1. **ignores new post**

  2. What new poat?

  3. Who is Ryan Gosling?

  4. What’s cereal?

  5. It’s a wiserbud poat, so it doesn’t matter.


  7. Up next? Possibly the greatest running back of all time.

  8. Wiserwho?

  9. Oh come on….

    This is probably the funniest video i’ve seen in forever.


  11. Nice link, Pup. Love me some Mayhem.

  12. Oh, it’s a funny video, wiser. No doubt. It’s just that, well, everyone and their elderly relatives who aren’t good with computers has already seen it in the year and a half it’s been around.

  13. Shh, he can’t watch videos on his Nokia brick phone.

  14. Mayhem was a henchman in John Wick.


    I’ll be in Scottsdale in February.

  16. Happy Birthday Andy. I got you one of these:

  17. Congratulations on not dying for another year, Andy.

  18. Carin, don’t age your brisket. I’d be afraid of it going bad. Scott doesn’t age his and his briskets kick ass.

  19. I wasn’t at the top of my class for sure, more like solidly in the middle.

    Oh yeah? If you’re so smart, what are you doing here? Huh? Answer that, smarty-pants?

  20. Jimbro, BUSTED!

    *opens paste jar

  21. Scott has a live one on Twitter.

  22. I love how they keep repeating “Obama was vetted”. You know they believe it.


  24. Well, he had his buddy Ayers write one for him. The other is up in the air.


    WOW – that was cuuuuuuute!

    I’ll be in Scottsdale in February.

    YAY! Shall I turn it into an H2TITS2? I can whip up a meat-up.

  26. URrrgh, today really sucked. Job that should have taken 3 hours took all day, plus whatever time it takes to finish it tomorrow morning. Also, a CNC job had some issue that kept breaking a tiny end mill. I broke 5 of the little SOBs at $15 apiece. These end mills are about the size of a sewing needle.

    On a better note, I found out the lathe I bought included about $1,300 worth of tooling. Still have no idea how to use it. :)

  27. Like finding money in the couch, huh, pepe?

  28. The 26th and 27th of February would be good, I’ll be in Scottsdale for a conference the week before at The Talking Stick.

  29. Well, he had his buddy Ayers write one for him.

    That’s preposterous. They hardly knew each other. Except for living in the same neighborhood. And serving on that one foundation board together. And the shindig Ayers threw in his home for Barry’s political coming out party…

  30. Ayers used to babysit the Obama girls. TFG attended Cubs games with Ayers. Barbrady/d

  31. What you don’t realize Alex, is that The Hostages is a carefully constructed research experiment. Various elements have been combined, apparently at random, to interact in a seemingly random fashion. The ” scientists” running it know more about you than your mother. Perhaps I’ve said too much. Now be a pal and don’t bogart that paste jar.

  32. If Puppy is going to be in Scottsdale in Feb, and Cyn will be in Scottsdale in Feb, then I will be in Scottsdale in Feb.

    That’s a Meat

  33. X and Sean, I pick you up. Sean you drive most of the way.

  34. YAY! Shall I turn it into an H2TITS2? I can whip up a meat-up.



    *sad face at Miss Lauraw*

  36. X and Sean, I pick you up. Sean you drive most of the way.

  37. Since when did the paste eaters overtake the windowlickers?

  38. Is that a good Beaker or Beaker Bad?

  39. *scribbles in The Notebook about extra big gradumatation meatup for our newest nurse… soon*

  40. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

    You just lost your premium subscription, pal.

  41. Aww! No worries. I just miss the heck out of everybody!! The only thing that keeps me warm at times like this, is the knowledge that Mare has never been to a meetup. It just always makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

  42. I’m not sure I’m allowed in Sean’s car anymore.

  43. I’m going to Scottsdale in Feb too, but I’m not telling you where I am.

  44. …and Lipps. We’re bringing Lippy.

    Lawraw, you’ll always be The Belle of The Moron Ball to me.

  45. We’re taking my car.

  46. lauraw,
    “Mare” does not really exist. It’s just a simulacrum that Wiser invented.
    “Nobody gets to meet the Mare! No way, no how!”…

  47. Lawraw, you’ll always be The Belle of The Moron Ball to me.

    MJ is gonna be pissed. He just got the Beauty and the Beast dress on Halloween clearance.

  48. Let VMan know. He’s good in a fight.

  49. We’re taking my car.

  50. Nice, Jay.
    Yellow is a good color for our pal.

    That reminds me of a classic SNL bit. Sit tight.

  51. This one.

    It would be fun to see MJ play all of these.


  53. Jay’s gonna be in the Valley that month too?! Squeeee!


    Should I do a Tempe thing again? The hotel might be a little pricey in February though; well, everywhere in the area in February is a little pricey (Great Weather Premium).

  54. let’s stay in Jerome

  55. No, I was just leading you on, hoping you’d spend the whole weekend looking for me.

  56. I hear Globe is beautiful in Feb.

  57. Where is Carmen Sandiego Jay in Ames?

  58. Nebraska took down Mich St., wow.

  59. Jerome would be a blast!

    Maybe i could rent us a school bus to get us there…

  60. I’ll stay anywhere as long as Pup takes us with him to work.

  61. Trebuchet team came in 2nd place. Screwy scoring. Lousy weather and muddy field, so close friends and family were the only ones who showed up. Part of the treb frame broke, and the temporary fix kept ’em shooting but it got more erratic as the competition wore on.

    Funny as shit video with one of the pumpkins going left and nearly hitting the judges. I can’t get it to load into youtube without crashing, so I’ll get Mr. RFH to do it tomorrow.

  62. That’ll be a short day at work.

  63. made those Morning Buns, put them in the fridge to chill overnight. Just looked, and they are still growing! Gonna have a lot of buns tomorrow.

  64. Morning Buns. Not a euphemism

  65. Jay,
    And they are gonna be Yuuuge!

  66. Awesome! Please let me know if they blow your skirt up, J’Ames.

  67. One of the other wives made this for all of us for supper. It was really, really good, especially because I didn’t have to make it and it hit the spot after a cold wet day.

  68. Jay’s got buns.

    So if Carson makes this election all about the media then there will be, in my opinion, a substantial amount of people who would ordinarily stay home or vote D who will vote his way.

    We ‘Mericans all want to stick it to the media, and it is proven that we pine and yearn to vote for the black guy.

    Dr’s got the pill

  69. I might be able to make Az in February.

  70. Don’t know wtf happened with that last link, will try again.

  71. From the ONT:

    Orbital ATK Antares Launch (201410280022HQ)

  72. I’ll be watching SNL tonight just to piss people off.

  73. Dd nybdy rmv ll th vwls frm nybdy ls’s kybrd tdy?

  74. Watching the end of the Bama-LSU game, don’t think I’ll stay awake much longer.

  75. My phone called my mom this morning. 2:30 AM. I don’t understand what happened.

  76. Just zested 4 oranges, and mixed it with 4 cups of sugar. Man, it smells good. Gotta remember that trick.

    Hmm, could come in handy making orange slice candy, the best candy evah!

  77. Sean, Oso speak is common at Bamapachyderm and Baldilocks. SOON!

  78. Maybe Phat can make it? He’s kinda like the tuba of meetups. Big and loud, but surprisingly fun.

  79. Well there ya go. I will see you at 29 Palms Inn for logistical analysis prior to, of course.

  80. I miss Ragu Kid.

  81. Mom’s boyfriend has shadows on both lungs and a growth on his thyroid. 4 of his 5 kids are here in Burque. My siblings are pressuring me to go to the hospital and visit. He’s a low talker and a close hugger that has always creeped me out.

  82. View story at

  83. That’s fascinating, xbrad. Thanks!

  84. heh, I was being snarky, but there is an actual link there. I only see it for a second.

  85. Crap. Chile so hot I have hiccups.

  86. Yeah, I forgot that WordPress and Medium don’t always get along.


  88. mmmm, chile (with an e).

  89. O M G

  90. I’ve got two kids who could have died in a car accident today – a dog who won’t stop crying now and I work a double tomorrow.

    I need to make priorities. Sorry. Kids first. I may have to put the dog down this week.

  91. Chain the kids and the dog up together in the basement and go for a run. Listen to QOTSA. Give everyone you see the finger.

  92. Thats pretty cool X

    Make sure to post the link to part 2 when it comes along. I have no idea how to follow that author.

    Have a shot and go to bed, Car in.

  93. Sorry bout your dog, Car in. And I’m glad the kids weren’t hurt worse in the accident.

  94. I dunno how either, Chumps, but I figure part 2 will pop up on twitter like this did.

  95. Don’t know the first thing about who you are
    My derp is waiting, taken in from the start
    If we don’t go now, we won’t get very far
    Don’t know the first thing about who you are

  96. Carin, what happened??

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