Big Blam Friboob!111!!!!1!!!

Herro bish face. Apparently Pupster has been picked up by the dog catcher and is presently residing with Obama’s mythical son in cell block 4B. Poor doggeh.


Today’s band is really, really good. I wrote this song with The National while browsing the H2 and coming across one of my favorite phrases, ‘fainting couch.’ As in, “Co Alex was at Wal-Mart shopping for a new chia pet and just saw the Jonas Brothers which prompted him to retire to his fainting couch. ”



Today’s model is from England. England is a country of oppressive assholes that tried to keep us bending the knee to a fat German guy just because he was born someone oh so special.  Fuck that…and her tits. Speaking of dorking her jugs…they are as Trump would say, yuge. Please stop power walking in the street while white and welcome, Sarah Randall!!!!!!!



Old skool test like thingy:

1789 – Pope Pius VI appoints Father John Carroll as the first Catholic bishop in the United States.

1913 – Mohandas Gandhi is arrested while leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa.

1918 – The Second Polish Republic is proclaimed.

1935 – First flight of the Hawker Hurricane, with its K5083 first prototype.

1939 – World War II: Sonderaktion Krakau takes place.

1991 – The last Kuwaiti oil field fire is extinguished.

2004 – An express train collides with a stationary car near the village of Ufton Nervet, England, killing seven and injuring 150.

2012 – Tammy Baldwin becomes the first openly gay politician to be elected to the United States Senate.





Uh, huh. 'Merica.

Uh, huh. ‘Merica.


Ya’ll have a nice weekend. I have to go pick out a lake house to stage a weddin’ and get a little buzzed. But mostly get a little bit buzzed.


  1. Burst

  2. Hi.

  3. You know there are a lot of really big people that think they have an eating disorder.

    It’s totally strange.

    They do have an eating disorder. It’s called gluttony.

  4. Is she pretty much always holding her titstraps up? What happens if she lets go?

  5. It is most certainly not anorexia, which is not classically a disease but a symptom. As in “I have no appetite and it’s causing me to lose weight dangerously” instead “OMG u guys, i wan a thigh gap!”.

  6. Is she pretty much always holding her titstraps up? What happens if she lets go?

    Last time she did that the wave killed 100,000 Filipinos.

  7. I have been learning about that gluttony thing that some people do. Binge eating disorder is bulimia without the purging. They keep it a secret the way that secret alcoholics do. They go home, draw the curtains, then consume vast amounts of food until they make themselves ill or are in actual pain. They don’t know why they do it, they’re out of control, and they hate themselves. I can’t remember if it’s an emotional thing or a brain chemical thing, or a combo. I think it is related to childhood abuse, but not sure. I’m not looking it up.

  8. MJ, how are you doing? It’s been a while, man.

    *tosses MJ a felt puppet*

  9. lease stop power walking in the street while white and welcome, Sarah Randall!!!

    Ms. Randall, how many bullwhips are inserted in your ass RIGHT NOW????

  10. I’m willing to bet it’s a brain thing. Same dopamine circuit as porn addiction gets going when you look at or consume food

  11. Horse is collicking. Had to hang at the house while we made a plan for an extra hand at the house, since Mrs Caruthers can’t help the horse and the baby at the same time.

  12. With those things she won’t need milkshakes to bring the boys in the yard.

  13. Hmm, don’t see anything on the googles about the espn announcer (that roamy mentioned). Hope he/she is ok.

  14. Visual (everything is great about this 7 second video):

  15. No mention of it in our local rag, and ESPN is pretty local.

  16. MJ, how are you doing? It’s been a while, man.
    *tosses MJ a felt puppet*
    *eats puppet

    Thanks! I’m really good but also very busy. Seems like you’ve been busy as well.

    I’ve started exploring the wonderful world of home made pizza crust so I’m up for any pointers. Legend says there is an H2 recipe site but I don’t believe it.

  17. Hah!! MJ wants to talk bread!!

    This is a wonderful day. Where’s Wiserbud? He needs to see this.

  18. Bread? Pizza Crust? Boy, I hope someone around here knows some links

  19. Pizza dough = high protein flour

    Yes, that means gluten.

  20. And the dough tastes much better if you let it age a whole day before you cook it. Especially if it’s sourdough.

  21. Or overnight in the fridge like Jay does it. Perfect.

  22. Chrispy you linked a story about Veteran Marine Sgt. Joshua Acevedo, I’m not sure what was, “not cool”. I thought he was charged on a bogus deal and was cleared of all charges? I may be getting him confused with someone else.

    Are you thinking the venue was inappropriate?

    If I’m reading the commendation correctly, he deserved his award.

  23. Hope the horse is okay, Leon. Colic can be pretty dangerous, I’ve heard.

  24. Mrs needs to get her up and moving, so her friend is coming over to help with Possum while she tries to coax some walking. The walking helps the gut blockage break up a bit. There’s also some medication we keep on hand. Peppermint can help a lot too, but the horse wouldn’t take a candy cane when offered.

    She’s (horse) is almost 30 and a very hard keeper. We aren’t going to go to heroic lengths if she clearly won’t recover, but it’s still sad.

  25. Shoot, Leon. Sorry about your horsey.

  26. *decides against making glue jokes

  27. “I’ve started exploring the wonderful world of home made pizza crust so I’m up for any pointers.”

    FIrst – run to the store and buy yourself a few pair of your favorite pants in the next size up …

  28. Poor horsey. She won’t eat peppermint candies either? I thought horses ate just about everything offered.

  29. Leon – it’s my desktop Mac and I’ve had it a looooong time. Even longer than I’ve known you guys.

  30. Thanks. She’ll probably recover. If not she’s had a good long life, and a happy one since we rescued her. Not sure if the other mare will be okay alone through the winter if the worst happens. Might have to find her a friend. Or a goat!

  31. I have an extra desktop I might be able to part with. Ubuntu Linux, though.

  32. Thanks !- but I hopefully can just keep it limping along for now. It’s just sllllllooooooowwwwwww. I was trying to sync my phone and do other stuff at the same time and that just wasn’t going to happen. I worry that it will crash and I’ll lose years and years of pictures. WHat i need to concentrate on is a backup (not a cloud thing – I can’t upload all that stuff). My R/W drive hasn’t worked in years so that’s out. I need to start preparing for the end …

    Maybe sometime in the next year I can pick up a refurbished mac or something? It would be nice to just switch to a laptop so if I needed some big download my husband could just take it to work and do it there.

  33. Mac to Linux? I don’t know, I think something will blow up.

    Probably Car in.

  34. Crossfit/zumba kicked my butt. I went last night and then this morning and it’s always had to do it back to back like that.

    But I may go tomorrow morning. One of the coaches mentioned doing it early (they used to do a 9 am which worked PERFECT for me – because I could go and still have time to get ready for work. ) well – then they switched to 10. Poo.

    Anyway. she may start meeting me there at 9. I would be SOOOO happy.

  35. pick up a cheap drive, and get that backup ASAP. If everything is slowing down, it might die.

    Save the pictures! You might be able to get most on your phone, if you have an extra card lying around.

  36. I like making pizza at home but I use a skillet in the oven for 11 min at 550 then finish the thing on the stove top if need be.

    It is very good.

  37. Yea I need a drive. I know.

    I like making pizzas on the grill but I don’t eat them much. I’m not a HUGE pizza fan. Much to my family’s consternation. THey’ve found some pretty awesome pizza joints between home and work so they usually just pick one up if they need it.

  38. My kids/husband might like that skillet method though. THey could do that perhaps on the night I work.

    Post the recipe?

  39. New Egg kicks butt, Car in.

    A good refurbed desktop will be less than $150.

    I’ll never go anywhere else.

  40. I might have to make that cauliflower casserole again. That was good.

  41. Skillet recipe: use the mentioned pizza dough recipes, and put them in a cast iron or oven safe skillet (cold one). Use olive oil to lube it up.

  42. We have a local pizza shop that makes really good pies. My favorite is called the Old Port. It’s pricey though. Nine times out of ten when it’s just the boys eating pizza we get it at the corner gas station which has a little kitchen in it. They have 2-fer-1 coupons all the time.

  43. Yep. lube it, not with olive oil though because it’s too hot.
    spread the dough into the skillet and then sauce and cheese cut onion fresh garlic and olive.

    It takes a while for the oven to get to 550. Bake for 10 min. 11 or 12 if your oven is weak like mine.

    Be careful getting that damn skillet out. Put it on the burner and turn it on high. With a fork loosen the edges. I said be carful of that burning hot skillet!!! (this is where I burn myself every time.)

    When the pizza slides around in the pan just lift up the edge and look underneath. is it golden? Good. Time for feats of strength.

    swing the hot ass skillet over a bread board and at the same time hook the pizza with a fork and slide it out of that pan.

    It takes practice. I made a Chili pizza once and it ended upside down on my cutting board. Loud noises!!

  44. also, I used to make my dough but now I just buy it at the grocery store. It’s like $1.50.

  45. “d to make my dough but now I just buy it at the grocery store. It’s like $1.50.”

    We’ll pretend you never told us that.

  46. Olive oil won’t burn if you start in a cold pan.

  47. It’s true. One fine day I’ll get a dough hook but that day is not today.

    ScootW is right. Refurbished Macs at New Egg are like $150.
    Do It Naw

  48. I got a cup of coffee on the way home today and decided to drink it at our local cemetery. There’s a big hill in the middle with a war monument where I parked. It’s an overcast and foggy day and the colorful leaves are still hanging around there for some reason. It was right out of a scary movie!

  49. Get the new spiral dough hook, if you have a Kitchenaid. That thing is awesome. I got that with the more durable model.

  50. Olive oil won’t burn if you start in a cold pan.

  51. What kind of dough do you get at the store? I tried the pillsbury, but it was really bland.

  52. It’s true, I do it all the time. Extra Virgin, too.

  53. Mare, here’s the deal with SGT Acevedo. While he was being investigated for the (bogus) murder charges, he was flagged, meaning he could not receive any favorable actions, such as awards. Worse, he couldn’t attend any career progression schools. By the time the Marine Corps cleared him, he was beyond the limits of time in service for SGT/E-5. He was clearly capable of serving as a SSG/E-6, but without the schools, he was ineligible for promotion.

    So he was forced out of the Marines. And the Marines took their sweet assed time finally getting around to approving the Bronze Star for him. Which, originally he was nominated for a Silver Star. Some are arguing that he should have gotten the Silver Star. My reading of the battle says Bronze Star is probably about right, but I get the argument.

    But the travesty is that while Big Green has no limits on it about how long it takes to investigate what were clearly bogus accusations about murder, there is no way for the accused/totally exonerated to avoid the administrative penalties associated with the investigation. The process was indeed the punishment.

  54. You have to start w a cold pan, because the dough will stop rising above a certain degree, like 220 or something.

    olive oil and 550 don’t get along. It’s a minor point. use whatever.

  55. My local grocery sells pizza dough made by a pizza joint down near Portland. We’ve made it at home and it’s good.

  56. I get Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

    You may or may not have T.J’s. If you don’t then…well, that just sux.

  57. you might be right, Chumpo. I reviewed what I do, and I’m not cooking at 550. 450 here. 550 is the pizza place ovens. I didn’t take that into account.

  58. Local grocery just started selling locally made tortillas. Man, are those good.

  59. That’s why we have a close knit fake internet relationship, Jay.

    You all are the icing on my holographic existence in this dreamworld universe.

  60. I had no idea New Egg was a thing?!!!???

    OMG. It’s amazing. The laptops are pricier – of course. The desktops are cheap. I’m not even sure what to look for – it’s been so long.

  61. GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Look at TigerDirect, too. I’ve got some good deals from there.

    Rakuten is a big lot site, sometimes they have good sales. Plus good old Amazon.

  63. The Egg will do 550, I should give it a try.

  64. Well, I see wiser finally turned on his computer or looked at his phone.

  65. go for cheep and refurbished. Any of those iMacs are good. don’t get a $200 mac laptop because they are too old, but the $200 pc laptops look ok.

  66. Heh, saw someone had their egg for sale for $800

  67. I need to re-emerge myself in what all that stuff is. IT’s been so long since I’ve paid attention.

  68. Craigslist, Car in!

  69. Car in. If you go mac then make sure it’s capable of running
    OS 10.11.1

    The older stuff goes too slow.

  70. Buy MJ’s computer, since we’re banning him anyway.

  71. Good idea J’ames.

    MJ – I’ll give you 8 felt puppets / my copy of “Starting Strength / and a handful of unreadable books from Oprah Winfrey’s book club.

  72. Ok, but you can keep the books.

    And I’ll need to see those puppets first.

  73. I’ll snapchat you the puppets but I will be including a book by Barbara Kingsolver.

  74. I’ll also require a cannoli once a week.

  75. I also think you should listen to The National album Trouble Will Find Me.

    After that…deal.

  76. The cannoli deal is a go but you’re going to have to pick it up.

  77. Meh. I hate cannoli. I was just trying to see if there was room to bargain for more.

  78. You are taking the foching books though.

  79. Mare,
    This was the top post when I put up the link:

  80. Oops,
    Xbrad is right! Imagine that.
    I’m always pissed Sals post on DivThur…

  81. OMG if my canadian “friend” doesn’t stop posting Trudeau shit I’m gonna lose it.

    *looks at box of felt puppets

    MJ wouldn’t mind would he? I’m feeling anxious.

    *gets spatula

  82. Heh, my lib followers on “The Douche” have been orgasming over Trudeau for a while now. They hope he “infects” the US.

  83. Thank you, xbradtc. You too, Chrispy.

    And I think a commenter at Chrispy’s link made a good point, Bergdahl got promotions and back pay, Acevedo got political bullshit.

  84. you think if I posted “TRUDEAU TOOK HIS FIRST SHIT AS PM” they would get it?

  85. Yeah, like Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips, and Tuuks.

  86. Comment by Mr Chumpo on November 6, 2015 11:48 am
    I get Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.


    I’ve heard from my former Pizza restaurant owning friend that both of those sell very good dough. But I hear lots of crap. Like the time I heard someone say Obama was going to unite the country. .

  87. My recipe is very similar to a pizza restaurant recipe. Just sayin.

  88. Also, a food processor is a fine dough making machine, if you are just missing a dough hook. Don’t even need the dough blade. I actually prefer it to the mixer, takes less time.

  89. Politico trying to blow up lies about Carson and West Point, huh? Man, I really hate those guys. And all the idiots on “The Douche” will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

  90. J’ames – Barb and I are fighting the good fight on facedouche.

  91. Doesn’t matter Jay. Those people are never going to vote republican anyway. Let them fellate one another.

  92. Barb and I aren’t fighting liberals.

  93. Fake, but accurate

  94. Some of them might vote GOP, HS, they just don’t spend the time to find everything out, and the libs overpower everything in social media, or media itself.

  95. So if the libs are calling Carson a liar, are they racists?

  96. Sounds like Carly made The View look like the vapid idiots that they are today.

  97. So if the libs are calling Carson a liar, are they racists?
    Their world view is rooted in racism. What they call Dr. Carson is just the output of it.

  98. Horse vet coming. Horse has been up and down too many times and is now too tired to get up. Might still recover, but it’s iffy.

  99. Sorry to hear that, leon.

  100. My condolences, Leon.

  101. So sorry, Leon. She had it good when you rescued her.

  102. Well, after 3 nights waking up in the middle of the night at the rehab facility with poop from the colostomy having completely covered the surgical wound, I am back (thank goodness!) in the hospital.

    The current plan is to stay here through at least the weekend, then get released to home.

    I’ll do wound care and therapy from/at home – we live in the middle of the medical district, so it should be doable.

  103. Stop being unwell, TiFW.

  104. Hang in there Teresa. It was one year ago my sister was having colostomy troubles (Crohn’s in her case) and she’s now bee-bopping around to quilting conferences and making plans for a tropical vacation this winter. Better times will come.

  105. WTF, TiFW! That’s not good.

  106. Keep Men out of Wymins Bathrooms!!!

    The rallying cry of the Stupid Age.

  107. Holy Smokes, Teresa, hang in there.

  108. I’ll bet Mr. Chumpo is lying about not applying at West Point, too.

  109. mare too.

  110. Vet said it was going to happen in the next day or so, no gut mobility and her gums were white-to-purple. I petted her while she passed. She’s under a tarp now while we wait for the forklift to take her for cremation. Another winter would have killed her if this hadn’t, so at least the last few days were sunny and warm.

  111. Prayers, Teresa. Get better.

  112. Aww, too bad, leon.

  113. I had to pet the cat while she was put to sleep, and boy was that hard to do. Stared right at me, but wasn’t mad at all.

  114. So sorry, Leon. Glad she had warm sunny days at the end.

  115. I did not apply to West Point.

  116. It was harder on the Mrs than on me. She had the baby in the wrap so she couldn’t be on the ground with the horse. I had a moral obligation to comfort the poor thing as much as I could.

  117. So very sorry, Leon.

  118. Get better TiFW!!!

  119. Sorry about your horsie, Leon.

    Get more better soon, TiFW.

    Nice Boobs, MJ.

    Eat shit, Wiserbud.

  120. Too bad Leon. Always hard when an animal passes.

    Took my childhood dog to the vets to put her down with my parents. She lived a good long life. We got her when I was in 3rd grade and had to put her down when I was in my 2nd year of med school. I had to walk home afterwards to get my head right. Took the long way back.

  121. So, Yale students didn’t get any costume guidelines.

    We are doomed.

  122. Demanding protection from costumes that might be offensive.

    How the fuck did we get here.

  123. All the kids that were protesting looked like affirmative action assholes.

    That’s what you get for letting entitled whiners in.

  124. Leon, you’re a good man.

  125. How the fuck did we get here.


    I joke about the, “Is this real life?” but every single fricken day some new bullshit is perpetrated on my common sense and I think I’m the only sane person alive. Hence the need to come here and go to Ace’s (and a few other sites).

  126. These special snowflakes are going to get punched in the face by life.

  127. I don’t give a flying Kardashian what Ben Carson admitted to doing when he was young, he became a world renowned BRAIN SURGEON. You know, the type that changes and SAVES PEOPLES LIVES.

    What the Kardashian did Obama do that could even remotely compare??

    Seriously, a box of wine may not cut it. Cyn, do you have any of that blue meth left?

  128. Never forget, sweet Mare that good news don’t sell shit.

    That goes for tools on the left as well as tools on the right.

  129. What the Kardashian did Obama do that could even remotely compare??

    We have a Winner!!

  130. Thanks, Chumpo, I know it’s wrong to lose hope (and screw you Obama branding team for ruining the term “hope” for me) but it’s so discouraging when all the dumbasses at Yale, Harvard, et al., are the same dicks (because of connections) who will be running this country and making policy.

    EXACTLY like this currant administration.

  131. Carson didn’t admit to anything. Politico made the whole thing up.

  132. I was pretty excited about the place where we are moving into but really the smart choice would have been to move to some remote place and just tune out. Work an easy side job, make enough so I can go to a local island bar and drink, listen to music and reminisce about how the United States used to be.

    My husband is a very hard worker and quite responsible so I’m not sure how to get him onboard. He’s one of those suckers that always does the right thing.

    PS…I always vote, always give money to my favorite candidates, have done campaign work and have raised two conservative kids. WTF else can you do?

  133. Oh, I know Scott, my point was, however contrived the story was Carson is still a Brain Surgeon and Obama was a POS community organizer (which we all know means, he was funneled $$ from “non-profits” and did shit).

  134. Oh, and I do pray for this country like George Washington told us to do.

  135. – Carson says he was offered a scholarship to WP but chose not to go. Somebody verbally told him he was in if he wanted, and nobody pays. He never claimed he applied.

    – Politico fact checkers discover that he never applied

    They call Carson’s people and they confirm “he never applied”

    Headline: Carson’s staff admit lies about WP

  136. Left H2…..Right, mare:

  137. * refresh*

  138. I fully expect there to be a civil war in this country, if not a world war (possibly both). A lot of these special snowflakes are going to end up dead or enslaved.

  139. I am telling you right damn now for a fact, West Point TO THIS DAY is looking for smart, even half way together minorities (especially blacks) and I guarantee you that when Carson was approached a smart (SATs or GPA) black guy would have been coveted.

  140. Day 6 Beard Status: High School Junior Who Could Get Away With Buying Beer

  141. Sean’s beard progress is pretty exiting.

  142. I’m bearding with you Sean.



    Huh, it’s actually a thing.

  144. I shaved on Saturday and they waved me into the brewery I went to on Thursday. Bad sign.

  145. Sean’s beard progress is pretty exiting.

    It’s like a spy thriller, except instead of car chases, it’s a guy with hair slowly growing out of the lower part of his face.

  146. I’m bearding with you guys because I’ve managed to misplace 3 tweezers. TMI $20

  147. I haven’t shaved in about 3 or 4 days. But it’s just cause I’m lazy.

  148. (I’m lying. I would walk through snowdrifts to buy more tweezers. Why I have 4 tweezers.)


  150. ” I’m bearding with you guys because I’ve managed to misplace 3 tweezers.”

    bad visual

  151. Paula is not a fan of the beard. She said I look scruffy for a few days, then handsome for less than a week and then back to a derelict for the rest of the month.

  152. I’m writing “Obama ate dog” on most of the Carson posts. Makes me feel better. Pssst Jam dos “I lied”

  153. I think we’ve pretty much forfeited the right to complain about Gardenblogging.

    My bad.

  154. Dan can’t seem to grow facial hair. Very sporadic growth. Takes forever to fill in.

  155. I want to watch the D-rat debate to see if Madcow asks Shrill about the NDA. LIV Dan: It’s MSNBC. So, no.

  156. Sorry about the horse, Leon.

    Hope you get better TinFW. Hopefully being home will help.

  157. there’s a whole lot of bullshit in this story, or there is a serious iq deficit:

  158. This isn’t a debate.

  159. I’m guessing some cheating going on.

  160. How is an interview of Martin O’Malley called a debate?

    Tough questions too.

    What is the most impractical clothing item you own?

  161. What is the most impractical clothing item you own?

    Oh God, I thought you were kidding about that.

  162. Comment by jam2 on November 6, 2015 8:11 pm
    there’s a whole lot of bullshit in this story, or there is a serious iq deficit:

    I’ve read a few stories like that. Supposedly some women don’t show nearly as much as others. Usually the woman is very large, however.

  163. He has a kilt, Sean.

    It looks like every candidate gets a 1 on 1 30 minute interview.

    O’Malley did really well. I expect a big bump for him.


  165. He has nice hair.

  166. Bernie is a rock star.

    People love free shit.

  167. Hillary is last up. She should go with $20 minimum wage.

  168. CoAlex it is rare that a couple goes that long with the que sera approach to pregnancy without issue. I’m guessing introduction of an outside source.

  169. I haz sadz. Dan won’t watch D-rats. He will watch SNL with me tomorrow.

  170. Any Dem that sets up something where someone can take a selfie of themselves voting for that candidate and can then immediately redeem that for a free T-Shirt would win in a landslide.

  171. ESPN thing was some kind of joke. Apparently they were discussing the disabled list, and I should have my picture next to “gullible” (or “distracted”) in the dictionary.

  172. Killed it.

  173. It’s only mostly dead.

  174. Boss gave the team a briefing on where the contract is at, money-wise. Afterwards we talked and I’ve got the sinking feeling that I may be looking for a job by next summer.

  175. Building contractor said they would be working in the kitchen today. I spent 20 minutes this morning unloading and reloading the dishwasher to make sure the counters were clear and moving everything away from around the window.

    They worked in the bathrooms instead.

    Which is nice that they made progress, but I had to toss all of the toothbrushes because there were leaves and bits of insulation dumped on them, the blinds are in a wad on the back of the toilet, I’m washing a load of towels and bathmats, and I had to vacuum and sweep to make sure I got all the nails and splinters before I walk in there with bare feet.

  176. Did anybody decline to accept that “It’s a natural bodily function” was a good enough explanation for why anybody else was pooping on their driveway today?

  177. Well, you wouldn’t let me use your bathroom!

  178. Anybody else here who loves Milo Yiannopoulos?
    I freaking love the man!
    His bemused expression when debating lumpy SJW women, his undesguised contempt towards them that he skillfully displays while pretending to look polite. Milo can reach out and hit the enemy in the face with an aplomb that a Limbaugh or a Buckley can not even dream about. Who says conservatives hate teh gays? Give us people like Milo, and we would adore them.

  179. I mostly only interact with Milo on Twitter.

  180. Derp, remember derp is how we make it,
    Here within your reach
    If you’re big enough to take it.

  181. Leon, so sorry about the horse. Please hug Mrs. Leon from me and tell her that I’m sorry.

    If I were there I’d take her out for some pampering. A nice breakfast out, and maybe a relaxing facial or something. But I’m not there, so she’s just going to have to settle for a boring hug from you instead.

  182. Maybe a hug that culminates in a relaxing facial is called for in this situation.

  183. This is why women slap you, Pupster.


  185. Elmo: The Last Giggle




  189. Amazing Meathead Ribs sums up the “Processed meat will kill you” reports pretty nicely.

  190. There was a bee.

  191. Meathead has never lied to me. His ideas work. The same cannot be said of WHO and the media.

  192. I need a brisket recipe STAT.

  193. *taps computer screen


  194. Wow. Someone hacked epicurious’s website. All the rating for recipes are something outrageous (like 500% approval) and the recipes are all completely wrong.

  195. How do you want to cook your brisket, Carin? Smoker, oven, or crockpot? I have a pretty good recipe for the oven. Scott makes the smoked one.

  196. This is the recipe I used:

    I wrote on my printout: “A+++, but reduce the salt, too salty”

  197. I used smoked chipotle powder instead of cayenne, and my own coarse brown mustard instead of dijon.

  198. I need to do something with this sheaf of recipe printouts. Scrapbook/ alphabetize, something. This is a ridiculous pile to search for things through.

  199. Trebuchet team is ready for the competition, except they can’t get the trailer out of the mud. Two weeks of near-solid rain has ruined the practice field.

  200. If I were there I’d take her out for some pampering. A nice breakfast out, and maybe a relaxing facial or something. But I’m not there, so she’s just going to have to settle for a boring hug from you instead.

    Hugged her a bunch yesterday, but she’s at the base today and I’m caring for the little one while watching the other horse for signs of panic. She’s never been alone. We’re probably going to do a free lease of a horse (we’re feeding her while she’s here) until we decide on the long term, but she’s alone today.

  201. I need to do something with this sheaf of recipe printouts. Scrapbook/ alphabetize, something. This is a ridiculous pile to search for things through.

    C&P the originals into hostagerecipes and put your notes in below, then compost the paper.

  202. I bought everything for the cauliflower casserole yesterday except the cauliflower.

  203. Roamy enough about the kids on the team, the important part is what are you going to be cooking??

  204. Not cooking today, Mare. I’ll be leaving in about 45 minutes for the pumpkin patch.

    I did make sammiches for the crew. They are supposed to get lunch, but I made them anyway plus some snacks.

  205. Leon, sorry about your horse.

  206. Yale issued an apology. Hooray! Next year’s Halloween will be PC.

  207. Yale issued an apology.


    This is infuriating, it only encourages the dumbasses.

  208. The Church invented the University. The institution has served its purpose, and its time has now passed. These are the death throes.

    We will begin again.

  209. Next Halloween I am going to buy the most racist costume I can find and go hang out at Yale.

  210. That Meathead guy suggests wet aging the brisket for 30 days.

    So … apparently we’re going to be waiting for a bit.

  211. Pat bought some Angus piece of brisket from COstco – and we’ve had some colossal failures at this in the past. So … we’re doing this by the book.

  212. I need to do something with this sheaf of recipe printouts. Scrapbook/ alphabetize, something. This is a ridiculous pile to search for things through.

    Wallpaper the bathroom?

  213. We want to smoke but that’s going to depend on the outside temperature in a month.

  214. It’s a David Bowie kind of morning- don’t you think?

  215. No. No, we do not.

  216. Phish David Bowie or David Bowie David Bowie?

  217. You don’t need to age it.

  218. I just bake brisket in a foil envelope for 4 hours at 300F with some salt and pepper.

  219. Wet rub with salt
    cook at 225
    crutch it at 150
    pull it at 200
    throw it in a cooler for an hour or more

    7-9 hours

  220. Laura, do you have a multi-page scanner? Sort the recipes by type (briskets, side dishes, whatever) and then scan those into PDFs. Then you can used to host them and embed them on CTBRC.

  221. We’re gonna do a brisket in the PBC soon. Waaaay too busy for the next few weeks.

  222. New, meatier post:

  223. Bake? Brisket? WTF?

    It’s like I don’t even know you people.

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