Big Boob Friday

Hello bishes. You know what goes down nicely after a really big Thanksgiving dinner?

A) Your Mom

B) Sushi

C) A Russian Plane

D) Your Mom Eating Sushi on a Russian Plane, Servicing the Pilots


Today’s model comes from the land of expensive shitty cars, cuddle whores, old people with no families, and young people with no friends. Yep, you guessed it…Sweden! Among her many talents are giggling while being molested, no smiling, and pretending to be a school girl. Please sharpen your chopsticks and welcome Aika Yomeno!!!!!!!!!!!!















Underboss for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Taa Daaaa!

  2. Coffee’s ready. The harvest starts in about an hour.

  3. Going to take the meat shears out with me this time, mostly for the neck severing. Slipping a knife between vertebrae seems like a good way to dull it.

    Today’s model seems delightful. I would swap Pokemon with her.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Were you able to make it to your fake double without incident, Carin? I neglected to ask.

  6. Yes. Once of the sweetest girls ever came to pick me up. She’s a model and only comes home (to work with us) during the down season.

  7. So – file this under “kids gotta learn for themselves” :

    My kids have all done the “I’M GOING OUT ON BLACK FRIDAY ” thing.

    Ian and matt did it last year. Hannah did it this year. Middle of the night kind of crazy stuff.

    Anyway Hannah came home just as the boys did. “That was the stupidest thing ever and I’m never doing it again. ”

    *tear slips down my cheek.

    So proud.

  8. Yes. Once of the sweetest girls ever came to pick me up. She’s a model and only comes home (to work with us) during the down season.

    Keep her the hell away from Sean’s penis.

    I think I might go to the gas station for ice for the butchered birds. Otherwise I’ll have to keep bringing each one into the house as I work, which seems really inefficient with all the cleanup and boot on-offs it’d take. So there’s my Black Friday shopping plans.

  9. Don’t you have snow on the ground?

    We got under an inch yesterday, it was pretty until Nessie the wonder dog woke up.

    Good luck with the slaughtering.

  10. Snow’s gone or I’d just rest them in it in the ziplocs. Today’s supposed to be in the 50’s and rainy all day.

  11. Nice BEWBS MJ, you jackwagon.

  12. And thanks.

  13. You are welcome. I just watched this Canadian guy explain 10 things about America to other Canadians, it’s interesting.

    I could do one of these about MN.


  15. Sidebewb AND underbewb…you have really outdone yourself this week MJ.

  16. I see why you southerners like this weather. no boots, no gloves, no coats. not sliding into things is nice too.

  17. Punster, Canadian guy was hilarious, eh?

  18. The underboob stole the show. Given her skimpy outfits I bet she lives in southern Sweden.

  19. Gavin McInnes has lots of good vids.

  20. Are there no American wimmens with tits anymore?

  21. I’ve been thinking about Gavin’s statement that Americans say “Uh-huh” in response to “Thank You”. I wonder if this is just a minimizing perceived indebtedness rather than rude behavior, similar to saying “de nada” in spic (it is nothing).

    I typically say “you bet” or “anytime” as much as I say “you are welcome”.

  22. I think you nailed it there Pups. My responses to “Thank you” range from the formal “You’re welcome” if a patient says it to the informal wink and ass slap when Paula says it.

  23. In this tl/dr article I really enjoyed this quote:

    “…costs $300 to move a 40-foot container from Rotterdam to Shanghai, which is barely enough to cover the cost of fuel, handling, and Suez Canal fees. Here’s some more context. Let’s say that you want to travel for a year; it’s cheaper to put your personal belongings in a shipping container as it sails around the world than to keep it at a local mini-storage facility.”

  24. I was amazed with how cheap ocean freight was years ago.
    This is ridiculous.

  25. Why is Pupster melting into a rainbow?

    I think I need to decrease the microdose with my morning coffee.


  27. Canada guy doesn’t speak to me. I’ve never heard anyone say “uh huh” after I said Thank you.

  28. Also – I’ve never seen The Godfather and I hardly know any actors or what they’ve been in.

  29. I also don’t watch the credits. Unless it’s one of the dealios where they’re going to put a sneak peak for the next movie.

  30. Happy day after Thanksgiving boobs.

  31. Hi Andy!

    How’s everything in Andy’s World?

  32. I don’t watch the credits, but I research the actors and actresses I like. I watched the Godfather and Godfather II last night when the football was boring or in commercials. Ignore III, but you really should see one and two, cARin…

  33. For example, this young lady was a reoccurring character in Justified, and I wondered where I had seen her before.

    She was the new hire in the Rom Com “2 Weeks Notice”.

  34. I know I know. One say I’ll watch them.

  35. I really should research the actors I like.

    *googles Chris Hemsworth images …

  36. Who’s the captain America guy? I really like his work too.

  37. Chris Evans. He gets nakey in some of his movies.

  38. Pupster is such a good friend.

  39. My youngest is really good at picking out actors who have starred in other movies. He is a Netflix addict for better or worse. Time will tell I guess.

  40. Where all da white women at?

  41. Alicia Witt was an early Load HEAT:

  42. Derp.
    I went to JCPenney last night and had to drive by Target. It was swarming.
    Penneys didn’t have what I wanted and I’m glad. Didn’t want to wait in the checkout line.

  43. Alicia Witt was an early Load HEAT:

    She’s hot as heck fire. Good actress, too.

  44. Car In, you might be Canadian. Please accept my condolences, eh.

  45. I don’t know the names of most actors, but I can always pick out their voices when they do commercials or animation.

    I’ve got a near perfect memory of voices. It’s an odd talent. I’ll often hear a voice in a crowd that I recognize before I see their face.

  46. I met a radio voice at the hardware store. That one was odd because knew I had never seen her before, but I knew the voice.

    Retired police dispatcher who seemed little startled when I said hi.

  47. Scott W is a Sooper Hear O.

  48. “Car In, you might be Canadian. Please accept my condolences, eh.”

    Pretty sure I’m not.

    I’ve never had a “rye and coke” in my life and I think that’s one of those requisite things.

  49. This would be a fun group project

  50. I don’t want to go to work.


  51. Payson is cold.

  52. Those drinx arnt going to make themselves.

    Give all of the drinks a canadian name

    Like A Long Island Iced Tea could be
    A Yellowknife Island Iced Tea


    A Canadian Club on the rocks
    Could be
    A Canadian Canadian club on the rocks

  53. Me at hockey game

    – Mike’s here
    – No idea, I haven’t seen him yet

  54. So, I just removed all the QOS restrictions on my wireless router and tripled my up and download speeds. I’ve owned this thing for years and never realized it comes out of the box throttled way down.

    Why wouldn’t they sell these things wide open?

  55. Conspiracy with Big Cable

  56. It was nice at work today, a total of 6 people in the building. I played in the lab in peace for four hours then came home and had another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat.

  57. *frantically begins googling “qos restrictions” in attempt to see if he can “throttle up” his interwebz. ( I need more speed to shoot online virtual humans)

  58. Pup; what type of router and whonis your carrier?

  59. Mediacom is the carrier, whom my wife owes an apology. She kinda yelled at them for the shitty upload speeds. How rude.

    The router is a Netgear Nighthawk, and it came out of the box with bandwidth restrictions. Fuckers.

  60. “Active Shooter” near Planned Parenthood at Centennial & Filmore in Colorado Springs. 3 officers injured.

  61. Pupster, I just watched a video on that. Guy said if you disable it, it will still default to 20%. Better to edit it to 5%.

    Is their a downside to tweaking that thingamabob ?

  62. there

  63. Where?

  64. I dunno about a downside, but my upload speed before adjustment was .4mbps, now it’s 16mbps. Download was 40mbps, now it’s 65mbps.

    I don’t see a place to set the threshold %, I just removed all the manual templates and unchecked all the options.


  65. I changed the desktop to 5%, big difference.

  66. Start R / gpedit.msc – computer configuration – admin templates – network – QOS – limit reserve bandwidth

    Check enable type 5% in the box

  67. Contractor talked about coming out today to do some work because it was a beautiful day, and it’s supposed to rain most of next week. That’s all it was, was talk.

    Hopefully this will be done before Rocketboy comes back home for Christmas. Place yer bets.

  68. I’ll put $20 down on Valentine’s Day for the pool.

  69. Our Thanksgiving turkey has about another hour and then it’s Go Time!

  70. Finally made it over the mountains and home just as the snow is starting to come down heavily.

    The police have the main road blocked off, but I was able to cut through the Albertson’s parking lot to get home. My old apartment that I lived in until August is across the street from the Planned Parenthood.

  71. 66 degrees today, this November has been quite nice.

  72. H2 – IB

  73. SQUEEE….on the piggie gif!

  74. It started raining overnight and is supposed to continue for the next several days. Temperature to be in the 40s.

    Went to in-laws for Thanksgiving yesterday and have our turkey breast in the oven RIGHT NOW!

  75. Dude, thats crazay!!

    Glad yer home safe.

  76. Yeah, if I wasn’t at mom’s for T-day I’d probably have been at the King Soopers when all this went down.

  77. We have smoked Turkey legs from Sam’s for dinner. Dan’s making acorn squash as a side. Mmmmm…Turkey legs.

  78. Glad yer safe, CoAl

  79. CoAlex, glad you are okay.

  80. Good day, people who have already gone back to being ungrateful bastards.

  81. **slides over a Diet Dr Pepper**

    Congrats on making it through another holiday, Sean. My friend’s daughter is supposed to moveout of rehab and into something like a halfway house in two weeks.

  82. I’m glad CoLex checked in and is safe, but I won’t feel comfortable until I know the chickens didn’t jump Leon when he opened the coop door.

  83. Tomorrow after dropping the boy off at his grandparents for one last day of hunting I’m hitting up the grocery store for turkeys. If there’s a good sale I’ll buy more than one and stock the freezer.

  84. We’re celebrating T-day today, so I’m facing three hours of mom helpfully offering suggestions on how to cook the frozen turkey breast, without her so much as glancing at the instructions printed on the package.

    And apparently, Stove Top dressing shouldn’t be made on the stove top.

  85. Thanks for the beverage, roamy. I’m glad your friend’s daughter is on the right track, but that can actually be a dangerous time–leaving the “bubble” of rehab for the outside world. It’s good that she has a place to go for a bit of a transition.

  86. oy!!

  87. Looking for images for Christmas and I couldn’t get this to crop properly

    and this wasn’t appropriate for a family blog like ours

  88. i hope your after t-day party was more fun than pupster barreling into a barreling mare

  89. and this wasn’t appropriate for a family blog like ours

    No visible nipples = no problemo

  90. Black Friday at The Club is so mellow. I have a Member that I want to punch in the face. She’s a close talker. A low talker. Can’t find anything in front of her face. I help her multiple times a day/week. SHE WRITES CHECKS AND SHE’S NEVER PREPARED AT POS. (Point of sale)

  91. Jenny-O’s strat from freezer to oven done in two hours?

    Yep. Im making one of those right now.

    Wish you were here.

  92. There were nips in this weeks art thread. Art nipples are ok.

  93. Festive.

  94. it was a male nipple.

    :See Hunchy Hunchday

  95. 8 birds in the freezer. I got my time down from 60 minutes to 38. Discoveries today included:

    1) You can pluck an unscalded chicken, but you’re likely to tear the skin.
    b) Skinning a plucked chicken is much easier than skinning a full-feathered bird. Even if you tore the skin a bit.
    gamma) The part of a chicken that clucks is not in the head.
    7) Chicken wings are NOT WORTH SAVING.
    e) Death rattle. Always. I either never got the carotid just right or it doesn’t matter.

    Also my back is a giant web of pain. Separating joints and eviscerating the birds is hard work.

  96. “It was a male nipple.”
    :See MMM.

  97. Oh, thank goodness. Here Leon, take it easy for a while. Let someone else do the lifting while you relax.

  98. Leon, my grammo would set up a pot of water over a fire outside. Big pot. She would do this Twist, Spin, and Yank motion and the beheaded chickens would run until they dropped. Then she’d put them in the pot to scald. (I still can’t believe I’m not a vegan)


  100. I did all of mine hanging from some baling twine with a sharp knife to the neck.

  101. This is what it sounds like…when the chick(en)s cry…

  102. She’s on the right track, Sean, but the holiday was kinda rough for everyone.

  103. i didn’tknow about the temperature –
    makes sense tho

    with the ducks i harvest, i usually just skin them – plucking a wild duck is easy – but there isn’t much to them but breast fillets

  104. I earned my carnivory today, dat’s fo’ sho’.

    Veganism would be so damned easy for me. I’m not a bad cook, and I actually like beans&rice. Too bad I’d either be fat and sick and hate life if I were.

  105. Plus WTF would I do with my standing freezer?

  106. I spent a Spring Break in Louisiana. Those people eat pigeons. Not even Squab, but flying rats.

  107. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 27, 2015 8:07 pm
    Plus WTF would I do with my standing freezer?

    Dead hooker storage?

  108. I keep those in crypts in the crawlspace until I can secure a second location for internment.

  109. Saw a couple of big golden eagles today, Beasn. 5 ravens were harassing them and made them land. Really amazing how big they are compared to the ravens.

  110. Wind is keeping snow and ice away from ABQ. Carlsbad Caverns had to close because of ice. I love my protected valley.

  111. “interrment”


  112. beasn needs to travel to NM. Bosque del Apache and Bitter Lake. We’ve got birds!!!!

  113. You wantin’ to get internermented too, Seen?

  114. Beasn can shoot a coyote and use it for eagle bait. Nothing brings eagles around like a dead coyote. 🙂


  116. What do dead beavers bring around?

  117. No idea, I live in the desert.

  118. I thought old school power lines brought the eagles to the yard?

  119. That doesn’t look like it’s worth the effort.

    Leon worked all day for $1 per hour.

  120. Per Oso’s request on FB.


  121. Thanks, XB. MWAH!

  122. Leon worked all day for $1 per hour.

    Yep. But some things are worth more than the economics would suggest. I can do this now. I couldn’t a month ago. In 4 years when I have to do it again I might hire it out, but I don’t have to.

  123. I never got paid for a single hour of homework, either.

  124. Home. Time for beer and other things.

  125. Why oh why would anyone have sex with a horse?

    I blame Swedish Bronies.

  126. Let us pray for the Waffle House waitress that was killed for telling a patron to stop smoking. 24/hr rule. E-cig or Real cig?

  127. I am not even hungry. Love dressing and turkey.

  128. I just ate for the first time today. Chipped beef and potato fried with jasmine rice, salsa on top for color. I used the potatoes from my garden. Quite tasty.

    Now, time to sleep and have chicken-related nightmares.

  129. I hear the potatoes scream. Sounds like carrots.

  130. Comment by leoncaruthers on November 27, 2015 9:15 pm
    Why oh why would anyone have sex with a horse?

    Thousands of Heinz employees and millions of Russians have asked the same question.

    Seriously though, mental illness. It’s always been around, but now we have a movement to normalize and applaud it.

  131. Hello darkness my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of celery

  132. CoAl, WTF is wrong with Colorado shooters that they don’t just bite the bullet and spare us a trial?

  133. Had to Ososplain LEO to Dan.

  134. Everybody googled that one.

  135. I have a Member that I want to punch in the face.

    you too?

  136. Heh.

  137. We are 20 degrees warmer than Texas.

  138. Cold front through the SouthWest

  139. “I have a Member that I want to punch in the face.

    You Too?”

    Check Please!

    So great.

  140. You aren’t supposed to talk about your member.
    That’s what I’ve been told.

  141. Customer, Guest, Member. Bleh

  142. Black Friday.


  143. Did anybody fire anybody else from their gig as their personal shopper after it became clear that they weren’t going to stop buying bondage gear no matter how clearly it was explained that they weren’t able to wear that stuff to work today?

  144. Sean. Heh. You guys need to keep me grounded. I like hourly. I don’t want to be management.

  145. Oso, me too. I’d much rather work in the lab than sit in meetings all day.

  146. And there is an elegant beauty to transmission curves with interference patterns that make me think God said, “hey, watch this.”

  147. Roamy, I’m trying to steer without undercutting. Keep getting recognition from Bentonville.

  148. Skies this AM were totes Lon Chaney Jr’d/ Dan: I think I understood that one. me: SMDH

  149. What’s anybody paying for gas? I keep seeing stories about “record low” gas prices, but at Safeway today, it was $2.35.
    That’s in the PNW.

    Safeway today looked like it had been hit by a bomb. Every department but produce was in complete disarray. Looked like last-minute shoppers had ravaged the place and the staff had not had enough time to re-assemble the store…

  150. I asked twice today if I needed to come in early tomorrow for signs. Crickets. GM has my cell and Dan’s cell. He calls both of us in when he realizes he FUBAR’d a schedule. Scheduled at 8. We open at 7. I’m guessing panic text at 5. $20 way of saying g’night.

  151. $1.66 today. Even Premium in 1.60s.

  152. Last time I filled up (Tuesday?) I paid $1.74/gallon.

  153. Blerg

  154. $1.75 here in lapeer

  155. $2.55 last time I filled up. That’s the lowest it’s been in a while.

    Fucking California.

  156. $1.85 here.

  157. 1.99 on the Front Range. 2.99 in the mountains.

  158. For Car in.

  159. $2.58 here.

  160. $1.81 here, but it’s 77 degrees during the day, so I don’t care.

  161. I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth
    The north side of my town faced east, and the east was facing south
    And now you dare to look me in the eye
    Those crocodile tears are what you cry
    It’s a genuine problem, you won’t try
    To derp it out at all you just pass it by, pass it by

  162. Chrisp –

    $2.25 +/-
    $2.07 with a car wash

    central NYS

  163. $1.72 is lowest you can find in Midland/Odessa. $1.99 out in the sticks. I went to OKC for thanksgiving and saw lots of $1.67.

  164. $2.19 in Central Maine

  165. Possum wanted out of bed at 630, so we’re up. She’s a morning person. I’m a morning person, but my wife isn’t. Hilarity is ensuing.

    $1.65 cash, $1.75 credit.

  166. $2.10 -$2.25

  167. New Poat.

  168. I’ve decided to boycott xmas this year. As it a holiday designed to prop up the end of year “bottom line” of the patriarchal heteronormative capitalist oligarchs at the expense of the oppressed prolatariet.

    That, and I’m broke…

    Christmas music is being broadcast on my radio…ugh (silver bells)

    Kill me now.. (kill me now)
    Kill me now.. (kill me now)
    Its christmas time in the… (oh dear god I hate spending money on people I only see once a year and normally wouldn’t even look at it in life, cept I made a freaking baby with thier cousin so now I’m “family”…)

    Kill me noooow….(kill me noooow)
    Kill me noooow… (kill me noooow)

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