Today Let Us Give Thanks For All Of Our Blessings

Doesn’t matter whether it’s turkey, ham, salmon or Stouffer’s, today is a day for gathering together and pausing to give thanks. It’s not always easy to make a long list depending on the day but I’m sure most of us (MJ?) would find a few things without hesitation. And pie, I like pie.




Not sure I believe this, but, whatever.

Sean, don’t get crazy with the beard adornment.

Don’t forget to sign up for Secret Santa, Christmas will be here before you know it.

Bonus CORNUCOPIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good job, Jimbro.

    And per your tag, dressing. I make a marinade/paste with salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, and herbs that makes the turkey meat perfect, but the drawback is it would ruin any stuffing, and you can’t make gravy with the drippings. Too salty. So I make cornbread and bacon dressing on the side.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    I hope Gabe gets better soon, VMax.

  3. **standing ovation**

  4. Happy thanksgiving, h2!

  5. and I guess Jimbro figured out the link function.

  6. The “like” and “thumbs up” buttons are missing for me, I think adblock + sees them as social media.

  7. How’s Floriduh, Jay? Watch out for Florida Man!

  8. Happy turkey day. Doing the traditional family gathering today. 50/50 as to whether the cops will be required to perform a “intervention” sometime during the day. Heres to hoping you don’t have any on duty cops at your gathering.


  10. Florida Man gets mentioned on Detroit radio all the time. Not sure if they’re reading the twatwaffle account, but the stories. They call the segment “Florida’s F’d Up”.

    Other segments include “Those Foogin’ Italians” and “What’s up with the Asians?”.

  11. Substitute “Terry” for “Gerry”


  12. Sometimes there’s a “Bitch is Trippin'” crossover with one of the other categories. Often in Florida.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Hostages, Pilgrims and Indians!

  14. *overheard at work*

    “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?”

    -“Well, every year my mother-in-law has us over, and plops me down in a lazy-boy in front of the TV with a bottle of Crown, and brings me food until I say whoa”.

    “That sounds AWESOME”.

    -“Family Tradition”

  15. No drinking for me today. Designated driver.

  16. Great poatsy, Jimbro.

    Gobble gobble, peeps.

  17. I wasn’t sure when Secret Satan Signups ended so I just included it. Feel free to add the link on the poat if it’s still live.

  18. Secret Santa

    Linky on upper right of homepage.


  19. Turkey Day.

    I’m thankful for some of you.

    Some. Of. You.

    *looks over H2 crowd slowly

  20. that moment when you try and be nice and cook breakfast while everyone is asleep, and you set off the smoke detectors.

  21. HAHA! Awwwww

  22. Heh. It’s hard to learn new kitchen appliances on the fly.

  23. Hi MJ! Where in the world are you today?

  24. How many chickens is everyone else slaughtering tomorrow?

    I still have 8.

  25. Really cool moment with Rocketboy yesterday. “I’ll know I’ve made it in engineering when I learn something that you and Dad don’t know.” This after a discussion of some aerospace reference book that Mr. RFH has.

  26. that would be fun to do on the beach, leon

  27. Did you try any of the meat from chicken #1, Leon?

  28. Pro tip: the best way to keep family peace is to roll your eyes when someone apologizes.


  30. Andy H. ‏@AndyAsAdjective 5m5 minutes ago
    Thanksgiving Day diary

    11:27 am – just punched grandma

  31. I was going to save the champagne for dinner but my husband just brought up taxes so might be a little earlier.

    Mare 10 minutes from now: “Taxes?? Taxes?? Who gives an eff!! Let’s write them a check just for fun!!”

  32. Great header! I said HEADER.

  33. Happy Thanksgiving, 2ers of H.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  34. My husband gave the go ahead to upgrade my Oso late night convo translator.

  35. Turkey Day.
    I’m thankful for some of you.
    Some. Of. You.
    *looks over H2 crowd slowly


    Good one, little fella.

  36. Huh, I can see I’m going it alone this Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for nothing a-holes (for those of you in the Obama administration that means ASSHOLES).


  38. Thanks pups, me likey. I said LIKEY.


  40. My cinnamon rolls turned out well although the vegan recipe did make me feel 28% douchier.

    *fooled them though, I used regular butter! Dumbasses.

  41. Isn’t it tradition for Carin to go to the Lion’s game on Thanksgiving to watch them lose?

  42. Go Loins!


  43. Happy Spanksgiving, ladies.

  44. Andy H. ‏@AndyAsAdjective 31s31 seconds ago
    Thanksgiving Day diary

    12:41 pm -secretly replaced everyone’s sweet tea at lunch with Jose Cuervo

  45. Too bad theres no football on TV.

    Go Loins.

  46. Turkey’s done. Waiting on dressing and green bean casserole to finish baking, then dinner. Breakfast for Rocketboy, heh.

  47. Cooked some hors devors. Ham goes in the oven in an hour.

    Cocktail, Roamie?

  48. Kinda curious about the etymology of the word cocktail. Look into that for me, will ya, Pups?

    By the way, out on the coast, cocktail is exclusively for a mixed drink. But I noticed in the midwest, it was often used for any alcoholic drink.

  49. Look into that for me, will ya, Pups?

  50. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Cable/Wifi out most of the morning. Dan and I actually had to talk to each other.

  51. I’m lying. Rereading Vince Flynn’s The Last Man

  52. Xbradtc, what did ESPN do that was particularly lefty today?

  53. No idea, Mare. Haven’t watched them in years.

  54. TV lost its picture, thought it was the satellite but no. I guess I know what I’m getting for Christmas. Fack.

    Recommendations for a new TV?

  55. Why did you tweet something about it then?

  56. Pupster, seriously, get a black Friday deal today or tomorrow or online. The prices are amazing. Big screens for relatively little $.

    Not the wait in line for hours or the get involved in a riot, but check some target and best buy online prices now. Free shipping may be involved or pick up at store.

  57. I know Mare. I’ve already found some. I just didn’t want to spend the monies or fight the crowds. In store pickup today most likely, but I’m missing footballs RIGHT NOW.

  58. Buuurrp. Had a brisket from the PBC this year. Excellent. Plus enough leftovers for a week or two. It was just Penelope and I and her mom this year.

    The boy is in Dallas going to the Cowboys game. Knowing him, he’ll probably be on the field doing the coin toss or something. For some reason, he’s super outgoing and knows everyone. He went to the NFR in Vegas last year, he met some people, ended up getting invited to their wedding reception, sat with the groom’s family, made a toast. Just last week he went to a huge horse auction in Clovis. He met the guy who owns the auction, went to dinner with him and the auctioneer, got a job offer. Really don’t know where he gets it.

  59. Mare, all I’m seeing are people freaking over the Redskins’ Thanksgiving tweet. Not sure if ESPN weighed in or not.

  60. Have you seen the new 4k TVs? They are absolutely mesmerizing. I can’t have one because I think I would be addicted like a crack addict.

    Also, I’m a little annoyed that I used up a days calories at breakfast.
    FU stupid food that I love.

  61. Your son sounds like a natural people person, Pepe. They are phenomenal salesmen or like our good friend, a very successful money person magnet whose job is getting the clients to invest their $ into Morgan Stanley or whatever. They sound so similar.

  62. What was the tweet, Oso?

  63. Why did you tweet something about it then?

    I *retweeted* something. Just because I don’t watch ESPN doesn’t mean I can’t bemoan the fact that a sports fucking channel has to politicize and propagate lefty talking points all the time.

  64. I agree with you totally, xbrad.

  65. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  66. You too, Andy.

  67. Happy Thanksgiving.

    My Scottish daughter thinks it’s hilarious we’re having standing rib roast instead of turkey. What kind of Americans are we,anyway?

  68. Serve up haggis, neeps and potatoes with a dram of scotch

  69. Comment by Hotspur on November 26, 2015 3:19 pm
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    My Scottish daughter thinks it’s hilarious we’re having standing rib roast instead of turkey. What kind of Americans are we,anyway?


    The kind who lives in so much prosperity and abundance we can pick any kind of wonderful food and enjoy it on any given day and give thanks for it?

  70. Tatties, Jimbro, tatties. And it’s usually referred to as a wee dram of whisky.

    Haggis would be nice, but it’s only on the menu for our Burns Suppers.

  71. MCPO might need a new TV if he’s watching the Eagles game……

  72. Yeah, Mare, he’s always been that way. He should graduate college this Spring, or he might take a semester off and graduate next December. There’s a class he wants to take that’s only offered in the Fall. Right now he wants to get his real estate license and also be an appraiser. He’ll do really well with real estate.

  73. Company arriving in fifteen minutes. I suppose I should put on some pants.

  74. Mare, they tweeted “Happy Thanksgiving” with their logo as backdrop.

  75. Unless my education has led me astray, the natives were at the first Thanksgiving and they all partied like rock stars. Fuck crybullies.

  76. Got the backup TV set up, Mrs. Pupster talked me out of a new one. Dangit.

  77. Pups, I got a decent 32″ Vizio for $279.

  78. Better deals on TVs before Super Bowl. I like the curved screen smart tvs.

  79. And if I don’t like it, I can just take it back, right?

  80. Oso, that I’m a dumbass is widely accepted, but how is the Redskins tweeting Happy Thanksgiving controversial?

    * If you are a conquered people, STFU. If you are a conquered people and live a better life than you would have before you were conquered, really STFU. If you are a conquered people who have figured out how to make a shit ton of money skirting the law via gambling/fishing and otherwise and have enough to make your living/education/family life situation better and you choose not to, absolutely STFU.

  81. When you go to a big appliance place they rant forever on Vizio, I’ve even had it explained to me about components being rejected and resold etc.. However, every person I’ve ever known who has owned a Visio (myself included) has been very, very happy with them.

  82. Mare, it is RAYCISS and the Redkins should not have triggered people by using their logo in a tweet. I think it made twitchy. Comments are hilarious. (Pups, just buy and return at a local Costco.)

  83. Mare, we sell a bunch of Vizio TVs. There are a few lemons. Meh. The big difference in TVs used to be sound quality. Sound bars and wireless speakers take care of that. I went to ESPN origin tweet. It is about their loss of viewers. In our case, we listen to and watch more FS1. Less NBA. So, we’re rayciss.

  84. Love the trumpet National Anthem. Like taps.

  85. Looks like Taps for the Cowboys today…

  86. I *had* to buy the Vizio. It’s the only television that would fit inside the little entertainment center nook built into the wall here.

  87. So this game has the very high potential to suck. Uffffffffff

  88. Me dos. Taps makes me cry though. Niagara Falls/d

  89. Xbradtc, my point was that as much as the “pros” bitch about Vizios, everyone I know who has them loves them.

  90. I figure it only has to last as long as XMom.

  91. Nobody’s gonna make a “your mom” joke?

  92. XB, what’s going on along the Turks side of the Syrian border? Are there really troop movements?

  93. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I like my Vizio.

  94. Your mom’s been jumped so many times her nickname is Pogo……

    Happy now?

  95. The one that blowed up today was a Visio. It lasted 7-8 years. I’m satisfied, but the timing was not optimal.

    The backup TV is the same size but the sound quality is bad, but we’ve hooked up some Aux speakers and it’s acceptable.

    Mrs. Pupster bought pepermint flavored whipped cream which kind of bungled-up the chocolate pie, but other than that dinner went off without a hitch.

    *unbuckles pants*

  96. LIPPY!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  97. No idea, Oso. I’m taking a day to play LIV.

  98. Best deal I could find was at

  99. Phily lost, Dallas is losing, and the Giants play Washington on Sunday. This could be a great week for Giants fans.

  100. 100th!!!!

  101. I mean Hey jackass, 100th!!!

  102. Scott, Walmart has great pricing and value. (Totes not trying to drive up stock prices)

  103. I’m sorry, XB. I wasn’t aware you had leave to be a LIV for a day. I’m having to sort through dreck to find something of value about Turkey poking the bear.

  104. Is anyone else irritated at seeing people why don’t go for a walk the other 364 days of the year out going for a walk on Thanksgiving?

    I drove the 20 minutes to my parents house today and it was hard to not accidentally run over a dozen fat-thigh-chaffing waddlers.

    No offense Mare.

  105. Hey did you guys know there is a new Star Wars movie coming out?


  106. Another movie for me to not watch.

  107. Hey jackass Happy Thanksgiving.

    You know you’re going to camp out for three days in front on the theater so you can see the first showing.

  108. Rosetta, Dan offered to let me out of the car at the bottom of the mesa so I could walk home. The jaywalkers were really pissing him off. His Superhero name is Capt. Road Rage.

  109. Ossobucco, are you sure he wasn’t just tired of your harping?

  110. I haven’t been to a movie theater since Waterboy in 1998.

    That movie ruined me.

  111. Has anyone ever done a statistical study of the racial breakdown of jaywalkers?

  112. Ironically the last movie I saw at a theater was that M. Night Shamalamadingdong piece of crap Lady in the Water in 2006.

    Man that movie sucked.

    It would be funny if someone made a movie called Lady in the Waterboy.

    I would go see that probably.

  113. Heh. I don’t harp. New Mexico is rayciss and if you kill a pedestrian out of a crosswalk you usually skate. Californians have the hardest time understanding that traffic doesn’t stop when they leave the kerb. I used to H8 going to The Forum. I was always afraid we were going to kill a pedestrian. See also shortcuts through Guadalupe in PHX.

  114. Lady in the Waterboy has joke thread potential.

    When was the last joke thread at this dump?

  115. Most joke threads seem to gravitate to hashtags at Twitter. We don’t even play the question game.

  116. What question game?

  117. Funny tab says July.

  118. Californians have the hardest time understanding that traffic doesn’t stop when they leave the kerb.

    In CA, they have to stop. At least in my little town they do.

  119. Who is Funny tab?

  120. For a recipe blog we have a lot of non-recipe tabs.

  121. Lippy, yep. Californians get hit all the time. In NM, we have a certain population that gets run over by cars and trains.

  122. Same same with bicyclists. If you are in a crosswalk, you better be off bike and walking. Bike path? You better be following vehicle laws. I get so sick of the Share The Road assholes.

  123. Who is Funny tab?

  124. BOOOO!!!!

  125. In NM, we have a certain population that gets run over by cars and trains.

    They expect the trains to stop for them? O_o I thought St. Pancake was bad.

  126. They get drunk and tend to pass-out on medians and railroad tracks.

  127. We had someone near here drive around the train stoppy gates and get hit. Derailed the train (thanks a-hole), but he survived. Not sure how to feel about that.

  128. Las Vegas and Oahu have pedestrian death problems, too. IMHO Californians.

  129. 98% of all drownings in this state are Puerto Ricans.

    You would think that island people would know how to swim.

  130. Lippy, we have the gate runners here too. I blame the fucking LEOs. We pass bullshit laws and the cops don’t enforce. Every T-Day walker or jogger we saw today had earbuds or headphones covering both ears. AGAINST THE LAW. I have never seen a distraction law enforced against a living person.

  131. Our drownings are drunk locals.

  132. 4:58. TL;DW

  133. OMG Guy Lewis died. RIP.

  134. thanksgiving chat room salutations

  135. Colex for the win….

  136. *hopes lippy let the turkeys go*

  137. Watching football. Waiting for dinner. Condo smells divine.


  139. Yawn. We have a few wood sculptors in town. TFG supporting Fucks/

  140. Left, stupid dog with his head stuck, Rosetta…cute kitten, mare:

  141. Rosetta searching for acceptance:

  142. My mom ships food to my brother. Boys in brown put forklift tines through her Thanksgiving shipment. Shipping is covered, not content. Tamales and green chile/red chile jerky was ok. Tortillas and red chile was mostly a loss. UPS guy in Vegas offered my bro $100 bucks for his jerky. *Not a euphemism

  143. Crap. I was bragging earlier about not moving for 30 years and I just realized that the guy who lived here before me didn’t move for 39 years.

  144. Rosetta attempts sports:

  145. I had a very good day today with the exception of Gabe. Ate till I was stuffed, then had pie. Visited with an age old friend and his new wife and family, facetimed my family. It is all good!
    Thanks for family, friends, H2, and Mare. Well that Rosetta fellow too.

  146. Everything liberals think about conservatives is total projection.

    I got a lot of stupid hurled my way today.

    And pie!!

  147. Hey Vmax, did you see my post last night about doggie slings? They exist. Basically you’re carrying him like luggage. Get thee to amazon.

  148. Racist homophobe.

  149. pray for me, temp just went below 70.

  150. You can use a towel to make a dog sling.

    No, you’re a towel!

  151. Oh dear. Hoped J’ames packed a sweater. Brrrr

  152. Well, not carrying him, but helping. It might be good for the bathroom breaks.

  153. I did Lips,
    I am using a tee shirt now, I can lift the front 2/3’s of him, but the back 1/3rd is not cooperating. I am thinking of cutting up another shirt and making a tee shirt sling for all 4 legs for a boy dog. Girl dogs are so much easier.

  154. I need a sling.

    Woman, carry me outside so I may pee.

  155. I had eclair pie today. Never had it before, but it was wonderful, and Pecan, and Cherry, I was full so I skipped the pumpkin cheesecake pie. I am not a pumpkin lover.

  156. Heh Scott wins!

  157. Pumpkin pies only exist to make other pies look better.

  158. I Survived Thanksgiving With My Entire In-Law Family.

  159. It’s the JV pie.

  160. Vman – Sorry sorry to read about Gabe. Are all 4 legs not working well?

  161. I work at 6 AM tomorrow. I’m laughing at my former co-workers at Target. Dan’s friends that are VPs with Target and Kohl’s are pissed about losing their Thanksgiving.

  162. Our first and only Black Friday purchase is an iPad mini. Only 16g. Planning our TITs 2 for Feb.

  163. Wait for it…

  164. Cactus League starts March 1st. Dan is being cranky Dan.

  165. Heh, ChrisP

  166. ISWYDT

  167. Tiger Chick,
    His back legs were bum and very wobbly when I got him. He hurt his right front leg. A 1 legged dog needs a lot of help.

  168. I’m not about the math. Forgot to factor the preheat time into the bread heating. Kill me nao. Worst wife ever. Stew is ready. Still don’t understand why my bourbon was cut off. I’m the bad math poster child sober.

  169. My bud convinced me to play Fallout New Vegas. I signed up for Steam and I am at 40%
    Why don’t I have fast internet? AT&T sucks, I want Fiber!

  170. I only ate about 4000 calories, not bad, not bad at all.

    VMAN, I need your sling!!

    * I’m sorry about your doggie.

  171. Darn bum legs – hugs and scritches

  172. AT&T sucks should be the first thing taught in elementary school.

  173. Scott, it’s a start.

  174. Mess with AT&T and you get screwed. Always.

  175. I miss Michael. He was totes winning with AT&T.

  176. A good friend worked there. She said that if she were blowing diseased bums in the park she’d have more self-respect than working at AT&T.

  177. Mare I am not that strong!
    Snickers, but I am kidding!

  178. Now that’s really saying something.

  179. Asks Lips for her friends number.

  180. Ha! She doesn’t work there anymore, so you’re out of luck.

  181. Vman!!!!!


  182. I got a kiss by Mare! Yeah!
    Well Lips, I am not diseased or a bum so ask her if a regular moron in Texas would work for her.

  183. It doesn’t work that way.

  184. Maybe if you were unemployed.

  185. Pupster, I ate the whole bird and made 3 quarts of stock from the carcass. It was pretty good overall. I just put the bird straight into the crock pot about an hour after butchering with some salt and seasoning.

    Back from seeing Possum’s great gramma and my folks. Time for a screwdriver and a book.

  186. Dan added sweet taters to the green chile stew. Hot/Sweet combo was awesome

  187. Mr. Chumpo,
    It is Very! tentative, but I am considering chartering 2 days in Cabo around April. Would you consider splitting the cost of 2 trips 3 ways?
    I am thinking $600 a day /3

  188. Happy Thanksgiving!

  189. I made a turkey, a ham, garlic shrimp with sriracha sauce, mashed potatoes, two kinds of gravy, green beans with cream cheese, garden cous cous, sweet potato pie, and a peach upside down cake. I love Thanksgiving.

  190. And stuffing. I didn’t forget the stuffing.

  191. What sort of sport is trying to hop on a huge barrel?

    No offense Mr. Mare.

  192. Fortunately Crazy Cat Lady was here. I thought I was making too much.

  193. 3 quarts from one carcass?

  194. JEW!!

  195. Hot Damn, SwineHammer. I’ll be over for leftovers tomorrow.

  196. Happy Thanksgiving, all!
    Thanks for being here!

  197. garlic shrimp with sriracha sauce

    That belongs on the recipe site

  198. I’ve eaten so much cold boiled shrimp, I’m growing a shell.

  199. wth is garden cous cous?


  201. Bring Scott, Laura. I have a plate of bacon bits in the oven. I didn’t know what to do with them.

  202. *shakes off Turkey coma*

    Evenin’, all.

  203. Did your smoker get a workout, Andy?

  204. I’ve created a monster.
    I showed Anita that she could stream PoI, Breaking Bad, and Justified on line.
    We’ve not seen all of any of them since we killed DirecTV.
    She starts looking around:
    “I’ve got 1.9 Terabytes over here, 1.7 here, and we could put a 3TB drive into the WiFi Router for NAS…”

  205. She’s half-way through the pilot of PoI, and I’m laughing my ass off…

  206. ChrisP, laughing because it’s funny, or because it’s stupid?

  207. Yep, smoked a pork loin yesterday just playin’ around and then smoked a turkey today. Also used the residual heat to warm some sausage.

  208. Chrispy, she grasps with streaming, you don’t *need* TB of memory?

  209. XB,
    She can download and watch without buffering at will,or on her phone via WiFi while on the treadmill.
    We are on DSL, not FIOS…

  210. Fair enough.

  211. CoAlex,
    The concept is interesting and if it was real, it’s actually how it might play-out.
    It’s fiction, not history.
    You understand the concept, “entertainment”?

  212. XB,
    We’re talkin’ storage, not memory.
    I need to convert my old VHS to digital…

  213. Holy shit. You’re telling me that a television show about a sentient computer system isn’t historical?! My little world has been shattered. How ever shall I live with this new knowledge?

    Hollywood writers suck, and often get shit so wrong that it becomes insulting. Military crap comes to mind as one of the more common areas. So it’s perfectly valid to ask if she’s laughing because it’s funny, or because it’s so stupid that it’s funny.

  214. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! For the first time in years, we spent Thanksgiving alone at home – I’m fresh out of the hospital, and Rebecca and Mr. TiFW were both under the weather.

    Speaking of weather, does anyone know how to build an ark? If it keeps raining like this, we’re going to need one….

  215. Alex,
    Both. We’ve been in IT since discreet components,(pre-integrated circuits, which was before you were born).
    I was in the in the military from 67-73.
    Which was also before you were born.
    My history is VERY different from yours, and my knowledge-base is very different, and much larger than yours.
    (Insert “Get Off My Lawn”.)
    TV shows about either are laughable.
    We let it go, as WHoorywood has no understanding of either.
    It’s entertainment, fantasy, escapism.
    Is it your premise that we should spend our time obsessing on the government overreach, unconstitutional activities, civil-rights violations, and the disregard of laws, and skip escapist entertainment?
    That way leads to depression and death.
    You may choose that path.
    Me, I’m going for entertainment and humor, on occasion.

  216. Trouble’s brewin’

  217. Is it your premise that we should spend our time obsessing on the government overreach, unconstitutional activities, civil-rights violations, and the disregard of laws, and skip escapist entertainment?
    That way leads to depression and death.
    You may choose that path.
    Me, I’m going for entertainment and humor, on occasion.

    No where did I ever say or even imply that, jackass.

    I merely asked if the show was well or poorly written.

    I don’t expect perfect accuracy from any entertainment, but I do expect that writers not waste my time by not even doing the most basic of research.

    Go fuck yourself.

  218. Alex,
    Happy Thanksgiving, and may GOD bless you.

  219. Roamy,
    Anita showed me the picture you put on FaceChimp.
    Rocketboy looks like me in the ’70s!
    Especially the hair!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all…

  220. That’s a bit rough, CoLex. A minor misunderstanding doesn’t call for fucking off. I’ve drank with you, and I’ve drank with Chrispy.

    You’re both good guys.

  221. I love Person Of Interest. Also I often go fuck myself … is that what we’re calling it now?

  222. Still 12 minutes of Thanksgiving Day left, so I’ll sneak in at this last minute and hope you all had a great day.

  223. Hah. You got ripped off. I’ve still got 49 minutes!

  224. 4 minutes to spare! Happy Thanksgiving, jive turkeys.

  225. Yeah there’s a derp on the loose
    Sirens in my head
    Wrapped up in silence
    All circuits are dead
    Cannot decode my whole life spins into a frenzy

  226. —hears distant static sound, opens bleary eyes to TV screen’s flickering light illuminating a dim room with gnawed turkey bones strewn on the threadbare carpet and discovers the gravy pooled on the floor is actually congealed human blood—it’s BLACK FRIDAY!!!

  227. Rocketboy last cut his hair for his grandfather’s funeral almost exactly a year ago. I don’t care for it, but I let it be. If that’s all the rebellion I get, I’m fine.

    He said one of the stoners at school has been trying to get him to smoke pot, and he does the Old Spice routine, “Look at my GPA. Now look at your GPA. Back to my GPA…”

    Half a work day so just worky.


  229. Benny would be standing on my back licking my head. That dog’s doing it better than he would.

  230. Evening.

  231. ~Hi Jew~ We’re on the BBF thread.

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