Lake of Wire

This chick.  Jeez.

Introducing the exceedingly patient, Georgia Russell.

b.1974 Eglin, Scottland.


Region capture 7


So, she uses a scalpel and paint and well, sometimes photos fail to convey the incredibly complex.

Region capture 8 Region capture 9 Region capture 10 Region capture 11 Region capture 13 Region capture 14 Region capture 15 Region capture 19

Tweak on, Ms. Russell.

Region capture 21

Also, Hip, Hip, Hooray!! for TiFW, who is on the mend.


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  1. Good night.

  2. My niece’s husband got a visa, so they left Brazil and are at my brother’s for Thanksgiving. As happy as I am to have Rocketboy home, it can’t compare to my SIL who hasn’t seen her daughter in two years.

  3. TEA got pretty invasive, didn’t they?

  4. I thought yall were gonna entertain me.

  5. Where are you headed?

  6. Our government is completely corrupt.

    We are third world as far as our government operates.

    Hillary Clinton is evil.

  7. wakey wakey


  9. Books last night’s thread: I’m reading (simultaneously)

    Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything”
    O’Riley’s “Killing Patton”
    and “The Wider shores of marx_” by Theodore Dalrymple

    I don’t know why I do this.

  10. I’ve been off the O’Reilly wagon for a long time. Back around the turn of the century he was must watch TV for me but the bloom has been off the rose for a long time.

  11. Evidently, take what O’Riley says with a grain of salt.

  12. He filled his Reagan book with some bullshit.

  13. I have about 8 books that get read here and there depending on the mood. Nonfiction, I really have to be up for, reality is tough enough. Reading headlines is like a gauntlet.

  14. Most of the kindle books I want to read cost more than a decent used copy plus shipping. Every few years I bring the books I’ll never read again to a bookseller across the river in Bucksport. He either sells them in his store or online.

  15. I was really enjoying the O’Reily book (although I’m not a fan of his show and haven’t watched it in years and years). But after reading about his Reagan book … I’ve set it aside. Which is a shame. Pat says the Patton book is pretty accurate. I’ve found it fascinating so far.

  16. The reason I like my Kindle is that I can read in bed w/o a light which bothers my husband. THe light from the kindle doesn’t keep him up.

    But I read a lot of physical books too. It’s about half and half.

  17. at midway in chicago. headed to nawlins and then driving to Florida

  18. I’ve liked the O’Reilly books, him not so much. why spread bs about a hero of most of your fans?

  19. You need to eat in New Orleans, and find some takeout to go.

  20. Why are you traveling, Jay?

  21. Jay, any observations on the state of the American people as witnessed during your travels?

  22. Why don’t you just fly to Florida? They have airports there.

  23. Currently reading Ghandi and Churxhill by Arthur Hermann. I’ve read two of his other books and enjoyed them immensely, but am struggling with this one. I don’t blame Tushar.

  24. That sounds way too easy PG.

  25. Turkey shot down a Russian fighter. This is going to get interesting.

    And interesting I mean fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…

  26. WW III! I was so worried I’d miss it!

    There was pretty much no other way out of the Great Recession. How long until the draft riots, ya think?

  27. The draft riots will be tweeted.

  28. I’m reading GoT, Salem, and I need something else to read this week!!!!!!!

    Any ideas that aren’t total shit? I could go for something with a bit of pace, excitement, etc.

  29. Your mom?

  30. way cheaper to fly to nawlins and drive. gotta have a car anyway, and I haven’t seen the Gulf coast. gumbo will be consumed at Louis Armstrong airport.

  31. Good morning Car in!

    I mailed you a Christmas present yesterday. If the box is oozing and smells like dead fish, that’s ok. Just let it sit until the big day, then open it.

  32. MJ, I really enjoyed Brian Lumley’s Necroscope series, but Tor is a little bitch and won’t set them free on Kindle.

    I’m not lending you my paperbacks, either.

  33. mare, going to an iowa state basketball tournament in florida, whole family is renting a house on the beach in Destin

  34. NM, they finally put them on Kindle, but they cost like $8 apiece.

    Worth it. Fun reads, lots of monsters and sex and England at its best.

  35. everyone is surprisingly normal, I must still be in the midwest.

  36. SQUEEELLLLL!!! I can’t wait until it gets here.

  37. I’m not lending you my paperbacks, either.
    Does this have anything to do with my inability to understand your love of muscle bound men?

  38. I bet Obama is sharting in his pants right now.

  39. He’s probably just getting done with his workout. Or just getting out of bed.

  40. Destin is fantastic! I’d move there if they had a BIG airport nearby. Have fun, Jayman.

  41. MJ – I’m making it through this morning listening to Chevelle REALLY loudly. How are you handling it?

  42. I’ve used Desitin rather often but I prefer the pot cream now.

  43. They (the morons in charge of Obama’s twitter account) made it sound like Obama attends security briefings when he feels like it.

    Shouldn’t he be doing that daily FFS?

  44. I’m watching the news. No music this morning although I have Alt J on the hi fi ready to go.

  45. I think I’ve settled on The Alienist.

  46. Obama’s legacy is going to be the dissolution of NATO.

  47. The NEWS??? I can’t watch that shit in the morning. I read a bit but until I get coffee in me …

    and now I’m just going to listen to Metal all day. I think it’s for the best.

    I have to clean/shop/workout.

  48. CoAl – Obama’s legacy is going to be long.
    And none of it good.

  49. The Alienist.

    Heard that was good. I have a copy of it somewhere that I haven’t read.

  50. And the worst part is that we won’t be rid of him in Jan 17. Hell be running is cockholster for the next thirty years like his boy Carter.

  51. That seems to be the downside of electing a younger prezzie. Too many years left to cast their opinions on things they have no true insight on.

  52. We’re watching The Men Who Built America this morning. Cornelius Vanderbuilt was a badass.

  53. When you’re at Destin, take a short trip east to Seaside. It’s a unique village with great architecture.

  54. Well, not great, but pretty good.

  55. I’ll just leave this here.

  56. Can the illiterate hangout here? Or is this place just for book reading smurt people?

  57. Holy shit, Carly and Trump were both commentators on this series.

  58. Looks like we have a delurker.

    terribletroy, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass -right now?

  59. Troy, Rosetta’s illiterate and nearly a mute and he founded it.

    Baby’s asleep: good.
    Wife is stuck waiting in line for the bullcrap at the base: bad.

    One bottle on standby. Still have to go to work at some point. Gonna be a long day.

  60. T-Troy, if you don’t want to add to the book discussion, feel free to hang around in the corner with your fellow Hostages and eat some paste and comment unintelligibly every once in a while so we know you’re still breathing. We buy the paste in bulk.

  61. …and the bullwhips.

  62. Speaking of books; there’s a new Mitch Rapp book called The Survivor, but it’s written by Kyle Mills. It still has Vince Flynn’s name on it. Not sure how that works, but I just downloaded it, so I’ll let you know.

  63. @ HS…. I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may incriminate me. (aka Lois Lerner and every slimy POS politician out there defense)

    (it was either this or go with the ” I slipped and fell on them defense”)

    PS. Just out of curiosity,..Whats the record for bullwhips up the arse around here? (Not that Im into record breaking or anything…)

  64. I think when Jimebro arrived he held the record at fifteen.

  65. Well, then, just tell us how you found our little shithole dump.

  66. PS. Just out of curiosity,..Whats the record for bullwhips up the arse around here? (Not that Im into record breaking or anything…)

    Ask your mom.

  67. arse

    Limey! GTFO!

  68. Pictured: Hotspur bragging at the Ghetto Bar:

    (Code words: eggs = bullwhips, eat = insert)

  69. No man can eat fifty dicks!

  70. You oughta know.

  71. Your mom, on the other hand…

  72. @ CA I can see somebody doesn’t like the idea of their record being broken. Its cool bro…Im sure you’ll remain the champ for quite awhile.

  73. @HS Found my way here either through xbradtc or Uncivil Peasants / Hookers & Booze or Aggie Sith. Used to hang at the Rott until it went dark. .

  74. Welcome. When Cyn gets here she should have a little something special for you. Well, not really little.

  75. Troy, did you lurk here before you commented?

    Because It’s a good idea to lurk then you can really understand what kind of psycho, filthy, 4th grade kind of place this is..

    I love the way Hotspur says it, “shithole dump.”

  76. HEY!

  77. I like the way Charles Barkley says terrible. Turble. Just turble.

  78. Since Troy is new, I gave him an extra period. You are all filthy whores.

  79. I thought you didn’t have any more periods to give.

  80. Giving a guy an extra period is better than giving him a missing period.

  81. @ Mare. No. I just looked at all the titty pics…wait …. was I supposed to actually read this shit?

  82. No, we don’t read it either.

  83. Scene: We are renting until the end of December, I decided to get an inexpensive tree, add some lights and ornament balls that come in a long tube.

    Mare: “I can’t wait until you put the lights on the tree, then I’ll be able to put balls everywhere!! ” Laughs.

    Mr. Mare: smirks then says, “psycho.”

    Mare: laughs harder


  84. Hey, don’t blame me for TTroy showing up here!

  85. Why does the husband always have to put the fucking lights on?

  86. Tradition, Hotspur.

    I told my husband what you said, and he said, “I think I’d like Hotspur.” I told him you like sailing and he nodded knowingly.

  87. Troy was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. There were like 10 different funeral pyre scenes. It was around 3 hours and not one fucking person on the whole editing/production team spoke up and said, ‘hey, you know, this movie is fucking terrible and the last thing people will want to see is another big fire with some ancient feg in it. What do you say we cut the 9th funeral scene.?’

    To sum up, anyone named Troy can go DIAF.

  88. I’m going to FL for TDAY as well.

  89. Wife home. Time to go to work. I’m wearing Three Wolf Moon under my sweater.

  90. According to Salon, we don’t understand complex satire.

    I thought it was more we just don’t like fags.

  91. Troy Oso lurked for about 5 years before she commented. She knew all our secrets.

    Since THAT’s been done – I see no problem with just jumping in.

  92. Three pies acquired. THREE.

    Three berry

  93. There is no humor on the left, just snarky meangirl shit.

  94. Grocery shopping accomplished. No cleaning has yet occurred.

  95. Yes, Sandestin and 30A are both really nice. I like to stay in Sandestin and scoot up to Watercolor and the others to hang out for a day.

  96. And … I just found out I be w/o a car tomorrow. The day before thanksgiving.

    This shouldn’t be a problem.

    *gets MJ puppet and a rubber mallet

  97. I don’t give a crap that these are vegan, I was lured to them by the term “easiest cinnamon rolls” any thoughts from the bakers?

  98. The only thing Troy had going for it were good looking actors.

  99. True – Mare – but who need that when I can just what Thor movies over and over again.

    Mare – you and I should go see that new Chris Hemsworth movie. I’m really interested in whaling and shit.

  100. Run then clean or the other way around?


  101. Run first. If you clean first you’ll find an excuse to not run afterwards. But if you run first, you still have to clean before tomorrow.

  102. Run, fatty.

  103. Let’s do it, Carin.

  104. Run, then you have cleaning to look forward to.

  105. It’ll be weird when my planned short run turns into 10 miles because I don’t want to get home and scrub toilets.

  106. Don’t you have kids. Why’d you have kids if not for slave labor scrubbing toilets?

  107. Millions of people only know Trojans as dick wrappers.

    I find that sort of funny.

  108. Well, the Greeks did use them as such in the end.

  109. They’re not all here.

    Plus they don’t do as good of a job.

    Erin’s the only one I can trust -but she’s at school. The two oldest are at work.

  110. Millions of people only know Trojans as dick wrappers.
    I find that sort of funny.


    Funny and yet, not funny. When high school and college kids are asked fairly easy history questions they don’t have a clue. Another lefty success story.

  111. Cleaning is over rated. As are dick wrappers.

  112. thin gumbo combo ordered in slidell

  113. Wait- so you make the *most* trustworthy one scrub the toilets? Seems like an incentive for the others to slack.

  114. ingrates.

    *drops cigerette but on blogs front porch and rides off on a green 10 speed w a wobbly tire*

  115. Mare, where you gonna go when you quit free loading?

  116. if I lived here I’d weigh 9000 lbs

  117. I got a group of girls to believe that the West won the Civil War and that their uniforms were Burberry plaid.


  118. Did they let you play with their Barbies?

  119. “Barbies”

  120. He only gets to play with GND’s Barbies now.

  121. CHumpo- sorry.

    No one commented on the art. Chumpo still believes we care about content …

    *chuckles quietly to self

  122. The girls were mid 20s.

    And yes, I played with their tits.

  123. Right now I’m not free loading. We rented the place RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my friends. They called the owner and asked if they would rent it (it’s a two bedroom they have for “when family and friends are in town). Our friends really wanted us to hang around until our place was done.

    At the end of December we move to St. Pete. We are in a marina. Last time we were there, 5 manatees were hanging out. We were told in January and February it is about 10-15.

  124. Chumpo, I was torn, I appreciated the art but it was unsettling so it’s not something I was attracted to (much like xbradtc).

  125. I didn’t comment on the art because it all looks like OFB.

  126. Yea. Something about it seemed kind of depressing to me.

  127. Freeloading

  128. Comment by xbradtc on November 24, 2015 2:15 pm
    I didn’t comment on the art because it all looks like OFB.



  129. Yeah, his body is too beautiful to mess with. Leave that to the ugly, old actors.

  130. hahahaha…xbradtc has ruined Georgia Russell’s art for me, forever.

  131. Seriously Mare. We should protest. I need a safe space. And in it Chris Hemsworth always looks like Thor.

  132. I’d still hit it.

  133. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin were walking around out in the country enjoying the scenery and mild Fall weather.

    On the trail, they came across a sheep.

    When the sheep tried to get away, it got its head caught in a fence next to the trail, and was stuck.

    Putin smiled, walked up behind the sheep, and dropped his drawers and had his way with the sheep.

    When Putin was done, he turned to Obama and said “Go ahead . . it’s your turn”.

    Obama walked over and stuck his head in the fence.

  134. I’m so confused, would one of you tell me whom I’m supposed to want to win in Syria? Putin? Syrian rebels backed by our money? Not Assad, right? But didn’t he turn out to be the best of several evils? Had we not messed with him, or had we, this actually would have been contained?

    Oh, and eff Arab Spring.

  135. We have some close friends that live in St. Pete Beach. We’re planning to go there after the first of the year.

    We should meat-up.

  136. This artist ougt to dabble in pubic hair.

  137. I’m really more in the “make the ME a layer of glass” camp but that’s just me not drinking wine for a week.

  138. Are they the friends that live in Pass-A-Grill? Close.

  139. “I’d still hit it.”

    Oh sure. But I’m make him shower and eat a sammich first.

  140. I ought to quit leaving h out of fucked up spellings of simple words.

  141. Mare – I think we just want the conflict to weaken all parties but mostly ISIS and then Assad.

    You know – it’s almost as if Obama/Hillary/Kerry were just winging this whole thing.

  142. Just got a call from some other friends here that want us to come for Thanksgiving and if we already have plans we need to come on Friday because the whole family will still be there and we’re family (she added, “whether you like it or not!).

    It’s hard to be a hermit with friends close by. We’ve been on a social whirl.

  143. Yeah, they live in Pass-A-Grill on Vina Del Mar Island.

  144. Vina Del Mar is where my husband wants to live. We couldn’t afford a move in (a nice one) and we didn’t want to remodel right away. Love that area. Most are either very nice or need LOTS of work.

  145. Our friends’ house falls into the category of very nice, but not ostentatious, like the McMansions. Some of the houses are original 1950s or 60s, and really need work.

  146. On black Friday, Verizon customers can go to their web-site and click a button to get a free Gig added to their monthly total for the current, and next, billing cycle…

  147. Riddle me this —
    How come if I needed to get a routine colonoscopy done, they could get me in in eight weeks, but if I have ‘issues’, which will require a colonoscopy, a consult must be done first and the earliest they can ‘consult’ is in eight weeks….and the colonoscopy to follow weeks after that? Seems ‘issues’ should bump one up a little in the queue, I would think.

  148. Recapping my morning here.

    Offered Paste
    Concern expressed for the contents of my ass
    Greetings extended to my mother
    Wished that when I pass away, I do so in warmth.
    Compared to a prophylatic that has saved millions from unwanted pregnancy and STD’s

    Thanks for the warm welcome

  149. Shit Troy. I don’t know what you’re complaining about. We ignore some newbs.

    You should be FLATTERED.

  150. Oh hey, a new guy.

    Hi, TT.

  151. I wish the GI doc was more interested in the contents of my ass.

  152. Im not complaining, I believe I attempted to portray my experience in a positive fashion.

  153. Probably because there are risks, and the risks are greater if you have “issues”.

  154. Pat is making positive noises about sending me to TITS.

    It’s really too early to pin any hopes.

  155. Seriously, I read the blog for a bit before sounding off. And take all comments as the blog banter that occurs here with regularity.

  156. I just don’t think we’re coming across as intimidating anymore.

  157. I’d be content with pics of Beasn’s ass.

  158. I have been reading about colonoscopies. I have concluded that it isn’t worth it for me.

    If you are healthy, with no family history of cancer, the odds of them finding something is real small.

  159. Comment by Car in on November 24, 2015 3:29 pm

    Pat is making positive noises about sending me to TITS.

    It’s really too early to pin any hopes.

    You’ve finally driven him to the brink of madness, so he desperately needs you out of the house for a few days.

    Well played. Well played.

  160. QOTSA free weekend!!!!

  161. Mr. Car in and the kids are going to dance around the house to Taylor Swift and Johnny Cash.

  162. I came to the same conclusion, Scott.

  163. Probably because there are risks, and the risks are greater if you have “issues”.

    But don’t you think they would bump those with issues up a little in the queue? Why 8 weeks….why not 6?

    If someone has something bad going on, that is 8 weeks more of bad potentially getting much worse. Especially if after the consult they say, ‘okay then, we’ll go ahead and schedule your test IN MARCH’. Four months frittered away waiting.
    *hopefully mine is only what I think it is but you never know*

  164. The mantra they can’t stop repeating is: “Colon cancer is the most preventable cancer there is.” Which is probably true, and given the awfulness of colon cancer, is probably worth some inconvenience to prevent. But it’s still annoying that they won’t shut up. It’s like the other mantra: “Most men die with prostate cancer, not of it.” Just STFU.

    I did one five years ago and hated it, but I’ll do one again in 5 years, ‘cuz yuk. But next time I’m not drinking that dang Suprep. It’s Gatorade and Miralax for this guy.

  165. About the only “professional courtesy” left now is getting people I know or am acquainted with into specialists earlier than the general public. Doesn’t happen too often but when people go out of their way to ask me I try to help them out. In the old days professional courtesy meant free care for doctors and/or their families. Well before my time. If you lived near me beasn you’d be drinking the prep right now.

  166. Well, as my grandfather used to say, ‘that’s what makes a horserace.’

    Georgia Russlle just text me back and she’s ok. She’s dissapointed, but she’s ok.
    Good thing she’s been taking correspondance courses for clerrical work at the Scottish Parliment.

    It’s interesting to me what feedback ye all give on Tuesdays.
    This is Wire #27

  167. It’s a tough crowd.

  168. I want to punch Mr.Chumpo in the private area but I also want to hug him. Perplexing.

  169. Mare, can you think of why it might be that the n00b hasn’t brought us juicewine boxes yet? I sense a good hazing brewing.

  170. cup check.

  171. Maybe just hug his private area, Mare.

  172. Wine?? I have a excellent selection available. There’s a Boones Farm Strawberry with delicious undertones of a chemical I could never name, or I have a nice MD 20/20 in faux grape that has a exquisite after taste….would you prefer that chilled or room temp?

  173. I don’t think I told Car in about our drive back from Lapeer. The night we left, Pat gave us directions for getting around a closed section of highway in Detroit.

    Well, I must have missed a turn. By the time I figured it out we had probably been on Dontgetoutofyourcar Blvd for a few miles. We were pointed in the right direction though, so I figured if I just kept heading South we had to hit I75 eventually.


    Dontgetoutofyourcar Blvd is a very long road.

    If it weren’t 3 AM, I don’t know if we would have made it.

  174. There are lots of roads like that Scott.

  175. From what I saw, the odds of them poking a hole in your gut are about the same as them finding anything.

    I think the odds of getting colon cancer is 4%, without a family history a lot less.

    I like my odds.

  176. Chilled.

  177. Howdy, Troy.

  178. Howdy OSO & Beas (sorry I didnt respond in a more timely manner Beas)

  179. Troy, where you from?

  180. That’s a tricky one scott….I currently reside in a small farm town (1000) in central illinois. I spent the first part of my childhood in NYC (Manhattan) and then at 13 we moved to Northern Va and then further out into the Appalachians. So Im kinda a cultural mutt, but I lean to a more “southern” manner.

  181. Favorite baseball team? College? NHL? NFL? We need info.

  182. T. Troy, what section of this fine nation do you call home?

    I live in San Diego and am a member of The West Coast Contingent fn Cyn
    Here at The Hate Too we have a Southern Group, a section of Hudderites from in and around Greater LaPeer/Ann Arbor. A Mid-west posse, Der Texan’s, A handfull of ‘cane dealers from Flo’ Rida, and of course The NE Bomb-Throwers.

    Hermaphrodites all. They did explaine to ye that we are a tranny support blog, right?

  183. Nevermind.

  184. Hello all. ‘Sup?

  185. Hi Rev.

    How’s Kix?

  186. Ace’s Thanksgiving post is pretty funny, but the last bit is priceless.

  187. Wine, SLAVE and be quick about it!!

    Just in case we are being monitored:

  188. Revvy!!!!

  189. If I support the idea that trannys should seek psychiatric care does that count?

  190. Heh.
    Nice CYA, Mare.

  191. Yes. It counts towards your eventual release from Rosy’s Righteous Re-Education Ranch.

    Its a magical place.


  193. More like Rosy’s Rump Wrangler Ranch.

  194. That’s pretty good.

  195. Ahahahagsgagagagagahhahkfkljlbkhkfkkfkd!!!

    That is suh weet!! jimebro!

  196. Hey Chumpo. Things is good-ish. I sliced the hell out of my hand trying to cook for thanksgiving, but otherwise can’t complains.

    -waves to Oso-

  197. Revy, We Americans traditionaly serve Hand for Easter dinner. Did you read the “handbook” we sent you?

  198. I escaped Ann Arbor, thank God. I’m 20 miles away now, well outside the event horizon.

  199. I cut my left index finger often enough that I finally got one of those kevlar gloves. Can’t feel the top surface of that last knuckle well at all anymore, too much scar tissue.

  200. 😛 For the record, if you’re going to buy a mandoline, I suggest you spend the cash on a decent one. The cheap ones, I learned, lead to much bleeding.

  201. Leon, one does not escape Ann Arbor. One merely exports the madness. You chose Sumpter. I chose Dixboro.

    Either way, we’re marked for life.

  202. The boy was threatening to leave work and take me to the hospital cause he worries too much.

  203. “”

    i can’t stand the bumper sticker brigade, but i should get that for my truck…. give the l-tards around here something to convulse over

  204. I think there’s nipples in two of the pics.

  205. Butterfly bandages are almost as good as stitches.

  206. Staples.

  207. Large ants work too.

  208. Super glue.


  209. Superglue works great.

  210. I know about superglue – Dad has a scar on his forehead that was superglued shut from when he was mugged in Argentina.

    But I did fine with bandaids and neosporin 😛

  211. I used it with my own mandolin slicer injury a few years back, and again just last week being stupid with a steak knife. Good as new.

  212. Rub some dirt on it. You’ll be fine.

  213. Ace can be a very funny mofo.

  214. In the wound? Or do you hold it together and glue the top?

  215. Depends on how bad it’s bleeding. If profuse, right in the gash. Moisture causes it to cure quickly. Otherwise pinch it together and put it on to act like stitches.

  216. Mare, I love the Ewok. Thanksgivingman is freaking hilarious. Quite a few of my Oso acronyms were originally his.

  217. I liked Tweet like Trump, too.

  218. Glue the top with the skin laying down when I did my steak knife one.

    The mandolin one didn’t really have any skin but I needed to stop the bleeding so it went right on the wound.

  219. ER Blog

  220. In the wound? How much pain does that cause?

  221. That’s what happened for Dad – he had a big gash in his head. They pinched it together and put a line of glue over it to seal it. Mostly because he refused to go with the paramedics (80’s Argentinian hospital = no)

  222. You can take it, champ.

  223. “These 2 types of medical grade superglue should really be the ones you use for medical applications. “Regular” super glue – like Krazy Glue or Loctite (methy-2-cyanoacrylate or ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate) are not designed for with medical application in mind, and thus the previously discussed side effects, as well as greatly reduced flexibility, make them an inferior choice for sealing cuts.

    I will say, however, that I have used regular Krazy Glue with no issues, but that was my decision and I would not recommend it, especially since the medical stuff is so easily available. If you want to do things on the cheap, you can always use the vetinerary equivalents (Vetbond, LiquiVet, Surgi-lock, Nexaband, etc.).”

  224. *Waits for bill from Jimbro*

  225. Today was “Leave your purse/wallet on top of your vehicle while pumping gas day” SMDH

  226. I may be mistaken, but I think I read that superglue was developed as a surgical adhesive from the start.

  227. “If you want to do things on the cheap, you can always use the vetinerary equivalents (Vetbond, LiquiVet, Surgi-lock, Nexaband,etc.).”

    Next time I’m at Tractor Supply for antibiotics I’ll look for some wound care stuff.

  228. I hadn’t heard that but the article in my link addresses that idea

  229. Be careful. Prepping may put you on Watch Lists. (Adjusts tinfoil sombrero)

  230. I’ve seen this at the pharmacy but never bought it:

    We occasionally use Dermaflex (low bidder contract over Dermabond) or something called Prineo. The Prineo is a mesh that rolls out like a ribbon and then you put Dermabond on it to seal it.

  231. I used to cover my skin tags with Liquid Skin and they’d fall off. Blah blah warnings against use by diabetics. I may have to spend $$$ and just make an appt with my dermatologist cousin. Because of the diabetes, she won’t just do a little home snip snip.

  232. “Never use superglue on a wound that is bleeding”

    If it’s not bleeding I don’t need glue.

  233. I tried New Skin once, hurt like a mofo.

  234. When my mom’s skin graft failed, the VA used synthetic skin. It is pretty cool.

  235. Scott, it burnt like a mofo.

  236. NuSkin burns like the unholy fires of hell.

  237. My boyfriend once decided it would be a good idea to pour rubbing alcohol on a stab wound. If I had been there at the time I would’ve told him he was an idiot.

  238. Waves at the new guy.
    Gabe has been having mobility issues for the past 3 weeks. He hurt his leg, vet visit, nothing bad, but he is not getting better. He can barely walk, and is loosing weight because he can’t get to the food, bring the food to him and he looks away. I cooked him dinner yesterday he ate well. Ground beef and rice.

    Unfortunately, that gave him the runs. A dog that cannot stand is a nightmare of one of the circles of hell. Changed clothes, carried him to the nearest hose, burnt clothes, gave him bath, bleached scrubbed shower, took one.

    I need a drink

  239. I tried New Skin sitting on a lubed-up fire hydrant once, hurt like a mofo didn’t feel a thing.

    There you go buddy.

  240. 🙏🏻 Vman. What did the Vet say?

  241. Y’all need to comment faster. Phone dying.

  242. Hey Jackass. Is Henry on twitter yet?

  243. Did anybody hunt anybody else down and beat them with a tire iron over a negative Yelp review today?

  244. I work in a hotel, Sean. Don’t tempt me.

  245. South Park Yelp episode WAS awesome

  246. I H8 having to beg for cheese. It is a really good sharp cheddar. MaryAnn nipped Dan’s fingers.

  247. HI Rosey,
    Its nice to hear from ye during biz hours.

  248. Does your hotel have cologne vending machines and beds that jiggle if you feed them quarters?

  249. …or is it one of those sleazy places?

  250. Halfway to Florida.

    Pretty sure the dealership will be surprised when I bring back the new loaner with 1200 miles on it.


  251. All the comforts of home…without the hassles of new carpet concerns or cops that know you dont really have a medical condition.

  252. Sounds like MJ is taking one of those Buick test drives.

    Next he’ll be wearing black socks with his sandals.

  253. Socks with Crocs.

  254. Carin’s new avatar?

  255. Cyn, WTF would Sparky hire Bobby Fucking Hurley? I H8 UofA not ASU!

  256. When do we change to Christmas Avis?

  257. After turkey day!!!!

  258. Oso
    No broken bones no tumors nothing obvious except pain and swelling. He is hating the ice pack.

  259. Vman, I’ll keep him in my prayers. We got Gingy caught up on shots and pain meds for arthritis. Didn’t realize she had cancer and we’d just wasted $200

  260. Scott – sorry, no shaking beds or cologne dispensers. We do have free booze for 2 hours every night thought 😛

  261. Grrr WTF are we giving Thanks to? How freaking hard is this?

  262. Fancy.

  263. Old computer had my file of Christmas goodie ideas on it. I’m lost now. Guess my family is all getting boxes of damp kale.

  264. Got to Destin, and this house is super cool. Elevator, heated pool, 3 floors, huge grill, cool kitchen.

    The crazy Iowa people are swimming.

  265. How much gumbo?

  266. J’ames needs to dial it back when he talks to Mrs Jay.


  268. Holy shit, I’M DYING!!! LOL, LOL Juan Solo, Arturito….BWAAAA HA HA HAAA

  269. If you are near a Sam’s Club, go buy the Panera Sourdough bread bowl. Fill up your freezers. Get the Kerrygold butter. DO IT!

  270. I don’t get it.

  271. I think I need pot.

  272. Move to CO.

  273. I could be down with that.

  274. Sin Senos no hay Paraiso is finally on NetFlix! Oh joyous day!

  275. I think I need pot.

    You can get your Med card in MI for $75 guaranteed.

  276. Don’t move to CO for pot. Stay faaaar away. We have enough of you already.

  277. I H8 having to beg for cheese. It is a really good sharp cheddar. MaryAnn nipped Dan’s fingers.

    Start nipping Dan’s fingers until he gets you cheese.

  278. DO IT!!!!!!!

  279. He gives me cheese and tells me to go away!

  280. SUCCESS!

  281. He’s doing it wrong.

  282. Man, I really gotta move to Latin America and start selling coke to gringos. This looks like fun times.

  283. Only a little gumbo. Had steaks and shrimp for dinner.

  284. I get Carolina BBQ when I go to FL. My fav

  285. Only a little?

  286. It was lunch. I ordered the special, thinking the gumbo was the entree. It was thin sliced catfish, with a side of gumbo. Both really good.


  288. Technically Low Country BBQ. Whatev. Yummy

  289. Mmm fresh seafood.

    Desert living sometimes sucks.

  290. Flash freezing means AZ fish is same same as fresh coastal fish. Food safety laws.

  291. Having visited both coasts and eaten fresh, it’s really not quite the same. Close, but no cigar.

  292. I wouldn’t know. I’m basing it on food safety classes. I don’t pesce or crustacean.

  293. Kind of want to cook something for Thanksgiving, but it seems everyone else wants to go out. Kinda bummed.

  294. And there’s something too about eating in an open air restaurant or out on its deck.

    I really miss being near water.

  295. You could always whip up some hors-d’oeuvres before you go out – win win!

  296. Dan would meet the boats in Redondo. I would wait for a burger.

  297. I still can’t believe small world Fish Market with Chumpo.

  298. This is where it is:

    From this restaurant:

  299. Yeah, The Fish Market is still a thing. This is the most incredible year for fish of all time. Those little bastards are walking on shore wrapped in a tortilla with a lime in there teeth.

    I had to have a steak the other day just to keep it real.

  300. I go to the Fish Market to eat bread and keep Dan company.

  301. Don’t you need an EpiPen for seafood, Oso?

  302. That bread is damn good. The Au Gratins arent too shabby either.

    Meet me there, next time.

  303. Not allergic. Just don’t like it. I save my allergies for rosemary, sage, and eggs.

  304. My favorite Fish Market Restaurant burned up right after I treated the Aggiesprites to dinner.

  305. I have found seafood here in Houston is largely bad. The Gulf is only an hour away but bad stinky seafood is the norm.
    The sad thing is Houston is a food town equal to New York in so many ways.

  306. XB, I’ve been to that location twice.

  307. I don’t like fish tacos or Baja food. Too much cilantro. Too much lime

  308. I have never had and will never have a fish taco.

  309. Oso, definitely do the Top of the Market. Much nicer.

  310. Jay
    There is real good fishing in Destin. If you have the time, money, and inclination do it!

    Unfortunately I am a serious fishing snob. Saltwater is far superior to fresh, and as I discovered 2 months ago, bay fishing sucks. The only reason I fished inshore was because I could not go offshore.

    Charter a boat to bottom fish, grouper and snapper rock! The canyons are close up there and some deep water pelagic species are close.
    Etc fun fun fun!

  311. not much of a fisherman, but I did enjoy salmon fishing on Lake Michigan when I was younger.

  312. You will certainly enjoy catching hard fighting fish that want to rip your arms off and cost $30 a pound at the market. Perhaps a reef donkey that is tasty and will make you cry momma!

  313. You should listen to Vman.
    He is wise.

  314. Hey Jackass. Is Henry on twitter yet?

    Hahahahaha. The world would be a much funnier and happier place if every sentence started with “Hey Jackass”.

    Henry’s not on twitter as I am home schooling him as Amish.

  315. Also if Henry ever tweets I will beat him and then disown him.

    At least prior to age 8 at which time he will be bigger than me and will be able to kick my ass.

  316. After beating Crocodile Dundee every Friday, going headlong in jacquard kilts, life meant nothing.

    Once police questioned rightly severe tactics used, vice went xenophobic, yelling “Zombie!’

  317. This is what happens with I can’t sleep and the Ambien is slow.

  318. **looks at Henry’s Tinder account**

    **logs off internet**

  319. Zebra yawned xylophonically, was very uppity to seemingly ridicule quixotic President Obama.

    No more lies!

    King Jackass isn’t heady Goliath; feckless, effeminate, dumb. Commander Barack addled.

  320. Look, just show up at TITS2, Okay?

  321. Henry’s been raising a barn for the last 2 hours.

    He once axed me about “Tinder” and then he had to split wood for 12 hours.

    No offense Mare.

  322. Are there dates yet?

    And – good evening.

  323. Is that one blog still up…the one where we were supposed to bitch at each other? I think TBOM set that up.

    What the the name of that piece of crap blog? There was some funny stuff on there.

    What are the details if TITS2 again? Is there a newsletter?

  324. It’s very windy here. But this place is so well insulated (cough) that the paintings are only knocking against the wall a leetle bit. 0_o.

    Has it reached you yet XB?

  325. Hi Lipsticks’ head and feet.

    How many frozen turkeys do have getting ready to fry in unventilated areas RIGHT NOW??

  326. I could use a vacation so TITS2 might be good. Details?

  327. We need to incorporate some sort of anally inserted shock device for this site so other can people can be alerted when they need to log on and comment.

    The beta test seems to have worked with x-brad and Lippy so I say we roll it out to all regular commenters.

  328. Hi Rosey’s, um, er, . . . yerself.

    Oh, I’ve got 5 or 6 defrosting where the bullwhips usually go. That’s the way to do it, right? (grossing myself out)

    Nah, I’ve got no plans. It’ll be a Stouffer’s-giving this year.

    You staying home or going out?

  329. No room for the shock device cause, *ahem*

  330. Hahahaha. *ahem*

    I will probably be going out for Turkey Day on Thurday (which I assumes means Chinese food?). And then me and the kiddos with my parents on Saturday for proper turkey.

    Stouffer’s is the shit. Anyone that doesn’t like that is a fucking communist.

  331. Damn right!

  332. This is a family blog so please don’t swear.

  333. Fuck off

  334. Dear me.






    Goddamn parents….gets soap myself for Lippy. And it’s Lava with the sand in it.

    *tackles Lippy*

  336. Looks like geoff just got done watching the 124-day non stop run of “Big Trouble in Little China”.

    Worst Movie Ever.

  337. geoff, maybe we’ve talked about this in the past but I’ve killed those brain cells. Why do you like that movie so much?

  338. 124-day non stop run of “Big Trouble in Little China”

    That would dwarf those “longer than 4 hour” reactions to Viagra.

  339. Drop an average American trucker into a Chinese martial arts/magic fantasy and watch him cope. Hilarity ensues. Plus great lines that will be quoted for all time.

  340. It helps, of course, if you’re addicted to wuxia.

    Which everyone should be.

  341. I find your counterpoints uncompelling I believe when you first saw that movie you were high on some illicit drug and with a woman for the first time which both skewed your perception of the film.

    Because I like you and I know you’re a smart guy, tell me a couple of thoughts to bring to the second viewing as I’m willing to give it a second chance.

    I know some movies need a little help in order to appreciate them so can you give me three things that I need to get right in my mind before watching that again?

    I’m being serious. I like most movies but I thought Big Trouble was crap. What suggestions do you have for a pleasant second viewing?

  342. Good Lord!!

    Better get a bondsman and some universal clergy together in AZ.
    I think its hapaning on or near 27 Feb 2016.

    Careful what you wish for.

  343. Chumpo if I go to TITS2 you are personally responsibility for me having fun,

  344. You should fly out with ThunderJake. He lives near you.

    You could be travel companions.

  345. I don’t like meeting new people.

  346. Heah. Bring your wallet. Im driving out w Lipps and SeX rad and Sean W Philosiphamus.
    Im into Allchemy and Yacht Rock so If you bring Car In then make sure she brings headphones for her walkman.

    Also, candles. We are going to need so many candles.
    Like a case.

    Tell VMan.

    See you there.

    Bring Rum

  347. *running to sleep because I know what Lava feels like*

  348. Ok Lipps.

    Hasta lo.

  349. A road trip with Car In might be fun. See who kills who first.

    She’s lucky she’s cute and like good music.

    And If I drive Mare you all owe me $1,000 each.

  350. Make it $10k.

    Also get Jay in Ames. He owes me a coke.

    And ted nugent vs Tushar D.
    Two nights in a cage w Nugent. Thats how Tushar D wants to go out.

  351. Ramirez:

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