Wire Light

Anton Radersheidt

b. 1892 Koln, Germany d.1970

Region capture 22

Radersheidt was critically injured 100 years ago during The Battle of Verdun I.

He may have been pressed into service.

(I’ll update.)

Then he became an artist.

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Anton Radershiedt of The New Objectivity.

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Have a wonderful, wonderful day.


  1. Interesting viewpoint.

  2. Ah, Weimar. That explains it. Thanks for the new knowledge, Chumpo!

  3. I need to get going with the day, people. Scott is still abed.

    *dons a skort and the little grey wig*


    *takes off wig*

    did I do it right? I did it right, right? Too much?

  4. OOOooohhhh…..Carin is gonna be so pissed at you for using the “W” word without her being around!

  5. This is a sick piece of throw away pop culture

    (autoplay video, turn speakers down or off)


    Kardash-blocker will block the link

  6. Fitness fanatix: Is this a thing yet?


  7. G’morning Laura, slow day here at home. On call so there’s potential peril ahead. Must keep the dogs company, do dishes and wrap presents with the kids at school and Paula working.

  8. Nice art Chumpo. The last pair combines 2 of the Hostage loves: boobs and Mare. Nice

  9. One more fitness fad? People are always looking for shortcuts.

  10. I’ve only ever seen 2 Achilles tendon ruptures in kids over my years of practice (it’ll be 18 years in June). That’s something that happens to guys my age or younger. The most recent one was likely due to repeated corticosteroid injections near the tendon for “pain”. Major red flag….repeated injections near a tendon leads to weakening of the structure. SMH.

  11. Hiya Jimbro! An empty house can be a nice treat as long as it’s reasonably rare.

  12. If you invented a pill that would make people fit and jacked you could pretty much set the price at anything and make sales.

    Tell people that the pill exists but it’s a vitamin D3 caplet you have to take after 30 minutes of calisthenics and they ignore you.

  13. *ignores Leon

  14. Time for Shari’s Berries, ProFlowers, Pajamagram, Vermont Teddy Bear ad blitzes on the radio. If someone gets you that gift at the last minute, they really don’t give a shit.

    Omaha Steaks on the other hand…

  15. Whatever happened to naming a star after someone? Did that incredibly thoughtful gift idea just not catch on as it should?

  16. I’ve gotten Omaha Steaks. I don’t care if you couldn’t think of anything, that’s a good present for me.

    Also good: Winchester .45ACP FMJ. A box or two is a great gift.

  17. Sounds like a marketing deal. They’ve got a fancy website.

    But many athletes know the benefit of using pressure to encourage healing – they make all sorts of things to do that.

    It actually sounds a lot like what Zombie floss does.

  18. ww

  19. I was told to avoid injections for that exact reason Jimbro. I had a foot issue. Guy told me injections could lead to a rupture with running.

  20. It was very unusual. I thought that was common knowledge for clinicians injecting with corticosteroids but perhaps it’s not.

  21. My search for zombie floss took me here


  22. Whenever I’ve mentioned the risk to people – they often act like it’s the first time they’ve heard of it. People just want the quick fix. I was advised to take it really slow and let it heal/repair on it’s own.

  23. sorry – it’s called VOODOO floss. You wrap it around the injury and so very light “warm up” type exercise/flexes.


  24. I named a star after someone. It’s just over the horizon in the morning to the left of Venus and it’s called You Fucking Asshole

  25. I just saw a shirt I want – “It’s not swagger I’m just sore”.

    I’ve been sore since thursday.

  26. Voodoo Floss makes sense. You’re customizing your own soft wrap like a neoprene brace, just costlier and with a cool logo.

  27. Awww, thanks, Dave! I’ll treasure it always.

  28. One of my favorite wires, Chumpo.

  29. It is pricey – but it can be used over and over. So it’s a one time investment. People have used bicycle tires but the smell is a not as nice.

  30. heh

  31. Also – the floss is tighter than the neoprene.

  32. I just looked on amazon for the floss. There are a few companies making a similar product. I bet the PT’s and athletic trainers know about it

  33. New year’s resolution: Get schwiffy
    *Checks Amazon.com for best retailers*

  34. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Schwife

    -is confused

  35. Jimbro,
    Sean informed me I have a theme song:

  36. Ha! I wonder if you can make it a ring tone?

  37. Ice cream came out tasty enough, but too soft out of the machine and a little hard today. Not too hard. I scraped some off with a sharp spoon and put it in my coffee.

  38. If you’re thinking of getting me a Christmas present, I’d like your mom.

  39. No, no you don’t.

  40. *gets call from mom and my new “Get Schwiffy” ring tones sounds*

  41. Hey everyone, your mom made a music video!

  42. That was quite the performance. I laughed at the end when she sang lines from “Gigantic” which is actually about Kim Deal’s dog


  43. Actually about a movie: http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/15876/

    and COCK!

  44. Hillary got schlonged.

    Trump is having a fucking blast with these idiots.

  45. >>>Sean informed me I have a theme song

    Ha! That is some 4th grade fuckedup right there. And yes!, rip the audio and you have a ringtone that will make you giggle every time.

  46. And they are going with “he used a sexual slur” to justify their faux indignation and offense. “Schlonged”…..dicked, fucked, screwed. Where’s the “slur”? He said she got fucked by Obama during the 2008 election and lost with great losertude.

    When he does finally say something really outlandish (odds are against him) they wont be able to capitalize since they’ve cried wolf and laid the foundation for normality bias….. Them, “Trump said some bad crazy shit!” the people…. “what?…again?…so what?”

  47. Really liking this art, Chumpo; thumbs up!

  48. OK: I think I know why we’re hearing so much about lady teachers getting sexually involved with their students, and in the process I believe I have identified yet another difference between when young girls are seduced by a male teacher, and when young boys are seduced by a female teacher.

    Here it is: the boys cannot keep their mouths shut about it. This may be the singular situation in which adolescent girls show a superior ability to keep mum.

  49. Jimbro, I got a couple of cortisone shots into my hip back in March and May. They didn’t help enough to continue. Is my leg gonna fall completely off one of these days.

  50. No, but something else might.

  51. lauraw,

    I blame cell phones and social media. It makes it easier for this stuff to get out, and for evidence to remain. It also makes it easier for female teachers to connect with students and for any barriers against impropriety to fall.

  52. Zing!

  53. I got a couple of cortisone shots into my hip back

    Well, was it your hip or your back?

    No, an intra-articular injection for inflammatory or degenerative arthritis is a whole ‘nother matter. Even a single low dose injection near a tendon isn’t likely to schlong you over. Repeated doses over several years are where you get into trouble.

  54. In the case of degenerative hip arthritis an injection may buy some people months or even years before a hip replacement so it’s definitely worth it if that’s a possibility.

  55. Back to chores

  56. Chores-Schmores

  57. Schmores… Smores… S’mores…mmmmm

  58. *schlongs the poat*

  59. Dang it, ‘Spur, I just changed the poat’s sheets.

  60. I could use some more pix of your Christmas tree or mantle or wreath or nativity. Send ’em to my regular gstring email addy.

  61. What do you propose to do with these pix?

  62. They will be displayed for the Merry Christmas post on Christmas Day.

    Or if they’re good enough, I’ll throw caution to the wind and monetize them.


  63. You could?

  64. “What do you propose to do with these pix?

    I imagine mostly laugh at the “decor”

  65. >>I imagine mostly laugh at the “decor”

    You have no idea… ha ha ha!

  66. DONE… DID… somethin

  67. #1 son cut a tree last night. Hopefully Penelope will get it decorated sometime today. Much grousing about how she has to do it all will occur. If so, I’ll send a pic.

    The boy brought a girlfriend home for a few days. She seems really nice, unlike the psycho chick he got involved with. Army brat.

  68. I just noticed your “Old Tarts” tab on the top of the page. I didnt click on it…Dont Wanna Know…

  69. “I just noticed your “Old Tarts” tab on the top of the page. I didnt click on it…Dont Wanna Know…”

    Lack of testicular fortitude…

  70. Jimbro. It was injected into my hip. The word back was in reference to time not body parts. Sloppy com on my part.

  71. Hillary Clinton is a sloppy com.

  72. I was just thinkin I haven’t been around in forever.

    Heya Bart. Heh. You beat me

  73. “Sloppy com”

    Worst euphemism evar.

  74. I was being deliberately obtuse PG.

    A Sloppy dot com image search yields some nice food porn.

  75. Your mom was pretty sloppy when I was finished with her.

  76. I schlonged your mom.

  77. Hillary gets schlonged.

  78. Mom never would tell me what was so fuckin funny she couldn’t quit laughing. Now I know.

  79. This was dropped in my email today, thought some of you might enjoy it.


  80. HAHA! Wiser is playing “The 12 pains of Christmas” on WATR right now.

  81. http://is.gd/VDnlMc

  82. I am done shopping.

    For today

  83. What did you buy us?

  84. You should prolly work out or do some gardening.

  85. Wrap your presents http://is.gd/cAeOyH

  86. I’ll probably go see TFA after the HVAC guy is done.

  87. Shoppers getting serious. Breaking out the list and shopping without spouse and kids. I heard bustle. I was able to work a pallet and a half of books before we got too busy. Everyone at work has my cold/laryngitis. I’ve been GLAR about schlonged since yesterday.

  88. I started wrapping. I’m gonna work out in a bit. I thought about doing a bit of yard work but I really have so much to do inside. Plus I tried to move something and it was too heavy.

  89. I also did the “lay everything out in piles and see if I got enough/didn’t forget someone”.

    I didn’t do too bad. I got ONE too many pairs of slippers (WTF?) and I need one more thing for youngest.

    Not bad. I just need to pick up gift cards in addition to the boy gift.

  90. At the last office job I had, I started a tradition of naming each illness after the first person to bring it to the office. I think the first was the Jon Foote Flu.

    Guess what? People don’t like having illnesses named after them.

    My evil plan worked, sick people started staying home.

  91. I need more boxes. fuuuuuu

  92. Scott had to stop after the Susie Smith Syphilis incident.

  93. Use your recipe cards to fashion a box. It could work!!

  94. Scott, I did stay home. Went back to work first day with no fever. It is starting to look like Linda in HR was sick first. I think I am actually coming down with the NM strain of the mutant monkey virus.

  95. Claudia Chlamydia

  96. Genital Warts Jerry.

  97. Hannah Herpes

  98. This game has limits. We may have reached them.

  99. I think I’m going to make a recipe from my “fifty Shades of CHicken” book.

  100. My uncle endowed a scholarship at NMSU in my grandparents memory/name. STEM students from Hondo first, Lincoln and Chaves Counties second. Pretty cool.

  101. I’m thinking of going to workout on a vacation day.

    Somebody talk me down.

  102. Vacation days are meant to be enjoyed with the big spoon in the ice cream tub. Crumbling cookies on top is optional.

  103. J’ames, you’ve been sick and missed non-vacay workouts. People at gym are going to think you’re a Resolution Gym Monkey.

  104. thank you all for the warm reception.

    This being ~6 months of The Wire expect a recap first of the year.
    I think I’ll make a video.

    Im off to get schlonged at Sears.
    My punch ASKED me to get her an ironing board.
    Thats never going to fit under the tree.

  105. Gertrude Gonorrhea.

    Now I’m done.

  106. You can do it Chumps! She will never guess that this is an ironing board.

  107. Allison AIDS.

    C’mon, that’s a gimme!

  108. Buster Crabbs

  109. We’re watching 4-6 to get ready for 7. We’ve managed to avoid spoilers. I am not a Jawa.

  110. “I am not a Jawa”

    Sure….Sure your not….that’s what they ALL say..

  111. I left off at the third one, whatever number that was supposed to be. I don’t think the kids have them or 4-6 in their movie stacks.

  112. We’re watching 4-6 to get ready for 7. We’ve managed to avoid spoilers. I am not a Jawa.

    Dink dink dink dink.

  113. Dan says I’m from a long line of sand people. Rayciss. Jimbro, we own all 6, but I’m only watching New Hope through ROTJ.

  114. “We’ve managed to avoid spoilers.”

    Mr Spock dies.

  115. Connies Clap

    *low hanging*

  116. Evans Ebola

  117. Mr Spock dies.

  118. Jam2, are you coming to TITS2? I have stories!

  119. i can’t make it –
    but we are looking at visiting the in-laws in ABQ and/or Scottsdale in april ish –

    i will let you know

  120. Sounds like a plan 😘

  121. I think I need a blue light saber to go with my tiara.

  122. OMG Dan is seriously considering watching TFA at the new barrio theater. $6.16 a ticket. I’m trying to keep us El Norte.

  123. What did Tarzan say to Cheetah when he got home from shopping Fpr
    jame on 22dec?

  124. Don’t worry, I came to my senses.

    ISU basketball game at 6. I went yesterday, and the turkey is cooking tonight. I’ll go tomorrow.

    But it’s not kickboxing day tomorrow.

  125. are you allowed to wear your tiara at work, oso?

  126. Wow, a Bart sighting.


    Sean’s Penis Morning Sickness

  127. I probably could, but I’m disappointed. Wore my Santa Homer Duff Beer tree tee twice, without notice. Why would I waste my tiara on those philistines?

  128. I’m curious…. what’s the vibe in a barrio movie theatre? Every culture has a theater vibe. Caucasions are all like sssshhhhh and uptight, in the hood the audience hollers at the actors on the screen, (especially at horror movies). But I’ve never been to barrio movie theater…..

  129. It’s hard to see around all the sombreros.

  130. It is kind of scary. Full of children no matter the movie rating, and subject to drive bys. Dan refused to let me attend a cousin’s funeral because of drive by fear, but he’s ready to go sureno to save a few $$. I think we were watching Willow when a crew shot up the lobby of Del Norte cinema.

  131. “It’s a jungle out there!”

  132. http://is.gd/SSNduv

    Dinner time.

    We should pick a day and all get hammered together, Sean can be the designated poater.

  133. Evening.

  134. Messicans are really weird with the childrens. We never go to $ theater, for that reason. We pretty much do Senior Monday to avoid mis-behaved Messican children. I’m kind of irritated with how much Spanish I’ve had to use this week. Assholes.

  135. Howdy, Jew!

  136. I think you mean el cabrón.

  137. Messicans make me nervous. They shoot shit up ALL THE TIME! (Familia is actually split. We have cartel/Gangstas on both sides. My mom refuses to avoid the family members that are familiar with the Pinta. She is the only one in contact with the embarrassing family contacts)

  138. Man of the goat.

  139. Cynny, I’m going to send you the final drafts for the T.I.T.S 2 Shirts later this evening.

  140. Roger that Chumpoli

  141. Grrr. WP just logged me out and I had to use my curses to log back in.

  142. wait wait wait.. there’s swag TOO?

  143. Would you guys explain (in small words) WTF you’re talking about?

  144. Hey don’t look at me I just got here. HI MARE MERRY CHRISTMAS


  146. Dan and I have been married too long. He’s been making fun of my family for way too long. Cousins are celebrating their 19th anniversary. Dan is cracking on their reception.

  147. Yeah, swag to buy and maybe free swag. Would you send a twich to Andy to check his email plox. *curtsies*

  148. Mare, if you come to TITS, you get Chumpo designed swag.

  149. Hey whoever’s in charge of the swag, we need bouncy balls

    We just do

  150. msg received and acknowledged, will comply

  151. I ain’t speaking Spanish at TITS2. No manteca. Mantequilla.

  152. No cerveza, no trabajo!

  153. Vacations are PRIMO workout days J’ames. WTF is wrong with you?

  154. Ha!

  155. I’m trying to figure out if I can squeeze in crossfit on the 24 before we drive to Toledo. Family will probably be grumpy about it. BUt I don’t know what the rush is. If everyone would take care of their own shit I could workout.

    It puts me in a better mood. And no one is happy if momma isn’t happy.

  156. Bouncy balls and tiaras at TITS2

    GOT IT!

  157. Our (messican) cook are pissed that they don’t get free cerveza at work anymore. Beer-thirty was staring earlier and earlier. @@. Now they’re completely cut off.

    So sad.

  158. http://is.gd/man_tequilla_is_butter

  159. I have issues. I H8 to lose. I will cheat to win. All about the W. Dan is like totes Mr Sincerity. W is about honesty and integrity. Yawn. Comes up ALL the freakin time, because I was nerd for hire in college. I would take tests, classes, write papers, etc for $$$. Dan thinks I cheapened his degree. Dude, 30+ and I didn’t even know you.

  160. Comment by osoloco11 on December 22, 2015 7:06 pm

    Messicans make me nervous. They shoot shit up ALL THE TIME!
    Fourth of July, New Years, etc. the cops all park under overpasses or other cover because of all the bullets from people shooting into the air in ABQ.

  161. Hi, DAVE!

  162. A friend of mine from ABQ was walking from his car to his apartment on the Fourth a few years ago and heard several magazines worth of full auto fire. He lives right in the middle of town.

  163. It’s hard to put a logo on a tiara

    Don’t ask me how I know this

  164. I was counselling cow-orkers on how to get the grade and work the system. Dan thinks I’m too cynical about school.

  165. What does tiara mean in Espanol?

  166. We live near an arroyo. Guessing game: Fireworks or bullets? Usually, bullets. I was leaving work years ago. Gunshots at Coors/Irving intersection. RL friend hid behind me. Actually grabbed me and put me between him and gunfire. We still laugh about it. Yes, he is gay. NTTAWWT

  167. Not sure. Let’s go with Reina

  168. Diadema.

  169. Gunshots get really old. Went to work at 5AM. 2 EMTs and ghetto birds on the way to work. Not newsworthy. Brown on brown. Yawn.

  170. Are you coming to TITS2, Crazy Bear?

  171. We are binge watching. Currently on the BEST EPISODE EVER.!!! No Ewoks.

  172. Pups, yes. Me and tiara in the valley of the sun. I may be staying with familia. D is cheap.

  173. Dan: I’ll drop you where you need to be. Ogre’d/

  174. TITS II in Tempe, in the sun, second time around.

    Come one, come all.

  175. YAY!


  176. Tmart? hahahahaha

  177. Tmart? Started to feel ripped iff by the Arribas brothers

  178. http://is.gd/DqS6ga

  179. Wow, TMart tiaras have the kung-fu grip things on the back. Just in case your mom ends up bobbing her head while wearing one……

  180. Turkey is stalled at 142

  181. Did anybody kidnap the Baby Jesus from anybody else’s Nativity scene today?

  182. Let me know how it goes, J’Ames. Penelope is planning on doing the turkey in the PBC this year.

  183. http://is.gd/JvQl82

  184. It’s pretty easy, Pepe. Hanging it is a little tricky, but I’m not worried about it dropping.

  185. Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me…
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….
    Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….

  186. Dude, it’s the 22nd. Santa is still at the North Pole. Live a little.

  187. I have been informed that I have to make a turkey hanger thing for it tomorrow. I managed to get some ribs put in as a backup.

  188. “Mustn’t sleep…. Santa will eat me….”


    Things Wiser’s mom said….

  189. *lowers chin to chest and whispers ‘fuckin cultists’ *

  190. Nah, just use the hooks, it’s easy. Watch the youtube of it, hangs upside down, and you’re hanging from the backbone.

  191. http://is.gd/ld4ZVz

  192. >>>>It’s hard to put a logo on a tiara

    Tell me about it….

  193. With your shop, should be really easy to make a hanger, though. Straight pin to go through, and a hook at the bottom to hold another bar, to hold up the turkey. You could hang 2-3 turkeys in that thing!

  194. Are you PBC’ing a turkey scott and laura?

  195. Comment by lauraw on December 22, 2015 9:58 pm

    *lowers chin to chest and whispers ‘fuckin cultists’ *

    Better not eat any of that tasty smoked meat then, missy. Might be catching.

  196. Maybe after the holidays.

  197. >>>>Dude, it’s the 22nd. Santa is still at the North Pole. Live a little.

    I just did a 7 hour shift at the station, playing nothing but xmas music….

    My brain hurts….

  198. http://is.gd/TNzsBD

  199. The TiFW Christmas is over for another year. We had all 4 girls plus 2 significant others with us for one day only.

    We started the day with breakfast at the Paris Coffee Shop, then we went and saw the new Star Wars movie, followed by dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse, then we all went back to our house to open presents.

    A fun time was had by all.

  200. Oso, my secretary has one branch of her family that works steady, has high expectations for their kids, and is generally upwardly mobile. There’s another branch that goes from job to job, has shitstain kids, and relies heavily on govt assistance. She calls them all her ghetto cousins. It’s strange to watch.

    She’s the prettiest 350 lb woman I know. I wish she’d get a gastric bypass done.

  201. for wiser only:

    youre welcome

  202. Ok, now Carly Fiorina has gone TOO FAR!

  203. >>>>for wiser only:

    Played it. Was told that if I played it again, I would get hurt.

  204. we start Christmas tomorrow

    If nobody gets stabbed I am calling it another win

  205. Tiaras ordered!

    Don’t they look awesome?!

  206. “Ok, now Carly Fiorina has gone TOO FAR!”

    *scratches her off to vote for list*

  207. No Christmas Shoes?

  208. >>>>>She’s the prettiest 350 lb woman I know.

    CoAlex is looking for a date…

    Just saying….

  209. Must want them a bit thinner, after going out with your mom.

  210. >>>>No Christmas Shoes?

    Someone who shall remain nameless and alive requested that evil, vile abortion of a Christmas song.

    I refused.

  211. straw that broke the camels back i suppose:


  212. >>>>Must want them a bit thinner, after going out with your mom.

    Since she lost her second husband, my mom has really got herself back in shape.

    He’d be lucky to be doing her.

    Btw, CoAlex… Do you bowl….or play canasta?

  213. >>>Someone who shall remain nameless and alive requested that evil, vile abortion of a Christmas song.
    I refused.

    And that will be the last time, sir, I call into your station to say kind words.

    Good day.


  214. >> Tiaras ordered!

    I could wear that

  215. >>>http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/florida/spouse-farts-prompt-battery-783025

    Seems totally righteous to me.

  216. >>>>And that will be the last time, sir, I call into your station to say kind words.

    Anyone who requests that song needs to be institutionalized

  217. You most definitely could pull it off Dave; I had ’em put the orange in there with you in mind.

  218. >>>Anyone who requests that song needs to be institutionalized

    After hanging here at The H2 for all these years, we all already are.

  219. It will go well with the lime green thong.

  220. G’nite, y’all

    Pity me, for I have no vodka and will be re-experiencing tonight’s marathon session all night

  221. Let It Go, wiser, Let it Go.

  222. Lime green thong… ha ha… I forgot about that. HA!

  223. Orange is nice

    It’s my color

  224. Sweet Dreams, wiserbuns – don’t let your chestnuts get too roasty over the open fire

  225. *ponders Christmas song hell dreams*


    *washes down some xanax with vodka*

  226. Why do you hate Christmas music oh wait

    7 hours

  227. Fucked up Christmas tunes… GAH!

    Rudolph the bloodied nose three legged reindeer

  228. Feliz navidad.. prospero ano y felicidad

  229. Walking in a post-apocalyptic winter wonderland

  230. I am soooooo not clicking on your link, Dave. That’s a top 10 worst Christmas song evar. EVIL!!

  231. hehehe

  232. Carol of the Hells Bells

  233. I saw mommy blowing Santa Claus….

  234. I had to listen to that as a waiter in an El Chico in 1977



  236. Dance of the Diabeetus Fairy

  237. DO EET

  238. Puh-leaze not my dad…..

  239. We were both sitting, surfing at 1530 when the bell rang and a friend, who is trying to deal with depression, dropped by.
    He saw the new TV and asked about it and wanted to look.
    I turned it on and Seinfeld was on.
    He was ; “Wow, looks pretty nice.”
    Anita was in the kitchen, beating the hell out of her phone.
    Suddenly, the screen changes and we are watching a “Nature” documentary about Humming-Birds.
    It was beautiful, but disturbing that she can wrest control from the driver with her fuckin’ phone…

  240. Santa Claus is Cumming

  241. ew

  242. White Horse Christmas

  243. I Saw Mommy Boinking Santa Clause and now I need therapy

  244. The Little Gummer Boy

  245. Silverhells

  246. I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing in They All Were Full of Plutonium

  247. Silent Running Night

  248. The Slut-Cracker

  249. Angels We Have Heard When High

  250. Jingle Bell Cock

  251. >>>The Slut-Cracker


  252. SIGINT Night

  253. Cum all ye faithful

  254. Cum all ye facefull

  255. Away In A Manager

    *gives a little wink and nod to Pupster*

  256. Silent Plight

  257. Slivered Bells

  258. Cocking Around the Christmas Tree

    am I missing the theme here? I do that

  259. Frosty the Blow Man

  260. It Came Upon The Midnight Express

  261. You good, Dave – ROLL WITH IT BABY

  262. I may have been running in a different direction inspired by your mom..

  263. Mom woulda planted one of those giant Christmas Tree lights on you balls just to see you wince

    Ok that’s not really a song

  264. O Little Town Of Detroit Rock City

  265. >>>Ok that’s not really a song

    But it should be – ha ha!

  266. Silent Gag Night

  267. White Pony Christmas

  268. Christmas Cooz.

  269. Frosty the Hitman.

  270. All I Want For Christmas is Your Mom

  271. Jinglebell Crack Rock.

  272. Jingle Balls

  273. Little St. Prick

  274. Holly Jolly Pissmas.

  275. Santa Baby hurry up my chimney tonight

  276. *denounces self, but only a little*

  277. Carol of the Smells.

  278. you win

  279. Dick the Halls.

  280. I saw daddy blowing Santa Claus.

  281. The little hummer-boy.

  282. Daddy’s Fingers.

  283. Hark! The hairy plumbers ring!

  284. Rudolph, the red-nosed coke-head.

  285. Had the turkey in for 6 hours, and was losing temps, so I am finishing in the oven. Lots of coals that were soaked, and not burning, first time that has happened to me.

  286. Mmmm, smells fantastic in the house, now. Not much better than smoked turkey.

  287. Dominic The Tijuana Donkey

  288. I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert
    But I can live and breathe
    And see the derp in wintertime

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