Big Boob Saturday

Hello little elves. In honor of the little baby Jesus, we made a collective decision to move the boobs to today. The pope is very proud of us. He called last night and said, ‘cheirar meu dedo.



Today’s model has probably been featured here before, and a quick GIS reveals that she’s really into entertaining multiple gentleman callers simultaneously, with many different orifices. The pope called and said, ‘eu tambem.’ She has the deadest eyes, the weirdest cartoon face, and quite possibly the biggest hootdangers in all of the EU. Please put down your peanut brittle and give a big Vatican welcome to Lucie Wilde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













  1. Poor girl.

  2. Dull affect. Fetal alcohol syndrome eyes.

  3. Those dead eyes haunt me.

  4. Something is going on there.

  5. The weather girl keeps saying “record breaking snow” and “brutal cold” “high wind warnings” Grumble……

  6. She probably blew at least two teachers in order to get her GED.

  7. It’s always sad for me when they are assless.

  8. She could use a squat rack.

  9. Sending out my resume today. Oh look, a data analyst position with Ford. Why would I want to go to Dearborn? If I want to spend a year working in a third-world Muslim warzone, I’ll just take another year in Afghanistan.

  10. There’s good food in Dearborn. Plus one of the coolest museums ever. The Henry Ford.

  11. I can see the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village from my office.

  12. There are a lot of muslims, too.

  13. Merry Boxing Day

  14. Mare is 10?

  15. it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  16. *boxes Jimbro’s ears

  17. I think I know where Leon got the clhlamhdia.

  18. God bless us, every one!

  19. She enjoys the finer things in life.

  20. Off to Cabelas.

  21. Flood waters are receding. GFI and landline phone still FUBAR.

  22. Roamie, how’d your roof hold up?

  23. PG, no leaks that I know of. It’s still the old roof. New roof which was supposed to go on before Thanksgiving might go on mid-January.

  24. cheirar meu dedo

    MJ is a bad boy.

  25. At least someone got it.

  26. Just let it go, Leon.

  27. Yesterday, I dropped my phone. One hop off of the kitchen counter and right into the dog’s water bowl.

    Hole in one.

    It still works.

  28. Did time seem to slow down?

  29. Yep. Today I took the money I would have spent buying a new phone and bought a pair of Danner boots.

    Hurray day after Christmas sale!

  30. Truly, the poor girl has no ass.

  31. *looks up Danner Boots*


  32. Mare is 10?


    That made me laugh hard. And by hard I mean holding lady parts. (My own you A-holes)

  33. That corset picture is worse than the stupid Emily picture.

  34. Pupster, I used to go through a pair of boots a year. Then I started buying American made boots.

    My last pair were made by Carolina Boot. They lasted 20 years and for a couple of those years I wore them every day. Most of their boots are now made in China so I am trying these

  35. It’s that version lined with gore-tex, so fully waterproof.

  36. I travel a lot so I need a zipper on my boots, I’ve got a pair of these:

    they used to make them in Ohio, but they moved the manufacturing to Mexico a few years ago. They are light and fit but are not very comfortable.

    I also bought a pair of these:

    they are about the same as the Rockys. The biggest difference I’ve found is I only wear big thick wool hiking socks, they provide a lot of forgivability to cheap boots.

  37. Neither are insulated, I bought them when I Iived in Ohio and TN. Need a new pair for MN.

  38. I don’t think yours were made in the USA Scott. The $350 hiking boots have a little flag and USA tag.

  39. Uh oh.

  40. I’ve been bamboozled!

  41. I put a winter feeding chamber ( ) on my bee hive today. I originally went out with just a t-shirt and my head cover on to put a few things out there to get ready. When I got there I saw a few bees flying around the opening so decided to put all my gear on. I’m very happy I did. When the lid came off the bees were more than a bit annoyed that someone had entered their hive. Hopefully the warmer winter continues and breaks early and the hive survives.

  42. Truly, the poor girl has no ass

    I think she’s deficient at both ends. She looks very dim, which sucks all the sexy out of the photos.

  43. Made in Vietnam. Boo.

  44. Happy Boxing Day, Godless Sodomites!

    Great Christmas column by Jonah Goldberg:

    Lots of great Jonahisms in here: My favorite being ‘Jackassery’.

    Would love to meet the guy sometime.

  45. Wife and kids left for DC today, I’m stuck on call for the next few days.

    Wx truly sucks in STL today, but thankfully no tornados (Stay safe Roamie!).

  46. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight, I’ve got the boyz shoveling the sidewalks and driveway.

  47. Ha, snowing like crazy at the Sun Bowl in El Paso!

    Just pulled up the forecast:
    62051Z 29013KT 10SM -RA FEW028 SCT040 OVC065 06/M01 A2968 RMK AO2 RAE10B30SNE06 SLP021 MTNS OBSCD SW MTN TOPS OBSCD W-NW P0000 60000 T00561006 55011 $

    Don’t see any snow in that forecast, but the TV definitely shows the U of Miami band getting snowed on.

  48. Any bets on how much aircraft deicing fluid they have at El Paso Int’l Airport?

    My money’s on 0.0 gallons.

  49. Phat, what’s the word on the 757 engine fire in DEN?

  50. Is this thing on?

  51. I’m in year three with a pair of Red Wings (boots, not the patch on my colors).(

    Im ok w the styling but the soles are great and they are definitely no slip.
    The uppers are high and good with a gusseted connected tongue so they are very weather proof. Breaking in a rawhide upper has been hell and has given me a mean callous on my Achilles heel but Im working through that.
    I would recommend Red Wings.
    Also the Australian boots called Blunestones are good. I had a pair for a while when I was working in Hollywood. They are tough and look good if you are going to a meeting or whatever. I will probably re-up the Blunes.
    Timberline also has a very comfortable laceless boot which is styled after the Blunes. I’ve walked literally hundreds of miles in them. They are also waterproof. I’ve owned six or seven pairs of those.
    They look sharp.


  52. I ment timberland.

  53. I ment Timberland..

  54. It’s snowing heavily at the Sun Bowl. Hahahha



  56. Heheheh

    Im going to ise that one, pup.

  57. Really snowing and windy here. Supposed to keep going until tomorrow afternoon. 4″ on the ground now. Really hoping the power stays on. They’ll probably start closing roads tonight. The really bad part is after the storm moves through . Temps next week are supposed to be lows around 2 and highs in the mid 20s.

  58. El Paso freaks out at the slightest bit of snow. God help them if there’s ice.

  59. I usually wear Nike SFB boots. They work great unless it’s wet, or you’re digging with a shovel (soles aren’t thick enough).


  61. Xbrad,

    No idea. My guess (if I had to make one) is that they had a tailpipe fire.

    Since the plane had returned to the gate with a MX problem and the mechanics were trying to restart the motor, I suspect the reason it returned to the gate in the first place was because of an unsuccessful start attempt.

    When you start a turbojet engine things have to happen in a certain sequence: Engage the starter to spin the turbine, add ignition to fire the ignitors, then add jet fuel once the turbines reach a certain RPM.

    If for some reason ignition doesn’t occur (bad ignitors, bad switch. who knows) then you end up with a crapload of jet fuel in the motor, just waiting for a spark.

    There are many warnings in the flight manual about how to ‘clear the engine’ after an unsuccessful start.

    I’ve seen tailpipe fires shoot a blaze 50 ft aft of a motor.

    There may be a story about how a certain young pilot (let’s just call him ‘Lt Phat’) forgot to turn on the ignitors after he had added fuel, realized it and then threw the ignition switches on. The result was spectacular and was luckily not caught on video.

  62. Matt Damon is a national treasure.

    The greatest actor of all time.

  63. Well, my neighbors showed me you can get through the flood zone if you have a 4-wheeler. The river has been rising, so there’s a foot or more of water in the road. The 16″ concrete blocks by the trebuchet are now underwater. I think I am content to stay hunkered down. Going to pretend it’s a moat instead of a yard.

  64. Glad my work day is over. Roads are icing up already. Live at top of mesa, work at bottom. AM drive should be interesting.

  65. Roamy,
    What is on fire at the Rocket Center?

  66. Retail moment of the day: Every asshole in NM was at our Club today. I had to turn and walk away from 3 Members. One desiccated cunt called me “Useless” under her breath. Dan says a person with normal hearing wouldn’t have heard her, and that I need to be careful when I mad-dog old Anglos.

  67. ChrisP, an old ride called Mission to Mars. Looks like they have the fire under control. I don’t think there’s Space Camp this week, so I’m not sure what would have started it.

    24-14 in the Independence Bowl, and we’re not out of the 1st quarter yet.

  68. Oso, I used to call those days “somebody left a gate open.” Usually for those days when we got a statistically unlikely amount of crazy people, but sometimes for assholes too.

    Romacita and Pepe, good luck and stay safe!


  70. Be safe, Roamy.

  71. Lauraw, 👊🏻. (Fist bump) My boss asked me to help out with the Return Desk, AND those people were nicer than the people with attitude. For whatever reason, they had a crappy Christmas, so they decided to be assholes to people that can’t argue back. One bitch was mixing it up with Rita our Greeter over loading a mattress. Full moon last night? Snow day?

  72. Pupster, where’s your hidden camera in the Condo?

  73. Maybe, Oso. People here were pretty nice today.

  74. Lauraw, the majority of the people I interact with are awesome. There seems to be that 5% that are just nasty people. Unfortunately, I have days where that 5% all shop at the same time. In addition to the new, random assholes, I had the Whistler, Mr Vigil, and Ruben. (The Whistler is just a nasty, vile man. Mr Vigil is a cranky POS. Ruben is a drunk hippie that keeps his membership a priority and he just cruises the demo carts. Sometimes, our managers feed him at cafe)

  75. Is The Martian a true story?

    It really seems like it. So realistic.

  76. Crap! I forget which Congress Critter thought we’d had astronauts on Mars. Shirley Jackson Lee?

  77. Lawdogs are starting to close bridges, flyovers, and roads. We have like 17 plows for ABQ. Huge area to cover, not much use for plows. As a taxpayer, I would be pissed if we kept a flotilla of plows in dry dock JUST IN CASE.

  78. Yes.

    Yes it is.

  79. Happy Boxing Day, peasants!

  80. Dallas is under the hammer right now.

  81. Wow. 5-8 inches? When was the last time you got that much snow?

  82. Southern part of NM is getting hammered.

  83. Al Gore should have to watch The Martian a million times then put a lightbulb up his ass.

  84. I just talked to someone who was actually surprised and disappointed that we were closed yesterday.

    Golfers are sick people.

  85. Quite a bit of snow here, and we still have a ways to go. Really windy, so it’s hard to tell how much is fresh, and how much is just blowing around.

  86. Still raining/lightening, here. Supposed to get 5-8 inches of rain when it is all said and done.

  87. Pepe, yep. The wind is insane. We’re mostly West and North of the brunt. Still more than infrastructure can handle.

  88. beasnes, danger of flooding like Lady Roamy?

  89. The real issue is going to be the cold temps after the storm passes. Looks like it won’t really get above freezing for at least a week. It will be a fight to keep water troughs going and make sure the cattle have feed. We put the feeder on the truck today and #1 son fed one pasture. Too hard to get to the other pasture. Cattle will eat snow for water, so that isn’t a danger.

  90. Oso, do they employ local farmers, like they do here?

  91. Si, Pepe. It is the brutal freezing temps that are worrying here too. J’ames, locals employed for blizzard jobs? No.

  92. Pepe probably won’t drive in to clear out the town. Farmers around here don’t have much to do in winter, so they make some good money clearing roads.

  93. Copy that. Not that I’m aware of. I have friends in Chama that have their own plows. They clear their own drives and roads, nothing beyond that. Snow is rare enough here, it isn’t cost effective to have plows.

  94. Watch for moose


  96. If we can get the ancient grader (1950s) started, we’ll scrape most of the snow off our road. Won’t make much difference until it starts melting, then it will mean a lot less mud.

  97. Pepe, the low temps we’re looking at this week, don’t account for much of a melt until next weekend.

  98. Moose are big. Once you get a lot of snow on the ground, all the animals travel in the ruts that the truck makes. Sooooo much easier to travel in the packed down trail rather than in the powder.

  99. beasnes, danger of flooding like Lady Roamy?

    Lots of flood warnings throughout MO. Especially St. Louis and south of there.
    No flooding where I live.

  100. Animals travel in ruts. Chevy Malibu in front of us on the way home from work…not so much. Sliding all over the bridge over the arroyo. Dumb ass.

  101. Beasn, tornado watch?

  102. A Møøse once bit my sister

  103. Sean has a sister?

  104. That’s funny, my sister once bit a moose.

  105. I do now. Transitioning. Xe is stunning and brave.

  106. LOL has anyone told xer?

  107. Does xe have your sense of humor or rapist wit?


  109. Do. Not. Fix. That.

    Your mom has a Sean Whistle.

  110. The transition is actually proceeding fairly smoothly. Xis name was Brendan, so it’s just a matter of lopping off the n at the end, and xer name is now Brenda.

    Well, and lopping off xis balls and turning xis dick inside out to fashion a makeshift vagina. leon could tell you all about how the process works.

  111. Does Brendan know you’re cracking on him? LOL

  112. FYI Dan made eggnog shakes. I’m getting ready to passout due to over sugaring and egg allergy. G’night y’all

  113. Pretty sure he doesn’t lurk here. He is aware of our existence, though.

  114. Anita wanted to watch “this” episode of GoT on the big TV, instead of on her phone on the treadmill.
    She wanted to see the baby dragons on the big screen…

    We jacked the laptop into one of the hdmi ports and fired it up.
    After a while, I heard screeching from the front room. I wandered in there to see some little white-haired chick, chained to a wall, and three baby dragons on a table.
    She, somehow, got the baby dragons to light the guy whut chained her up on fire.
    Good Boy!
    Baby dragons would be cool.
    Do they eat Purina Dragon Chow™?

  115. I just read that part in the book. It was slightly different but pretty cool all the same.

    I’d like to take the little blonde haired chick out for brunch.

  116. I never saw runny babbits in our backyard at night or in the dark hours of the morning until this Fall and Winter. May have something to do with the new LED flood light that illuminates the yard like daylight. Either I couldn’t spot them before under incandescent lamps, or they’re attracted to the better lighted area. Dunno.

    Anyway, I watched a couple bunnies at 5 am bouncing around in my strawberry patch this morning, and I just watched one five minutes ago, doing the rabbit version of the dog stretch on the lawn, in between nibbling clover. Adorable. Would still totally eat.

  117. Can one make a smoked Hasenpfeffer?

  118. They will be hibernated soon.

  119. Any meat can be smoked, Sean, and probably should.

  120. Laura,
    Last spring, when the Bald Eagle was not in his tree watching, we would see the baby cottontails in the back-lawn, hopping from clover to clover, very intent in eating every flower. It was very cute. They were about the size of a hard-ball…

  121. Xbrad once bit a moose…knuckle.

  122. Any meat can be smoked, Sean, and probably should.

    Humans are meat.

  123. *surreptitiously pushes burlap sack of hobo thumbs under desk with foot*

    No, Alex. That would be Wrong.

  124. Comment by lauraw on December 26, 2015 10:19 pm

    ” bouncing around in my strawberry patch”

  125. That was me.

  126. Did anybody wonder whether or not it would be…you know…okay if they asked anybody else what the deal was Kwanzaa with today?

  127. I figured it was the Energizer Bunny.

  128. I was surprised that in the JEFs Kwanza message today that he neglected to thank the FBI for creating the fake “African” holiday.
    Stupid asshole…

  129. Rocketboy’s girlfriend has called multiple times every day during break so far. They are skyping right now. Mr. RFH commented that the only person he ever called every day was me. I said you didn’t do that, we couldn’t have afforded it. Had to explain 1980’s phone bills to Mini-me. “You see, we used to be charged per minute for long distance, and how much a minute cost depended on what day of the week and what time it was.” He would call me on Wednesdays when the rates went down at 11 PM because it was 10 PM my time. I would call him on Saturdays. My ex-SIL got in trouble for a four-hour call to her mother during a weekday.

  130. All wild game should be smoked.

    That includes hobos.

  131. Heh, after 7 rates, and weekends!

  132. Heh, we were watching Top Secret! some time ago, and there was a 10-10-321 joke in there.

  133. Stupid fucking cunt of a sister. Thanks for helping!

    So, this afternoon I peeled some potatoes to make soup. And right as I finished, she dropped a jar of bullion cubes. So I had to drop everything and sweep and vacuum up the broken glass, and then get back to making soup. I didn’t realize she’d run the peelings through the garbage disposal.

    Well, I figured it out when the sink got clogged after dinner as I was cleaning up. The garbage disposal won’t chop up potato peelings fine enough. They get stuck in the U-joint under the sink. So my kitchen double sink was clogged. Tried using the plunger. Nope. Had to pull the U trap. And make a fucking mess.

    Thanks, stupid fucking sister. I had a bag half full of peelings right there for her to see.

  134. Yeah, that sucks, xbrad. I’ve resorted to spelling things out for everyone. They think I’m being an asshole, but at least the sink isn’t clogged, for one.

  135. Thats a buncha shit.

    I had a rental in Broadview, Seattle. We had a clog and a guy showed up to root it out.
    While talking w him he told me of a crazy lady who every year limbs her xmas tree and tries to force the branches down the garborator.
    Every year the guy goes and snakes the clean-out and every year the plumber showes upmand replaces the garborator.

    Hows your extra large botl of Jameson’s holding up?

  136. Pretty damn glad it’s the large bottle.

  137. Well there ya go.

  138. Heh, there’s one I’ve never heard, disposing the christmas tree.
    There needs to be an award. You have to die to get a Darwin.

  139. she’s not adding enough fiber in with the potato peels –

    thro a bran muffin in with it and by morning everything is fine

  140. They could call it the Busey.

  141. And it appears that Sean and I are the only ones on the back side of the clock.

    Good to be here. Kind of quiet, Well, except for the thunderstorms. Those are kind of a pain in my ass right now.

  142. just checked the basement, it’s still dry.

  143. Since the clock means nothing to me I will now watch Ash Vs. the Evil Dead.

  144. I’m here. Just don’t have much to add.

  145. never stopped you before!

  146. True. But I’m hard pressed to even come up with drivel.

    That or I’m elsewhere running a fundraiser to buy this poor BBS girl an ass.

  147. Spend that on a soul, she needs that worse.

  148. 😦

  149. Asses are much cheaper.

  150. Dead eyes, like a doll’s eyes…

  151. Jay

    Used your flasks yet?

    Yep. It was me.

  152. There may be a flask of Jameson at TITS2.

  153. Can we go shooting this time?

  154. I’m getting old, but still am a very large man.

    Church in the AM, then Yoga.

  155. No, no shooting. It’s too embarrassing to be outshot by the Air Force.

  156. Cyn,

    may not make it to TITS2.

    Give me a call if you get the chance.

  157. Xbrad,

    It is still and will always be an honor to be blessed with your presence.

    Cyn and Roamie are smoking hot.

    You remain a person that I am proud to call my friend.

    (and you are not hot)

  158. Xbrad,

    We damn near got outshot by Tushar!

    The ‘Indian Assasin’

    Next meet up we have to give him a larger caliber weapon.

  159. Devin eagerly reports parolees.

  160. From the ONT article on Seattle’s gun violence tax, “The city estimates the tax will raise between $300,000 to $500,000 annually.”

    Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, right.

    Flood waters are receding, yay!

  161. Morning.

  162. Morning Jew and H2. Our first attempt up the incline was a total fail. The plow was struggling. Tried to call out, no one is answering at the Club. All the roads closed around here by 8 last night. Still snowing. Winds still in the 30s.

  163. How ’bout this, Jimbro?

  164. Yep, Oso, still really bad here. No idea how much snow we got, but the win is really bad. All the roads in the eastern part of the state are closed.

  165. All the wind is building some pretty good size drifts and really icing the roads.

  166. The only thing the tax will do, that they want, will be to move stores out of the city. It will be overturned at the State level via the State’s own law. Idiots.

  167. The ‘Indian Assasin’

    The Hindu Hitman

    The Baghavad Git-Some!

  168. That looks neat Pepe. The only way I’d consider that if I had no space outdoors for bees. Observation hives are good for schools and museums. I remember seeing one as a kid at the Trailside Museum at Blue Hills Reservation down in MA.

  169. What happens in the winter?

  170. I would never be able to relax if that thing was hanging on the wall.


  171. I’m guessing that they hang around in the hive when it’s too cold to fly outside. On warm windless days they take a brief cleansing flight to take a dump. Since the hive is relatively warm they consume less honey to keep it warm.

  172. Paula got me this new hat for a gift but since it’s green and the Pats are playing the Jets today I can’t wear it.

  173. Jetriots killed it.

  174. I have to root for the Patriots and Ravens today. Jets or Pittsburgh lose, KC is in.

  175. If they win.

  176. They are playing the Browns. I think it’s a safe bet.


  178. Cleveland is 60 yards away from a win.

  179. Don’t know about that, pupster. They are playing not to lose again. Andy Reid isn’t very good with that gameplan.

  180. 32 yards

  181. I’d bet monies the Cardiac Kids flatline in the ambulance. In the meantime, Patriots come back like usual.

  182. Carolina is getting beat.

  183. Overrated, the Giants almost beat them.

  184. Way to screw up a game, Chefs.

  185. At least they are blitzing, instead of sending 3-4 and letting Manziel run them to death.

  186. Luckily the Browns suck at clock management.

  187. Why is that soldier running away?


  188. Why are we back on this thread?

  189. Packers get a home game in AZ?

    It could be a cult.

  190. This thread is a cult.

  191. This thread smells of smoked meat and rich mahogany.

  192. When did the H2 get a PBC?

  193. Y’all are here, and I’m owning the new poat with my minutiae.

  194. That’s because you are trapped in your house. I can go outside.

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