New Saturday poat

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
nah never happen
quit barking
Halloween’s almost here, even though CT schools tried to drop it. (SES fodder for Wiser? I haven’t listened to last week’s show yet.)
hello again kitty
Trebuchet team will be here in a couple of hours, and the coffee is fresh. Have a good day.


  1. I’ll wakey wakey again here.

  2. Possum had a really small fever yesterday along with sniffles, so Mrs Caruthers stayed home, but she’s going to observe me doing most of the mom stuff all day. So today will still be awful.

  3. ^that doesn’t work.

    I’ve never seen it work.

  4. Related – but Erin is just the greatest little babysitter. She watches one of my co-worker’s kids – two- something and 9 months. The two-year old (she’s probably closer to 2 and a half) gets so excited when Erin comes. ANd erin loves babies.

    I knew she’d be a perfect babysitter.

  5. I’m going to go for a short run before work today – basically insuring that I’m ok (I’ve had a little intestinal thing going for two days). Last night at work was horrible – just cramping all night for no reason. I hope I’m through it – I ate nothing but crackers and rice last night.

  6. I don’t expect it to either, Carin, but I also didn’t want to try and care for the baby alone right as she’s recovering from a cold.

    Which she got from day care. Again.

  7. I was ready to kill one of the other daycare parents who brought their obviously sick child in to infect everyone else’s. She was holding her son over the garbage can outside the school as he was throwing up, and SHE STILL BROUGHT HIM INSIDE. “Oh, breakfast just didn’t agree with him.” No, you need to take him home. SMH.

  8. The best episode of Doctor Who EVER is the one where the doctor is with the Dad who has the baby (alone) for the first time ever.


  9. The best may be an overstatement. But it’s one of my favorites.

  10. Well, at the very least it will distract me from arguing with this youtube vegan I’ve been baiting since Thursday.

  11. It’s actually been edifying for me. I realized that “unsustainable” is just leftist for “this thing that you do that I want you to stop doing, even though I ostensibly believe that eventually you won’t be able to anyway”.

  12. My favorite part? The joke about Obama becoming a man.

  13. But the dog joke was pretty good too!

  14. Even better, Mare, it makes fun of Obama without a picture of him, so we can laugh at him without looking at his snooty face.

  15. Nailed it, Roamy! And his arch enemies are the ones making the joke!

  16. She fell asleep while we were watching a documentary about owls.

  17. Possum or your wife?

  18. Possum.

  19. 2 bottles down. Playtime on the floor. Napped. I’m kicking so much ass at this.

    Is that one radio show on today?

  20. Bottles? Why aren’t you breastfeeding? Slacker.

  21. Or did you down two bottles? That would make the day go faster…..

  22. It’s probably pumped breast milk, Pepe.

  23. Pumped breast milk. We’re watching honey badgers now.

  24. Fun drinky, MJ!
    Good show, Wiser!

  25. AOSHQ Lifestyle?

  26. Wow, is that a documentary of MJ’s life?

  27. Pumped breast milk. We’re watching honey badgers now.

    Did you add any to your coffee? Admit it, you did.

  28. Any of you Michiganders want to comment on this?

    Seems to me that you shouldn’t try and attack a sheriff’s deputy while driving without a license.

  29. 7 shots seems like a bit much.

  30. Colex, interesting that I was just arguing with someone about that. The kid just committed suicide by cop.

    Yes, you should know your rights and exercise them. But the really important thing is to KNOW your rights, not think you have rights you don’t.

    A police officer has to have a reasonable suspicion to detain you. But he doesn’t have to articulate that suspicion to you, but rather to the court.

  31. How many times was he hit?

  32. 7 hits to the torso.

  33. 7 shots seems like a bit much.

    Not at all. Contrary to movies, a bullet is rarely going to kill someone instantly, and in the confusion the officer is going to fire until he perceives the threat is stopped. He could easily get off seven shots in the space of a few seconds, and only then realize that the boy was down.

  34. Isn’t that one of the rules? Pull the trigger until you’re out?

    When you’re threatened, that is.

  35. I’m a little surprised he didn’t empty the mag.

  36. No, the rule is, fire until the threat is no longer a threat.

  37. Got it, xbrad. If the threat is still up, he’s still pulling.

  38. A jury will award them a pile of cash.

  39. It would think it would be easy to convince a jury that an unarmed kid is no longer a threat after being shot in the chest 6 times.

  40. The officer was struck in the head a number of times. There’s no way you’re going to be able to portray the kid as “unarmed” under those conditions. When someone is on top of you punching you in the head, he’s a dangerous threat.

  41. Well, it worked for Michael Brown. They portrayed him as innocent, when he was probably inside the car taking the cop’s gun.

  42. Ventura throwing really hard for the Royals so far. That shadow has to suck for hitters.

  43. better go shower, time to make the pizzas, for the Cyclones upcoming beatdown at the hands of the Horned Frogs.

  44. Did you add any to your coffee? Admit it, you did.

    No. Too sweet. As it is she drank all that I had on hand, so it’s a good thing I didn’t.

  45. Just read a TiFW update. She’ll be moving to long term care. 5-6 months. Her MG is complicating her recovery. Her daughter told Lisa to hold off on visiting. All Teresa does is sleep.

  46. Cyn, was the Haboob! In your area? I like saying Haboob!

  47. Thanks for the update, Oso.

    That’s a sad one on TiFW :(

  48. No haboobie today, but had a good one yesterday.

    Today it’s cracking with thunder and sprinkles of rain.

  49. *shoots scott 7 times with a lobstah gun

  50. The parents of the Ferguson kids got $33 million.

  51. Ugh.Long term care. That’s horrible.

  52. I can’t imagine

  53. I don’t think you can send flowers to someone in ICU, but maybe once she moves to long term care, we could send something.


  55. There were some astoundingly rude and stupid people at Mini-me’s end-of-season softball party. Mr. RFH gets brownie points for dealing with these people the entire season. I’m a bad mom, I only made it to two games.

  56. Flowers to the long-term facilities is a nice idea, Roamy, and I’m sure we have enough in the H2 Slush Fund. Also, what a shitty way to spend a birthday :(

  57. Dayum, watching Michigan/Michigan State. Refs keep making calls against Michigan. Better have security for them on the way out.

  58. When someone is on top of you punching you in the head, he’s a dangerous threat.

    Tell that to the Travon Martin worshipers.

    Sorry to hear about Teresa.

  59. I think Lisa is planning on visiting soon. I’ll keep you guys posted.

  60. I worked in the bakery today. I love the smell of fresh baked bread. And muffins. And cookies. And pumpkin pie! I had to deal with SNAP cakes though. Just once, I’d like the person picking up the cake to have an idea what they’re picking up. Grrrrr

  61. They’re not worried about it Oso…we’re picking it up for them!

  62. That reminds me of beasnness’s stories about people eating the whole cake and then demanding and getting a refund.

  63. I was at Home Depot today, Christmas crap is on display.

  64. We make them ok the cake at point of delivery. The level of stupid is strong. I make the Member fill out the order form. I’ve learned it is not a good place for me. The decorators think I’m so nice, but I’m screaming obscenities inside.

  65. Scott, did they have a bunch of Christmas wienerdog yard art?

  66. SPARTY!

  67. That punter better get the heck out of Ann Arbor.


  68. I was watching Lobo football and baseball. My FB page just exploded with Buckeyes talking crap and TTUN crying.

  69. Good evening, people who can stay out past the streetlights.

  70. ~waves at Sean~

  71. I noticed that the other day Scott. I forgot fire starters for the wood stove when I was there about a week or so ago and went back in for them. Halloween stuff was moved to a small section in the front with discounts in place already.

  72. We’re almost out of stock of all our Halloween/Harvest stuff. I’ve received so many Christmas books, I’m out of room and having to keep a pallet in the reserve steel.

  73. I have 7 cases of Christmas DVDs with no place to stock them!!!!

  74. I was blissfully unaware of how the MI/MSU game went. I was outside burning a woodpile and adding some handles to my well box.

  75. How’s Lil Possum feeling?

  76. Still a bit sniffly, but no fevers today. Just getting caught up, sorry Teresa isn’t doing better :(

  77. It was stupid for them to punt the ball.

  78. Yep. I’m ok with that.

  79. I turned off autocorrect on my phone. Rebel. Still get “Suggested” words. Lately, my phone has been suggesting acronyms. I was so happy.


    Look, I know I’m not your real Mom (you stupes don’t get it yet, that in fact I am your real Mom and I’ve been watching and judging you) but watch this Bill Whittle video because it’s so damn good.

  81. Also, COCK!

  82. hahaha, the phone and you are one!

    Now are you and Dan and MJ doing?

  83. Now=How

  84. I wish that fat, smelly, carcass, Rosetta would show up.

  85. Lately, my phone has been suggesting acronyms. I was so happy.


    I love you Oso, but your phone is a piece of shit.

  86. WTF, with Teresa?? 5-6 months LONG TERM CARE? Why in the world can’t she be at home?

    Man, if we aren’t grateful for our lives then there is no hope.

  87. 5-6 months??????????

  88. It sounds like she is having complications because of her MG. Her daughters don’t seem to be that worried.

  89. Lippy, MaryAnn actually snuggled with Dan Thursday night. We’re still trying to learn her voice/expressions. Gingy really had her cowed.

  90. One of the decorators asked me how my dog was doing. She’d heard Gingy was ailing. I gave her the bad news. Tears. Baker saw her crying. Found out about Gingy, tears.

  91. Mare, my phone correctly suggested ISWYDT and NTTAWWT I was so happy!

  92. My plumbing was disconnected for 3 months and I don’t have any of those other conditions.

  93. Her daughters seem to think it is about the MG. The breathing and blood issues are independent of the other issues.

  94. I don’t know that much about Myasthenia Gravis.

  95. Thanks for clarifying, Oso. All day we thought you meant Motherfucking Gluten.

  96. Well played, Lauraw, well played.

  97. I should have less chores tomorrow.

  98. Thanks for clarifying, Oso. All day we thought you meant Motherfucking Gluten.


    Ahhhh, LauraW nailed it. Seriously.

  99. Cool. Dan and I are both off on a Sunday. Weird. We are planning on running MA at the school and watching Football. We are trying to learn MA. She’s blossoming. Not quite so OCD.

  100. I’m serio-…

    I mean. Yes. I did play that well. Thank you for noticing.

  101. The Blossoming of Mary Ann.

  102. Sounds like a Judy Blume book.

  103. Mary Ann Spring.

  104. Huh, I thought of and wrote “Blossoming” before seeing that you did, Oso.

  105. Sounds like a Judy Blume book.

    Ew. Call me a troglodyte, but I just don’t want to read a book about a dog getting her period.

  106. Is Hotspur here? I want to tell him about a side-trip for his river cruise that was one on the best ever.

  107. Ha! We always let MA be Gingy’s dog. We didn’t want to mess up the pack.

  108. It might be about a dog having wet dreams. You can’t know until you get disgusted reading it.

  109. Gingy was a bully.

  110. Also to take a warm winter jacket — it’s freaking cold on the river and in the cities this time of year.

  111. So far this week, MA has moved up past the foot of the bed. She snuggled on the sofa with Dan watching TNF. YUGE!

  112. Ahh, that’s sweet to hear about MA gradually doing what she’s probably always wanted to do.

    *sneak sneak, rest head on knee*
    *sneak sneak, rest head on thigh*
    *eyes belly area*

  113. Lippy, she’s kind of a whiner. We’re still learning how to interpret her. She no longer gulps her food. She’s amenable to puppy pads. She’s still anxious around Dan. Gingy never let her close to Dan. It broke Dan’s heart that she snuggled with me. Gingy could GAS about me. MA is starting to like being an only doggeh.

  114. It was heartbreaking watching her look for Gingy the first few days. she’s still a little quirky and OCD, but she’s changing. (Dan thinks I made both dogs neurotic, by my quirkiness)

  115. Dan is in denial that Gingy was a bully/Alpha. He thinks MA was just cray cray from the beginning.

  116. Lippy, have you created a fake FB account to keep up with the rest of us, yet?

  117. Finally decided I’m getting a vacuum food sealer machine this week. Anybody have experience with these? I don’t mind spending a bit more for quality. I want it to last for several years and really do a good job saving my food. Advice appreciated.

  118. Laura: I have one but rarely use it (we quickly go thru all that we buy with two teen boys in the house).

    It is missing the much needed feature of having one of those suction tube things–that would be my advice.

  119. Gingy never let her close to Dan. It broke Dan’s heart that she snuggled with me. Gingy could GAS about me. MA is starting to like being an only doggeh.

    Oh so Dan wants all of the remaining dog too.

    Dan is in denial that Gingy was a bully/Alpha. He thinks MA was just cray cray from the beginning.

    Hmmph. Well, when MA snuggles with you, just say that he’s right, she must be cray cray. :)

  120. There are several different levels. Just like KA mixers. All about the motor. You really should look at mid level. Too cheap…loud and slow. Too $$$ more than you need. We carry the mid-level at the Club. WalMart does as well.

  121. Lippy, it is heartbreaking. MA has always been a bit high strung. She gets anxious with Dan. Work in progress.

  122. This is something I will probably use heavily, twice per month except in Summer.

  123. Laura,
    We’ve been looking at those, mostly from Cabelas.
    A friend of ours flys up to Alaska every year to fish.
    Catches Salmon, fillets, vacuum-seals, and freezes.
    Last forever, no freezer-burn.
    One we’ve been looking at has an attachment for canning-jars so you can dehydrate stuff(apples, pears, apricots, etc.), put into a canning-jar, and seal forever with no mold or decomposition.
    A hunter friend has one and uses it for elk, moose, and deer. Loses nothing to freezer-burn.
    Anita & I have no freezer, so that’s not a problem.
    We may make it a problem…

  124. Find out what the local Sam’s/Costco/BJs carries. That is the motor level you want. The Goldilocks.

  125. Laura, Mr. L had one and used it a lot. It did suck the air out and did a very good job of preserving food from a big cooking session. Beef, chicken, ham and salmon were what he used it for.

    He is fat and would carefully weigh each portion in order to keep up with the latest diet he was on. It was handy to be able to pull one out, heat it and add it to rice or pasta and BOOM! meal.

    I’ll ask him the brand.

  126. Food Saver 4825 looks like our offering. Approx 150$.

  127. My mom has a FoodSaver, laura. She gets a lot of use out of it, especially when buying stuff like meat and cheese at Costco.

  128. Crispy, I have been triple-bagging stuff for storing into the chest freezer. I save money by reusing the unsoiled outer bags once or twice. I’m not losing any food to burn this way, but I think a vac-sealer is probably more cost effective in the long run.

  129. lauraw, yes. no worries. No ice crystals. Portion control.

  130. OK. This is some information. Which I will process in the morning. THANK YOU!!! Please don’t ask your ex-husbands about food sealers on my behalf. It’s not that important.

  131. Shop the food saver dealies on Amazon then read the comments; I have found that they tend to be more realistic and meaningful than just generically searching out on the ‘nets for opinions on something I’m going to buy.

  132. Mid level food saver FTW. Check out the available accessories as well.

  133. Shop via the Amazon link here.

  134. Vacuum sealer accident:

  135. ^^ hate it when that happens :/

  136. 4 Indians from Octoberfest. German Catholics here know how to party.

  137. Please don’t ask your ex-husbands about food sealers on my behalf. It’s not that important.

    HA! We still have to email although less and less. Insurance, taxes, etc. I still get choked up over two years later and don’t date.

  138. Ha! Are you singing? Polka dancing?

  139. Did anybody have trouble looking at anybody else in quite the same way after seeing their bed under ultraviolet light today?

  140. Lippy, I love you. I’d so date you, if I was a guy.

  141. Right back atcha, Osita Bonita!

  142. Polka danced, no singing in Helen, GA two weeks ago. Tonight was the Chicken Dance and singing Ein Prosit. When it’s a guy named Manfred leading the singing…

  143. Although, I suspect that in the end I will realize that he did me a favor.

  144. Lippy, yes. In the mean time we love you lots.

  145. I’d hit it.

  146. In my mind, Former Mr Lippy is MiL,not quite there and pity time. I compartmentalize

  147. Chicken Dance with Manfred!! A lot of PA weddings have the Chicken Dance as obligatory. That and the Pennsylvania Polka.

    Now I have to go hit youtube for Pennsylvania Polka cause it’s in my head.

  148. Pennsylvania Polka reminds me of Groundhog Day.

  149. Go look up Texas Tornados. We can polka all night!

  150. One here is the Cupid Shuffle.

  151. It was the closest thing to a meatup – good food, a lot of happy drunk people, and a fair number of hugs.

    Squishy hugs and good night!

  152. G’night rocket chick

  153. We don’t really have polka here.

    Banda, on the other hand…


  154. Cause I found what this derp is searching for
    Here, right here, my dear, I don’t have to look no more
    And all of my days, I hoped and I prayed
    For someone just like you to make me feel the way you do

  155. Lippy, at least you had someone, if only for a brief period of time. Cherish that. It’s better than some of us, who’d be best off putting a pistol to hour heads and pulling the trigger.

  156. Jeez, I’ve been to a wedding party and wow, not that much to report. She a journalist. He a dear friend.

    me vs a hundred indans and more.

    I don’t like their chances

  157. live for the derp.

    All the time, Double

  158. My iPhone locked up and so I had to look at the internets to fix it.

    K pasta?


    Thats what happinin’

  160. and this

  161. why not?

  162. What river trip is Hotspur going on?

  163. Colorado Alex, are you feeling like you actually want to hurt yourself?


  165. hah

  166. hahah…gross

  167. I’m hoping that Alex’s comment was a one-off, late night/early morning sigh of loneliness.

  168. Yeah, but it would be nice if we had somebody close by in CO to go over there and flick him on the skull.

  169. Lauraw, I just saw where all foodsavers are on sale at Target:

  170. So, I bought a load of firewood yesterday, had our first fire last night watching OSU Football and I think I spent more time trying to get that shit to burn than I did drinking which is really saying something.

    It may have been seasoned like the seller said but it smoldered like fresh cut wood. It feels and looks dry, not a lot of cracking and hissing when it burned, but I’m guessing it was seasoned lying on the ground and not stacked under a tarp or roof. Also the fireplace is new to me and may not draft very well.


  171. Boys like their school, Pups? Wait, is just one in school now?

  172. This dog is awesome.

  173. Thanks Mare! I was sitting here looking through Amazon but decided once again against getting the foodsaver.

    One, I just don’t have the counter space and apparently a foodsaver that would be good for me is just honkin’ big.

    Two, even if I get a cheap one at around $100, plus the cost of the plastic rolls, i’s still too expensive.

    It would take me years to offset that amount of money with my regular bagging routine. I can get a box of 80 decent off-brand ‘ziplocs’ for three bucks right now. And I never see freezer burn, the way I do it. It just takes a little extra prep work. Since I have more time than money right now, I still can’t justify the $.


  174. Boy 1 graduated last year Mare, we are trying to find the right situation for him to start working.

    Boy 2 is a senior, we are still homeschooling so yeah his school is pretty awesome but his teacher is really bossy.

  175. Boy 2 is a senior, we are still homeschooling so yeah his school is pretty awesome but his teacher is really bossy.


    Two thumbs up!

  176. I read a review of the food savers that said the lower end ones aren’t very good at all. The better ones pulled a really high vacuum and worked well.

    *insert “your mom, high suction joke” here.

  177. Comment by Pupster on October 18, 2015 10:35 am
    This dog is awesome.


    I had to watch that a couple of times to get what I was seeing. Amazing. I have several questions.

  178. I may start canning, but unless I start hunting or doing meat livestock, I can’t see needing a foodsaver. The beef I buy comes from the packer that way.

  179. So, what do you do with all the plants in the garden when they’re, you know, done? Should I just take the last fruits and then turn them into the soil? The only perennial is the mustard, and I’m planning to yank that entirely anyhow.

  180. *yanking the mustard root*

  181. It’s big, thick, and spicy.

  182. I missed the Michigan-Michigan State game but pricked my ears up when you guys mentioned it. It’s obviously big news on the morning sports shows and I’ve seen the replays at least 10 times now. Overlooked in the news is the injury the kid got during/after the return for a TD.

    A traumatic hip dislocation with or without a concomitant acetabular or femoral head fracture carries with it a risk of avascular necrosis of the femoral head.

    tl/dr: that one play may cost him his hip, hopefully he just misses the rest of the season with a return to play next year.

  183. Laura, I use a big roll of saran wrap to wrap meat, then only bag once. The trick is to get as much air out as possible. It’s not perfect, but I have had good success.

  184. Pull and bury in the compost pile. Same for the weedy edges, or as much as you can. It’s generally good garden hygiene to tear the stuff out and place it away from the garden if possible. If there’s any blight on the plants, that could get planted deeply and become a perpetual problem. Also the really bad bugs use the broken over twigs, the rootballs, etc as sites for overwintering. A clean garden is hard for them to overwinter in. And when you pull things up you often turn up bug cases that the birds will find.

    That said, do I often do this? No. Sometimes.

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