Christmas Eve 2015

Santa knows what you like








I hope every Hostage and their loved ones have a wonderful Christmas.

God bless us everyone!


  1. 4 more hours…………

  2. Then what?

  3. Then he’s done with Christmas music for another year.

    Hang in there, wiser.

  4. Oh yeah, the music…hang in there Wiser, you can do it!

    I streamed some Christmas music at work yesterday which wasn’t too annoying.

  5. Merry Thorsmas Eve!

  6. Are you a harbinger?

    Don’t be a harbinger!

  7. High of 56 degrees today. 45 now.

  8. Merry Christmas everybody!

  9. Mele Kalikimaka

  10. Now, 50 degrees, with a high of 64 degrees. Nippy!

  11. It’s warmer here. We might hit 70.

  12. Merry Christmas ereybody! I love the music, but I have to spend time with in-laws and their stoooopid medical questions. Plus I get to cook and clean up after more people than normal. I expect to enjoy their company for roughly 4 seconds.

  13. CT warmer than AZ and no snow?!
    Christmas fail.


  15. Merry Christmas to you, Dr. B. Here’s wishing that you make it to five or even six seconds!

  16. Cold in MN, but no snow until Saturdayish.

    Merry Christmas, Babies.

  17. Thanks Cyn. I thought I was being nice stretching it to 4. I hope you’re not working for Christmas

  18. So sick of the heat. 80’s on Christmas Day. Old enough to remember the global cooling craze, I would love to have that now

  19. Not officially working, but might spend a few hours on some files here and there. Still need to wrap a few last minute things.

    I should make some cookies too; I’ve been craving peanut butter cookies and found a recipe a few years ago that’s all of three ingredients… wonder if I posted it to the recipe blog already…

  20. I have my mom’s peanut butter cookie recipe. I always get sick eating the batter. I hear the cookies are really good.

  21. mmmmm peanut butter cookies

  22. Come on Pup. Why ruin an otherwise awful day with news like that?

  23. Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve!

  24. I didn’t post the PB cookies over there, but came across Mrs. Peel’s world famous Snickerdoodles!

  25. Well it’s frickin’ cold here in CO.

  26. Good morning and Merry merry y’all!

    It’s chilly in Texas geoff. Not frickin cold although I bet Peelie would say it is

  27. 31 when I woke up, 25 and snowing now. Supposed to clear up soon, then 8″ of snow on Saturday.

  28. PB cookies weren’t at the site, but they are now.


  30. Nessie!

  31. heh

    HEY all you H2 goofs. Merry Christmas to you all. Just cause I ain’t been around don’t mean I don’t love you lots

    well ok it probably does mean that but I had shit to do.


  32. Merry Christmas Davey Boy. Good Luck with all the corporate raiding and stuff.

  33. I MADE IT!!!!!



  35. Geoff, where in CO are you?

  36. Merry Christmas, good people!

    We can’t believe how many people working in stores and restaurants have said “Merry Christmas!!”

    Love it.


  38. ?

  39. I went to Rite-Aid earlier this morning for last minute stocking stuffers and the guy in front of me was half in the bag at 0845. He was buying a 12 pack of Bud Light and a pack of smokes.

  40. well lI was but I said hello.. I’m not rude

  41. Mosquitoes! This is nuts.

    Never had Christmas skeeters before.

  42. They’re a tradition in some parts of the world. The trick is to either smoke or pan-fry them. Some cultures deep fry them with a thin batter and dust with powdered sugar.

  43. >>>>>I went to Rite-Aid earlier this morning for last minute stocking stuffers and the guy in front of me was half in the bag at 0845. He was buying a 12 pack of Bud Light and a pack of smokes.

    Did you tell my brother I said “Hi!”?

    I feel like I jus ran a marathon. My whole body hurts.

  44. Geoff, where in CO are you?

    Between Denver and Boulder.

  45. Fairly nice morning and nice days forecast ahead until Saturday. Posta have 8″-14″ by mid day Sunday. Luckily, I’m headed to San antonio to celebrate my 33rd anniversary. Gotta get Ms. Pendejo outa town….she’s never seen 8 to 14 inches.

  46. Between Denver and Boulder.

    Sweet. I used to work up in Broomfield while I attended CU.

    I’m down in the springs.

  47. Gotta get Ms. Pendejo outa town….she’s never seen 8 to 14 inches.

    Just because I’m coming into town doesn’t mean you have to leave. I’ll keep my pants on this time so there’s no need to worry.

  48. >>>>>Between Denver and Boulder.

    Aka a rock and a ‘tard place.

  49. I’d appreciate that. I still remember the aftermath with hotspurs mother.

  50. Aka a rock and a ‘tard place.

    Can’t argue with that.

  51. Comment by pendejogrande on December 24, 2015 11:23 am

    Gotta get Ms. Pendejo outa town….she’s never seen 8 to 14 inches.
    Not as far as you know……..

  52. Sausagey

  53. Sausagey



    And not the long kind. More like patties.

  54. Gotta get Ms. Pendejo outa town….she’s never seen 8 to 14 inches.


    Good one. I like an honest man.

  55. >>>And not the long kind. More like patties.

    Little Smokies



  58. Holy shit – HAHAHA!


  59. Cabinet built, doors hung and adjusted to meet neatly. Time to add the drawers, shelf, and door handles.

    Then we get to build the chest of drawers. Then I get to eat. Might make peanut butter cookies, thanks Cyn.

  60. Merry Christmas Eve!

    Kind of a lazy day at the Phat house.

    Just puttering around until church tonight. This is the first time in 3 yrs I’ve had Christmas off. I like it.

    I wish all of you the very best and hope I can get to TITS2 in Feb.

  61. I may or may not have eaten a couple of my Secret Santa gift hazelnut chocolates this morning.

  62. Chocolate is the culprit in this poatacide.

  63. Coffee and Marlboros. A traditional Christmas Eve breakfast.

  64. Bloody Marys on Xmas Morn and hot sausage and eggs.
    Lets go!

  65. I might have napped

    You don’t know

  66. Oh Chumpo. I gotta tell you about make your own BM with wiser

    He is a boss like that

  67. Well I love those things like nothin else. imma have a Blood Bank in my room at TITS so bring the heat.

  68. These are everywhere

    Bees are active too.

    66 degrees.

  69. Shooting at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC…

  70. MJ?

  71. Afternoon.

  72. Shooter is dead. Donkey Cartel, a rapper who raps about shooting people.

  73. Just an innocent kid buying Christmas presents and thinking about college.


  75. Probably running an errand for his gramma who is home with a kidney stone. And some Ripple.

  76. Damn, Leon. This is pretty impressive


  78. Woke up from a fantastic nap only to remember in a panic that my turkey was still soaking in the sink and that I’d forgotten Christmas calendars this year. FFFFFFUUUUU

  79. ❄ ❄Merry Ho Ho Ho ❄❄

  80. Where’s Cheech and Chong on the Sybian singing Feliz Navidad?

  81. my fav Christmas story!

  82. “Where’s Cheech and Chong on the Sybian singing Feliz Navidad?” Give me a few minutes. I’m searching now.

  83. Loadheat

  84. Kinda NSFW.

  85. The Captives?!!!

    WTF are those pretenders?!!

  86. They dont have us on thier blogroll.

  87. Merry Christmas, everyone! Mr. TiFW and I get to stay up tonight to assemble Rebecca’s Santa present.

    We always end up arguing over who gets to have all of the fun….

    *Nerd House*

  88. Merry Christmas TiFW. Praying for an amazing 2016 for you!

  89. That’s my “other” blog, Mr. Chumpo.

  90. >>>>>Shooter is dead. Donkey Cartel, a rapper who raps about shooting people.


  91. >>>>Oh Chumpo. I gotta tell you about make your own BM with wiser

    1) 1/2 bottle of vodka
    2) roomful of obnoxious postal workers
    3) friendly waitress

    Mix completely with coward who “has your back”

    Serve over ice

  92. Not really a fan of the whole “Make your own BM with wiser”. Even I call them Bloodies.

  93. BM = Bowel Movement?

    Cabinet is done other than door handles. There was much discussion over a correct method for siting them, so I moved on and started building the dresser. We have to set the top down, then tack the backing on, then build 8 drawers.


  94. So, I’m wondering how long until every Instapundit post is just a link to some Rippetoe screed.

  95. The Captives has that new blog smell.

    We’ll have to rough up the edges a bit.

    My sockpuppet there will be Mr Crampo

  96. So I have this idea for a skit, basically a parody of SNLs “Landshark” skit.

    You have some messican woman sitting on her couch, and there’s a knock at the door. Instead of a landshark, she insists that the knocker is Donald Trump, while he tries to convince her otherwise. Finally he says, “I’m not Donald Trump. I’m Marco Rubio!” When she opens the door INS agents swarm in and drag her out.

  97. Did anybody get in anybody else’s face about the lack of care with which the stockings were hung by the chimney today?

  98. ICE doesn’t deport under TFG.


    pretty neat

  100. Merry Christmas to youse’ll’s

  101. ICE doesn’t deport under TFG.

    Under President Trump they’ll be shot out of a giant cannon and back over the border.

  102. Cut off benefits and enforce E-verify and they’ll self-deport. Put a fee on $$$ going south and use it to build the wall and pay for border patrol.

  103. Under President Trump they’ll be shot out of a giant cannon and back over the border.

    Giant mortar. Gotta get ’em over that YUUUUGE wall.

  104. He can charge protection money to send them on foot rather than by cannon. Mexico pays to build the wall, q.e.d.

  105. The Donald was right about Mexico being complicit in the human trafficking. No way 10,000 juveniles are at the AZ border without help from Mexico. SB1070 in AZ and Sheriff Joe are beneficial to AZ.

  106. What if we deported them to Syria?

    That would probably work better than a wall.

  107. My Aunt Martha got all butthurt with me. She teaches 1st grade at Nancy Lopez Elementary. 97% of her students are anchor baby/illegals.

  108. Scott, that would be awesome.

  109. Turn it into the Mexican East.

  110. Messicans aren’t that far removed from Sharia compliant muzzies.

  111. It could work.

    I should be Secretary of State.

  112. I have the A/C on, and if I walk outside, I can hear frogs. On Christmas Eve.


  114. Well done.

  115. Wife is building the drawers, I get to eat! And drink!

    Well, okay, drink more.

    40 degrees here, so it’s at least wintery.

  116. Vertical video. Fail.

  117. Blustery here. Expect snow tomorrow. Brrrr


  119. …the soul felt it’s worth…….

  120. $9.95 plus S&H.

  121. Nice try Col. Alex, but your mom has never commanded more than $3.99, S&H included.

  122. Pfff, your mom pays me.

  123. Okay. That’s done.

  124. >>>>Vertical video. Fail.

    Blame the boy. I did give him shit for that.


  126. Darn you, Wiserson!

  127. Merry Christmas Hostages(and Rosetta), and may God bless and keep you and yours in the coming year…

    What is the weather like in the springs?

    We’ve got all the E-W passes closed for slides and avalanche hazards.
    They are supposed to get more feet of snow tonight.
    WA State DOT is telling everyone to “STAY HOME”…

  128. >>>>Darn you, Wiserson!


  129. STFU wiserbud. No one wants to hear your whining.

  130. Merry Hoe Hoe Hoe, Rosetta!

  131. Rosetta!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Kiss Henry and lick the pig-dogs asses for me!

  132. Wiserson eclipsed wiserbud as good for the world once he made sushi.

    + 19 lightsabers

  133. Beasn isn’t here to tell Roserita to post some Hank, Floyd, and Daisy pics STST!

  134. Generalissimo ManLez takes over NORAD:

  135. *wonders why rosetta the imperial nitewalker has 19 lightsabers inserted in his death star*

  136. Thank you Crispy. Both pigs have gastrointestinal issues. My house is not the best smelling house.

    Bulldogs = awesome. Bulldogs also = “I’m not afraid to fart right in your face.”

    When you look right at them after a gas-letting….they’re like “What? I didn’t hear anything. Why you looking at me?”


  138. Star Wars: Episode 7 = Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money

  139. jam2, what did you get for Kwaanza?

  140. *Cough* jam2 look at XBs link from like 2 hours ago.

  141. heh.

    *drunkenly jams lightsaber into an inflatable stewardess at the outlet mall*

    **spends Xmas in the clink*

  142. Rosetta,
    I can totally picture that:

  143. Due to my lung butter issue, I am still exiled to sofa sleeping. Might be bronchitis.


    Hahahahaha! Who doesn’t love the Firehouse of Latter Day Saints,

  145. >>>>STFU wiserbud. No one wants to hear your whining.

    Hey, fuck merry you asshole Christmas too, mah brutha!!

  146. NYTOL,
    I love you guys and wish the best for you in the coming year.
    Yes, I have been drinking. Why do you ask?..

  147. Who here has seen the new Star Wars? Don’t spoil shit but state your age and your rating on a 1 to 10 scale.

    This is going to be Henry’s first movie at a movie theater and it better be good. And if anyone in the theater has a cell phone that rings or they kick our seats, Henry and I are going full Boondock Saints on them.

  148. We were going to see it tonight. I’m still hacking up lung. Didn’t want to get shot for coughing or opening cough drops. Soon!

  149. This year, we made the kids bring the presents downstairs so wiserbride & I could place the around the tree.

    Wiserdaughter: “if I do this, I accept that Santa isn’t real.”

    Me: “If you don’t, you basically get nothing.”

    Wiserdaughter: “So I’m an elf. I’m good with that!”

  150. Haven’t seen TFA, but I’m guessing Rosetta and Henry would enjoy Boondocks Saints instead

  151. Hahahaha! You WILL believe in Santa or hell fire will rain down upon you and you will melt in a pile of disbelieving lava from a North Pole Santa-less volcano of no gifts.

  152. I’m out, my beloved hostages. Merry Christmas to you all.

    Let us all hope for a better New Year for all of us, as well as for our country.

    My heart is with you all during your times of both happiness and struggle.

  153. I love Boondocks Saints. Man on Fire, too.

  154. Henry is a good boy. I treasure this time before I have to have the birds and bees and latex and hoses and midgets and birds-in-the-house conversation with him.

    Be innocent my son! For one day a bird will fly into your house and you will know evil.

  155. Merry Christmas wiserbud. I think you’re a good man despite what everyone else in the world says.

  156. Merry Christmas, Wiserbud, Chrispy, Rosetta, Oso, and all you other weird people.

  157. “jam2, what did you get for Kwaanza?”

    an athletic cup, a warty hubbard squash, 7 patchouli candles,a menorah, a corn cob (used), a 7 foot long didgeridoo –

    all wrapped in the mat your mom utilized while hooking

  158. Merry Christmas all.

    Give thanks for all you have.


  159. Merry Christmas, XB. No more widders!!!!

  160. nite all –

    Merry Christmas!

  161. I’m Christmas bipolar. Part of me is singing from Mr Hankey’s Christmas Special, part of me is singing from Christmas at the Vatican. In Latin.

  162. I heard that Santa has schlonged xbrad on every Christmas for the last decade.

    However that’s what xbrad asked for so I guess that’s okay.

    xbrad: *looks in stocking* “Oh Boy!!”

    stocking: *schlong*

    Santa: “That guys needs some help.”

    Help: “Fuck that. Let him keep the schlong.”

    Sears Catalog: *discontinues all schlongs for Christmas*

  163. Rosie, I look forward to rubbing your bald head for good luck at TITS2.

  164. You can rub it but I don’t know how much good luck it will bring you.

    Merry Christmas my friend.

  165. And your Santa avatar is awesome.

  166. Which bald head we talkin?

  167. I’m not a particularly small person. But seeing Rosetta, Hotspur, Wiser, Phat, and a couple other freakishly large types at TITS made me feel short for the first time in a long time.

  168. Rosetta the new Star Wars is about a 8.5 on the scale.

  169. Oh, and the big reveal? Princess Leia comes out of the closet.

  170. Just back from mass.

    The weather on the front range was nice, over the mountains it was less so, but the roads were clear.

  171. Sears Catalog: *discontinues all schlongs for Christmas*


    Christmas is now ruined.

  172. You’re a bum
    You’re a punk
    You’re an old slut on junk
    Lying there almost dead on a derp in that bed
    You scumbag, you maggot
    You cheap lousy faggot
    Happy Christmas your arse
    I pray God it’s our last

    The boys of the NYPD choir
    Still singing “Galway Bay”
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day

  173. Thanks for all the derp, Sean M.
    You’re a good’n.

  174. Merry Christmas, ya buncha lugs.

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