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Meet Taralee Guild.

b. 1984 Thunder Bay, Canadia

Region capture 6

Region capture 7

I liked her immediately and then I saw her airstream trailer.

Region capture 8

Region capture 9

Region capture 11

Region capture 12

Beautiful.  My favorite new artist.

Region capture 13

Region capture 14

Boats Rise together.


Have a wonderful, wonderful day.




  1. I really appreciate, and understand the point of these posts.

  2. Fluid

  3. Nice. And not a single tucker in view.

  4. Nice work.

  5. Wakey Wakey Good Friends. Come and see what the new day has brought.

    [not phoning it in]

  6. Diggin’ it.

  7. I’ll bet she does a mean dogs playing poker.

  8. Glad to see Car in is back. She must have gotten a run in.

  9. Went to an interval class last night. It was super easy.

    Big girls at my gym, these days.

  10. She probably got tipped well last night IYKWIMAITYD.

  11. Big girls and interval class being easy go together. Just saying.

  12. If I hung out with hipsters I might know what interval class is.

  13. It’s just any workout where you do “interval” training. Your heart rate goes UP and down a lot versus steady lower cardio. Sprint work is interval. As are most crossfit workouts.

  14. Is Interval class when you work out, then rest? Repeat?

    I know that one.

  15. Well – not necessarily rest. I mean it can be. wallballs with a 2 min rest between sets can be interval. But so can running with intermittent sprints.

  16. I need to get rid of this chest cold, so I can go back. Don’t want to hack up a lung during workouts.

  17. I woke up with a cold yesterday, but it was gone by 2 PM.

    Shortest cold ever.

  18. It is physically impossible to cough up an entire lung, much less a lobe of one’s lung, during physical exertion.

    /leon is

  19. Not sure where the “is” came from

  20. That’s not what my body is telling me, Dr.

  21. well, my day is set. Killer is taking a nap on me. I can barely reach the keyboard.

  22. #thestruggleisreal

  23. sorry. I forget it does that. But I love Mark Steyn.

  24. Big girls and interval class being easy go together. Just saying.
    The whole gym is filled with big girls. It’s like a 70-30 ratio of blappies vs swole MFers.

    I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because it’s in a ‘younger’ part of town and these girls are still working off the college/first office job/beer swilling fat.

  25. Aaarrgh. Doing a good cause fundraiser for some local charities. PayPal froze the account in the middle of the night. Wake up to a jillion messages that there is a problem.

  26. Swept out the barn today so our borrowed companion horse can get a visit from her ferrier. Wife volunteered to go pay my birthday tax for me.

  27. Ugh, that sucks, pepe. Hope you get that sorted out, that was a pretty knife!

  28. The hottest chicks at my gym all are most likely lezbos. PSA!

  29. *places sleeping kittens on Car in’s lap

  30. Cat jumped off my lap when my christmas tree fell over.

    The losses are great.

    [sad face]

  31. Come and see what the new day has brought.

    Snow. It brought snow.

  32. PG,

    Thanks, I don’t know what the hell happened last night, but I was WIRED. I tried to get to sleep at 1am, finally got up at 2:30 and did some work, and got back down at 4am.

    I’ve already called my boss and told him I’d be in late today. Crappy roads and tired driving don’t mix.

  33. Nice choice, Chumpo. You’re very good at this stuff and I like the messages you include.

  34. Someone shipped their Secret Santa lately?

  35. Scott, I think I had the same short term bug. Did you take anything? I’m willing this bug to go away (which I’ve done before).

  36. Please please please PLEASE feature the art of Ann Krasner sometime…

  37. I need my chest to clear up. Shake rattle and roll every time I breathe.

  38. Oops again… here you go:

  39. I didn’t take anything.

  40. I really, really hate people, part 35,726:

    She [Rebecca Keegan, a film writer for the Los Angeles Times] wrote: ‘Among its many wonderful qualities, Star Wars: The Force Awakens passes the Bechdel test.’

    She was referring to a gender-equality test which asks whether a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man.

    If you get to watch the most anticipated movie in history before the rest of the world has a chance, and this is what you take away from it, seriously, DIAF.

  41. Nice job Chumpinator

  42. Hbd Leon

  43. Ms. Keegan and her ilk need “two weeks with a good man at Niagara Falls** to set them straight….

    **Cary Grant to Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”

  44. Star Wars is racist because it doesn’t have enough gay people that are organically disabled and locally sourced.

  45. MJ, is it true that you knocked up GND?

  46. Are there any transpeople in star wars?

  47. Not yet.

    I’m not sure how these rumors get started, like Cyn’s ability to suck a golf ball through a garden hose, for example.

  48. I’m not sure how these rumors get started, like Cyn’s ability to suck a golf ball through a garden hose, for example.

    What happens at the meat-ups… gets repeated endlessly online.

  49. Are there any transpeople in star wars?

    Why not? We have a transwookie as First Lady.

  50. I made meatballs last night. Added some fennel seed. De-lish.
    They’d be great smashed up on a pizza.

  51. Happy Birthday Leon!! You will love your forties. Well, I can vouch for the first few, anyway. Will let you know how the rest of them go.

    Mild weather continues. I just picked some beautiful radishes out of the garden an hour ago, and there’s plenty more. They self-sowed this Fall all over my shallot bed and in the paths and I just left them there. Yum. Cold weather makes them mild and crunchy. Wish every Fall/ Winter was like this.

  52. 40’s? Meh, overrated.

  53. Happy Birthday, Leon!!

  54. Fennel is great in sausage, can’t even taste the licorice.

  55. Who did knock up GND?

  56. Who did knock up GND?

    Well, that question sure shut a lot of people up…..

  57. Your mom?

    *fails biology

  58. Are you lurking at AOS wiser?

    21 Cuba is attached to the seabed by giant cables. Guam just floats.

    Posted by: Soledad O’Brien’s Earpiece at December 15, 2015 12:58 PM (8ZskC)

  59. Are you lurking at AOS wiser?

    heh. No, that wasn’t me, although I did leave a couple of comments in that thread.

    Does make me smile that I created a meme though..

  60. So know we have to boycott Sam’s Club, because their pres is a racist?

  61. So know we have to boycott Sam’s Club, because their pres is a racist?

    CEO. And both Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.

    Damn, J’Ames, it’s not that difficult!


  62. Somehow I don’t think this one will catch on. She’s the right kind of racist.

  63. Somehow I don’t think this one will catch on. She’s the right kind of racist.

    Plus, it’s pretty hard to boycott a place that I have successfully avoided for years.

  64. I like Sam’s. They have good meat specials, and pineapple. Plus the liquor prices are the best.

  65. I have good meat specials too.

  66. I shop at both but always go early in the morning on weekdays. The few times I’ve gone at prime time has left me in a depressed mood in regard to my fellow human beings.

  67. Vienna sausage is barely meat.

  68. This commercial was a tear jerker for me (having lost my brother).

    You can see the ending coming a mile away and it is selling liquor with sentimentality but COCK.

  69. Comment by scott on December 15, 2015 11:48 am

    I didn’t take anything.
    Did you eat anything cooked in the PBC?

  70. Happy Birthday Leon!!!

    26 degrees, windy and overcast, what fun!!

  71. Triple high five freeze frame, J’Ames!!!

  72. Okay, I’ve been away. Somebody lay some knowledge on me… PBC?

  73. Happy birthday Leon!!! WELCOME tO YOUR FORTIES!!!!

    I got my nails did just for the occasion .

  74. It’s the new grilling cult they’ve joined Paulitics.

  75. Pit Barrel Cooker or something.

  76. Well, I grill almost every night during the summer but I haven’t heard that one before.

  77. Pffft. Grill every night during the SUMMER?


  78. Ann Krasner lacks a certain intensity that I like to bring to the wire poats.

    She’s got a style though, and a good sense of subject. It doesn’t yell at me though.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  79. Happy birthday, Leon!

  80. *yells at Leon*


  81. Here you go Paulitics:

    Come, join the family…

  82. Ok. You can’t make this shit up. Warren Beatty and Annette Bennings firstborn – FEMALE – identifies as a gay man.

    Honest-to-god. Some people are just determined to be out there.

  83. 2016 person of the year.

  84. I want to be a man trapped in the body of an 18-year-old cheerleader.

  85. Warren Beatty and Annette Bennings firstborn – FEMALE – identifies as a gay man.

    Old news unless she decided to go all in after all. Supposedly she was dating a dude and liked dressing a little feminine from time to time.

    If that were my kid, she’d be in some serious therapy.

  86. Just lost one of our guards for the season. Guess I won’t be needing Final Four tickets after all.

  87. Quit yer bitchin and grow some stones. We’ve lost our starting center, starting left guard, #1 cornerback, #1 safety both ILBs, and three tight ends. And we’re still fighting for the division championship in spite of that and the fact that Jay Gruden is our coach.

  88. *am so ready already to debrief and cocktail*

  89. HBD Leon!!!

  90. USS 0bama

  91. USS Your Mom

  92. My laryngitis was so bad today, I had 0 volume. Zip. Nada. No one even called me “Squeeky”. I’m in the process of hacking up a lung RIGHT NOW!!!

  93. “USS Your Mom”

    naa – she’s always full speed ahead at sea

  94. lungs are over rated –

    turtles know shit –

    rectal breathing

  95. For the first time in over 10 yrs I find myself ‘on call’ at the airline. Normally it’s not that onerous. You have 13 hrs from when they call you until departure…unless they convert you to ‘short call’, which means you have 3.5 hrs from phone call to departure.

    They just converted me to short call starting at 0700. I’m trying something new this time. Found a hotel 1.5 hrs from my house and 2.5 hrs from O’Hare (Lincoln, IL). Going to head up there tonight and sit out my 10 hr short call window.

    Yep, this airline gig is all hot stew’s and 5 star hotels!

  96. What about hookers and blow, phat?

  97. Beasn – yes it’s old news. But new to me!

  98. There is a girl in my homeschooling group who I think is gonna be a guy. She told people online to call her by a boy’s name but when school started she was still a girl. She hasn’t been to school for the last two weeks so I’m thinking the mom is losing the battle.

  99. I’m reading Theodore Dalrymple’s “The Wilder shores of Marx” from 91. It’s pretty interesting.

  100. Sam Walton was notorious for strong arming vendors. Sam’s has been leaning on vendors hard lately. Making them assume a little more risk in this sucky economy. We’ve kicked brands out of The Club. Took 2 years to get J&J q-tips back in the Club. Looks like we’ll be bullying vendors into getting a little diversity.

  101. He’s in North Korea right now. Describing the farce of them filling the stores with pretend shoppers. Shit they could make a movie about this.

  102. so our borrowed companion horse can get a visit from her ferrier

    farrier /leon

    This brought back a memory — we just called ours the blacksmith. He made the horseshoes out of bars of iron rather than using pre-made ones and was SO cranky and cantankerous. But it was fascinating to watch him work, as long as we kept at a safe distance.

    BTW, my horse cost $325. Didn’t want to give the impression of being Buffy living on the Mainline with a dressage hobby.

  103. My kid started his own farrier business while at college. It’s tough physically, but he’s doing well. He put shoes on 7 horses yesterday. Making good money for his age.

  104. Pendejo,

    Sadly, the movie ‘Flight’ was just a movie. No hookers and blow.

    Well…no blow. I do fly to South America and see some some Captains rent ‘companions’ for the evening.

    Also, have you seen the FA’s on our international flights? Yikes.

  105. Out for a bit. Dinner with the fam then a drive up to Lincoln, IL.

    Will check in from there.

  106. Lippy, my cousin, Aubrey, (Waves at Scott) is on the Equestrian Team at Auburn. I think they are currently ranked #1. (We were on a plane once with THE Ohio State University Poultry Judging Team. I’m not surprised by anything anymore)

  107. I fly international so little I have no idea what the FA’s look like. I flew Asro Mexico to cancun about 3 years ago. Their señoritas were mui hermosa.

  108. Evening.

  109. Good for your kid, Pepe! Speaking from memory, it’s tough work hoisting the hindquarters.

    Oso, the Poultry Judging Team? Isn’t life interesting? That’s why I like to travel — you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll see.

  110. Lippy, Ag schools have all kinds of weird stuff. Dan and I were laughing our asses off, making fun of Buckeyes, good times. NMSU has their own herd of cows. I may have started a fight in college with that tidbit.

  111. Jew, what does the H1N1 mean for the piggehs? Are there tests or do they all get killed?

  112. ^^^^^^?

  113. This is the kind of shit my (Bernie Sander’s loving ) mom puts up on facedouche.

  114. Meaning I second Osita’s question.

  115. H1N1 is just a seasonal flu for piggies like influenza for peoples. We monitor it because is does mutate and infect humans.

  116. Piggies with sniffles.

  117. And coughing up a lung. :(

  118. Technically, H1N1 is a variety of influenza A, but usually the animal variants don’t infect people so far as I know. Piggies and people have very similar immune systems, so swine flu is tracked. We use a lot of people medicines for the piggies like aspirin and penicillin.

  119. Thanks. I was worried. Hope you stay well.

  120. Comment by Lipstick on December 15, 2015 7:06 pm

    That’s why I like to travel — you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll see. what type of infectious disease you’ll pick up. /fixt.

  121. Tiara Tip: When you are coughing up a lung, your tiara may slip or fall off your melon head.

  122. Question for my California friends: My daughter is interviewing for a job in Fresno next week. On a scale of 1-10 how worried should I be for her safety? I really hope she doesn’t take the job, but she is enchanted with all that wine and shit up that way.

    Any advice would be appreciated in advance.

  123. Chatty guy on flight from Houston was a Steelers fan. His son is getting his Masters in St Louis. He was stationed at Kirtland AFB so he knew green chile. Least annoying chatty cathy EVER!!! (Dan and I play “Most Annoying Person On The Plane”. Winner this time was greasy mean guy in front of Dan. We noticed him treating his wife like shit while boarding. 2nd Runner Up was Amazon Chairforce chick that NEVER SHUT UP)

  124. When I lived in the Bay Area I went through Fresno a few times, it was mostly a shithole then, but that was ten years ago. There are probably nice places in Fresno, but all I saw were migrant Mexicans and beggars with cardboard signs. Sometimes they were the same person.

  125. So the trip went well?

  126. MJ, until I got sick it was awesome! Dan and I are immature. We H8 as a team. We are horrible people.

  127. Fresno is a terrible city.

    Bottom 10% in safety.

  128. USS Your Mom

    ’cause she’s always full of seamen.

  129. Thanks, Jewstin. My impression from following the news is that the San Joaquin area is suffering serious economic fallout from the drought conditions which leads me to suspect that lots of unemployed farm workers are likely migrating to the nearest major city. Possible shithole dump scenario.

  130. Thanks xbrad. Would it compare to Gary, Indiana?

  131. One time I had a dad and his young kid sit next me. Dad popped a Valium and passed out. Kid thrashed and whimpered and kicked me in the ribs until I picked him up by a leg, tucked him under my arm and let him get some sleep. That was a very long flight.

  132. I never blame kids. Always parents.

  133. I spent a weekend there, probably at a Motel 6, in 1987.

    It was a dump, but I needed a mattress and a shower between backpacking trips in Sequoia and Yosemite.

  134. Scott, sounds awesome. Dan has never been to NoCal or Yosemite. I may need to go along and bypass my Cali boycott

  135. Neighborhood Scout gives Fresno a score of 8 out of 100 for crime.

    Gary Indiana gets a score of 2.

  136. Fresno is a big city, getting bigger. There must be some nice areas but for the most part
    I think it’s still pretty rough.
    The Central Valley is a weird place with not a ton to recomend it.

  137. FYI Direct TV guy told me he’d never seen anyone working “Their little ass off” quite like me. I had no volume. Have no idea what he meant.

  138. Gary is kinda weird about violence. It’s 100% black on black. They leave white people alone ( the few that pass through the city) during the day. The only reason any white is in Gary after dark is to buy drugs. So they just rob them.

  139. Y’all are free to talk about Messicans amd gangbanging if you want to…

  140. Do it if you can. I went South to North, and spent all my time in the green parts of the map

    Yosemite is the most beautiful place in the lower 48.

    We took off with a bunch of backpacking and camping gear, and $1000 each. 7 week vacation.

    Petrified Forest
    Grand Canyon
    Sequoia National

    I hope to get to do that one more time.

  141. Me: Debate time!!! D: Loser.

  142. Oso, I live amongst the Rancheros y Vaqueros who have converted to roustabouts, roughnecks, and welders. They wear hardhats Monday through Friday, but they are in a pinche taco fold cowboy hat on Saturday night. I got no complaints.

  143. Scott, on our bucket list. At our age with an RV.

  144. PG, our messicans are simpatico

  145. That’s why I like to travel — you never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll see. what type of infectious disease you’ll pick up. /fixt.

    Well, I don’t recommend a bargain $3/day 5 week trip through Egypt. I’m still paying for that one.

    I never blame kids. Always parents.

    Oh I blame the kids too. Little crapweasels.

  146. After my last two final exams tomorrow, I might feel the need to celebrate. What should we do? Treat myself to some new possession (I really want a new pistol)? Go out to dinner? Your mom?

  147. Do they wear very pointy boots and giant belt buckles?

  148. If kids are assholes, I blame parents. We saw 3 squared away kids in one week of travel. WDW is still mo bettah than DL. No nannies.

  149. Jew, yes

  150. Lauraw, get a gun! A purse carry.

  151. Lots of cute hammerless 38s

  152. Debate time! Woot! Woot!

  153. Yay Laura, this time tomorrow you will be breathing easier and your muscles will be starting to relax. You’ll do great, I’m confident of that.

    Hmmm, what to do to celebrate? Whatever you damn well feel like! As long as it involves lots of wine.

  154. Lots of cute hammerless 38s

    S&W Airweight. Still has a kick.

    Ah, and here is the debate.

  155. Why is that boob Kashick (?) still in this?

  156. Lippy!! Yes. Fuck him

  157. Carly decided to suck muslim cock. Done. I will only vote for her if Hillery is the nominee

  158. Do it if you can. I went South to North, and spent all my time in the green parts of the map
    Yosemite is the most beautiful place in the lower 48.
    We took off with a bunch of backpacking and camping gear, and $1000 each. 7 week vacation.
    Petrified Forest
    Grand Canyon
    Sequoia National
    I hope to get to do that one more time.

    I went on a long trip through the Badlands, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon.

    Amazing time.

  159. Jewstin, yes on big buckles. Young bucks wear pointy boots, the older fellows are more into roper type boots.

    My younger daughter was in the homecoming court her senior year in HS. In fact my POL pic is cropped from a picture that was taken of me escorting her on the field prior to the game. I was the only non-messican daddy and I was also the only daddy not wearing a starched white long sleeve shirt, black wranglers, black boots and a black felt cowboy hat. I made a joke about missing the memo and they were all like, “what memo, pendejo? this is how we roll, ese.”

  160. Did anybody tell anybody else that they have such a nice face and they wished that they would cut that hair to keep it out of their eyes today?

  161. Not unless today is August, 1977.

  162. PG, used to be back in the day that retired naval officers at public events virtually always wore a blue blazer and grey slacks.

    Dad showed up to a parade in town once, and met up with half a dozen or so fellow retirees. All but one were in the blazer/slacks outfit. The one exception was a guy in a dark suit. Everybody looked at him, and he simply explained “I got to attend a friend’s funeral later.”

  163. PG snap not buttons?

  164. Carly lost me when she started sucking Muslim dick.

  165. Since it’s Art Day, here’s the final piece for my drawing class.

  166. CHUMPO –

    Mr Car In just told me he checks in every Tuesday for your art stuff. He loves it. He wants a piece by this artist right here.

    You are now his favorite hostage. Sorry everyone else.

  167. Nice, CoAl

  168. I am OK with that, since he tried to kill me.

  169. I’m a Cruzer. I ❤️ dr Ben. Trump makes me laugh

  170. Car in, does the “favorite hostage” include compared to you?

  171. Don’t ask him for directions Chumpo.

  172. Who tried to kill you Scott? What did I miss?

  173. I didn’t ask Co-Alex

  174. Oh right. I don’t think you followed his directions precisely scott.

  175. Hello Lincoln, IL!

    For a Hampton Inn off I-55, it’s very nice.

    Hopefully they won’t call me to fly in the am.

  176. Besides. You didn’t die. Man up.

  177. What do we get/receive/improve with Muslim immagrants?

    Technology? Culture? Love? Assimilation? Peace?

    Just curious.

  178. It wasn’t his fault.

  179. Phat! Any trips thru PHX soon?

    Also, sorry about your inbox, but there is a meat-up in Tempe again at the end of February.

  180. Pretty sure I nailed a ME chick. I think she was Persian.

  181. She had hair on the small of her back.

  182. Cyn,

    The new airplane (757/767) does not fly to PHX, at least not out of Chicago. I saw the dates for TITS2 and we’ll see if it works out. Obviously flights are not a problem, but I won’t get my Feb flying schedule until late Jan. I can work out my own hotel if it comes down to the last minute, not a problem.

    The wife is cool with me going, just depends on my schedule. Hope it works out, the last one was a blast.

  183. LOL. I’m just joshing Scott.

  184. *Savannah ANG Base: A group of pilots walk out of the hanger towards their planes. Suddenly, a 757 pulls to a screeching halt. Phat leans out a window and points at Chad.*

    Phat: “Get your ass in here. We’re heading for Phoenix!*

  185. Ha! Yes, Chad should definitely be at TITS2!

  186. Yes, I’m not watching the debate on purpose.

    Didn’t Santorum win IA and Gringrich win SC.? Still silly season.

  187. Comment by MJ on December 15, 2015 10:09 pm

    She had hair on the small of her back.

    Comment by scott on December 15, 2015 10:06 pm

    It wasn’t his fault.

    Unintentional juxtaposition for the fucking win. Again.

  188. Cyn, the scary thing is that I know how to contact him (via a bud in his Guard unit).

    Please don’t make me. We can always find a new ‘Chad’.

  189. Well then you’d better get here to help us find a new Chad. Just steer that plane on over thisaway.

  190. Ok, this is making me laugh

  191. Oh gosh, I skipped ahead here so have missed comments, but is anyone else being driven batshit crazy by the CONSTANT coughing, sniffling and snorting at the debate?

    I can’t figure out who it is — it sounds like a woman but it happened while Carly was speaking so it can’t be her, I don’t think. It must be one of the moderators. I’m going to have nightmares and wake up with the flu.

  192. Hahaha, Jeb! totally flubbed his ending statement.

    A gentleman’s C is too good for that disaster.

  193. Watched the “Debate”.
    We are so totally fucked…

  194. No we’re not. Unless Hillary wins.

  195. Trump: What really do we know about him except for what he says?

  196. I’m a super derp, sure shot, yeah
    I’m a national breakout
    So let me check your play list, mama
    Huh, c’mon let’s make out

  197. According to CNN, Bush, Rubio, and Cruz were the big winners last night.

    That’s hilarious.

  198. I briefly dated a ME chick as well. Pharmacist at the hospital where I did my residency. It ended abruptly when she gave me a case of stinkfinger I thought would be terminal.

  199. I’ll bite.

    What’s stink finger?


  201. ww

  202. My SS gift arrived last night. I thought for a minute I’d been pranked. Doorbell rang and by the time I got to it no one was there. I caught a glimpse of the delivery truck headed down the street as I was turning to go back in the house. Looked down on the porch and found $20. Wait…….looked down and found a brown paper envelope.

  203. $20 is over the limit, so you found $10.

    Feeling ripped off today?

  204. Stink finger?

    Have you ever left a container of clam dip in the back of the fridge for way too long? And then mistakenly spread it on an old taco for lunch? Then people look at you funny after you shake their hands at work for a while?

    Sort of like how your hand smells after that meal.

  205. So…….similar to your mom, right?

  206. Stink finger?
    Have you ever left a container of clam dip in the back of the fridge for way too long? And then mistakenly spread it on an old taco for lunch? Then people look at you funny after you shake their hands at work for a while?
    Sort of like how your hand smells after that meal.

    That sounds gross, although as a medical professional I hope you are acquainted with washing your hands.

    Was it THAT powerful?

  207. Oh, and Jeb Bush can suck every dick on the planet. Especially the stinky ones in the ME that he loves so much.

    Chupa la verga, el gordito.

  208. Yeah, I can’t imagine a stinkfinger conversation at the H2 going horribly wrong.

  209. When’s Hotspur coming in to put up HHD?

  210. The debate pissed me off. The crowd was clearly for Bush and Rubio. Between that and the coughing I wanted to scream.

    I am done with the establishment. I’ll vote for Cruz, Trump. Carson, or Fiorina, that is it. Screw Rubio.

  211. Bush is dead to me. When he used the, ‘how are you going to stick up to Putin when you can’t handle the questions from CNN, Mr Trump?’ I wanted to throw my juice box at the TV.

  212. Bush’s TV commercials are really pandering, too. Do not like.

    I watched 0 debate last night. Gran Torino was on.

  213. Here is a short documentary about the Jeb! campaign.

  214. I’m already tired of political bs. There will be no meaningful change. Even if someone gets elected who wants to make substantive changes, he/she will be blocked at every turn by the establishment powers. At best you can get 4 years of stagnation. #mr.sunshine

    It’s 8 degrees and breezy here right now. I may be a little cranky.

  215. Our cold is setting in today. Down from the 50’s to the 30’s. 20’s tomorrow.

  216. Sun finally came up and the temp shot up to 14. Fortunately my son is home from college so he gets to break ice.

  217. Someone hit my son on the highway this morning . Sideswiped him. Well it has been 6 weeks or so since the last time some one ran into him….

  218. Has he considered a career as an Uber driver?

  219. You seriously need one of those dashboard video cameras Carin.

  220. When’s Hotspur coming in to put up HHD?

    I was busy playing stink finger with your mom.

  221. Post of Newness:

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