One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, more!

That’s some groovy vinyl right there! I hope you liked that early surf guitar, psychedelic sound. The Crossfires eventually became The Turtles.

Who doesn’t like potatoes? They’re the perfect vehicle for conveying fat and salt into your body when you mix them with sour cream, butter, cheese, chives, salt, pepper, chili, what have you. Baked, mashed, smashed, hashies, pommes frites, scalloped, shepherd‘s pie, ass potatoes…the list goes on. Nothing like a hot potato on a cold day, amirite?





  1. Ab-so-lutely fucking brilliant.


  3. Been up since 4. Stupid dog.

  4. “we need to be aware we always may be haunted by basic emotions and reflexive behaviors”

    jimebro – if i read that article correctly, whenever i get an urge to bitch slap someone for cause I should punch them instead. it’s safer

  5. My husband just admitted a bit ago that he gave the dog an old bone last night right before bed.


  6. The finding that an open hand slap was potentially more damaging to the metacarpals surprised me too.

    I think you’re still safe to use the bitch slap in the appropriate milieu

  7. Paula went to Boston overnight to be with her stepmom who had a procedure on her vocal cords yesterday. Star has a bad habit of whining at 3 in the morning to go out for a pee maybe once or twice a week. She has pity on me and takes both dogs out and sleeps in the living room with the dogs piling on her on the couch. She pulled that stunt on me last night and I laid the SHUSH hammer down big time.

    I’m not your mother dammit!!!

  8. Alex may be the only one who watches this. I watched the first 4 minutes and concluded the swing dancers were more skilled. That means I’m a racist I suppose.

    From the description: “Modern Street Dancers represented waacking, locking, popping, breaking, hip hop and krump:…”

    I read the words but I do not understand what be a waacking krump.

  9. Hola! I’m at the long-term care facility for the next few weeks….

  10. Teresa … you need to tell us the important stuff. Do they have WiFi?

    (how are you feeling?)

  11. If I knew Teresa was coming to visit I would’ve cleaned the place up!

  12. welcome back Teresa!


    i had to look it up

  14. waacking and krumping led to this little bit of knowledge –

    there’s a code for just about everything

    DSM 5 code 302.3 might possibly apply to some here…



  17. *browses jam2’s browsing history

    *is shocked

  18. Fo’shizzle!

  19. I am disappointed in your poating output. You people need to comment more.

  20. I would be commenting, but I am trapped under a tiny sleeping person.

  21. I just took a selfie. Someday when I have both hands again I’ll put it on POL.

  22. You know there’s a way to do that from your phone, right?

  23. Tell me this guy isn’t going to be a success in life:

  24. I just let the dogs out and started a fire in the wood stove. It’s a rainy day and 52 degrees outside. Paula and her folks are making good time on their way back from Boston. She just called me from Augusta so they’ll be here in under 2 hours. Warm house makes for a happy woman and I haven’t turned the heat on downstairs yet.

  25. I took 2 days off to be around for the kids when she was in Boston. It coincided with my cracked tooth reaching a crescendo of pain. Dentist took my upper wisdom teeth out but left the cracked tooth repair for later. It was going to be November 7th but I cried uncle and they’re doing it this afternoon. It won’t be my regular dentist but his partner who is a petite Asian woman. There may be some advantage to having her smaller hands all up in my oral cavity compared with the regular guy’s man hands.

  26. There are no words to describe this video production:

    (warning: it can’t be unseen)

  27. ^^^ Poolywood

  28. Juan Potato, Xiu Potato, Tre Potato, Thor!

  29. Happy birthday, Cyn!

    and Michael.

  30. I just let the dogs out and started a fire in the wood stove

    we need to have a talk about your euphemisms, mister.

  31. Jimebro, why wouldn’t your dentist suggest a replacement tooth? I have four post and cap replacement teeth and they are the bomb.

    You should ask him.

  32. No heat yet? That’s just crazy. It was 24 degrees a couple of nights ago.

  33. It rained 5″ last night all around us. We got 0.7″. I might need to lay off the serial killing for a while or sumpn.

  34. Afraid the bodies are gonna start coming up through the ground if it rains?

  35. It’s described as a combination of a crack and a loose filling. He seemed to think replacing the filling would do the job. I’ll see how it heals. The pain is pretty annoying. Like someone is drilling into half your jaw. Replacement toof is a ways down the algorithm.

  36. This poat could very well hold the record for most linkies.

    Well done, Jimbrewski!

  37. Paula got me to turn the heat on upstairs a few nights ago. It was pretty chilly up there and both dogs were climbing on the bed for warmth which they never do. Star is a crate dog and Rowan hates the crate so he hides under the bed to avoid going into it.

  38. Damn, I could have used that gif for my sour cream topping link!

  39. It was pretty hard to find a gif that you didn’t use.

    Hope your tooth/mouth feels better soon; tooth aches are the worst.

  40. Somebody really needs to do something about this shit.

  41. Beautiful day here. Wish I could be outside putting the garden to rest and getting the tatos and onions out of the ground.

    OTOH, she’s finally napping and I get a chance to eat, so that’s not nothing.

  42. Which Shit?

    This Shit or That Shit?

  43. That shit over there.

  44. This shit, that shit at this point what difference does it make?

  45. That Breitbart Phoenix Meetup (which I did not attend) was quite the shindig afterall:

    I’m reading from the comments at the site that the bar where they met apparently got a complaint from a patron who was not part of the event and the bar cut-off the Breitbart group’s mic. Cops then showed up from two agencies plus a helicopter! The group was not disruptive at all and apparently the cops were even asking why they were dispatched.

  46. Why isn’t the garden at rest? It’s in a bed!


  47. That would make a super mockumentary.

  48. Reading more… there was 1A and 2A discussion along with illegal immigration and journalism… it looks like it was the bar who called the police AND asked the group to leave the premises, which they did peacefully.

    Reading the Yelp reviews today should be good for a few laughs.

  49. I would imaging that the Breitbart one’s will disappear in 5… 4… 3…

  50. Last one:

  51. heh, seems they are getting raked over the coals now. And it would have been so easy to defuse, if it was just because the sound went to the restaurant. But they had to make a big deal out of it.

  52. Looks like the Sonoran guy filled out a review, too.

  53. The big deal as I see it is that after all these years and tragedy this is the “first ever we are Breitbart” event.

    Good things can happen when friends drink together in public.

    The Green Dragon Tavern

  54. Ya know, I’m a little disappointed that we’ve never been kicked outta any joints at any of our meatups.


  55. “We can’t hear in the back! Turn up The Muddler!!”

  56. Also, let me just say, for the record, that the buzz from nebulizing Ipratropium Bromide and Albuterol Sulfate is not as fun as cocaine.

  57. Try it rectally.

    Can’t hurt, right?

  58. I saw my dentist in the reception area. He said the pain may be Dry Socket. Nothing worse than a dry socket or so I’ve heard.

  59. Cocaine rectally?

    OK, you’re the doc!

  60. Nothing worse than a dry socket or so I’ve heard.

    here. Try this:


    Hell, we couldn’t even get the drunk terrorist-looking guy frisked by the cops.

  62. Try it rectally.

    Can’t hurt, right?

    That’s what I told your mom.

  63. we’ve never been kicked outta any joints at any of our meatups.

    That’s not actually 100% true. You didn’t attend our second parking lot party.

  64. There. I’ve cleaned my daughter’s room.

    They said it couldn’t be done but I proved them wrong.

    I need to go shower now.

  65. You probably have cooties.

  66. Or scabies.

    Possum is learning about Hannibal’s Carthage.

  67. Hi honey, I’m home early.

  68. Well, she was. Now she’s asleep.

  69. Did they let you out early after the pep rally or did something go wrong?

  70. I have been advised by management not to discuss this, so I’ll just link it.

  71. I probably do have cooties.

    *scritch scritch

  72. All girls have cooties. It’s in the rules.

  73. Auto Pilot is a stupid name. If they want people to pay attention while driving then they should stay out of the assisted driving business all together.

  74. There are levels of autonomy. Tesla has chosen to field the most dangerous: something that looks like autonomy, but actually requires more attention than driving without it.

    *looks around to make sure no press are nearby*

  75. OTOH, “autopilot” is accurate naming. As I understand it, all it does in a plane is maintain heading and velocity. That’s all this does, which is entirely inadequate on the ground.

  76. *gets fired*


  77. They do have autolanders now. We need phat to weigh in on this one.

    *not a fat joke

  78. There was some weirdness where the house contractor said he needed to get inside the house, then he said that the homeowner had let him in and showed him where the key was. Mr. RFH and I were both at work, so we said WTF. I came straight home. Yes, they needed to get inside the house, and the foreman had us confused with another house. It is my hope that other house doesn’t get its siding taken off.

    There is also an active shooter exercise scheduled for today, so it’s just as well that I left before that circus started.

  79. Okay – I’ll do it!

  80. Season 6 of Downton Abbey is running in Britain, they’ve aired the first five episodes. I’m downloading the shit out of it.

  81. So two people in the US watch that, Hotspur and xbrad.

  82. That’s fine calling the assisted driving Autopilot if you were selling cars to pilots exclusively; however, from the vernacular ‘I’m on autopilot’ non-pilot drivers could reasonably assume that the function was more than driving straight.
    I’m not trying to be difficult, swearses. I just appreciated your point a couple of weeks back that autonomous cars will not be viable until we have super-computers with light-speed connections to on-the-inch perfect gps etc. ergo why have all these half ass functions and fill the press with autonomous car/truck this and that. If it’s not real then don’t say it is almost real.

  83. Idiot sues Winnebago after cruise control accident:

    Mrs. Merv Grazinski, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who purchased a new 32-foot Winnebago motor home. On her first trip home, from an OU football game, having driven on to the freeway, she set the cruise control at 70 mph and calmly left the driver’s seat to go to the back of the Winnebago to make herself a sandwich. Not surprisingly, the motor home left the freeway, crashed and overturned. Also not surprisingly, Mrs. Grazinski sued Winnebago for not putting in the owner’s manual that she couldn’t actually leave the driver’s seat while the cruise control was set.

    The Oklahoma jury awarded her $1,750,000 PLUS a new motor home. Winnebago actually changed their manual as a result of this suit.

    Sorta makes you wonder about the future of the human race, doesn’t it?

    Snopes has it as legend.

  84. Hilliary said that Amb. Stevens died of smoke inhalation? I have a hard time believing that after seeing his body dragged through the street.

  85. He died of smoke inhalation brought on by his compound being burned to the ground around him by Al-Qaeda.

  86. No. uh uh. No no no no no HELL no! NO! no.

  87. Why remake it? No ideas, huh?

  88. Re-make all the things.

  89. it was a crappy movie (that somehow got made from a semi-crappy stage show) that somehow became a cult classic that you go to see for the fun of being involved and laughing at how crappy it is.

    Making a TV movie out of it is just about the most stupid fucking idea I’ve heard in my life.

    Oh, we’re going to see Rocky Horror on stage tomorrow night.

    “It’s just a jump to the left!”

  90. “Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaaain”

  91. “is just about the most stupid fucking idea I’ve heard in my life.”

    More stupid than giving an Irish airline $14 million dollars for 2 years of direct flights?

  92. This chef is for the ladies. MEN NO LOOKY.

  93. More stupid than giving an Irish airline $14 million dollars for 2 years of direct flights?

    Recently, my dentist asked me if I grind my teeth. I said “I live in Connecticut. What do you think?”

    Malloy’s latest folly is mind-numbingly dumb, meaning it will be praised by all of the usual suspects.

    Average ticket price for coach? $1,151. Just how many people does he think are going to be taking that flight?

  94. Cyn ♥’s Laura

  95. More stupid than giving an Irish airline $14 million dollars for 2 years of direct flights?

    btw, Malloy is Irish. Wanta bet he got hisself free lifetime first-class tickets to Ireland as part oft his deal?

    Seriously, what’s going on in Dublin that makes it so goddamn important that you need to get there so often that it requires a direct flight from Hartford, CT?

    I remember when Northwest announced their direct flight from Hartford to Amsterdam. Could not figure it out, (well, except for the legalized pot there.)

    That route got dropped back in 2009. Aer Lingus is gonna take every penny of the $14mil we’re giving them and then drop that route as soon as this agreement allows.

  96. If there’s anything I hate more than being bitched at by my dad and feeling like I’m 15 again, I don’t want to remember it.

  97. There has to be a “your mom” joke about Aer Lingus, but my brain is on strike.

  98. A modern autopilot on an airplane does far, far more than merely control direction and velocity as a constant. The FMC on a 737, for example, computes the entire vertical and horizontal route, factoring in weight and performance. You have to manually take off, but after reaching 400 feet, you can literally turn on the autopilot, and not touch the control column or throttles again until after landing.

  99. Pig?



  100. Are you a turtle?

  101. Not surprised by the OK jury verdict with the Winnebago idiot. I’m having an I H8 EVERYONE day.

  102. I’m having an I H8 EVERYONE day.

    Oh Lord, me, too. One of my co-workers made fun of me as I was leaving to figure out WTF was going on with the house, saying that the builders were making off with my undies. Thanks, asshole.

    They just told me that at least two of the windows will need to be removed in order to fix the underlying damage. Fuuuuuu…..

  103. Darn those contractors!

    Week 7, Thursday, OCT. 22
    Seattle at San Francisco 8:25 pm CBS

  104. Fuuuuu did you ever find out if insurance would cover some of the new damages?

  105. CoAx – a possible chick for ya:

  106. Dan feels vindicated that he stopped me from flipping off and cursing assholes.

  107. Don’t fall for it Alex, she gets around:

  108. We’ve submitted paperwork to the one that was part of the class action lawsuit. Homeowners insurance said no.

  109. Looks like the road rager and the cop shooter should’ve been in jail. Our current DA is known for pleading out. Yay ABQ! Our local stories have been trending.

  110. Poop, Roamy. Good luck.

  111. The most we’ll get is $10K, and we’re up to $33K, and we haven’t even started on the roof yet.

  112. That sucks.

  113. Gah, that really stinks.

  114. meat up whors d oeuvres

  115. Last week, Dan started having sinus and Upper Respiratory Issues. Thanks to MCPO and CYN, I tried to get him to go see his Dr. WTFDIK? OTC crap. No one is sleeping because of his situation. He coughed so hard yesterday, his ribs hurt. He’s still voodoo daddy. KMN!!!! (Kill Me Nao)

  116. Did he try the cure?

  117. No. He doesn’t do Curandera Voodoo. Just OTC voodoo.

  118. There’s an ad for a neti pot-thingy that makes me want to barf every time it’s on.

  119. I can’t Neti. Makes me puke! (Mare, I KNOW!)

  120. Did anybody find themselves surprised at how easy it was to plant the seeds of doubt in anybody else’s mind today?

  121. I work with LIVs. They know everything. They watch the “News”

  122. Yeah, what do they do without Jon Stewart now?

  123. Family LIVs got news from Colbert and Jon. Work LIVs get news from…alphabets. They are sofa kings.

  124. PoL updated.

  125. I was stocking the Bobby Jindal book today. Member: Where’s the Hillary book? Me: It didn’t sell. I sent it back so it could go to a Club where it sells. Member: Why do you have so many Ben Carson books? Me: They sell. (I’ve returned Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Hillary. Rand Paul sold better than Cruz or Hill)

  126. Suggestion: we all meat-up at Roamie’s and fix her house. She buys the beer.

    The entire trip can be written off as a charitable donation.

    Who’s with me on this?

  127. I don’t like curly hair.

  128. Mine was curly.

    And I could donate but can’t really travel to Roamy’s right now.

  129. That’s a good idea, but we would probably fuck it up.

  130. Dave with a power washer would ruin everything.

  131. Dave would just fall in the reservoir.

  132. Thanks for the pics Leon, she’s a cutie pie. You look like a biker.

  133. I meant I don’t like curly haired presidential candidates. I’m a big fan of curly hair on hostegettes.

  134. Beard’s a little unkempt. I’ll have it tidied up by Sunday.

  135. She rolled onto her stomach today and back. It was momentous. She’s almost ready to start crawling, too.

  136. Boy 2 never crawled. He went from sitting up to scooting on his butt to standing and walking.

  137. Now he is 17.



  138. …waitin all day for Thursday Night

  139. Big milestone for Lil’Possum!

    Cute Pics too! Who’s the daddy?

  140. Pretty sure she’s mine. Given that we pretty much know exactly when we conceived, there’s essentially no chance she’s anyone else’s.

  141. I not only have beer, I have homebrew. The Oktoberfest is ready.

  142. Sad but true these days.

  143. Ha ha, that wasn’t serious.

    *pats Leon on the head and give him a cookie nutball*

  144. Roamie – I know a guy with a big hammer *cough*Thor*cough*
    Sign us up, we’ll be there.

  145. Her head hair and lack of beard hides the resemblance.

  146. Pretty sure she’s mine. Given that we pretty much know exactly when we conceived, there’s essentially no chance she’s anyone else’s.

    You need to be certain. You should go on Maury and find out. Start practicing your “Not the Daddy” dance.

  147. Cute kid, Leon.

  148. She’s adorable.

  149. Did you have a good birthday, Cyn?

  150. Me n Slur could fix that joint

    Roamys haus too.

  151. I ment Spur.

    I slured because I drink.

  152. It was nice; nice but different. Thanks for axing, Roams.

  153. Did you get a good birthday spanking?

  154. Roamy,
    “Are you a turtle?”

    You bet your sweet ass I am.

    Yeah, I’m old…

  155. 1. 1-man salute
    2. 7.4 on the Rectum scale
    3. Acid-rain maker
    4. After the thunder comes the rain
    5. Air bagel
    6. Airbrush your boxers
    7. Anal acoustics
    8. Anal ahem
    9. Anal audio
    10. Anal salute
    11. Anal volcano
    12. Arse blast
    13. Ass blaster
    14. Ass-scented methane
    15. Ass biscuit
    16. Ass thunder
    17. Ass whistle
    18. A turd whistling for the right of way
    19. Backdoor breeze
    20. Backfire
    21. Bad sprinkling
    22. Baking brownies
    23. Barking spiders
    24. Bean blower
    25. Beep your horn
    26. Belch from behind
    27. Better open a window
    28. Blast off
    29. Blast the chair
    30. Blasting the ass trumpet
    31. Blat
    32. Blow ass
    33. Blow mud
    34. Blow the big brown horn
    35. Blowing the butt bugle
    36. Blowing you a kiss
    37. Bomber
    38. Bottom blast
    39. Bottom burp
    40. Break the sound barrier without a plane
    41. Break wind
    42. Breath of fresh air
    43. Brown horn brass choir
    44. Brown thunder
    45. Bun shaker
    46. Burnin’ rubber
    47. Buster
    48. Busting ass
    49. Butt bleat
    50. Butt burp
    51. Butt hair harmony
    52. Butt percussion
    53. Butt trauma
    54. Butt trumpet
    55. Butt tuba
    56. Buttock bassoon
    57. Cheek flapper
    58. Cheesin’
    59. Colonic calliope
    60. Crack a rat
    61. Crack one off
    62. Crack splitters
    63. Crimp off some breakfast biscuits
    64. Crop dusting
    65. Crowd splitter
    66. Cut a stinker
    67. Cut loose
    68. Cut the cheese
    69. Cut the wind
    70. Death Breath
    71. Deflate
    72. Doing the one-cheek sneak
    73. Doorknob
    74. Drop a barking spider
    75. Drop a bomb
    76. Drop ass
    77. Dropped a bomb
    78. Eggy
    79. Empty my tank
    80. Exercising the meat nozzle (not sure if this one doesn’t belong in a different category)
    81. Exploding bottom
    82. Explosion between the legs
    83. Exterminate
    84. Fart
    85. Fire a stink torpedo
    86. Fire the retro-rocket
    87. Firing scud missiles
    88. Fizzler
    89. Flame thrower
    90. Flamer
    91. Flapper
    92. Flatulate
    93. Flatulence
    94. Flatus
    95. Flipper
    96. Float an air biscuit
    97. Floof
    98. Fluffy
    99. Fog slicer
    100. Fowl howl
    101. Fragrant fuzzy
    102. Free-floating anal vapors
    103. Free Jacuzi
    104. Freep
    105. Frequency Actuated Rectal Tremor
    106. Fumigate
    107. Funky rollers
    108. Gas attack
    109. Gas blaster
    110. Gas from the ass
    111. Gas master
    112. Gaseous intestinal by-products
    113. Ghost turd
    114. Give a dirty look at the person next to you
    115. Grandpa
    116. Gravy pants
    117. Great brown cloud
    118. Hailing Emperor Crush
    119. Hey, did you fart? Because you blew me away! (pick-up line)
    120. Heinus anus
    121. Hole flappage
    122. Hole flapper
    123. Honk
    124. HUMrrhoids
    125. Hydrogen bomb
    126. I made a pootie
    127. If you are that embarrassed about it, you can always blame it on me.
    128. Ignition
    129. Insane in the methane
    130. Invert a burp
    131. It’s low tide
    132. Jet propulsion
    133. Jockey burner
    134. Jumping guts
    135. Just calling your name
    136. Just keeping warm
    137. Just the noise
    138. Kaboom
    139. K-Fart
    140. Kill the canary
    141. Lay a wind loaf
    142. Lay an air biscuit
    143. Leave a gas trap
    144. Let a beefer
    145. Let each little bean be heard
    146. Let one fly
    147. Let one go
    148. Let the beans out
    149. Lethal cloud
    150. Letting one rip
    151. Lingerer
    152. Made a gas blast
    153. Make a stink
    154. Make a trumpet of one’s ass (John Milton)
    155. Mating call of the barking spider
    156. Methane Bomb
    157. Methane production experiment
    158. Moon gas
    159. Mud duck
    160. Must be a sewer around
    161. Nose death
    162. Odor bubble
    163. Odorama
    164. One man jazz band
    165. One-gun salute
    166. Painting the elevator
    167. Pant stainer
    168. Panty burp
    169. Parp
    170. Party in your pants
    171. Pass gas
    172. Pass wind
    173. Play the tuba
    174. Playing the trouser tuba
    175. Plotcher (aka a wet one … bad form, points taken off for emmitting one of these)
    176. Poof
    177. Poop gas
    178. Poot
    179. Pop
    180. Pop a fluffy
    181. Preventing Spontaneous Human Combustion (South Park)
    182. Prove it
    183. Prupe (Norwegian–the E has two dots over it)
    184. Puff, the Magic Dragon
    185. Quack
    186. Rebuild the ozone layer one poof at a time
    187. Rectal honk
    188. Rectal shout
    189. Rectal tremor
    190. Release a squeeker
    191. Release an ass buscuit
    192. Release gas
    193. Rep
    194. Rimshot
    195. Rip ass
    196. Rip one
    197. Ripple fart
    198. Roast the Jockeys
    199. Rotting vegetation
    200. Safety
    201. Salute your shorts
    202. SAS (silent and scentless)
    203. SBD (silent but deadly)
    204. Set off an SBD
    205. Shit fumes
    206. Shit honker
    207. Shit vapor
    208. Shoot the cannon
    209. Shoppin’ at Wal-Fart
    210. Silent but deadly (SBD)
    211. Singe the carpet
    212. Singing the Anal Anthem
    213. Skunk smells his own smell first!
    214. Sounding the sphincter scale
    215. Sounds like a barking spider
    216. Sounds like a wompus cat
    217. Sphincter song
    218. Spit a brick
    219. Squeak one out
    220. Squeeker
    221. Steamer
    222. Step on a duck
    223. Step on a frog
    224. Stink bomb
    225. Stink Burger
    226. Strangling the stank monkey
    227. Stress release
    228. Tail wind
    229. Telegraph from Ft. A-hole to Cmdr. Nostril announcing the arrival of Gen. Shat
    230. That felt good
    231. The closest you get to craping while standing up
    232. The colonic calliope
    233. The dog did it
    234. The F bomb
    235. The gluteal tuba
    236. The Sound and the Fury
    237. The stink’s gone into the fabric
    238. The third state of matter
    239. The toothless one speaks
    240. Thunder pants
    241. Thunderspray
    242. Toilet tune
    243. Toot
    244. Toot your own horn
    245. Trelblow
    246. Triple flutter blast
    247. Trouser cough
    248. Trouser trumpet
    249. Turd honking
    250. Turd hooties
    251. Turn on the A/C in your large intestine
    252. Uncorked symphony
    253. Under burp
    254. Venting one
    255. Wet one
    256. What smell?
    257. What the dog did
    258. Whoever smelt it dealt it
    259. Wrong way burping
    260. Your voice has changed, but your breath is still the same.
    261. Zinger


  157. I come up derp baby, but now I’m cool
    I didn’t make it sugar, playin’ by the rules
    I come up derp baby, but now I’m fine
    I’m checkin’ trouble sugar, movin’ down the line

  158. Bewbs.

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