Happy Birthday Xbrad!

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  1. Awesome tits.

  2. In Sweden they had to open a male rape center.

    Is that like a school where they learn how?

  3. It’s not fair that we have a nice country, Mare.

    It will only be fair when we all live in shit-hole dumps.

  4. Pisses me off.

    But I’m happy that MJ found a nice gift for xbradtc.

  5. And yeah, the longer this stuff goes on and the supposed legitimate governments don’t protect us, the worse it’s going to be. The least bad thing might be the Great Wall of Trump and mass deportations. If Hillary wins or we get another amnesty, there will be blood. Lots of blood. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. I’ll live to see it.

    Read up on the Visigoths.

  6. Giffy!

  7. Those poor women are going to hit their knees with those things by the time they’re 40.

  8. That’s a lot of bouncing.

  9. Jimbro, do a pork butt on the PBC (full disclosure, I haven’t done one on this, but many on the offset). You’ll never cook one in the crock pot again.

    Same thing with roast beef.

  10. I miss baseball. *sniff

  11. Thanks, MJ. Allow me to return the gify favor:


  12. **checks calendar**

    Hey, it’s not Friday. What are all these tits doing here?

  13. run up the middle
    run up the middle
    run up the middle

  14. Wow! Pass on third down! Coughlin must not be calling plays.

  15. October 25th.
    Battle of Agincourt.
    Battle of Balaclava
    Battle off Samar
    XBradTC born

  16. That Irish Archeology feed is really interesting…good tweet, thanks.

  17. ^^xbrad^^

  18. You’re welcome, xbradley.

    Allow me to give you something worth, er, something:


  19. I suppose all regular people look that big to MJ.


  21. I may try that next weekend Jay. Halloween weekend, the weather is supposed to be clear and I’m not on call. After smoking the butt how do you transform it into shredded pork? Does it involve a crockpot or double boiler?

  22. Just pull it apart with forks. It will fall apart, believe me. No crockpot necessary, except to keep it warm.

  23. Pork shoulder is magical, Jimbro. Cook it low and slow and it’ll collapse on cue no matter how.

  24. I agree, it’s a lot better than crocked. How do you hang pork?

  25. **gives XBrad DVD of Lesbians in Leather 37**

  26. And here’s another win for gun-free zones. Mr. RFH and one of the other Science Olympiad coaches were mugged at the school earlier today. The thief took cash and phones and left. No one hurt (thank God the kids are okay), but they are shaken.

  27. Holy crap, ROAMY!!!

    So sorry.


  28. I’m sorry Roamy.

    I now read “Gun Free Zone” as “Murder Box”. I’m glad this just ended in theft.

  29. wowsa, glad everyone is ok, roamy!

  30. Greetings, people who have suspended their vow to kill b-rad for today.

  31. Scott and other dog people, question:

    Mrs. Jay has been getting growled at/nipped at when moving Elliot’s toys. sometimes she just has to move towards the toys, and he growls. It’s upsetting Mrs. Jay, and I don’t blame her. I don’t have any issue like this with him. He just likes to poop in the basement in front of me.


  32. Was the mugger armed?

  33. OMG, Romy. How terrifying. Glad the kids were spared that kind of trauma. Mr. RFH and the other coach must be beside themselves.

  34. Holy shit, so glad everyone is okay.

  35. Mugger had a gun, yes.

  36. Not sure Jay, never dealt with that. You need to fix it though, she needs to become his boss.

    You probably fix it the same way you would fix food possessive dogs, and google will be filled with instructions for that.

  37. In the past I’ve had my car broken into, and my home broken into. It’s such a sense of violation.

    But it’s nothing like the up close and personal kind of emotional transgression you get from a robbery. Infuriating.

  38. Holy shit, Roamy. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s awful.

  39. Is the Mr okay?

  40. Glad to hear the Mr. is okay, roamy. I hope they catch the scumbag.

  41. If she gives in, or shows fear, Elliott is her boss and it will never stop.

    Somehow she needs to earn her dominance. It might help if she taught him the “drop it” command.

  42. I was attacked by a dog as a kid. For years afterwards, I caused dogs to threaten or attack me again, simply through my tentative behavior. Dogs don’t smell fear, they are just expert behavior analysts.

    Mrs. Jay has to be the undisputed Queen of The Realm in her home, and behave that way.

  43. Easier said than done, of course. I never learned how to comfortably walk Bubba near automobile traffic in such a way that he didn’t pull at the leash and try to attack cars. Scott always could, but not me.

  44. Is Elliot snapping or just growling? If it’s all show, she should flip him onto his back and pin him down by the neck for a couple of seconds while growling.

    If she does that every time it will end really fast.
    If he is snapping at her there is probably a safer way.

  45. Too bad for Mr RFH. Muggers and thieves are on a long list of scumbags the world would be better off without.

  46. Usually just growling, then she doesn’t go near. There has been a couple mouthings, not really hard bites. He did get her once when we first got him, she moved his food dish while he was eating.

  47. Sorry, Roamie, that’s horrible. Glad they’re okay. Coulda used a trebuchet…..

  48. She needs to nip that in the bud. She can’t let him win.

  49. I bet if she growled back in the loudest, lowest voice she could make, Elliot would wet his pants and run away.

  50. Did the mugger not see the “Gun Free Zone” signs posted?

    Sorry if that’s too soon. But it’s an excellent case in point.

  51. I don’t perceive her being weak about it, but I haven’t paid really close attention. Like I said, he doesn’t come close to that with me, so that’s probably why.

  52. Heh, it does freak him out when I bark really loud at him. Shuts him right up.

  53. Years ago I was showing the 2nd floor apartment of a three family house. As we were leaving we encountered a very large Pit Bull that was trying to get back to the 3rd floor.

    He had us pinned. He was growling, snapping, saliva was flying all over and my clients were freaking out. When I was about 4-5 steps above him I let out the meanest growl I could make and jumped.

    He ran away like a little girl and hid.

    When I had my paper route I stopped a a German Shepherd dead in his track with a deep voiced, loud “NO”. He ran away with his tail between his legs.

    Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

  54. Being around the horses has made me a better animal handler in general. Stand your ground, take no shit, talk back as deep as your voice goes.

  55. Aren’t you supposed to pee on the dog or something?

  56. Did they end up renting the apartment?

  57. God no. I wouldn’t want to see that dog again.

  58. Getting mugged by a guy with a gun, while carrying a gun, has to be the worst.

  59. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do when he has a gun. Trying to draw your own weapon is probably a losing proposition.

  60. Pendejo, Mr. RFH made a crack about needing a bigger font on the sign, since it obviously didn’t work.

  61. Just watched episode two of The Man in the High Castle. Phat was right, it’s dark. That said, I liked it. The series seems to be very well put together. We’ll see how long they can keep the story going, although it certainly seems like they could easily expand beyond the book’s ending.

  62. It would be an interesting study.

    How many of those guns are loaded?
    How many of those guys are willing to get in a shootout over a wallet?

  63. Heh. I had forgotten about this…


  64. Haha, that was hilarious, sean.

  65. MMM @518am. Bedtime now.

    Yes, Scott, I am returning to my old man ways.

  66. http://is.gd/SSKKHh

    You must tell me who this is, Xbrad.

  67. Willing to commit armed robbery for wallets and phones is a desperate criminal not to be trifled with. I’m glad everyone is OK.

  68. Looks like her name is Jordan Carver, Pup.

  69. She’s got her heel right by the bunghole. Kinky.

  70. My comments weren’t posting. Glad everyone is ok, Roamy. I was so glad when Dan left Payless. Having guns pulled over cheap ass shoes.

  71. Thanks Tom. I thought she might be new talent, but she’s been featured before.

  72. Soon after Dan left Payless, the chinese restauarant on the slab was held up. Wife/cashier was killed by a gangbanger over $35 in the till.

  73. MJ, if you’re around, my cousin is still trying to sell her Charlotte home.

  74. Oso,
    We had one of those here.
    Little Mom & Pop convenience store.
    They lived above it.
    Little dirt-bag came in and robbed the store and killed the mom over $50.
    Wishing that there had been a customer in there with a piece that had smoked the little hood-rat, but there was not.
    This was in a tiny rural community with like 500 people, but on a main road.
    Somebody just driving by that saw an opportunity…

  75. ChrisP, I H8 theft. Most LEOs act like it is the responsibility of cits to have insurance. They can’t be bothered to investigate, until escalation.

  76. For Oso

  77. ^^^^^Eleventy!!!!!

  78. Did anybody tell anybody else that if they ate this bag of candy, they weren’t buying anymore to give out on Halloween today?

  79. Holy Crap Roamy, how awful and scary and on the knife-edge of disaster!! Thanks to God it didn’t go worse.

    But that doesn’t take away from the pain-in-the-ass factor of having to get a new driver’s license, cancel and get new credit cards, new phone, etc.

    Glad Mr. Roamy is safe because you don’t deserve to be sad.
    (That kinda came out clumsy but I think you know what I mean.)

  80. The first and the last are telling it all
    Telling you loud but selling it small
    I’m taking a swing at this shadow of mine
    Crucifix hangs and my heart’s in my derp but it’s here

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