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  1. nice dentition

  2. That Adele song makes me recall this video:

    It was a big hit when it first made the rounds and I think more of that soldier than Adele when I hear the song.

  3. She lost her uppers which I guess is better than losing her udders.

  4. Wakey wakey.

    Is anyone speculating that the reason the mizzou protesters didn’t want certain media there was because that dude wasn’t really avoiding food and drink on his hunger strike?

  5. How should I abuse my white privileged today?

  6. You know – given the awful state of race relations – how safe is it for my (lilly) white kids to go to something where there will be a large black population? They want to go to some rap concert (weeps).

    I wonder if black activists down for the struggle realize this is what they’ve created.

  7. You should work hard and raise your children well so they never need handouts.

    White privilege in a nutshell. Also Yellow and Brown (dot) privilege.

  8. Rap concerts are basically riots waiting to happen. Your kids might not be smart enough to live.

  9. People never cross the street when they see me coming Leon.

    *cries from guilt

  10. The problem Leon is that my musical tastes are SO good my kids are left with absolute crap to rebel/not be accused of listening to their mom’s music.

    I blame myself.

  11. It’s mostly Hannah. My boys both listen to a very wide variety of music. Much of it is pretty interesting but there is some rap guys they like.

  12. Most of the stuff I’ve never even heard of.I don’t tell them I like some of it.

  13. Of course – at work I listen to absolute crap on endless loop of pop songs. So the stuff my kids listen is a welcome respite. EMD – lots of it.

  14. Boy 2 only likes electronic techno because he caught me cringing at it once.

    The mask slipped.

  15. people are still putting up status updates on facebook mocking the “outrage” at Starbucks cups.

    Sheep. People are sheep.

  16. Might be more indie than Techno,

  17. Urgh, 15 degrees this morning. I have a knife show in NY (actually right across the river in NJ) next weekend, so I’m really hustling to get stuff done.

  18. That gal with the gun looks like carin.

    Also, my light to medium toned privilege has gotten me nowhere. Should have stayed completely out of the sun. I bet Albinos have it made.

  19. I’ve noticed that, Car in. They take after those memes like a dog after a new turd in the cat box.

  20. Pups, that video is neat, I like the drawings. And I kind of dance like that lady in it only lamer.

  21. My Starbucks boycott happened today because I drove by Tim Hortons Coffee after an errand on my way to work. It’s a nice day so I decided to drink my coffee by the Penobscot River.

    #smugly outraged

  22. Jimbro, great job on the poat and I remember that deployed troop video, glad you linked it.

  23. People want to believe in something, that they are part of something important and therefore they matter.

  24. #smugly outraged


    heh Good one.

  25. Plus – Pupster – let’s face it: thinking is HARD. The cup controversy is pretty easy for them to wrap their heads around and take a stand. The real important stuff? Waaaaay to confusing.

    Fake controversy is the Soma for the masses.

  26. I spent about 15 minutes last night deleting rap off of my computer that my youngest daughter had loads on there over the years. It felt good. But kinda racyss.

  27. I dropped my honey off at my friend’s house to warm up for a couple of days before extracting it. When the frames are cold the honey really doesn’t flow out of them and he has a heated workshop to let them sit for a few days.

  28. Well, I had to read Jimbro’s comment three times before I figured out he was talking about honey.

    Come on, this is the H2.

  29. That’s Carol from Walking Dead, Mare.

    If I really work on my tan next year, I might be able to pass for Messican. Will my grey eyes ruin it or does that happen sometimes? I can only think of one actress on my soaps that doesn’t have brown eyes, and she’s clearly from European stock.

  30. Room 101 ‏@suscitate 13h13 hours ago
    Mizzou football coach teaches his team morals instead of football?
    Does that include DWIs and cheating on your wife?
    Stick to football Gary

  31. Yeah, as soon as I hit post comment I realized a few more adjectives and nouns would have made it more obvious what was going on. Eh, fugg it!

  32. I’ve never dropped off my “honey” for a friend to warm up…..

  33. NTTAWWT!

  34. I’m 100% with Trump on immigration. The rest, not so much.

  35. My friend is actually a retired Pediatrician I’ve known almost 20 years. He retired about 5 years ago and keeps busy visiting the grandkids, restoring an old wooden sailboat and working his bees. Tending bees is about all we have in common. He’s a bit of a lefty but quiet about it. He donated a kidney this past summer. Turns out it was an anonymous donation motivated only by his generosity to his fellow human beings. Kudos to him, I’m not sure I’d be that generous unless I knew the person.

  36. “How should I abuse my white privileged today?”

    breathing is sometimes abuse enough – if i’m hearing these turd smears correctly

  37. Kasich being on a Bank Board sure knows shit about how banks work.

    He’s never heard of the FDIC?

  38. Leon, Possum needs this…..

  39. I don’t know what the cup controversy is.

    *punches self in balls

  40. I don’t know what the cup controversy is.


    Consider yourself lucky.

    (Basically, Starbucks is hellbent on Christmas being secular, therefore as a corporation won’t put anything alluding to “Christmas” in their stores. Their cups are red for the Holiday season as opposed to say, Dunkin Donuts cups which say “Joy”. Or other places which openly say, “Merry Christmas!”)

    And if you are confused and don’t care, welcome to the 99.9%.

  41. I am not against people being upset about the cups. It’s just another brick in the secularization of the country. I just have so much other outrage for other things, I’m letting this one go.

  42. I don’t care about it either, but everyone complaining about it is giving the atheists and leftists one more thing to distract everyone about.

    I just don’t buy their coffee, and don’t really care about what’s on the cup. And it’s not totally the complainers fault either, because they have a right to voice their opinion too. Lefties mock everything. Free speech for me, but not for thee.

  43. •One of Paul Brown’s trademark “isms” he’d use when referencing players and coaches was “We’re all useful, but none of us are necessary.” While it personified how Brown ruled his football teams, he learned it from a doctor who was treating him while one of his teams was playing a football game.

    Saw the ESPN special on Paul Brown last night, it was pretty good.

  44. Rosetta, although my cat seems interested I’m going to go ahead and say, “NO!”

  45. Damn!!!!

  46. Ars longa,
    vita brevis,
    occasio praeceps,
    experimentum periculosum,
    iudicium difficile.

    Life is short,
    [the] art long,
    opportunity fleeting,
    experiment dangerous,
    judgment difficult.

    That quote is supposedly from Hippocrates and sums up the same thought Coach Brown made about being useful but not necessary. A medicine resident taught me that as a 3rd year student. He asked me to give him a ride to pick up his car at the garage in the middle of the work day. Along the way he insisted on stopping for lunch at a food truck and then after getting the car wanted to play basketball for an hour. I had the notion that we should be at the hospital working and he taught me a valuable lesson when he said “Do you really think this place will not run without you?” So true, the machine misses the cog temporarily and then moves on like it never was there.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  47. The graveyards are full of indispensable men.

  48. also, “Get over yourself.”

  49. I like that lesson, but it seems that some people have taken that attitude to another level, and extreme. In that they should be paid, but don’t actually have to do anything else, because someone else will pick up the slack eventually.

  50. I don’t think places cannot go on w/o me. I just have a sense of responsibility.

  51. Now I have to go pull the stereo system out of my son’s totalled car.

    Because no one else can do that.

  52. Comment by lauraw on November 12, 2015 10:53 am
    The graveyards are full of indispensable men.
    Comment by lauraw on November 12, 2015 10:53 am
    also, “Get over yourself.”


    Yes! and Yes!

  53. And it’s really freakin windy right now. Gusty. You’ve got to drive with both hands on the wheel.

    We’ve already had one car totaled this week.

  54. That little latin phrase is all well and good but it doesn’t mean shit to a mom.

  55. Not related, but it made me think of my Dad saying, “There are a lot of skinny people in the cemetery.” I think he was commenting on people dieting all the time, but really I don’t remember.


  56. And it’s really freakin windy right now. Gusty. You’ve got to drive with both hands on the wheel.

    So you are typing your comments with your toes, I assume?

  57. I’m parked on the roof of the garage since I got here later than usual. There are about 10 pigeons on the ledge and I think they’re just waiting till I go in to crap on my truck.

  58. So Mare are you telling us you’re not doing well with the diet?

    And wiser – I was OUT earlier and I need to go OUT again but for the moment I’m at home eating some of my soup.

  59. they’re just waiting till I go in to crap on my truck.


    That’s what I’d do.


  60. I’m not doing well with my diet either, mare. haven’t lost a thing in 3 weeks.

  61. Actually, I’m kicking ass with my diet. A little bit of a stall but I’m in a decent place. I’m looking for 9 pounds more by Christmas.

    Could be a tough goal to hit.

  62. Okay, Jay, we need to go full commando (shut up whores) on this between now and Christmas!! We can do this!! Oh, and stop linking pics of delicious looking bread.

  63. Just stay home, Car in. You don’t need to do that.

  64. The key is to make the bread, but don’t eat all of it.

    I’ve been doing ok so far, just stalled out for now. It just happens at a point when I could go below what I haven’t been at in a while, and it’s just frustrating (not that bad, but there isn’t a better word).

  65. So you are typing your comments with your toes, I assume?

    No. She has the Steering Wheel Desk™.

  66. I’ve been listening to Adios, America by Ann Coulter.

    We really ARE fucked.

  67. New post.

  68. The best part of the Rolling in the Deep video is the guy dancing in the room full of cocaine. He seems really happy.

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