!!! Woot! Woot!

  61. Thanks, Jewstin. People that are economic challenged are also supply challenged. I’ll let them know I have a guy in WY working on it. O M G actually had a woman ask me why fresh fruit prices have jumped lately!!!

  62. Polite, hard working (except for the one white guy)

    White people are the worst.

  63. Oso, I worked with a woman some time back who insisted our DC only served Wal-mart in Cheyenne and Bozeman. She was utterly adamant that we did NOT serve any other locales. It still cracks me up when you have troubles there, since it isn’t Bozeman.

  64. Silly woman. WalMart is all about $$$$. Pretty sure there’s a spreadsheet that explains why it makes more sense to use a WY DC for NM, instead of AZ or CO.

  65. A sweet lady for the most part, but she was one who knew everything about EVERYTHING. She criticized my sweeping technique. I wasn’t using the dustpan correctly.

  66. Moving is crackfat.

  67. How do you not use the dustpan correctly?

  68. Scott, yes. So is stocking shelves, folding clothes, and loading vehicles. Retail gym.

  69. Put it in the CRACK! SWEEP IT INTO THE CRACK!

  70. We have dustpans for wet spills. Dustpans for dry spills. I’ll still go old school and grab some cardboard and make a scoop. LOL

  71. Once you fill the crack the dirt goes right into the dustpan obviously.

  72. Roamy, The Little Engine With Helicopter Parents needs to be a thing!!!! Wiser should write it and Revvy should illustrate it.

  73. I made a hockey shot under the shelves. Fuck the CRACK.

  74. WooHoo! I made a hockey shot under the Produce bunker today!

  75. One time at Target University, a MN HR type told a story about reading The Little Engine That Could to her team. She had her office door removed to fully represent the Open Door Policy. I used to harass my Old School Boss for keeping his door and not reading to us.

  76. Oso for the Sharks!


  78. Marrow bones are dog-crack.

    Bubba is hooked.

  79. I’m a curmudgeon. Really getting tired of Search & Rescue for peeps that leave trails to go cross country. Peeps that don’t watch weather before hiking. Peeps that camp illegally. Really think that dumbasses or their families should pay for this shit.

  80. Marrow bones is doggie crack and heroin combined.

  81. “Really think that dumbasses or their families should pay for this shit.”

    In some places they do.

  82. Been seeing ads on Antenna TV that they are going to start airing Johnny Carson reruns.

    I can’t wait.

  83. Scott, that is awesome!!!! My 2nd cousin’s mountain rescue cost NM taxpayers $300,000.

  84. Scott, old Carson will be awesome!!! I grew up during TVs Golden Age.

  85. My phone is dying. Heated throw isn’t available at computer. Stupid circuit breakers. Recharge and check back in later.

  86. My folks were old school. I know more about Have Gun, Will Travel than about Seinfeld. John Welke makes Carson look like Colbert.

    I don’t know what that means. Mare?!

  87. Local news just prefaced a story with “Get this…” Ace FTW.

  88. Wiser should borrow this

  89. I guess this woman died today.

    She will figure prominently in the “People We Lost” slideshow at the American Crazy Awards this year.

  90. Welsing caused controversy after she said that homosexuality among African-Americans was a ploy by white males to decrease the black population.

    Broken clocks, man. White man tricknology at work, yo.

  91. In her writing, Welsing discuses that white people are the result of a genetic mutation of albinism and are the outcast offspring of the original peoples of Africa

    This explains why I’ve always identified as a tall back man.

    So that’s twice. Broken clocks!

  92. So the last holiday gathering is over with. I think I’m off carbs entirely until at least February. Going to offer my last two pumpkins (sans seeds) to the horses.

  93. Hey, you asshole, who thought getting rid of incandescent bulbs was a good idea, why don’t you shove those ugly swirly bulbs up your ass? And I hope there is a special place in hell for the dick that thought slowly brightening lights in the bathroom would save the planet.
    You, Sir, are a giant steaming, swirling dog turd on humanities grass.


  95. LED’s are pretty nifty.

  96. Thumbs up, Pups!

  97. LED bulbs are cold light, I hate them. I want to start or find a business that makes bespoke 60W tungsten bulbs on the old bases.

    Not making making new bulbs, you see, repairing old ones.

  98. If LEDs are the slowly brightening bulbs that finally get bright enough to see what you’re doing by the time you flush…they suck. However, if LEDs are the ones in Christmas lights or outdoor sensors, well, that’s different.

  99. LEDs are fine for flashlights or lighting a tree. They suck for lighting a room or heating a well box. I’m guessing they also suck at being homemade block heaters.

  100. why don’t you shove those ugly swirly bulbs up your ass?

  101. All I know is that I can flip a switch and it’s daytime in my backyard, and I’ll never have to change those bulbs again.

  102. All I know is that I can flip a switch and it’s daytime in my backyard neighbor’s bedroom window, and I’ll never have to change those bulbs again.

    Fixed it for you.

  103. I’d use them for that, Scott. I live in fear of the day my last 100W incandescent burns out. As it is I’m out of real 60Ws for inside the house, and 75Ws are too bright for the bathroom.

  104. The barns at work are all lit by CFL bulbs. My boss bitches because I can’t clean a barn, but how do you clean a thing you can’t see? I rather hope the EPA gets fucked sideways by the mercury in the bulbs they love so much.

  105. Or not. I will get fucked sideways by the EPA sideways because of that. Shitty fucking bureaucrats don’t get fucked because shut up.

  106. Local power company partners with Sam’s to get energy benefits refunded at POS. NM doesn’t have POS limits. Grifters figured it out. We are illegally limiting at POS.

  107. We have CFL floodlamps pointed at the horse pasture. They take about 5min to get bright in the winter.

  108. You guys do realize that people in Africa have to burn old T-Shirts from Super Bowl losers and the McCain campaign for light, right?

  109. I’m in a rotten mood because Boss Man informed me that a I will not ever transfer. Baby Farm is the corporate leper colony, and I am stuck there for the duration of my employment.

  110. You guys do realize that people in Africa have to burn old T-Shirts from Super Bowl losers and the McCain campaign for light, right?

    Those ecocriminals better be buying carbon offsets.

  111. Jewstin, at least you have a job for the forseeable future. I find out on the 15th if I’m going to have a job after this month.

  112. Jewstin is in danger of going all SJW at Baby Farm. Baby piggehs are SQUEEEEEE

  113. Cyn,that low carb pizza casserole recipe looks awesome. Dan has had enough with me. My NYR is to take care of my diabeetus. Not mine, but Dan’s for me. He’s doing the pantry cleanse!!!!

  114. I bought these for the Ohio homestead, they were too bright, I had to disable one of the fixtures. I hope the guy that bought the house figures it out. Halogens kick ass.

  115. Where is this casserole recipe?

  116. The piggies are safe. The peoples in the 57 states might seek shelter.

  117. I agree with what Jewstin said!!

  118. Back when oil was good and dollars were like leaves falling from trees I bought a couple of hundred Thomas Edison type light bulbs. If I ever attend a meat up I’ll give some away as party favors. Or trade them for sex or sumpn.

  119. It was there earlier. I clicked on it. Read it out loud. Getting gaslighted by Cyn.

  120. Halogen? CFL? LED? Fuck that.

    Carbon Arc!

  121. LEDs made by Cree are supposed to be great lights.
    For “Heat Globes”, check the Dollar Store for 60w and 75w..
    You can also still get “Heavy Duty” 75w and 100w (allegedly) for “Drop Lights”…

  122. T Christian is trying to salvage a smidgen of dignity for the otherwise hapless Big XII.

  123. LEDs are better than fluorescent. I got some shop lights that are LEDs and they work great.

  124. LEDs are also heavily subsidized, so you are paying for them anyway.

  125. Ah, the old “heavy duty loophole”. I use them in my garage door opener lights and they’re readily available.

  126. FYI we are on Coyote alert. Huge packs all over the westside that aren’t afraid of people. People are being told to keep their pets inside. Really? REALLY? this is different from every other year how?

  127. I’m on a peyote alert. Huge colors all over the westside that are melting into people. Why do we keep our spirit animals inside? Really? REALLY? This is different from every other epoch of human existence, ya know.

  128. Peyote tastes better.

  129. CO legalized peyote for Anglos?

  130. Yeah, sure. We’ll go with that. *hugs Oso*

  131. Put it in a Big Mac and you don’t even notice.

  132. Oso, I think that was Roamy’s; I was the PB cookies.

  133. Mmmmm … Peyote with the purple meth…

  134. I may need to stop drinking. Totes confusing links lately.

  135. Did anybody threaten legal action against anybody else if they didn’t remove the life-size nude painting bearing their likeness and the words “Let Me Ride” airbrushed on the side of their van today?

  136. No, Sean. I did not threaten legal action.

  137. You can’t get a life size nude of my fabulous ass on the side of a mere van.

  138. Thanks, for the new Mare’s Musing. That was a good one.

  139. I see clint is drinking SEC Kool Aid again. It’s #1 and #2 on Monday, and it’s both Big 12 teams. Oklahoma is undefeated.

  140. Whoa – the Horned Frogs made that one heck of a bowl game!

  141. That TCU game was fun. No way I thought they would come back down 28-0 without their best player. Purple Shirt Works!

  142. Has MJ been around? He would probably like this. The rest of you would hate it.

  143. I liked until I discovered the half eaten bag of doritos.

  144. Cool Ranch ones, or Taco?

  145. Moldy Vagina best I could tell.

  146. WTF exactly is a horned frog? That sounds like a name of a mid-1970’s sex toy.


  148. Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there’s a party
    Here it’s never endin’, can’t remember when it started
    Derp around the lampshade, there’ll be plenty enough room in jail


  150. Sean’s derp is from one of my favorite groups

  151. >>>

    Made me spat coffee at my monitor… WELL DONE, Puppeh!!

  152. Howdy.

  153. Work shirt for Jewstin

  154. Hah! Stupid llama.

  155. I definitely need a Pork Chop Express T-shirt.

  156. Crazy Cat Lady is Mormon. I don’t believe his missionary team has ever seen me in a shirt. Every time they have knocked on the door I have been shirtless with a beer in hand.

  157. Wakey wakey. DAY OFF YEA YEA YEA.

    You guys can make your own drinks/get your own food.

    I’m sitting on my ass today.

    (not really – I’ve already cleaned the house and I have BIG PLANS today.)

    BIG Plans.

  158. I made bank yesterday. So that puts me in a good mood.

    Also – my kids have already gone through the bandwidth allotment FOR THE MONTH. Joke’s on them, though – I bought the premium plan with allows for me to surf the web – just not upload/download anything. Hostages and facedouche works just fine.

    iTunes? Nada. Videos? NOPE. LOLOLOLOL

    I mean – I do use that stuff sometimes – but as long as you guys show up on my ‘puter I’m fine.

  159. Carin, do your plans involve shallots, motor oil, and a ferret?

  160. They have 16 days of this. LOL.

    Greatest thing? They can’t go over and just get my bill charged (as they could with the Verizon deal).


  161. Jewstin – no.

    BUt I could work it in.

  162. I think I may have just perfected the flourless peanut butter cookies down to 1.5 carbs per cookie!

    Is there a recipe somewhere?

  163. Morning

  164. I didn’t bother posting since it didn’t come from my garden (has Splenda).

  165. Lookin’ pretty, MJ!

  166. I didn’t bother posting since it didn’t come from my garden (has Splenda).

    I WANT. I can switch out the Splenda.

  167. WTF is wrong with MJ?

  168. The recipe is on the recipe blog. If you can get it down without using Splenda, you gotta spill how you did it.

  169. I wonder how they’d be with almond butter?

  170. They do… too many g’s :(

  171. Bummer. I don’t need to watch them that closely.

  172. That’s way too much fiber for a cookie.

  173. Shush

  174. it’s a fortified cookie.

  175. I’m glad you don’t.

  176. muffin tops?

  177. Mmmmmuffin tops

  178. Friend has been talking about going out to dinner together all year long, finally went out last night. I made the mistake of picking the restaurant. They were slammed, we ended up in the normally closed-off party room, it took 20 minutes for the room to warm up enough for us to take our coats off, and a hour and a half for dinner to arrive. Server had to be asked three times for water, and I gave up waiting for the bill and hunted her down for it. She asked if we wanted dessert, and I almost snarked, “Only if I can get it before midnight.” I did not stiff her on the tip, Carin, but I was not generous, either.

  179. Oh that sucks. I hope at least the food and the company were good.

  180. The food and the company were good, but I felt really bad for talking them out of the pizza place because a bowl game was on, and I didn’t want to shout over the TVs.

  181. We need a new poat since I kilt this one, but I’m out of poat fodder.

  182. Found fodder, new poat!

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