Fall Bitchez

Fall is a wonderful time of year. Less heat and humidity, fewer bugs, harvest time festivals and traditions. Football!

Fall in Vermont

Fall in New Mexico

Fall in Iowa

Fall in California



  1. Oldest boy missed the bus. Paula is off driving him to school. I could hear her cursing at him halfway down the driveway.

  2. She should have sold her to Michael.

  3. my daughter makes my other daughter late for school just about every day.

    THis shit is going to end.

  4. I need one of those ristras from the New Mexico pic, so cool.

  5. Anyone get a freeze yet? Ours might be coming this weekend.

  6. That’s a nice granola pic from California, what with all the fruits and nuts.

  7. Tamest pic of CA I’ve seen in a while.

  8. Our freeze is supposed to be on Sunday.

  9. We have a first frost on Saturday night. I have until then to get handles on the well box and get it back in place over the pump.

    Also I’m a single father this weekend. It will be a disaster.

  10. Listening to Prager review the dem debate is priceless.

    The term “non-sequiter” was used a lot. That’s how dems answer questions.

  11. We’re supposed to get wind gusts in the 40s and 50s tonight. We’ll see. No ristras at our house. Dan just has a bag of pods in the pantry.

  12. First frost? Bah! We’ve got skiing!


  13. I really think it’s courtesy of aggressive snow gun use and promotion efforts to be the first to open and last to close. We’ve had a great fall so far and they’re talking maybe light snow in the mountains and up north in The County this weekend.

  14. We’ve had a few light frosts but not a hard frost yet. My A/C is still in the window and needs to be removed before heating season. We need to get the hoses drained (sywm) and I need to winterize my bee hive if they’ll have a chance to overwinter. They had a swarm in July and the colony may be weak. Fucking bees.

  15. It was in the 80s yesterday. High tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s. We can’t say “Indian Summer” anymore. Natives are really getting on my nerves.

  16. There were quite a few nice fall pictures from CA. Aspens in the mountains, that type of thing. Didn’t fit the narrative though.

  17. winterize my bee hive

    I didn’t know you had that much hair.

  18. I’m making it seem like a big deal but it really boils down to putting the entrance reducer on, a little box on top with sugar candy for them to eat and absorb moisture and then put some hay bales around it. The biggest hassle is getting the bee suit on and moving around in it.

  19. What do Pirates drink for breakfast?

  20. Aaaaarrrrrnnnge Juice.

  21. Indian Summer

    -good Doors song

  22. Jimebro?


  23. I’m too chicken shit to do a beard of bees. I scream like a school girl when I think I’ve got them all off my bee suit and discover I was wrong midway through removing it. I’ve read countless stories about people tending their hives without protective gear on and believe that these people are either liars or insane.

  24. I was thinking more along the lines of this bee suit:

  25. Bee pictures make me itchy.

  26. Just when you think you’ve heard about every fetish out there. Ladies and gentleman, I give you “cake crushing”:


    This is actually a follow up story where a so called expert crusher distinguishes the real deal from what the amateurs were doing.

  27. That was a cute video when it came out Carin. By now that girl is an adult. Hopefully she’s normal and not some strung out Coke whore.

  28. The singer did of a cocaine overdose at the ripe old age of 28. Had a young child.

    Honestly … people are just …

  29. Normal as the average American:


  30. If I need a source of sugar I’ll just plant beets. Keeping bees appeals to me not at all.

  31. I’ll listen to the Izzard man later. Time to workie workie.

  32. *secretes propolis in Leon’s coffee*

  33. I love the feel of buttercream on my ass.

  34. Who doesn’t.

  35. For the next Meat-Up, I’m bringing a cake!

  36. Sit on it Potsey.

  37. Does beasn know about this cake thing? Or is she somehow involved?

    We should investigate. Then make up stories no matter what we find out.

  38. It’s kinda yucky outside and I have things that need to be done “out there.”


  39. Get some coffee, and mull over your decisions. Sit down while you do it. Turn on the TV.

    Better yet, get on the internet!

  40. “Does beasn know about this cake thing? Or is she somehow involved?”

    it would seem she does & is:

  41. Anyone get a freeze yet? Ours might be coming this weekend.

    I’m hearing the same here. Outlying areas…which we’re considered..may be getting one.

  42. Also, gaging by my gut, it’s coming.

  43. I have stuff I can do indoors too.


  44. my daughter makes my other daughter late for school just about every day.

    When I was doing my student teaching, in order to use my dad’s car to get there (he worked nights so the car was available), I had to drive my younger sister to the bus stop each morning. It was two blocks up the street FFS but my parents thought she was an easy target because blonde hair (they never had such concern for their two brunette daughters). Anyway, each morning I’m yelling at her ass to get a move on because her school was waaayyy out of my way and I also didn’t have that many hours of driving under my belt to be stressed out and trying to beat the bus to the bus stop.

    Every damn morning, at the intersection of where the bus stop was, here I am and here comes the bus.

    (the first two weeks of student teaching I had to live with my older sister, because my dad didn’t want me using his car. She micromanaged my every move to the point of being abusive…so that my parents caved and let me use their car.)

  45. but my parents thought she was an easy target because blonde hair (they never had such concern for their two brunette daughters)

    Master race, and all.

  46. I killed something like this in my office today:


  47. Probably, Jay. It was ridiculous. At least once or twice a week I had to put up with creepers wanting to show me their junk on my way to school and in the summer, when I had to be at work at 5:30 am, I was skeered enough that I ran half the way down the middle of the road – which was through a park.

  48. And no, I do not crush cake with my ass.

    * appreciates the picture of the guinea pig which I wouldn’t sit on either*

  49. WoOT! Mr. Beasn is on his way home. He had meetings in Oso’s city and spent the night in Colorado Springs (to visit with an old teammate). Had I gone, I might have done two meat-ups.

  50. Ace doesn’t really write much anymore, huh?

    That’s too bad.

  51. Comment by Colorado Alex on October 15, 2015 11:20 am
    I love the feel of buttercream on my ass.
    Comment by Cyn on October 15, 2015 11:30 am
    Who doesn’t.



  52. Ace doesn’t really write much anymore, huh?

    not in the mornings, he’s up too late on twitter

  53. Anyone get a freeze yet? Ours might be coming this weekend.
    Our high today will be a cool and pleasant 103.

    Because autumn.

  54. “-http://is.gd/1a9SQu-”

    must be a big-ass orifice

  55. Well, I got the answer that I was waiting for. It just wasn’t the answer I wanted.

    Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed. You may now uncross them.

  56. de tails?


  57. I was in the running for a full-time job as a software support engineer for a great company. would have made triple what I am currently making with all 4 of my other part-time jobs combined.

    Would have involved some selling, but mostly to current clients. Also some travel, but nothing like I used to do. Mainly software support, which is where I started 20 years ago.

    They offered it to someone with more experience trouble-shooting computers and networks.

    Guess they didn’t think my experience in building, installing and supporting computers and informally managing networks almost everywhere I’ve worked could legitimately be considered experience.

  58. Jewstin! Get out of the kibble!

  59. Gah. I’m trying but I’m really getting very little done.

  60. Aww, that sucks, wiser. I’m sorry.

  61. Sorry to hear that, wiser. You’d be a natural at that job!

  62. Bummer wiser.

    Go sit on a cake. IT will make you feel better.


  63. Honestly a fight with my daughter really has made me low-energy for the day.

  64. Aww, that sucks, wiser. I’m sorry.


    I almost actually thought I might actually honestly have a fucking shot at finally getting back on fucking track with an actual fucking job.

    Don’t exactly know who I thought I was fooling with that kind of ridiculous optimism.

  65. Sometimes these setbacks occur before getting another chance.

    *fingers crossed again

  66. You’d be a natural at that job!

    yeah, I thought so too.

    But then I sit back and think “hire me?? Who the fuck would hire me?”

    And then it all makes perfect sense.

  67. We had 3 overnight frosts in a row, 3 weeks ago.
    Killed everything in the garden.
    We live in a very tiny micro-climate area, 5 – 7 degrees colder than anything 1.5 miles from here.

    Scanner call, yesterday:

    Four medic-units to an elementary-school for bee-stings (I bet they were wasps).
    Eleven kids stung and the poor teacher that was trying to herd the children back inside got hit more than twenty times…

  68. Well, Mr. Wiser that is a damn shame.

    Something will turn up. I hear that the world is shy about 10,000 air traffic controllers.
    Make friends and influence aircraft for fun AND profit.

    Ax me how.

    (axing me how in now way implies that I will respond.)

  69. sorry to hear it wiser –
    i’m with jay, i’ll keep mine crossed for you

  70. Teh Chumpinator has a point – you’ve got the radio thing down, so how hard can atc be?

  71. And then it all makes perfect sense.

    Yeah, the obama economy is f*cking everyone up the ass.

  72. “Adjust course to 137 and drop to 5000 feet. And now the sweet sweet sounds of Dr Funk and the Mayhem Mansion.”

  73. Damn it, Wiser, didn’t they know who they were talking to?….WISERBUD.


  74. Yikes, ChrisP!

    Speaking of wasps, it is funny watching them as the weather turns cold. They walk around on the ground like they’re drunk.

    Though they do get more aggressive as the season ends.

  75. “United 1542, you’re caller number nine. Congratulations on winning a dinner for two a Arrivederci’s Italian Bistro.”

  76. Air Traffic Controller? Look up Kennedy Steve on Youtube.

  77. You moms are willing to do atc, but it costs extra.

  78. Damn it, Wiser, didn’t they know who they were talking to?….WISERBUD.

    I think you’ve nailed it.

  79. xb i read your post on that – he’s good

  80. I hear that the world is shy about 10,000 air traffic controllers.

    Oh cool. A career with the highest level of stress-related divorce and suicide and alcoholism/drug abuse than any other.

    Hell, I’m over-qualified for that!

  81. Very good, Colex.

  82. fuck it. I’m hitting the liquor store and getting a jump on the weekend.

    What time does the game start?

  83. Hell, I’m over-qualified for that!


    How about “exotic” dancing for elderly females? Or phone sex worker? You have the voice for it.

    Look, I’m trying to be helpful.

  84. Jam2 that Sweden deal is disgusting. Not a big fan of that “faith”.

  85. Or phone sex worker?

    I hesitate to turn my hobby into a job. That tends to take all of the fun out of it.

  86. Sorry about the job, Wiser.

  87. Cyn, can you remember how you/I fixed the “have to constantly login for each comment” problem? It started this time when I went into POL.

  88. Sorry Wiser, something good will come along.

  89. Good point, Wiser.

    Will continue to cross fingers for a new opportunity.

  90. Look at the bright side, Wiser. Had you gotten that new job, you might have to quit the music store gig, and then think about the children. You would be abandoning the children. You don’t hate children, do you?

  91. vile culture coming to a city near you:

    It is rayciss and intolerant for not respecting ‘other’ cultures or even speaking about it.

    Sweden is lost.

  92. 8:07 Eastern on TBS

  93. Will continue to cross fingers for a new opportunity.

    Thanks, everyone.

    I’m kinda feeling like I got punched in the gut here. I really thought I had a fantastic shot at this.

  94. I hit a personal best this year. Of course I filed for a six month extension, but instead of filing my taxes on Oct 15 as usual, I was done filling on Oct 11.

  95. We’re at MiL. She’s “Helping” Dan in the office. I can hear him trying to get her to sit and visit with me.

  96. Probably makes more sense than Shoq and Oliver Willis:

    An Australian Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter

  97. I’ve been watching some of the riot pictures from Stockholm. ROPers are burning cars and attacking people.

  98. Mare, try this linky:

  99. Oso, yell “I’m heading to Starbucks. Be back later!” and loudly shut the front door and see how Dan reacts.

  100. I’m keeping my fingers cross for something even better, wiserbuns.

  101. Hope you get a break soon, Wiserbub.

    That feeling of really wanting something, then getting the call that you aren’t getting it, really blows.

  102. Hang in thete, Wiser.

    God gives the greatest burdens to those He knows are strong enough to take it.

    He can be a dick sometimes.

  103. Know who is getting it?

  104. I’ve been watching some of the riot pictures from Stockholm. ROPers are burning cars and attacking people.

    Again? Same shit, different day.

  105. Thanks, Cyn.

  106. Know who is getting it?

    nope. I got through two rounds of interviews.

    Guess I just didn’t have what the wanted.

  107. That feeling of really wanting something, then getting the call that you aren’t getting it, really blows.


    So true, Hotspur.

  108. think I found the theme for my bumper music this weekend.

  109. Blows and sucks but not in a good way.

  110. She’s probably hot.

  111. Comment by scott on October 15, 2015 3:19 pm
    She’s probably hot.


    Yeah, there was probably blowing and sucking going on.

    You blew your shot *cough* wiser.

  112. Cyn, I think I need to clear my cache again.

    (and not in a good way)

  113. Just make sure you clean up after yourself, mare.

    And light a match.

  114. Are global warming fanatics, fascists? Psychos? Religious fanatics looking for some thing to believe in? Mentally deficient? Control Freaks?

    All of the above?

    It’s absolutely crazy the whole damn thing. How did we all get so stupid? PBAs in our plastic? Lead poisoning? Mercury? (My strong first choice) TV?

    All of the above?

  115. We got stupid because “they” got control of education.

  116. Well. I did laundry. Cleaned the kitchen. Went to crossfit. Cleaned the chicken coop.

    I think that’s ok.

  117. Oh, forgot that one, Carin. You are correct!

  118. Did clearing work, Mare?

  119. Veddy nice Thor, Jimbro.

  120. mare the reset is going to leave a mark –

    a big one

  121. Cyn, what’s the latest on the cow on the freeway yesterday?

  122. Two-for-One steaks at Texas Roadhouse today.

  123. No, it didn’t Cyn. Don’t know my next move. Nuke my computer and start over again?

  124. http://is.gd/heoqZf

  125. Texas Roadhouse is really good…

  126. I don’t think I can eat 2 steaks.

  127. Mare – Try going to en.gravatar.com to log out, blow your cache, then go back to the WP linky to log in.

  128. “blow your cache”?

    I thought this was a family-friendly blog.

    ANd I don’t think Mr Mare is going to approve.

  129. Cyn, what’s the latest on the cow on the freeway yesterday?

    She made it home safely and is now trying to figure out how to re-log-in to her account here at the Hostages.

  130. I love that drivers were advised to “steer clear.”

  131. Moooooooooooooooove

  132. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 15, 2015 4:14 pm

    I don’t think I can eat 2 steaks.

    But can you eat 50 hard-boiled eggs?

  133. Thanks Cyn, I did something similar but will follow your instructions to the letter.

  134. Did what you did work, Mare? If so, that works for me!


  135. This is a test….a test to see if I’m going to take a baseball bat to my computer.

  136. I’m testing my test. And possibly wiser’s testies.

  137. FU computer world!

  138. Oh, damn forgot to do the drinking part. Be back in a minute.

  139. Okay, now testing my internal fortitude.

  140. Huh, now testing the strength of my depends.

    YOU MOFO!!!!!

  141. testes


  142. (Wondering if this will embed…)


    (also, you’re welcome)

  143. Okay – it didn’t. Cool.

    ^^^ Also, prolly NSFW (language, but this is H2) ^^^

  144. Thanks, Cynnabuns.

  145. Jimbro, I was going to go in and change my spelling but the work to sign in again was wearing me down.


  146. Cyn, that ozzy review shit made me laugh like a retard eating skittles. Thanks.

  147. PG – It was good for a giggle!

    MARE – try logging in at this spot: https://wordpress.com/wp-login.php

  148. Mare – I went back and looked at the last time WP was being a bitch to you and this should be the fix, if you’ve logged out everywhere else.

  149. Can we all get a “log mare out” key, just for those dead days when nothing is going on?

  150. Did you lose yours from the last rollout Jay?

  151. Okay, here goes.

  152. Looks like you’re still in gravatar… you might have to log out of there

  153. Is it plugged in, mare?

    Try plugging it in.

  154. Cyn, If we were at a bar and Chris Hemsworth was eyeing us from across the room, and then the bartender brings us drinks and he says, “these are from Thor”, I would toast to your health, encourage you to walk over and thank Chris and then I’d flirt with the ugly guy next to me to prove I’m not kidding.

    *I know that sentence is long, but it had to be.

  155. Cyn, I’ve logged out of there 3 times. It was a simple fix last time, I just can’t remember what I did.

  156. RE: Chris Hemsworth; I love you too, mare :)

  157. Cyn just posted Dan’s weathersource. He watches more spanish language TV than Leon.

  158. Mare – I think you got it now!!

  159. Your comment at 5:28 doesn’t show the gravatar linky in the admin’s comments page. You May Have Done It!!1!

  160. *Types with shaking hands (and not from the booze).

    *Slowly moves mouse to post comment.

    *takes a big gulp (of air).

  161. Testing

  162. Well…. we’re waiting!

  163. YEAH!!!

    *never goest to POL again*

  164. Woo Hoo??


  166. Our weatherman looks like Pee Wee Herman, I want to trade. That chick would be way better to wake up to.

  167. Dan is a wise man. You don’t need to speak the language to appreciate a warm front.

    I’m sure there’s enough Chris for Mare and Cyn to share. Or jello-wrestle over.

    1. Log out of Hostages in all opened tabs or Tabs
    2. Log out of Gravatar at en.gravatar.com
    2.♤ Blow the cache!
    3. Log in only at https://wordpress.com/wp-login.php
    4. Then go to Hostages
    5. Drink

  169. Got it and took a screen shot!!

  170. *drinks*

  171. Brent’s going on a RedState vidcast? He’s making the rounds!

  172. Write that down on the same sheet you keep all your passwords on, mare.

  173. Wait, I forgot to add “blow the cache” step!

  174. Fixted

  175. Wait, I forgot to add “blow the cache” step!


    imagines a day of mare-despair 6 months hence…

  176. Auburn@Kentucky sounds better than 5-0 Falcons at 1-4 Saints.

  177. Auburn vs Kentucky should be a damn good game.

  178. I had to drive around all day http://is.gd/AfpmwQ it was horrible.

  179. **cough**new tab**cough

  180. Pretty trees.

  181. hahahaah….Lord, I hope I don’t need a new tab to deal with my login issues.

    Xbradtc, for some reason that makes me want to hug you instead of punch you in the private area.

  182. Scott, you’re living the life. Selling other people’s junk for a tidy profit, driving around looking at fall trees, Smoking crap (to eat), soon to have a wife who can get a good paying job anywhere!


  183. I’m having a Wiser kind of day. Contractor estimated between $10K and $20K of water damage behind the siding. I am taking a break from clearing out Mini-me’s closet – he says there is possibly subfloor damage there and wants to pull back the carpet to check and make repairs next week.

  184. Xbradtc, for some reason that makes me want to hug you instead of punch you in the private area.

    You can compromise and hug my private area.

  185. Huh, now I want to punch your private area.

  186. Raomy, what the heck???

  187. When we built this house, we stupidly chose EIFS or fake stucco. If water gets behind the siding, it has nowhere to go, so it rots the wood. There is rotted wood under every window and every gutter seam. We were part of a class action lawsuit where they monitored the moisture and made repairs. We now need a new roof on the house and figured, fuck it, let’s rip this shit off and get something we won’t have to worry about. Probably should have done that sooner.

  188. Mare, I posted a pic of some of the damage on Saturday.

  189. That is serious suckage, Roams.

    At least it’s being handled now while the GC is there and you don’t have to bring him back out.
    /silver lining and whatnot
    /fuckit, here’s a giant margarita honey

  190. Will homeowners insurance help?

  191. The “insurance” from the class action suit *should* pay some of it. The last time we had it repaired, they paid about half. Mr. RFH sent 17 photos and an inspection report off to that company last night.

  192. But it can’t hurt to ask.

  193. What if it caught on fire?

  194. Yes, Roamy; it can hurt to ask. If you can have a hypothetical conversation with your agent, that would be best.

  195. /takes of adjuster’s hat and puts on bartender’s apron for jello shots all around

  196. Making a claim virtually ensures that you’ll overpay in future dollars for today’s repair.

  197. ~Waves~ Jumps up and down* Jello shots! Here! Me! Me! Me!

  198. BTW Harvest Patch Shandy is pretty good for a Pumpkin flavored beer.

  199. Note taken, Cyn. My dad told me to file a claim on the roof, and I thought the roof was old enough to be not worth it.

  200. Making a claim virtually ensures that you’ll overpay in future dollars for today’s repair.

    Depends on the claim. The water-related structural ones can be dicey for coverage, especially when it comes to rot, mold, mildew etc. It doesn’t look good on your loss runs if you file a big loss that gets denied for coverage.

  201. If you have storm damage to the roof, yeah, file a claim for sure, Roamy.

  202. Roamy that sucks. Anyone have a link to the damage pic? I do fake doubles on Saturday …

  203. I move that we let Yanet Garcia be a BBF specimen one of these days. Can I get a segundo, por favor?

    1. Log out of Hostages in all opened tabs or Tabs
    2. Log out of Gravatar at en.gravatar.com
    2.♤ Blow the cache!
    3. Log in only at https://wordpress.com/wp-login.php
    4. Then go to Hostages
    5. Drink”

    I’m not having any sign-in issues so I went straight to step 5. Is that ok?

  205. I thought it was Yanet’s boonda that was getting all the views?

  206. Yes

  207. Oso,

    Probably so, but I did notice that she’s not totally deficient in the rackage.

  208. BTW Dan picked up Gingy’s cremains and the plaster cast paw print yesterday. We didn’t expect the lovely carved box. Glad she’s home. My bully Gingy would never let MA snuggle with Dan. EVER!!! MA could snuggle with me if Dan was home. This AM, MA was snuggling with me. Dan was a wee bit butthurt. He tried to get MA to snuggle, but she was pretty anxious.

  209. I guess if she has a shitload of veins in her abdominal area she could be on Leon’s Monday morning lineup.

  210. I’m pretty OK with a BAF.

  211. Based on the amount of Spanish language TV shows that Dan watches, we could have a whole day dedicated to Latina TV personalities. But I’m capital L Lazy, aka living the siesta life.

  212. Did anybody just get up and wander away from anybody else in the middle of a sentence today?

  213. When we put in a claim for the ice-storm damage to our roof, they jacked our premium 40%…

  214. Kind of. But in fairness to me, dementia, and she didn’t notice. I also started checking my phone.

  215. True Story: DRINK! Dan thought I was too generous with my pours. Had me start using a shot glass. Grabbed the bottle and poured a “Fred” (My FiL was notorious for generous pours)

  216. Y’all need to comment faster. I’m reading a book, watching football AND baseball, and lurking SM. (Social Media)

  217. It’s the baseball.

  218. Fred me.

  219. *Fred’s Jimbro. Let’s Scott know that Dan is already cursing the Mets and is now watching Auburn game and ‘aints v Falcons. No mas beisbol for OSO

  220. Carin, https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/another-sleep-in-saturday/

  221. Thunderstorm and showers here, time now.

  222. Some unconventional bit of strumming

  223. Hmmm

    Watching Ozzie Man and laughing

    Shows clip to Penelope

    Penelope: Her butt is too big, it looks bad…
    Me: 0_o ???
    Penelope: You think that looks good??? It’s way too bubbly.
    Me: Is Capt. America’s chest too big?
    Penelope: That’s just stupid……..

  224. Her butt is very nearly the Platonic ideal of hineys.

  225. http://is.gd/pfKMS0

  226. There was a time in the not too distant past in this country, when I was a lass, when a teensy small ass on a gal was the desirable thing. Styles have changed.

  227. Awwwww, paw prints. Tough times, Oso. I’m sorry.

  228. Skinnyfat was never attractive, merely fashionable.

  229. Tush, a friend’s son majored in Flamenco guitar at UCLA.

  230. On the plus side, Laura, the current appeal of big asses means Mare can have another slice of cake.

  231. The big butt still has to be firm. If it’s made of the cake you were eating instead of sitting on like a proper lady, it’s still no good.

  232. Mare, Gingy being Gingy, shedded on her plaster cast. We have Gingy DNA embedded in her plaster cast. ❤️🐾

  233. Tushar, that was an awesome link.

  234. http://is.gd/pfKMS0

    *puts bitchy hat on*

    Cottage cheesey

    *oh hell, just keeps the hat on*

  235. I move that we let Yanet Garcia be a BBF specimen one of these days. Can I get a segundo, por favor?

    Pretty sure the front porch and back stoop are both add-on renovations to the original property.

  236. I’m willing to risk that, Pups.

  237. We have 13 Spanish language channels on our basic cable. We lost Estrella. I know that, because Dan was watching a show on that channel. Did you guys know the host of Sabado Gigante retired? (I wish I didn’t) ( Dan knows his name) (Porfirio at work barely speaks English. Refuses to watch “Mexican” TV)

  238. I would like to test that theory empirically.

  239. Pretty sure the front porch and back stoop are both add-on renovations to the original property.

    As long as the plumbing hasn’t been tampered with…

  240. I’m just saying, that shit ain’t natural.


  242. I want to balance a shot on each of her ass cheeks and wedge a lemon in between.

  243. I see quite a bit of Spanx in her life. Lycra is her BFF.

  244. “lemon”

  245. Comment by Pupster on October 15, 2015 11:03 pm
    ….. that shit ain’t natural.
    Shut it, Pups. We want to believe.

  246. Pup playing the role of the voice of reason.

    Sleep on that.


  247. I love you guys!

  248. No sir, I don’t like it.

  249. I tried to put my Womyn cut Chiefs shirt on too early. Got deodorant residue on it. Ended up wearing a Padres ST tee. Made me think about the freak at the HQ bitching about not being able to buy an Eli jersey at Modell’s. STFU. Stahp with the boob enhancing lycra in women cut sport shirts.

  250. You guys don’t even know! Dan was raging about foosball, winds are out of control and buffeting the Condo…MARE came out from her doghouse and is snuggling with Dan!!! This is epic awesome!!!

  251. Wait, Mare actually met someone? And is snuggling with her husband?

  252. We call MA, Mare. We have for years. If it’s any consolation, MA has been called Show Dog by our Vet for 12 years.

  253. Our server at Claim Jumper was so ghey, dementia MiL commented.

  254. When did MJ start working at Claim Jumper?

  255. je

    No more funneh. It’s still Oct.

  256. Two kindsa derp
    That ain’t bad
    Get it right away
    Get with it, man
    When you get back home
    Back up in Cleveland
    You look on up
    That’s where I’ll be

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