Which came first, rabbits or turnips?



  1. I’m sure I know, but I want to give all of you a shot.

  2. Turnips attract rabbits.

  3. Leon has to look at the last component of the ONT:
    The Power Of Squats.


  4. Too many boiled turnips can give anyone the squats. Just sayin’ …

  5. ChrisP, that’s why I posted it. Plus, look at her text book.

  6. This is why people shouldn’t drunk poat.

  7. Ok. Bedtime. Work was busy. I want to hit crossfit in the am. Book. Bed.

  8. PSA!

  9. Ugh, redhead is dating a man-bun!

  10. Yes, you can call me this, but don’t call me after midnight.

  11. Who wants to talk about excessive nose hairs?

  12. Sons of the silent age
    Make love only once but derp and derp
    They don’t walk, they just glide in and out of life
    They never die, they just go to sleep one day

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