Wire Control

Witness the floating orbs of Masakatsu Sashie

b.1974 Kanazawa, Japan.

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Region capture 21

Again with the not a lot of biographical info on the artist.

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Region capture 9

Dystopian coffee machines.

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Anchors aweigh.

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  1. 1974? Get off my lawn.

    Finally saw The Martian. Great job adapting the book.

  2. Wakey wakey.

  3. Floating Orbs would be a good theme for BBF. Get them dogs some water supportage.

  4. Not only am I already wakey wakey, I’m already cookey, cookey. This morning is my bitch.

  5. Good job PG. Way to grab the today by it’s horns and make it your bitch.

  6. “not a lot of biographical info on the artist.”

    at least we know that he/she was born to boogie

  7. Mj’s going to make today his gentleman’s sausage.

  8. This guy did work with the Death Star, didn’t he?

  9. I kind of like the battleship one, but the meaning confuses me.

  10. Is the line about “in your face, Niel Armstrong!” in the movie, because I heard it on the radio and it made me want to beat Matt Damon to a bloody pulp with a 2×4.

    I already wanted to, but that sorta stoked the fire.

  11. OTOH, if something awful and tragic happens to him immediately after that disrespectful act of hubris, I’ll relent slightly. One less smack with the board.

  12. I want to see that, too. Despite Damon, who is a pretty good actor.

    Can’t boycott everything, I suppose.

  13. Jay, entertainment can always be boycotted. Or at least delayed until NetFlix.

  14. what him said ^^^

  15. meh, I prefer to see the things I enjoy. Why wait?

  16. Anyone know the breakdown of money earned, box office vs. Netflix/Video?

  17. My daughter still hasn’t handed over the book to me – so I won’t see it for a while.

    Besides – there’s always the new Dan Rather movie to see. OR that “Suffragette” movie – which I’m sure it is just a coincidence that Hillary is running for president and it’s a good time to remind women that they had to fight for the right to vote.


    I wonder how far off we’re from just putting subliminal messages in everything.

  18. http://www.theverge.com/2014/6/4/5781104/netflix-and-peers-will-make-more-money-than-box-office-by-2017

    It’s already increasing, but I would imagine that is for companies, not individual actors.

  19. hehe, I was flipping channels on Sunday, and Madam Secretary was discussing President Gore.

    At least they don’t hide it.

  20. Women have suffered too long. We must end women’s suffrage.

  21. I wonder how far off we’re from just putting subliminal messages in everything.

    It’s already there. Here, put on these glasses and you’ll see it. Subtle, little things. Not exactly subliminal, but if you aren’t looking for it, you’ll miss it. When you are, you see the “nudges” in everything.

  22. Darnit, I can’t find a good animated gif of “They Live”.

  23. I’m not kidding though. There’s the little things throughout TV: women are almost always depicted as smarter/wiser than men – whether it’s a sitcom or a cop show, Blacks and gays are saints, the Muslim immigrants are never the real terrorists, the bad guy is always rich and white, etc.

    But then there’s more subtle stuff. In season 1 of The Flash, there’s a moment where the police captain is opening up a big, greasy burger from some fast food place, and he comments something like “I can only eat like this at work now, my boyfriend is making me eat healthy at home.” It’s quick, just one sentence, but there’s literally nothing else about the character to suggest that he’s gay, and the boyfriend is never on screen, just an implied character in that universe. The message is still conveyed.

  24. No I agree. We’ve been dumbed down (well – most of the population) that they don’t actually need to use subliminal messages. Eliminate the ability to reason and easy propaganda works just fine.

  25. I notice those little digs, too, leon. None of my lib friends seem to, and never recall them when I point them out.

  26. Yep, Leon, always some kind of gay character. Even when it doesn’t fit the story. Corporations are always evil, white guys are always stupid, women are the smarter ones and really do everything. IT gets really tiresome.

  27. Those are cool.

  28. So, Canada being America’s dumber northern neighbor, hasn’t learned that a cult of personality politician is not good for the country?

    I almost puked when I saw the picture at Drudge.

  29. I think there’s a gay couple in like a Verizon commercial or something.

  30. Gay couple for Cambell’s soup

  31. Which – if a gay male couple is eating Cambell’s – they’re doing it wrong.

    Shouldn’t one of them be making the sammiches?

  32. Campbell’s tomato soup + grilled cheese sammiches = Sobek’s childhood.

  33. I have an old, gat roommate who said, totally seriously, “we just want to be left alone.” Uh huh. He said this after arguing that Christian businesses should be sued out of existence for non-compliance with the gay mafia’s demands.

  34. There is nothing FABULOUS about Cambell’s soup is all I’m saying.

  35. Sobek – he said that because he was trained to do so. He obviously didn’t even know what those words meant. The gay progressive handlers have done a fabulous job.

  36. I was talking about the newest one. “Thank Your Lucky Stars.” They wrote all the music at the same time they were writing and recording “Depression Cherry.” It’s a little more low-key.
    I assumed that was the case. My clear green vinyl pressing arrives today!!


  37. That picture of Truadeau is just funny. Skinny little wimp trying to look tough. Pampered rich boy drama teacher.

    I’m sure he’s going to be just as competent as his job as our community organizer.

  38. Campbells tomato soup is pretty good with some parmesan cheese in it.

    And Sobek’s right. Grilled cheese with it. with the plain ole Kraft slices, too.

  39. You know he has skinny jeans on in that picture.

  40. 8-10 years ago we entered the “Era of Celebrity”. Politicians, TV shows, Selfies. We’re effed.

  41. *sets an MJ trap*

  42. The right doesn’t want to peek into people’s bedrooms. We simply want people to stop dragging their bedrooms out onto the front lawn.

  43. HA! ^^

  44. The LAST thing I want to do is peek into a homosexuals bedroom.

    *Fully understand the last thing they want to do is peek into mine.

  45. The LAST thing I want to do is peek into a homosexuals bedroom.

    Based on what I’ve learned on the internet and at geek conventions, you’re the last woman to think that way.

  46. yikes

  47. Women enthused about watching men together creep me the eff out.

    A man watching girls make out has this notion of “they might let me join in…” and there’s a slight chance, particularly if the women are attractive.

    Two men going at it? They don’t want a woman. Except possibly to cook for them.

  48. I don’t get the watching gay men thing. I don’t even understand how a woman could be in any way attracted to a gay man. I don’t mean that as a bash – I could say that a certain (gay) person is attractive … but in no way “attracts” me. There is something very attractive about a heterosexual man. I think/postulate that feminism/alan alda demasculation of men has lead to this somehow.

  49. I waited on two guys last night who were SO GAY I almost felt sorry for them. THey were nice but … LORD.

  50. Doh, I figured it out. These are those same women who always pine for men that they can’t have, and also believe they can change a man.

  51. https://i.imgur.com/rZDnPLK.gifv

  52. Women SAY they want an understanding man, a man who communicates his feelings, who emotes and is empathetic.

    Dolts, what they’ve just described is a woman. No thanks.

  53. I would communicate my feelings, but I’m generally a better cook, so I determined it to be a waste of time.

  54. Feel this.

  55. Today I winterize all of the things.

  56. hahaha

    Exactly, Scott, that was a manly answer.

  57. You know what I think is unmanly?

    A man who doesn’t want to protect children. From the very first cells.

    Very serious about that. Protection should be a well developed and nurtured instinct/trait.

  58. What I’d like to yell at Hillary if she walked by:

    Go away, you pandering, lying POS old lesbian!


  59. I think that the women who want to watch gay men 1) are scared of relationships with real men, or 2) Are very insecure. Heterosexual porn is generally geared towards men, so watching heterosexual porn means looking at women whose bodies are likely better than theirs.

  60. So apparently the younger Trudeau has bare-knuckle boxed against a conservative member of parliament, so I’ll give him some grudging respect that he’s not a complete pajama-boy pussy.

  61. How can you have continual consent for each sex act? California is insane.

    My husband just said, “Who’s the referee?”

  62. Have these people never had sex?

    I absolutely believe lefties want to take the fun out of EVERYTHING!!!

  63. Good afternoon, bags of dick.

  64. H2 Legends:


  65. My husband just said, “Who’s the referee?”

    With these types, her girlfriend.

  66. Have these people never had sex?

    I absolutely believe lefties want to take the fun out of EVERYTHING!!!

    The Free Love movement was a scam. It was a way to undermine western morality and culture. The left hates sex because it is the greatest personal connection between two people, so they seek to control it. They only like sex to the extent that it advances their goals.

  67. So Democrats are the Doms.

    Are Republicans the Subs?

  68. No, the GOP is the bunch over in the corner playing with themselves.

  69. ha! Stupid GOP.

  70. Stupid lemon parties.

  71. Anyone else disappointed but not surprised at Dubya dissin Cruz?

    *droppin g’s like Hillary!

  72. GOP = Voyeurs

    Got it.

  73. Oh, I forgot to say hi to the bags of ho.

  74. Oh, Hi, Hotspur.

  75. Hilarity ensues:


  76. Voyers.

    Nailed it.

  77. http://i.imgur.com/Ayi7Zb9.gifv

  78. Comment by Cyn on October 20, 2015 1:30 pm

    GOP = Voyeurs

    As a pervert I take offense to that comparison!

  79. The Grand Old Windowlickers

  80. From AoS comments:

    “The Pentagon is notifying Congress of a planned sale to Saudi Arabia of as many as four Littoral Combat Ships for $11.25 billion. Congress has 30 days to disapprove of the sale before it takes effect.

    The U.S. is offering a version of the Littoral Combat Ship called the Multi-Mission Surface Combatant customized to Saudi requirements. The planned sale includes potential purchases of engineering, logistical and training support for Saudi naval personnel; radar and sonar systems; munitions and fire-control systems.”


    “Who ever talked the Saudis into buying those dogs gets a bonus, the Caddy and the steak knives.

    Posted by: Laurie David’s Cervix at October 20, 2015 08:09 AM (kdS6q) “

  81. LCS (as modified for Saudis) is a far better fit for their navy than for ours.

  82. Lying Cock Suckers

  83. http://i.imgur.com/GZcsgbG.gifv

  84. Did we save that bear from his shrinking ice cap? Gosh I hope so. I want to believe that there’s some good in the world somewhere.

    Also, why did somebody rufie his ass?

  85. Roamy, you can drop the potato gun project.


  86. Thomasville in mint condition http://is.gd/dqkWvj

    Sold at auction last night for $20.

  87. Do not buy new furniture.

  88. Ok.

  89. Wonder if roamy will introduce the trebuchet team to the railgun?

  90. How much to ship it, scott?

  91. Packed and shipped a reasonable distance probably $500-$600.

    Hell, I shipped something like that to Taiwan a few years back. Now, unless it’s a family heirloom, very few people are willing to pay for shipping.

  92. Yeah, you could almost drive out for that! Oh wait…

  93. You forget, I worked with a two-stage light gas gun that launched slugs over 8 km/sec.

    The trebuchet team does not want my input. I make soup and sammiches on Saturdays and otherwise stay out of their hair.

  94. I feel bad for whoever moved that giant thing.


  95. It’s your lucky day, Oso. THREE Black Widows, including one that landed on my shoulder.

    But no pics because I was washing the windows and didn’t want to get my phone wet.

  96. Railguns make no sense at that scale, that’s the thing. You’d get better projectile performance out of pneumatics for the size/weight. The “neat” thing about a railgun is that it scales WAY up.

  97. Well, that will wake you up!

  98. And here comes leon to rain on the cool parade.

  99. Urrggh, trying to arrange shipping. What a pain. I bought a small lathe on EBay. Weighs approx 1,700 pounds, a medium lathe could be 10,000 pounds. It’s in Worster, MA. I have to arrange for it to be prepped for shipment. These things are heavy (like your mom), but delicate so you have to secure the cross slide and spindle, etc. Then I have to arrange for someone to load it on a truck, ship it, unload it at a delivery place in ABQ, then get it to my place. Only one machinery rigger in NM, so they are expensive. Trying to coordinate everything is a pain. Since the equipment is relatively delicate, they have special shipping companies. You don’t want random guys loading and unloading it several times as it makes it’s way cross country.

  100. http://tinyurl.com/p9w29fd

  101. Railguns make little sense at any scale. One shot, then wait a while. Better not miss. 1950’s tech. People always love the velocity.

  102. Want

  103. You can throw something into space, though, that’s not nothing, or annihilate a tank by throwing a rock at it.

    What I want to see is the full-auto airgun that fires carpentry nails accurately at mach 1, made entirely with a Home Depot shopping list.

  104. Big Navy thinks they can get a 10 shot per minute rail gun throwing a guided projectile out to about 150 miles. At about $40k a shot, that’s a bargain for taking out over the horizon ships.

  105. I have a dream… of coastal artillery being reborn through giant railguns linked to small nuclear reactors and using radars and drones to hunt down targets.

  106. AUGH!!! XB!!!! Dan killed the BW in the garage. There were 2 spiders in the bathroom this AM. Just regular so I didn’t kill them. Plus they were by Dan’s towel bar, not mine. Dan didn’t like the looks of them, so he killed them.

  107. Thomasville in mint condition http://is.gd/dqkWvj

    That looks heavy. Not buying.

  108. My life is so much better as a LIV. Who has better hair, Biden or O’Malley?

  109. O’Malley. He sings!

  110. Road rage results in 4 yr old being shot on I40 WB. Interstate closed for hours. Travelers are being detoured through scary ass gangster neighborhoods. I feel sorry for snowbirds headed Cyn’s way.

  111. 4 year olds are horrible drivers.

  112. Like Toonces.

  113. Hahaha She was in carseat. Her dad was driving. She was airlifted. Don’t understand why freeway is still closed.

  114. J’ames, I read you’re food allergy article. I used to take chances and eat egg based bread or use bleu cheese salad dressing and just settle for lower face numbness or swollen tongue. Meh. My reactions have become a little more dramatic recently. I still can’t believe the severe reaction at Popeye’s. I may have to be more diligent.

  115. I kept hearing toenails in the kitchen. When I’d look, no MA. I just figured it was Gingy’s ghost. (Messican) Dan found mice under the sink today. D’oh!

  116. I heard them for months after we lost Ellen (previous doge).

  117. Leon, I swear I would hear her ears shake out before hearing toenails on the linoleum.

  118. It’s your brain playing tricks on you. You hear some little sound that fits the pattern, and then your brain fills in the rest of the pattern in anticipation so it can compare present sound with prior, so part of your brain hears it (memory) and part of it doesn’t (auditory nerve input). Same sort of thing happens with deja vu, iirc.

  119. That’s what I was thinking before Dan found the mice. (FUCK! The 4 year old died)

  120. Did anybody find out that anybody else had been talking shit about the quality of their rocket launchers to the Congolese rebels today?

  121. Sean, you’re priceless. That’s a good one!

  122. This is probably rayciss, but IDFC. I guarantee the shooter was Messican.

  123. Probably not in the country legally.

    It would be shameful to point out that a wall and de-funding sanctuary cities might have helped. Shameful. And by shameful I mean “will get my primary ballot and a donation”.

  124. I’m all for people with real allergies letting us know. It’s the fakers that irritate me.

    Oh, and the vegans that have to have all clean utensils including pizza peel.

  125. I’ve come to the realization that vegans are just another form of otherkin: in denial of reality and desperate for validation.

  126. I know Vegans/Vegetarians that don’t eat smoked cheese or anything smoked.

  127. Vegans wouldn’t eat cheese, smoked or not.

    Because they are dipshits.

  128. They’ll tell you it’s because cheese is made by oppressing cows and/or animal protein causes cancer.

    But the real reason is that they are dipshits.

  129. Cow fart cause global warming.

  130. Just one cow fart.

    That’s how bad they are.

  131. Right, I forgot that one. Also animals are unsustainable, so we should stop eating them right now.

    But the real reason is that they are dipshits.

  132. I am worried about cow farts too, that’s why I eat cows.

  133. FB post about Vegans getting drunk and eating meat. Whatev.

  134. My cousin, Ana, built their home South of Roswell. Beautiful home. Smells like cow shit.

  135. Cute Overload!

  136. So, I was helping Ricoh load a gun safe on a redneck’s truck. Redneck: Will you come home and unload for me? For some wings from Hooters? Young buck like you could handle that. (Me: O.o)

  137. Ouch Cubbies, what happened to the playoff team?

  138. Baseball is still on?

  139. Si, senor Scott. Beisbol FTW

  140. My cousin, Joseph, passed in 2007. Pancreatic cancer. His widow started dating last year. Got married last month. She took her fiancé to the Salcido reunion in June. Didn’t invite any family to her wedding. Mixed emotions. Happy for her. Don’t understand her cutting family off.

  141. My cousin, Ana, built their home South of Roswell. Beautiful home. Smells like cow shit.

    Yeah, but I’ll bet old Ana doesn’t have to worry much about her four year old get shot while driving down US 285.

  142. Family is overrated.

  143. Oso, did you see my update from Sunday?

  144. CoAlex, not sure. PG, truth! Ana’s home was built around her hubby’s gunsafe. They have lots of wall trophies.

  145. Scott needs to be adopted by hostages and hostage familias. Needs moar familia!

  146. I’ve always thought that Roswell wouldn’t be a bad town to live in if you absolutely had to live in NM. Beats the hell out of Cruses or Hobbs.

  147. Oso, cousin made comments about Grandpa that were… disturbing.

  148. CoAlex, I saw that. I was wondering if there was follow up. Only a few of my cousins know about my grandfather. It is such a crazy situation.

  149. PG, Ana is a DR. They have a getaway cabin in Ruidoso. Except for the dairy air, I love their home in Roswell.

  150. Laura?


  151. the dairy air

    **snickers like a 3rd grader**

  152. Roamy, you can’t even! It’s like West TX stockyards on steroids. (Gave a friend from WI a tee that said “Smell our dairy air”)

  153. Dairies between Cruces and El Paso used to be really bad.

  154. Worse than “SKUNK!” IYKWIMAITTYD. Pepe knows. He knows.

  155. Jay,

  156. CoAlex, I know it has been hard for certain family members. In choosing to protect, it creates bigger problems. Trust. I still find it funny that most of my family scattered when it came time to bury my grandfather. Only a handful of us remained. Dan was there. He H8D my grandfather. He was there.

  157. I own valuable property in NM. Luna County sends me a tax bill every year for $7.

  158. Oso, did you go as an obligation, but also to make sure he was dead and planted?

  159. Creepy cartel country now, Vman.

  160. My grandfather paid $5 for it in the roaring 20’s. $7 a year sounds like I am being ripped off!


  161. Lippy, it was a combination. I went as a representation of his victims that couldn’t attend. I didn’t feel the need to spit or piss on his grave. I did clean the monument after a cousin commandeered the loader. The few that were shoveling basically said FTS and used the loader.

  162. Oso, I know. The trebuchet proving grounds used to have about 20 head of cattle. I learned that airing out the house wasn’t all that.

  163. I know Oso,
    Maybe I can sell tunnel rights to offset that hideous $7. They wouldn’t have to dig far and I mean $10 is a really good profit.

    Just kidding I can sell all the tumble weeds I can catch for a penny a hundred.

  164. Love you guys.

  165. The thing about molestation/incest is how isolating it is.

  166. Comment by PepeLp on October 20, 2015 11:19 pm
    Dairies between Cruces and El Paso used to be really bad.

    When I went to the Fiesta Bowl in Jan ’14 they were still there. Seemed like about 20 miles worth.

  167. There is a certain amount of shame involved.

  168. PG yep. We adopted the motto; Smells like money!

  169. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CYN!!!!!!

    (and Michael)

  170. (((hugs)))

  171. Local news story. School bus driver molesting illegal girl on bus. She was afraid to say anything, because of DREAMer status. My grandfather was a school bus driver. I have stories. Predators know prey

  172. We love you too, Oso.

    And I guess people can tell victims all they want that it’s crazy to feel shame, but they’re not the ones living with the violated body and soul.

  173. Hippo Bird Day Cynabuns!

  174. Happy birthday, Cyn!

    (I even had a reminder, then work.) Sorry!

  175. Cynnie! Happy Birthday!

  176. **sends a pitcher of margaritas, a pool boy, a masseur, that hot-lookin’ red nail polish, a new pair of coconut shells, and a pan of lasagna to Cyn**

  177. Lippy, I am pretty chill. I feel for the people that never have therapy. That still blame themselves. I know this sounds cray, but the people that weren’t violated can be just as fucked up as those that were. Why NOT me? What’s wrong that I wasn’t chosen?

  178. Wow.

  179. Yep. There is a jealousy there that makes no sense.

  180. Mmm, these are pretty good:


  181. Haha, love Pedro Martinez during post game. Never know what he’s gonna say.

  182. My mom wasn’t chosen. Both of her daughters were. There is a sickness there that she won’t explore.

  183. J’ames, I want Pedro and Pete Rose. Fuck Joe Buck

  184. Pete next to Frank Thomas is pretty funny. Frank is HUGE!

  185. I never knew how little Pete was. Frankly, Pete. I’d watch it

  186. He’s 5’11”! It’s just that Thomas is that big (6’5″)

  187. I remember when Dave Winfield was big!

  188. Group is a joke. Eating disorders are a joke. More about molestation/incest and control than magazine imaging.

  189. I don’t know a single gay of any gender in RL that wasn’t a victim of childhood molestation or rape.

  190. Not a fan of cops. Still pissed about the war on cops. Wish we could go “My bad” on 3rd and 4th QTR charges.

  191. Some years ago, my hairdresser told me that he and some of his friends decided in high school to go gay because they seemed to have more fun and were the cooler crowd. This was in response to me parroting that people are born that way.

  192. I wrote for luck, they sent me you
    I sent for derp, you give me poison
    I hold the line, you form the queue
    Try anything hard
    Is there anything else you can do?

  193. HHD is up!

  194. Thank you for the birthday wishes, gang

  195. Happy birther day, Sin.

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