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Anton Radersheidt

b. 1892 Koln, Germany d.1970

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Radersheidt was critically injured 100 years ago during The Battle of Verdun I.

He may have been pressed into service.

(I’ll update.)

Then he became an artist.

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Anton Radershiedt of The New Objectivity.

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MMM: homemade ice cream edition

Going to try this recipe today in my new doohickey, probably a few hours from now.  I’ll let you know how it compares to Häagen-Dazs.  MIL’s pitbullboxerdogthing is slightly more calm today, but I had to concede half of my couch to get us here, and I’ve got the cat food and one litter box upstairs and a “gate” (collapsed stroller blocking the path) at the bottom of them.  Coffee’s ready, because I was awakened by a pair of full dog bladders and there’s no way to get the big dog back into the kennel so I can get more rest.  Going to hang out here and maybe play some Fallout until 9am or so, then I get to feed the horses in the rain.

I like the mirror trick you sometimes see in fitness photography.


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Secret Santa Gift Opening Poatsie!

Time to open our gifts yay!!human-santapede

Email your pic to TheH2SecretSanta%gmail.combover and I’ll add it to the post. Love n Hugs, Your Secret Santa Helper Elf, MJ Cyn.

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Sunday Longie

[Impotent Update/Cyn:]


Email a pic: TheH2SecretSanta%gmail.comb; I’ll add to a special post.

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Quickie BBF

Being pressed into service!

Today’s model I found with a quick internet search. Says she is a model and singer, born October 12, 1989, measuring in at 34D-24-36, let’s welcome Caitlin Alexa!


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Gingerbread Nightmares (Stinkfinger Edition)


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DIY edition…

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Forest Wire


Meet Taralee Guild.

b. 1984 Thunder Bay, Canadia

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MMM 202: Last post in my 30’s

I turn 40 tomorrow.  With any luck, my office won’t do anything stupid.  You people would, but you don’t work at my office.  But how cool would that be?  Oh wait, we wouldn’t get anything done, we’d just comment here and cook things on the PBC we keep in the parking lot.

Flowery booty.


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