I, Eye, Aye

Happy Halloween

ICYM some serious hilarity:

Guy on a Buffalo, Ep 1: Bears, Indians, and Such

Guy on a Buffalo, Ep 2: Orphans, Cougars, & Whatnot

Guy on a Buffalo, Ep 3: Finale Part 1, Origins, Villains, and the Like

Guy on a Buffalo, Ep 4: Finale Part 2, Rehab, Vengeance, and What Have You


  1. *dusts off mantle for poat awards and medals of greatness*

  2. Heh.

    Good stuff, sugarnips.

  3. Everyone in the house is asleep but me.

    That’s no good at all.

  4. Thanks, honeydripper.

  5. gross

  6. Just do what I do, Leon.

    *fires up chainsaw*

  7. Oh no, I’m just going to take my own nap.

  8. Nationwide

  9. *drinks

  10. Season of the Witch – The Strangelings


  11. http://is.gd/rZmXdv

  12. From last poatsie:

    >>Don’t drink the water.

    I am going to remind her to make sure water bottles are sealed and that she is the one to open them. None of those tricks where the “helpful” waiter opens it for you and says “yes, yes, it was sealed!” and then looks all affronted that you would doubt him.

    And on that subject, I just barfed, so my departure will be delayed.

  13. Roamie, beef tips with red wine and garlic?? OOO, would you share the recipe?

  14. *does the Time Warp Dance*

  15. Feel better soon, Lips – where you headed?

  16. HAHA! I want to have Kurt Schlichter’s babies.

  17. Thanks, Cyn. Just up the coast and over the mountain to spend the weekend with my college roommate and her family. Answer the door for Halloween with them, yay!

  18. Sounds like that will be a fun time 🙂

  19. Great drinkie, MJ!

  20. Great showie, Wiserbud!

  21. Pretty sure that’s the only time the Rocky Horror soundtrack has ever been played on that station.

  22. Such a fun flick – great memories from my high school days going to the midnight showings.

  23. Lippy, as you wish


    They came out really tender.

  24. Comment by Cyn on October 31, 2015 2:07 pm

    Such a fun flick – great memories from myhigh grade school days going to the midnight showings.

    Fixt. 😉

  25. Wow – that looks delicious, Roamy.

  26. *bans Pepe for outing my age*

  27. A couple weeks back, I linked a Breitbart Meetup deal where the restaurant, after agreeing to host the meet, call the police on the group and booted them out. A police helicopter even showed up. Some of the folks that attended decided to share their views of the joint on Yelp.

    Just for giggles, I decided to go back to the Yelp site to see how the reviews were coming along, and I see this shit from Yelp:

    Active Cleanup Alert

    This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news.

    While we don’t take a stand one way or the other when it comes to these news events, we do work to remove both positive and negative posts that appear to be motivated more by the news coverage itself than the reviewer’s personal consumer experience with the business.

    As a result, your posts to this page may be removed as part of our cleanup process beginning Friday, October 30, 2015, but you should feel free to post your thoughts about the recent media coverage for this business on Yelp Talk at any time.

    WTFITS? Fuck Yelp.

  28. WTFITS? Fuck Yelp.


    Yes, I’d love to see what comments they “cleaned up”.

  29. No moving today!

    Tomorrow will be the last of it.

  30. Worst Irish accent ever…..

  31. >>>>Pretty sure that’s the only time the Rocky Horror soundtrack has ever been played on that station.

    After the show, Tom Hill said he didn’t remember hearing the music I played today on the radio before.


  32. Moving never ends.

    Mrs. Pupster came back from Ikea with a new microwave stand, new chair and ottoman on Thursday. While she is not down with the Spartan (furniture-wise) lifestyle I’ve tried to enforce since the last few moves, she did follow my non-negotiable guideline that furniture must not be heavy.

    If you want to enjoy hours of entertainment, serve as bartender for a couple of women while they assemble IKEA furniture. Epic.

  33. Roamie, you’re an angel!

  34. Don’t get me started on Tempurpedic mattresses.

  35. Furniture should not require an appliance dolly to move it.

    I needed it on 4 pieces just yesterday.

  36. Yeah. We bought a new temperpedicish mattress before I knew about the first move. Fucker weighs 200 lbs.

  37. Trip to Minnesota called off. Now I have to sit and watch football and baseball all day.

    Darn it.

  38. The furry convention is in town,

    I don’t get it.

  39. Do Safety Dance.

  40. I’m not a fan of the tempurpedic type mattresses. I feel like I’m trapped in them when I try to roll over during the night. I got one of the knock off variations a while back and ended up giving it way to one of Paula’s friends.

  41. Fruit pizza and baked apple recipes poated.

  42. I should have taken some pictures before we ate all of it, the pizza was really pretty.

  43. I denounce myself.


  44. Greetings, Halloweeners.

  45. http://is.gd/UG2zhz

  46. http://is.gd/lv8c9j

  47. You’re a messed up sumbitch, scott. I like your style.

  48. When did Cyn get a cooking show? http://is.gd/5zW2g9

  49. Achmed called to say, “Don’t forget to turn your clocks back.”

  50. Evening.

  51. My new pet cull is Krill. When I scratch her face she crosses her eyes and screams ‘Krilll.’

  52. Library- Check
    Costco- Check
    99c Store- Check
    Sprouts- Check (Ribeye and blue cheese!)
    CVS Pharmacy- Check
    Unload groceries- Check
    Make pot roast- Check
    Cut up melon- Check

    I’m ready to debrief and cocktail.

  53. Pupster, my latest contract is within a couple of miles of Ikea – which is on the other end of metro Denver from where I live. I’m taking mass transit to work every day, and have self-imposed a rule that nothing can come home from Ikea that I can’t carry to the light rail station 1.1 miles from Ikea, and then get home on the light rail/bus combo I have to take across town.

    Maybe a rule like this would help with what your wife brings home from there. I’m certain it’s making sure I have a paycheck at the end of this contract.

  54. Halloween is pretty much quintessential autumn. October 31, right in the middle of the season.

    It was 104F when I was out shopping.

  55. It has not snowed yet this season. I am shocked and appalled.

  56. We had a dusting of snow on the Sandias today.

  57. 41F and rainy here when I gave the horses dinner. Par for the course.

  58. Mare says Rosetta is full of hot air!


  59. Comment seen elsewhere about the invasion of Europe. “Bleeding hearts make for bleeding bodies.”

  60. roamy,

    It’s just crazy how fascistic ideas seem to gain currency over there after decadent liberals have been in charge for a while. Hopefully we don’t have to sort it out again.

  61. This time, I say we let it run its course. Jews are safe in Israel.

    Well, relatively.

  62. There’s coywolf documentary on NetFlix.

  63. It appears that the science is finally settled.

  64. PBS did a special on coyotes, it was fascinating.

  65. Did anyone else do absolutely nothing for Halloween?

  66. When President Trump gets Mexico to build the wall, our American wolves won’t have to worry about coyotes stealing their wolf bitches anymore.

  67. I’m at work, leon. I have a candy dish out on the counter, so I guess that doesn’t count as doing nothing, technically.

  68. We are sitting out front of the house, with a bonfire in the fire pit, getting hammered and passing out candy. Life = good.

  69. Working. Gotta go shut down the Minion (CNC) in a little bit. Penelope is in town at her mom’s handing out candy. She says it’s really cold and only 9 kids so far.

  70. When President Trump gets Mexico to build the wall, our American wolves won’t have to worry about coyotes stealing their wolf bitches anymore.

    Isn’t this reason enough?

    No kids came to the farm, Pepe. I was going to give them each a pumpkin.

  71. That kitten is the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen.

  72. I not allowed to do Halloween. I want to get little plastic containers (like Easter eggs) and fill them with spiders or crickets so hilarity will ensue when the little guys open them at home.

  73. Pupster, your life is definitely a two thumbs up!!

  74. Ha! Roamy knows stuff!!

  75. Just had the tiniest adorable Superman come to the door!

  76. Glad Pepe doesn’t get to do Halloween. Someone is shooting guns in the arroyo. Nothing says Trick or Treat than shooting guns into the air. Only in New Mexico

  77. MJ is stalking.

  78. I’m texting with a dude who’s 50 hours clean off a whole laundry list of pills. Trying to talk him into finding someplace to detox, but he says he starts a new career on Monday. So I’m just trying to get him to go to a meeting.

  79. Trying to talk him into finding someplace to detox, but he says he starts a new career on Monday

    Prayers. That’s all I can give and probably all he has.

  80. Cutest costume, evah…

  81. I think the last kid who came for trick or treat at my house was a neighbor girl dressed as Britney Spears in the “Oops I Did It Again” era. She has since graduated college, left home and is working. Yet we still buy candy just in case.

  82. Prayers Sean.

  83. Geez, that’s awfully cute!

  84. Prayers. That’s all I can give and probably all he has.


  85. Thanks, mare. We try to carry the message. We can’t carry the person.

  86. Sean,
    He’s got an empty day ahead.
    Perhaps you could shanghai him to a meeting, or a church, to keep him occupied?
    Prayers for him, and best of luck to you for trying to save him.
    Stay strong…

  87. Prayers, Sean.

  88. I had one grandmother who was unclear on the whole “Trick or Treat” concept. She insisted it was “Trick FOR Treat” and would try to get the confused kids to do a trick before she would give up the candy. “Stand on your head” “Do a cartwheel…”

    When I lived in El Paso, they would bring pickup loads of kids over from Mexico (literally 20 kids in the back of a pickup). They’d stop and unload and go through as many neighborhoods as possible. They would take anything that wasn’t nailed down. They stole flowers in clay pots, a garden hose, lights…. One kid kicked in our Jack o Lantern and got it stuck on his foot.

    Fun holiday memories….

  89. I love Border stories.

  90. Oh man, that’s adorable, Chrispy!

  91. You da man, Sean


  92. Saw this yesterday. How cool is that, to hear tens of thousands of people sing your song, and not in a concert where they paid to see you.

    Mini-me went over to a friend’s house for an impromptu party. It changed venue when I said I needed to meet the parents before I would leave her there, hmmm.

  93. Suspicious.

    Maybe it’s like one of those anime series where a young teenager is inexplicably living alone while her parents work abroad.

  94. Thanks, Cyn.

    On an unrelated note, I kinda feel like a tool here, since nobody else’s avatard decided to wear a costume this year.

  95. Did anybody feel a mixture of arousal and self-loathing spurred by anybody else’s “Sexy Bernie Sanders” costume today?

  96. Alice, I’m changing hotels in Denver on 4 Nov to the Sheraton on 16th. Is that near where you’re working?

    CoAlex, there is a Yardhouse in the hotel and an Irish Bar across the street. Let me know when you’ll be back in Denver.

  97. Obligatory Witch song:

    ‘The Witch’ by the Sonics. Performed by Evan Foster of the Boss Martians.

  98. “On an unrelated note, I kinda feel like a tool here, since nobody else’s avatard decided to wear a costume this year.”

    i put on my special Halloween cod-piece
    i guess you just can’t see it with that mask on

  99. Probably my favorite witch song…


  100. that’s a good song, all right.

  101. This is where I’m livin’


  102. I’m more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOqblSqx_VI#t=17

  103. http://is.gd/9pwhoX

  104. http://is.gd/QqP0iQ

  105. tg;dl

  106. a truce


  107. Haha, awesome!

  108. Well, I ain’t evil
    I’m just good lookin’
    Start a little derp
    And baby start cookin’

  109. This opens up a whole new genre of music for me:


  110. ahadhadjkhadfasdha


    Cyn is going to kill us.

  111. The recorder? wow.

  112. I’m going to my therapist.

    Bye, Jay.

  113. Yay Daylight Savings Time, an extra hour of sleep!

    *wide awake*

  114. Can’t trust him.


  115. So, this teenager was with a group of younger trick or treaters, she had a cardboard sign that just said “Life”. After we gave everyone some candy she handed me a lemon.


    I am not a smart dog.

  116. She had a beret, right?

  117. i think so.

  118. Xhrad’s Cougars played their asses off last night and deserved to win.

  119. Ah, the morning after Halloween. Whose turn is it to powerwash the dried eggs off my siding again?

  120. No opposable thumbs. Sorry.

  121. So, Pupster, did you make lemonade?

  122. Pups, there were people down the street here doing the same thing you did last night. I was driving very slowly down my street. Kids everywhere, and people hanging out on lawn chairs in their front yards, partying. It looked nice.

  123. It was pretty awesome, weather was a little cold and windy but hey…Halloween. Met some nice neighbors, saw some cool costumes, ate candy, drank stuff. Next year we’ll have costumes.

    I did not make lemonade. http://is.gd/5epXrw

  124. They vote, too.


  125. I wonder if we could get any traction with the families of the dead voters. I mean, voter records are public information, I wonder if a class action suit brought by families against these shady vote fraudsters would be effective.

  126. mmm, mongolian beef.

  127. Mmm…mongolian beef extra spicy hot on a flour tortilla

  128. Mongo like beans

  129. wtfits?

  130. Death warmed over.

  131. **checks core temp**

    never mind. Just death.

  132. Giants score 49 points and lose?

  133. >>>>Giants score 49 points and lose?

    Worst game I’ve ever seen.


  135. Whew, just got the lathe unloaded. Went well, now it’s sitting happily in my shop. Won’t be able to mess with it until the end of the month. Kinda like a kid getting a toy for Christmas and not getting to play with it.

  136. I slept through most of the Chiefs game. Starvin’ Marvin usually wakes us up. Dan went to work early and left us sleeping. Getting adjusted to a 12 year old dog that seems to have a new personality…

  137. A buddy turned me on to Cleveland bourbon. It’s good shit.

  138. Filled all of the nail holes on the new stairs, sealed and varnished the new oak handrail, installed curtain rods for HotBride, emptied dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, set all clocks back (man we have a shitload of clocks these days. There’s a clock on everything.), cut brush in back yard, installed two solar powered lights on the address post, two trips to the hardware, and now I’m having a beer.
    Good day.

  139. Glad I missed it. I got home, turned on the TV and saw the winning field goal.

  140. FYI Dan got cabinet mouse. MaryAnn is the worst dachshund EVER! We never had mice when Gingy was on patrol. (MA wanted to play with bunnies at the park)

  141. Lazarus?

  142. Fred Thompson has passed away.

  143. Crap. Didn’t see that coming.

  144. Fred Thompson? Oh man.

  145. I H8 Cancer.

  146. I hope Jeri is okay.

  147. >>>>Fred Thompson has passed away.

    This day has really, truly sucked.

  148. Hi, good people.

  149. good Evening.

  150. Herro

  151. Woof.

  152. If we’re back to “Mountain Time”, then the SoCal Cabal is now one hour behind and the NE Cabal is now two hours ahead.

    I think.

  153. Mare! http://is.gd/roHFf1

  154. I still have my IMAO Thompson for President shirt.

  155. Scott – adorable!!
    Roamy – so very cool!!

    Cowboys – suck it!!

  156. Poop.

  157. https://streamable.com/6158

  158. Scott, that kitten NEEDS me!!

  159. Yeah, I think Cyn is right, the Northeast Cabal gets 20% more power to decide bannings. The Michigan cabal gets 60% less sleep (unless Carin is doing a fake double then it’s 70%). The Far West Cabal gets to wake up and watch football two hours earlier than usual. And I believe the Texas Cabal can now start smoking various meats 4 hours earlier than the 2 hours before they use to. The Florida Cabal (me) gets to break into the box wine 9 hours before the 6 hours that I usually do.

  160. Roamy’s T-Shirt said everything I loved about Fred. Very sad.

  161. I want that shirt. I need that shirt.

  162. DST means I need to do my “shovel out the horse shelter/fertilize the garden” stuff before work instead of after work this week.

    MMM @553.

  163. “Why not 552?”


  164. I wore it to work in 2009 on the day we had the Tea Party rally. I figured it wasn’t a violation of the Hatch Act if he wasn’t up for election. The hippy I work with thought it was funny.

  165. Because The Algorithmtm said 553.

  166. I wore it to work in 2009 on the day we had the Tea Party rally. I figured it wasn’t a violation of the Hatch Act if he wasn’t up for election. The hippy I work with thought it was funny.


    You are awesome, Roamy.

  167. Speaking of AL Cabals, I should check on Cuffy and Mrs. Cuffy.

  168. Thank you, Mare.

  169. Mrs. Cuffy

    Space isn’t real.

  170. Yay! I always enjoy the Carrie Underwood thingy.

    Leon would appreciate her legs.

  171. New poat until trannies arrive in the AM.


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