Hello award winners and martians, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your music for today was selected by Mrs. Pupster, who conceded the match 21 years ago yesterday. My marriage is now old enough to drink.



Your model for today is a porn star from the Czech Republic, 38DD-26-36, 5’4″ and 132lbs. Please stop running for President long enough to welcome, Miss Angel Wicky!


  1. Healthy.

  2. She seems nice. Good job, Pupster.


  4. She’s looks like she’d have a hard time dusting the bed.

  5. What my kids must say when I’m not in the room in the bathroom.


    There’s another one of those where the kid says “I can’t find it!” and it’s the only item in the room.

  6. She doesn’t pass by many feed troughs.

  7. Keep watching. She makes it up eventually.

  8. Rosetta is back????

  9. A new MJ link to replace SWAT raper?


  11. A porn star you say………

    **applies for $1.5M research grant**

  12. Chafee announces that he’s dropping out of the Presidential race, and 300 million people say, “Who?”

  13. Moo.

  14. Anyone else have a plague of those damn japanese beetles all of the sudden?

  15. WTFITS?

  16. You sure they aren’t stink bugs?

  17. I’m sure the beetles are headed this way, but right now it’s wasps.

  18. A good freeze always sends the bugs inside.

  19. Who forgot to feed mare?

  20. These are the ones that look like ladybugs but aren’t. The house was inundated/covered with them on Wednesday and I sprayed poison around all the openings, but I’ve still got a bunch in the house. I must have killed a few dozen already.

  21. Old school.

    wakey wakey

  22. THey have traps for them leon. I think that’s the best option.

  23. Got Hannah’s senior pictures done yesterday. I want to share one but not publicly. It’s kinda arty/pretty.

  24. That kitchen pic is frightening.

  25. I’ll get some as soon as I’m able to leave the house again.

    Day 2 of Possum Day Care. I might get relieved at 3pm if I’m lucky. Also I’m sick because I haven’t gotten out of the house since Wednesday and barely slept that night or last. Baby is sleeping, I’m not because I just had breakfast. Also she’s going to wake up any minute and want bottle #2.

  26. I’ve been putting kid pics on PoL, Carin, up to you if that’s too public.

  27. MJ?


    Wonder when they’ll let that guy out of jail.

  29. Her fingernails are scary. So is the tensile strength of her bra straps.

  30. 132 pounds? i don’t think so.

    Senior pic is on POL like LEon suggested.

    I hadn’t looked there in a bit. J’ames is looking good and WTH – CA is a good looking man.

    We need to find him a woman.

    Lil possem is adorable.

    It took me FOREVER to load that page with my stupid internet.

  31. Wonder when they’ll let that guy out of jail.


    You’d think he could get a good lawyer and do some law foo to screw that lying bitch over.

  32. She’s a lovely girl, Carin.

    I’d love to see a pic with her smiling too.

    Oh and little possum is just so precious.

  33. Hannah is lovely, Carin. I haven’t seen her since Lapeerapalooza.

  34. Possum is still sleeping in the swing. I really thought she’d be awake and hungry by now. She opened her eyes for a second and then dozed back off just now. Soon.

  35. Jam2 did an epic poat last night.

  36. If you nudge the top button on that corset, I bet the whole thing goes POP like a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls.

  37. half smile

    These were just taken yesterday and just loaded online. Untouched. She wore very little makeup – just a little eyeliner/mascara. That’s pretty much all she ever wears.

    The photographer joked that he usually has to spend a lot of time photoshopping off zits and that he wouldn’t have to do any of that.

  38. My boss’s daughter is a year older and her senior pictures didn’t even look like her. I was scratching my head over that.

  39. Love it, she’s a winner!

  40. The only “deception” in Hannah’s pictures is that it gives the illusion that she’s a calm/non-hormonal-crazy teenage girl.

  41. I can see a bit more of Mr Carin when she’s smiling.

  42. today’s lass reminds of a moped

  43. Hannah’s a doll.

  44. I bet the whole thing goes POP like a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls.

    Probably sounds the same when they hit the counter, too.

  45. Dang, Car in, she’s all growed up! nice pic!

  46. She’s also got the added benefit of not really dating guys. She dated one a few years ago for a month but then decided he was too dumb/boring. Now she basically is attracted to douchebags who won’t date her because she’s 1) too smart and 2) too goody goody.

    I’m comfortable with this. Whenever she does find Mr Right he’s going to have his hands full.

  47. She’s the little kid that was filling tiki torches?

  48. Probably. And she is actually what someone who weighs 110 looks like. She’s tiny.

  49. Is she your youngest daughter?

  50. Nope. Older. She’s 17. Erin is 15 (they both have b-days in the next two months so they’re almost 18 and 16).

  51. heh.

    That’s rich.

  52. Whew. The kid filling the tiki torches had to have been Erin.

    I’ll never forget…..

    * spills while filling tiki torch *

    * reads bottle out loud * …”.this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer”

    * heads towards house * “I’ll be right back, I gotta go wash this cancer off my hands”

  53. lol

  54. All the kids were great that weekend. So much fun.

  55. Everything you wanted to know about Elvira, “Mistress of the Dark”,(Cassandra Peterson) but were afraid to ask.

  56. For a minute I thought Meggie Mac was the BBF Girl

  57. I’m back from my research. Even though the grant is still pending. Pupster did much work finding this many pics of her w clothes on. And also without a blue veiner in the pic.

  58. Bewb veins? Gross.

  59. She’s a de-viener.

    Good work, Pedeko.

  60. Or did you mean gentlmen’s sausages? Because that’s gross too.

  61. Baby sleeping. Lunch time.

  62. Hannah is lovely, Carin. And it sounds like Mr. Carin hasn’t had to spend too many weekends disposing of bodies in the lake, which is a plus.

  63. If you nudge the top button on that corset, I bet the whole thing goes POP like a can of Pillsbury crescent rolls.

    Darn it, now I’m hungry.

  64. PTL I only had sons. I don’t have a lake handy to dispose of bodies, and the Wabash River is usually only a few feet deep. It would have to be lime pits, probably.

  65. I have a tonneau on the truck and I could easily take bodies up to Lapeer if I needed to.

    Plus, by the time Possum is dating I’ll be a terrifyingly grizzled old man.

  66. When hannah had car trouble and I had to go and wait for the tow truck a truck load of young men (from the school) slowed down and were about to start (probably) saying lewd things to her … until they noticed me. they just smiled/waved and kept going.

    Yep. You just keep going.

  67. I have a lake and wetlands on my property. Rumor has it that they lost an entire truck in my swamp years back. Never could get it out. No trace.

  68. See? That’s why you’re a great friend to have, Carin.

    I figure 4 or 5 cinderblocks for the average teenage pajamaboy should make for sufficient ballast. Plus I could visit.

  69. I don’t plan on having to use my property to hide bodies .. but it’s just nice knowing it’s available.

  70. Hide yours down here. I can have a hole dug by the time you arrive.

  71. That’s perfect.

  72. We need hogs. I hear they’ll eat anything.

    Just another idea.

  73. I have a hog pen already, just haven’t used it at all. Previous owners raised a couple of 4H pigs in it.

  74. a truck load of young men (from the school) slowed down and were about to start (probably) saying lewd things to her …


    If they weren’t giant vaginas they would have stopped to check if they could fix it.

  75. Oh, and Paul Ryan is effing dick and the R’s are dumbasses to have that recycled tool as speaker.

    Eff them all!

  76. A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor’s office and said that her body hurt wherever she touched it.

    “Impossible!” says the doctor. “Show me.”

    The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left breast and screamed, then she pushed her elbow and screamed in even more. She pushed her knee and screamed; likewise she pushed her ankle and screamed. Everywhere she touched made her scream.

    The doctor said, “You’re not really a redhead, are you?

    “Well, no” she said, “I’m actually a blonde.”

    “I thought so,” the doctor said. “Your finger is broken.”

  77. Comment by Car in on October 23, 2015 12:55 pm
    We need hogs. I hear they’ll eat anything.

    Scott has a hog. I heard lauraw mention it just the other day.

  78. I think Possum practices intermittent sleeping. Yesterday she slept for maybe 30 minutes during the day. Today? She’s only been awake for about an hour total since 7am.

  79. heh. That was funny.

    Leon, they grow like 10 days out of thirty. It’s a weird cycle.

  80. Just when you get used to it they change.

  81. Mare, weren’t you wetting yourself over Paul Ryan sometime back?

  82. *pops corn

  83. I’m with Ryan. It could be worse. At the vary least he’s serious enough to stake out his turf. SS reform, budget sanity. Plus he’s my age.
    Weepy McCheeto was a dick and a pussy, and Turtle Neck is no better than Reid.

    It’s progress at the very least.

  84. I just saw a couple that were hitchhiking! I haven’t seen that for a long time.

  85. I just saw a couple that were hitchhiking!

    …and that’s how you get laws named after you….

  86. What are you gonna do with the bodies, Scott?

  87. Read the review: Pussy Snorkel

    yes, it’s that.

  88. I think you’d need that pussy snorkel with today’s bimbo.

  89. “What are you gonna do with the bodies, Scott?”


  90. Comment by Hotspur on October 23, 2015 1:44 pm
    Mare, weren’t you wetting yourself over Paul Ryan sometime back?

    Yes, you total dickhead. Thanks for reminding me. All the more reason his bullshit pisses me off.

  91. Rocketboy’s bedroom wall now rebuilt around the window, Mini-me’s is next. She currently has an escape hatch through her closet.

    Wasps all over the place.

  92. Pussy snorkel, Boehner uses it on McConnell.

  93. Wasn’t Pussy Snorkle a Bond girl?

  94. Yeah, I think Wiser’s right.

  95. She was the antagonist along with Goldanus.

  96. Well now… Goldfinger takes on a whole new meaning.

  97. So does Blowfeld.

  98. You guys realize they were all intended to be salacious puns, right?

  99. Leon, yes.

  100. *pats Leon on the head and gives him a nutball *

  101. Look, I sometimes don’t know just how thick you folk are.

  102. Wow, the names in Bond films are a joke.


    I thought Pussy Galore was real. *starts cutting self

  103. Oh good, I was worried.

    BTW, did I ever tell you about the time someone had to tell me that the Washington Redskins are the DC team rather than being a Washington State team of some sort?

  104. I was 33.

  105. Look, I sometimes don’t know just how thick you folk are.

    As a brick.

    *flute solo*

  106. Chew Mee
    Plenty O’Toole
    Mary Goodnight
    Holly Goodhead

    These are joke names????


    That would actually make for a good joke thread: discarded Bond girl names

    Suzy Likesdick

  107. Titania Bigguns

  108. My roommate in college thought Penn State were the “Nifty Lions”.

    I think you’d need that pussy snorkel with today’s bimbo.

    Intensive internet research says “no”.

  109. Tuna Townsend

  110. Ann LaJoy

  111. Regina Goodenstuffed

  112. Damn, I just learned that the father of a friend from childhood died. 😦

  113. Creamy McScreamer

  114. Sorry to hear about your friend’s Dad, Alex.

  115. Lucy McHunt

  116. Ariana Gagreflex

  117. Sofia Bouncer

  118. Sorry, Alex

  119. I haven’t spoken to the friend since 2007, unfortunately. We kept in touch briefly after I moved to El Paso, but then he suddenly stopped responding to emails.

  120. Hannah Jobs

  121. Fookmi Inmyass

  122. Mary Ilikeanal

  123. Puffy Meetkurtins

  124. Didi Eeper

  125. Ima Bigoldike

  126. Ida Fuchter

  127. Stone Johnson

  128. Milphy Goodness

  129. Smacky McMattresson

  130. Patty O’Kneel

  131. Rivers Kowgrill

  132. Pullmy Hairenstein

  133. Whinny Mitmareinheat

  134. Grace Bigroundass

  135. Joy-Dawn Ondra

  136. Danni Sfingers

  137. Theresa Um

  138. Car In

  139. Udders McFuckmyface

  140. Snatchy Noteventryinganymore

  141. Chlamydia O’Burningitch

  142. Coque Teeze

  143. Daisy Chain

  144. Liz Beeyan

  145. Ivana Dickinme

  146. Alotta Fagina.

  147. Caitlyn Tucker

  148. Puttya Ballsdeep

  149. Astrid Glide

  150. Laptop has gone blue screen twice, other times I get
    – Check cable connection
    – No bootable device insert boot disk and hit any key

    Beginning of the end/

  151. How long have you had that one, Scott?

  152. Yowanna Layme

  153. Lacey Underpants

  154. 4-5 years and Bubba has dropped it onto the hardwood floor about 15 times.

    Trying a system restore, I think I got an update today, hopefully that is the problem.

  155. WOO HOO!

  156. Bangor Daily……

  157. WOO HOO!!! I love Old School Homer! BTW BJs/Royals…who ya got?

  158. Laptop has gone blue screen twice, other times I get
    – Check cable connection
    – No bootable device insert boot disk and hit any key


    No worries, Scott, Xbrad will make a tab for you!

  159. Amanda Hugginkiss

  160. HA HA HA Mare got a tab!

  161. The laptop turns 4 next Friday.

  162. Lil Possum and Carin Spawn are both adorbs.

  163. Happy Friday Nacht, Cool Catz.

    I just wanted to tell you all that I love u.
    I know the Indians have me all staked out and I dont stand a chance this night.

    Fare thee well.

  164. Im like an old school hitch hiker in the headlights of Scott W’s “Party” Van.

  165. Indians! That’s what I’m missing!

  166. I passed 1500 days without seeing any Indians a couple of weeks ago.

  167. They are sneaky.

  168. Yay for Sean!!! I see Indians every day…they prefer to be called Natives.

  169. Article in the paper tonight. Feds are releasing wolves near me even though the county has passed an ordinance against and the State has denied the necessary permission.

    Everybody: “Nope, nope, nope.”
    Feds: “F you!, we do whatever we want….”

  170. Congratulations, Sean!

    Daughter of a co-worker is about a month into rehab. They are hoping she can come home for Christmas.

  171. Everybody: “Nope, nope, nope.”
    Feds: “F you!, we do whatever we want….”

    I can’t be the only one who just pictured the feds as this…

  172. Hope is a wonderful thing, roamy. What they want to avoid are expectations.

  173. I passed 1500 days without seeing any Indians a couple of weeks ago.

    Seanm passed along some serious fuckin smallpox.

  174. Feds do this all the fucking time. Make criminals out of citizens, forcing them to poach, while excusing actual criminals like Lerner and Hillary.


  176. That’s fucking awesome, Puppeh.

  177. They and the older daughter are attending Al-Anon meetings. There was an exercise with saying the 12 steps but with her name instead of “alcohol”, e.g. “We are powerless over (daughter) and our lives have become unmanageable.” Counselor has told them that siblings have a harder time than parents with this.

  178. Yep. Siblings seem to have a harder time because rivalries come into play.

  179. Al-Anons (and indeed all 12-Step groups) work off the same steps that we do in AA, but with little changes like that.

    My parents attend an Al-Anon meeting nearly every week, and it’s helped them a lot.

  180. Dan is rooting for KC. ‘Murica. (I’m the bad guy)

  181. Man, I picked a bad time to stumble into thread.

    Had my first of three check rides on the 767 today.

    So far all is good. May wake up early and hit the gym in the am.

    Yeah, who am i kidding.

  182. Phat, are you free tomorrow evening for drinks?

  183. Season 3 of Hemlock Grove just dropped on Netflix. There goes my evening…

  184. Hey phat. I went to the Illinois-Nebraska game while I was out there earlier this month. I studiously avoided hitting on any coeds just to make sure you wouldn’t have to come after me and because it would have been fruitless anyway, but mostly because I didn’t want you coming after me.

  185. How often in your life do you get to sleep as much as you want to?

    Tomorrow is like that for me. I can wake up early and go to the gym or I can lay in bed and enjoy an extra 2 hours of sleep.

    I think I will stay up late, drink some wine, If I wake up before 0900, so be it. If not, no big deal. There will be no alarm set.

    I’m in the simulator from 1200-2000,

  186. COAlex, I can be anywhere by about 8:30. Can grab an uber from the United campus. Just text me the locale: 555-687-5309.

    That would be fun.

  187. Sean, did you buy a rayciss Chief UI shirt? (Can’t spell Illinick. Dan has one)

  188. “Grab an uber”


    Alex, bring lots of hand sanitizer.

  189. 1200-2000

    take some skittles and a mtn dew wit ya…

  190. Show up in a man-dress and a beard.

  191. phat stop skeerin’ CoAx:


  193. Sean,

    My daughter is focused on rushing a sorority and no boyfriends so far.

    Thy being said, she is very aware of my extensive firearms collection and disposal plans for unwelcome suitors.

  194. Sean, did you buy a rayciss Chief UI shirt? (Can’t spell Illinick. Dan has one)

    Nope. But I got one for my dad for Father’s Day last year.

  195. The ‘disposal plans’ part came from Jonah Goldberg. That guy makes me laugh, which is rare for political wonk.

  196. Make sure that your daughter’s sorority doesn’t host any ethnic-themed parties, phat. Or if they feel that they absolutely must, stress the fact that there should be no documentary evidence of said parties.

  197. Drinking a Single Track Rye Pale Ale right now.

    Not bad, recommended.

  198. Heck, if they even so much as go out to Panda Express, make sure the camera phones stay in their purses.

  199. Phat,
    So, You and a check-pilot took-off from Denver and tooled around the sky in an empty 767 today?
    How long was the ride?
    Did you have to pay for carbon-credits?

  200. O M G. Green chile from the freezer was hot. Very hot. Yummy, but hot.

  201. Sean, from looking at the pictures, there’s no one in her rush class that you CAN Offend.

    They got whites, Asians, Jews and Africans (no shit from Kenya), and a Swede.

    I told her they should have a ‘Canadians are Pussies’ party.

    Like most of of my input, she decided to ignore it.

  202. Phat, the current disposal plan is either in Leon’s hog pen, or Car in’s lake.


    I regret to say there were no HHD candidates working on my house today. On the plus side, they all spoke English.

    Mini-me is working on a camping badge this weekend. She wants to be the first one in her troop to earn the Stars and Stripes Award (equivalent of Eagle) and has promised to not let it slide to nearly her 18th birthday like her brother did. Anything you can do, I can do better….

  204. ChrisP,
    All of the traning is done in the simulator.

    It has full motion and full visual, very life-like.

    I have about 3 weeks left here in Denver before my landing is forced on the paying public.

  205. Yay Mini-Me!

  206. Hah, Oso. Penelope ate a GC Cheeseburger tonight and it was so hot she was cussing.

  207. Sean, the eldest is very aware of the dangers of social media.

    She never had a Facebook account, but the sorority ‘recommended’ it.

    My youngest (15 yrs old) is off the grid

    I gave her too much scifi to read whe she was young.

  208. Did anybody have to explain to anybody else that they didn’t mean to come off as menacing or creepy but just wanted to tell them that they found their mouth aesthetically pleasing today?

  209. So the tenth wedding anniversary traditional material is tin.

    Oh this will be fun.

  210. I recommend you shape it into hats.

  211. My youngest (15 yrs old) is off the grid

    Her friends may think she’s weird now, but they’ll be begging her for refuge from the machines in a few years.

  212. There’s a working tinsmith’s shop at Greenfield Village, I could actually go get something cool.

  213. Watching ‘Man in the High Castle’ on Amazon.

    I read the original story, saw Amazon’s ‘proof of concept pilot’ (that soon disappeared).

    This is good. It’s dark.

  214. Pepe, home based GCC?

  215. Dan thawed freezer green chile from last year. It is hot! Yummy.

  216. Leon, tin working can be very NM. Spanish Market in Santa Fe has lots of tin work.

  217. Very dark.

  218. Pepe, home based GCC?

    Gnu C Compiler?

  219. Oso, nope, my domestic goddess had takeout.

  220. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 23, 2015 11:03 pm

    So the tenth wedding anniversary traditional material is tin

    They aren’t serious about that, Leon…… unless jewelry comes in a tin box…..

  221. I’m starting to understand most of what Oso says without even hesitating. Should I be worried?

  222. The original pilot was good, but this is a bit slower and darker. I guess they have to pace it and slow it down to make a series out of what was a short story.

  223. Wow, you guy’s need to watch this.

  224. My roommate in college thought Penn State were the “Nifty Lions”

    hahahaha. snort. Sent this to some PA friends.

  225. Hi Phat!

  226. If this show takes off it could move poll numbers.

    Lone citizens against a regulatory state?

    Who am I kidding? No one will se this.

  227. Hi lippie!

    Good to hear from you!

  228. The listed modern alternative is diamond, but that’s silly. Diamonds are just compressed charcoal, and fairly common in some places. Tin is mined, refined, and formed metal. By all rights the tin should be more valuable.

  229. I got the nerdiest anniversary gift ever. I had made a comment that I had been married to Mr. RFH for half my life, so he looked up what element had a half-life close to how long we’d been married without being something dangerous. I got a niobium pendant.

  230. Holy crap! ‘Man in the high castle’ just got real dark.

  231. You could get her a wind chime made out of tin. That way every time the wind blows she’ll remember how you skipped the diamond to get her a noisy fu@king wind chime.

  232. It will probably wake the baby too! Added bonus. 🙂

  233. Really don’t see this being a success.

    Would be a movie.

  234. I ordered this. I’ll give her that first and have something with a diamond in my back pocket.

  235. By all rights the tin should be more valuable.

    You just tell her that when you’re giving her the tin gift.

    And make sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges.

  236. A picture of Lil’ Possum in a tin frame, maybe.

  237. I’m just saying, diamonds are the gemstone equivalent of the Disney Vault.

    I blame the Joooos.

  238. Actually, I blame the French, and the Ad people.

    I at least got her to see that “chocolate diamonds” are a complete scam.

  239. COAlex, cal me as your circumstances allow. If I don’t answers, i’m the sim.

  240. Isn’t actually the Dutch? I thought they owned the mines. And don’t they cut a lot of diamonds in Amsterdam?

  241. I gotta write an ebook. I could have written this with relative ease, though I don’t think I could have come up with such a snappy title.

  242. Chocolate diamonds just have a lot of impurities, right?

  243. This show seems to assume none of us have guns,

    I’m more loaded now than I was in Afghanistan.

  244. I’m sure the French are involved somehow, they just want you to think it’s the Dutch.

    Kinda like how they want you to think that Holland is real.

  245. Io assume there will be explanations.

  246. Holland is real. It’s Belgium that’s fucking bullshit.

  247. Chocolate diamonds just have a lot of impurities, right?

    As I understand it, it’s a marketing term dreamt up to sell the garbage diamonds with brown coloration that they sometimes dig up along with the good ones. I think they used to sell them for cutting/industrial, but that market is lost to manufactured diamonds now.

  248. Holland is real. It’s Belgium that’s fucking bullshit.

    Okay, Holland is real, but it’s in West Michigan, not Europe. They moved the whole country here at some point during the tulip bubble.

  249. See?

  250. Bedtime.

  251. Pat, I don’t have your number. Shoot me an email at [redacted].

  252. ‘Man in the high castle’ is depressing.

    Will wTch the flash instead.


    New drawing up.

  254. That’s good!

  255. Colex, Phat put his phone number upthread somewhere.

  256. Yeah, for some reason I didn’t see it when I read through the first time.

  257. It’s not the way you smile that touched my heart
    It’s not the way you derp that tears me apart
    But how many many many nights go by
    I sit alone at home and cry over you

  258. CoAx is just toying with the spambots i assume

  259. concrete arrives at 7…. this should be fun

  260. COAlex
    Schedule change. I get done with the sim at 6 pm today.

  261. Wake up, please.

  262. The sim = your mom.

  263. New post.

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