MMM 197: I’m in the wrong headspace.

It’s been a long day. I had to put a horse down on Friday and then had to be the one to help the pick-up guy get the body into the back of the truck, then I was alone caring for a congested baby for most of the weekend.

Anyhow, just pictures today.



  1. Sorry about the horse, and the baby, and the truck thing.

  2. That’s a suck-ass weekend, leon. My dad was a vet, and to him that was the worst part of his job.

  3. Wonder what the obverse of girl #1 is like? She’s pretty nicely proportioned…

  4. “Wonder what the obverse of girl #1 is like?”

    flipping these pennies over is numismatic russian roulette –
    you’ll probably find a kick stand

  5. sorry about your horse leon

  6. Photoshop on pink iPhone chick.

    My weekend didn’t rock either Leon -so I’m there with you.

    wakey wakey.

  7. Snatch girl sorta looks like she’s levitating about 6 inches above the ground.

  8. That first girl caused me to look twice too Tex. Hopefully flipping the penny over wouldn’t reveal a big nose on Lincoln so to speak.

  9. Do any of you know the validity of Carson wanting to make Puerto Rico a State?

    If so…..nevermind, I’m trying to keep it cool this week.

  10. We’ll use it to store grain.

  11. Green bathing suit selfie girl looks like she’d be fun to hang around with.

  12. Yes, Ben, we do need 2 more perpetual democratic Senators.


  14. Mare reading headlines:

  15. #6 is a man. Has a man face.


  17. I agree with MJ

  18. Thanks Tex. The obverse on the first gal is quite nice, there are others in the binders. If you do a reverse image search you can probably find the rest of her set.

  19. If you do a reverse image search you can probably find the rest of her set.

  20. I think it’s good a heterosexual male says he wants to hop on his wife as a winning celebration. And if you google the wife you will see he has good reason to say it.

  21. Anyone see the new Bond movie?

  22. No I did not – but I did wait on several people BEFORE they went to see the new Bond movie.

    Does that count?

  23. I don’t understand what the black football players at Mizzou want.

  24. No, it does not.

  25. I think it’s good a heterosexual male says he wants to hop on his wife as a winning celebration.

    These jackholes believe all heterosexual sex is rape, at least when it’s between a married couple.

    Now if he’d said that he and his wife were celebrating by throwing an orgy, he’d be a leftist hero.

  26. I don’t understand what the black football players at Mizzou want.

    They don’t either. They’re waiting for their “educational aid” to finish that homework for them.

  27. I’m dangerously close to asking if I’m taking crazy pills and if this is real life.

  28. No, this is just fantasy.

  29. They want the university president to immediately end racism, and give them special treatment……

  30. Protestors stopped the president’s car before a parade, and they are mad that he wouldn’t get out and talk to them.

    Crazy indeed. Gee, I wonder why he wouldn’t meet with you. Now a grad student is on a hunger strike, and they won’t play until he eats.

  31. Oh, and don’t forget, some drunk white student dropped a racial slur, so now the president of the university should step down. That, and a bunch of idiots in a pickup yelled at someone.

    Yep, not crazy at all.


    It’s one of those “fringe sites”, so no one else will have to read it.

  33. Someone also made a swastika sign in shit. Which … gross.

    Who does that?

    I can’t believe the president of the university supported that.

    Oh wait …

  34. The kids are also complaining that the university isn’t a “livable space” because they aren’t allowed to have PP on campus to make a woman’s womb an “unlivable space” for a growing baby.

  35. Still slightly confused about these posts. Is it porn or motivation or what?

  36. This is excellent from Schlichter:

    Bernie Sanders is a coward, loser.

  37. So if there are 40,000 (whatever) students at a school and 150 of them protest something stupid everyone has to take it seriously?



  38. mare, it’s only 120 miles to Ferguson. This shit MATTERS!

  39. When my husband played football at West Point, they played Missouri and were booed as they entered the stadium.

    I see not a lot has changed as far as the stupid goes.

    I’m glad their football team sucks, however, I kind of wish they were in the running, those players would not threaten anything.

  40. Yea- kids are really stupid now-a-days Mare. It’s hopefull.

  41. I meant hopeless. I’ve got a mouse situation in the house right now …

    stupid cats. Caught a mouse – fatally injured it – and now have just left it in the middle of the room to die.

  42. Carin, I just saw that Matt Walsh mentioned that PP deal with regard to Missouri. What a bunch of idiots.

  43. Hey, where the heck has Beasnsnsnsns been?

  44. I think that Breitbart article really addresses the bigger issue. College students are just becoming so freakin dumb.

    I’m sure there are plenty of smart college kids. Who ignore all this bullshit and are too busy studying ever night to even pay attention to this. Then we have these IDIOTS seeking useless degrees. They’ve got plenty of time for Teh Outrage and feel this is their time to be important (because when they graduate they’re not gonna get a ton of respect working at Starbucks). But right NOW – they’re a “college student” and think it makes them at the vanguard of society. It just makes me sick.

  45. Did you watch Gladiator with the cats? Maybe they are role-playing it.

  46. MJ, I have explained this. I find that looking at fit women motivates me to become more fit myself. I know it just makes you want to be (more of) a woman, so your confusion is understandable.

  47. Forget it, leon, it’s MJ-town.

  48. J’ames – if there were watching it I’d understand. But they’ve basically just left it in the middle of the room for me to deal with.

    My cats are assholes.

    [except Killer – i love him to pieces]

  49. Car in, they ARE the vanguard! They have a whole wall of participant trophies to prove it!

  50. The way to stop this campus bullshit is to start expelling the egregious snowflakes. First college that takes a stand on this will get an upswing in especially qualified applicants.

  51. After my horrible weekends … nothing can motivate me. If I can get a run in and sorta clean my house before I go to work I will be declaring today a victory.

  52. You should play the Gladiator soundtrack, and make the cats circle around the mouse. Would make a great Vine/Instagram. You’d get millions of hits!

    Are you not entertained?

  53. It’s also worth noting that you never see this crap at schools with “Tech” in the name.

  54. Carin, how are the boys this morning? I did read where the woman in the accident died. Is that the wife of the man who caused it?

  55. ‘Sup, cuntz?

  56. 1) start teaching real HARD courses
    2) stop rewarding mediocrity with passing grades
    3) eliminate any degree program with the word “STUDIES” tacked at the end of it.
    4) laugh in the face of anyone who wants to seriously discuss gender/identify/racial/economic/environmental/social …. justice. Becuase they don’t want to discuss. They want to lecture you.

  57. Yes – the wife was in the passenger seat. It was her side of the car that got hit. Witnesses on the scene said the man should NOT have been driving. She died at the hospital but I haven’t confirmed (it’s second-hand info). I haven’t told the boys yet.

  58. WTF do have Sociology degrees anyway? They’re total bullshit. Same with African studies, women’s studies and a few others I don’t give a shit about.

    Getting rid of those majors (which are for kids who think getting a college degree is important but are too stupid to get a degree in a real science) would mop up lots of these problems.

  59. Ethan’s still sore. Matt’s at work. I asked Pat to check on him. Make sure he’s not MORE sore than yesterday.

  60. Carin and mare are simpatico.

  61. She was 81. I don’t think the injuries were so bad that they were the primary cause. Her neck and back hurt and she was crying moaning. But she was conscious. Maybe she had a stroke or something?

  62. ‘Sup, Hotspur?

  63. Carin, were your boys in an accident?

  64. Mare, I got a shit ton done over the weekend. It’s finally feeling like we’re moved in, instead of unpacking.

  65. There was a heavy coating of frost on the leaves, and the full sun was out this morning. It was glorious.

    Our new house is fucking awesome.

  66. Mare, my best friend in HS played football at West Point from 78 to 82. Would this overlap your husband’s time there? If so, I’m sure they know each other.

  67. Yep. Matt and Ethan were coming back from town and a very old man turned right in front of him (coming from the other direction – making a left) and Matt hit him going 55 mph. Airbags deployed – engine dropped. They are bruised/etc but walked away. The woman in the passenger car did not do so well. Police said there was NOTHING Mat could have have done.

    So – we’re down another car. Awesome. That little honda I drove to Ann Arbor. Safe car though.

  68. Thank God they’re okay.

    Old guys – fucking losers.

  69. Not everyone ages the same and I’m sure some 80 y/o are fine drivers. But witnesses said this guy should NOT have been driving – obviously.

  70. Car in, you may want to do some research on an attorney. If the woman died, there could be a lawsuit coming.

  71. How could they possible sue us? It was completely not his fault. It was 100% the husband’s fault.

  72. Alex, her insurance company will handle that if the need arises. /insurance hat

    Just glad the boys are okay. /mom hat

  73. Honestly – if anyone were to sue anyone it would be us doing it.

  74. I’m sure there are plenty of smart college kids.
    You can spot them pretty easily. They’re the Asian kids.

    Notice how there aren’t any protests by Asian kids to keep whitey from appropriating their culture by wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit on halloween?

    Cuz they’re studying.

  75. We should come up with some formula for figuring out when a particular subgroup/ culture” has become bankrupt. It starts with them complaining about this or that being “appropriated”.

  76. I just read the dumbest thing on the planet.

    White people like Ben Carson because he stabbed another black person.

    The fuq?

  77. How could they possible sue us? It was completely not his fault. It was 100% the husband’s fault.

    And I’m sure a grieving husband and children will be oh so reasonable about that. As opposed to acting like most normal human beings and looking for someone to blame.

  78. MJ,

    Carson scares the shit out of the left, because they can’t use their normal tactics against him, and because he makes Obama look like a complete jerk. They can’t portray him as stupid, because stupid people don’t become world famous neurosurgeons. They can’t portray him as out of touch, because he grew up poor and in Detroit. They best they can do is attack his religious beliefs, which would likely backfire with the (still very religious) black community.

    Not to mention making SWPLs look like dumbasses for their slobbering support of the incompetent twit Obama.

  79. Cyn, thanks for that point. I forgot that the insurance company would be involved as well for that part.

  80. Cyn is here to keep us from getting hysterical CoAl

  81. I thought she was here to help bury the bodies.

  82. That too.

  83. Shhhhh!

  84. Cyn always has a shovel and a bag of lime.

    Just sayin.

  85. I thought she was here to keep Mare and Carin from talking about inane shit all day.

  86. Then she’s failing.

  87. You sonofabitches …

  88. That university president has resigned.

    We’re doomed.


  90. Are you kidding? He folded?

  91. The left is terrified of Ben Carson, but not for the reasons they keep trying to assert.

    The media is vetting smearing this guy relentlessly.

    First off, why would he reveal any of the people in his biography? So the media could go all Joe the Plumber on them? Don’t think so.

    I’d tell them “You bring the American people Obama’s college transcripts, which you never bothered to look for, or ask him about, and I’ll reveal every source in my book.”

  92. “It is my belief that we stopped listening to each other,” Wolfe said during his statement. “We didn’t respond or react. We got frustrated with each other and we forced individuals like Jonathan Butler to take immediate action, unusual steps to affect change. This is not – I repeat, not – the way change should come about. Change comes from listening, learning, caring and conversation and we have top respect each other enough to stop yelling at each other and quit intimidating each other.

    “Unfortunately this has not happened,” Wolfe said.

  93. Did you see the link to the press conference where Carson was asking about the vetting of Obama? The reporters kept trying to talk over him, and wouldn’t answer his questions.

  94. Well, I hope that all university presidents are on notice, now. I predict a whole bunch of this happening.

  95. Comment by Car in on November 9, 2015 11:36 am


    Soon, they will merge with LauraW and assume the form of our destruction: Queens of the Crossfit Garden!

  96. FEAR US

  97. No, I didn’t see it, but I can only imagine.

    I’ve been asking my lib friends if their negativity towards Carson isn’t just full blown racism.

    If looks could kill.

    I even said “How can you be so negative towards him? He hasn’t even been to all 57 states yet.”

  98. Jay, it the team didn’t show up to play BYU on Saturday, they would have had to pay BYU $1,000,000. Add in the lost TV revenue and it’s a no brainer.

  99. Well. That’s cool. They have a “hold” on Matt’s car because they are doing more investigation.

    Awesome. My checkbook is in there. SORRY- you’re SOL

  100. Who told you that CarIn? Police or insurance??

  101. If police, yeah you’re SOL unless you can get in nice-nice with them. If insurance, they don’t have that power.

    Anytime there’s a fatality, there’s always additional investigation; just routine.

  102. /hat now really really off

  103. Yea it’s the po-po

  104. Did they put the old fucker behind bars for manslaughter? Because that’s what it was.

  105. True, but that seems harsh.

  106. oh look, the Mizzou situation has a list of demands! (in the link)

  107. Is PD still around? PD, those years are almost my husband’s. He graduated in 83 and lettered all four years. Can you say his name?

  108. They ticketed him at the scene. I wonder if the family feels guilty that they didn’t take away the car keys previously. As I said – witnesses said the man should NOT have been driving.

  109. Jay, it the team didn’t show up to play BYU on Saturday, they would have had to pay BYU $1,000,000. Add in the lost TV revenue and it’s a no brainer.


    It’s a no brainer when you have no principles.

  110. Wait, mare might be REAL?


  111. PD, email me if you don’t want to say his name. At the address.

  112. Of course Mare is real. She’s MJ.

  113. I’m not surprised about the wife passing away Carin. I half expected both of them to die. Blunt force trauma and the elderly is a bad combination. Even pulmonary contusions with or without broken ribs can do it.

  114. Anyone know where Beasnsnsnsns has been?

  115. I’m real and I’m spectacular! …For an MJ alter ego.

  116. She’s been on facedouche off and on.

  117. So, Gary Pinkel has witnessed lots of racist shit at Missouri? And if not, then he’s full of shit and an ass kisser, as I thought.

    Hey, Gary let’s, for a moment or two, talk about your players’ GPA, their written papers, their SAT scores and their majors. You phony POS.

  118. Thanks Jay. You don’t get the impression anything is wrong?

  119. He was fine – walking afterwards. Matt’s car hit RIGHT on the passenger side. She complained of neck and back pain and had a head contusion. She was moaning a lot too. If she were younger- she would have had a better chance.

  120. No, no impression of anything wrong. Maybe she’s just busy.

  121. [I think it’s mare’s fault]

  122. I assume Matt’s car is totaled. When does he get to replace it?

  123. He only had liability on it. @@. He kept meaning to switch it but that’s what he put on it when he bought it. he’s only had it a little while. Maybe two months?

  124. Sounds like whatever he had did a damn fine job.
    He should get another one just like it.

    What was he driving?

  125. I think since we’ve been fucked by that twice now – we’re going to fully cover all our cars. I mean – I can accept taking a loss with liability when it’s our fault. But when it’s someone else’s fault? That’s a hard pill to swallow.

    Good think insurance is so cheap for liability here in michigan so it’s not as if we’d been paying out “real money” for this crap


    *wipes tears from cheeks

  126. It was a Honda si. And yes. It did a might fine job.

  127. Split pea soup is DONE.

  128. I love split pea soup.

    Mom, is that you??

  129. It turned out fabulous.

  130. Split Pea Rocks, also split poat day rocks

  131. *Hands missing shirt button to Carin*

  132. I thought I was me.

    Mare J, bring me some wine!

  133. When scott makes bacon, I take the smoked skin from the bacon, cut it into squares, and add it to split pea soup in the winter. Good in chicken soup too.

    *three thumbs up*

  134. OK, back to studying. :(

  135. Mare the only email address I know about for you is the aol one from the secret Santa email. Is that one still good? Otherwise you’ll have to give me some hints on the one you mentioned. Or you can email my pendejogrande7883 at the gstring and I’ll respond.

  136. Don’t fall for it. It’s a trap.

  137. *signs up PG for a “list”

  138. We took the car keys away when it was not safe. We hear about how wrong we are everyday. No one died.

  139. My grandparents live three hours away from their nearest daughter. Grandpa no longer drives over the mountains, but still drives around town. Grandma doesn’t drive at all. I figure in the next year or so they’ll move closer to either my mom or aunt. It’s simply getting too risky to have them on the road.

  140. PD, that address is still good.

  141. HA! Chumpo, that’s pretty good.

  142. My sister’s in-laws had to have their keys taken. Her MiL has dementia and still lives at home and FiL has degenerative arthritis of the spine with spinal stenosis and can barely walk. It had to be done by their sons.

  143. yay, Mrs. Jay has highly contagious diarrhea!

    Luckily I’m feeling no symptoms, and they FINALLY figured it out.

  144. Diarrhea definition: a stool that assumes the shape of its container.

    You better hold off on telling her that one Jay.

  145. Is anyone else enjoying the incredible irony in the fact that the Yale Halloween kerfuffle is actually happening at a college called “Silliman?”

  146. Oh yes, she LOVES trivia!

    *texts right now

  147. I didn’t take Gran’s keys; I took the Coil wire.

    I left a note taled to the side of the distributer explaining the situation in case they had the car towed.

    The car never moved again.

  148. Technically it’s a controversy about a hypothetical costume.

    Kids are fucking sick.

  149. Technically it’s a controversy about a hypothetical costume.

    That’s the most hilarious part! They never even saw an offensive costume! They are just upset that they COULD have seen one because there was no official written policy against them!

    Little children pretending to be adults while demanding that they have more rules placed upon them by their surrogate parents.

    John Belushi and Doug Kenney are rolling over in their graves.

  150. For the gut bacteria, I just need the yogurt with live and active cultures, right? Mrs. Jay will be needing some of that.

  151. In a few years they will be marching in front of town hall demanding the same thing.

  152. I would have no problem saying to my kid, “Are you mental?” And they know it so they keep their crazy to a minimum. My kids heard the term, “suck it up” so many times, my youngest, like a dolt, almost let a staph infection get out of control. Then had the balls to say to me when I asked her why the heck she hadn’t gone to the Dr. “well you always told us to suck it up!”

    My oldest did the same when she broke her finger.

  153. Yale is only 45 minutes from here.

    I should find something offensive to rent and go hang out.

  154. KKK robe oughtta get it.

    In blackface.

  155. Technically it’s a controversy about a hypothetical costume.

    This is what I mean by, “Are you mental? Suck it up and grow up, you idiot!”

    Can you guys think of stuff that offends your kids besides lefties? Really, I’m trying hard to think of something and I can’t think of anything that would upset them like these college kids.

    I mean obviously if they were attacked (physically) or groped, but both of them know how to generally deal with that and wouldn’t expect us to deal with it, although we would.

  156. Thomas Jefferson would be good.

  157. I like Cyn’s idea. But be sure to be innocuous and pass out full size candy bars or something. The point being, it’s a hypothetical offending and yet you are doing a random act of kindness so no existential threat.

    I don’t know WTF I’m saying.

  158. Jay, for gut bacteria, try eating at a local greasy spoon staffed entirely by illegals.

  159. Not offensive – man dressed as a woman in the ladies room

    Offensive – man in an Indian costume in the mens room

  160. Not offensive – Adult Film class

    Offensive – American History 101

  161. Just saw this on twitter, clip on man bun. I beg of you, if your “son” is the type to wear this, punch him in the face and stop all and any funding to him.

  162. Much like Idiocracy, this flick was prescient:

  163. Not offensive – Rapes by Missouri football team (google it)

    Offensive – One white person yelling something racist to 11 football players. (explains why the team sucks but whatever)

  164. I’m going to stick with the friendly gut bacteria. Thanks!

  165. Daylight savings time sucks. At 6:00 pm I think it’s 9:00 and I’m thinking about bed.

    I haven’t been sleeping well so the darkness makes the lure of going to sleep stronger.

  166. You should dress in a whale suit and let all of the Yailes know that you’re currently appropriating their mom.

  167. Feels like midnight here.

    I’m in the middle of my startbodyweight workout, because driving to the gym eats too much time.

  168. Listening to the Missouri coach on ESPN is making me sick so Castle reruns.

  169. Use a probiotic along with the yoghurt.

    Consider a fecal transplant.

  170. Did that douche rosetta say he was going to hang out here more often?

  171. Evening

  172. You should probably avoid black market poop-in-a-pill.

  173. SQUIRRIL!!!

  174. Rosetta is a scam.

  175. PD, check your email!!

  176. Mare, just in case you haven’t gone to bed yet, or if you have, just in case you had to get up to tinkle and checked in with us, I have sent you an incredibly interesting email at your aol address. Feel free to check it or trash without reading it.

  177. Rosetta is a nice man who has an excellent wife and a fine collection of Russian Nesting Dolls.

  178. Russian nesting dolls or My Little Pony figurines?

  179. PD, I feel like we’re related…except I’d like to spend holidays with you.

  180. Heh. Good one.

  181. RL friend was West Point ’84. I don’t know if he played football.

  182. Comment by scott on November 9, 2015 7:52 am

    We’ll use it to store grain.

    So, I’m in a fleabag hotel in Chicago on my werk laptop, the wireless sux. I just wanted to highlight the above comment by Scott who is the funniest man alive.


  183. So, Gary Pinkel has witnessed lots of racist shit at Missouri? And if not, then he’s full of shit and an ass kisser, as I thought.

    Pinkel is a f*cking drunk and should have been canned the moment he sided with his shit for brains, team, who are at the University FREE of charge and allotted a team of tutors to make sure they ‘pass’. #blackprivilege Those little asswipes should have been put on notice that if they continue their ‘strike’, they will lose any scholarship money and will be billed accordingly.

    BLM is alive and well-funded in MO.

  184. *waves to mare*

  185. Day 9 Beard Update: The worst of the initial itchiness seems to be over. I think I’m getting used to this.

  186. Mare, I drop by but haven’t had much to say. The news is depressing and I’m starting a tshirt quilt for beasnette. She wears small tshirts, so when I try to follow the pattern/formula I found on pinterest, I’m coming up short. So, I’ll be doctoring quite a few into the size they need to be.

  187. Sean, my son dropped by today on his way back home from a business trip. He’s got a pretty good beard going. Mr. Beasn is jealous. He wasn’t able to grow a beard until he was in his 40s.

    The son takes after me. ;D

  188. The second girl in this poat is cute as a bug.

  189. She would have been cuter minus the bolt ons.

  190. Okay, good to hear from you Beasasnsnsns.

  191. So, does Mr Mare know PG’s friend? If so, pretty cool small world story.

  192. So if there are 40,000 (whatever) students at a school and 150 of them protest something stupid everyone has to take it seriously?

    I’m sure there are plenty of smart college kids. Who ignore all this bullshit and are too busy studying ever night to even pay attention to this.

    My son went there. He said the ‘uneducated’ did shit like this all of the time and everyone ignored them. He’s like, ‘Mom, none of the college kids care about the idiots and their faux grievances’. I told him that they and he better start caring because they’re getting people fired and will go on to work in government.

  193. ‘did shit like this all of the time…when he was there and they were ignored’

    But now you have blacklivesmatter in the mix.

  194. ^^^^^ and the MFM

  195. Missouri S&T chancellor just posted a message that was basically, “I like black people, please don’t get me fired.”

  196. Our SJWs were called Hippies or Commies and they’d protest at Yale Park. In the 80s, (Lawn, off) the campus riots were still close enough that the locals H8D hippies. Now, they’re our elected officials.

  197. Mare will enjoy this

  198. I know we aren’t supposed to call them “Thugs” or “Juvenile Delinquents”, but I can’t remember what TFG is calling them since he got schooled in MD.

  199. Missouri S&T chancellor…” I have several black friends.”

  200. Hooligans. Or rapscallions.

  201. Check ride complete.

    Almost done here in Denver. Have to fly 2 sims in the 767-400 to get familiar with the ‘differences’ then I’m done.

    Have tomorrow off and once I wake up after a night consisting entirely of bad choices and a morning of regret, I may go see ‘The Martian’.

    I loved the book, any opinions on the movie version?

  202. Scott, that Project Veritas link…I love James O’Keefe.

  203. Scott, PD’s friend is a good friend of my husbands. In our email exchange I sent a pic of PD’s friend and my husband and another friend together. It’s a really close connection. Both my husband and I really enjoyed the small world H2 tie.

  204. Sorry, Phat. I don’t watch Matt Damon. I do know that Kurt and Irina liked it. (Name dropping)

  205. Oh , and I met PD’s friend!!!

  206. I met Mare once.

    Said almost no one.


  207. I love small world stories.

  208. My husband liked the Martian book better than the move, though he still enjoyed the movie.

  209. Scott, I do too.

  210. Wireless at the sports bar is much more better.

  211. Finding out that Wiser lived a couple miles from our store was a good one.

  212. Chicago has a lot of rough looking women’s.

  213. Having a HS friend wish TiFWs daughter a HB was one for me.

  214. I got in a FB fight with a Moron’s college friend. My RL West Point friend is her neighbor. Their sons played on the same Little League team.

  215. At a meat-up, Mr. Beasn found out he had done business with roamy’s husband (I think it was her husband) and did business with TIFW’s husband’s business.

  216. Dan and I were in Chandler for Spring Training. Random jogger approached us in the parking lot. Started to testify about surviving cancer and how great God is. He was from Newark, OH. Worked with my cousin Scott for over 30 years.

  217. Does anyone here like Adele? If so, could you please explain the appeal?

  218. Our first trip to Oahu. Dan was wearing an Ohio State tee. Guy started talking to us in hotel lobby. He worked at State Farm with my 2nd cousin, Carly, and my first cousin, Carla.

  219. I don’t like Adele. We’re supposed to feel bad that she was told she was too fat.

  220. Good lookin’ ride, Phat.

    Hook me up with some of those mini-scotches from the galley.

  221. I was once walking across the CU Boulder campus, and some guy on the park bench calls me over.

    Him: “Can I ask you a question?”

    Me: “Uh, sure.”

    Him: “You’re from Oregon, right?”

    Me: “Yeah.”

    Him: “Damascus Middle School, right?”

    Me: “WTF? Yeah.”

    Him: “Yeah, we had the same English teacher. You know, the one who loved dolphins.”

  222. Our first trip to Oahu. Dan was wearing an Ohio State tee. Guy started talking to us in hotel lobby. He worked at State Farm with my 2nd cousin, Carly, and my first cousin, Carla.

    Carly Maria and Carla Maria?

  223. I was in BOTH CT and NM.

    *small world

  224. I dated a girl whose HS English class did a letter exchange and visit with my HS English class. Her pen-pal was a classmate of mine, and she knew several people from the Roaring Fork Valley.

  225. Beasn, my small world stories are Buckeyes. I just assume I’m related to every Native New Mexican.

  226. I got shitfaced on that campus in 1983.

    I think we hit about 15 local bars. I woke up with a broken beer mug in my bed, and somebody’s wristwatch in my underwear.

  227. What bar, Pupster. I’ve got friends in Chicago. Who have VERY attractive female friends.

  228. The Catholic Singles group that meets on Sunday has a running joke about how everyone from Miami University moves to Colorado Springs. We’ve had like four in the past two years, and I think that they were all physical therapy majors.

  229. We all know someone that went to Miami.

  230. I was in line at Old Navy in Waikiki. Rina and Tina Matano were in line in front of me. Not that shocking. Their parents were interred in the same camp. Met as adults. We were stationed with them on Taiwan. The family always intended to retire on Oahu.

  231. CoAl, FL or OH?

  232. Pupsterville, not the land of crankpots and Bcochran.

  233. Colorado Boulder.

    Your cousins were probably there.

  234. CoAlex,
    You really need to reschedule your meeting.

    what days are confession offered at the diocese? You need to schedule your meeting for the night before.

  235. Confession is on Saturday, although I haven’t gone to confession in almost ten years.

  236. Scott,

    All my cousins live in Oregon. This was just some random dude who remembered me. It was very weird.

  237. Only ONE cousin at CoBoulder!!!! (CoAlex we have 3X daily confession. Shi’ite Catholic)

  238. I was offered a Classics Scholarship to Miami of Ohio. I could’ve met Car in YEARS ago if I hadn’t been so intimidated. Or not. I’m old.

  239. Beasn is right, Mr. RFH knows Mr. Beasn.

    The Martian movie was good, but then I don’t hate Matt Damon.

  240. That Constitution video pissed me off Scott, so you are correct, I “enjoyed” it like I enjoy seeing Michell Obama’s face as the “beauty for the 21st century!”

  241. Hey, Mare! Have you been following the “Homeless” situation on Oahu?

  242. Her arms are toned.

  243. Texas is about to get 200,000 Syrians. I hope the Gov sends them all to Hawaii. In the long run it will be a lot cheaper.

  244. While nobody knows what Mare looks like or whether she even exists or not, somebody from an email account in her name sent me a nice email with a pic of my buddy and two other guys. One of them being her husband…….or so she says. And the other one is a guy I remember my buddy talking about frequently and telling me I needed to meet back when we were young men. I’ll say this, Mare’s husband could pass for 45 and if I’m doing my math right, he’s at least 54 and maybe 55.

    Mare, I left a few followup comments for you at your junk (SYWM) email acct.

  245. Yes, Oso and because of the stupid treaties it is a cluster**ck of their own making. ANY Pacific islander can come to HA without the English language, without any job skills etc.. If you read the stories it’s ridiculous they thought it was paradise…without the money. And now they are stuck with these (basically back woods morons).

  246. I watched about 6 minutes of a student mob trying to run a reporter/photographer out of their precious protest at U MO at HotAir just now. I’m too old to fight for this country, at least in the traditional sense, but were I not, it would be a tough decision as to whether to risk my ass to protect scum like that. Hopefully they’re an extreme minority on our college campuses but I fear not. A civil war may well happen in my lifetime if this is what’s coming.

  247. I fully expect a civil war in my lifetime, and possibly a world war within the next ten years.

  248. Okay, I actually LOLed at this:

    Here’s a question: Let’s say you stumbled into a strange room full of mist, and at the center of that room were three huge computer keys, CTRL, ALT, and DLT, carved out of enormous black rubies, and you knew that by pushing them you’d reboot the earth.

    Now here’s the question: After pushing the buttons, would the Cleveland Browns be any good? Or would they transform into a pack of platypuses or something?

  249. Hey, Ben Rothlisberger went to Miami of Ohio. Go Steelers!

  250. Chicago has a lot of rough looking women’s.

    wimmens /Hotspur

    Confession is on Saturday, although I haven’t gone to confession in almost ten years.

    It really does help. I go at least once a month, sometimes more if I’m having a rough time avoiding temptation.

  251. Go Yuns.

  252. Pap’s Ultimate Sports Bar in Mt. Prospect, IL.

    All the women’s in the bar were big and surly looking. It might have been a lesbian bar, but I can walk there from my hotel.

    Living the dream baby.

  253. Sean, I did too. Lippy, I know. So did our Car in. And JEB!

  254. Mare, WTF does Hawaii have to accept Micronesians?

  255. DC area has a lot of hot women with careers shoved up their well-toned asses.

    I got no idea what’s wrong with the Chi-town chicks other than the brutal daily slog of living in that hellhole.

  256. I’m hoping SMOD. Thinking Civil War.

  257. Why isn’t Saudi Arabia taking, well, all of the refugees?

  258. They already said they can’t vet them and they don’t want them.

  259. They already said they can’t vet them and they don’t want them.

    That’s what a real country should say. I wish I lived in one.

  260. Why isn’t Saudi Arabia taking, well, all of the refugees?

    I would imagine it has something to do with most of the wealthy people there not wanting to be murdered in their sleep and have their homes burned to the ground.

  261. I want BORDERS not BOARDERS. *Rayciss

  262. Jeb! went to Miami Ohio? I would have thought Yale.

    Hi Oso! How are you feeling?

  263. Lippy!

  264. True Story. We usually get lots of refugees because “Catholic”. Sanctuary CITY!!! We had been pretty chill, because of all the CA and SA, but fuck me. Somalis and other MEs found OH, MI, MN, too fucking cold. Guess who is moving here?

  265. They’re talking about a hip hop musical about Alexander Hamilton on the CBS Evening News right now.

    Well, I can add that to the list of sentences I never thought I’d type.

  266. Lippy, yep. W got to go to Yale. I’m still a mess, drinking less *WHAT?

  267. Sean, I still can’t believe Alexander Hamilton has to be replaced before Andrew Jackson. Let it BERN!

  268. Hamtramck, MI, will be under sharia law within 10 years.

  269. And yeah, Saudi should be taking every refugee. If that were the case there would be a lot fewer of them. It’s so sad to see the beginning of the death of Europe.

    If the phony “refugees” knew they had to go to Saudi they’d stay home. Only the real ones would go there.

    The filth and trash and raping they leave in their wake is horrendous.

  270. They don’t like ham.

  271. Scott!!

  272. It’s so sad to see the beginning of the death of Europe.

    I don’t know why, but I no longer expect it to die.

    I expect a backlash that makes HitlerNapoleon look like a piker.

  273. They don’t like ham.

    Hamtramck in the 70s was 80% second- and third-generation Polish Catholics. They are less than 20% of the population now.

  274. Ham is the best, tastiest meat of all.

  275. Sunni countries are better friends with Israel than TFG. Burundi is getting ready to go Rwanda. Kris Jenner turned 60. (Testing Scott’s Kardashian block)

  276. Ham, bacon, pork. I love pig.

  277. Osita, take care of yourself. We (I) need you!

    Leon, the problem will be that Europe will never have the balls to send them back.

  278. After pushing the buttons, would the Cleveland Browns be any good? Or would they transform into a pack of platypuses or something?

    As long as there’s baklava.

  279. I’ve done a couple years at a blue-state-state-school, politically incognito. Found out quite recently that, like me, a great proportion of my classmates are secret conthugglikans. The reason I didn’t know this sooner, is that the faculty are all commies. And my young classmates won’t pipe up about their views, for good reason.

    For one thing, it’s not germane to the discussion. For another thing, commies will fail you on the general principle that they are opinion-suppressing fascists.

  280. I just bought a bio of Alexander Hamilton. There was a great article at NRO that made me do that. It also confirmed my feelings that Jefferson was a lazy a-hole.

  281. lauraw goes to school with my nephews?

  282. Jefferson was a Ginger.

  283. I like Adele. WTF? She’s got an amazing set of pipes and her songs are beautiful.

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I would like to see her live.

  284. She’s a fatty SJW. I like her,too. I H8 the crap.

  285. Lippy, I’m getting better. Are you coming to PHX in Feb?

  286. I’m glad to hear it. PHX in Feb? I missed that, but there’s no reason I can’t, yippee!

  287. Here’s a list of female performers I’d like to see before Adele:

    Where the fuck is the infinity sign on my keyboard? I’ll get back witcha.

  288. I pick you up Lipps, Then we go get Sean. Then we sit in the back and drink Mai Tais as Sean drives us to XBrads. Then, maybe we make it to Scottsdale. At that point everything will be a win for the team.

  289. Feb 26-28. Pups in the house!!!

  290. I have no fucking idea who Adele is.
    Why should I?
    I don’t give a shit about the Kardashians, whoever they are.
    Why should I?
    These young college “students” demanding(Who the fuck are to DEMAND anything from the university?) a “Safe Space”?
    Fuck them!
    University is supposed to expose them to opinions, ideas, facts, and beliefs outside their experience.
    We used to call it, “Education”.
    To broaden their horizons, to open their minds to logic and critical thinking, to “what could be”.
    When these “special snowflakes” leave school and hit the corporate job market, the shock just might kill them.
    One would hope…

  291. Mai Tais — count me in, Mr. Fun!!

  292. Boy, that infinity sign takes on some beach.

    Let’s see.
    -You will buy a program at the Hole Concert
    -A mug at the Madonna Concert
    -Comemerative Sprunt Spray at Miliey and Friends
    -Have fun at Cher
    -Stage dive at Lady Gag Gag.

    Looks like your Winter Concert Series is Bang o’ Rang

  293. Um, Chris P…you’re standing on my lawn.

  294. I like the way you think Chumpo, but everyone you mentioned is post-infinity. I’m still working out the details of that concept.

  295. If Obama had a daughter somewhat older than the two he has, she would probably look and act a whole lot like this.

  296. I dunno, Chumpy, Adele has just never done it for me. If she was black (or a prettier white girl) I suspect most people would say “Meh.”

    Also, ERRRRYTHING she releases gets overplayed like crazy. I’m already sick of her new single, and I’ve done my damnedest to avoid hearing it all the way through.

  297. I like the way you think too, Pendeko.

    Thanks for the yuks.

  298. Nice onion on your belt, Chrispy.

  299. Maybe, Double.

    I don’t hear much radio. On her merits she’s top talent. The world is a very stupid place and could fuck up a wet dream.

    Do an Adele post and see what the folx here have to say.

  300. Hashdfakljdfhajkldfhajhdfkajdsfjkasdfjadsf

    X ray, That’s a riot.

  301. When these “special snowflakes” leave school and hit the corporate NGO and non-profit job market, the shock marxist ideology they’ve ingested just might kill them. a whole bunch of folks.

  302. Chumpo,
    I was born in ’48.
    How’s about you gtf off MY lawn, punk.
    Waves Garand…

    It was the style, at the time…

  303. I tried to change my avatar, but not to this fucktard looking thing. Back to the drawing board I guess.

  304. Chumpo,
    I was born in ’48.

    That makes you younger than most of the demonrats running for president. Cowboy the fuck up and let’s go.

  305. Nice onion on your belt, Chrispy.

    Dad said that the old time miners called it a turnip.

  306. Certainly is a change of pace, PG!

  307. *waves my Garand back*

    Thats what makes this blog so cool. Its like an M1 owners forum.

    My sprigfeild reciver was stamped on or near my birthday, 1945. It’s the most cherrished item that I own.

  308. Are we changing our avatars to H8D Christian WTF yet?

  309. I never realized what a bully Ginger was. MaryAnn is finding her own personality. She’s 12. And very whiny.

  310. Did anybody tell anybody else that under state law, stickers–even scratch ‘n sniff stickers–don’t count as a raise today?

  311. FFS. Curfews are the answer

  312. Austin has a problem with jaywalkers and pedestrian deaths. Seems like a net sum game to me. Austin trying to make it racial.

  313. G’night. I was singing Les Miz and freaking out MA.

  314. The Garand Old Party

  315. Squeaky hissed at me when I sang the Happy Kitty purr purr purr song to her the other night.

  316. I guess I’m supposed to mock sing. Squeaky needs the full Big Bang.

  317. Ive said it before about that picture. You and I Have the same shooting form.

  318. That’s where I got it. It works on Sheldon, not on Squeaks.

  319. Dan gets really grumpy when I sing. Poor guy had to mouth the rum pa pum pum

  320. Chumps, what chapped my ass was that day, two guys with .22 pistols were shooting 100m and doing way, way better than me. I felt a little better once I learned they were on the Olympic team.

  321. I’m probably taking my first trip to a gun range tomorrow. My rightwing racist paranoia has finally got the better of me and I want to learn how to shoot.

  322. If you had an M16 you would have giv en them a go.

    It would be fun to roll the Garands out to a streatch of BLM.

  323. We three should do that.

  324. Sadly, I no longer have the Garand.

  325. Sean, I know you’ve probably had some some good advice from xbrad, but here’s mine:

    Start with a .22, just to learn the basics of stance, sight picture and trigger pull. Plus: cheapest ammo.

    If you like it move up from there.

  326. I still laugh at the range day we had at the Dallas meat up (RIP Michael).

    Tushar had rented a 22 from the range and it was his first time shooting. He was pretty good.

    He turns around and says to me, (imagine the accent):
    ‘Phat! I am very good at this! …pause…I think I can be an Indian Assassin!’

    Damn near peed myself.

  327. OK, heading downstairs for the late night happy hour.

    The Concrete Contactor’s convention is in the hotel/convention center this week, so I should fit right in as big middle-aged white guy.

    And yes, I was surprised to find out that was a ‘thing’.

  328. Have a good time, phat. I hear the parties at those concrete conventions are pretty solid.

  329. Phat could fit in at any party.

  330. My friend got busted, just the other day
    They said, “Don’t derp, don’t derp, don’t derp away”
    Drove him to a taxi, bent the boot, hit the bag
    Had to play some music, wonder why’s he brag or drag

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