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Being pressed into service!

Today’s model I found with a quick internet search. Says she is a model and singer, born October 12, 1989, measuring in at 34D-24-36, let’s welcome Caitlin Alexa!


A quiz can be added, but here’s a quick rundown of some of Caitlin’s “work”.






Hope you enjoy! Have a great Friday!



  1. Here I come to save the day!

  2. They just dropped Darth Vader off of Nakatomi Tower.

  3. From the old poat

    Comment by Jimbro on December 18, 2015 11:06 am
    While waiting for my case to begin this morning I sat sipping coffee in the lounge with the TV on. One of the nurses made a comment about a teaser commercial for Obama appearing on some survival show with Bear Grillys and said “I hope they make him eat a slug”. To which I replied “How about a bag of dicks?” Everyone was laughing so they didn’t hear me mutter about how he’d probably like it.

  4. greatest president ever jimbro. $70 million dollars in vacations and counting.

  5. They just dropped Darth Vader off of Nakatomi Tower.

    Hahahahaha! Awesome! Now put away your phone and grab your light saber :)

  6. “Labor shortage” means that their Guatemalan nanny threatened to report being groped and so they had to deport her.

  7. We’ve got how many people NOT in the labor force? Yet we have a worker shorters? I know – Jobs Americans “won’t do”. I’ve got an idea … cut back on the social welfare programs and perhaps they’ll suddenly find interest in doing those jobs.

  8. “pick fruit” or collect aid?

    Easy choice for most. Don’t give them a choice.

  9. I could hang out with her.. anybody here seen the hot / crazy matrix thing making the rounds?

  10. Looking for gift ideas? How about a candle?

  11. We need shorter workers now dammit!

    Entering the work force into places tall and wide Americans can’t fit

  12. Heh, when I took our little guy shopping for Paula yesterday we were looking at the Yankee Candles which she likes to burn at home. As we worked our way through them there was a “Marshmallow Peeps” scent. He picked it up and took a big whiff and exclaimed This smells like the movie theater!

    (It actually did!)

  13. Peeps killed it?

  14. Nice job jay

  15. Kudos to Caitlin for her “reduction” :)

  16. She seems like a nice girl. I bet she’d appreciate my cucumbers.

  17. Boing

  18. Leave it to the bus driver to talk about planes.


  19. heh.

    Jay you really really know what a boob looks like.

    *points at Tom Shifty*

    Good Job, Bartender.

  20. Who says Star Trek is science fiction?

    Hello, computer!

  21. Well, that’s enough Christmas shopping (at my computer) for one day.

    I have two kids left. One has told me that if I don’t get her a ticket to “Electric Forest” to not get her anything. So I guess I’m saving a bit of cash this holiday season.

    The other is a 13 (almost 14) year old boy. WHAT DO YOU GET THEM? Yikes. It’s coming down to the wire.

  22. A subscription to Mad Magazine?

  23. Heh, Nick Searcy says Sorry, Twitter.

  24. Meh.

  25. Isaac, I’ll have one of these and here’s one of these. There’s another one if you can find me one of these.

  26. A subscription to Mad Magazine? Penthouse?


  27. Rum Drinkers have more fun.

  28. This poat does not include the young lady’s weight so that we can argue degrees of implausibility. So let me be the first to throw a rediculous fucking number out there. I’ll say that after her double radical masectomy she’ll weigh 46.125 Kg. As is, she’s prolly nine stone.

  29. I have an eleven year old nephew who is getting a $50 gift card from Academy. As is his 16 year old sister and my 15 year old niece and 19 year old nephew who belong to another sibling. If they don’t like it I wont be around to hear about it.

    Hey Cyn, do they have Academy sporting good stores in the phx area?

  30. @ Car In….. if your son is into gaming (video / online) there are a lot of game related figurines, replicas, etc. My 16 yr old wanted a hoody based on a gaming clan (** for non gamers** a “clan” is a team, there are professional clans that have fans like football teams have fans)

    And of course at 13 he’s at least ready for a red ryder or even a real .22 (if he already doesn’t have one).

    ***All kids should have their own gun next to mom & dads in the gun cabinet.***

  31. 12 or 13 was around the time I got my first Crossman 760 air rifle. No bird was safe. My grandma got mad at me only twice in her life. Once when I cut a hole in my t-shirt and the other when she caught me killing her robins. Great gift for a young boy!

  32. The 760 was a fine rifle.

  33. You could actually shoot someones eye out with it…. had some vicious “wars” with those…. only pump it three times…. yeah right…..only shoot below the waist……yeah right…

  34. We moved to town when I was 12.5 and I know I was given a .22 before that. But I don’t remember how long before that. I do remember that my older bro had a semi-auto and mine was a single shot bolt action.

  35. http://is.gd/D0GnMz

  36. I can’t believe you people asked me to do a BBF. You must have grown back your retinas from the last time, or come down with hysterical amnesia or something.

    You’re lucky I was out doing a work visit with Scott, or I would have BBFd ya real good.

  37. The last Lawraw BBF made me wish it was Monday.

  38. At least it didn’t make you wish it was Wednesday.

  39. Pretty cool what that guy does in your link, mr. lauraw

  40. I have never done a BBF as I lack the requisite proclivity.

  41. See…that’s why you made the funny page.

  42. lauraw, you gotta link to this monstrosity of a post you created? Frankenboob?

  43. You’re lucky I was out doing a work visit with Scott, or I would have BBFd ya real good.

    Why do you think I slapped one up before you got back?


  44. hahaha!

  45. If you wish to view the aforementioned bbf masterpiece by the lovely lauraw, please to click here

    WARNING: not safe for eyes, much less work.

  46. I just ate. So much for that meal.

  47. please to click here

    Here I go . . .

  48. We stopped by a smokehouse today for brisket sandwiches and cornbread. They were made for each other.

  49. I just ate.

    I’m betting that so did she.

  50. I’m betting that so did she. hahaha!

    Spreading mayo on cat #3 is pure lw genius.

  51. Oh wow, I forgot about the frying pans picture. Goodness me, that was rather awful.

  52. tittehs that big are skeery…you could ….asfic….aspxy…. asphy……you could die from not being able to breathe in those things!

  53. In other news, we have 25 lbs of pork belly gently turning into special Christmas bacon in the bottom of our fridge right now. Sunday or Monday is smoking day.


  54. OK, it wasn’t *that* bad of a post. I think Rosetta put Norma Stitz on H2 at one time, didn’t he?

  55. OK, no, it was Cyn:

  56. Don’t know what happened to the media, there.

  57. Divine intervention

  58. 1 window licker

  59. That happens, with hotlinks.

  60. If a kid can’t find a great toy at a sporting goods store/Cabelas or Bass Pro, they are dead to me…DEAD.

  61. I still maintain that the worst BBF ever was Hospurt’s old-timey lithographs of fully-dressed schoolmarms edition.

  62. Dead.

  63. That sounds hawt.

    Describe what they were wearing.

  64. Sean I joked to Hotspur about that and he called us all assholes, but you’re right, it sucked. No one comes here for classy, dressed women, tastefully posed. We come here for the bed dusters.

  65. I always admired Rosetta’s perseverance finding Middle Eastern European women with horrible make up, fat boobs, sketchy places, strange, awkward poses and k-mart lingerie.

  66. I don’t know if “admired” is the word I’d use, but I get that. Perhaps “very, very, very grudgingly respected.”

  67. Rose does thise searches by fingerless brail, der.

  68. Comment by Sean M. on December 18, 2015 6:51 pm

    I still maintain that the worst BBF ever was Hospurt’s old-timey lithographs of fully-dressed schoolmarms edition.

    Since we’re doing memory lane links, anyone got that one?

  69. This was it, and it was FUCKING BULLSHIT:


  70. I loved HSs BBF. Totes not kissing butt.

  71. Scott, was the brisket on cornbread? How does it not crumble?

  72. Evening.

  73. http://is.gd/jbHJA9

  74. That was more like an art history post than a BBF.

  75. Cornbread was on the side.

  76. I was imagining a cornbread sammich. I love cornbread. And brisket.

  77. Next time I am trying smoked meatloaf.

  78. That HS BBF thread made me LOL.

    Also, hey Paul Ryan, did you even read the spending bill? I know you didn’t so SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH.

  79. We had smoked corned beef for St Patrick’s one time in Las Vegas. Smoked Prime Rib, too. SMOKE ALL THE THINGS!!!!

  80. We went on a field trip to a smokehouse in the 1st grade. VA. It was epic! We got to sample bacon and ham. 1968.

  81. I want to do a prime rib soon.

  82. Smoked prime rib with fresh grated horseradish? (Totes not fantasizing)


    Come on, mare…say “COCK.”

  84. When you said Hotspur BBF, I was thinking of this one, which I like because I’m in it, so there.


  85. Oso was in 1st grade in ’68, I was in Artillery school at Ft. Sill.

    Yes you, little girl, My Lawn,
    Get off it…

  86. ChrisP,

    This was back when you were working the catapults for siege of Byzantium?

  87. I was in 1st grade in 1968.

  88. CoAlex,
    I was, of course, one of the hated Christians, or as they called us; “The Nazarenes”…

  89. I was but a twinkle in my father’s eye in 1968. Or, more accurately, in his balls.

  90. 1968 1st grade in VA was awesome. We could see the former elementary school across the road, got bussed to a former AA elementary school 30 minutes away. What made it funny, AA school had children of professionals. They had maids and $$$.

  91. In 1968 I was watching daytime TV on our black and white set and playing with blocks and Lincoln logs.Next year was half day kindergarten at St. Casimer’s.

  92. I wasn’t an alcoholic in the first grade.

  93. Sssshhhhh. Catapults?!! There were no rocks or wood in Chrispy’s day, sir.

    They floated around in the ether and argued.

  94. LOLOLOL. I probably was. I just remember my 2nd grade teacher explaining Segregation, De-segregation, and bussing to us.

  95. COCK!!!

  96. I was 4 in ’68, I was probably in a daycare thing so my mom could work. Daycare had a teacher, Mrs. Boguszewski??? and an assistant, Clem. Clem would literally wash your mouth out with soap if you said a bad word.

  97. My parents moved away from really crappy schools to a neighborhood with better schools, only to have bussing to the medium crappy school. My brothers had moved out, my sister was in junior high school, so I was the only one affected.

  98. When is Wiser’s Christmas music show?

  99. Roamy, we were bussed from a mediocre white school to a wealthy African American school. Brownies/Girl Scouts were still segregated. 2 troops at school. I was lucky to be older than kindergarten. I’d been reading for years, but I couldn’t tie my shoes until 3rd grade.

  100. Different school every year from kindergarten to 3rd grade. I learned how to write cursive three times, and I blame that for my bad handwriting. Who writes Q like that anyway. It looks like a fancy 2.

  101. One of my aunts was into analyzing handwriting. Passive p’s sounded like bullshit to me.

  102. HAHAHA My brother missed cursive writing. Never learned how to write. Moving either sucks or is totally AWESOME!!!

  103. Roamy, I can’t believe cursive analysts have jobs. I never cross my Ts the same way twice.

  104. Who writes Q like that anyway.

    *Raises hand*

  105. I went to 1st grade @ PS 121 on 121St. and Amsterdam Ave. NYC. It was a wonderful lesson in diversity for a white kid in going to school in Harlem in 1969. Why, there were hardly any black panthers running around..

  106. I can have perfect cursive to Dr Scrip in minutes. My right hand is more legible than my left.

  107. “WE” were the diversity in VA. Messicans were totes unknown. My sister insisted on taking lunch to school on tortilla.

  108. I got busted skipping school in the 5th grade. I could write as both parents, equally well. Hand-written notes were no longer accepted. Caught my dad with his GF at the beach. Started blackmailing calls in the 6th grade.

  109. Third grade in 68. I went to two schools that year as we moved in January of 69. I started retaining water shortly thereafter.

  110. BTW, still haven’t got my SS gift in the mail yet.

  111. My sister had a harder time in school than I did. She’d be bright in a regular Messican family. Dimmest bulb in our light string. She didn’t even measure up on the Buckeye side.

  112. Anita & I got married on 4 April ’69.
    Hangin’ with you young folks makes me feel OLD…
    But, I love you all. I really do…

  113. What grade were y’all in?

  114. Went to school mainly in El Paso, Tx, and Socorro, NM. Being white (some Scottish blood, so white I’m blue), I was always the minority.

  115. ChrisP, in 69 we had hippies spitting on our station wagon. My mom would take us with her for charity work at the Naval Hospital that my dad was working at. I H8 HIPPIES!

  116. Pepe, I’m so white I’m blue. Canadian I work with told me yesterday that she hopes I don’t get out in the snow. I’m the whitest person she knows. I’m whiter than the Albino African that has been resettled in NM and works for Sam’s.

  117. Did anybody find the addendum “Come Alone & Unarmed” to anybody else’s Christmas Party invitation somewhat unnerving today?

  118. GM just asked me to work tomorrow at 7. He’s panicked. Looks like 6 days and OT.

  119. You should demand the right to wear your tiara.

  120. I should. Totes better than my tiara princess ears. I’m wearing right now. Learning how to load dishwasher and laundry with no slippage

  121. ExJon lives in PHX. His bro is a Moron. I love both of them. Dan is plotting weather contingencies for the Meat Up. Kill Me Nao.

  122. Wait, who is ExJon’s brother?

  123. I spoke with the boss today about the teleconference that I missed yesterday. We still don’t know who’s going to be laid off in January. We should know, “Sometime in mid-January”. Lack of Work letters will go out 1 Feb. I’ve sent out a resume to one recruiter, and an email to the HR rep who covers our division.

    If I go off the contract 1 Feb, I’ll probably have enough PTO, combined with my time on the beach, to carry me through to March. Then it’s Subway applications!

  124. Barry Gabriel.

  125. I don’t know his twitter handle. We have LOLs. Trying to recruit another FB Moron to Twitter.

  126. Wiser could get ExJon for a remote radio show. We should invite Kurt.

  127. blerg.

  128. Still SOL on two kid’s presents.



  129. Car in, how many pregnant waitresses sideswiped your kids’ car today?

  130. Socks and underwear. And if they complain then tell them that they had the opportunity to give you a list.

  131. Work was SLOOOW. We were hoping it would be hopping. I blame:

    1) horrible weather (many roads were closed due to accidents)
    2) the “OH CRAP” it’s almost Christmas shopping rush


    3) Star Wars.

  132. CoAles. zero accidents for this household today. my son bought a new (to him) vehicle. It’s a truck – so I’m kinda excited about it. I am imagining the things I can move in that thing.

    I think my family has made the crossing over into Redneck territory. Two trucks in the family.

    what say you?

    We do have a hybrid still. That has to count for something.

  133. *suddenly slams hands on table*


    All this no-hiring, corporatist low-wage garbage going on. I’m making a stand, people!

    I am an American businessperson, and this economy rests on the activities of me and my kind.
    I’m hereby promoting Scott from Manager of Operations, to CEO: Chief Operator of Executrix.

    He retains all his normal duties, but with an increased emphasis on pleasing ME, with no increase in pay.

    Business-wise, this is a win-win. For me-me.

    Go about your lives and just know that somewhere, the world became happier.

  134. Chumpo, Dan’s great uncle was a hack. Had a shop on Central before moving to Old Town Scottsdale in the 70s. We have a few of his paintings. John Sullivan. The frames are dreck.

  135. You’re not in redneck territory until you have more dogs than trucks.

  136. Applies for H1BDC to work for Scott and Lauraw. Waits for text to save the day for tomorrow.

  137. One truck, no dog. Fine.
    One truck, one dog. Excellent.
    One truck, two dogs. Potential redneck.
    Two trucks, two dogs. Big family.
    Two trucks, three dogs… Hannah best learn to dip properly.

  138. We’ve only got two dogs. We’re waiting until we put the one down to get another (he’s got a lot of issues but he’s still got quality of life for now). But we’ve got four cats. That has to count for something?

    Plus … chickens.

  139. Two trucks plus a jeep. two dogs. Four cats. 20+ chickens.

  140. so scott weiland died from a drug overdose?

    *shocked face

  141. Four cats is only a problem if you’re single.

    You need at least two more dogs before you can do all of your Christmas shopping at Cabela’s.

  142. Stoopid coyotes are making life difficult for Oso. We’re having to drive to remote parks.

  143. Taking off tiara to say G’night

  144. My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

    Nice boobs Jay, thanks for picking up MJ’s slack.

    I met an ethnic Albanian who grew up in Croatia and fought against the Serbs as a teenager. He lives in SOCAL now and is the safety manager for a distribution center where I’ve been working all week. Interesting guy.

  145. Pups, does he H8 TFG? Most ethnics I know really H8 TFG.

  146. Didn’t get that far Oso. He thinks Trump is very smart and has some good points, but as a Muslim refugee he cannot support him.

  147. hotspurs linx on that BBF are the funnnnay.

  148. pup, I never received an email from ye.

  149. The rhythm is calling
    Alone in the night as the daylight brings a cold empty silence
    The warmth of your hand and a cold grey derp

  150. I used the email tied to your wordpress comments, and it bounced back as undeliverable Chumpo.

    Headed out for the airport, it’s been a long week.

  151. ww

  152. Well look who’s up and at ’em this morning.

  153. I’ve actually been up for a bit. Saw everyone off before I plopped my arse down here.

  154. Up since 730. Trash taken out, horses fed, coffee made. Gotta leave in 15 minutes to go haul food for St Vincent de Paul.

  155. Ian was up early for some charity thing too. DIdn’t even see him he was gone so early.

  156. Deadest I’ve seen this dump in a while.

  157. Why did Ian kill the blog?

  158. Mr. RFH is honing his ninja skills this morning. He’s left the room twice while I was talking to him, and I carried on merrily talking to myself.

    Rocketboy is home, yay!

  159. Dead Blog Walking! Dead Blog Heah! Dead Blog Walking!

    Im finalizing my preparations for my Christmas Shopping Raid. I’ll be executing the operation commencing 0600 tomorrow. It should be a hit and run raid, which if timed correctly should provide me with minimal exposure to the semi permissive environment known as Walmart. Hoping to reduce casualty count and collateral damage this year by striking at dawn. Unfortunately Im going in with only one operational extraction vehicle, if it goes down……say a prayer for me

  160. Everyone is gone here. Just Erin – who has been sick. I work a (fake) double in a bit.

  161. I went to Kohls last night after work. It’s open 24 hours until CHristmas.

  162. https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/quickie-saturday-poat/

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