MMM 196: 8 is enough.

First, may teh Fred rest in peace. I voted for him in the ’08 primary and I’m deeply sad that he lost out on the nomination, and even moreso that he’s passed on so soon afterward. My heart goes out to his family in this time of mourning, and I pray for the repose of his soul.

On a less somber note, it’s Monday again, and we’re all up against another hard work week with no holidays to speak of. I’m potentially finally meeting up with potential future bossman on Wednesday. I’m at the point where I think I could stay in the current job if I had to, but I’m also certain someone out there wants and needs it a lot more than I do, and I’ll happily give them the opportunity. Anyhow, I still like looking at these and they motivate me. If they don’t do it for you… well I don’t care. Never have. Pthbbbbbbt.


The lateral lower abdominal protuberance is often called the “adonis belt”.
More monochrome.
Hello, kitty.
Meanwhile, at an apartment I don’t live in…
I forget where this came from, but this woman lost like 100#.
Boxing babe.
This is probably at Carin’s gym.
Go. Fight. Win!



  2. Awake since 3am.

  3. I slept from the two minute warning until 0400.

  4. God I hate cell phones. wakey wakey

  5. Morning, good people!

  6. Fell asleep at 10pm, woke at two am, and then tossed and turned until six. We’ll see how this plays out today.

    Good morning, fine folks!

  7. Earthquake in Phoenix…..or your mom fell out of bed. Either way the ground shook.

  8. Cyn was right! The Broncs rolled over the Packers.

  9. Still confused about these posts.

  10. I had insomnia too.

  11. Spending all mining now trying tho get my phone working.

  12. Morning.

  13. Tried to restore the phone about 25 Times. Downloaded new iTunes. Disabled my security software. I think that is what did the trick.

  14. Did you ever get your charging cable back?

  15. Twice in the last few weeks my iphone has been dead. Not uncharged, just nonresponsive. I had to use the hard reset with the power and home button press to revive it. After the second time I backed my phone up “just in case”.

  16. I blame those Russian whores who keep wanting plane fare to visit me.

  17. They’re wiley ones, those Russian whores.

  18. Comment by Jimbro on November 2, 2015 8:45 am
    I blame those Russian whores who keep wanting plane fare to visit me.


    HA! I think it’s appropriate to blame almost anything on those stupid Russian whores.

  19. Oh come on, they are just trying to make a better life for themselves. Get them visas, work permits, and possibly citizenship now! What could go wrong?

  20. Oh great, the voice of Siri is following me on twitter.

  21. fuckity fuck fuck. Stupid effen phone. UGH.

    It’s a YEAR old in perfect shape never had anything happen to it. And it’s an effen doorstopper now.

  22. I am going to go nuclear at the verizon store. Sorry employees. I’m really pissed.

  23. The phone should at LEAST FUCKING LAST as long as my contract.

  24. That sucks, Car in. Sometimes they know a little trick to unlock it for you. There’s always hope.

  25. There’s a warranty, right? Maybe insurance?

  26. Phone insurance is a scam.

  27. I had the entire thing “restored” and it crashed again.

  28. I bet the problem is Facebook.

  29. Problem is Apple…….

  30. If you people would quit using that Apple crap your lives would get happier.

  31. I don’t believe in Apple.

  32. Comment by scott on November 2, 2015 9:52 am

    I don’t believe in Apple.

    Steve Jobs died for your sins.

  33. Apple products are the Kardasians of the tech world.

  34. Obama is the Kardashian of the Apple world.

  35. SMH

  36. Yall say kardashian like its a bad thing.

  37. My android phone works perfectly.

  38. I understand it’s a personal taste kind of deal but, yikes, Quentin Tarantino is hideously ugly.

  39. I would like to have Mike Rowe’s babies and MHP can lick my butt and suck on my balls:

  40. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

  41. I would like to have Mike Rowe’s babies and MHP can lick my butt and suck on my balls:


    hahahaha But seriously, she’s a dummy.

  42. I would like to have Mike Rowe’s babies and MHP can lick my butt and suck on my balls:

    Well, she does have those super cute tampon earrings.

  43. Comment by Mr Chumpo on November 2, 2015 12:16 pm


    That dude’s sideburns make me want to go buy a chastity belt.

  44. I would like to have Mike Rowe’s babies and MHP can lick my butt and suck on my balls:

    There are some seriously delusional people out there. And a lot of them talk to our fellow countrymen for a living. No wonder I’ve tuned out.

  45. *cries*

    *trims bluegrass sideburns*

  46. No trimming until December 1st!

  47. Apple is going to fix my phone for free.


  48. “Apple is going to fix my phone for free. ”

    Talk is cheap…

  49. Apple is going to fix my phone for free.

    They gave you a Galaxy S6?

  50. “They gave you a Galaxy S6?”


  51. Talk is cheap…

    You’ve never bought an iPhone.

  52. Apple won’t fix your phone, they’ll send you another random phone.

  53. How’s the new lathe?

  54. I don’t care that they’re merely sending me another phone. Don’t care.


  55. Until then I”m using a flip phone from 2003 or so …

  56. Apple have fixed my phone a couple times. Once, they replaced the display while I waited. Last week another phone display went bad, and they repaired it overnight.

  57. I’ve never had a phone go bad.

  58. Lathe is sitting in the middle of the shop, Chumpo. I have a big show in New York in 2 weeks and have no time to set it up! Like a kid getting a toy on Christmas and no batteries.

  59. Like a kid your mom getting a toy vibrator on Christmas and no batteries.


  60. They said if I went to a apple store they would just fix it right then and there but I don’t feel like making the drive. So I’m shipping it.

  61. Good for you, Pepe. Good luck in NY.

    My machinist friend and I are going to give the craft a whirl.
    It looks fun.



  64. Ha!

    Those *.gifv links won’t embed if you wanted to save yourself a step, Scott. And sometimes if you get a *.gif file, you can just add a “v” to the end of it and they’ll play more smoothly.

  65. Good morning, hosers.

  66. Beefy leg day, it’s a good day…except for work…except I have a job….so it is a good day.

  67. Looks like Mare got some new shoes.

  68. Um, I think that’s a shot of MJ wearing his Deadmau5 headgear.

  69. Confirmed. Those are my pink heels.

  70. Could I borrow those sometime?

  71. I got a file settled today that was damn contentious.

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

  72. I walked up to the 5th floor of my building today. That’s as close as I get to leg day lately.

  73. I’ve never had to have my Galaxy S4 mini fixed. Oh well …

  74. My galaxy S3 still works great after 2.5 years. No issues ever.


  76. Day 2 of not shaving: I look like a dirtbag. Expect to graduate to vagrant soon.

  77. This pharmacology class is effing ridiculous. It needs to be taught in two or three courses, not ALL in one semester. Re-goddam-diklus. I’m gonna bomb my exam this week. Fuck it.

  78. Another Last Dispatch tomorrow. Cop shootings up after taking the DP off the table. Boomerang Thug is the new terminology for repeat offenders


  80. Galaxy Note 4 – best smart phone evar.

  81. Laura, you should be pharmacologically enhanced when you take your exam. It’ll be great!

  82. Don’t take the ‘roids, laura. Sure, you’ll feel amazing as you burn through the exam and then karate chop your desk in half, but it’ll shrink your testicles and make you flabby when you get older.

  83. Answer every question with, “I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure I’m tripping on it right now” or “I have a friend who can get that for you”.

  84. With this time change crap, football is now on an hour later. Boo!

  85. Make sure you learn how to make meth so you’ll always have something to fall back on, Laura.

  86. Pretty sure pharmacology professors have united worldwide to ensure their course busts the maximum number of balls possible in the most excruciating manner imaginable.

  87. My testicles are so puny already. You’re saying it’s the ‘roids? Well, damn.

  88. One of the examples they used for renal clearance of a drug was a small bucket (kidneys) and a fish tank full of water (human body). By the end of the semester if I heard the helpful suggestion to just think about “bucket over fish tank” one more time I was going to open all the gas valves in the labs and have a cigarette to see what happened.

  89. Good luck with your drug tests Lauraw. I want a Corgi. Or a Dorgi. I guess QEIIs biggest asshole dogs are Dorgis. Dachshund aggression. Corgi cuteness

  90. Dachshund aggression. Corgi cuteness

    Sounds like the H2.

  91. Sound like the H2.

    Crippling Syphilis, Hidden Phalus

  92. Thanks for representing on the Pedo Post at the HQ Alex. I appreciate it.

  93. Sean, back when I cared, I would order a half California Citrus at CJ. No dressing. Carl’s Jr wants to kill me.

  94. Mmmm, #5 looks like a nice snack.

  95. Fiorina will appear on The View on Friday. Fiorina says she’s fearless since her cancer, and I kind of believe her — I’m hoping that she makes them look so bad they refuse to run the show.

    Heh, that would freaking rock, Ace!

  96. The same assholes that promote more than a dress on the red carpet make fun of Carly not Hillary about looks. Totes unbiased MFM

  97. Several drops of water have just fallen from the sky. It’s also fairly windy. Everyone in SoCal completely fucking loses their shit in 3…2…

  98. Hidden? Damn, I’ve been doing it wrong…..

  99. Thanks for representing on the Pedo Post at the HQ Alex. I appreciate it.

    Um, your welcome.

  100. I need a new coffee maker.

  101. Your insight keeps me from getting emotionally involved on those posts. The Cultural Wars are real. You are a cultural warrior. THX

  102. You’re very welcome. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be enough. Expect the laws against child molestation to fall, and quicker than anyone expects.

  103. They aren’t being enforced against the elite. Just another tequila sunrise. (I have no idea what I mean)

  104. If we’re keeping shit real, I should be drunk H2 and chunky H2, not Mare. I have weird feet. She can still represent shoe H2

  105. We’re all moving to the H3, anyway.

  106. Expect the laws against child molestation to fall

    Umm. No. If anything, the trend to protect kids from harm is going in (by far) the other direction. Don’t be fooled by the high visibility of a couple of webzines staffed by fucking sociopaths.

  107. Don’t tell Car in.

  108. H3 had the pink brocade. GHEY

  109. Lauraw, I wish. We are too busy respecting Messican culture here to enforce statutory rape laws.

  110. Expect the laws against child molestation to fall, and quicker than anyone expects.

    Anyone who touches my child better have the Devil on speed dial.

  111. Laura’s right, though. Men aren’t allowed anywhere near kids anymore. I don’t think they even let us teach elementary school.

  112. My abuser was a school bus driver. See also grandfather.

  113. …local retarded-old-country cultural anomalies excepted, of course.

    I wish we could say New Mexico was unique in this matter, but of course there are retrograde cultural enclaves refusing to be assimilated, all over this great land. Sigh.

  114. I thought we were moving to H4?

  115. I should be drunk H2 and chunky H2, not Mare.


    HA! It’s pretty clear someone here has to meet me.

  116. H4 is the one you aren’t supposed to tell me about.

  117. I’ve been at H5 for about 2 months which maybe explains a lot.

  118. Sigh but better taxes than CT. I’m talking TX. NM is done.

  119. I still say I’m going straight to H8.

  120. I still say I’m going straight to H8.


    Heh. That’s my default bloodspot.

  121. You people don’t get to see Pepe’s beautiful picks that aren’t snakes.

  122. BLOGSPOT not bloodspot.

    Autocorrect, you can lick Cyn’s butt and suck on her balls!!!!!

  123. I really H8 the shoes on the Mare pic. I love PJ and Lippy, but sasquatch.

  124. Autocucumber!

  125. That damned Autocorrect gets all the cool jobs.

  126. Book/bed time.

  127. Sure it is.

  128. The left has been pushing the sexualization of children for a long time, a lot of it using the cover of the gay rights movement. This isn’t to say that all gays, or even a large portion, are molesters. Merely that, while the left has used “education” as a means to push increasingly bizarre sexual practices as normal by associating it with gay culture. Look at Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar”, or the recent bruhaha about an “anti-bullying” conference for high-schoolers that was basically a seminar on promiscuity and lesbianism.

    Rimjobs, group sex, BDSM, random hookups, relationships with much older adults; the goal is to indoctrinate children and young teens into the idea that they should be sexually active, and not just with each other, and that they should engage in dangerous activities. Meanwhile, while straight men are demonized, other predators are not. Female teachers who sleep with young men and boys are the subject of jokes. Gay and lesbian teachers who pursue students are excused away, or ignored.

    No, the left is very much dedicated to sexualizing children and young teens, and eventually that will turn into a movement to legalize it. After all, if the behavior is already there…

  129. It is, I’m pooped. Going to read a little of Enterprise Cybersecurity and quit when I can’t hold the kindle anymore.

  130. How do you hate cute hotpink pumps? Those are adorable.

  131. I can’t wear do me pumps!!! I have weird feet.

  132. I wear a 5Y. They don’t make cute shoes for women with duck feet!

  133. CoAlex, we had a problem buyer when I was at Target. It was surreal what he ordered. I convinced my boss to not stock and to send up emails about the problematic orders. Pissing in the wind. There are sick people out there.

  134. I can’t pump wear me dos!!!

    I don’t even know what that means.

  135. Zappos is great, but I still can’t wear super cool do me pumps. I have several friends in RL that wear girl sizes. Girl sizes that are converted to sexy shoes. Caro wears a 1.5. Beth a 2.0. I wear a 5. No sexy shoes for me.

  136. Tiny! You can have your pick of cute shoes!

    It’s the width that gets me when finding pumps. Always good to get ’em a bit wider for the slide forward depending on the heel height–at least that’s the advice MJ gave me.

  137. I used to travel to Juarez to get shoes/boots

  138. Got a WiFi router installed today. A Linksys EA6350.
    Now, Anita can use her Samsung phone without killing her data-limit.
    The WiFi node is named “Stingray”, after the Harris Radio cell phone monitors used by police agencies for warrant-less wiretaps…

  139. I’m at H3.14.

    We’ve got pi.

  140. Lyin’ Eyes live

  141. I H8 the Eagles.

  142. It’s the width that gets me when finding pumps. Always good to get ’em a bit wider for the slide forward depending on the heel height

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  143. I H8 the Eagles.

    Sean ♥ oso

  144. Oso,
    WTF would you “HATE” a band?
    Seems like a waste of energy.
    Why not just not listen to them?
    Hate should be used sparingly, targeted, like for Hillary.
    Not just tossed-out for a rock-band.
    I kind of liked “Smugglers Blues”,
    and the video(remember when MTV showed rock videos?).
    Some of the Eagles was not bad.
    Live “Hotel California” is ok, too.

  145. This is a place where thoughts about things are expressed freely.

  146. I H8 the Eagles because I am often told to love them. Dan is Eagles GHEY. Has the tee.

  147. Gnight. Binging from all sides. Dan’s phone more egregious than mine.

  148. Asshole dog looked me in the eye and peed on the floor.

    It’s on.

  149. Have you tried pissing on him?

  150. Oso, what did he order?

  151. For Oso. I can’t imagine anyone hating this number.

  152. Uh, I mean, J’ames, have you tried pissing on the dog, not Oso, have you tried pissing on Dan. What you kids do is up to you. Don’t wanna hear it.

  153. I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man.

  154. Philly sucks. As does Boston College. And Auburn.

  155. Don’t be afraid of fun
    Loosen up your ponytail!
    Be wild, young, free and dumb
    Get your derp out of your tail

  156. I’m at H3.14.
    We’ve got pi.
    Not sure whether to applaud or kill xbrad.


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