Buttered briskets


  1. Bake? Brisket? WTF?

    It’s like I don’t even know you people.

  2. Scott is right. Don’t skip the step in the cooler. That’s the key, makes it nice and tender.

    Brisket on the PBC is stupid easy, and fast. 12 pounder (I think it was) in 5 hours.

  3. Jay, “bake” in this case really means a braise, that’s what the foil buys you when you wrap it nice and tight.

  4. But it might be beneficial to bake a brisket in a bad blizzard

  5. Meh, you can smoke in cold weather. Maybe not a blizzard, too much wind.

    But -10? Done it. Just takes a little longer.

  6. My pbc is in front of my house now and come winter I’ll move it to the back porch. We’ll need to shovel it out to cook though!

  7. Have you cooked steak in that thing yet? I bet they would come out great the Meathead way.

  8. Sausage fest in more ways than one.

  9. I haven’t yet. I bought steak at the same time I bought a pork shoulder and was going to do both but decided it would be too much meat. I can’t convince the boys it’s good food unfortunately. They’ll be pissed when they realize how much good food they missed when they finally wise up.

  10. I’m reading “Lucifer’s Hammer” now about a comet that hits earth. Pretty good so far but it’s early in the book. Mostly setting the scene at this point. It got a lot of good reviews on Amazon in the apocalyptic book category.

  11. Heh, the older boy does eat bacon though! Leftovers disappear from the fridge over the course of the day.

  12. Got a high C on my exam. Damn it.

  13. D’s get degrees.

  14. Alex, even though you’ve embarrassed us terribly, we still love you.

  15. Love Lucifer’s Hammer.

    What alien species of boys are you raising? Don’t like BBQ?

  16. First step of Morning Buns finished (dough). Time to go get 2 pounds of butter and oranges.

    These are basically croissants.

  17. Lucifer’s Hammer was pretty good. It’s quite a bit like Alas Babylon and One Second After.

  18. Alas Babylon is on my reading pile, purchased around the same time

  19. We used to get High C during Sunday School when I was a pre-schooler. It was a huge treat considering the beverage choices at home.

  20. Morphine gets three thumbs up.

  21. My boys like grilled food, but I have to spice up chicken and pork with a blackened or southwestern type dry rub. Neither likes smoked meat very much.

    Emeril has a line of spices that everybody seems to like the best.


  22. *puts Alas Babylon and One Second After on the list

  23. Emeril has a line of spices that everybody seems to like the best.


  24. The only downside to morphine?

    You have to be really messed up to get it.

  25. I’d put constipation on the list of downsides too

  26. My nephews liked the Emeril spices as kids. I’ll check them out for us too.

  27. I didn’t deliberately eat beef until I was 24. My father liked meat well done and I thought I just didn’t like it.

    Then my friend’s dad cooked us some rare steaks. Something deep and primal clicked. I must have eaten 3# worth or sirloin that day. I remember feeling so elated, so at peace, like a missing part of my soul was now complete. I had my first meat sweats. It was glorious.

  28. In retrospect, this could have been considered child abuse.

  29. Only in contemporary society Leon. I prefer to view that as Meat Evangilism.

  30. Cooking meat to well done is meat abuse, at the very least.

  31. OH, I thought you meant your friend’s dad! Yea, well done charcoal meat is a sin.

  32. Right, I meant my youth of being served burnt meat to convince me I didn’t like it.

  33. Store spices often contain MSG.

  34. MSG killed it, that’s how bad it is.

  35. Got the little guy from grandparents.

    Hunters-0, Deer-???

    Not a single deer was seen all day.

  36. http://is.gd/mare_goes_shoe_shopping

  37. Store spices often contain MSG.


  38. Last couple of winters have been rough.

  39. Mare, I’ve brought shame on the family. Please don’t lock me in my room over Christmas break. I’ll do better, I promise.

    *Crushes Adderall. Snorts it.*

  40. Whoa, Carson seems a bit angry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMA0lCMtn_k

  41. Day 7 Beard Update: The good news is that I got my first compliment on it. The bad news is that it came from a dude. And he’s not even gay or anything.

  42. Comment by scott on November 7, 2015 2:49 pm
    D’s get degrees.

    Yeah, but I’ve already got an undergrad degree. I want to apply to grad school.

    What do you call the guy who graduated last in Med School?

  43. So are we just going to ignore the new poat?

  44. What do you call the guy who graduated last in Med School?


  45. Doctor

  46. *Gives Pupster a cookie*

  47. So are we just going to ignore the new poat?

    What new poat?

  48. Happy birthday, Andy!

  49. Happy Birthday, Andy!!

  50. I wasn’t at the top of my class for sure, more like solidly in the middle.

    So many book smart people…

    That’s when I had nocturnal bruxism

    http://is.gd/jqYggp (things that sound dirty)

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