It’s Thursday and this is the day we remember Thor(pe). It turns out Jim Thorpe (May 22, 1887 – March 28, 1953) was quite an all around athlete. Of course I’ve heard his name and seen the iconic photo above but didn’t know much beyond that. He was an Indian of Sac and Fox descent. His parents were half breeds as was Jimbo. His native name was Wa-Tho-Huk, translated as “path lit by great flash of lightning” aka, “Bright Path“. He was baptized a Catholic and kept the faith throughout life. Both parents could have used some modern medicine since his mother died during childbirth of another sibling and his father died with gangrene. He went to school and competed in a lot of sports including ballroom dancing. Hell, he even won the 1912 inter-collegiate ballroom dancing championship. He won some medals at the Olympics (including the hammer throw), played pro sports including football, baseball and basketball. Married three times, fathered 8 kids. Blew through his money and resorted to odd jobs. Died of heart failure, has a town named after him in Pennsylvania.

This card could probably pay a good chunk of college tuition (maybe not: There is an annual Jim Thorpe Award for college football’s best defensive back.

We now return you to your regular post-debate musings.


  1. I checked Jim Thorpe’s biography out of the school library when I was about ten and read it. He was my first sports hero who wasn’t a Dallas Cowboy.

  2. Waiting for the French to get all huffy about Bush’s French work week comment.

    Ok, who am I kidding.

  3. Maybe they think Rubio is working too hard, since it IS 3 days. Their work week is down to 2, isn’t it?

  4. wakey wakey

  5. “”Is this a public access channel?” asked Jon Favreau, the former speechwriter for President Barack Obama.”

    that’s funny

  6. the debate is getting hammered so hard your mom’s getting jealous

  7. The libs on facedouche don’t see why the GOP can’t just answer tough questions.

  8. “My” libs haven’t yet started. It usually takes a while for the meme to matriculate.

  9. The horse pasture is nothing but mud. I f I had time today I’d be out there shoveling it into a wheelbarrow and piling it in the garden for next year. Instead I just get to trudge through it to give them hay.

  10. I have so much to do today. It’s yucky outside so that limits me. Ugh. The coffee’s just not doing it’s thing.


  11. I don’t get why we keep labeling these things as “debates”. It’s just a joint, hostile press conference with one communist sitting in for the press.

  12. In addition – not to get nitpicky – but NO ONE FREAKIN READS BOOKS OF ANY MERIT ANYMORE.

    I mean – outside of our little internet bubble.

    I’m reading this kinda weird book and when I tried discussing it last night with the bar regulars they looked at me like I had two heads. It’s a sad day when you have to go out of your way to find “readers”.


    (the book is called Mort(e) and it’s one of those allegorical type stories. I was describing it to someone and they responded “I don’t read science fiction.”

    IT’S NOT SCIENCE FICTION. No more than “Animal Farm” was science fiction.

  13. Oh and my husband didn’t record the debate for me. He thought he did. Grr.

  14. He tried. It didn’t take.

  15. I haven’t had a day to work outside or even just a decent workout in so long that I’m pretty sure shutting down the garden will leave me sore for a week.

  16. I got MOST of the veggie garden set. The other gardens are partially done. I little more mowing to do.

  17. Hello

  18. I’m listening to The Martian right now. Really good. All sciency and stuff. They dumbed it down enough for me to understand, though.

    *opens paste jar

  19. You’re still here? Didn’t we ban you?

    Oh right. we’re going the “ignore” route.

    Pretend I didn’t respond.

  20. *gets spoonful of paste

  21. I’m planning to do just tomatoes, peppers, and onions in the back garden next year. Thinking I might do a front mound for these cool blue heirloom pumpkins I saw recently.

  22. Possibly an arbor for cucumbers if I can find some achocha seeds.

  23. *pretends car in didn’t respond

    So, who wants to discuss the H3?

  24. Car in, who is the author?

  25. I was in the ghetto bar last night in my usual spot (far end of the bar) when some fuckstick comes in, and the bartender puts on that fucking debate. I was waiting for the world series game to start. I looked at the guy and said “You know this is a sports bar, right?” He said “I called in advance and the bartender said it would be okay.”

    I said “Are you a republican?” (He looked about 25, and 140 lbs. dripping wet.) He said “I’m not answering that.” I said “You’re a fucking democrat, why do you give a shit about this?” He didn’t answer.

    I said to the bartender “Turn this shit on some other tv in here. I’m not moving.”

    If looks could kill. It was all he had.

  26. Hehe, this is why we need to hang out with Hotspur at the ghetto bar.

    First the entertainment, then for the backup.

  27. ‘I’m not answering that.’

    Uh, you just did.

  28. Cucumber beetles turn all my non-resistant squashes, cukes, etc. into just masses of powdery mildew wilt. So I can’t grow heirlooms anymore. Wanted to grow Blue Hubbard squash a couple years back. Nawp. Too susceptible. The grey creeping death killed them quite expeditiously. Frickin’ cucumber bugs were attracted to them first.

    Butternut squashes seem pretty resistant, thank goodness.

  29. What do all the other liberals say when you do that, HS?

  30. All the other liberals were there to watch the Royals vs. the Mets.

  31. Robert Repino is the author.

    I have NO idea where he’s going with the story ( so it can still go full libtard) but so far it’s kept my interest pretty well.

  32. Speaking of bars and fucksticks …

    There is the old dude (not Hotspur) who comes to our bar just about every day. He has four drinks. Almost always exactly four. NEVER more but sometimes one less. Anyway – he thinks the bar tvs are his. My co-worker was joking that we should just hand him the remote when he sits down. Now – i could CARE less what is on the tv but sometimes I’m simply too busy to change the channel the moment you desire. And – it’s fucking tv. If you want to sit and watch tv like this is your private living room … I can’t help you. Stay home.

    Anway – last night he asks me to put the baseball game on all the tvs (we have three in the bar). Fine. I get the remote and not knowing the channel I point it at the tv he’s watching (so I can see what channel he desire) and he yells NOT THAT ONE.


    He’s screaming “It’s on Fox” or whatever fucking channel it was on.

    Humn .. yea. That helps me a LOT if I don’t know which channels are what. Since … you know … I read books or hang out with my pretend internet friends online and don’t watch much tv.

    Because it sucks.

  33. tl;dr

  34. looks interesting, Car in.

  35. There is the old dude (not Hotspur)

  36. I had no cucumber beetles this year. I credit my overwhelming success with my marigolds. Are those perennial?

  37. No.

  38. One quibble I have with the book so far – the pets rise up against their masters – and it appears that not a single pet in the book (so far) was similar to the spoiled rotten master-of-the-house variety that we all know so well.

    I mean – Killer is the most spoiled cat I’ve ever known. I don’t think he would turn against me.

  39. Even the monkeys living in town in India don’t hassle humans. They know where the food comes from. When the crews relocate them to the forest they just head straight back.

  40. But Leon – there are plenty of crappy pet owners. We know that’s true. I ‘d just like to see a mix. But it’s just a quibble.

  41. I’m not a dude. Dudes are in their twenties, wear pajamas, and drink cocoa.

    I’m a guy.

  42. ^doesn’t materially change my story

  43. Why are you so mean to the old guy?

  44. Dude. Old dude.

  45. LOL

    I wish you worked at the ghetto bar. We could totally do this.

  46. What are the tips like? That could be a deal killer.

  47. Did you have any powdery mildew/ squash wilt, Leon?

  48. I tip at least 20% on the total sitting at the bar (as do many others). I get my food to go, so there’s no place setting or clearing of dishes, no salt and pepper, no ketchup, no take this back it’s not what I ordered.

    So it’s a pretty sweet gig.

  49. I hate doing to-go orders at the bar. Our hostesses normally do it but sometimes people want to order at the bar.

    I dislike basically anything that makes me have to leave the bar since I 1) don’t have anyone to watch the bar and 2) no one runs shit for me to the bar.

    The other night I ran with a “barback” and it was AWESOME. I got to stay at the bar and serve my guests and the waitstaff and the barback ran to the kitchen for my shit.

    Plus – I’m getting irritated because I think To-gos are going on my sales when I bartend (all the to-gos) and i”m getting taxes taken out of my wages as if I were getting tipped on that shit.

  50. Half the time I’m running to the kitchen for something a server meets me halfway saying they need something.

    It’s actually the restaurant’s fault. The servers don’t bring their own bank so I’m constantly making change for them (I don’t ever remember having to do that so much at any previous job) plus I cash out all the to-go orders since the hostesses can’t be entrusted with money.

    Plus … effen keno.

    You know – they really need to add another duty … because I don’t have enough to do back there.

  51. All in all … waitressing is easier.

  52. We should do a meat-up at Burning Man.

  53. I did have powdery mildew, but we had a lot of rain. I still had more zucchini and squash than I knew what to do with.

  54. I dislike basically anything that makes me have to leave the bar since I 1) don’t have anyone to watch the bar and 2) no one runs shit for me to the bar.

    The kitchen brings the food out.

    Come on, get with it.

  55. Yea … my kitchen doesn’t. The GM basically worked in one restaurant – as far as I can tell. She doesn’t have … what I would call … extensive experience in how places are run.

  56. The ghetto bar doesn’t have keno, but there are a shit ton of game pools going on. But the guys just do it themselves, and have the bartenders keep the money in an envelope behind the bar.

    It’s totes illegal, but so is the way they over serve half the fuckers in there.

  57. I never stay past 8:30 or 9, unless I’m meeting MJ or Leon.

  58. Has anyone ever taken one of the Coursera courses? If so, how were they?

  59. I took a course in your mom, but I din’t know her name was Coursera.

  60. Is that Spanish?

  61. “We should do a meat-up at Burning Man.”

    You know who thinks that’s a great idea?

    Your mom.

  62. I signed up to audit a Coursera class but then never took it. Now they continually hit my email with new course offerings like a spammer/ crazy ex girlfriend.

  63. I liked this online course place:

    Kept me informed for course progress but did not spam me.

  64. Did you guys know every moderator last night was a Republican. Even Harwood. He’s just not a conservative.

    /things I learn from facedouche

  65. You know who thinks that’s a great idea?

    Your mom.

    I’m serious. We could call it “Burning Mom” and at the end we’d light up a gigantic effigy of MJ. It’d be huge, like six or seven feet even!

  66. Datil peppers, hot as habeneros, but fruity flavor, ordered.
    Devil’s tongue peppers, ordered.
    White Bhut Jolokia (ghost) ordered.


  67. I’m trying to figure out potential courses to take in the spring. With the house not sold or rented, I really can’t afford to take any more college classes, but the online stuff seems much more reasonably priced and if it’s good then it might by useful.

  68. Dear fuqers,

    I’m taking all of my comment business to the H3 where you aren’t invited. Unless I invited you via email. But if that’s the case, please don’t tell the poor saps I didn’t invite because they’ll just be soooo jelly.


    MJ–riding your mom’s face like your mom rides my face since 2009

  69. Hahahaha

    I listened to some of the clips from last night’s debate liberal hit job.

    Those assholes have it coming for agreeing to this shit in the first place.

    Candidates: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.

    Doctor: Then quit doing it.

  70. Hahahaha…….so… on.

    Fucking liberal douche nozzles.

  71. At least they turned the table this time.

  72. The MSM reacts to Rubio calling Hillary a liar:

  73. I hate change and tried like hell not to switch over to chrome.

    I like it.

  74. I’ve been using Chrome almost from its start. I don’t know why everyone isn’t.

  75. Dear MJ

    Who are you again?

    Signed – Your mom

  76. Car in’s kinda sassy today.

  77. “Car in’s kinda sassy today.”

    Someone’s got to pick up the slack. Wiser is busy with his meat.

  78. soooo muuuuch meeeeeat…….

  79. Such strange weather today. Woke up to rain and wind, walked out of work with sun and 60 degree weather and now that I’m home the fog has rolled in like I’m on a horror movie set.

  80. Who sawed the logs of frozen ground turkey apart, Wiser? Was that you or did she do it herself?

    I can’t believe none of us thought about how she was going to portion those while we were buying it.

  81. That NPR voice was dead on Hotspur. So annoying to hear a broadcaster use that speech pattern. If it was unique that would be one thing but so many of them mimic it.

  82. Who sawed the logs of frozen ground turkey apart, Wiser? Was that you or did she do it herself?

    That was me. Miter saw worked great. Far better than the standard rip saw.

    Only cut up one. We’ll slice the other one up when we finish the first one.

    Thanks again for allowing us to piggyback on your license.

  83. *imagines miter saw in dishwasher*

  84. I LOVE bringing people to the meat place to save money. I can’t really verbalize why it’s such a great feeling.

  85. Ba haa haaaa … the NPR voice just needed the music and/or “street sounds” in the background.

  86. *imagines miter saw in dishwasher*

    I washed it by hand.

    Before and after.

    ‘Cause I’s smart like that.

  87. Meat place.


  88. Dear Car in,

    I want to hear all about your current workout routine. I’m finally able to get back into the swing of things and I need your input.


  89. I can’t really verbalize why it’s such a great feeling.

    stickin’ it to the man…..

  90. Dear MJ

    Crossfit twice a week (SYWM)/ run three days a week (two short one long – hoping to make the long run 13 miles but this week it was only 8).

    If I miss an awesome crossfit workout because my life sucks I’ll do that one at home in addition to a shorter run.

    Your mom says GND is going to ditch you if you let yourself go.


  91. I take one day off – usually a super busy day – and at least once a week I do a really wimpy workout.

    There. That’s it.

  92. Crossfit in 30. I think it’s going to kick my ass today.

  93. Helping a friend move tonight, that might kick my ass.

  94. Thanks. That helps a little.

  95. MJ, is the bong going to be at the reception or should I bring one?

  96. Jimebro wrote Sac and Fox.

    What a card.

  97. Comment by lauraw on October 29, 2015 4:30 pm
    I LOVE bringing people to the meat place to save money. I can’t really verbalize why it’s such a great feeling.


    Because sharing good things kicks ass!!!

  98. I can’t really verbalize why it’s such a great feeling.

    stickin’ it to the man…..

    No, that’s really not it. Revengey feelings don’t actually make me this super-happy. It’s more of a sappy-dopey ‘sharing nice things is NICE!’ feeling.

    In other news, Bubba got a brand new frozen marrow bone tonight and I think he’s going to have a damn heart attack.

  99. Mr. TiFW here. TiFW says squeee!! The flowers and balloons are beautiful. She will send picture later. TiFW says “It was so thoughtful that they were gluten free.” She seems to be on the mend. Healthy enough to boss everybody around.

  100. Mare gets me!


    *walks away, whistling*

  102. *High fives Mr. Tif*

    Hey Buddy!

  103. Great news about TiFW! She has all our prayers!

  104. Thanks for the update, Paul.

  105. MJ, is the bong going to be at the reception or should I bring one?
    If you could bring one, that would be grand.

    Mr Chumpo’s Bong would be a good name for a band. Or a bong company.

  106. *cocktails and debriefs*

  107. Yay Teresa!!

  108. Remember that Time when Tushar pissed off Cyn?


  109. Hooray TiFW

  110. Heh – that was me chasing to get him to his hotel room after his interaction with the crosswalk and some of our finest men in blue in Tempe.

  111. *cocktails and debriefs so Cyn doesn’t feel out of place

  112. MJ – today’s workout:

    3 rounds of 250 meter row/ 20 squats/15 push ups 10 burpes

    3 rounds of 2 min ( 2 on t2 off for three rounds) kettle bell ground to overhead.

    4 rounds of 4-6 set of push press followed by 20 weighted lunges


    5 rounds: 400 Meter run then pull-ups to max rep.

    It actually wasn’t as hard as it sounded. No major ass was kicked today.

    SOme of the workouts are really easy to just do on your own. I’ll share them if you’d like.

  113. I moved a bunch of furniture. We’ll finish tomorrow, and then when the house sells I’ll move her again. That will make a total of 6 moves for her.

    She set me up with Laura so I don’t mind.

  114. Just add some burpees between each round of moving the furniture …

  115. wtf is a burpee, anyway?

  116. A good antacid will stop those burpees straight-away.


  118. MJ, I note that you didn’t ask about my workout, but that’s fine.

    I’m slouching toward dad-bod because I have nofriggin’ time and I’m depressed and I don’t sleep well and I’m stuck in a vicious cycle. The only thing keeping my waist in check is consistently undereating.

  119. There, I did a push-up.

  120. *holds up a lighter over head*

  121. Have you beat ebola yet?


  123. No, and I missed a follow up appt to the doc’s office on Monday – pretty extreme dehydration; I was ready to head to the ER but I got it whacked with some Pedialyte and Gatorade. Fuck though.

  124. Burpee: Start in standing position. Crouch down to a squat ; hands down down and kick your legs out to a push-up position and do a push up. Legs back in and jump up. One or two is easy but you get over 8 it starts getting very tiring.

  125. You should compare notes with Hotbride.

  126. Burpee: what happens after eating a metric shitton of burritos smothered in a green chili sauce whilst chugging a full litre of Diet Root Beer.

  127. That’s probably not a bad idea. I hear from several people around here that this respiratory thing is a real lingering thing. I’m hoping mine can be fixed with the right allergy meds.

  128. Did anybody grant anybody else’s wish, but with some kind of gay twist like they had to pay all the income taxes on being the richest man in the world or their dick turned to gold or some shit like that today?

  129. I blame mexicans.

  130. MJ, I note that you didn’t ask about my workout, but that’s fine.

    I’m slouching toward dad-bod because I have nofriggin’ time and I’m depressed and I don’t sleep well and I’m stuck in a vicious cycle. The only thing keeping my waist in check is consistently underrating.
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Or something.

  131. If there’d been a fence at the Mexico border, I’d have never gotten this.

  132. Glad the flowers made it.

  133. Armed robber (possibly a different guy, who knows) struck again last night, this time on the church side, robbed four people. Either the choir at practice or a prayer group, not sure. Woe unto him if he messed with the nuns.

  134. We weren’t in the flower loop.

  135. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous – and they were certainly a bright spot on a day when I realized my doctors are trying to ease me into the idea of a colostomy for life.

    Apparently they don’t want to put my life at unnecessary risk, and they don’t want to put my loved ones through any more trauma – they thought they were going to lose me more than once.

  136. We might be in a flower free zone.

  137. Colostomy isn’t as bad as you think.

  138. Scott, I had a bunch of bad email addresses. I wimped out and put everyone’s addresses as bcc so I wouldn’t get the “reply all” avalanche, and I got an avalanche of “mailer-daemon” messages instead.

  139. Yours had 7797 in the addy. Gmail.

  140. Glad you like them, Teresa, and glad they arrived when you needed them.

  141. Hang in there, TiFW.

  142. Thanks, Roamie.

    Glad you’re feeling better, TiFW.

  143. Pepe, my friend wants to start making knives as a hobby. He makes billet rims for show cars. Any advice?

  144. Roamy,
    Does nobody carry in Huntsville?
    WTF does no one take this guy out?
    Hope he runs into a Nun with a Gun, God willing…

  145. Chumpo, there’s a lot of info out there now. Have him check out forums and videos on YouTube. It’s a great hobby, lots of really nice people in the knife world.

  146. Copy.
    I like your work very much. Real art. Who ever said that we should have you on The Wire was right.

    Stay Sharp.

  147. By the by I carry a Benchmade drop point folder by Osborn. I have near 50 others that I like or love.

    I’m sure you have 50 in your couch cushions.

    Have fun.

  148. Chumpo wins
    I only have 30 or so “gentleman’s” carry knifes.
    I did ask Pepe for a quote for a custom knife, but he is rather busy.

  149. He’s busy.

    Yeah V, that Mark Twain book WAS weird. Not what I expected but I’m going to finish it one day. I’m not even mid-stream but what you said about it being written in a childlike fashion rang true for me.

    You should come out to Diego. I hear they are catching Wahoo from the shore!!


  150. ‘Hoo from shore?
    Striped telephone poles from the beech? Incomprehensible!
    What is the fishing like in March? I will include you and 4 other Sandy Eggo’ins in my fishing trip!
    I love ‘hoo’s and Ahi. I can go on with Pargo and yellow tail and roosters give me a break

  151. Count me in. Historically It barely gets going in March, May-Aug is the traditional meat run but w the water like it is there is no telling. The Albees and the Tails may run all year.

    It’s a Mad Haus!!

  152. And Mahi, or Dorado are a favorite too. Dolphin on the east coast AKA not Flipper Dolphin but Dolphin Fish.

  153. Okay May.
    I want to fish Cabo soon, and the great barrier reef, both on the bucket list.

  154. copy. People around here don’t know the Dolphin fish but I read so I bug ’em all the time about that.

    They caught a Black Marlin 3 miles off Oceanside last Thursday.

    WTF Over?!!

  155. Did anyone see this little tidbit? At Ames, Treyvon Boykin makes a connection with a girl at the coinflip for the ISU/TCU game, was all over the internet:

    Well, it continues, and it’s awesome:

    Love it when there’s a nice person in the games we enjoy.

  156. Nice, Jay.

  157. I’m poppin’ in the clip when the wind blows
    Every twenty seconds got me peepin’ out my window
    Investigatin’ the joint for traps
    Checkin’ my telephone for taps
    I’m starin’ at the woman on the corner
    It’s fucked up when your derp is playin’ tricks on ya

  158. oy!!

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