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Here’s Jen Stark.  Installation artist.

b. 1983 Miami.  She attended Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art and likes to cut paper.

Region capture 42 Region capture 43

Region capture 44 Region capture 45 Region capture 46

I keep track of installation artists because I like really like to visit those types of shows.

Stark was showing all over but hasn’t in a while.  I suspect great things are in the works.

Keep an eye out.

Region capture 47 Region capture 48 Region capture 49 Region capture 50 Region capture 51 Region capture 52

Have a good New Year.  By the time you read this I will have traveled several thousand miles from my home.

I’ll be back on 3 Jan.


Thanks for viewing.


  1. Holey

  2. Snow is falling. We’re in the 6-12 inch zone with a possibility of some freezing rain mixing in. Thankfully it’s not too windy or cold now (20 degrees is the forecasted high).

  3. Chumpo comes through again!

  4. Where is Chumpo?

  5. Dunno but one of the categories is “Brazil” and he did mention several thousands of miles. So he either got a bikini wax or traveled to Rio or I’m full of caca.

  6. Good reasoning, Jimbro!

  7. Who wants to come to Berlin with me?

  8. Bring back a new copy of Mein Kampf.

  9. Wakey wakey.

    You too Chumpo – where ever you are.

  10. Mein Karotte

  11. It’s a Thomas Dolby kind of morning.

    I scare myself.

  12. All I can think when I look at those pieces is, “How does she physically create that with such geometric precision???”

    Plus, it looks like a 3D version of the World of Lisa Frank.

  13. It’s time for Sugar now.

  14. He can milk some horses.

    They have got to be good for something.

    They can’t be milked. They make fertilizer. That’s about it.

  15. Do they have nipples? You can milk anything with nipples.

  16. I’ve got nipples Fokker. Can you milk me?

  17. The amount of effort necessary is prohibitive. Plus, herbivore milk is all wrong for human babies on macronutrients. Not enough fat, way too much protein/carbs.

    Power came back around 2. Wife woke me at 3 to turn on the breaker box.

  18. I have painting to do. someone give me some encouragement.

  19. Oh and the pressure oven is AWESOME. Made two meals in it and it’s easy and delicious. Meat comes out juicy and with a crusty skin on it. In 20 minutes. j

    It’s really amazing.

  20. Ok. I’m off. Cleaning. Laundry. Painting. gah.

  21. Car in, painting AMRAP for time in 3 hours… GO!

  22. Split pea soup is in the crock pot. Other than about a pound of cut up ham left in the fridge we’ve made pretty good work of the Christmas ham.

  23. That sounds good. My family doesn’t eat ham anymore. @@. So I miss the bones/soup.

  24. I’m on a glass-washing strike. I don’t know WTF is wrong with my family. They will use EVERY last thing before they 1) wash a glass or 2) empty the dishwasher.

    I effen done.

    Let’s see how long it takes for them to notice.

  25. I’m in a bad mood. ugh.

  26. Someone. CAT PICTURE STAT.

  27. We’ve gone the paper cup route Carin. The boys will use a new glass every time until they’re drinking juice or milk out of coffee cups. A few years ago I said “Fuck it” or words to that effect and started buying the 500 cup packs at Sam’s. Even now they’ll use a new cup eery time they open the fridge and by the end of the day there’s like 5 or 6 paper cups scattered around the kitchen.

  28. every

  29. How is Kwanzaa going for you racist sonsabitches?

  30. I rented a house with a couple other guys for a year or two. All of the dishes were always in the sink.

    You washed what you needed and tossed it back into the sink.


  32. I did the dishes before I went to work (at 5). I had DINNER MADE. I came home to a messy kitchen. I’m about to choke a bitch.

    I should take a picture of the glasses. I have them all lined up. We’ll see if anyone decides to do something.

  33. Today, on Kwanza I decided to not let a group of 3 homeless men kill me for not giving them money.

    Sure, it was a few nights ago but I’m pretty sure those gentleman were just getting a head start on the festivities.

  34. Today, on Kwanzaa, I washed Carin’s glasses. I did it for the children.

  35. This happened near my office yesterday.

  36. My bet is that nothing is washed in Car in’s house, and that a child will have to be sacrificed.

  37. Speaking of dishes, time to get mine done. After prepping the soup and the dishes from dinner last night there’s a sink full. Paula works till 1 today and I need to make it look like I accomplished something.

  38. Jeez Carin, you’re the parent. Bet them, take away their phones, if you cook, they should clean. Nobody should come home to a sink full of dirty dishes. Teach them some manners.

  39. I rinse the same glass out with hot water once a day. Ditto for my coffee mug. I lived alone for several years and it made me conscientious. I used to be bad about leaving the crock pot soaking, but after the sink separated from the counter last year I won’t leave more than a plate or two in the sink for any length of time. I’m still a little slow to put the dry dishes away, though.

  40. I got someone to do the dishes. I’m still in a pissy mood though. I want them to be NEAT adults. Not slovenly.

  41. Room is almost done. Just ceiling edging and finish up in the closet. I’m out of paint though.

  42. >>>Just ceiling edging and finish up in the closet


  43. I pretty much only use Contigo vacuum mugs from Costco. I use them for hot or cold drinks. They really work well and don’t spill.

  44. I use the same one all day. One per day.

  45. Crossfit Wedding

  46. Oh Yes! The Contigo mugs with those magic lids – easily one of the best purchases evar. Keeps the temp unchanged for HOURS. Really impressive.

  47. I got some of those Contigo mugs for chirstmas gifts. And one for me.

  48. Maxwell House coffee costs half as much at Walmart


  49. I need this

  50. Yeah, but you have to drink it, scott!

  51. About the whole dishwashing dealio: Dan is pretty anal retentive. All dishes are pretty much washed before they ever make it in the dishwasher. I barely even rinse. I mean, c’mon! It is called a DISHWASHER not a rinsing previously washed dishes machine. That, and I don’t load correctly. (Whatever that means)

  52. Dan ran a vinegar rinse through the dishwasher and toothpicked the wands. He’s holding off on a new dishwasher.

  53. Hotel reservations for TITS2 made.

  54. Woot woot! I’m so eggsited!!!

  55. This will be your first wont it?

    You are going to be even more excited for the next one.

  56. Yep. I can’t wait!!!

  57. I want to go to New England. I’ve never been.

  58. I’ve been many times, Oso. I think my favorite place is Newport, RI.

  59. Nice thing is that when you leave Newport you can be in NYC, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, the White Mountains or on a beach in Maine eating lobsters in just a couple of hours.

  60. Dan will probably have to go to NYC and Boston without me. I don’t do well in crowds. I really want to go to NE in Autumn.

  61. Newport RI was pretty nice. Wish I had more time to tour the summer homes of the rich there. Sailing on the harbor was great.

  62. NYC wasn’t too bad when we went a month ago. I hate crowds but we were never in a place where it was shoulder to shoulder all jammed in. Even the PATH train wasn’t bad. Not nearly as bad as a crowded store.

  63. When we were in Boston it was right after the bombing and we were the only ones walking around. It was deserted down town, I loved it.

  64. Last time we were there was for Scott and Lauraw’s meat up in 2013. We left Newport the day before Hurricane Sandy hit.

    I remember sitting in a restaurant overlooking Newport Harbor, and I said to HotBride, “They’re not getting all of these boats out before the hurricane. There’s going to be some serious insurance money paid out.”

  65. I could tolerate NYC after Giuliani cleaned it up. I would probably hate it now.

    I much prefer Boston.

  66. Driving in both cities is a hoot.

  67. Driving in Chicago is hell.

  68. We went around the city with a friend who lives there, so I’m sure we avoided most of the bad places.

  69. Some friends hired a car through Uber to go into the city. The guy was from Iowa and had no idea where anything was or how to get there. GPS wouldn’t work right, they had a few fun hours.

  70. I had a hard enough time passengering in DC.

  71. I don’t go to cities that have actual population density. No chance I’d drive in one.

  72. I only went to DC and LA because I had to. Driving in either is enough to make me lament that I’m not a septic tank technician.

  73. A friend in Boston taught me how to drive there.

    1) don’t look over your shoulder when trying to merge
    2) don’t get caught looking at your mirrors

    Both will be seen as a sign of weakness and you will be cut off.

    Drive like a Masshole or get left behind.

  74. Did anybody laugh and laugh when they found out that anybody else was also undercover trying to infiltrate Pacheco’s smuggling operation today?

  75. Scott, I get that. Never use your blinkers. It is seen as a challenge.

  76. When we were in Buffalo for a Sabres game, I couldn’t get over all the people honking their car horns. In NM, if you honk…you get shot.

  77. Evening.

  78. Barb had the remote thermometer with the red laser out, and had Elliot chasing the red dot all over the kitchen, hilarious!

  79. Star Wars spoiler:

  80. Pepe, you were in Boston right after the bombing?

    I was there the day before the night they captured Joker and Speedbump. I was driving out of town, totally oblivious to what was happening. Saw the reports when I got home.

    I was at the Prudential center. Went to go outside to have a smoke and a cop stopped me, as I was about to walk right into the scene as it was under investigation. Cops all over town in combat gear, carrying automatics, tanks on nearly every corner.

    Weird day.

  81. Pretty sure he was there for a knife show during Boston Strong.

  82. Martial Law is cray cray. My dad was in the Philippines under Marcos. We lived on Taiwan under Chiang. It was awesome. For the Taiwanese…not so much. They couldn’t even play mah jong.

  83. I now have a computer with a keyboard the size of a graham cracker. Technology is fucking ridiculous.

  84. We flew in that night, Wiser. We were listening to the reports of the manhunt in the cab on the way in. Our hotel was right down the street from the bomb site. You could walk out of the hotel and see the guys walking around in the white coveralls. We were walking around and ran into some cops who turned us around because “This block is closed” wasn’t even near the site. Cops were on edge.

  85. I’m building a media server out of a raspberry pi SOC.

  86. mmm…graham cracker.

  87. This must be good vodka…..

  88. Rug burns on knees but long sleeved shirt…SHENANIGANS!

  89. Gah. Just got an email that strongly indicates a certain customer is an ahole engineer.

    …..”according to my calculations”…..

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    I’ll gladly take your crap to a competitor.

  90. Growing up Messican, I remember my first salad and my first juice. Friends houses. Californian friend on Taiwan was a civilian. Her dad was the buyer for the PX. They ate like Anglos. My mom and dad butted heads for 43 years about food. Cultural differences.

  91. ahole engineer. BIRM

  92. >>>>We flew in that night, Wiser.


  93. I had an engineer who wanted umpteen roller blinds cut to 1/16″ and 1/32″ dimensions. I showed him the roller blind cutting machine and how wobbly every bit of it was, and told him the best we could do was 1/8″ or 1/4″. After all, roller blinds have pins longer than that on the ends, which fit into brackets that have a little play in them, and even the plug that fits into the end of the roller tube can also be adjusted back and forth with a screwdriver.

    NOPE. Mr. Engineer wants his cheapass fucking roller blinds cut to laser precision.

    Yes sir, I’ll see what I can do, sir.

    Turns out, what I can do is cut them all to within actual machine tolerances but write his unattainable desired measurements on them. My sharpie pen is amazingly accurate and can label roller blinds to within 1/1000″.

  94. laughs at lauraw. cries about engineers shopping a mass retailer.

  95. It’s not all engineers, but there is a certain type of asshole that is almost 100% engineer.

    ” That sounds a little pricey and I’m an engineer so….”


  96. I just want to add lawyers to that.

  97. My lawyer uncle bought a handled 3 wheeler from Target for his kid. Asked me why it didn’t go in reverse. Wondered if he needed to return it. I explained the legal restriction on the 3 wheeler to a lawyer. Agreed it made no sense. Darwin.

  98. Engineers are so literal, they don’t really do well with jokes.

  99. And doctors’ wives….

  100. Certain lawyers, yes. They are similar to the bad engineers.

    The majority are engineers.

    I don’t hesitate to fire them as I spot them.

  101. Haha, what do they do when you fire them, scott? Stand there mouth open staring at you?

  102. I successfully avoided 2 women with the “Talk to the manager” haircut. It was close.

  103. Nothing is face to face. My customers are internet people.

  104. So true that you never have to ask if they are an engineer. They always tell you, up front or as soon as they can work it into the convo.

    They understand every single detail about every product and transaction, except for the part where I have to be paid to work. Then they suddenly get real dense.

  105. I fired one over the phone, Jay, and yes he was incredulous. They tend to believe that businesspeople ca n be endlessly abused and will do anything to get their precious moneys.

    One time when I had my store, I called the local competition on my phone and handed it to the customer so he could hire them. I was trying my best to get rid of this customer but he ended up hiring me anyway. It worked out eventually.

  106. Will never forget the customers we should have walked away from as soon as we saw the signs that we were gonna get hosed but good. Never, Never Never will forget them.

  107. You learn after you get screwed 37 times.

  108. Voodoo doll not forget them?

  109. I so enjoyed sharing stories of customer relations with Laura today…

    And watching her ‘paint’ my ‘living room’.

  110. Comment by scott on December 29, 2015 10:18 pm

    You learn after you get screwed 37 times.


    That’s how your mom passed Junior High.

  111. Ok, maybe those scare-quotes were “misplaced.”

  112. After Jimmeh betrayed Taiwan, a bunch of my friends ended up in Teheran. One is friends on social media with a bunch of jihadis. These jihadis like practicing English with Ryan’s friends. Jihadis, Mooslims. Close enough. 3 of them were extremely freaked out over my grieving over Ginger. They really don’t understand mi familia and immigration. Fun times. (I totes speak Oso and idiomatic English)

  113. Some people don’t commit actual ‘crime’ crimes, but they still have zero personal honor and find ways to legally extort things they did not earn from other people. I wish I believed in God, so that I could feel there was somehow a reward in store for these conscienceless chiselers.

  114. Don’t be creepy.

  115. >>>>>That’s how your mom passed Junior High.

    *6 classes per semester…. 2 semesters per year…. 3 years of junior high… add in the principal….

    Yup. Adds up.

  116. WiserGoddess was with Wiserbud today in their living room when I totally ‘cut in.’ Plastic sheeting was involved.
    Thank goodness, because things got rather sloppy.

  117. >>>>Don’t be creepy.

    Too late.

  118. >>>Thank goodness, because things got rather sloppy.

    I left the two of them alone just as they were about to dive into the pink….

    You should have seen the satisfied look on wiserbride’s face when I got home….

  119. OK that’s enough now

  120. >>>>OK that’s enough now

    Too far?

  121. It’s really more of a plum, than a pink.

  122. >>>>It’s really more of a plum, than a pink.

    Really? I’ve always thought it was more of a cherry.

  123. *runs away*

  124. Embrace the paint!

  125. I’m not sure I get the point of these comments.

  126. So true that you never have to ask if they are an engineer. They always tell you, up front or as soon as they can work it into the convo.

    It’s like crossfit?

  127. Show me on the doll where the engineers touched you, Ws.

    Every profession has assholes.

  128. Tell a joke to an engineer….

    Response: But the tensile strength of the molybdenum wouldn’t allow that to happen…..

  129. Ah, okay, it’s pile on engineers night. Never mind, I’ll show myself out.

  130. Apology pic for Leon

  131. My BiL is a civil engineer. All he wants to talk about is Texas Tech football. I’d much rather talk about designing a wastewater treatment plant.

  132. Speaking of driving… I’m finally home. Amazing how quickly you can cover distance when you’re not trying to navigate a city covered in an inch of ice.

  133. I went and wandered a shopping mall with my wife yesterday. First time I’ve done that in years. You know they have stores that only sell caps? Nothing else but caps. Not a kiosk either. An actual fucking store with nothing in it but caps. How in the fuck can one make a living selling only one item? What a fucking country.

  134. On a thousand islands in the sea
    I see a thousand people just like me
    A hundred unions in the snow
    I watch them walking, falling in a row
    We live always underground
    It’s going to be so quiet in here tonight
    A thousand islands in the sea
    It’s a derp

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