MMM: homemade ice cream edition

Going to try this recipe today in my new doohickey, probably a few hours from now.  I’ll let you know how it compares to Häagen-Dazs.  MIL’s pitbullboxerdogthing is slightly more calm today, but I had to concede half of my couch to get us here, and I’ve got the cat food and one litter box upstairs and a “gate” (collapsed stroller blocking the path) at the bottom of them.  Coffee’s ready, because I was awakened by a pair of full dog bladders and there’s no way to get the big dog back into the kennel so I can get more rest.  Going to hang out here and maybe play some Fallout until 9am or so, then I get to feed the horses in the rain.

I like the mirror trick you sometimes see in fitness photography.


Alex is missing his yoga class again, but I’m pretty sure there’s a muppet just to the left of the frame.


Pretty smile.  Sunny day.


Pro tip: when you forget your gym bag, it’s perfectly fine to work out in your matching set from Vikki’s.


I wish I had a clearer view of her face, but I’m not complaining.


Horizontal triptych.


Romanian deadlift.  No idea if she’s Romanian or just a Romanian enthusiast.


Who gets these bizarre poem tattoos?  This would be so distracting.


It looks so warm and sunny there.  I miss the sun.


This is a less-bad but still dealbreaking tattoo.  Really a shame, ’cause daaaaaaaaaamn.


Yep, really missing the sun about now.



  1. Ah, noo poat smell.

  2. The ‘hard as rock’ issue is the only problem I have with my low-carb ice cream, Leon. I have to leave it out for half an hour before I can scoop some off the edges. Let me know how yours comes out.

  3. I’m taking the optional “add liquor” step to hopefully dodge that.

  4. Twas me, Car in. Glad you liked everything!

    I woke up with the thought it HAD to be a woman who packed the present! Lol Thanks – I do LIKE it.

    The inside box had a CA zip code … so nice Red Herring.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. No idea who sent mine. Return address was WV.

  7. YAYYY!

    Does that mean I can go wake Scott so I can finally get started on my cooking projects this morning?

  8. Athletic women are my favorite. Especially when it’s time to move furniture.

  9. Yes. Definitely go wake up scott. He’ll be glad you did.

  10. I have to find a place to hang my Chicken sign.

  11. Isn’t there light under the door?

  12. Last day of day care for Elliot this year. Pretty soon we will inflict him on Mrs. Jay’s sister’s family.

  13. There will be lots of metal music today. I’ve been listening to light-rock Christmas music for 24 of the last 48 hours.

  14. No Musak, Car in? Tis the season!

  15. Seriously – kill me now.

    I do sing along. But that’s a coping mechanism. I end up singing along with the other crap stuff the other days too. Kinda keeps me going at times when I’m super busy.

  16. I’m just grateful that Adele doesn’t have a christmas album. That’s the one good thing about this station – it’s an Adele free space of time. A few more days and then it will be back to Adele every 30 minutes.

  17. Adele doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as Megaton Trainor.

  18. I don’t know who that is.

  19. you off all people are All About the Base, leon.

  20. I got a C in my Linear Algebra class. Bleh.

  21. Christmas party next door last night. It was wonderful for several reasons.

    1. My friend’s grandchildren were there. Twin 7 year olds and an 8 week old baby. By the end of the evening the girl twin was crying because she couldn’t go home with us….hahahaha

    2. The kids dad (my friend’s 42 year old son) told the group I was his older woman crush when we lived by them…WINNING!

    3. The food was fan fricken tastic.

    I had such a nice time I only had a glass and a half of wine. But I over compensated by eating a ton. No offense Rosetta.

  22. haha, saw this on Car in’s facedouche, you have got to see this:

  23. That thing is hilarious J’ames. I love it so hard.

  24. That’s too funny, Jay/Car in!

  25. The funeral pyre was the best.

  26. I’m laughing at the shrine candles.

  27. Okay, the “never forget” slide was the best deal I’ve seen in a month.

  28. *wonders who will answer “Here” for Rosie at this year’s Muster…..*

  29. you off all people are All About the Base, leon.

    A base is one thing. She’s the whole diamond and I don’t want to pitch there.

  30. Time to feed the horses and pay the water bill.

  31. Oh come on now… Leon is very obviously trolling us now.

    The last one even has the word “prik” in “her” name!

  32. “prik” killed it?

  33. AIDS.

  34. And Sandra Prikker is the penultimate image.

  35. I’d Prikker.

  36. And Dikker.

  37. Ewww

  38. I’d dikker over the terms by which I’d prikker.

    Anyone else just eat an 8 egg white omelet because they had them laying around after a recipe?

  39. gross

  40. Margaret Simms needs to be made honorary hostage.

  41. My SS gifts are awesome

  42. I have a drink coaster with chickens doing kettlebell swings! Using it RIGHT now.

  43. Sent Cyn a couple of pics of my SS gift – I love it!

  44. Fitness chickens, who woulda thunk?

  45. Those aren’t hens, they’re roosters.

  46. Cocks!

  47. This just in . . .

    A liberal acquaintance asked me what I thought he needed to defend his home.

    I suggested a 9mm, a couple clips, and a box of shells.

    A few days later, he sent me this picture and asked how to make it work.

  48. Heh.

    That’s sweet.

  49. I recommended to my imaginary liberal friend a street sweeper.

  50. Daisy Cutter.

  51. Saturday Night Special

  52. Piece Maker

  53. Smoke Wagon

  54. I gotta go SSS for work. Sigh.

    Once more into the breach. I work tonight and Wednesday night. I get Thursday off and we’re closed on friday. Double on Saturday.

  55. At least I don’t have to do phochin gift cards tonight. I’m on the floor.

  56. where are the H2 gift cards?

  57. That’s a good idea.

  58. Thee Bearer of this Certificate Will Find That It is:

    Redeemable for one Heirloom Blueish Grayish Pumpkin Patch Installation in a Druidic Mound Tradition.

  59. Plus we can put Car in in charge, since she already has experience.

    Win win!

  60. *sips from the hip

  61. Magic beans

  62. Just got a news alert that Chelsea is expecting her second child.

    News alert!!!

  63. I sure hope that Granny has all the time in the world to spend with her burgeoning brood come Jan 2017.


  64. Is it yours?

  65. It depends on what the meaning of is is

  66. Well played, sir!

  67. *sips from the nip

  68. Just looked at the 10 day forecast, highs in the 50s and 60s through the end of December.

    This is the strangest winter ever.

  69. gah, I got done with work early and needed to pick a kid up after basketball practice. Hanging around the school parking lot waiting for him to hurry the frack up and get done

  70. I read somewhere that the winds will shift around January 10-20 and we’ll get back to a typical winter. Pretty sure they used Joe Bastardi’s name

  71. CoAlex at yoga class

  72. Comment by Jimbro on December 21, 2015 5:25 pm

    needed to pick a kid up ………. Hanging around the school parking lot …..

    Restraining order expired?

  73. Nice ride, Jimbro

  74. I’m in the truck today Pepe. You need the white panel van for that job.

  75. I see we think alike!

  76. Stay classy, Philly

  77. *waits patiently*

  78. Somebody give me an excuse not to go to kickboxing. It’s been a week with chest cold.

  79. Whatcha waiting for, Lauarw?

  80. “*sips from the hip”

    *thinks huhn – flexible*

  81. Your Tiaras could use an organizing.

  82. “Comment by lauraw on December 21, 2015 5:39 pm

    *waits patiently*”

    “Comment by PepeLp on December 21, 2015 6:01 pm

    Whatcha waiting for, Lauarw?”

  83. The rain that has been falling for weeks slowed this afternoon.
    It’s still falling, but slowly.
    The roof and ground are white.
    The temperature is also falling.

  84. I’m having my last pumpkin flavored beer right now.

    Got it open just in time. I mean, who has pumpkin beer after Christmas? I’m not a big fan of pumpkin beer but they have them in their mixed 12 packs so whaddya gonna do.

  85. Greetings, people who are almost ready for Chrimmas.

  86. Evening.

  87. Greetings, people who are almost ready for Chrimmas.
    Picked up the ham today.

  88. What are you having for sides XBrad? I’ve got the ham already and since I’ve got more time this week I’m in charge of shopping for the rest of the meal.

  89. Mashed potatoes, yam and apple casserole, cranberry jelly, and I don’t know what else.

  90. Probably some green beans.

  91. Mashed potatoes sound good. I have carrots in the fridge already. Maybe some kind of maple glazed carrot thing. I didn’t think of cranberry. Paula likes cranberry sauce…it’s on the menu.

    They use baby carrots. For some reason I can’t use baby carrots other than just eating them or in salads. A baby carrot killed my family.

  92. don’t forget the creamed pearl onions

  93. Good suggestion!

    Damn, there’s going to be a lot of leftovers.

  94. I wrote in one of my field books

    “things are happening to me now!”

  95. Ham. Is. For. Easter.

  96. Ray Lewis is fucking creepy.

  97. Ham. Is. For. Easter.

    So is sauerbraten, but I’m making it anyway.

  98. So, the USPS is no help at all in tracking Jewstin’s SS gift. After going there in person, theI had me create an online account and file a claim online, but they won’t investigate until it is 15 days past due. The tracking system says they delivered it on the 12th. What the fucking fuck?

    “Did you have the recipient look around the mailbox for the package? Did the recipient check around all his doors? Has he spoken to his mail carrier about the delivery? ”

    And my favorite of all “Once we’ve made the delivery, our job is finished. There is nothing further we can do”

  99. I often use baby carrots in pot roast. Because I like killing babies.

    Or at least, that’s what my Sociology 101 instructor told me about a week after I got out of the Army the first time.

  100. Pups, the next time I see the mail man I will have one of the cats claw her eyes.

  101. Wot kind of things? DiT?!!

    I. Am. Fascinated.

  102. My favorite Field Notes are the dot grids. There’s some order but I feel free to color outside the lines.

    I’m glad you like them Dave. They remind me of notebooks my dad brought home from HVAC supply houses when I was a kid.

  103. They are awesome and thank you so

  104. The Poats Orafice almost ALMOST fuched our own Sean M out of hos gawd given Social Satan Gift; and on my behalf, no less!
    I mailed that suckah on 8Dec it arived just in the nick O time.

    There are a lot of hiccups in the tract.
    We ask that you mail all domestic mail through any other for profit service BUT your own domestic carrier because….7d9Trillion Dollar Deficit!!!!! Thats why SERF!!!!

    Forget the past.

  105. Great header and caption. And I am actually referring to the header and caption.

  106. Congrats to SpaceX on a successful launch and first stage recovery!

  107. Comment by Mr Chumpo on December 21, 2015 8:43 pm

  108. I ment $27trillion deficit.
    Fich it make it $27 Gahzillion.

    There are no more adults.

  109. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

  110. Oh…

    Comment by leoncaruthers on December 21, 2015 8:20 am

    No idea who sent mine. Return address was WV.

    4526 US Route 60
    Huntington, WV 25705

    Google it.

  111. That muthafuckah dead.

  112. Is it Elvis? I bet it was Elvis.

  113. Got more SS pictures added!

    One from TiFW and two more from Dave-O.

  114. We’ll do a speshul post when you get yours, Jew.

    *glares as USPS, but from around the corner and a little off to the side so they don’t fuck up my mail too*

  115. Holy Shit! A B-! I’ll fucking take it!

  116. Alex – Did your grade get changed? Or is this your drawing class?

  117. All of the TiFW girls will be here as of tonight; the Star Wars movie, an early dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse, and opening of presents is on tomorrow’s agenda.

    It’s gonna be a busy day, but it should be lots of fun!

  118. Blood type, he’s a vampire.

  119. The earlier grade was my estimate based on the raw scores that I saw online. This is the official grade.

    In my drawing class I got an A.

  120. I hope nobody gets stabbed TIFW

    that’s what we call a win here

  121. This was an interesting vid re:
    Islam -vs- terrorism that I found at Cdr. Sals.
    It’s about 15 minutes, but worth the time, IMAO.


  122. Way to go, Alex!

  123. *puts Colex’s report card up on the fridge*

  124. The Loins are winning in your honor.

  125. Scott! Meathead has a book coming out!

  126. Why would scott care if Rob Rei–

    *clicks link*

    Never mind.

  127. His book comes out on May 10.

    My birthday is May 11.

    * coughs *

  128. You’d think he’d delay a day for his biggest fan.

  129. Congrats, CoAl.

  130. You would think.

  131. Ten days after May Day

    I knew you were a commie

  132. blerg

  133. You had no idea.

  134. Did anybody tell anybody else to quit comparing themselves to Mary and Joseph looking for lodging and get the hell off their goddamn couch today?

  135. Im at the LAMEST xmas party ever.

    Wish I was with
    Ye all

  136. Wish you were too Chumpo. Sorry your work party sucks.

  137. I’m with you in spirit.

  138. And without spirit(s) in Stan’s case.

  139. No, you don’t want to be here, it’s even more boring.

  140. That’s Sean, auto cucumber!

  141. Busy busy expensive day, Gabe may or may not have a tumor $400 for blood work, these X Rays you took Friday may show a fracture from the maybe maybe not tumor please give me $200 for more X Rays.

    11:10 on a school night is probably not a good time to start playing Fallout, but I have been busting my ass starting at 5 this morning.

    Sorry off topic and irrelevant, ban me please!

  142. Ugh, sad news, vmax!

  143. Hope Gabe is okay, Vman. Prayers up.

    And I’ve been called worse than Stan, swiffer.

  144. BTW, did you know you have a theme song? And that it’s fucking awesome?

  145. Schwifty!!

    Walk out with your Rock out!!

  146. Darrell eternally remained pessimistic.

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