Request for Photos

For the Christmas Day Poatsy, I would like to include photos of everyone’s tree this year. I don’t want you in the photo, just the tree. Close-ups or full-tree-shots, I want them.

Please email your JPG to TheH2SecretSanta@gmail.combover.



  1. Greatest Poat Evar

  2. We aren’t doing a tree. Not even doing an Advent wreath this year.

  3. Wiserradio!

  4. Every time Facedouche puts something about Obama in “Trending”, I mark it as offensive and inappropriate.

  5. Pic sent. Bacon ornament right in front.

  6. We debated not doing a tree because of Rowan who is a canine adolescent pain in the ass who still enjoys chewing things he shouldn’t. The kids won and we put the tree up last weekend. We’ve already lost a few ornaments that were used as chew toys.

  7. Where do we submit Christmas bush pictures?

  8. Really…really. We’re ignoring Cyn’s Cox comment on the last thread?

  9. FL/BAMA MSU/IOWA USC/Stanturd Baylor/TX on now

  10. IKR, Oso.

  11. Baylor losing to TX, and the officials are calling everything against TX just to make it even. SMH.

  12. I was kinda hoping Cyn would service my Cox.

  13. Pepe, it is getting really old.

  14. Totes forgot Clemson/North Carolina. ACC doesn’t register with me and the foosball

  15. Well its nice to know that Cyn is satisfied with cox. Its always nice to hear that people are happy.

  16. No tree here, as I don’t want it in the digestive tract of a 22 pound creature.

  17. How is he?

  18. Good job, wiser and MJ

  19. We’re going with the CB tree again.

  20. They saw his stomach was full, but couldn’t tell what it was. Kept him overnight on an IV, and it disappeared, so it was something he ate. Amazing thing, doggie stomachs.

  21. I still think Elliot is part doxie.

  22. We’ve only had tabletop trees, since Gingy was a puppy. She was crazy and a cat/dog. We could probably go back to our full size trees, but our hearts aren’t in it this year. Not even the 4″ tabletop. CB for sure.

  23. Putting the tree up later today. If I don’t lose my temper and burn the house down, I’ll take a pic.

  24. “I have always been really pleased with the service I get from Cox.”

    And not a single “your mom” joke either. Fuck.

  25. ^^^^^

  26. I am a consumer. Last time we were here, Disney had rolled out the wristband dealio. Tickets, room key, fast pass, etc tied to your wrist. You can even charge if you tie a credit card. Let’s just say Dan is a party pooper. This visit, there are wristband figures you can buy to accessorize your wristband!!!! I was like O M G! Dan:AYFKM? How did you not see this coming? No! Me: STITCH!!! Dan: Wristband accessories or tiara? Fin

  27. I have never had a churro.

  28. Disney peeps are all: I love your tee. Dan and I caught on quick and started giving the “Heh”. Then we started getting the follow up and the Q&A.

  29. I gave Dan the hot potato stix and told him to get them away from me…he did. 💩

  30. Oso, what’s your T-shirt?

  31. I had a Wicket tee. A Stitch tee. Dan wore his 1928 Mickey tee. Dan wore a Storm Trooper beach tee. We were like: Whatever. Cast members started to ask for purchase info. I even got comments on my Sam’s Club shirt.

  32. Hollywood Studios released a bunch of Force oriented gear and shows. Star Tours was the best ever. Nerd magnet.

  33. I have problems with crowds. This is supposed to be low crowd time at Disney. Not. Dan usually uses his height to create a safe zone for me. Latinx know no boundaries. It got ugly. Couldn’t breathe. First time and last time.

  34. She’s asleep for the first time since 6am. I get to relax in an hour or so when the wife gets here.

  35. Aww…❤️ The lil possum

  36. Well that lasted ten minutes.

  37. Put her in the swing with a binky. Magic Time!

  38. I mean, it works for me anyway.

  39. Put her in the swing with a binky. Magic Time!

    She’s fully and completely over that for today. Cries every time I try it. Floor time with dangly things now. She’s going to sleep very hard tonight I think.

    I’m planning my cocktail menu. What goes good with exhaustion and a migraine? I’m thinking vodka martini.

  40. It’s what is in the shirt that matters.

  41. Hot toddies go nice with exhaustion.

  42. Vodka drip.

  43. Elliot is helping me fold clothes.

    And by helping, I mean dragging clean clothes across the room.

  44. Vodka in a sippy cup.

    I mean, it works for Cyn anyway.


  46. Welcome to the party pal…………..

  47. Mare when she was little

  48. Why is XBrad putting up a tree when he should be watching Bama play Florida?

  49. Shit, I was supposed to be working on a t-shirt quilt today and got sucked into an internets wormhole and here is it, three hours later. WTF?

  50. the girls bball team won their first regular season game –
    quite handily i might add

    we did well in the seeding tournament so i thought we might get smoked outta the gate on our first game…

    i had to scramble in the 3rd and 4th quarters on subs, in order to not run up the score and not discourage our type A’s –

    some of the kids noticed and axed ?’s

    i hope they don’t get big ‘ol giant hubris heads…

  51. Way to go JAM-Girls!

  52. H2 BBF Content:

  53. Why can’t you run up the score?

  54. beasn – i find it distasteful if it can be avoided.
    i’m not an “everyone gets a trophy” coach so don’t get me wrong, however,
    there’s a line in this league / age (as depending on the day) where the girls/players may not mentally show – my girls proved their point, we beat the opposition by double…

    we’ve had our asses handed to us in the past… it’s a good learning experience to lose, but after a certain point it’s embarrassing for both sides.

    we’ve also had teams lose their minds and go street ball on us – the hounds get released at that point

    for me, sportsmanship is a lesson that equals that of winning and losing

    grace in all

  55. 👍👍👍 jam

  56. Well played Jam

  57. Nothing like laying the wood to a team that isn’t being good sports.

  58. Day 35 Beard Update: This actually happened on day 33, but I forgot to mention it–The good news was that a woman finally stroked my beard and said she liked it. The bad news was that she’s a fat old lady.

    On balance, I’ll still count it as a win.

  59. Angry mare

  60. Jam,

    Youth sports is supposed to be about sportsmanship and cultivating good values that carry over into the rest of life.

    Not running up the score just to humiliate your opponent is a good habit to learn.


  62. “Angry mare”
    haahaaa –
    i can’t believe that mare hates pup so much

  63. Derptastic

  64. ooppps –
    sorry, my analysis was wrong:
    not hatred

  65. Does every dog eat everything it sees? Jeez.

  66. Hah, pupster’s pic of the Iowa crowd just got deleted on my ISU message board.

  67. Rowan is more of a chewer than an eater. Paula and I both lost a pair of expensive glasses when he was a puppy. Now it’s random shit he stumbles across like sandals and ornaments.

    Star has eaten some weird stuff. Mainly clothes like socks, underwear and shoe parts. We’ve been close to panic time more than once with her as far as potential bowel obstruction. Today she walked into the living room dragging the Christmas tree skirt behind her heading for her crate but saw me and dropped it on the living room floor.

  68. I went with sweet vermouth and vodka in a tumbler finished with club soda. It’s not bad.

  69. Riley doesn’t tend to go after much of anything that doesn’t belong to him with the exception of food (of course) and dirty Kleenex (so nasty).

    He did chew the hell out of a custom-made mouthguard belonging to my dad last year, but I think that was because it smelled like toothpaste.

  70. At the age of 15 Bubba decided paper towels were food.


  72. The good news was that a woman finally stroked my beard and said she liked it. The bad news was that she’s a fat old lady.

    I’m not old!!!

    **runs off, slams door**

  73. Roamy, if you’d done it he’d still be blushing.

  74. Bedtime.

  75. Alabama won with authoritay! and ran out the clock at 1st and goal. Tree is up. Time to start cooking dinner.


  77. Great idea Cyn!

  78. I’m not old!!!

    Also not fat. And you’re no lady.

    (Um, I mean that last part in the rawr way, not the MMM way.)

  79. TheH2SecretSanta@gmail.combover

    Is that the real address?
    [cyn stealth edit to keep the bots at bay]


  81. Nick Saban is the only coach in the nation who should not be fired. Well…….maybe Dabo Sweeny if he wins tonight. All the rest of them should be fired. And maybe deports to gitmo.

    /typical college football fan

  82. How many ordinary Americans and other innocents will have to die before we can change the sentence “Islam is a religion of peace” to “maybe not”?

    My wife has two coworkers who belong to the religion of peace. While one of them seems like a jovial enough fellow, the other is the typical angry, gruff, bearded nutcase who prays five times a day in his cubicle.

    I am not exactly sleeping peacefully lately.

  83. Fire Dabo too. His punter made a poor decision.

  84. For Leon

  85. Tushar, I just finished reading a book on Ghandi and the Indian struggle for independence and it ended abruptly in about 47 or so. My question is, what is India’s relationship to uk now? similar to Australia and Canada or no?

  86. Pendejo,

    There is some residual acrimony among some people, but the relations are generally good. You have to consider that India got independence just 68 years ago. While the number of people who remember the British rule is small and dwindling, there are still a lot of people who heard first hand accounts, so some anger is bound to persist for a bit. I personally find many Brits acceptable people. I work with a lot of them.

  87. I have a few Irish and Scottish friends. They are generally weirder than the English.

  88. The Irish and the Scots had longer to develop colonial neuroses.

  89. It was not easy for me to adjust to American accent, because the Indian accent, while totally funny and weird, is closer to the Brit accent. I still pronounce words like bath and path the British way.

  90. You would still pronounce them that way even if you had learned American English first, Tush. I have noticed this with Italian immigrants. Vowels are quite resistant to Americanization.

    And, oddly, the consonants ‘v’ and ‘w’ seem to often be swapped by Indians and Eastern Europeans.

    Very sounds like wary.

    Why sounds like vie.

    I would be interested to learn about the reason for this phonetical result.

  91. More specifically, my brown brother, I’m curious as to whether the govt ties between india and uk are similar to Aussie new Zealand Canada etc in that whole commonweal thingie us yanks don’t really understand.

  92. Laura, all my Indian friends in US, and even my wife, tease me because my Indian accent is totally intact. They have all picked up the American accent to some degree. I , on the other hand, while very knowledgeable in American colloquialism and pop culture, have somehow not been able to change my accent at all.

    Obstinate as a mule, I am.

  93. Plus the Asians mix up R and L and I’ve always wondered why.

  94. Pendejo, Canada and Australia have a lot more cultural affinity with UK. India not so much. Aussies and Canadians are mostly of British stock to begin with. So, it won’t be reasonable to expect the same level of chumminess in the relationship. But the relations are quite friendly. The Queen visited India a few years back and received a proper and official welcome.

  95. Lipstick, the slitty eyed yello Asians mix the L and R, not us brown people. They eat flied lice and raugh out roud.

  96. I’ve got four tree pix yay!

    *glares at some of you with one raised eyebrow*

  97. I could take a picture of some vomit, cuz that’s what it would be.

  98. From “The Commander In Chief”(That Jug-Eared Fuck):



    As a mark of respect for the victims of gun violence perpetrated on December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions through December 7, 2015. I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this third day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand fifteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and fortieth.


    How Dare he use “the year of our Lord”?
    He worships Alla/Moloch.

    “Gun Violence”?

    What seems to be your Major Malfunction, you half-breed Islamic sympathizing, anti-American, Communist Son Of A Bitch?

    This was not “Gun Violence”, it was an Islamic terrorist attack!
    Loretta Lynch can kiss my little pink ass.
    Fuck You, Loretta!
    Come and get me!

    Why, yes. I have been drinking.
    Why do you ask?

  99. But India is not a part of the Commonweath.

  100. I know, Tushar. I was saying Asians in the U.S. way, not the U.K. way. Where they try to hide the Paki crime, etc.

  101. >>>I could take a picture of some vomit

    Yeah, um, pass. Thanks Though!!


    Fake snow in the aerosol can, check.
    Tree that is a pyramid of colored lights and tinsel, check.
    No Donny and Marie, we had Perry Como, Andy Williams, and Living Strings.
    Red velvet empire-waisted gown with high collar and white lace, matching my sister, check.

  103. Did anybody give up on finding romance in their life and just settle for having “a throw” with anybody else in the back of their El Camino today?

  104. El Camino? No.

  105. ‘Sup, homebreros?

  106. Iowa -Sparty game is pretty freakin good.

  107. Howdy Andy. Happy with your coaching changes?

  108. Andy! Glad to see you here. I thought you had left us for good, tempted by Twitter and all that.

  109. He’s got morning thread duties too. Needs his beauty sleep.

  110. Greetings, Andy. Does the water really go down the drain the wrong way in the Southern Hemisphere?

  111. What was in Chile, Andy?

  112. >> Happy with your coaching changes?

    Yep. Very.

    >> Does the water really go down the drain the wrong way in the Southern Hemisphere?

    Not that I noticed. The juxtaposition of blooming flowers and Christmas (eh, Navidad) decorations is jarring, though.

  113. >> What was in Chile, Andy?

    Work. I have some people down there.

  114. Have some folks in Madrid too. I’ve been there a couple of times recently.

    My 2 years of high school Spanish is proving inadequate.

  115. >> Glad to see you here. I thought you had left us for good, tempted by Twitter and all that.

    No, I just suck. Trying to stop by more often.

  116. New uga coach is undefeated.

  117. I can think of worse places to have to travel for work.

  118. Like Gary, IN.

  119. Gary IN

  120. No tree this year, Cyn – still recuperating, and the other inmates here at the asylum refuse to have anything to do with the “Ornament Rack”.

    I missed the deadline for getting my cross-stitch stockings “finished” at the local stitchery store; gonna have to wait until after Christmas to get them done.

  121. >> I can think of worse places to have to travel for work.

    Definitely. Other than the travel itself, it’s not bad at all.

    I really like Spain, especially. Great food, super-nice people (plus absolutely smokin’ hot wimmenz), beautiful architecture, etc., etc.

    >> Like Gary, IN.

    99.99% of Indiana is great. All the suck is concentrated there.

  122. Hated working there. Especially after dark.

  123. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnndyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  124. The note I wrote
    As she read, she said
    “Has the Perrier gone
    Straight to my head
    Or is life derp and cruel, instead?”



  126. Morning.

  127. You guys look wonderful this morning on my new computer. BIgger. Brighter. Faster.

  128. Happy birthday!

  129. Good one, Pups.

  130. Yep. Happy Birthday. Got it last night.

    Tree isn’t up yet – I bought it on Thursday. I keep hoping I come home from work and it’s up but that hasn’t happened yet.

  131. I transferred everything while I slept last night. pictures are transferring right now to new program. VERY excited for that.

    I work a fake double today so I won’t get to play on it.

  132. New computer…


  133. My “Happy birthday” was the biggest, brightest, and fastest.

  134. You guys sound clearer too. QOTSA still, of course.

    Also, I, can, use, commas, again.

  135. Happy Birthday CaRin. Congrats on your new puter.

  136. No tree. The cats would wreck a tree.

  137. Boy 2 bought Fallout 4 and now has asked for a new desktop puter for Christmas. He’s going to put some money on it too, so we were shopping New Egg last night. The one with the specs he wants is Windows8 which he doesn’t want, but all the 7’s are priced higher by $200.


  138. Looking at refurbs?

  139. Wow. Asshole customer is having an auction today. His ‘terms and conditions’ are written by a lawyer, and about 17 pages long, so nobody will read it. Buried in the middle it says all sales under $100 will be rounded up to $100 with the balance going to charity.

    People are going to be so pissed off.

    Next week I will have a ton of new customers and half of them will already be irate.

  140. HBD Carin. Many more.


  141. Obama to speak about the recent shootings tonight. If you were on the fence about a firearm or ammo purchase it’s time to move.

  142. >>Happy Birthday CaRin. Congrats on your new puter.

    Huh? How much do plastic surgeons charge for those?
    And happy birthday!

  143. hbd carin
    did you celebrate by throwing balls at your box?

  144. I joined the NRA yesterday.

  145. I am applying for citizenship in next few weeks. Six or so months before I take the pledge of allegiance. After that, registering to vote and doing what Scott just did.

    I hope democrats anti-gun nuttery pays them back in Nov 2016.

  146. Obama should seal the deal tonight.

  147. i wonder if Barry can shake us completely apart before he goes.

    2A has always been a target of the progs, but the assault on the 1st is amazing, and it seems to be working…

    Loretta Lynch needs to be impeached and removed.

    I hope someone starts the process before Christmas, that would be a nice gift.

  148. Unfortunately I’ll be working when Obama gives his little lecture. You guys tell me what I miss.

  149. I haven’t intentionally listened to that sack of shit talk in 7 years. I won’t start tonight.

  150. Cyn, sent my tree pic. Holler if it noshows.

  151. Cyn, I just put up the tree. Got fancy colored LED lights.
    I will take a pic in the evening, when I can control the light in the room a little better.

  152. Just sent my pics from last night. The Christmas tree looks better in the dark which sounds like a lot of girls I slept with in my youth.

  153. He is going to stick up for the Muslims and demonize guns and CO2.

  154. Ill get around to putting up a tree.

    I dont care what Barry Zero says about anything. This is his way of obfuscating the cluster rama that his sadministration has shart upon healthcare, domestic sec, foriegn policy, executive over-reach etc.

    In my opinion the 2nd has never enjoyed such popularity.

  155. It’s a formula.

  156. Jimebro, it’s cigar season.
    What have you been enjoying these days?

  157. I’m almost at the end of my cigar season here as far as going outdoors. (I never puff in the house). I’ve been working through a box of Fallen Angel cigars, they’re halfway decent and not too pricey.

    It’s almost time to check for some Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars. Great cigar but v. expensive. My other go to is Rocky Patel Decade. Middle of the road for price but just a good consistent cigar.

  158. Cyn, Chris Hemsworth on CBS opening sequence. No sound on the bar TV. I think he may have been talking to me.

  159. Good for a once or twice a year treat:

  160. Right O. I’ll check on those.
    I smoke cigars from mid Dec through Feb.

    I dont have a favorite, I take recomendations from folks like you.

  161. Oso,

    Chris Hemsworth wasn’t speaking to you. He was speaking to Dan. He’s already friend-requested Dan on FB.

  162. Heh.

  163. Just saw Andy’s post at HQ. It’s true that Joining The NRA is an easy thing to do to fuck w the other team.
    I formerly had a gaggle of Extream Bolsheviks as inlaws. I took great pleasure in enrolling each of my three daugters as Lifetime Members of The NRA as they were born. I didnt make a big show of the fact yet whenever the subject of gun control would come up and one of those assholes would pique up about teaching my children gun rights vs gun lefts I would simply say that my kids will be able to make an informed choice re self defense because they are all Life Members of the dreaded Association.
    That really shut them up and the never prostelatized to my children which was nice.

  164. I tried cigars. I liked them, but not enough to smoke them regularly. Single malt on the other hand…

  165. CoAl, Dan said he just accepted Chris’s FB request. Y’all aren’t funny!

  166. Chumpo, we ruined my Grammo’s 90th birthday party wknd by going shooting instead of going to my Aunt Jennie’s Halloween Party.

  167. Tush, no reason you can’t join the NRA today.

  168. XBrad, I don’t think non citizens should have a default right to bear arms. Or do any sort of political activities. This means I will not join NRA or buy anything unless I become a citizen first.

  169. $20 says the PP shooting and SB get lumped together in Obama’s speech.

  170. Fair enough, Tush. That’s a stance I can respect.

  171. Oso, what is the Club’s policy on glitterbeards?

  172. They will, MJ.

    The Left is loosing the narative on so many fronts in today’s world.

    NYT’s Ross Douthat has a very good article linked over at Hot Air about the impracticability of reigning in 320 million American and 300 million guns.

  173. Tushar…you’re going to be a great American. We’re lucky to have you.

  174. Guy with Bobcat arrived at 115. Mud removal continues.

  175. We have a layer of horsepoopmud that’s 4-8″ thick all around the front of the pasture, so I’m having it moved.

    Come springtime I’m just going to use it to make another garden.

  176. CoAl, I haven’t seen a specific policy on glitterbeards. We no longer have a tat policy, but you have to remove facial piercings while working.

  177. I was looking for a gif of Sean Hannity saying “you’re a great American” but I found this instead.

  178. It still works.

  179. WTH is that from?

  180. Pups, do you know who that girl is?

  181. Also, based on the outfit, I have a suspicion she doesn’t mean her butt.

  182. ^^^good one, Leon.^^^

  183. I’ve, uh, seen things.

  184. I’m clean, though, got a good streak going.

  185. She’s the same age as my wife.

  186. My wife has never proposed that sort of evening plan, however.

  187. I have never been in a hopeless, co-dependant relationship. I wonder if I am missing something.

  188. You are. It’s worth missing.

  189. I’ve never been in a relationship with a crazy bitch. I wonder if I missed something.

  190. You’re the Worst is a funny show, if dark at times. Aya Cash is cute.

    She plays a PR flack for celebrities. In the first (second?) episode, she’s trying to lecture some teenaged actress about sexting.

    Aya: We’ll claim that your phone was hacked and that the pictures are not of your vagina.

    Actress: But it is my vagina. You can clearly see my Nickelodean tattoo.

    Aya: Repeat after me, when you’re eighteen and tweet naked pictures, it’s publicity. When you’re sixteen… IT’S CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!

    Actress: What about my tits?

    Aya: Don’t worry. When you turn eighteen, we’ll roll those tits out in a class, controlled manner. Maybe a photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

  191. Yeah, I don’t need channels if that’s what’s on.

  192. I’m watching a documentary on ants. Leaf cutters and grass cutters don’t eat leaves or grass. They drag it home and use it to farm fungus.

    Or maybe the fungus uses ants to get fed and watered and rewards them with delicious shrooms.

  193. Speaking of which…how did you mushroom farming experiment turn out?

  194. Musta been poisonous shrooms.

    It’s doin the Riga Mortis.

  195. The mushroom farming experiment ended one night after dinner, when the walls started melting and Mrs. Leon turned into a giant bird-dragon and started laying eggs all over the sky.

  196. *stands feet together and throws arms up smartly to face the judges*

    Christmas Decorations – DONE.

  197. Does anyone have a recommendation for books on programming problems? A lot of the jobs that I’m finding want experience with Java, Python, SAS, etc, and while I’ve got a basic familiarity with the languages, I’m in no way experienced with them. Working through some problems would get me more comfortable.

  198. You should invite the mushroom to TITS2.

    He’s a fungi.


  200. Speaking of which…how did you mushroom farming experiment turn out?

    We’ll find out next year. Takes a while to get the spawn going from spores.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for books on programming problems?

    I don’t have any books to recommend, but I have some sample problems that I like to work through when I’m learning a new one:

    1) Write a program that takes N as an input and generates the Nth Fibonacci number. Learn file IO by reading N from a file and writing f0…fN. Learn data structures in the language by implementing the list of numbers as a linked list.

    2) Write a different program that generates a deck of cards and “deals” from the same deck or multiple decks by doing RNG. You can go farther than that and have it score poker hands if you like then check your hand rates against Hoyle’s to see how good your RNG is.

    3) Write your own “grep”.

  201. You could really hurt your brain by implementing linear algebra methods. Read a matrix from a file and then write the LU decomp, the determinant, the inverse or pseudo-inverse, etc.

  202. My reaction when the priest says he has someone lined up to take my place volunteering for the school. No one has approached me, which means I’m not training anyone, and I’m a vindictive enough bitch to take the how-to documents with me when I’m done next week.

  203. And you can download Octave (open-source matlab, basically) to check your work on that set.

  204. Bad sign, Roamy. Hope it’s not a disaster.

  205. Anything that’s not sold by next Friday can go into a silent auction gift basket. I will wrap everything up and make sure the teachers are taken care of. Beyond that, I don’t give a shit. Today was the first I’d heard of it, which either means he’s lying or he thinks it’s easy.

  206. Leon, thanks. I can try that stuff in January when work dies down.

  207. I have examples of them somewhere in a few languages if you want examples. Or I can send you my Java version of the RSA algorithm. I wrote that for a class so it’s commented out the bee-hind.

  208. Figure out how to handicap football.

    That will pay a lot more.

  209. People have those written into Excel sheets. They work until someone loses a ton of money.

  210. If anyone has cracked football, they aren’t talking.

  211. If they tell you they have, they want to sell you something.

    Real psychics don’t give readings.

  212. It’s time for Obama’s ‘I am not a complete failure’ speech.

    – They aren’t real Muslims
    – Climate change is a real threat
    – Time to do something about guns

  213. Not real Muslims………check.

  214. Rule #1 of failure:

    If you have to convince someone you haven’t, you have.

  215. No way am I watching that asshat

  216. Number of times already he’s uttered “I/Me/My”… 1,291,451.69

    …and counting…

  217. ISIL, ISIL, ISIL. He’s the only one that calls them that.

    Aaaaand here comes the gun control.

  218. Guns…….check

  219. Andy’s Tweet…

    The H2 @TheH2

    Dear @POTUS

    Go fuck yourself.

  220. Obama has been on a coke binge in Paris.

  221. I concur.

  222. Obama just made Trump the nominee.

  223. Excited for Tushar to become a citizen! I hope this country forever remains a beacon to good people like him and his family.

  224. Obama just made Trump the nominee.

    Did he speak his name or simply refuse to name the real enemy?

  225. I still can’t shake the feeling that Trump is a Clinton plant, similar to Ross Perot.
    I hope I am wrong

  226. I have the same fear, Tushar.

    OTOH, I also think he and Cruz might be working together, and I’m pretty okay with that.

  227. 2 hours on the PBC, smoked gyro is at 149, only 15 degrees to go!

  228. I’m posting this comment from Windows 10. It’s like living in the not-too-distant future.

  229. Is it like commenting from inside the panopticon?

  230. After disabling about 80% of windows 10, I like it.

  231. People seem to like this tweetch I made:


  232. I turned off Cortana, the camera(and taped it), the cloud, ALL their feedback shit, and installed Firefox with Ghostery and Addblock,
    Installed my copy of Office 2010, and am taking a break on my “comfy” XP machine…

  233. Office? Like, MS office?

  234. Wait, I thought the guns used in San Bernadino were bought legally. They were given to Farook?

  235. Yep. They were altered in illegal ways as well. One of them was fully automatic.

  236. The innaresting angle about the guy who bought the guns is that he checked himself into a mental hospital right after the rampage. The cops can’t get at him in there.

  237. I knew about the altering, but the libiots in my Facedouche were crowing about how the gun laws just didn’t work.

    Well duh, they were ignored, AGAIN!

  238. Only the law-abiding abide by the law. It’s a tautology. A .’. A

    Using big words like that will shame them. Try that.

  239. I should probably go do the MMM poat.

  240. I knew about the altering, but the libiots in my Facedouche were crowing about how the gun laws just didn’t work.

    They apparently didn’t get the memo about how splendidly California’s gun control laws work from the office of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D – Umbass)

  241. +1

  242. I just unfollow everybody that posts stupid lib shit on FaceDouche.

    What really makes me shake my head is someone who posts a bunch of pro gun and conservative stuff, then posts pro Bernie Sanders stuff.

  243. Vermont is a helluva drug.

  244. Bernie is the only Jewish national socialist I’ve ever heard of. He’s an enigma wrapped inside a mystery bound in a conundrum.

  245. The ARs “were altered to make them more lethal”, on CNN.
    Well, yeah, they replaced the button requiring a tool to change mags, with a standard mag-release, like in the other 49 states.
    Also they had butt-loads of 30-rd mags, illegal in CA.

    Babs Boxer crowing that “California gun laws worked”, like the bat-shit crazy (Call Me Senator! I’ve worked hard for that title!”) communist that she is…

  246. MMM at 550am.

  247. Admittedly, I haven’t looked at Bernie’s rhetoric lately. Is he still anti-immigration? That seemed to have the Paultards excited early on.

  248. Waiting to hear about Oso’s adventures at WDW.

  249. Minnie sent Dan a friend request on FB.

    Goofy now wears a man-bun.

  250. uh oh. I sense trouble afoot. . .

  251. Update on LippyWorld: Sesame Chicken is really tasty.

  252. Laura started decorating.


  254. One baggie, nine to go before the Wildtree party Saturday. You prep the meats and stuff like diced onion and peppers before, then I guess the hostess adds stuff, then voila, 10 meals.

    I foresee having five or more of these to do Friday night.

  255. Sesame chicken as in chinese food? Yes, delicious.

  256. Ok. I seriously may have to kill my children. My new computer came with a fire cable to plug in wireless mouse/ keyboard (the keyboard can be used both ways but of course has to be charged.)

    The FRICKEN COMPUTER HASN’T BEEN PLUGGED IN 12 HOURS and someone has taken the fire cable.

    They’re trying to make a maniac out of me.


    So pissed. Anything not nailed down …

  257. what did obama say?

  258. I honestly don’t know what they do with cords plugs. It’s just unbelievable.

  259. They’re hording them just to drive you crazy.

  260. I don’t put it past them.


    In short, “Obama spun a line of bullshit, that dawg don’t hunt, and I’m not relying on him for security.”

  262. “2 hours on the PBC, smoked gyro is at 149, only 15 degrees to go!”


  263. Car in,
    You need to set them ALL down, and have a talk about acceptable behavior.
    After you have done that, if one, or two, should “disappear”, you could say to them;
    “See? This is what can happen when you challenge “Mom”.
    with the hand flapping under the chin.

  264. Today was about football. Still watching. Watched first game at Duffy’s. Dan watched 2nd game at Tilted Kilt. We’re watching Steeler game in the room. Time zone is killing me.

  265. They were delicious, Chumpo!

  266. Did anybody remind anybody else [glares] that they and their loved ones should boycott the Tilted Kilt because that place is fucking bullshit today?

  267. Tilted Kilt = One of the worst restaurants I ever tried.

  268. This guy knows.

    *nods at clint*

  269. Had a reader of my blog invite me to lunch at the Tilted Kilt. Said I’d never step foot back in the place. Went to the Firehouse instead. And my reader said he’s not ever going back to TK either.

  270. I will never pass up an opportunity to badmouth that chain.

  271. It’s like a low rent skank version of a breastaurant.

  272. Other people stared
    As if we were both quite insane
    Someday my derp and hers
    Are going to be the same

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