Bawls of Wire

Romanian twins Gert and Uwe Tobias.

b. 1973

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I don’t love you, you don’t love me.

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Uh huh.

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Twins are weird.

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  1. lysergic wire –


  3. wakey wakey

  4. Christmas music for Leon.

  5. I know Pentatonix can drive some people nuts – but that is a remarkably beautiful song.

  6. Leon – I bought some whole non-homo milk yesterday from Crooked creek farms. It’s delish.

  7. I heard a Christmas song on the radio Sunday night on my way home from work, and it didn’t absolutely suck. You know how I hate, hate, hate, Bon Jovi? It was him. It was fucking Jon Bon Jovi.

    I guess it’s been out there since forever, but because I avoid Christmas music I had never heard that tune before. It was actually enjoyable.

    Dammit. But screw that guy, still, really.

  8. OK, got to get to class. Stim you later.

  9. I haven’t knowingly heard Pentatonix and I’m not clicking on that video. Hell, I just figured out they were some kind of music group from Oso’s comments.

    *nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah*

  10. hater

  11. I liked Mr Chumpo’s art show…

  12. This made me laugh in Walmart the other day as I shopped in the sporting goods department:

  13. Did Picasso drop a tab of acid?

  14. My taste in art leans away from abstract.

    Fav Xmas Song….. Montgomery Gentry, Merry Christmas from the Family.

    The radio in my beater “work car” only gets one channel, and its the oldie channel, they switched to all Christmas, all the time. I will be driving to work in silence until after New Years….

  15. *puts on Grandma got run over by a reindeer

    *runs from pupster

  16. Don’t know if I can find the brand down here, Carin. We have one independent grocer and it’s only maybe 2 steps removed from being a liqour store.

  17. Its out of Romeo. There is a dairy near our store … they’re good too. They’re the ones who still home deliver. Their egg nog is to DIE FOR. They sell ice cream in the summer.

  18. It’s an IGA chain that sells crooked creek by me.

  19. I see where a broke dick dog did a drive by poat last night.

  20. This is the kind of art I glance at briefly when I’m spending a day at a museum. I ain’t deep enough to spend any time with it. Also, my navel may well be dirty. I don’t know for sure.

  21. Man, that sure was a Fagfest last night. Why wasn’t MJ there?

  22. Maybe you forgot to schedule him to join you.

  23. Fake Kenny Rogers reminds me of Rosetta.

  24. Fake Kenny Rogers is one of the funniest things of all time.

  25. Amen, Scott.

  26. I can’t link it on this devise but fake Kenny Rogers reality show is hilarious (9 min long). And is Rosetta.

  27. *performs atomic wedgie on Cyn*

  28. And of course, fake Kenny Rogers jackass makes me wet my pants.

  29. What’s this fake KR shit? is it on twitchnutz or sumpn?

  30. If there’s something funny on tittyweb jenkins and yall are not telling me there will be repercussions.

    **grabs crotch sneeringly**

  31. Kenny Rogers Jackass

  32. I gott go picken up zeetananbaum.

  33. Regarding Trump’s latest remarks and everybody having the vapors over it….where in the Constitution does it say non-citizens have Constitutional rights to come here?

  34. Kilmeade had on Elizabeth Hasselbeck. She kept saying not allowing muslims in was unconstitutional.

  35. And not one of these dingdongs will pick up a quran to find out what it tells their followers to do — or open up a history book.

  36. It’s unconstitutional for the president to do it.

    Congress has to do the banning.

  37. They’re standing up against Trump in Dearborn.

  38. I bet they’re not standing up against jihad in Dearborn.

  39. Scott, but a president can discuss it and work something out with congress.
    “Hey, let’s put a hold on immigration until we can get our screening process in working order. Our citizens shouldn’t die because we let in an already married couple under a fiance visa, who went that route so as not to set off red flags under the married spouse visa. (it’s called a C something something).

  40. Scary true-ish

  41. C diff.

    You do not want to hear about the remedy.

  42. That guy needs to go back to bows and suction cup arrows.
    look at where that barrel is pointed.

  43. now we know how he became chief.

  44. That’s what we’ve been dealing with, chumpo. The Mrs. has been down for a month.

  45. (it’s called a C something something).

    Cockholster In Chief

  46. How’s she doing, Jay? Did she actually test positive for C. diff but has now tested negative, or could they have gotten that diagnosis wrong?

  47. Yeah, Jay.

    My mother in law had it. We had to move in with her for a bit.

    All Prayers.

  48. Tested positive, then positive again before vacation (she had to stay home), then negative after 2 rounds of antibiotics. Then she kept feeling sick, and still does. A little better this week, but I think she needs to see a specialist.

    Transplant won’t work if c diff is negative, I would suppose.

  49. In other news, it appears that I am so full of healthy crap that c diff didn’t take hold. Evidently it’s pretty contagious. We’ve been cleaning machines for a while now. It paid off.

  50. Also, there’s an unmarked package at home that smells really bad. think I should open it?

  51. Ugh, with all that antibiotic, the pH in her gut, and maybe her whole system, is messed up. Poor dear. I hope they tested her for candida; that made me wildly ill a few years ago and took me months to recover.

  52. Naw, wait ’til Christmas.

  53. I think TiFW mentioned that too. I’ll have to remind her about that.

  54. candida is a bitch.

  55. Giardia is the one TiFW mentioned. You can probably rule that out if she hasn’t been drinking out of streams.

  56. I love it when Ace spray paints a can of whupass on some lib freak.

  57. I hope Candida doesn’t come across the border with her whole family.

  58. *spits brackish stream water out of mouth onto monitor*


  59. Sean King certainly has some sort of mental illness.

  60. I know a girl from Ensenada named Candida.

    Candida Girrahdia Eppeglotes Inflamacion

    It means something beautiful in their language.

  61. Have you met her triplet sisters Gonorrhea and Syphilis?


  62. Sean King = Pallid Pundit.

    Thanks Ace. That’s a keeper.

  63. did you smoke the meat before you made gyros? or did you smoke the gyros?

    I am fascinated

  64. I smoked the meat. Then cut it up and fried it, served on a homemade pita.

    I might have enjoyed it immensely.

    It has a smoke ring.

  65. How do you get c diff? I’d never heard of it before reading about it here (much like the sexual perversion Rosetta links..oh, and all of MJ’s bullshit).

  66. Good Lord

  67. Same way you get most stomach bugs.

  68. * washes hands *

  69. Flood torpedo tube one.


    SS gift, away!

    Somebody is in big trouble.

  70. Well, it could have been from traveling to third world countries, food, water, antibiotic use, only eating PBS smoked meats, etc..


  72. *subscribes to Mare’s Sensible & PBC-free Clean Living Almanac*

  73. Yeah, I was wondering how one got cdiff outside of a hospital or nursing home setting. Friend of ours mother came down with it while in the hospital after routine surgery and antibiotics. Couldn’t shake it and died. (she was in her 80s)

  74. Lots of people get c.diff in the hospital. It’s a hard to kill, easy to spread bug. That’s where dad got it, and ultimately it had a big influence on cancer killing him. He couldn’t take chemo when he was sick with c.diff.

  75. What is this PBS smoker you speak of? Is it new?

  76. Sounds like c diff is a Russian whore!!

  77. Adios Amoebas

  78. Uh oh, looks like Chumpo split!

  79. Hahahahaha…..chumpo is el funnio.

  80. Comment by Mr Chumpo on December 8, 2015 2:48 pm

    I know a girl from Ensenada named Candida.

    Candida Girrahdia Eppeglotes Inflamacion

    You forgot Maria. They all have Maria in there somewhere.

  81. Comment by Jay in Ames on December 8, 2015 3:19 pm

    What is this PBS smoker you speak of? Is it new?

    The PBS smoker continually hits you up for more charcoal, but does offer you a lovely tote-bag.

  82. Home Depot sells a cover for bullet shaped grills for $7.95.

    It fits PBS perfectly.

  83. Got one off Amazon.

  84. I set it up today. Very impressed with the construction.

    We are getting our Christmas pork bellies tomorrow. This year they are attached to ribs, so I’ll have to dispose of a bunch of ribs soon.

  85. Hmm, that sounds like a welcome addition to a pork belly.

    Ribs on the PBC are really good, better than I’ve had on the grill, or the side firebox. I think it’s the hanging, and the smoke from the fat dripping off.

  86. I have never done ribs as I tend to avoid messy foods.

    I am going to work on that.

  87. My dad got mersa from the hospital. All bad things come from those places.

  88. L – R H2 – IB

  89. Ribs on the pbc aren’t messy, because you don’t need bbq sauce.

  90. I have eaten ribs once in my life.
    Wiser made them.

  91. he used that mustard sauce, right? That would be a nice addition.

  92. It was probably an Amazing Rib recipe, they were delicious.

  93. Shame he won’t see this, since he has a recipe filter like your Jenner Khardashian one.

  94. Giardia gives you Beaver Fever and this is how you get it:

  95. Scary picture of Giardia living in the small intestine (of a gerbil, not human):

  96. Im still trying to figure out how someone can reach adulthood and have only eaten ribs once….is it geographic? You one of dem der yankee boys? Did yer momma abandon you as a child? Some kinda hippy shit going on in yer family where they didnt eat meat or sumpthin?

  97. Giardia? Yeah he was a fine mayor…they named a airport after him and everything. Question is, how did he end up in the intestine of a small rodent…. never mind, I dont want to know.. prolly some of that der New York city freaky shit happening

  98. Sup fruitcakes?

  99. “Sup fruitcakes?”

    says the gay Muppet –

    -Carroll, L 1904

  100. Everybody already has *some* c. diff in their bellies. It’s just part of our natural ecosystem of intestinal flora. C. diff infection is usually a direct consequence of antibiotic therapy.

    Works like this: you’re on antibiotics for some other condition, and unfortunately, the antibiotic you’re taking kills off all the other flora in your gut EXCEPT for the c. diff. Without the pressure of competition, the c. diff takes over/ runs amok.

    Imagine it this way: Lena Dunham is politely waiting on line in a crowded donut shop. Her natural inclinations are suppressed by the fact that other people are buying up the donuts, and that she is physically hemmed in by others and cannot escape to go crazy-buck-wild on the donut case, as is her wont.

    Then suddenly, the donut shop staff and all the other customers disappear…

  101. I think this is the same cut of pork they sell, that we are going to buy for making Christmas baconses and spare ribs tomorrow:

    I need to get one of those cut-proof gloves!! Gonna see if the restaurant place sells them. It would be nice not to hurt myself all the time.

  102. I didn’t have ribs until my late 20’s, around the time Chili’s started that “I want my baby back baby back ribs” commercial. The first time I had real barbecue was in 1993 (again, late 20’s) when one of my girlfriend’s sister took a job in South Carolina. Her partners threw her a welcome party with some awesome food. I’d say real barbecue places, with a few scattered exceptions, haven’t been a big deal in the northeast until the last 10-15 years.

  103. I really hope she doesn’t get any donuts at the end of this story.

    No donut! Bad fatty!

  104. Today’s IB moment

  105. Watching a skilled butcher can be mesmerizing.

  106. Watching a skilled butcher can be mesmerizing.

    Especially if the hooker is still alive at the start.


    Granted, it’s been many years since my dick made all the decisions, but why would a conservative waste time on a hussy like this.

  108. Also mesmerizing: nsfw

  109. Granted, it’s been many years since my dick made all the decisions, but why would a conservative waste time on a hussy like this.

    I’ll repeat what I said on Insty:

    Inside every hetersexual “feminist” is a woman who desperately wants to dress up like June Cleaver, and have her hair pulled while getting fucked on the dining room table.

    Also, apparently the only thing that they have in common is a love of old movies and the sex is good. Hell of a foundation for marriage.

  110. Hotspur, you may find this interesting

  111. Also, he’s likely not a conservative, but a libertarian.

  112. Wow. They get about $350 for a cutting board.

    I’m out.

  113. I bought a wooden cutting board at a craft fair in VT about 20 years ago for $40 which I thought as outrageous at the time. The guy said I’d need to put some kind of oil on it to keep it from warping.

    I didn’t. It did.

  114. I hope ChrisP lives on a hill.
    Floods looked really bad.

  115. IIRC, when I made a wooden cutting board in shop class, I used peanut oil.

  116. Scott,
    We do, and it is. Between Sunday and Wednesday we will get 5″-11″ (depending on where you are) of rain west of the Cascade Mountains…

  117. I think it was peanut oil. At that stage in my life my knowledge of cooking oils was pretty limited. And the amount of cooking I did was minimal. Pretty much ate 2 meals a day in the hospital and either got a sandwich or ate leftovers from a trip home to see the folks. My younger brother lived with me for a few years during my residency and he cooked often.

  118. She was in college in the late 90’s – that puts her less than ten years younger than me. 38. Still not married. do the maths.

  119. I never get sick on vacation. Ever! I’m dying. Fever, earache, lunger, and achy. Kill me nao

  120. Even the tiara doesn’t work!!!

  121. Dave Brubeck?

    Somebody has hacked Car in’s computer.

  122. Gah. Sorry Oso.

    Get drunk before you get on the plane.

  123. Last Meal Ribs from the amazing ribs guy are absolutely the best.

  124. Scott, I KNOW!!!! One thing about drinking at altitude is getting my $$$ worth at sea level. I’m soothing my throat with honey liquor RIGHT NOW!!

  125. Flying when sick can really suck. Hopefully you have a direct flight.

  126. Victor David Hansen asks the right question (which many of us have asked); Why do they want to come here?

    Muslims who follow the Quran cannot abide the freedoms that we have here. PERIOD. Also, since Islam is a political system, they need their own courts and other bullahit. My point, you come here to change us, not your own lifestyle.

    Ergo, eff you. Stay home.

  127. Also, sorry about your sickness Oso, but I encourage and approve of your methods for dealing with it.

  128. I love ribs. Dan and I play “Most Annoying Person on the Plane”. D and I both felt sorry for the old lady in front of us. Her husband was such a nasty little man. She looked so sad. Ruined our game. Flight before, annoying old woman was the bane of the flight crew. Female flight attendant told flamboyant flight attendant “Your girlfriend is continuing through”. Gay dude started singing Cee Lo.

  129. Even the tiara doesn’t work!!!
    Shoulda got the $70 one, just sayin’

  130. I was so worried about my ears. Decongestant, chewing gum, jaw olympics, etc. I ws even ready for a candle treatment. Rolled newspaper. Curandera.

  131. I saw Brubeck & co. do that at Bushnell park in Hartford. Also Blue Rondo ala Turk, and others. Fricking awesome live, in the open air. He is missed.

  132. Did anybody realize that they could no longer entirely blame their many, many, many private failures on the fact that anybody else had replaced everyone they had ever known with robot doubles today?

  133. It was sold!!!! SiL asked Dan for an ornament. We saw it Friday. Oops! Gone. I was looking for two pins: Stitch as Yoda. Duck Maul. 100% sold out. I have issues with crowds. Supposed to be low traffic. Had a few panic attacks. Cops everywhere. Mega Catholic Church near Orlando had 4 state cop cars.

  134. Candlelight Procession at WDW is pretty cool. Symphony+Choir= awesome. I could’ve done without the Kwanza and the Shicksa routine at the American pavilion.

  135. I said no donut!

  136. she’s getting the donut *forces MJ to watch*


  138. Arribas bros are it!!! New princess tiaras have the cameos. Cameos creep me out. Girl was wearing a tiara last night. Dan thought I should challenge her. There is no tiara fight club.

  139. *rubs sprinkles into eyes

    *rubs jimmies into eyes–for the NE cabal

  140. What makes you think she eats donuts?

  141. There should be a tiara fight club.

  142. We had MAs donut in the car. Spa won’t allow toys or blankies. She’s exhausted. Spent more time with counselors than other dogs.

  143. I already broke the first rule of Tiara Fight Club.

  144. The Bookworm poat about happiness and the TED talk video embedded therein was really good, from last nights ONT at Aces.

    Also, my life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

    I sent my Secrete Santa gift today, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.

    I don’t mean to push the action too much, but I need to make some plans for TITS2 and was wondering how that was going, Ms. Tiger lady.

  145. If it’s your first night at Tiara Fight Club, you have to pirouette and get your ass kicked.


  147. Hate the doughnut and the fatty.

  148. From the research I have done, it’s easy to get your ass kicked.

  149. I just sent my SS gift.

    It’s a fish stick donut.

  150. Yep.

  151. Oh yeah, my gift went out today too. Most likely nonperishable.

  152. Secret Santa gift shipped from that big store run by the one-boobed archeress.

  153. I have to get up at 5 to study.

  154. Pups, that last gif may be the best gif since your last gif.


  156. Haw!!! Love the Bubba alarm

  157. Also, scott made a poat:

    I’m calling an exorcist.

  158. Heh.

    Trouble brewing.

    Thanks Mare, I knew you’d like a gif of three young cowboys trying to corral a chubby horsie.

  159. I’m calling an exorcist.

    When there’re demons about, nobody calls Presbyterians or Methodists. Just sayin’.

    Also, this ain’t demons.

  160. Amazon recommended this to me. I’m tempted.

  161. It’s a fish stick donut.

    HATE the donut!

  162. In reference to Scott’s comment above, here’s the recipe for the ribs I fed him.

    I have two racks of baby back ribs in the freezer right now. Will be buying more as the budget allows. The I will start collecting the ingredients for the sauce.

    Then there will be much rejoicing at Casa de Wiser

  163. Forgot about the CTBRC.

  164. The voices in my head told me not to do Secret Satan this year, way too soon to harvest another hooker, and shipping all the pieces gets expensive.

  165. Wiser, the sauce is so much more expensive than the meat. The booze alone…I mean, by the time you’re finished cooking. You’re just, absolutely sauced.


  167. >>>>Wiser, the sauce is so much more expensive than the meat. The booze alone…I mean, by the time you’re finished cooking. You’re just, absolutely sauced.

    But omg it’s so goooooood…..

  168. yah

  169. Don’t want to brag here, but I honestly think I sent the greatest SS gift of all time this year. I may have slightly exceeded the limit, but it was totally worth it.

  170. Mine will just cause head scratching.

  171. >>>>Mine will just cause head scratching.

    Oh, I’m sure mine will as well, but I’m thinking long-term fun here.

  172. Don’t want to brag here, but I honestly think I sent the greatest SS gift of all time this year.

    I got you beat.

  173. I give myself a gentleman’s C

  174. I got you beat.

    we’l see……

    meanwhile, I leave my mancave to go up and wish wiserbride a good night’s sleep. I find she and wiserdaughter watching the Victoria Secrets fashion show.

    OH COOL! Victoria Secrets models…. this is gonna be awes… wait…..

    who’s that singing?

    “The Weekend.”

    Who? Actually, never mind… he sucks and I don’t care… VS MODELS!!!

    wait.. did I just see a Kardashian in the audience? And why the fuck do they keep cutting away from the models and showing the audience reactions of this lousy singer?

    Are you fucking kidding me? Who is the target audience of this show, People Magazine subscribers and gay guys?

    “g’night, honey. Heading back to my man cave.”

  175. Mine will just cause head scratching.

    Somebody’s getting a stocking cap full of lice.

  176. I got you all beat.

  177. From the ONT:

    I blame GTA

  178. I got you all beat.


  179. There is no tiara fight club.

    Ever seen two strippers when you throw a hundred on stage?


  181. I think I have officially lost hope in the future of the human race:

  182. I’m pretty sure Cyn could take on two strippers at once and win.

  183. I thought that this Nebraska kid had a pretty good viewpoint:

    As far as Wiserbuds link:
    The sun came out for half an hour on the eighteenth of July./
    Children cried and ran to hide from the bright thing in the sky./
    It did not rain on Labor Day – I heard it on the news!/
    The beaches were deserted, but the tanning salons were full…so,
    Don’t come to Seattle, the sun don’t shine up here/
    Well, it comes out accidentally maybe once or twice a year/
    It rains so long the moss grows on the southern side of trees/
    And your bathing suit gets moldy in the in the clammy ocean breeze

  184. True dat.

  185. Puppeh–I’ll see about getting the hotel dialed in by end of the week.

  186. I’ll have a couple of logos as well.

  187. Watching “WaterWorld.”

    Not the greatest flick, but stupid fun.


    Costner throws young girl into water. Smoking hawt Jeanne Tripplehorn yells “She can’t swim!” and smacks Costner.

    Ummmmmmmmm……. It’s a world covered by water…… that she was born into…… and she can’t swim??

    Seems like that would be a critical survival technique that a child like her would learn before she learned to walk.

  188. I’m not saying this poat is dead…….but if it was a carton of milk I’d throw it out.

  189. And wiserbud shows up with a defibrillator and some popcorn.

  190. Cans of Smeat on bad guys’ ship…..

    What would Smeat be made out of?

  191. >>>>And wiserbud shows up with a defibrillator and some popcorn.


  192. Had to take a number of generations of living on the WaterWorld for Costner to evolve gills…..

    But others are excited by the appearance of……


    Like it’s something they recently lost

  193. That’s some shootout in Seattle. I have a friend in that neighborhood.



  195. I thought they had strict gun control laws in Seattle. WTF?

  196. where does they get the tobacco…. Or even the paper…. to make the bad guy’s cigarettes… or the paper for his matches even?

  197. Even bigger waste of that rare paper?

    The cigarette pack

  198. You think these precious cigarettes, made of rare plant matter and even more rare paper?


    Even the lowest peon has access to what should be one of the most difficult products to create on a world covered by water…

  199. And bullets… So many waterproof bullets to spare…

  200. ExconValdez

    Such witty commentary….

  201. Honestly, if Jeanne Tripplehorn was not in this movie, there would be absolutely no reason to watch it.

  202. So much dumb in one movie….

  203. Pants I wear so well
    Cross your T’s derp smells
    Worse than your lyin’
    Caught my dad cryin’

  204. Two exams today. Managed not to accidentally wake scott until around 6:00. Best I could do, Bubba had to go out.

    Have a great day, guys. We might have pics of Scott’s first-ever batch of ribs this evening. Hopefully.

  205. Good luck on the exams

    “May the odds ever be in your favor” or whatever the Hunger Games lady says

  206. OY!!

  207. wakey wakey everyone

  208. Exam days suck.

  209. This aint no party…. this aint no disco….. this aint no foolin arouuund.. bu duh dam dum du dah…

    freaking ear bug in me head…..

  210. At least it’s a good one.

  211. You’re gonna love your ribs.

    What rub are you gonna use? The one that comes with the PBC is pretty good.

  212. It looked good. Real ingredients and no MSG.
    I’ll try that.

    mmm pork loins $1.29 / lb

  213. I lived through 4 years of that crap with Paula. She worked her ass off and did well on her exams and assessments by her clinical instructors but she was on high alert ALL THE FARGING TIME. It took her a while to get back to her usual level of anxiety. .

  214. I moved my PBC in the outbuilding because I thought we’d be covered with snow by now. I may need to rethink that. Not this weekend since I’m on call but maybe outdoor smoked ribs for Christmas!

  215. Why not indoor?

  216. I don’t understand the early morning cramming. I could never do that.

  217. Cram it Jay!

  218. I can’t read that, it’s too smoky in here.

  219. I don’t understand the early morning cramming. I could never do that.

    I figured if I didn’t know it by then, I wasn’t going to. That’s why my job sucks.

  220. I used to do that in the first couple of years of med school Scott. At a certain point you know you’re just spinning your wheels with the late night study session so you have a beer and a snack, go to bed, wake up early and run through the notes one last time. The difference then was my roommates were all awake doing the same thing and we had no animals.

  221. Did something die in here?

  222. We’ve been meaning to talk to you about “old people smell” HS.

  223. Temps in the upper 50’s this weekend.

  224. I’ll wake up early to study or finish homework. In fact I’m doing it right now.

  225. Looks like my forced vacation comes to a screeching halt on Saturday.
    I’ve been slacking for 8 weeks.

  226. Well, where the hell is Roamie with the usual parade of shave chested fagz?

  227. Comment by scott on December 9, 2015 10:30 am

    Looks like my forced vacation comes to a screeching halt on Saturday.
    I’ve been slacking for 8 weeks.

    Behold the power of the PBC

  228. One of us, one of us.

  229. I went to Meathead’s grill rating page, holy crap, it would take weeks to read all of that.

    He says the ceramic egg type cookers are the best thing on the market for baking and pizzas.

    Meathead has pizza recipes and he has one for Pepe’s clam pizza!

    That always gets rated as one of the best in the nation.

  230. New Poat is cooking… brb…

  231. BAM!

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