Hello Mr. Crabs and Mrs. Tacos, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



IB Cat

H2 Dog

Your model for today is an actress who started out in soaps, music videos, then transitioned into slasher movies and finally got her big break in a tween hero movie. She has more than two beautiful, striking features that may or may not be real.

She was born to a pair of lawyers in New York City, her brother is an actor and her grandfather was a congressman from Connecticut. She’s about yay high and yay wide and weighs just enough to rock the boat.

She took her top off and waggled her sweater puppies in Woody Harrelson‘s face in True Detective which just re-enforces my belief that Woody is the luckiest man on Earth besides yours truly.

Please try and keep grandma from petting the possum long enough to welcome, Miss Alexandria Daddario!








  1. Heavy shit.

  2. Good find.

  3. Studying. Two exams next week.

  4. She’ll do.

  5. Tags were chosen at random, I’m guessing?

  6. Yesterday as a study break I started the process of packing away Summer clothes and taking Winter goodies out of storage. It actually felt good to pull some of my fluffywear out and think of snow.

    Currently am sitting here at my desk with a textbook and coffee, wearing super-snuggly-soffft fleece pajamas. Life is awesome except for the textbook.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. Good morning, blappies.

  9. I have deliveries to make.

    Today is going to kick ass.


  11. …aaaand now I am in my work clothes, about to go help Scott make a delivery.That was quick

  12. Well, she’s no Eastern European fatty, with possible ties to the tranny community in strange poses and depressing rooms but she’ll do.

  13. Pups, I don’t know what was going on in the “petting the Possum” gif, but I want to know, because it’s funny.

  14. Petting the Possum is kinda creepy. Ewww.

  15. I told the story about feeding the cats, didn’t I?

  16. Chuck Yeager 1, Speed of Sound 0

    Dave in Texas has the best headlines. And cheerleader pics.

  17. I am on my phone and can’t check, but I think she was in Burying the Ex. She had a scene in a bra that appeared to be losing the fight to contain her bodaciousness.

  18. Holy cow. This is an interesting article on John Kerry’s meeting with Lavrov.,Kdg1G,lCm3k

  19. Who here hates MJ?

  20. *Calls doctor; asks about elective surgery to have extra middle fingers installed*

  21. That is an amazingly accurate description of what happened during that meeting. Kerry’s pic at the end is priceless.

  22. Can’t decide if I should have the extra middle fingers installed on the adjoining knuckles to my existing middle fingers, or to just add them on, end-to-end, forming extra-long SuperBirds.

    Hmm. Would be really hard to use pockets, whichever way I choose. *sigh*

  23. But it would be worth it to forego pocket use. Think of all the times they would come in handy.

    Discussions with co-workers
    Watching debates
    Walking out of your last final for nursing school
    Family get-togethers
    Your dog

  24. Oh, and all of MJ’s comments.

  25. Puppeh, you magnificent bastard.

  26. Getting cold in the next few overnights. I need to pick out my squash vines and pull up the peppers. Then ready sheets and plastic for the chard and carrots.

  27. Oh, and all of MJ’s comments.

    Well, yeah. Obviously you can see why this is so important.

  28. I have no idea why you people tolerate me.

    I can’t believe I haven’t been banned yet.

  29. Well you are banned at H5.

    oops. I’ve said too much.

  30. You morons clicked an imgur link.

    From MJ.

    After a comment about a good article.

    You deserved it. I mean he didn’t even obfuscate the destination. No sympathy here. Nada.

  31. Why are you attacking the victims, Leon?

  32. *books appointment with surgeon*

  33. Lauraw – we’ll get our revenge on Leon for his insensitivity.

    He’s going to be a single dad this weekend. ANd not the fun kind – who takes the kids out to eat and movies etc to buy their love.


  34. I gotta drive to Detroit in a bit.


  35. I’m going to just put Possum in the mobi wrap and go see if pretty girls at the mall hit on me while I’m walking around with her.

  36. Look, leon is #1!

  37. I love Alexandria Daddario. She would bear me many healthy sons.

  38. Comment by Car in on October 16, 2015 11:26 am

    I gotta drive to Detroit in a bit.

    Do you need any help installing the steel plates over your windows or someone to man the machine gun?

  39. Jay, how much weight have you lost since yesterday?

  40. Car In’s goin’ cruisin’ in Motown….

  41. 1 pound, thanks for asking.

    Most of that from tequila last night, and dehydrating.

  42. I can’t drink while dieting. The hangover completely ruins my will power and then one thing leads to another and next thing you know my shit’s headed in the opposite direction.

  43. I drink occasionally now, but I always do liquor in soda. I still dry out a bit, but no hangover.

  44. Gonna count the Bernie stickers I see. One so far

  45. Cobo hall looks nice

  46. Only one? In Detroit?

  47. Obama seems like a nice guy. I really like the way he’s able to brush of criticism because he’s confident in his intellect.

  48. The petting the possum lady is currently my internet heroine of the day.

  49. Jay, do you fit into your Junior prom dress yet ?

    Dont lie. We know you’ve at least tried it on.

  50. i didn’t get invited to the Junior Prom!

    *cries, runs out of blog, waving stick arms, slams door.

  51. I asked a girl to junior prom and she didn’t even hesitate to say no.

    So I banged your mom instead.

  52. Obama seems like a nice guy. I really like the way he’s able to brush of criticism because he’s confident in his intellect.


    Nailed it.

  53. ahahshzhahakahahahahagajadsghaajad!!!

    You fucher!

  54. Today Laura starts a round of clinicals at a mental hospital.

  55. Like clinical tests? I hope they figure out what’s wrong with her.

  56. Our long national nightmare has ended: Lamar Odom has emerged from his coma. Word has it he gave a thumbs up and asked for a Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burrito with Flamin’ Hot Fritos and a Pepsi.

  57. Today Laura starts a round of clinicals at a mental hospital.

    I hope they have cleared their docket for the next couple weeks.

  58. Psych nurses are a special breed. Most nurses say they’d rather pet a rabid weasel than do psych nursing. The patients, oh sorry, “clients”, need good nurses.

  59. I hated my psychiatry rotation in school. The only thing I remember about it was going for walks with a guy just diagnosed with schizophrenia who was now stable enough on meds to go outdoors unsupervised. The other student on the rotation was a friend of mine who actually did go into psychiatry which was good because I didn’t blow off clinic attendance and leave him in the lurch.

  60. Three years later I started moonlighting at a psych hospital and kept at it during my residency. Duties were few and the pay was decent for doing next to nothing. Every once in a while I’d go in on Friday at 7 PM and leave Monday morning at 5 AM and make $35/hour the whole time. The hospital had a big campus and I’d walk around for hours with a pager on my belt and a big ass cellphone which was the style at the time.

  61. Lauraw has been able to witness several types of psychosis here. It’s a great jumping off point.

  62. My (overly dramatic) sister said to me in a phone conversation today:

    “If I have to hear one more thing about those Kardashians I’ll shit all over the floor!”

    Me: Well, okay, everyone has their own way of dealing with things, but I agree, they are a plague upon this Country.

  63. I could actually start a blog just listing the funny (crazy) stuff my sister says.

    It’s kind of like that one, “Crazy Shit My Dad Says.” Only there’s more crazy involved.

  64. “Psych nurses are a special breed. Most nurses say they’d rather pet a rabid weasel than do psych nursing.”

    my wife loved all of her clinical rotations – she was never trepidatious about rotations until the second psych visit.

    evidently psych crazy is fer realz

    she said there were big muscled guys that would follow the nursing students around “just in case”

    i’ve since become friends with one of her co-workers’ husband, who is a psych nurse – he loves it. After the Marine Corps he met his (nurse) wife and decided to give nursing a go…. he’s a funny fukker

  65. The author of that article is a cutie-pie.

  66. Jam, that is an excellent piece.

  67. Greetings, people who don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too.

  68. Monday is generally veiny. Wednesday not so much. Friday not at all. Tuesday and Thursday are generally nondescript.

  69. Big Veiny Rack Friday would probably have a somewhat limited appeal.


    “Catch of the year” award contender

  71. It’s a Stanfurd player making the catch. Your argument is invalid.


  73. This is interesting: *

    *no riot police were anally raped

  74. maps are rayciss


  76. Skate rape is not a laughing matter

  77. BASEBALL!!!

  78. CURLING!!!


  80. Oso, I have watched a ton of baseball today, almost 15 minutes.

    It has improved.

    When did they eliminate the spitting and ball scratching?

  81. They’re in the process of speeding up the game. No tobacco products in the dugout eliminated most of the spitting, other than sunflower seeds. I don’t know about the ball scratching. Enos Cabell was notorious for it.

  82. Bold Prediction: The team that wins the World Series this year will wear blue baseball caps.

  83. Stepping out of the box

    adjust balls
    redo gloves
    adjust balls
    redo gloves


    They eliminated that.

  84. JAJAJA!

  85. I’m laughing at both comments. Mike Hargrove used to take forever!!!

  86. Baseball. New pitcher, go to commercials while he warms up, at least 5 minutes. Come back, 5 pitches, new pitcher, go to commercials…….

    Are they still doing the focus on pitcher…..switch to batter…. back and forth camera thing? Just throw the goddamn ball.

  87. Peletonia???

  88. The batter is 27 for 89 against left handers in the month of October when wearing different colored socks and with his left pinky painted blue…….



  91. Shhh…Dan might hear and change the channel away from the ballgame.

  92. The ballgame will still be on in 4-5 hours.

  93. Who gives a shit about the ALCS? Buncha moosehumpers and Kansas City faggots.

  94. Phat, if you’re around tonight I’m in Denver for dinner and could probably meet for drinks after.


  96. *spits*



  98. I don’t know what’s better–the otter, or the otter caption.

  99. Otter caption


  101. I just watched a few Milo Yiannopoulos videos.
    The dude is flamboyantly gay and flamboyantly British. He is awesome.

  102. I love how no one gives a shit about Dan Rather’s lying sack. Even CBS is banning ads on their network for that POS movie TRUTH. Via Drudge.

    Oh, and if Robert Redford hasn’t already licked my balls, he may commence NOW.

  103. And Mare has very big balls.

    With respect Mare, I don’t want to offend your stainless steelness.

  104. Did anybody figure out that the childhood sense memory they were always picking up from anybody else was the smell of Vienna sausages today?

  105. Any update on TiFW?

  106. Nytol…

  107. Roamy, I still haven’t seen any updates on FB

  108. I asked for an update on the one where two of her daughters are tagged. The last update was Tuesday, and they said she was in ICU. 😦

  109. Wow. I just saw Lisa’s post. I just PM’d Lisa’s hubby. He works with Paul.

  110. Hope TinFW is okay. Yikes.

  111. The lack of updates is kind of disturbing.

  112. Heading home. Next weekend.

  113. soon to head to a darkling wood

  114. If I only had a dollar
    For every song I’ve sung
    Every time I had to derp
    While people sat there drunk
    You know, I’d catch the next train
    Back to where I live
    Oh Lord, I’m stuck in Lodi again

  115. Old load eye.

  116. Wakey wakey.

    Prayers for TiFw.

  117. New poat.

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