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Viktor Schrekengost.

b. 26 June 1906 Sebring, OH.  d. 28 January 2008

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Schrekengost was a model maker for the Navy during WWII.  He became the youngest professor emeritus at the Cleveland School of The Arts and there founded the School of Industrial Design.  Schrekengost profoundly influenced post-war American designers and provided a talented crop of graduates to major corporations.

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Schrekengost’s story is very interesting.  His foundation’s website is a good source of information.


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Viktor Schrekengost.  New Master.

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  1. he lived quite a life

  2. Fantastic stuff.

  3. I like this guy, Chumpo.

    Grilling in the snow did seem to take longer, it was hard to maintain temperature.

  4. Morning, Mare.


  5. Morning, Pups.


  6. I didn’t have health insurance info hacked, but every credit card except for my gov’t travel card has had to be replaced this year. Thieves like dating services and Hawaiian ice places in Houston.

  7. Does anyone else think the Colorado Springs shooter looks like Riker from ST:TNG?

  8. Well, I laughed:


  9. Fantastic art Chumpo.

  10. My cc got hacked recently and they picked it up immediately. Hotel room in London and a plane ticket somewhere overseas.

  11. Really like those first two.

    Thanks, Chumpo!

  12. IT’S SNOWING ON THE BLOG111!!!!!

    Wakey wakey

    *gets shovel

  13. Discouraging news:


  14. Hmm, not snowing on my blog…..

    Our card got hacked and they tried to buy/lease a Lexus with it. When my mom lived in El Paso, her card # would get stolen every month or two.

  15. Snow….. bah humbug.

  16. It always feels like time is really flying each year when I flip my wall calendar over to December.

  17. No snow here. I think I disabled that crap last year.

  18. Car in when she was little http://tinyurl.com/nm3jr25

  19. Thanks, you all.

    Have fun out there.

  20. Whilst living in ID I would oft use a whole bag of charcoal and drink the better part of a 12, waiting for some thing to finish on the BBQ.

    It was cold as a bastard up there.

  21. Today’s IB moment http://tinyurl.com/jluecv6

  22. Has there ever been a politician who was more willing to criticize the USA more than this asshole that 53% of our fellow Americans put in the White House? A regular citizen would risk one punch ass whippin for what he said today.

  23. Comment by scott on December 1, 2015 10:43 am
    Today’s IB moment http://tinyurl.com/

    Needs more cowbell.

  24. PG, what did the JEF say?

  25. Just wait til that mutt is out of office. Then he will be free to really be a open muzzie sympathizer and will continue to “contribute” frequently to the national “dialogue” ala Jesse Jackson.

  26. Scott, I saw a black kid in Chicago a couple of months ago who put on an equally entertaining show with nothing but plastic and metal buckets. He didn’t find $20 of my money in his tip basket but he did find $5. I like to think he spent it at the laundromat/coin operated showers. Possibly I’d be dissapointed to know what he really spent it on.

  27. Colex, in Paris he commented on the Colorado Springs shooting by saying, “This kind of thing doesn’t happen in other countries.” 130 nearby corpses were unavailable to rebut.

  28. Ah, ok. I saw a note about that but hadn’t followed up reading it. Yeah, that’s pretty brazen.

  29. TTroy, that is exactly what Ive been pointing out to my myriad Psudo-Liberal ’cause its cool, accuaintences.

    Jesse wont even be a footnote to what Barry has in store for us.

    Unless Real War breaks out. Which I dont see happening but others say It might.

    Thanks for the IB moment, ScottW.

  30. At least the media won’t HAVE to report what Barky says once he is out of office – he isn’t going to have the power over them that he does as a sitting president.

    And if Hillary is in office, you can bet that she will threaten the media within an inch of their collective asses if they give him the time of day.

  31. Well lets just hope he is called to his final reward in a expeditious manner…..and I hope it hurts.

  32. I think the odds of the media continuing to kiss his arse is higher than not. He is going to want to (and the media will assist) be a “king maker.” At the very least he will be a political extortionist (probably the best ever)

  33. Yes. He will be getting “up in thier faces” for many many many years. It wont be pretty but ideologues and extremists arn’t pretty.

    Theyre crazy.

  34. Hopefully he’ll move to Hawaii. They can have him. Just another excuse to never go there on vacation.

  35. Why would you wish that on the tiny island nation of Hawaii?

    /gutfeld and levy

  36. Cool art, Chumpo!

  37. Meh, so he’s got a ruler and a protractor.

  38. *j/k BTW, I like it.


  39. I will never visit Hawaii so long as that Jackhole lives there.

    Which is too bad because it’s really a fun place.

  40. I used to discount the south, and warm weather. But after this last Florida trip, I really didn’t want to come home. It was great wandering around in shorts, and swimming every day.

  41. Maybe he will move to Kenya and try to run for president there – after “helping” that country to write their own constitution, he should be eligible.

    Then, as a “citizen” of a non-Security Council nation, he will be able to finagle his way to Secretary General of the UN.

    He can mold the entire world in his own image….

  42. Visit Florida in July or August before you decide to move, Jay :-)

  43. Morning, assholes.

  44. I still think that Mooch will move to NYC and Obama will spend most of his time in LA, or giving speeches to anti-American crowds around the world. With the regular trips to Thailand, IYKWIM.

  45. Morning?!

    I’m ready for an afternoon nap.

  46. My liberal daughter is shopping for health insurance and says on Facebuk “I’m tearing my hair out”.

    Should I bring up the O word?

    Yeah, Ima bring up the O word.

  47. Ooooooooh boy… .look who I get to interview tomorrow…..

    While I like her concept, basing it on the lies re: Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin seriously undermines her message, in my opinion.

  48. Hehe, that’s why I’m still up here, TiFW. It gets hot up here, but not HOT.

  49. Actual headline at Drudge:


  50. Zoikes, I got through all of 35 seconds of that shit. Good luck, wiser.

  51. I wonder if she stays on the line when I point out that “some say” Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were responsible for their own deaths.

    Or perhaps I won’t even bother. I imagine she’ll have all sorts of Jesse Jackson-type remarks prepared for any questioning of her “truth.”

  52. Are you going to let her get away with that lying, race baiting, hate speech?

  53. Also, please do not address the bitch as doctor. She’s not.

  54. Are you going to let her get away with that lying, race baiting, hate speech?

    If she brings it up, I will challenge her, but I will try to stick to the topic of fixing the black community from within.

  55. perhaps I can simply set her up and let her make an ass of herself. She seems pretty skilled in that area.

  56. Hotspur we’re shopping for healthcare too since our policy was dropped.

    The more you get into it – the worse it is. Bring up the O word with her. SHe deserves it.

  57. I love the “concept” of Florida. I just don’t want to live there year-round.

    There are fricken boa constrictors there. NO thank you. But a short visit during horrible michigan weather? It’s just loverly.

  58. can’t get the video to play (or any youtube things today for that matter). Have her listen to that chicago chick which was posted the other day every where. ask her what she thinks of that.

  59. Nah, I decided not to. I don’t want to stress her out any further.

  60. She was convicted of aggravated assault on a police officer.

  61. Was this your “get” wiser or did the station book her?

  62. Ugh. It’s running now. She’s not an academic. She’s a preacher – that’s her style. She’s not debating intellectually. using argument. She’s using emotion. ugh.

    What she says is incongruent with the words splashing acoss the screen. Critical thinking? HUH?

  63. What’s her # Hotspur. I’ll stress her out. SHe helped reap this shit upon ME.

  64. I wonder where she studied. What her major was. If her dissertation was as vapid as Michelle Obama’s.

  65. Might make for a difficult interview seeing as she doesn’t speak English.

  66. Aaannnddd here’s Lipstick with the ZINGER!


  67. ba haaaa haaaa

  68. Well, blackademically speaking, you better brush up on your ebonics, wiserbub.

  69. Oops, F5.

  70. Except in my case it’s actually command+r.

  71. Speaking of crossfire, where’s that ding-a-ling MJ?

  72. It’s funny – but not really applicable to my gym. Wouldn’t be surprised if the other ones were were more as he described though.

    Most of the folks at my gym are older – married with kids. So not really concerned about their selfie pics. ANd they do care about the weight they lift.

    But as I said – it may be that my gym is different.

  73. Gill was sentenced to 18 months probation. That record prevented her from getting a job as a school administrator so she applied for a pardon.

    Blago pardoned her. She gets the job…..

    “Was Gill’s pardon greased by her connections? Rev. Jesse Jackson was among those who wrote a letter on her behalf. And she was the point person at the private Loop Lab School to which Blagojevich was then giving a controversial $1 million grant.”

    Ask her where the money went.

  74. The woman cop she injured had four surgeries to try to repair the damage.

  75. Captain Papist, he’s our hero
    Gonna take heresy down to zero
    Gonna help us, put asunder
    Henry, and Calvin and Martin Luthor!
    By your powers combined, HABEMUS PAPEM

  76. Hey Leon

  77. Was this your “get” wiser or did the station book her?

    station booked her. I don’t try to get lunatics as guests. They usually just call in during open lines.

    I may cancel her. The more I’m learning about her, the less I want to give her any legitimacy.

  78. She sounds like a filibusterer too. You could get some church music to play in the background when she goes off like that.

  79. I want a Captain Papist coffee mug. Or a tie-in re-release Pet Rock.

    Thanks for the article, Alex. Somehow that one didn’t already get sent to me via internal email. I think McMegan is largely correct in her assessment. The team here might end up being hollowed out to a core of SMEs who assess whatever software solution the company buys after it decides that building it isn’t economical.

    OTOH, we build a surprising number of components and systems I would have assumed we bought. And if any of this matters to me in February, a massive failure on my part has occurred.

  80. Of course, I think I said that about November. I have two other leads at this point, though, and I’m taking one of them after Christmas break, just have to sort out which. Potential Future Bossman’s mother is in a bad way and might be in surgery right now, so I am just praying for her and trying not to bug him about work.

  81. Comment by Hotspur on December 1, 2015 2:43 pm
    Nah, I decided not to. I don’t want to stress her out any further.


    That’s bullshit. If she voted for the POS she’s partially responsible for my friggen predicament of losing health insurance. She needs to feel as much stress about it as possible. Why should she be babied about it?

  82. I was thinking of making a Captain Papist costume next Halloween.

  83. The good news is that I’m not going to get laid off before Christmas. If any cuts come, it’ll be in the February/March timeframe. I really need to get my resume together.

    The company has a data scientist/analyst position in Germany that might be worth applying for. Of course, the problem is that it’s Germany, and I really don’t want to go through the trouble of putting everything in storage for another year or two.

    And there’s the whole “Europe falling into a bloody conflict” thing as well.

  84. Just told producer to cancel her.

    Fuck that lying bitch.

  85. The million dollars was used to buy a condo. That transaction went through this guy

  86. Chicago politics/Education/government/business is a friggen cesspool.

  87. I forgot to add “incestuous” before cesspool.

  88. I use Chicago as my example for pretty much any corruption/criminal network stuff that I teach.

  89. “She sounds like a filibusterer too. You could get some church music to play in the background when she goes off like that.”

    Ha ha haaaaa … that would be hilarious. Honestly it would be the sweetest thing to do a hostile interview. Reel her in … then lower the boom.

  90. Million dollars goes from Blago, to a lady he pardons, to crook who brings down Tony Rezco and Blago.

    What a coincidence.

  91. >>>>The million dollars was used to buy a condo. That transaction went through this guy

    He could get elected mayor of almost any city in CT!

  92. Did you guys see that pic of Serena Willams (in the same photo shoot as Amy Schumer)?

    What in the world? That is a HUGE woman. Not fat, just enormous.

  93. Like winning lotto three weeks in a row.

  94. >>>>Honestly it would be the sweetest thing to do a hostile interview. Reel her in … then lower the boom.

    It would’ve fun to see how long before she started screeching, called me a racist and hung up.

    But then the PR firm the station uses a lot would never send another guest our way.

    And since I’m just the guest host, really not my place to start trouble.

  95. Serena looks like she’s popping roids.

  96. Alex, have you ever worked in cybersecurity?

  97. I may have already asked that. Trying to think if I could help at all.

  98. I left out the part where it was accident. That’s the best part.

  99. I like the part of the article where she locks herself in her panic room when the steroid testers come to her house for a standard off season drug test…and she’s not fined or condemned for not testing.

    I’ve always felt badly for the women she plays against, it doesn’t seem fair…

    I also loved how they show Federer’s and Djokovic’s arms and they are about a third of the size of Serena’s.

  100. She’s probably too valuable to the sport.

    Remember how popular cycling was before Lance got busted?

  101. The look on Amy Schumer’s face in the picture is punch worthy.

  102. Yes Scott, and don’t forget…..


    She’s black.

    … so there’s nothing we can say that won’t be racist.

  103. Unfortunately not, Leon. There’s a lot of cybersecurity/IT stuff, but I have no experience with any of that.

  104. Serena’s weight was listed as 135 for years. They bumped it up to 155 at Wimbledon this year. I bet she’s at least 175.

  105. She’s bigger than me when I was powerlifting, I’d go as high as 185.

  106. I really hate Facedouche sometimes. One of the moms at Mini-me’s old school passed away on Saturday. One of her FB friends replied to the announcement, “Oh no! What happened?!?” Let’s see, it was her third round with cancer, which metastasized (sp?) two years ago, and she’s been on hospice care since August. Take a fucking guess. Where the hell have you been? And don’t be a shit and go blaming it on Obamacare. This battle started over ten years ago (as long as I’ve known her), and sometimes shit just happens.

    Oh, and fuck cancer.

  107. Serena Williams is 5’9″, she is NOT 135 nor is she 155. She is at least 175 like Pepe said. She’s thick and at 5’9″ she would HAVE to be at least 175.

    Roamy, I’m sorry about the Mom at your daughter’s school. Any young mother’s death is so sad.

  108. I am ready for the debriefings and the cocktails already this week.

  109. I offer to help debrief you.

  110. You are so very kind.

  111. That’s why we need background checks and a waiting period before all grenade sales.

  112. Obama is a boob.

    So much that Hitomi Tanaka looks at him and says, “ニースのおっぱい”.

  113. Did anybody get there just in time to stop anybody else from doing a “David Carradine” today?

  114. *debriefs

  115. I’ma a giver that way.

  116. Anybody use the Amazon Fire Stick?

  117. http://is.gd/hWW3a2

  118. Studied throughout the holiday for this exam. Got up at 4:00 am, studied more for exam, took exam, attended class for two more mind-numbing hours. Home, nap, studied some more, took an online quiz. Then I wrote a five page paper. Just finished a little while ago.

    I am so ready for this bullshit to be over.

  119. IKR, Laura? Why can’t they just give you a quick orientation and let you start jabbing needles into people?

  120. I’ve never struggled with a curriculum like I have this semester. This one class is sooo effed up. After this exam a couple of kids basically said they were done with this school.

    One of my professors got creative and redesigned this particular class. She condensed two quite ample semester-long courses into one gigantor mess. Bad Idea Jeans. I love being a guinea pig. This is so much fun. Yay me.

  121. Hang in there, Laura.

    Also, Larry Correia likes to get under liberal’s skin.


  122. Laura, I admire you so much for what you are doing.

  123. I’m sorry I kilt the thread.

  124. **fires H2 police chief in order to cover up own incompetence**

  125. Dammit, I needed that job.

  126. No worries. You can be Obama’s ISIS czar. It’s not like getting fired fired.

  127. Final project for my drawing class. It’s due a week from Thursday. I fly out to El Paso tomorrow and won’t be back until Monday evening. Basically I lose almost a week of time if I can’t fit my drawing pad into my duffel bag.

  128. Thank you, Mare.

    PBS is begging for money with a re-run of “Motown 25”. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap are DJ’ing, my groovy babies. Last version of that I heard was by the California Raisins.

  129. Anybody use the Amazon Fire Stick?

    I do. why?

  130. I always wanted to be a czar. But I wanted to be the kind with vodka and peasants and so forth.

  131. Leon the Lifter. I don’t believe that one’s been used yet.

  132. Fire Stick is what your mom calls me.

  133. They make medicine that will make the burn go away. I’m told.

  134. Wiser, how do you like it? I’m thinking of getting one for mom for Xmas.

  135. Wiser, how do you like it? I’m thinking of getting one for mom for Xmas.

    I like it a lot. do you have Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

  136. The electric one is more reliable.

  137. The electric one is more reliable.

    and has more memory and a faster processor. But I haven’t an problems with the stick.

  138. The electric one is more reliable.

    Plus, no emissions!!* You can feel all smug!

    *Except for the coal-fired power plant

  139. for some reason the talk of sticks makes me think of the B.C. comic with Grog, “DROOB!”

  140. Whoa.
    Hadnt thought about that one in a while.

    Raomy, I was thinking about the STLMU. Before I walked over to that Short Bus I walked into the lobby. You were crocheting while sitting in a big chair and I kinda thought you were part of the group, but I went to the bar to get a beer and sus the situation out. I should have sat down next to you and said hi but I wasnt quite sure if I was even in the right place.
    Anyway, you were the first person to talk to me here AND you were the first Moron I ever saw.

    Ch+Roamy for evah

  141. I’ve got Prime and Netflix. So yeah, lots of good content available. Just… not sure mom will ever be able to figure out how to use the remote.

    //has to turn on the television for mom

  142. **hugs Chumpo**

    I was working on the baby blanket for Henry.

  143. Serena Williams is a man baby.

  144. Guess who turned 60 yesterday. Hint:

  145. Your mom?

  146. The rubber in your wallet?

  147. I’m freezing my tits off here.

    It’s 52F!

  148. I know, XB! No insulation, no heat, windows don’t close properly, waa waa.

    I’m wearing three layers and a blankie over my legs. Again, waa.

  149. I went to a meeting today way the hell downtown, at 4:15 I get a call “Mr V? we found your wallet in conference room 120, if you don’t make it here before we close we will put it in our safe for you to pick up.”

    Whew! I did not know I lost it, thank you! Now I have to work a hour long drive each way into my lunch hour tomorrow.

    I am grateful but can you overnight it to me? I guess not. I will drive.

  150. 54 here Lips,
    Windows open and fans on. The sun is supposed to come out to play in a few days.

  151. Was that a Duck 916 Clint or a 996 I can’t tell them apart

  152. If you wanna make the derp then you better come in
    It’s just the ability to reason that wears so thin
    Livin’ and dyin’ and the stories that are true
    Secrets to a good life is knowin’ when you’re through

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