So, November

I was sorry to hear that we lost Fred Thompson today. I wanted to vote for him back in ’08, but didn’t even get the pleasure of casting a primary ballot for him. Such is life. RIP, Fred.

Well, let’s see what else this month has in store for us…

November 5 is Guy Fawkes day, which has its origins in Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel “V For Vagine.” These days, it’s all about turds from Anonymous hacking your adultery website and posting your private information.
Remember that song “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses? There are all kinds of Spanish Memes about it.
I don’t get it either.
I’ve never grown a beard before, so I’m gonna try the whole No-Shave-November thing. Is it gonna look like the first 30 frames of this:

Or more like this:
Were I a betting man, I’d put it on the latter. Anyway, I hope you have a good month. Thanksgiving is coming up, and it’s also only a year until we have to choose between Hillary Clinton and whoever emerges from the charred pile of also-ran corpses in the GOP primary, so…YAY.


  1. November omega victor echo mike bravo echo regis

  2. Waitin’ all day for Sunday Night

  3. Yay! I always enjoy the Carrie Underwood thingy.

    Leon would appreciate her legs.

    Oh, I do. Gretchen still has more of my attention, though. I’m partial to brunettes, I guess.

    Which is why I married a blonde woman the second time.

  4. I know, right? And the Mets are up.

  5. I shaved off my beard yesterday and shaved again today. That’s how I celebrate Movemeber.

  6. My chin is REALLY COLD.

    Like, I can’t even explain this. Women will never know what this is like. Every other part of my face and head are fine. My chin is cold.

  7. Never heard of Gretchen Wilson before. Took a peek and I kinda like the cut of her jib.

    Thanks for the new poat, Seanm. That last one was starting to smell like an xbrad, dolly, and a draft choice to be named later, threesome.

  8. Gretchen has another song where the gist is basically “hey sweetie, we’re arguing, let’s go have sex and talk afterward, that’ll help”.

    I subscribed so hard to her newsletter that I got a papercut.

  9. My chin is REALLY COLD.

    I could make a remark about how my balls are nice and warm, but…oh, I guess I just kind of did do that by implication.

  10. Did you shave your balls yesterday?

  11. Nevermind, don’t answer that. I really don’t want to know.

  12. You shaved your beard and your chin is cold.

  13. I thought you might be noting that your experience had differed.

  14. I had a beard from Oct ’73 (Discharge from USA) until DoD contract in ’92, when I had to shave so the respirator would seal.
    When the contract ended, I let it grow back. It was white!
    Had the beard since, though it is short and well trimmed…

  15. Mine was getting a little scraggly and I hadn’t seen my chin in a year, so it was time.

  16. Anybody seen CoLex today?

  17. Just your mom.

  18. Scarf on chin in cold weather, scarf off chin in cold weather. It’s not that hard.

  19. Cyn, I’m just sitting on my couch and my chin is cold. It’s an adaptation thing. It’s just weird that it’s so localized. It’d be like if you wore a sweatband on one wrist for a month and then took it off.

  20. Also, is this a thing?

    2 oz red wine
    2 oz Gran Marnier
    handful of ice
    club soda to fill a 16 oz tumbler

  21. Purely psychological; if you believe it’s cold, then it will be cold. Stop believing!





  26. SCIENCE!11!

  27. I LOVE LAMP!

  28. Dunk it in some coffee.

  29. I’m just going to suffer it until the hair grows back or I adapt to naked chin having. This happens every time I shave the beard off. Lasts about a week if I let it grow back, two weeks if I don’t.


  30. Two weeks?! Damn.

  31. Goodnight, sweet leon. And flights of angels teabag thee to thy rest.

  32. *sputters at the monitor laughing*

  33. Hey, someone mention tea bagging??

  34. Finally – Green Bay touchdown

  35. I don’t think it will matter.

  36. You’re probably right; it just would have been a crap game to watch if it was a blow-out.

  37. Wait, two 6 and 0 teams and you expected a blow out? Or a game that wasn’t competitive?

  38. Remember that 2048 game? The one that turned us all into number-shuffling zombies? Well, here’s another one:

  39. No, no; I expected a great couple of teams to go at it – but Denver was really dominating for a while.

  40. I don’t care what day tomorrow is, I am sleeping in.

  41. 2 soccer games today. I froze. Also my newish phone died. Fml

  42. I’m here. Spent most of the day trying to nap so that I could function, but was not successful. Then, gym and mass and now I’m home and about to crawl into bed and work on homework.

  43. “Homework”, that’s what I say I’m doing when I am doing your mom.

  44. Well, in my case it’s art homework and math.

  45. BTW, I think that whomever the Republican nominee is, there should be an ad showing a skinny-jean, man-bun, beard-wearing hipster and the caption, “He’s voting for Hillary. Don’t you think you can do better?”

  46. I’ve had a beard for years, really helps keep the chin warm in winter.

  47. I just shaved my beard. I’ll probably regrow it after the new year.

  48. an other take on CA’s commercial.
    Real men vote however they want. Pajama boys vote for Clinton.
    Are you a Pajama Boy?

  49. Because Anita is now *on watch* for anaphylactic shock, we realized that she, like Obama, needed to have a (epi)pen and a phone with her at all times.
    She went to Costco (On Saturday!) to get a phone.
    When she got home, she was totally fragged and opened a bottle of wine.
    She ended-up with a “Samsung Core Prime”(I told her to just get a Galaxy S4, but whatever).
    Now, I need to get a wireless router for the house so that she can load shit on the phone without using her data allotment. We have no other Wi-Fi shit, but I’m sure that we will.
    We still have a 27” CRT TV that will have to go to the dump so we can get a flat-screen smart-tv that will use the Wi-Fi router to stream movies with much stuttering and many interruptions and drop-outs, due to our suck-ass DSL.
    I got close, but I hoped that I’d already be dead by the time all our tech stuff got timed-out.
    We’ve had, for the last ten years, a Motorola Flip-Phone that is just “A Phone”. We always took it when we went “Past The Mailbox”, so that the alarm company could call us for a fire or burg-alarm. Most of the time it is powered-off and in a drawer.
    We’ve never before been ‘tethered to a phone”.
    So it goes…

  50. Welcome to life in the so-called Space Age, Crispy.

    Still ain’t no damn flying cars.

  51. Saw there was a shooting in COS>

  52. I have a Galaxy S3 so I can read twitter when I step out for a smoke.

  53. Still ain’t no damn flying cars.
    But there are Wasabe Peas

  54. Xbrad, yeah but I was on the other side of town.

    Chris, I broke down and bought a smart phone earlier this year, and then promptly broke it and had to replace it with a samsung core as well. I’m not a fan. If this one breaks I may very well go back to a flip phone just for the hell of it.

  55. Bob Costas wears more makeup than Bruce Jenner, it’s creepy.

  56. I didn’t have a phone until a couple of years ago. Need it for business, Instagram and Facebook are important.

  57. CoAlex,
    She did not get a case or screen protector, or a memory card.
    We’ll see how this plays out…

  58. I don’t have a case or screen protector. Haven’t had any trouble over the last couple years.

  59. Did anybody tell anybody else that their new hairstyle was “a little too Hitler-y” today?

  60. Clintbird is going nuts right about now.

  61. Well I might take a train
    I might take a plane, but if I have to derp
    I’m going just the same
    I’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come
    They got some crazy lil’ women there
    And I’m gonna get me one.

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