Merry Christmas



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  1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year,

  2. Just woke up to tinkle and found this fresh new poat!!!!!!11!

    **runs junk on poat**

  3. Where’s da big bewbs?

  4. It’s a lovely little post, Cyn.

    Nice work.

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas!

  7. We’re going to do Saturday boobs so as not to spoil the babeh Hayzus’ birfday.

  8. Merry Christmas!!!

  9. Great job on Christmas poat Cyn!

  10. The furniture is finished! We can fill it with crap now! Merry Christmas!

  11. ❄ ❄ Merry Christmas ❄❄

  12. Murray Christmas!

    Nice poatie Cyn

  13. merry Christmas all! even wiserbud.

  14. Monkey bread is in the oven. Orange juice is in the fridge. Making bacon and having breakfast after 1030 mass. Nothing to open today, but I’m fine with that.

  15. Felix Natividad.

  16. That was reeeeeeallly trippy, Jimbro! LOL!

  17. Everybody’s trees and nativity and mantles and whatnot all look loverly. Thanks to those who shared for helping to make a fun poatsy.


  19. Merry Christmas, hostages!

  20. >>>>>Click to enjoy some Christmas Music:

    You couldn’t pay me enough….

  21. Just put the turkey on the PBC. We’ll see how it goes. Warm here, but the wind is blowing 20 to 30 mph, no idea how that will affect it.

    Speaking of blowing 20 to 30, how’s your mom?

  22. HA!

  23. Merry Christmas my H2 boogs

    Me and the girls gonna see the new Star Wars movie in an hour

  24. Merry Christmas errybody!! Don’t eat the tinsel! Or just please try to chew it very thoroughly.

  25. Merry Christmas, denizens.

  26. Awesome, DiT. I’ll prolly see it wif my daughter Monday.

  27. Merry Christmas Hostages!

  28. Turkey up to 108. Nothing on TV. I really hate how they will only show the NBA on Christmas. They really should have a foot ball game or two, not like there aren’t enough bowl games to go around. “The NBA, so good we force you to watch”

  29. Happy Christmas my friends.

  30. Merry Christmas Hostages! Thank you for all that you’ve done this year.

  31. Christmas loot.

  32. Good loot here, too. Clothes, books, a new wallet, a doohickey to convert VHS to DVD, two pairs of scissors (mine always disappear – one of these days I will open a drawer, and there will be a dozen pairs of scissors in there) and Mini-me’s art show-winning still life nicely framed.


  34. I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl…..

  35. Brandy-new 12″ Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw mounted on brandy-new Dewalt work stand with miter saw mounting brackets

  36. Okay, fess up. Whose mom is this?

  37. Merry Christmas to all my H2 Fake Internet Friends!

  38. If Obama had a son;

    Live like a thug.
    Die like a thug.

  39. Just took the turkey off the PBC. Slight stall, but then got up to 165. It’s resting now, looks great. Posted a pic on FaceDouche. Also have a rack of ribs finishing up. The wind made it take a little longer than expected.

  40. Merry CHRISTMAS.

    Are the holidayz over yet/?

  41. *que the awesome cheerful music*

    “…and you spreeeaaad sunshine aahhhhl over the plaaaaace whhhhhen yooooooooou put ohhhhn a

  42. Turkey came out great. One of us, one of us………

  43. Merry Christmas, Hostages! And happy birfday, Black Baby Jesus!

  44. Did anyone else discover today that they, in fact, are the racist, homophobic right-wing uncle?

  45. Our friends made us a standing rib roast last night with almond beans and Yorkshire pudding.

    Tonight duck, stuffed tomatoes , fennel root with garlic and something else I can’t remember. Oh and great wine….yeah!!

  46. I could be that in aunt form, Wiser. I’ll certainly try.

  47. Merry Christmas.

  48. Merry Christmas. God bless us everyone.

    *kicks tiny Tim’s crutch*

    Yells “stop lazing around and get my box of wine!”

  49. Merriest of Christmases to you all.

  50. I’m tiara wearing boozy aunt that follows sharks on twitter.

  51. Just got back from the Star Wars movie with the girls

    It has enough fun to see it


  53. WordPress mobile keeps logging me out. Getting tired of verification emails. Getting ready to watch Apple TV. Don’t know if I’ll be back soon or not.

  54. MiL wants a tiara.

  55. Star Wars was great. I went with GND, my mom, sister, and two nieces.

  56. It is flooding here. Glad we don’t have to go anywhere.

  57. I went with my daughters MJ.. they both kept punching me in the arm about nods to the first film I had no idea they knew

  58. It’s over.


  59. Merry Christmas Friends!

  60. I have to work this weekend, then I’m gonna do some more baking and stuff next week for the stuff that gets shipped out after New Year’s.

    Life is so very, very nice right now. I have no complaints. Except that I need new house slippers. My old house slippers tried to kill me and Scott summarily threw them away.

    Yes, so they were assassins, but I miss them anyway.

  61. L to R: Laura, Laura

  62. I survived the throw down between my daughters today

    hooboy.. that was something been building up a while i think

  63. I got a pair of these as a gift many years ago, I love them:

  64. Dave, what happened?

  65. Can’t believe they aren’t showing Die Hard today. SMH

  66. Dave, my daughters, who are roughly the same age as yours I think, got in a huge fight in a hotel room next to the wife and I two Thanksgivings ago in Oklahoma. We got two rooms so that we could spread out and not be on each other’s nerves. We ended up swapping and one of them into the “adult” room and the wife went and slept with the other in the “kid” room. It pissed me off to no end seeing’s how I was paying about $300 per night to get a dose of that shit. The older one is self-righteous and condescending like me and the younger one has a low tolerance for condescension like their mother. It can be match, gasoline, no assembly required at times.

  67. the phrase “psycho bitch” got tossed out

    they don’t fight fair

    it’s good

  68. Slipper porn? I’m old school.

  69. pendejo

    yeah, if anybody gets that I sure do

    It’s like they need it or something.

  70. Very different Christmas this year. Dad died in August, Mom went out to spend the week with my sister in AZ. Spent TG with wife’s side of the family so that was out. Brothers evidently had something else going on with the inlaw side of their families. Younger daughter had to work. So it was just me, the wife, and the older daughter. My wife and I didn’t bother giving each other presents. Gave older daughter a check and that was it. Very un-Christmassy.

  71. DiT I like when you dispense advice to Slu and Bcock. You’re like Yoda. Sage with a pond/swamp/pool

  72. I am so sorry for your loss, I so know that.

    Christmas isn’t always good. It can be hard.

    God bless you.

  73. oso they can’t feel it yet, they look at me like a dog listening to a high pitched sound

  74. Family DRAAaaaaama carefully avoided this year by moving to MN. It’s more of a nuclear option, really.

    Boy1 stood up to me for Boy2 today when I was teasing him about sleeping in late on Christmas morning, which is a new development in the family dynamic, usually he will either remain neutral or pile it on.

    I added our Christmas picture to the proof of life page, everyone seemed real concerned about our safety and warmth this year, so we all got homemade hats and flannel or thermal shirts. We all got a 3 D-battery flashlight / skull crushers too. Must have been on sale somewhere.

  75. I don’t know sons pupster.. but gawd do I know girls

    Hope it all came out ok

  76. This was the year Boy #2 learned the expression “Like a monkey fucking a football” as a description of him putting plastic wrap on the pumpkin pie.

    Memories to last a lifetime.

  77. Everything is awesome Dave, no worries. It was just a different (but welcome) and unexpected defense, taking up his brother’s side, I thought it noteworthy. Maybe this whole brother thing will work out after all.

    I’ve always heard it as multiple monkeys, Jimbro. I’ve short-handed it in mixed company as “1 football, 3 monkeys, no waiting”.

    These are the times of our lives.

  78. Some men simply do not possess the plastic wrap gene. It’s okay. I has it.

  79. So we stayed home for Christmas this year. Was looking forward to spending the day with people I like.

    I guess wiserson didn’t get the memo…..

  80. This will cheer you up Wiser

  81. mwaaa ha ha haaa

  82. >>>>>This will cheer you up Wiser

    I. Love. That!

  83. At his age, girlfriend trumps family.

  84. plastic wrap? faggy

    hey pups, at some point I heard brothers stop beating each other to death and become the best of friends for life.

    heard that.. dunno

    sisters don’t, well kinda

  85. >>>>At his age, girlfriend trumps family.

    Nope. He decided to become an obnoxious bitch after our traditional lobster dinner (that I spent hours preparing) when I accidentally hurt him while I cleaned up after the dinner I prepared.

    Being called a “fucking asshole” while trying to apologize is infuriating.

    Being told to apologize by wiserbride (after being called a “fucking asshole” while attempting to apologize)…….

    There are no words….

  86. I hope that to be the case Dave (with brothers I mean). They’ve started to enjoy each others company more in the last few years with all the moving around we’ve done.

  87. We must be really lucky – our girls get along pretty well.

    If there are any issues between them, we’re the ones who hear about it from each individual girl.

    I’m sure that will change after we’re gone, but we won’t be around to have to hear it…..

  88. Ooooooo…….

    Just got better…..

    I’m now being told that I’m ruining Christmas……

    I’m so glad I decided to remain sober today…..

  89. For Xmas I recieved The French Military Stratagy Game.

    It’s called Retrego.

  90. Forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

    You guys and gals are the bestest, and I am so glad to have each of you in my life –

  91. Oh shit. Sorry to hear that.

  92. This year for Christmas dinner, we had rib roast, au gratin potatoes, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and biscuits made with bacon, cheddar cheese, and scallions.

    It was yummy!

  93. And Santa fell asleep last night, so Rebecca’s “Frozen” Ice Palace was assembled this morning while she watched (and occasionally helped).

    She was thrilled with it, and has been playing with it and her new dolls all day long.

    Kids with Down syndrome sure are fun at Christmas – we are truly blessed.

  94. sorry to hear too

    my little trifles here were nada

  95. biscuits made with bacon, cheddar cheese, and scallions.

    That should be a Hostage Recipe

  96. I hope Roamy is doing okay.
    The weather around Huntsville is “colorful”, on the RADAR…

  97. Jimbro, that recipe is on the back of the box of King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free baking mix (kinda like Bisquick); I’d be willing to bet regular Bisquick has something similar either on their box or their website.

    It’s really easy!

  98. Looks straightforward. I’m so full after our ham dinner I can’t think of having a big meal for at least another 12-18 hours. Maybe with Sunday dinner. Snow is coming, football, wood stove going…ham and biscuits.

    3-5 inches of snow Sunday then 8-12 inches Tuesday. The break from winter was nice while it lasted.

  99. Thanks for asking, ChrisP, I am fine. Not sure I’ve ever been through a thunderstorm like this on Christmas, and the ground fault interrupt keeps popping.

    I made sauerbraten, double batch of potato dumplings, and red cabbage for dinner.

  100. Weatherman says 4.5″ of rain. I think it’s more than that here, Water was over the road earlier today, and it hasn’t let up yet.

  101. Did anybody take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by fighting anybody else shirtless in the front yard after too much egg nog today?

  102. Sauerbraten and Red Cabbage?!!

    Its a time of miracles.

    I want to go get fuched up at the bowling ally, where’s Rosetta?

  103. Jimbro, I was actually thinking of using leftover ham as a sort of “sandwich” filling with those biscuits, maybe with some honey dijon mustard and the cranberry – pineapple glaze I used to cook the ham…

    *feels a food coma coming on*

  104. Grabs skate and a flannel.

  105. Shirtless?


  106. Southern Ca Raingear.

  107. I may have cracked open that Costco sized bottle of Jameson my sister gave me.

  108. Cheers.

    Is there lighning up your way?
    Strikes all over down here.

  109. Nah, barely even partly cloudy.

  110. “Bah, humbug!” no, that’s too strong
    ‘Cause it is my favorite holiday
    But all this year’s been a busy derp
    Don’t think I have the energy
    To add to my already mad rush
    Just ’cause it’s ’tis the season.

  111. criminy. PTL it’s over.

    wakey wakey

  112. No fights or drama. Just not stop. I worked late wednesday night then had to drive TO Toledo on the 24, drive BACK on the 25. DO presents. Make dinner. Crazy.

    Now the cats are fighting.

  113. I got some crazy thing called a “pressure OVEN” from my mil.

    I have no clue what to do with it.

  114. Cat Fight!!

  115. presssure cooker, or oven? lots of fun stuff to do with a pressure cooker.

  116. No it’s a pressure oven.

  117. Wolfgang Puck!

    * drinks *

  118. New post

  119. I’m getting a pressure canner from my mom. No, not your mom, my mom. Your mom gave me chlamydia.

  120. The weather girl keeps saying “record breaking snow” and “brutal cold” “high wind warnings” Grumble……

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