Chariots of Wire

Let us take a gander at woodcut artist Dennis McNett.

Region capture 26

Region capture 27

Region capture 28

McNett b.1972 Virginia, claims he was inspired to become an artist by his blind grandfather who told him that his drawings were good.  Sounds like our kind of peeps.

Region capture 29 Region capture 30 Region capture 18 Region capture 19 Region capture 20 Region capture 21 Region capture 22 Region capture 23 Region capture 24

McNett shows all over and his art makes the young girls cry.

Thanks for viewing this real life picture of puppeh.

Region capture 31

Have a Wonderful Day.


  1. That’s me at werk. I like this art.

  2. wakey wakey

    THe full description of Mare’s “man bun clip-on” is … HILARIOUS.

    “. This attachable—and, equally important, detachable—man bun lets you blend in with your surroundings, putting it on when you smell fair-trade coffee or hear a banjo, and taking it off when someone utters the word bro. “

  3. Directions:
    1.Comb your hair back toward the crown of your head, in a similar motion to lacquering a reclaimed-wood coffee table
    2. Attach the man bun to your natural hair the way the lay public attached itself to Arcade Fire
    3. Use bobby pins to secure the man bun, decide bobby pins are too mainstream, use antique paper clips instead

  4. This is pretty awesome art

    *flings mare’s panties at artist*

  5. -wait, those were Cyn’s.

  6. Steve Doucheee (sp?) was wearing a clip on man bun on F+F this morning.

  7. Good morning, good people!

  8. Nobody has ever seen mare. Therefore there is no evidence that she wears panties. QED and shit.

  9. Leon mentioned some new workout thing yesterday – is this it?

  10. 4-5 Missouri Tigers play 7-2 BYU Cougars this Saturday at 730.

    I sort of want to watch them play and lose.



    If this doesn’t convince you worshiping Allah is cray cray nothing will.
    (except for maybe those suicide bombers and whatnot)

  12. I hope Missouri gets their ass kicked. Embarrassed even. Stupid coach.

  13. They are already Mizzou. How much more embarrassed do you want them to be?

  14. Artist inspired by a blind grandfather. Gotta like that!

    *hangs poat on fridge

  15. That Daily Caller article on the Yale screamer went way too far.

    I can understand making fun of her, but publishing her home address? That’s pretty low.

  16. It’s what the Daily Caller does. Used to be a pretty good site, now it’s just clickbait, and scams. Tucker used to be pretty good.

  17. That chick is going to end up being the Assistant Secretary to the Undersecretary of Health, Justice, and Social Well Being for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion for the Northeast Region of the State of Connecticut.

    She’ll make $300K a year and do absolutely nothing.

  18. Does anyone actually know of a single person who is outraged by a fucking coffee cup?

    I swear, the left invents these douchebag controversies just to pin their stupidity on the right.

  19. One technical poating criticism: I like to toss a “more” tag after the first image in a poats like this. That way you don’t have to scroll all the way down to get to the comments link on the front page.

  20. The Mizzou teacher article is just as bad.

    1) provides link to teachers ‘Rate my Professor’ page
    2) waits for it get flooded with horrible and hateful reviews
    3) quotes the most recent ones

  21. Hotspur – no

    I safe my outrage for things a tad more important. But apparently pointing out the obvious by saying that Starbucks is making an anti-religious statement = outrage.

    To delicate little snowflakes … I guess that’s outrage.

  22. Yell University. heh

  23. Carin, that’s what I’m doing. I still need to assist my pistols but I’m improving. I can do about 4 tucked front lever rows per set, and my crow stands aren’t bad. The nice thing is that with the power station I bought I can do all that in my office and save the drive time and $30/month if I cancel the gym membership. Gotta prioritize the baby and my commute cuts too much time out of my day to make it to the gym. So yard work, calisthenics, and taking the stairs to my office on the fifth floor for now.

  24. I didn’t go to a gym when I had little babies.

  25. I don’t boycott Starbucks because of their stupid social stances, that’s not worth it.

    I boycott them because the coffee sucks.

  26. I prefer to think of it like this: The internet and social media have connected the stupid in a way that foists them upon us all.

    The median IQ in ‘Merica is 100. The average of people who are enraged by things like coffee cups or hypothetical costumes is much, much lower.

    In previous times these people would rail against whatever pisses them off and their families or friends would roll their eyes.

    Now they are connected to similar inhabitants of the second standard deviation away from the IQ median, which validates their stupidity.

    The eye roll has been replaced by the ‘like’ button and there’s a whole world of monkeys looking mash the button to get a stupid fix for the day.

  27. I’m boycotting them because there are 260 calories of mostly sugar in each one of their tasty frapacinos. There’s no way I spelt that right but I can’t locate the fuck I was gonna give.

  28. I’d much rather have a beer than a beetus drink.

  29. We had an Equity Summit in Washtenaw County yesterday. The only people there (around 300) were govt. employees on the fucking clock.

  30. Does anyone actually know of a single person who is outraged by a fucking coffee cup?

    I swear, the left invents these douchebag controversies just to pin their stupidity on the right.

    I think you’re right about the manufactured part. I hit Starbucks for the free wifi about twice a month and get a cup of black coffee for about $2. I ask for whatever the lightest blend they have ready so it’s not so burnt tasting. And I doubt I would’ve even noticed the cups other than to realize they were temporarily red for the season.

  31. I believe it could be persuasively argued that the beer is better for you than the frappuccino. The coffee without any crap in it is healthier than both, though.

  32. I did curtsy squats today.

    Please explain how these are good for me, yet not super gay.

  33. I find this to be a common sense approach to race relations:

  34. Mare at any party ever:

  35. It’s like Rush says, it’s a small minority making a lot of noise.

    I read an article about the Starbucks outrage and there was poll at the bottom. 8% have a problem with the cup.

  36. …and the people who give a crap are more likely to read that article, so the outrage is probably closer to 4%.

  37. As I said – making a comment about it (that’s its another example of folks making an anti-religious statement) DOESN’T EQUAL OUTRAGE.

    And neither does saying you’re not going to buy coffee from them this season. That’s not outrage. That’s just making a personal decision. It’s what adults do.

  38. The Irish are masters at swearing with multiple fucks, fecks, cunts, etc used frequently.

  39. Left, mare….right, MJ:

  40. I agree w MJ’s and others take on teh stupid outrage, It has become moe clear to me that we are being trolled for hits by the new media outlets more and more. Left, right, and center.

  41. Someone on the radio was trying to get me outraged about the Starbucks cups but:

  42. Literally almost everything is wrong with our Country or heading there and I will not spend a minute being angry about red cups.

    Now rainbow cups, that’s a different story.

  43. As I said – making an observation doesn’t mean you’re angry. They turn it and then make fun of the “outrage” as a means to belittle us. They don’t give a shit about what we’re really outraged about and ignore all that. But if you comment about the red cups – they’re all over that. Yesterday the WSJ had a story that should SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF everyone of us. Did a single liberal I know have an iota of a response to that?

    No. They’re too busy making memes to belittle the “outrage” that doesn’t exist. Fuck ’em all.

  44. Scary ass story. IN fact – in fact the next stupid ass meme I see mocking “THE OUTRAGE” – I’m going to respond with this link.

  45. What story are you referring to in the WSJ?

    And you’re right, observation is not outrage.

    I don’t like the slow secularization of Christmas. It is happening and I think it’s horrible (not good for the country).

  46. I did curtsy squats today.

    Please explain how these are good for me, yet not super gay.

    Doing 30 of those each leg really sucks. And it does look gay. Especially when you get tired and start falling over.

  47. Whoops, thanks.

  48. The REI being closed the day after Thanksgiving is a perfect example. The left is all over it like stink on shit. They think REI is their new god.

    Best advertising gimmick ever. Anyone who wants to buy the shit REI sells will buy it from them anyway, whether they’re open on Friday or not. So they don’t actually give anything up, other than an extra paid holiday for their clerks, and they get a whole lot of exposure in social media.


  49. Subscriber wall.

  50. Don’t forget about the memes to describe how stupid Carson is.

    Successful neurosurgeon Ben Carson, from Detroit, the idiot. Yep, they want me to believe that. Palin-izing him, they are.

  51. If you feel good about not shopping the day after Thanksgiving that’s fine, but I bet you those sanctimonious tools bought all kinds of crap online for the good deals made possible by the black Friday marketing deal.

  52. Mare, just google the article title and you will get the entire thing,

  53. Somebody add that to Mare’s tab.

  54. WSJ – cut and paste because it’s waaaaaay too important:

    At 6:30 a.m. on April 24, 2012, federal agents, wearing Kevlar vests and with guns drawn, raided my home in Katy, Texas, with a warrant for my arrest. This was as shocking to me as it would be for any normal, law-abiding citizen.

    I’m not a drug dealer, violent criminal or money launderer. I’m an engineer. In 2010 I helped stop the BP oil spill after an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig left a damaged well spilling crude directly into the Gulf of Mexico.

    On the morning of the raid I left early for work, so I was not at home when it occurred. My wife was alone and had to deal with the shock of a squad of FBI agents ripping through our home. We’ve seen it a hundred times on “Law and Order.” They raced through our house and badgered and interrogated my wife.

    Later that morning, after a frantic call from my wife, I drove to a local police station to surrender. As bad as that day was, I had no idea what was about to happen. I didn’t realize I had become a central focus of the Justice Department’s investigation into the BP oil spill. For the next three and a half years, a Justice task force was dedicated to putting me in jail.

    What had I done to merit this? I had worked as hard as I knew how for nearly 90 straight days to help stop the Deepwater Horizon spill. Plugging the well, as fast as possible, was the focus of my life.

    Looking back now at the Justice Department’s conduct, I realize that I made one egregious error: I naïvely believed that the task force simply wanted the truth. I was certain that once it had the full record of my actions, everything would be fine, and the trauma my family and I had gone through would end.

    I was in for a rude awakening. Facts were not what the investigators wanted. They wanted a conviction. They wanted to prove to the public that their lengthy, expensive investigation was successful. And success meant conviction. I had banked on the truth saving me, but the truth was not enough.

    I grew up fishing and duck hunting with my father in the marshes and coastal waters of Louisiana. I knew from the time I was in the eighth grade that I wanted to be an engineer. So when I was asked to help stop the spill, I was honored and deeply motivated. This was what I had prepared my whole life to do. I believed I could make a difference for my industry and home state.

    And we succeeded. Lost in the aftermath of recriminations and lawsuits is the fact that the team charged with stopping the biggest offshore oil disaster in history did its job as fast and effectively as it knew how. This doesn’t in any way minimize the tragedy or the mistakes that allowed the spill to happen.

    Nearly two years after the successful capping of the well, I was charged in May 2012 with two felony counts of obstruction of justice—potentially exposing me to up to 40 years in federal prison. My only previous exposure to the judicial system had been a speeding ticket. I didn’t even know what a grand jury was.

    My case centered on the fact that I had deleted from my iPhone two extended text-message conversations, one of which was almost entirely personal; the other included personal texts as well as material related to our efforts to kill the well. I acknowledged from day one that I had deleted the texts. Any information related to our work, including flow-rate simulations, was fully addressed in the thousands of emails and documents I gave investigators. I was proud of my work, and I wanted anyone who was interested to have the full record of everything I did. I turned over more than 10,000 records, including files, memos and emails.

    With the help of a forensic expert, I succeeded in recovering nearly all of the deleted text messages. I then voluntarily gave them to the Justice Department in September 2011, long before the indictment was returned. I certainly had meant no harm and thought that would be the end of it. I was wrong.

    More challenges awaited. In spring 2013 my defense team discovered that prosecutors had failed to turn over evidence supporting my innocence. All three members of the Justice Department task force who had pursued me so relentlessly then withdrew from the case. So we started over in August 2013 with a new Justice Department team.

    In late 2013 the case finally went to trial and I was acquitted on one charge of obstruction of justice. Although I was found guilty on the other charge, my attorneys and I soon learned that the jury forewoman had committed misconduct by introducing into the jury deliberations prejudicial, extraneous information overheard in a courthouse elevator about other BP cases. Based on this misconduct, a federal judge threw out the corrupted verdict and an appeals court affirmed that the verdict could not stand. The verdict was set aside and a new trial was ordered.

    The case continued to grind on for two more years. Then to my surprise this fall, on the eve of my new trial, prosecutors offered a way to end the madness. They would drop all felony charges and acknowledge that I was not guilty of obstruction of justice. I would not pay a dollar in fines or serve a day in jail. I would plead guilty to a minor misdemeanor for deleting a set of text messages without BP’s permission—something I had acknowledged doing from the very beginning.

    My initial instinct was to decline the offer. As minor as the misdemeanor charge may be, it is dispiriting that I should have to accept anything other than an apology. I did my job with honor and professionalism. I served the public’s best interests. For this, I was hounded for four years and threatened with up to four decades in a federal penitentiary. I agreed to this resolution on Friday to put this matter behind me—to protect myself and my family from any further entanglement with the criminal-justice system.

    The dangers of a misguided, out-of-control Justice Department task force go far beyond my case. My life was turned upside down, but I will recover. What worries me more is the chilling impact this type of government overreach could have on first responders to future disasters. Will they rush in to help as I did? Or will they decline to get involved for fear of prosecution years later? If they do engage, will they spend all of their energy trying to solve the problem? Or will they be looking over their shoulders and building a record to protect themselves for the day the Justice Department comes calling?

    Mr. Mix was a BP project engineer from 2006-12.


    That is horrendous. You’re powerless against the government.

  56. I know right?

  57. Trump is right (it hurts to say it). The people in charge are dumb and don’t understand who our enemies are.

  58. Global warming is our biggest threat After that it’s offensive costumes, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz’s father.

  59. Why do I have to pay to get an accident report?

  60. Scott is a nut job.

    It’s Republicans, CO2, Islamophobia, and large sodas.

  61. Whew, I’m not on the list.

  62. It’s trigger words/ White privileged/ capitalism.

  63. This is the sixth anniversary of my first comment in this shithole dump.

  64. Obama is going to fix global warming next month.

    Once that is solved he’ll have a full year to implement Germany’s awesome immigration plan.

  65. Red states are about to get rapier.

  66. My Kardashian blocker doesn’t work on twitter.

    Worst day ever!

  67. Can’t governors refuse to “fund” these gross immigrants?

  68. Refugees my ass. It’s a bunch of early 20s pussies that are too afraid to fight for anything.

  69. You all have been eating Jimpson Salad.

    Whites are the biggest threat to ‘Merica followed by those overachieving and law abiding Asians. Then Eboler and assault rifles.

  70. I think it’s the freedom of speech that’s harming our country the most. Some speech should not be allowed.

  71. SUV’s, charcoal grills, and air conditioners.

  72. “Refugees my ass. It’s a bunch of early 20s pussies that are too afraid to fight for anything.”


  73. “Refugees my ass. It’s a bunch of early 20s pussies that are too afraid to fight for anything.”



  74. Religion/ gluten/ Wallmart

  75. Yet another vetting of Carson, and a meme exposed (the book is from 1990, and they are going through it), Carson tells the truth AGAIN:

  76. FAUXnews/EDM/ gas-powered leaf blowers

  77. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I want to:

  78. gas-powered leaf blowers


    I, for one, would like to start a jihad on these MOFOS

  79. How long before this gutless crop of crunchy, whiney, crybabys stop resembling the hippies of the late sixties and start resembling the Godless, Gucci worshiping, cold hearted, status seeking Yuppies of the Good Old 1980’s.

    *Taps watch*

  80. Nailed it:

  81. Put it on your calendar. Mom Jeans vs Bear Gryles?

  82. Good bye. I have to go to the fuchin dentist.
    Happy anniversary, Hotshot. You should have seen this joint before you got here.

    ‘Sup Tolm Swifty?!!

  83. Chumpo, how long have you been commenting here?

  84. In 2008 I followed Xbrad from the HQ to the old site and lurked there, but I didnt understand what the hell was going on. Then in june of 2009 I de-lurked at H2. I had a bit of a repose from 2011 to 2013 due to a rough patch of life.

    The H2 has been a rewarding experience for me.

  85. Multi children families/food with DNA/vaccines

  86. At the old site, I thought that the commenters were bitter enemies fighting with each other while drunk and high. I had never seen a Blog forum before besides Ace’s

    H1 was like a baroom brawl.

  87. Are you the bus driver?

    Still my all time fav.

  88. Of course … that ballroom brawl attitude kinda “ended” with that epic post from whats-her-name.

  89. If I could go back in time, I would have played that out a bit. I thought that Rose and Michele were collecting tickets or something. In fact I thought they were like a Church Group or Cult.

  90. Another H2 lurker?


  91. Jay, do you know how to log on wordpress from a mobile?

  92. Is it plugged in?

  93. I view the full site, and log in like normal.

  94. I dont see a log in.
    Do you have the WP app?

  95. “The University of Missouri Police Department sent an email to students Tuesday morning asking them to report “hateful and/or hurtful speech” so that they may pursue disciplinary action.

    The email, which was provided to Campus Reform by a student who wishes to remain anonymous, instructs recipients to “call the police immediately” (emphasis in original) if they witness such incidents, and to collect as much information as possible in order to help police identify the perpetrator(s).”

    The infants are now running the nursery. Those who perpetuated this hoax are now saying ‘This is just the beginning’.
    I hope every last alumni withdraws their funding.

  96. I use chrome mobile, don’t like the WP app.

  97. WP app sucks.

  98. Friday it was “We might have to lay off people next July.”

    Today it’s “We might have to lay off people in December.”

    Fuck me.

  99. Mare at any party ever:

    As if you ever put down the wine glass.

  100. Are you on LinkedIn, Colex?

    That’s how I got this jerb.

  101. I’m on LinkedIn, and I’m probably not the first person that they’ll cut (that would be my boss and his boss). Still, it’s probably the absolute worst time for this crap to pop up.

  102. Alex, I’m on LinkedIn and know some people in places (mostly MI and DC), but I don’t know your exact skillset. Gmail me at this name if you want to connect.

  103. Anyone here use liberty Share or any of the other christian healthcare things?

  104. Our insurance was dropped and Pat almost shat his pants when he looked at other plans.

    It’s really cool how Obamacare has make health insurance cost more than a house payment with actually zero benefits.

  105. This is one of those thingies where a band does a song that another band did first. I can’t remember the word for it. But it’s a good one.

    (It goes without saying that MJ is probably the only person here who will like this. Maybe C arin, but I don’t know.)

  106. Comment by mare on November 10, 2015 10:51 am

    You’re powerless against the government
    Yep, if they want to stomp on you, they can. All your money in savings/checking/investment accounts can be confiscated electronically, nothing you can do.

  107. Cigarettes After Sex would be a good band name.

  108. You should use that, Cyn. Go on tour with The Attorneys.

  109. That’s a cool band. I will be checking them out.

  110. *sniggers*

  111. Don’t get me started on healthcare. Our policy has been cancelled for the 3rd straight year, no claims. Haven’t had a chance to check out what’s available now.

  112. Her: Do you smoke after sex?

    Me: I don’t know. I’ve never looked.

  113. Car in, I believe Mare is using one of those Christian healthcare thingies.

  114. Anyone here use liberty Share or any of the other christian healthcare things?

    I’ve heard anecdotes on social media and people seem to be happy with them. Definitely cheaper than the shit obama put out.

  115. Mr. Beasn has started his ‘prep’ for his colonoscopy.

    He has to drink a liter (1st dose) of this crap, spread out 8oz every 15 minutes.

    Him – “Can I put some sugar or flavoring in it. Why do I have to suffer?”

    Me – “Quit being a baby”

    Me – “Sipping it is prolonging the agony. Toss that sucker back.”

    Him – “Nurse Ratchett”

    He has had 8oz and is pacing.

  116. I had to drink that crap before my surgery. Tell him to put on his big-girl panties.

  117. Hee hee

  118. I had to get one done when my kids were small. So I’m pissing from my ass, containers of liquids lined up on the sink, with the bathroom door open in order to yell in the event one of them decided to get into something they weren’t supposed to.

  119. It’s really cool how Obamacare has make health insurance cost more than a house payment with actually zero benefits.

    This is absolutely true. Ours would have been between $1100-1300, with a ridiculous deductible (I think $10,000), no preventative care and then you have to give the government your life story. FU No way.

    So we have Christian HealthCare Ministries (they call it cost sharing not insurance) it’s $300 for both of us and that’s the Gold plan.

    Go to for more info. I will let you know how it works out we recently made a claim. Should know pretty soon.

  120. I was looking at Liberty healthshare. A friend uses Samaritan and is happy so far.

  121. Any politician who isn’t saying we need to get rid of Obamacare is an asshole, and completely out of touch with reality.

  122. Pat was considering just going rogue for a year or two and paying the penalty until Obamacare completely goes under.

  123. I’ve had the colonoscopy prep stuff in the pantry for about a year.
    The tell me that most folks mix crystal-light in it, and some vodka…
    When I did my last one, there was something called Fleet Phospho-Soda, that was only a glass, or two.
    It was pulled off market in 2008 when it was discovered that it could kill your kidneys.
    The new prep is so unpleasant, ‘drink a gallon of this is now long?’, that I keep putting it off.
    I’m 5 years overdue…

  124. Any politician who isn’t saying we need to get rid of Obamacare is an asshole, and completely out of touch with reality.

    They might be saying it if they had to, like, actually be on it or something.

  125. Have fun in the Gulag. We’ll bring you the H@ Digest and the Crosswerd puzzle.

  126. OMG, this is the dissertation of the Biach who didn’t want the press around and called for “muscle”.

  127. Pat was considering just going rogue for a year or two and paying the penalty until Obamacare completely goes under.

    I thought they couldn’t make you pay the penalty. They could only take it from any ‘refund’.

  128. Annnnnd……..the launch has begun.

  129. I mixed something with 1/2 gallon of Gatorade.

    Yeah, I probably wont be doing that again.

  130. I aint reading that thing Mare. 416 pages?

  131. Annnnnd……..the launch has begun.

    I hope you hit him with a champagne bottle first. You know, for luck.

  132. Hahaha, Beasn cracks me up.

  133. Who? This Lover of Freedom?

  134. Nice, sean.

    I lurves me some dream pop. Thanks buddy.

  135. Carin, you don’t need to read it, I didn’t. Just read the title and you will see what nonsense she thinks is important.

  136. The first 200 pages or so are really slow, but then it picks right up.

  137. hahahaha….Exactly, Scott.

  138. Who just came up with a brilliant hack that will save time, but no one else will ever know, because it’s so “inside baseball” that no one else will ever see it?

    This guy!

  139. I’m glad you posted that lover of freedom in the original German. Sounds much more authentic.

  140. Two steps forward, one step back. Master bedroom and library windows reframed, those walls reinsulated and sheathed, vapor barrier up, but they broke one of the windows.

  141. This thesis is a study of gender, race, and class in…..

    I trailed off after that, Mare. But don’t worry about me; I got a beer from the fridge.

    I’m good.

  142. The kid shoots his dog at the end.

  143. Hotspur what are you having for dinner?

    The burger or the fish fry?

  144. I haven’t decided. I just got here.

  145. Read me the menu. I’ll help you out.

    If there’s a bag of dicks on there don’t order it. They only put that on the menu to fool your liberal friends.

  146. The debate tonight can be viewed at

  147. The bag of dicks is on special. Too bad you aren’t meeting me tonight.

  148. I’m having chuck roast.

  149. Hahahahahahaha. You old salty asshole.

    Next beer is on me. Just wait there until I show up.

  150. I feel like a complete twat, I haven’t let Hotspur buy me a drink in months.

  151. GET A ROOM!1

  152. Oh shush.

    *slides room key to Cyn


  154. *slips room key in purse; promptly can no longer find it*

  155. Check for the room with the light coming from under the door!

  156. The light means errybody is awake and ready to partay!!

  157. “*slips room key in purse; promptly can no longer find it*”


  158. There’s a sock on the doorknob.

  159. Hang a left at the ice machine. Ask for a guy named Tito.

  160. I thought the sock was Hotspur’s date…

  161. It was.

  162. *denounces self*

  163. then I would strongly suggest that you not touch it.

  164. My leather, lace, and latex gear practically makes that impossible.

  165. As an aside, I did not know that Santorum was still running. Huh.

  166. I bet Fox Business didn’t count on Walker already dropping out when they got the GOP debate. Jindal would have more Moron cred if he told Krispy Kreme to get his shine box. Juice box was ok.

  167. I’m not sure I understood all of what you just said, Oso, but I bet I probably agree with you.

  168. When you’re on faceborg, can you tell if someone else you don’t know has looked at your faceborg page?

  169. Getting refills. Bourbon and Diet 7. ??? (Cyn, not totes Oso speak. Watching undercard from Milwaukee)

  170. Yes, Lauraw. That is why I had to stop stalking my half-sister. You can change your settings to friends only and/or only the Zuckerburg algorithms have access.

  171. Ah, okay, just as well.

  172. You can create a fake profile tied to a throwaway e-mail that is known to only a few select people. Beasn is under the radar. One of the Morons is Stilton Jarlsburg.

  173. Cyn, I’ve used that bottle emptying trick about 3 times already.

    It’s probably saved me about 17 seconds, so if I ever just miss getting hit by a bus you’ll have saved my life.

    On the other hand, if I ever get hit buy a bus……

  174. Chicago Sports Bar- day2

    Rough lookin wimmins, Motley Crüe on the juke.

    Kickstart my heart.

  175. Pup, did you ask them to put a TV on the debate?

  176. He could be THAT guy in a sports bar watching a political debate on his phone.

  177. The other day on FB, I commented on Baldi’s page: Yellowcake? Never heard of it. Some old lady told me to educate myself before commenting on political posts and linked a MFM story to the whole Plame dealio. I forget that not all morons are Morons.

  178. Debate? Eff that. I’m voting for good hair. Also this is playing on the juke:

  179. Scott, the sports bar had free WiFi. I wasn’t the person that had them put a TV on chick soccer.

  180. Day 10 Beard Update: Got some of this today. My beard is no longer chapped, I guess.

  181. I like this:

  182. Some 80’s long hair throw back is picking the tunes.

    I wish I could take some pics, but I’m pretty sure I’d have to take an ass whooping.

  183. Balm? BALM!?

    Buncha sissies here.

  184. Last night I met Pete, 60 year old mechanic from India. I caught about half of his words, heavy accent and loud bar. Tonight I met Serge from Ukraine, he and Pete are talking on either side of me and I have no fucking clue. Serge is 70 and has a diamond earring in his left ear and likes to talk shit, apparently.

  185. When I’m on travel I just buy liquor and watch netflix in my hotel room.

    I like my plan better.

  186. Bette Davis Eyes playing now.

    *punches Serge in the throat*

    Time to go.

  187. Hard to do in VA, though. No liquor stores in that godforsaken state that aren’t owned by the state and working banker’s hours.

  188. Hotel wireless won’t even play gifs, Netflix is not on the option list.

    *breaks bottle on cops taser hand*

  189. Keep yer Right up, Pups! Lead w yer left!!!

  190. Pups’ avatards are cracking me up.

  191. I really fucking hate liberals.

    Was told by other idiot lib tonight that this country really wants Bernie Sanders’ style of nice socialism. And so what of we have to pay 60%-80% of our pay to support his plans for free college and free healthcare. That’s a small price to pay for a better system. Plus, he really sees this country moving n that direction more and more.

    “Yeah, greedy people are always gonna vote for the guy who gets the most out of someone else’s pocket for them.”

    Him: “Wait, you are calling poor people greedy?”

    Me: “what else would you call someone who lives off the the hard work of others and then demands more?”

    Him: “Wow. You really have this whole thing backwards,”

    Me: “So, by your definition, someone who works hard and pays his bills is greedy for wanting to keep more of what he has earned and the one who happily lives off of the hard work of others and then complains that he wants more of what I earned is not the greedy one.”

    “Yeah, we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree on that one, asshole.”

  192. Pups Avatard is a sweet name for a band. Getting ready to throat punch Dan. He’s decided that heckling the debate is more fun than Toledo/C.Michigan

  193. Would anyone be angry if I said I am out of my safe place when I read an Oso comment that I cannot understand?

  194. Liberal idiots are going to idiot.

    Or something like that.

  195. Mare, just ask for Oso translate. I’ll totes Desi for you

  196. Did anybody text anybody else a picture of Dick Van Patten as the result of a misunderstanding today?

  197. dammit. so close.

    I sent Dick von Patton.

  198. Why is this fuck talking? Dan about Kasich. We have to hear about OH? I’ll tell you one motherfucker we need to deport…Kasich. Fuck you Jeb.

  199. Dan kills me. He is such an ass.

  200. Ohio can kiss my whole pink ass.

  201. Why can’t we all just get along?

    Serge has an iron head.

  202. Why is your ass pink?

  203. Pup made bail yay!

  204. That ad for 13 Hours

    fucking infuriating…..

    The current admin and Hillary should be drawn and quartered for their fucking failures and lies re: Benghazi

  205. I love my personal LIV with a filthy mouth.

  206. Why is your ass pink?
    It’s breast cancer awareness month. Everything is pink.

  207. I’ll bring your mom up to date.

  208. Pink month was Oct. Dan Butthead Gorton watching the debate: She said Bush.

  209. Saw ‘the martian’ this afternoon. Very good and very true to the book.

    If you liked the book, go see the movie.

    As much as it causes me physical and psychic pain to say it: Matt Damon did a good job.

    Damn! That hurt.

  210. It’s breast cancer awareness month. Everything is pink.

    That was last month. You can stop wearing the tutu, sprout.

  211. Dan is fixated on Rubio’s “Mom” stories. He H8s Rubio.

  212. I’ve been waiting all month for Secret Space Escapes.

  213. Go Roamy!

  214. I thought Phat saw the martini this afternoon.

  215. What about my pink salmon pink tank top?

  216. Fuck you, Rand. You can cut 10% from the entitlements that are already in place and with that money, double the military expenditures.

    fuck you, Rand

  217. What about my pink salmon pink tank top?

    Oh, I know how much you love that.

    Go ahead, you can keep wearing that.

  218. Jimbro, that’s about to happen in about…well as soon as I find my pants.

    Don’t have to simulate aviation until 10 pm tomorrow night.

  219. Tell Mr Beasn I did that Sunday, Desitin applied frequently will pay dividends tomorrow.
    He will be want to and be able to work but sleeping it off tomorrow is recommended.

  220. Kasich, you don’t even belong on that stage. STFU.

  221. Carly Fiorina has been programmed to talk about her 5 point plan. Too bad she can only remember 0 something budgeting and a something else that has an effect on something.

  222. Tonight’s winner is Maria Bartiromo. You can quote me on that.

  223. Dan and Wiser are simpatico about Kasich. Except Wiser was 80% less Buckeye bashing.

  224. Dan was bashing her ethnic nose. I am getting ready to kill him.

  225. Her lips are too big.

  226. Comment by Jimbro on November 10, 2015 10:06 pm
    I thought Phat saw the martini this afternoon.

    That’s tonight. “Martini” is dancing at Shotgun Willie’s between 9pm and closing.

  227. And her roots are dyed brown. I hate that.

  228. We share a birthday, not a birth year. (Making the debate about me!) moi!

  229. You dipshit. The rest of her hair is dyed blonde and her roots are brown.

  230. Word cloud didn’t show Climate Change? No fucking wai!!!

  231. Who are you and what have you done with Scott?!

  232. Dan said some really hurtful things about Columba Bush and Messicans. And by Messicans I mean mi familia.

  233. Undyed roots are sexy.

  234. Keep thinking that.

    Blond women everywhere dye their roots brown.

  235. No, Jeb. we’re not playing Monopoly.

    We’re playing Risk.

    Extremely High Risk.


  236. Trump making a bigger asshole out of himself the longer this goes on.

  237. Scott and I are fighting over women’s fake hair.

    The world is ending.

  238. Carly sucks Muzzie ass.

  239. The rest of her hair is dyed blonde and her roots are brown.

    carpet.. drapes…

  240. Is that why her face looks like that. She always looks like she just smelled a hangover fart.

  241. My hair gradually turned brown from blond. I think the roots are still blond. LIV loves the dustup

  242. I am a fan of The Wall.

    /not PF

  243. carpet.. drapes…

    Pretty sure the floors are bare.

  244. Kasich/Drew Carey 2016

  245. I love The Wall. I’m a fan of e-verify and self-deporting. No benefits for non-citizens. Levy a hefty fee on money transfers to foreign countries. It will pay for The Wall. I still want gators in the Rio

  246. Bitch

  247. this is your one chance, Kasich. Get it all in.

    Why are you on this stage?

  248. He just verbally vomited an answer to every question no one asked him.

    Kasich/Brutus Buckeye

  249. Jeb will be doing all of the really cool stuff other than running for president soon.

  250. Y’all are making me glad I’m not watching the debate.

    Didn’t know this space escapes thing was a series.

  251. Thx guys. I already have Buckeye bashing at home.

  252. And you need more.

    It’s what we’re here for.

  253. Jeb was a great Gov. America is tired of Bushes.

  254. Dr Ben is getting riled. Was he checked for knives?

  255. Cyn…I should live blog the nastiness I am exposed to during these debates.



  257. Oso, that’s what twitter is for.


  258. “There’s too much greed!” – Kasich

    he is really in the wrong party’s stage.


  259. Yes, let Bank of America fail. The deposits are insured.

  260. CoAlex I don’t want to reward his anger. I did text his last Olympics closing ceremony rant.

  261. Holy shit, Cruz is fucking brilliant

  262. and then Kasich once again proves he’s a complete asshole

  263. nicely done, Carly. Nicely done indeed

  264. I love Cruz. LIV that I force to watch debates loves Cruz. He still wants The Donald to SMOD the govt.

  265. The gold standard didn’t stop recessions or failing economies. Poor governance is poor governance.

  266. Yes, let Bank of America fail. The deposits are insured.

    as much as I hate to say this, fuck that insurance too.

    that’s the fucking control banks hold over our government.

    FDIC insurance s the worst fucking idea ever.

  267. And now, fuck you, Maria. You fucking pathetic whore

  268. RL friend is a bartender in NJ. He DVRd the debate. No one in the bar wants to watch. They are watching Toledo/CMichigan. (His mom was killed by an illegal drunk driver. )

  269. Go CRUZ!!!

  270. Hillary’s time as First Lady, NY Senator, and Obama SoS are the three main reasons that she should never be allowed near the Oval Office.

  271. Cavuto! Explore this!!! Give them the opportunity to go after Hillary!!!

    aaaaah fuck…

  272. Ted has my vote until he looses it. However I would even vote for Trump over a democrat. I think John Kasich and Marko Rubio are mostly the same, but Rubio sounds better.

  273. Hillary’s time as First Lady, NY Senator, and Obama SoS are the three main reasons that she should never be allowed near the Oval Office.


  274. How will ‘Merica compete with Pan Asia China and Muzzie Europe without full on pro-ebola, unfettered, free ballin Immigration?!

    Pro Mexico 51st State

  275. Rand sounding off.

  276. Puerto Rico for 51. So sayeth Dr Ben

  277. go away, Jeb. Please, just go away.

  278. Adios, Jeb.

  279. ok, so fuck you, Rand.

  280. “Gurl, dont go away mad! Gurl, Just go away.”

  281. ok, so fuck you, john

  282. nicely done, Carly. Attack the real enemy.

  283. Closing statements…pissing me off.

  284. ok, so fuck you, Jeb.

  285. Go Carly go!

  286. Go Canadian/Cuban!!!

  287. love you, Cruz. honestly. You should win. You need to be our voice.


  288. Hi. I’m playing World of Warships, because my other options are watching the debate or hitting myself on the dick with a hammer.

  289. Love you, Rubio.

    Too soon. And Amnesty…….

  290. Love you, Ben.

    Still have questions…..

  291. Dr Ben just killed it. Great closing statement.

  292. Donald…. I just don’t trust you…..

  293. Carly should have had Marias makeup people do her face.
    Did you notice the time differential between the candidates?
    Ben gets nothing.
    Marco gets a buttload.
    Jeb gets a bunch.
    Rand gets a bunch.
    Cruz gets a ‘taste’.
    Trump gets a little.
    Carly gets a taste.
    Interesting, but, I am drinking to the destruction of the America I grew up in.
    The young people today have no fucking idea of how it was when we were young.
    They will not be told about it in schools. America was the baddest Ass on the planet, and no-one would fuck with us.
    Fuck you, America, we don’t respect or fear you.
    You have a ‘girly-man as a president.
    He will not respond to a nuke attack, or anything else.
    He will just roll-over for the caliphate…

  294. I’m glad that the moderators stepped back and didn’t make the debate about them.

  295. it just occurred to me….

    Fox has hot chicks.

    the rest of the media has not_so_hot chicks

    I wonder if that hurts Fox….

    Any chance that women who might be convinced to watch Fox might be turned off because the wimmen be so hot?

    How many women “identify” with Candy Cow-lee? does that draw more women who identify with her to that side?

    Fox may actually be hurting the Republican party by having attractive women on their channel.

  296. Our side has always had smarter and hotter chicks. Stop with the fat shaming of Democrat wimmens.

  297. I didnt hear a flush…

  298. Our side has always had smarter and hotter chicks.

    ummmm… d’uhhhhhhhhh

    Have you seen Cyn. Or Lippy? Or Lauraw? Or Mare?


    You’ve seen mare, right?

    Stop with the fat shaming of Democrat wimmens.


  299. Back from the beer run.

  300. g’night, y’all

  301. I’m more a “beer saunter” kinda guy.

  302. It was more of a walk to the beer, ride back on the bus kind of run.

    Downtown Denver is pretty fucked up.

    I can’t even think of a good way describe it, and I’m usually pretty good with words.

    Hipster douchbags and mentally ill homeless get together? Yeah, that’s 16th st. after dark.

    It’s a melange of smelly, needy, and privileged. And the weed. Can’t forget all of the weed.

  303. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on November 10, 2015 6:08 pm

    Two steps forward, one step back. Master bedroom and library windows reframed, those walls reinsulated and sheathed, vapor barrier up, but they broke one of the windows.

    Roamie, film that shit and sell it to HGTV. You’ll get richer than six foot up a bull’s ass. Plus my wife will be entertained for a couple of hours.

  304. Damn good debate.

  305. I hate Denver. I especially hate the 16th street mall.


  307. Those wood carvings remind me of the various stages of female genital arousal that I once read about in a coffee table book entitled “Wooded Poon: MY FIST IS STUCK!”

    The fourth photo from the top was pulled directly from the chapter “OFB: I’m Not Shaving Down There” by The Women of the Kalahairy Bushmen”

    On a related note the more I see and hear from John Kasich, the more I want to punch old women and small children in the face with the mail bag that his Dad used to carry on his back.

    He sucks all the donkey balls in this universe as well as all of the infinite parallel universe donkey balls.

    If Kasich is in the next debate I’ll eat a strawberry off Mare’s naked ass if I can find the strawberry with a sextant.

    I don’t even really know what that means.

  308. I’ve seen Mare’s POL pics. I’m willing to bet it is not half bad an ass.

  309. You left
    Your tired family grieving
    And you think they’re derp because you’re leaving
    But did you see Jealousy in the eyes
    Of the ones who had to stay behind?
    And do you think you’ve made
    The right decision this time?

  310. M1 Thumb.

  311. Fox may actually be hurting the Republican party by having attractive women on their channel

    I will fucking cut you.

  312. Fox may actually be hurting the Republican party by having attractive women on their channel

    Hahahahaha. I don’t know who said that but I’m guessing it was an ugly democrat woman or a cis-whatever.

    Because nature despises beauty, and virility and things normal people find pleasant.


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