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SUNDAY, OCT. 18                                                     

GAME                                          TIME/SCORE          TV

Denver at Cleveland                      1:00 pm                  CBS

Chicago at Detroit                         1:00 pm                  FOX

Houston at Jacksonville                1:00 pm                  CBS

Cincinnati at Buffalo                      1:00 pm                  CBS

Washington at N.Y. Jets                1:00 pm                  FOX

Kansas City at Minnesota              1:00 pm                  CBS

Arizona at Pittsburgh                     1:00 pm                  FOX

Miami at Tennessee                      1:00 pm                  CBS

Carolina at Seattle                         4:05 pm                  FOX

Baltimore at San Francisco            4:25 pm                  CBS

San Diego at Green Bay                4:25 pm                  CBS

New England at Indianapolis          8:30 pm                  NBC


GAME                                          TIME/SCORE          TV

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia            8:30 pm                  ESPN


  1. Thank you here’s your change come again have a nice day.

  2. Leon: Pull and bury the garden refuse in the compost pile. Same for the weedy edges, or as much as you can. It’s generally good garden hygiene to tear the stuff out and place it away from the garden if possible. If there’s any blight on the plants, that could get planted deeply and become a perpetual problem. Also the really bad bugs use the broken over twigs, the rootballs, etc as sites for overwintering. A clean garden is hard for them to overwinter in. And when you pull things up you often turn up bug cases that the birds will find. If you really want to till goodies in, oversow the clean ground with winter rye right now. It will come up and is a great soil conditioner and nitrogen booster in Spring.

    That said, do I often do this? No. Sometimes. I won’t be doing it to about half the garden this year, because it’s such a patchwork of empty beds and full beds (winter and spring harvest stuff).

  3. The only thing I freeze long term is Christmas fruitcake that my mom makes every year. It’s my Irish grandmother’s recipe and I was the only kid that liked it so when the cake is made she gives a hunk to my cousin and the rest to me. I wrap it in 3 layers: plastic saran type wrap on the cake, tin foil over that and then freezer paper with the date written on it. Since I only eat it during the winter with hot tea it tends to accumulate in the chest freezer. I’ve had 3 year old cake that tastes fine.

  4. Re: Steering Fish- The US very nearly developed a working pigeon guided missile.

  5. TiFW was apparently well enough to post this to FB 2 hours ago.


  6. Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon, TiFw

  7. Goodness, Teresa, Kick some MG and what not ass!

  8. Peace through Douche….good one, Cyn. Those were the days.

  9. I’m sorry that I caused people to worry. I’m fine. I came home in a foul mood last night and the people I normally vent to were all offline. It’s been a kind of shitty week, capped off by a shitty weekend.

    Gonna go get breakfast in a few minutes and then spend the day cleaning the house, going to the gym, mass, and homework.

  10. Here’s another flashback:


  11. Poat update with football junk.

  12. I use my Foodsaver all the time, it’s lasted me a lot of years. Plus I reuse the bags, and haven’t bought new ones.

  13. http://i.imgur.com/R962zzy.gif

  14. http://is.gd/myqoT2

  15. http://is.gd/YTlSee

  16. ^^^^

  17. i worked on a paving crew during college – lots of pot-heads and shroomers…

    when they were high on shrooms they were funny – when they were smoking dope (or worse – didn’t have any) they were a bunch of vicious asswipes..

    i still made fun of them either way

  18. time for soccer game


  19. WE all get down in the dumps sometimes, Colex. Even us happily married folks with great kids. An exhausting workout and maybe a bit of confession (don’t know anything about it as I’m not Catholic) ought to clear everything up.

  20. Said a prayer for you after I read it, Alex. Hope things improve.

  21. Thanks, Laura, sounds like the right plan. I’ll pull then add my finished compost and pasture soil mix.

    The swing and an animal documentary are entertaining her while I eat breakfast.

  22. Snow squalls.

    tt seems like were just swimming.

  23. Pendejo, you’re not actually wrong. Depression isn’t a sin, but Despair is. It’s a form of sloth, a sin against the virtue of faith. To despair is to feel that nothing is worth doing, which to believe that God has no purpose for you, which is to doubt.

    Confession could help, and certainly wouldn’t hurt, but that’s for Alex to discern, not me. I just remember hearing the above at some point and it has helped me.

  24. It has recently occurred to me…..that’s not quite true……I’ve recently been reacquainted with the fact, one which I’ve been slapped around with multiple times over the past few years. And that is this:

    Johnny Manziel is an exceptionally talented loser. He and Ryan Leaf will end up in the same Salvation Army shelter one of these days.

  25. He’s got the Jim Kelly gene.

  26. Didn’t Ryan Leaf already do a stint in prison for theft?

  27. Yep. Addicted to pain pills, he was following people home from doctors offices and breaking in to their med cabinets.

  28. Johnny being Johnny was fine in college against average talent. Not so much in the NFL.

  29. I bet your firewood was green Pupster. We always vow to buy a cord of wood in June to let it season in the garage over the summer. We end up getting it in late August every year. When the wood is first put in the garage the smell of freshly cut wood is overwhelming. Within a month or so you can’t smell it anymore. Needless to say it burns better at the end of the winter than it does now.

  30. Might be a good idea to shine a light up the chimney. We had a piece of mortar come down and block the damper from fully opening.

  31. I am really lucky I looked before the first fire in this house, the previous owner had stuffed it full of insulation.

  32. Wonderful


  33. I had a chimney guy come in and give both fireplaces a cleaning and inspection. The previous tenant stuffed a pillow in a garbage bag in the chimney for insulation.

    I’m splitting the firewood up into smaller pieces, it is something I like to do so everything works out. It’s red oak, but I can tell just by picking up a piece if its going to burn or smoke, the dry pieces are lighter, the green stuff is heavy as iron.

  34. Burn heretics. They hardly smoke at all.

  35. Does vodka and ginger ale have a name? Because it seems like a thing that could have one.

  36. I was looking for a debunking of “Cowspiracy” after arguing with a youtube vegan cultist, and I found this: https://landandlivestock.wordpress.com/2014/09/16/6-reasons-to-ignore-the-cowspiracy-and-eat-a-burger/

    Read the comments, he seems like a cool guy to whose newsletter I might inquire. He’d fit right in here.

  37. https://i.imgur.com/6tW9z3R.gifv

  38. Leon, loved his responses in the comments.

  39. I have an 8am class at work, so I need to get in at like 7. Might go to bed pretty early.

  40. Here’s another flashback:

    Xbrad, I could not stop laughing, well done.

  41. Jackie was a High Quality Woman, but could she make me a sammich? She never addresses that.

  42. My wife is watching episode 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    What a steaming pile of leftist shiite the first scene was.

  43. Worse Crime Against Masculinity: joggers or manpris?

  44. And I’m pretty sure I just saw two different guys wearing dresses. I don’t recall the trannies persisting into this show, so maybe that didn’t test well.

  45. Manpris, absolutely.

  46. Crapris on men are horrid. But then again so are joggers.

  47. There is an article linked from Drudge about the refugee housing problem in Germany. The writer of the column interviews 3 random refugees and gets two dentists from Iraq and an economist from Syria.

    That has got to be bullshit.

  48. Oh thank Heaven, I talked her into watching the cartoon Robin Hood with the foxes and such.

  49. That’s what I think of when I think of the average Syrian man on the street . Probably an economist

  50. He must have interviewed the only English speakers.

  51. When a man wears those sweatpants, doesn’t he basically have to pull his pants down to pee?

    Man-pris are pretty bad, but the image of a guy practically bare-ass at the urinal makes it a tossup.

  52. Never mind. Scott just came upstairs to tell me that those fabrics are stretchy enough to just pull down in front and whip out the hog.

    He even did a demo.

  53. haha, there’s a mentally challenged guy at basketball games that does that, laua. Still throws me for a loop, every time.

  54. Vodka and ginger ale is now known as a Comrade Leon.

  55. lol!

  56. Wait, what’s wrong with pulling your pants down like that at the urinal?

    H-have I been…this whole time…all these years?

  57. whip out the hog.

    that’s so funny, I want to hear Hotbride say it at a meat-up.

  58. HAHA

  59. That would be adorable.

  60. Glad you are okay, CoAlex. I’d set you up with someone if I knew any single women that hadn’t already converted over to crazy cat lady. Hang in there.

  61. Crazy cat ladies need love too. And the active toxoplasmosis infections make them frisky.

  62. Are you sure they don’t just make them eat Friskies? There’s a world of difference.

  63. *still chuckling over scott whipping out his hog*


  64. two dentists from Iraq …….

    Who the hell wants to go to a dentist from Iraq?

  65. Are you sure they don’t just make them eat Friskies? There’s a world of difference.

    A little of column A, little of column B.

  66. Not sure we want these to breed.

  67. And whatever you do, don’t let them get wet.

  68. PIGGEHS!

    I don’t think our HOA will let us have one of those.

  69. I am going insane. Mr. RFH is eating something, and his jaw is making an extraordinarily resonant popping sound with each chew.

  70. Oso’s grandpa http://is.gd/SfsdUo

  71. My jaw did that for about 10 years. I don’t know what brought it on or what stopped it.

  72. Bedtime. MMM @555.

  73. Thanks everyone. It actually wasn’t the dating issue so much as other stuff that came up this weekend. The dating comment just happened to be the one I responded to. Saturday night I went to a burlesque show that was meh, it was mostly hipsters and lesbians and way too crowded. There were probably three good acts the whole night. Then I ended up at another bar arguing politics with some idiot lib so by the time I got home I was miserable.

    I went out to dinner with my cousin on Friday night. The discussion turned to my sister and her decision to not invite mom to the wedding. Apparently she’s been telling people it was because she was abused by our stepdad and mom “knew about it and did nothing.” 1) I dislike that she’s putting this out there for everyone and 2) This is contrary to what I was told, which is that she blames mom for basically causing a child-services investigation of dad.

    I told my cousin this, and that the investigation started before mom met our former step-dad, and that it was based off things sis had said and details that she had. Cousin’s response? “Yeah, I can see that, especially if it was genetic or something, what with Grandpa and all.”


  74. Joggers are acceptable if you’re actually working out. Otherwise, no. Manpris are an abomination unto Nuggin.

  75. Oh, Lord. I was unpacking some moving boxes and just found my CD case filled with video games. There goes my Sunday evening productivity. Oblivion is installing as I type this…

  76. Alex, besides the show being “meh” how was the date with the woman?

  77. Okay, if nobody else is gonna say it, that goddamn fish car gif loads slower than Joe Biden deciding whether or not to run for president.

  78. Oh, THANK YOU, SEAN. I don’t post so I never say anything bad about content.

  79. Mare, no date. She already had plans previously made. I texted her on Thursday asking how her week went, and called today and left a message, but I’ve gotten no response. I figure she’s either busy, or simply not interested, so I’m not going to do anything more for the moment. I may give her a call in a week, if she doesn’t contact me before then, and give it one final shot.

  80. Our water heater shit the bed.

    Tomorrows agenda has changed.

  81. That’ll teach you to let it up on the furniture, scott.

  82. Scott,
    You gonna change the element, or the whole thing?

  83. It stopped working about 3 years ago. Our furnace preheats the water that feeds it so its been a Thermos. Today it became a leaky Thermos


  84. I’ll replace it tomorrow.

  85. Heh, love some of the Mets in winter gear for the playoff game tonight.

  86. I like Mark Twain, I am trying to read his Joan of Arc book, that several have recommended here, and I can’t.
    I am only on chapter 5, Joan is still a young girl, but it is dreadfully childish in tone. I have read enough Twain that I hear his voice and style but please tell me that as Joan ages so does the voice of the book. Please?

    When I am overwhelmed by the 3rd grade storytelling of the master storyteller Twain, I am reading “The Tudors: The complete story of England’s most notorious dynasty” by G. J. Meyer. So far it is not too bad

  87. Did anybody succeed in turning anybody else into a gay icon today?

  88. I think I killed it Sean, and no I did not.

  89. I think everyone is still stunned into silence from that weird play the Colts tried to run.

  90. I’m sorry my comment made you feel worse, COAlex.

    My sister said something similar to me “At least you knew what it’s like”. Yes it was glorious, but if it ends the pain is horrific and debilitating. So it’ll be some years before I can decide if it was worth it.

    One thing though: if you find it, don’t give up too much of yourself to keep it going. Ever.

  91. haha, boy did I drag the mood down.


    Good night my friends. I always wanted, on my deathbed, to be able to say that I lived. And I sure have. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

  92. If I could start again
    A million miles away
    I will derp myself
    I would find a way

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