Hello blog friends and Mr. Mare, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I’ve got more gifs than sense this week, so first blog Pupster prize goes to whomever figures out what this gif is all about.



This week’s model is an American Porn Star from Pennsylvania, she lies about her measurements so fuck it.  Please stop jerking my leash long enough to welcome, Miss Jessica Robbin!



  1. Skankalicious

  2. Backwards running in reverse. What do I win?

  3. She has herpes. Statistically.

  4. Here’s some Friday sexism for you.

  5. I’ve made my decision: I’m voting for Trump because fuckit.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. *goes back to bed*

  8. I’m voting for MJ/Carin.

  9. We need to get the country back on track.

  10. We need mare as Secretary of War.

  11. It’d be a boozy recovery.

  12. If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve.

    it would cut into my crossfit/running schedule.

  13. But Mare would be my press secretary. That would be awesome.

  14. Mare at press meeting: Today we ensured a constant supply of boxed wine to the WH briefing room by working with out partners at Sam’s Club. And fuck you all.

  15. Mr Mare’s halloween costume?

  16. That might not be safe for work. Even Tushar.

  17. Ok. I’m bored.

  18. Me too. This week’s workouts have been:


    I feel pretty good and my arm seems to be holding up.

  19. Whoever wrote the headline on that story needs a smack with the grammar stick.

  20. *notice a complete absence of strength training in MJ’s week

    But perhaps GND is strong and move the furniture/etc when it’s needed.

  21. What do you suppose the racial diversity is of residents on every single Martin Luther King Boulevard in America?

    What do you think your chances of survival would be walking down any one of them at 2AM on any given night?

  22. Normally strength is on Tuesday but I had a 7am meeting. I’m doing TRX.

    I’m going to do it tomorrow instead.

  23. Ginger Thursday spills over to Big Boob Friday!

  24. I’m down 3 lbs in 2 weeks, which seems about normal.

  25. Ick. She’s repellent. And she looks like her two brain cells haven’t met each other yet.

    L to R: Geoff at IB, the Hostages:

  26. Crossfit does some TRX-ish moves. We have the rings of course. And then there are movements which are similar to gymnatic moves (which are really freakin hard). I do ring pull-ups instead of regular ones because of my shoulder – but they are definitely easier. Last week we had to do ring holds and those were pretty freakin hard.

  27. She doesn’t look like she does crossfit OR TRX.

    So there’s that.

  28. I may finally get around to building my bar gym soon. Things are settling down to the point where I have a little time. I’m hoping I’ll want to use it this winter even after it gets cold.


    Will it be a full service bar or just beer/wine kind of thing?

  30. I think this bar gym idea could get a lot more of our hostages into the gym.

  31. 20 lb glasses.

  32. pfft, I already do my 12 oz curls.

  33. I was traveling between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti the other day, when a tire blew out. Checking my spare, I found that it, too, was flat. My only option was to flag down a passing motorist and get a ride.

    The first vehicle to stop was an old man in a van. He yelled out the window, “Need a lift?”

    “Yes, I sure do,” I replied.

    “You a Republican or Democrat,” asked the old man.

    “Republican,” I replied.

    “Well, you can just go to Hell,” yelled the old man as he sped off.
    Another guy stopped, rolled down the window, and asked me the same question.

    Again, I gave the same answer, “Republican.”

    The driver gave me the finger and drove off. I thought it over and decided that maybe I should change my strategy, since this area seemed to be overly political and there appeared to be few Republicans.

    The next car to stop was a red convertible driven by a beautiful blonde. She smiled seductively and asked if I was a Republican or Democrat.

    “Democrat!” I shouted.

    “Hop in!” replied the blonde.

    Driving down the road, I couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous woman in the seat next to me, the wind blowing through her hair, perfect breasts and a short skirt that continued to ride higher and higher up her thighs.

    Finally, I yelled, “Please stop the car.”

    She immediately slammed on the brakes and as soon as the car stopped, I jumped out.

    “What’s the matter?” she asked.

    “I can’t take it anymore,” I replied. “I’ve only been a Democrat for five minutes and already I want to screw somebody.”

  34. pfft, I already do my 12 oz curls.

    Every time my elbow bends, my mouth opens.

  35. The bar gym I have in mind is something I can do pull ups, muscle ups, dips, levers, and flag movements on. The drinking happens elsewhere.

  36. The guys at my crossfit have offered to make me a set-up for my house.

    But since I an’t do pullups/muscle ups right now it’s kinda beside the point.

    I’d want a bar set-up that also included a rack. That’s mostly what I’d want.

  37. Always talking about your rack.

  38. Car in’s rack wouldn’t have to be that big, would it?


  39. I have a station in the house that I can do pull ups and dips on, but I can’t do anything ballistic and I’ve got very little room to do levers of any kind. The bodyweight training seems to really help the joints I’ve managed to mess up with various mistakes in barbell training, plus I don’t have to drive somewhere to do it. I figure between some monkey bars and a few sandbags and kettlebells I should be set.

  40. Top story at AoShq further proves what an utter dumbfuck Bush is.

    Go home. We don’t like you.

  41. NBC just got fired, no more debates.

  42. Millions in ad revenue right down the crapper.

    Good job.

  43. Do you have a link, Scott.

  44. Hotspur:

  45. Thanks, Jay.

    I would have just said, “You’re fired.”

  46. They were getting $250,000 for a 30 second ad.

    $5-$10 million.


  47. Remember the story about the girl with cerebral palsy meeting TCU QB Boykin at the ISU game last night? A TCU fan filled in some back info.

    This is a link to a reply, read the quoted part. I included this one because there are the cutest pics evah! in the comment after this one.

  48. What blockbuster show will NBC run in that time slot as retaliation?

  49. Sorry to keep bringing this up, but it’s such a cool story. Abby went to the locker room, too.

  50. Comment by Car in on October 30, 2015 12:01 pm

    The guys at my crossfit have offered to make me a set-up for my house.

    They want to come over and play with your rack……..

  51. Well, got the lathe home. It’s still sitting in the pickup. Of course it’s raining today for the first time in a month. I’ll try and unload it tomorrow, could be interesting. 1,700 pounds of fun…….like your mom.

  52. I wish I was there, Pepe. I did rigging in Hollywood for a long time.

    As far as snatches go remember that the simple way is the best way.


  53. I wish you were here with a forklift. I’ve got a friend with a big backhoe. We should be able to set it down with no problem. Too sloppy today. 😉

    Real equipment riggers $1,200
    Local guy with a forklift $400

    Friend with a big backhoe $0.

    Just don’t drop the $23K machine. Hoping we don’t have a “hold my beer and watch this” kinda moment….

  54. 1700lbs is a good hunk as I’m sure you can now see.

    10000lb Tow straps x 2 and a tagline to control the swing are better than chain because of the give of the material.

    Better to go around the bucket of the back hoe then through a hole as the hole cuts the rating of the strap by half and provides an edge to break on.

    If your lath has Eye bolts on top, good. pass the straps through the eye and loop the bucket. That is the best way.

    don’t forget the tagline for control. Stay safe.

    I’ll be around today and tomorrow as well.

  55. What is the model# of lath?

  56. Lift the lathe out of the bed, then move the truck, rather than swinging the lathe.

  57. Can’t you just unhook everything, rev the engine, and pop the clutch?

  58. Sitting in my car listening to QOTSA as loud as possible until the last possible moment.

    Work is gonna suck. I can sense it.

  59. invite leon over to grab it from the truck and place it wherever you want it.

  60. What is the model# of lath?

    Model No. 69YourMom375Lbs

  61. That would be an all day sucker.


  63. It’s a Haas Office Lathe, so it’s a CNC and in a big box (your mom joke). If it were a regular lathe, I could just sling it under the bed and set it down with no problem. With this, I’ll either have to sling the whole thing, or, if we’re really lucky, the bucket on the front of the backhoe will be big enough to just slide it into. Slide into the bucket, secure it with enough straps to hold an elephant (YM joke) and gently lower it to the ground. We moved a 2,000 pound manual mill with his backhoe, but those are easy to sling.

  64. I should try and find a way to put a gym in my house. The garage doesn’t work too well, but I might be able to do it there, or a rack for pullups/rings in my bedroom…

  65. you’re there.

  66. There where?

  67. It’s a rigging term.

    Much like ‘run for it!!!’ or ‘Oh, God NO!!!’ or the oft used ‘Shit!!!’

  68. “Rigging”

  69. ‘Sup my riggaz?

  70. Chumpo, you forgot oops, that’ll buff out, AAAAAHHH MY FOOT!!!!!!!!!

    We’ve got an old sheet of plywood, a couple of 2×4’s and an old piece of clothesline we found in a drawer. Good to go.

  71. Moving day round II complete.

    Nobody else showed up to help, so it was just me and some guy with a bad back.

    Round III tomorrow.

  72. Sup Hostages.

    If Dave shows up, be sure to congratulate him. He got an awesome tweet via Gen Chuck Yeager.

  73. That sucks, Scott. Make sure you don’t end up being the guy with the bad back.

  74. Hey Scott,

    I have an antique roll top desk I’d like to get out of my life and send to my sister in Utah, what do you suppose would be the best way besides in the back of my truck?

  75. If Dave shows up I’m buying.

    (a rifle)



    Read the comments. My favorite:

    “Don’t fuck with old guys with shitty jobs.”

  78. 1) – just be careful to read the reviews – very important
    2) Vintage transport
    3) Plycon

    Uship will probably be the cheapest but it may take a while to find the right match.

  79. 4) Put desk through woodchipper, bag up and ship that way

  80. Before you let it go, pull out the drawers and make sure there is nothing behind them. I find stuff in just about every one of those.

  81. 4) Put desk through woodchipper, bag up and ship that way
    Some assembly required.

  82. Thanks Scott.


  83. I miss Taiwan.

  84. My Aunt Cecilia taught in a barrio school. She got tired of dealing with losers. She just let them chillax on their phones and do whatever, while she worked with the few that were there for an edumacation. Auto D’s were baseline. No child left behind. SPIT!

  85. 4) Put desk through woodchipper, bag up and ship that way

    Biggest 3-D jigsaw puzzle evah.

  86. I miss Taiwan.

    No you not. She Miss Taiwan:

  87. I have one word for our model today:

    Daddy Issues.

  88. I still say herpes.

  89. Hah!

    Mare saw the same video I did.

  90. Comment by mare on October 30, 2015 9:48 pm
    I have one word for our model today:
    Daddy Issues.

  91. You know who misses Taiwan? China.

  92. Taiwan is absolutely beautiful. 🀄️ I will always H8 Jimmeh Carter.

  93. Taiwan was once Formosa. Portueguese for something something.

  94. Taiwan was once Formosa. Portueguese for something something.


  95. Heh

  96. Taiwan was once Formosa. Portueguese for something something.

    Whale’s Vagina.

  97. Mare misses Tighoneon.

  98. DHS is refusing to give us our REAL ID waiver. Craptastic. I need a passport. My birth certificate burned in a fire in St Louis.

  99. “burned in a fire”

  100. Oso,
    WA drivers license got blown-out, too…

  101. Did anybody find out that their Gypsy curse could be transferred to anybody else with a simple form signed by a Notary Public today?

  102. Sean, it sucks. Military records used to be free. Now, I have to give my $$$ to San Diego.

  103. Comment by Sean M. on October 30, 2015 11:02 pm
    Did anybody find out that their Gypsy curse could be transferred to anybody else with a simple form signed by a Notary Public today?


    Holy shit, that’s ridiculously funny.

  104. Glad you liked it, mare.

    That sucks, oso, but all that biodiesel doesn’t pay for itself, you know.

  105. Today’s model is living proof that abundant tits can somewhat overcome plain ol’ ugly.

  106. That’s not a fair representation. She also has a friendly demeanor, is kind to animals, and shows a lot of enthusiasm.

  107. blerg

  108. Well at least she appears to not have an Adams Apple and a dick like many of the Monday “models” on this site.

  109. Taiwan was once Formosa. Portueguese for something something.

    Beautiful. As I’m sure you know already, having lived there. Just me being . . . me.

    One of my favorite places in L.A. is the Formosa Cafe. Old time, old school.

    Anyway, got to get to bed early; I’m going a wee bit up the coast to visit with my college roommate and her daughter who is going to India soon. I’ll find out the details tomorrow.

    Tushar, any hints for a formosa blonde 17 year-old?

  110. Don’t drink the water.

  111. Watching Anthony Boudain in Tokyo.

    Holy Crap! That place has gotten even weirder than when I was there a lot in the late ’90’s.

    And it was pretty fucking weird back then.

  112. And now Bourdain is into the tentacle porn…

  113. And now this episode is Thailand. Lots of booze and food, just like I remembered Thailand. So far no women and whiskey, because Thai rice whiskey was awesome.

  114. Don’t eat recalled Paydays.

  115. —-Comment by Pupster on October 30, 2015 8:21 pm

    Read the comments. My favorite:

    “Don’t fuck with old guys with shitty jobs.”——

    mom joke made the list :
    “That bus driver took those punches like a pro, reminds me of ops mom.”

  116. Trebuchet team showing up early today. A few more practice shots, then disassembly and packing, hopefully all before it starts raining again. Tournament is next Saturday.

    Not much progress on the house this week because of all the rain.


  118. Wakey wakey. Soccer game work.


  119. My kids left my jeep hooked up to some fishing boat so …. how exactly am I supposed to drive that today?


    They’re up at Michigan State (assuredly hung-over at this point).

  120. And … what are we going to do with a fishing boat?

    It’s some specialized boat this guy custom made. Pat bought if for a song I guess.

  121. Fake double today ( which is going to feel amazingly like a real double) then up early tomorrow for a longish drive a soccer game.

  122. ChrisP, you asked doesn’t anyone here carry? The answer is: the arsenal, the malls, the parks, the libraries, the schools, half the churches, Starbucks, and most of the banks and credit unions are “gun-free zones”. I can be fired if I leave my gun in my car and drive to work. If you obey the law, there are few places to go while carrying.

    Hopefully the tide is turning on that.

  123. Did anybody find out that their Gypsy curse could be transferred to anybody else with a simple form signed by a Notary Public today?

    This would have made Thinner a way better book.

  124. This is why Europe is being destroyed. The Left in their nonsense are going to kill us all:

  125. If there isn’t a metal detector it’s not gun free.

  126. The posture and facial expressions of those women tell me all I need to know.

  127. Today’s menu is French onion soup (Alton Brown’s recipe with beef broth instead of chicken and no apple cider), beef tips cooked in red wine and garlic, and broccoli casserole. I was going to have strawberries for dessert, but I think Mini-me got to them first.

  128. The Left in their nonsense are going to kill us all:

    This reminds me of Clinton picking the Attorney General. First three candidates were women (we’ll count Janet Reno as one for now), so it was blatantly obvious that he was looking to fill a quota, not pick the most qualified person for the job. I feel the same thing is going on with the new SecDef.

  129. Our parks are gun free. The places that have the cougars, coyotes, bears, and perverts.

    It’s insane.

    Nobody obeys that law.

  130. An astounding number of people carry up here by me.

  131. No repercussions and no accountability for incompetence from the top down.

  132. Dessert is going to be fruit pizza with crescent rolls and what’s left of the strawberries.

  133. I freakin love fruit pizza. I’ve only had it with sugar cookie dough as the crust.

  134. It doesn’t feel like Halloween. My kids don’t trick or treat. No one comes to my house. And i’m working a double.


  135. Today’s menu is French onion soup (Alton Brown’s recipe with beef broth instead of chicken and no apple cider), beef tips cooked in red wine and garlic, and broccoli casserole. I was going to have strawberries for dessert, but I think Mini-me got to them first.


    Two thumbs way up!

  136. Mare, I posted that picture yesterday morning.

  137. Sorry Leon. I was with our oldest daughter and doing some traveling yesterday so missed the morning stuff.

    Great pic, though. Worth a double post.

  138. Today I’m going to pull all the plants out of the remaining 60% of the garden.

    *checks accuweather*
    *rain starting in 63 minutes*

    Today I’m going to read a book.

  139. Comment by Pupster on October 31, 2015 10:09 am

    No repercussions and no accountability ………


    This!!!! Why should I obey the law, when nobody else does???

  140. An antipope is anyone who falsely claims to be the pope. For instance, the papal claimants residing at Avignon during the Great Schism of the 14th century are considered to be antipopes. This leads to a further question: what happens when a pope meets an antipope?

    The answer: they annihilate and produce two Protestants. Because you have to conserve Anglican momentum.

  141. New Poatse:

  142. I am a wuss. I can do like 2 of these.

  143. >>Don’t drink the water.

    I am going to remind her to make sure water bottles are sealed and that she is the one to open them. None of those tricks where the “helpful” waiter opens it for you and says “yes, yes, it was sealed!” and then looks all affronted that you would doubt him.

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