Signal Wire

Here is the fantastic water color of one Rob Soto.

Region capture 4

Region capture 5

Born in Sacramento, Soto is now living in Lis Angeles.

Region capture 6

Region capture 7

Region capture 8

Region capture 9

Region capture 11

Incidentally, watercolor is a great way to break in to painting.  Many community colleges have a watercolor 101 and I certainly enjoyed my time in class.

Region capture 13

Region capture 14

Thanks for viewing.


Have a wonderful day.


  1. sancho – bring me my horse

  2. The pair of “perspective” paintings of knight armies is interesting.

  3. Spectacular!!

    Thanks, Chumpo, I’ve never seen his work.

  4. I actually like these.

  5. Morning.

  6. I actually like these.

    Hey Mikey! He likes it!

  7. Thanks Mr. Chumpo!

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Jay is artistic too!!

  10. I have paint!

    And paste!


  11. Mmmmmm. Paste.

  12. MJ, when do you leave for your world travels? Spain, etc..

  13. Where the heck has Beasnsnsns been?

  14. Hi.

    I’m not sure yet. I’ll find out tomorrow about Spain/France/Argentina.

    It’s going to be a very interesting few months. The acquisition is going to require a lot of layoffs. My role will probably go away, but I’m hoping that an opportunity will open up for a different position.

    I have about 90 days is my guess so I’m just going to keep doing my job until I’m told that things have changed.

    I guess this is life nowadays. There is no such thing as even a bit of certainty in my line of work.

    But at least I’m getting paid and I get to see the world.

  15. Allow me to translate: I’m going to burn a hole in the corporate credit card over the next few months.

  16. Tuesdays have made me feel incredibly unimaginative here lately. I don’t know why.

  17. Traveling on other people’s money is the best.

  18. ^^^ Unless you’re traveling to some third world Hellhole … like say Detroit.


    Pull quote “He hasn’t actually had to endure what feminists depict as the true horrors of womanhood, such as being cursed with what Greer delicately characterizes as a “big, hairy, smelly vagina.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA….speak for yourself hag!

  20. “big, hairy, smelly vagina.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHA….speak for yourself hag!


    So true, Jimbro.

    Hey, skank, STFU not everyone is gross like you.

  21. MJ, happy you get to see some great places in the world.

  22. I like traveling on your mom’s money.

  23. * Although I do agree that Bruce Jenner as Woman of the Year is beyond sick.

  24. Women all over the world look up to Bruce Jenner-in-a-dress.

  25. Bruce Jenner: proof that men are better at being women, too!


  26. Good morrow.
    Take all the paste you want but, eat all you take.

  27. I would quote a tiny bit to tease the above but it’s all sooo good I cannot choose. It’s hilarious. And on point.

  28. Sing along:

    Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
    But they’re so spaced out, Jenner in a dress
    Oh, but they’re weird and they’re wonderful
    Oh Jenner, he’s really keen
    He’s got electric boots a mohair suit

    You know I read it in a magazine
    Jenner in a dress

  29. Bruce Jenner: proof that men are better at being women, too!


    Don’t bother running. That’s how I read it too.

  30. I can see Detroit from my office.

    It is presently not on fire.

  31. It’s already burnt. Is it smoldering a little bit?

  32. I’d like to be an alligator today.

    Everyone must address me with the following pronouns


    Thank you for humoring my weirdness.

  33. An alligator?

    An alligator killed my entire family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *runs screaming from blog*

  34. Oh wait, that was a crocodile.

    Never mind. All you reptiles look alike anyway.

  35. #reptilelivesmatter

  36. Could be smoldering, but it would be hard to pick that out from the smoke/steam coming off of the Rouge plant.

  37. I can also see the Lions training facility. What a huge waste of money that is. Could have worked ’em out at Planet Fatness for a 1/6 record.

  38. Paypal is taking money away from us because the Chinese postal service failed to deliver a package. We mailed it in June and it just found it’s way back to us.

    I can A) lose $100 and ship it again
    B) lose $100 and sell his crap to cover my losses

    Normally I would go with A, but this guy is being an asshole.

  39. Chinese people are interesting.

    They don’t like to pay for things and when they do, they don’t like to buy Chinese made products.

  40. “big, hairy, smelly vagina.”

    The seventies called, they vigorously disagree with Ms. Greer.

  41. Russians are the worst.

  42. Via my one garage sale and countless my friends have had…Russians are the worst.

  43. We had one that bought some expensive Tiffany jewelry. One of the pieces was damaged, but the auction house clearly captured the damage in the listing’s photo.

    She tried to file a damage claim with FedEx, and threatened to sue us for not helping her to commit fraud.

    She works for the US State Dept.

  44. Everyone sucks.

    I think that sums up the blog.

  45. Poopydoodyheads

  46. FTR: I don’t think they should be dragging Malia into the spotlight, sucks for her.

    But the double standard is staggering.

  47. Dorito bread:

    This sounds interesting, they even have Dorito butter!

  48. poor poat. It went before it’s time.

  49. I am supposed to talk with potential future bossman a week from tomorrow. I should assess my current package so I can understand exactly what I should be asking for.

  50. This airstrike on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz gets more interesting.

    Apparently, the US was well aware it was a hospital days before the strike, and even contacted MSF with concerns that the hospital was being used by the Taliban.

    Use of a hospital by the Taliban for strictly medical purposes would not remove it from the protections of the Law of War, but use of it for other purposes would, even if it was still being used as a treatment facility.

    If the US knew it was a hospital, and still approved the strike, that means they had some damn good intel that it was operating outside the protections of the Law of War.

  51. There’s an extra period in my comment because I’m stuck doing this crap on my phone during the day. I can’t get in to fix it.

    This would be a perk I’d like to get back.

  52. Do you view full site, leon? You can get in on your phone that way.

  53. If you’re using the iPhone Wordcunt app, you can edit comments.


  54. I just added (Anyone’s) to the comment.

  55. Just edited your comment on my (non-apple) phone.

  56. A lib friend just posted this on FB.

    REI bucks the hideous national trend of anti-worker greed and herd stupidity by opting to close all stores on “Black Friday” — proud to be a member.

    How exactly is being open for business on a business day anti-worker greed?

  57. anytime you make a profit you are anti-worker.


  58. Hah, all the usual libs lit up my FB with that story too, Hotspur.

  59. you know why stores are open on Black Friday?

    because it’s WORTH IT!

    If you don’t like it, don’t shop then.

  60. I really don’t get it. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday. Any stores open that day are run by assholes. But what the fuck is wrong with being open the day after?

    I guess because somehow it’s tied to Christmas shopping which is *gasp* religion, or something.


    Soon to be a paid national holiday

  62. I wonder if REI is paying those employees to be laid off that day. Otherwise, they just hit their people in the pocket book. Talk about being anti-worker…

  63. Looks like they’re paying them.

    Still makes no sense to me.

  64. So they’re paying them to be “outside” – also known as shopping.

  65. Retail stores opening on Thanksgiving Day made me cringe. It was a good day for mom and pop stores to make a killing with people running out to pick up cranberry sauce, scratch tickets and a pack of smokes.

  66. Heh, I wonder how many REI workers will actually hike in a park versus through a shopping mall?

  67. I mistakenly set foot in a Wal Mart on Black Friday once. Wow.

  68. REI “people” are just like the people you see in the Seattle Airport: Skinny jeans, lots of flannel, very little muscle development, or really fat, beards because they’re desperate for an image, hipster glasses…and that’s just the women.

  69. That was my Leon got a new job link, HS. Same story, anyway.

  70. Poor Malia. Poor little special snowflake.

    With Brown’s horrible treatment of her – she’s left with Columbia Harvard NYU and Yale.

    It’s like Jim Crow all over again.

  71. Listen MJ, when we want something out of you we’ll kick it out of you!

  72. Malia? You mean the President’s daughter living off our dime, demanding birthday trips to foreign countries with her buddies? That little bitch?

  73. She looks like she’ll need to start shaving any day now.

  74. Imagine how she’s been indoctrinated listening to her Mom, Dad and the real man of the house, Jarrett.

  75. So, this asshole is coming to town. The fucking show is already sold out. 50 bucks to sit in the balcony at Hill.

    Liberals are stupid. Really.fucking.stupid.

  76. We get Black Friday off. Still waiting for the UAW negotiations to see when St Venison’s Day is this year. Gun season starts on the 14th, so it’ll likely be the Monday after.

  77. Where are your tickets, HS?

  78. heh, St. Venison’s day. Haven’t heard that one.

  79. She didn’t choose to grow up in the White House Mare.

    That was the SCOAMF father of her’s. Of course she’s enjoyed every little perk she could get from her position. Working in Hollywood. Being flown to concerts. Weekend ski trips. Trips to Africa and all corners of the earth.

    But. Remember. She’s off limits because of something or other.

  80. And these local muzzy assholes can’t get the special treatment they believe they are entitled to, so Obama is going to sue the township.

  81. Malia can kiss my ass.

  82. Regular firearm deer season always starts on Nov. 15, in Michigan.



    This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. More than all the other stuff that pisses me off.

    Hey, America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, it was nice knowing you.

  84. When Mare gets hauled off and thrown into a re-education camp we can just pretend she’s mad at us again and taking a break.

    But I’ll miss you.

    Of course New And Improved Mare will probably be amusing too.

  85. she’s mad at us again


    When was I mad at you guys?

  86. The French Revolution was started over much less entitlement than the 0’s are currently enjoying. The only thing holding that back here is the election cycle and the illusion of a possible change in management.

    I don’t want this. I fear it. A serious study of La Revolucion and Napoleon made me question my beliefs about monarchy and democracy. Louis XVI needed to rein in the spending and extravagance, but the revolutionaries were literal terrorists.

  87. When were you mad at us?

    You boycotted us for a fucking year, fer chrissakes.

  88. A fucking year.

    [maybe she was just on an extended bender and doesn’t remember?]

  89. But I think PC Mare is going to be funny too.

    I’m just trying to make the best of the situation. I mean – Mare’s gotta be on someone’s “list. “

  90. PC mare, that’s even funny to say.

  91. Are you guys nuts? Not hanging out here doesn’t mean I’m mad. If I was THAT mad why would I come back? Just needed a break.

    What would I have been mad about? Besides that jackass MJ and his gifs?

  92. So – it’s now out. It’s all MJ’s fault.

    That’s what I figured.

    Isn’t it about time we banned him? I mean – I know once he’s happily married he’s going to abandon us anyway – but that won’t be the same satisfaction we’d feel if we banned him.

    Let’s take a vote.



    FRONT TO BACK. Problem solved.

  94. Let’s not ban MJ. It would b more fun to just ignore him.

  95. This is mare NOT at the H2:

  96. “Let’s not ban MJ. It would b more fun to just ignore him.”

    And that’s different from what we do now …. how?

  97. The H2 breaks up my productivity into manageable blocks.

    Plus – when I’m completely tired from too many fake doubles in a row it offers me sweet sweet succor.

    I’m taking a break from yard work right now. Have one more little spot to go work on. Plus I can’t get the weed wacker working … so that frees up more time.



    See, this is what gets me going, this twat gets to vote, it counts the same as mine.

  99. Probably votes at least twice.


  101. Planned Parenthood…Yes, the name does completely imply (or infer ?) that their mission is to cure yeast infections.

  102. Here’s more of what passes for media objectivity in Ann Arbor.

  103. Just like they do all those mammograms.

    Planned Parenthood. See, it’s in the name.

  104. Now that we have Obamacare, why do we need to fund Pink Parenthood?

  105. I almost didn’t click the YEAST INFECTION!!! link but I’m glad I did. I read it earlier today on buzzdouche which treated her as she wants to be portrayed. That was a great takedown.

  106. Yesterday I was looking at my TJ MAXX receipt and on the bottom of the listed costs was a 5% discount for being 55 and over given to seniors every Monday.

    The salesperson didn’t even ask, so yeah, I’m pretty pissed off I look my age.

    FU WORLD!!

    My husband thought it was hilarious.

  107. *offers to walk mare across the street

    *gets up, offers seat

    *like all elderly people get

  108. *mare is giving James the exact same look she gave her husband*

  109. I know once he’s happily married he’s going to abandon us anyway – but that won’t be the same satisfaction we’d feel if we banned him.

    Concur. And it’s always better and hurts less to be the dump-er instead of the dump-ee.

    Did you want to do a ‘dear John’ letter type thing, or a torches and pitchforks type thing?

  110. OTOH, Mare, there’s the Florida based Scoreland Group pron studios that specializes in Senior Citizen pron.

    So, you have employment options.

  111. But what the fuck is wrong with being open the day after?

    It’s evil capitalism. The day after Thanksgiving everyone is sick and tired of relatives, food, and being cooped up in the house. So they go out and get their Christmas shopping done.

    Apparently we should all be hiking in the mountains while our pajamaboy nephew lectures us about signing up for healthcare.

  112. Dear MJ,

    It isn’t you, it’s us.

    Members of this shithole dump.

  113. Only PP can treat the disease you got by putting sugar in you lady bits. No one else could or would treat that.

    Before Margaret Sanger, women who lubed up with maple syrup just died.

  114. MJ can’t leave after the wedding. We still need a H2 Babywatch 2016.

  115. I thought the maple syrup thing was strictly San Francisco.

  116. “I so want to tap your maple”

  117. Oh man, we need a bucket for all that sap!

  118. Margaret Sanger didn’t come up with Planned Parenthood, that was Thomas Jefferson.

    Quit twisting history, leon.

  119. So, you have employment options.


    I also have the option to do this to you:

  120. You know those times when Ace is en fuego, and is writing to match it?

    This silly crap about “graysexuals” and “aromantics” is just the latest, most rancidly stupid variation of this unfortunate tendency — the radiant narcissism of the unfashionably plain and heroically unaccomplished.

  121. Pitchforks and torches Lauraw.

    May as well do it right.


  123. Jay, that piece by Ace is awesome.

  124. He was really feeling that one, wasn’t he?

  125. I have no clue what to make for dinner. Ugh.

    I need one of those food -things they had on the Jetsons.

  126. I can’t sell that antique gun on ebay or craigslist, stupid zero tolerance bullshit.

  127. Laura got all fancy and made funny lasagna, ravioli was substituted for pasta.

  128. Fast and easy like your mom, but very tasty.

  129. Comment by Jimbro on October 27, 2015 3:31 pm

    Oh man, we need a bucket for all that sap!

    Peter North’s nickname was The Vermont Wonder.

  130. I basically hate dinner.

    if we could just avoid the whole thing I would.

  131. Someone always doesn’t like it. It’s too fattening. It’s too healthy. Too expensive. Too simple. Too spicy. Too plain.

    Ugh. Why can’t we all just have protein shakes. Whore mouths. Shut.

  132. Those things you were picking up in the yard? Boil them in beer!

    Grass clippings make nice garnish.

  133. I once lived on protein shakes for 7 weeks due to a broken jaw. I can’t tell you how much extra energy I had. I was bouncing off the walls and felt incredible all day long.
    The doctor told me that a lot of calories we consume as food go to processing that food though our viscera and that a liquid diet frees up an incredible amount of energy.
    by week 6 however; I had really had enough of the liquid diet. Neither did I loose a lot of weight. About ten lbs.

  134. Our option for kids who don’t want to eat what’s prepared is either PB+J, bowl of cereal or make a frozen pizza if there’s one in the freezer. As a kid my option was eat what mom made or go to bed hungry.

  135. I also have the option to do this to you:

    I knew that shit was coming without even looking. It’s almost like being married to a blog.

  136. Heh, that one is the best.

    Happy Aniversary, Honey.

  137. They used to tape a package containing wire cutters on the wall of patients who had wired jaws. (They probably still do). As interns we were told we might need to cut them open if there was a code and they needed an airway. No scissors? Tracheotomy time at the bedside.

    Nightmare fuel.

  138. PG, can you take out the trash and run to the store for milk?


  139. Whoa, the things you learn in medical school.

    When will laura start adding to the horror?

  140. Every story involving a real life patient needs to be modified in little ways to protect privacy. Useful phrases include “some years ago”, “”one time another doctor/nurse told me”, “I heard a story at a conference”, etc.

    Plausible deniability.

    Like a nurse I know who had a patient with a list of allergies including Orange Sunkist soda and generic cheese.


  141. GCA: Government Cheese Allergy

  142. On this day in Cardinals history.

  143. Mmmmm….Government cheese…

  144. Yes, PD, I have to step up my game.

  145. HIPPA laws prevent me from telling the story that inspired this image:

  146. Gross.

  147. My grandfather always took the gov’t cheese and peanut butter because it was free. My mom brought it home and we ate it without regret.

  148. When my mom had her trach, I would place two fingers against my throat and talk like Ned from South Park.

  149. I think everyone in the Hondo Valley was on govt cheese and peanut butter. We got powdered milk, too. (We lived with my grandparents when my dad was in VN)

  150. Jay, I printed out your artwork and hung it on my wall.

    Thank you.

  151. Since when does art not go on the fridge? I DON’T EVEN!

  152. I know. I need another fridge and I have two already.

    Tell me your feeling better, or lie to me and tell me that you are felling better.

  153. I’m felling better.

  154. Two fridges? Madness. Just need one fridge and a freezer unless your last name is Duggar.

  155. But then where would you store the hooker’s body?


    You’re driving the prices up.

  157. He’s going to coroner the market.

  158. Hey, take a look in the deep freezer. That’s it, a little closer, lean over to see better.



  160. Comment by scott on October 27, 2015 7:30 pm

    He’s going to coroner the market.

  161. Booooo!!!

  162. Messicans are teaching their kids that The Donald is El Cucuy. (Boogeyman) Local Harvest Festival’s El Cucuy looked like Trump. Heh. Scott, who ya got: Mets or Royals?

  163. Did anybody savor the irony of strangling anybody else with a hemp rope because they just wouldn’t shut the fuck up about marijuana legalization today?

  164. That hiyooo thing doesn’t work for me. It just says that a plug in is required but it doesn’t tell me which one.

  165. That was funny Cyn

    I must have missed it at the movies when it came out.

  166. It requires all of them.

    Here, so you don’t feel left out.

  167. Or this (need to test this anyways)

  168. I’d never seen it before myself, Jimbro; the voiceover just cracks me right up.

  169. Ghetto bar.

  170. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my dog seems to like a huge hollow raw marrow bone even better than he likes raw beef ribs. He’s been working his ass off non-stop for two hours on this thing. He’s panting, and busting a move, and fucking DRIVEN. He’s going to sleep well. Might not wake up, I fear.

    Nice that I discovered this now, when he is sixteen years old, and before it was too late to use it to tire out a puppy. *slaps forehead*

  171. I MADE THE FRIDG… wall.

    Wha? Just doesn’t have the same ooomph.

  172. *hollow raw marrow bone, makes note

  173. I think imma gonna have a Not your father’s root beer.

  174. I’ve heard raw chicken wings and drumsticks are good for that as well.

  175. Cyn,

    How have I lived this long and never seen ‘Guy on a Buffalo’?

    That is hilarious.

  176. “I’m felling better” ICWYDT

  177. Lauraw, give Ruby a scritch and a hug from me.

  178. Don’t blame me for the lack of hooked and subsequent price increase. Blame the therapists who help couples work through their marital issues and the pharmaceutical companies whose drug enable men to endure their shit jobs.

  179. Look, I get the temptation, I do, but I’ve got a budget to worry about.

  180. Also, that’s seriously bleak, man.

  181. Bubba, actually. Ruby crossed the bridge a few years back yon.

    LOL!! I took the bone away from Bubba five minutes ago because he seemed to be just losing his damn mind. And now I just watched him, from a standing position, tuck his shoulder underneath himself and go TIMBERRRR. He just fucking fell onto his side in sheer exhaustion. Big dumb smile on his fuzzy mug. Dork.

    I think I should have taken it away an hour ago. This may be one of our last good memories.

  182. Leon, dogs just crunch the chicken wing/ leg a few times to break the bones and make it into a flexible worm, and then swallow it whole in ten seconds. Or at least my dogs always did.

    Big raw beef bones can’t be swallowed and need to get ground down gradually and therefore require lots of hard work.

    *looks at Bubba to make sure he’s still breathing*

  183. Raw turkey necks will wear them down.

  184. Once in a while I buy shin bones in the meat department and let the dogs eat them outside. That will keep them busy for hours. Too greasy for them to eat indoors.

  185. Crap. Sorry Lauraw. I knew that. Give Dorkus my love.

  186. You’re…you’re a MONSTER.

  187. Jimbro, I scraped all the fat and meat off these bones, inside and out. And then Scott laid down an old crappy mover’s blanket for Bubba to use. Saves our floor, and cushions the old dog’s pressure points. *two thumbs up*

  188. We used to let the dogs chew outdoors, on the lawn. But Bubba is too old for that now. He won’t lie down on the ground when it’s cold. And the coyotes are certifiably half-wolf now, and they are big, and fucking always back there.

  189. Coywolves are a thing.

  190. Pups, I know. I was talking to my mom and commenting. Never a good combination.

  191. They den up right behind our property every couple of winters.
    This is a coyote winter, cats hardest hit.

  192. You’re Coywolves are huge.

  193. You should throw out the chicken bones for the coyotes. That’lll learn ’em.
    Hate them suckers.

  194. Not a fan of coyotes either. They stay in the woods along the river and move up and down the bank. Some nights the geese get loud when they move in too close and other nights it’s the coyotes making the noise.

  195. Too bad their coats aren’t nice… I’d love to see fur come back into vogue.

  196. Your. HS

  197. Winter Coyotes bring more $$$

  198. Coyote pelts sell for $70-90, I imagine coywolves would do just as well.

  199. The last time they wintered here I walked out back after the swamp had frozen over. I figured that I could track them and find out where the dens were. Holy crap, it looked like a dog park. If I can get $75 per pelt I am gonna be rich.

  200. Holy crap!

  201. I hope you know a good tanner.

  202. That will be Laura’s job.

  203. Scott’s gonna give up the auction stuff to become “Hunter Guy on a Buffalo”.

  204. Huh. The coyotes are normal size in Iowa. Almost cute.

  205. Cute wolves here.

  206. When I go to work early, I can hear the coyotes in the arroyo. MA has always liked to sing with the coyotes.

  207. scott, talked more with Mrs. Jay. She had a bad dog experience too, so she wasn’t being Type A enough. We coached her a bit, gonna see how that goes.

    Don’t know if she believes me or not, but she sees how he behaves around me. Except for the pooping thing. Grrr.

  208. J’ames, do you have dog classes available?

  209. MA was so bullied by Gingy, it is like meeting a brand new dog. Dan and I never interfered with their interaction.

  210. My maine coon was like that. My poor tabby was aggressively affectionate, to the point where the coon couldn’t get close to me, so I assumed he didn’t want to be. After we lost the tabby, the other cat was suddenly on my lap or chest whenever possible, and purring contentedly.

  211. Thank you for Buffalo Guy.


  212. I feel sorry for Dan. MA still gets anxious if she snuggles with him. She’s always looking for Gingy. Gingy didn’t care if MA snuggled with me. All about DAN.

  213. We are taking dog classes at this time.

  214. When do you learn to bark?

  215. scott- tanning them is pretty straight forward. let me know when you want input.

    sharp knife, salt, water, and alum – followed up with neatsfoot oil

    the last one i got with a bow is on my shop wall

    (btw – to sell the pelts you don’t even need to skin them. the buyer will take care of it for you. just remember; the more holes in them the less they are worth. in nys you can legally take them with a small game license and an airgun – ct may be similar. )

  216. Good luck. Toy aggression/Food aggression is real.

  217. He seems to pick stuff up, when ADD dog pays attention. Focus is his problem.

  218. Scoot should learn brain tanning.

  219. Time to establish Alpha. Hardest thing ever to think like a pack dog.

  220. That’s what we’re working on.

  221. Time to establish Alpha. Hardest thing ever to think like a pack dog.

    Only if you aren’t actually alpha.

    *stands akimbo*

  222. Wienerdogs are soooo cute! Gingy and I fought for years

  223. We always told MA that she was Gingy’s dog. Major adjustment

  224. So, all the young guys are tittering about not shaving in November.
    Perhaps it is an excuse to get by the wife’s approval? Everyone was asking me if I was going to do it. I did it last year do I have to do it again?

  225. Just for that I’m going to shave for the entire month of November.

  226. Me too. My beard looks crappy anyway.

    gnite, H6!

  227. okay I will grow some stubble. A month is not a beard it is weak stubble.6 months is a light beard, 6 years is a medium one

  228. No derp to hang around
    Feelin’ that same old way
    No derp to hang around
    Freaked out for another day

  229. The world now makes sense.

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