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Today, yet another German Expressionist.  What can I say? I like German Expressionism.

Ernst Barlach.  b. 1870 Rostock d. 1938.

Region capture 11

Region capture 6

Region capture 4

Like other German artists featured here, Barlach was a German infantry man in WWI.  His experiences in that war naturally influenced his work for the rest of his life.

Region capture 13

Region capture 14

Region capture 9

Region capture 21

Region capture 18 Region capture 20


In addition to his sculpture, Barlach created exceptional woodcuts.  See many of them here.



One of my very favorite artists,

New Master, Ernst Barlach.

Region capture 10

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  1. SIL is still pushing the “bridal shower”. Honestly, make it a wishlist for birthday or Christmas at this point.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the point of Leon’s posts.

  3. The bus driver? You bet.

    The dwarf? Not so much.

  4. wakey wakey.

  5. I’m not sure I understand the point of Leon’s posts.



  6. Ernst’s self portrait is fantastic. The lines he uses are simple but uffffff, I will never have talent like that.

  7. Roamy, isn’t she already married? WTF is her problem?

  8. Car trip day. Going to an Amish store.

  9. Why doesn’t someone in Roamy’s family simply tell her, “We’re sick of your grifting lifestyle, you’ll get nothing, and like it!”

  10. What are you getting at the Amish store?

  11. Don’t buy too many Amish.

    I’m headed to the feed mill before work for horse foods.

  12. Oh just get a fucking light already, you Amish bastards. Using propane isn’t more godly or whatever.

  13. Playboy’s newest playmate

  14. “Playboy’s newest playmate”

    would you hit it?

  15. would you hit it?

    with the force of an ox-driven plow!

  16. would you hit it?

    Like a runaway buggy.

  17. Like a tall snake.

  18. I’ll stick to having your mom churning my butter

  19. “with the force of an ox-driven plow on a runaway buggy”


  20. butter –


    *may be mildly NSFW…. maybe*

  21. Amish are basically just EMP preppers with funny clothes and a bible in really old German. And a delightful respect for patriarchy.

  22. Also she has a pretty face and birthing hips. Would hit that like the sea collapsing on Pharaoh after Moses led the Israelites out ahead of him.

  23. raccoon update –

    saw one squished 2 streets over –

    caught one that shredded the havahart box trap… holy moly
    it was this size trap – it’s in pieces now

  24. Sure that isn’t a wolverine or a badger?

  25. Rosetta is very busy http://is.gd/V6zyYi

  26. General announcement:

    Please take your leaf blower and shove it up your ass.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Can I use a hockey stick? I don’t have a leaf blower. :(

  28. Absolutely, MJ. I’d expect no less.

  29. Thanks, mare.

    That TRX workout just about killed me this morning. It was really fun too.

  30. Rob Cordery is a funny MF’er.

  31. It’s epoxy time!

  32. jay we don’t have those in new york state

  33. You don’t have those in New York State, yet.

  34. We have Wolverines here in Colorado. They mostly live in the mountains and only come down to attack Soviet convoys.


  36. What about Fisher Cats?

  37. We have Wolverines in Ann Arbor. They’re mostly fags.

  38. They hunt porcupines.


    F U

  40. 1938 was a good year for a decent German to die.

  41. This is a comment at Ace’s regarding Hillary:

    She is smart. She graduated from Wellesley with a Huma Cums Loudly.
    Posted by: Caitlyn Jenner at October 13, 2015 11:41 AM (E5UB0)

  42. je.


  43. Good point, X Rad.

  44. http://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/news/331835911.html

  45. You should head back there. They need guidance.

  46. I don’t want my penis pulled off.

  47. I mean, I’m okay with a chick tugging it a couple hundred times, but only moderate force, thank you very much.

  48. It’s going to cost you.

  49. What about Camero Island. I hear that if you move there no girl will rip off your fizzhog AND free Camaros.


  50. back. I went to an amish store AND a Mennonite store.

  51. Did you get a buggy?

    What about a bonnet?

  52. TRX is a scam.

  53. **grabs spare change off counter**

    **calls MJ’s mom**

  54. Just call MJ, he’s got small, dainty hands.

  55. “, I’m okay with a chick tugging it a couple hundred times, but only moderate force, thank you very much.”

    A couple HUNDRED times? I’m not trained in that kind of thing.

  56. Ah the Shake Weight. The gift that keeps on giving.

  57. Pornfit

  58. Shakeweight and pracersize made MJ the man he is today.

    I mean everyone has to start somewhere.

  59. Molina has been scratched from today’s game.

    *starts drinking

  60. Cheers!!

  61. That’s funny, I was just scratching my Molina

  62. Damn Cub fans…

  63. Jay, how many dozen cans of SlimFast have you had today?

  64. Slimfast is really good, mixed with Bailey’s and Kahlua.

  65. Kahlua gives me diarrhea. That’s just some shit you need to know.

  66. Pendeko, say that in your best Harry Cary voice.

  67. Ugh. I remember when Dad was on Ensure. That stuff is nasty.

  68. All cream liquors give me the runs. It sucks because I love Bailey’s.

  69. Kaaaahluuuuahhhh gives me… tha diarrhea.

  70. Jay are we going to get a new POL life pic with your svelte new look?

  71. First, my hands aren’t dainty. Second, I don’t give handys unless I need the money, drugs, or money and drugs. Third, taking care of xbrad would be more like rolling a vienna sausage between my thumb and forefinger. Fourth, here’s a bucket so you can barf after that obnoxious image I planted in your head. Third, shut up.

  72. Not yet mare, got a ways to go.

  73. Paragraphs 4 and 5 of this are just…just…words fail.


  74. Jay now has a 24″ waist. He’s shops at Baby Gap.

  75. I love Baileys. ANd it doesn’t give me teh diarrhea.

    The Levin story … when I imagine it … I probably make it a bit more flamboyant that it actually was.

    But if there is a God at least one of them has a lisp.

  76. I had to re-read a few times to figure out which was the one with the wife.

  77. Jay now has a 24″ waist. He’s shops at Baby Gap.

    MJ has a shopping buddy!

  78. Comment by Sean M. on October 13, 2015 3:52 pm

    Paragraphs 4 and 5 of this are just…just…words fail.

    These are the next people that progressives and libertarians will demand that we recognize, respect, and validate their relationships. Because, love, or something.

  79. Sean, the one comment.

  80. The Levin story … when I imagine it … I probably make it a bit more flamboyant that it actually was.

    Honestly, the only thing surprising is that the black man was the husband’s lover. Usually it’s some wimp who gets off on watching his wife with another man.

  81. i tisk-tisked at the “die faggot” comment. Such self hate …


  82. J’ames you should try ice cream with your slimfast. Not bad.

  83. Probably one of those little gardening shovels. They’d been using it as a we’d toy earlier. All up in that mud.

  84. Vanilla slimfast and double stuff Oreos kicks ass.

  85. I could kill a man with an e-tool, and it’s a small shovel. This guy is an amateur.

  86. How did sex toy become we’d toy?

    **shakes fist at apple**

  87. Slimfast is really good with an omelet and some bacon.

  88. If you have to kill with a shovel, I recommend stabbing with the scoop down. Second best is a side-of-blade slice. Clubbing with the flat of the blade is a stunning maneuver at best.

  89. dude

  90. Sorry, I have some hard-won experience and I’d hate for anyone to be caught flat-footed. I only had the shovel when the opossum rose from the dead.

  91. Yep, stabby-stabby with the point of the shovel works best.

  92. Do you have a link to the opossum story? I think I missed it, but I’ve gleaned the Reader’s Digest version from the comments.

  93. Carin, did you say the other day that you were planting stuff in your garden? Whatchoo doin? I just ran out of enough free time to build a proper Winter garden.

    The last thing I planted was shallots, a week or so ago. Those will overwinter and then finish up early next Summer.

    Still, even though I didn’t do all I wanted to do, in the garden now for Fall/ Winter harvest are leeks, three kinds of kale, chard, carrots, root parsley, potatoes, and scallions. And your horseradish, of course :)

  94. Oh man, the possum story is great.

  95. I killed a coyote with a shovel once. Flat of the blade to the head. Gotta save the hide.

  96. Oh man, the possum story is great.

    The part where she fought off the ninja squirrels using only a butter knife is great.

  97. I’ve bonked a guy on the head with an e-tool.

  98. I will never use the phrase “I bonked a guy…….” ever.

  99. I bonked your mom with my L-tool.

  100. Hi guys! Watching baseball and waiting for tonight’s debate.

  101. That’s actually chapter 2. Still looking for chapter 1.

  102. I shot it! Through-and-through with a .38! DEAD!

    *thousand yard stare*

  103. C’mon. Ive dispatched ‘possums with a plunger.
    Just to make sure the wernt playin’ we would wing them onto the highway.

    Just kids havin’ fun.

  104. Heh. I snuck a possum gif into the BBF poat when I was making it last night, not even knowing it would be topical.


  105. “arin, did you say the other day that you were planting stuff in your garden? Whatchoo doin? I just ran out of enough free time to build a proper Winter garden.”

    It was ornamental.

    *hangs head in shame

    I need to get the chickens under control. They’re wrecking havoc on my edible stuff.

  106. They’re wreaking havoc but leaving behind that chicken shit all the city folk pay big bucks for as manure.

  107. I have a raised bed in the backyard the previous renter made for his herbs. It is full off grass and weeds now, neglected over a few seasons. I’d like to plant a strawberry patch, but my memory tells me it takes a season or two before you get strawberries. I probably won’t be living here that long.

  108. Will not watch the debate on TV.
    Flash premier is tonight. Will follow debate on Twitter.

  109. We are all ready for winter.



  110. Mex place near the hotel here in Denver has 1/2 price fish tacos on Tuesday. Going to hit that after the Cards lose.

    I want the cards to win, but they are pissing me off so much I just want to be done with them so I can focus on studying.

  111. http://is.gd/who_is_hungry ?

  112. Dodgers/Mets is a meteor game for me. I want to watch debate. Just followed Trump on twitter. He said he’ll be live tweeting the debate. (Leon: Heh.)

  113. German Expressionist:

  114. Hey, Phat, how you liking the 767?

  115. http://is.gd/come_back_Mr_Mare

  116. http://is.gd/guess_who

  117. Hillary’s debate prep:

    Slim Jims, vodka, emergency botox shot, anti-cackle spray, Depend undergarments, Nazi war medals, a lock of Amelia Earhart’s vag hair, blood, puppy breath, and a piece of hard ribbon candy.

  118. The Flash premier was last week. You didn’t miss anything.

    Drink every time there’s a hit

  120. https://instagram.com/allisonstokke/

  121. Who has the better hair, Webb or O’Malley?

    That’s who I’m voting for.

  122. I hope we get to hear John King’s grunting again. Errybody do a shot each time he does.

  123. Heh. I’m drinking beer. Can’t get drunk on beer. OMG does that suck! Sheryl’s missing more notes than she’s hitting.

  124. Flash is weird. I took that pic today and that bronze item was dark brown/ black. Turned gold in the flash. The metal must reflect back under the patina.

  125. That looks ancient. Beautiful.

  126. I handled it and it is delightfully clunky. A chunky clunky horse, about twice the size of my hand. Would love to own it. It was auctioned tonight, to some lucky person who will probably just resell it.

  127. “Middle Class”


  128. Floyd’s ghost balls have a better chance of being elected president than Lincoln Chaffee.

  129. I voted for Floyd’s Ghost Balls. Twice. Just now.

  130. 90 gun deaths a day. Yawn. -Cecile Richards.

  131. Floyd thanks you. Then he drooled on the couch and farted as Hillary was talking about guns.

  132. Good ole Floyd.
    What ever hapened to Floyd

  133. There is so much faux outrage in this debate it’s hilarious. In an hour Bernie Sanders will proclaim his slave heritage and Senator Webb will turn Hillary upside down and put her penis in his mouth.

  134. Hey Chumpo! Floyd is fat and happy, much like lauraw.

  135. *Drives a burrny Mac Monster trunk into Bernie Sanders crotchal region playing Slayer at 11.


  136. Rosetta with the Jim Webb novel line. DRINK!

  137. Did anybody find out that anybody else was planning to kill them and assume their identity today?

  138. Hey! I need all this fat and ice cream in order to support my ass-growing project.

  139. Tomorrow Trumps’s poll numbers will jump 10 points after this jackass circus.

    If I was a democrat, besides already having killed myself I would be fucking embarrassed. This shit is a joke.

    I thought having 487 Republicans on stage was bad. Having a 5-headed-geezer-white-dipshit kraken on stage is way worse.

  140. I just threw up alittle thinking how to carve a Hill Daug Jack o Lantern.

    *pours Apple Jack in all of Ositter’s Beers*

  141. Mmmm…Apple Jack. (Ran out of Jim Beam Apple last night)

  142. Mmmmm….ice cream.

    Don’t boss me, Osso-bucco!!


  143. Anyone else yelling “GFY” every time Hill Dawg AKA America’s ex-wife speaks?

  144. Hey! I need all this fat and ice cream in order to support my ass-growing project.

    I like large posteriors and am incapable of prevarication.

  145. Anyone else yelling “GFY” every time Hill Dawg AKA America’s ex-wife speaks?

    I’ve spent the better part of the last four years working on not hating life, so I’m not watching.

  146. Do you think Bill Clinton has ever had sex with Hillary?


    Here’s a good question for Anderson Cooper to axe:

    Bernie Sanders, would you have sex with Hillary to ensure income equality?

  147. Could these fossils be any more lame and boring!!!
    Oh yeah, the inner city folks are just going to be very excited about voting for grama and or grampy.

    Look ok til you get a load of the dorks running for the nom nom of The Stupid Party.
    Is it too late to join the Brazzilian Wax Partay?!!

  148. https://instagram.com/allisonstokke/

    You… bastard…

  149. Thats an unfair question even for a fossilized social democrat.
    Ax if’n he’d boink her if we return the Sudatenland uber Roger Aillies.

  150. Poor Dan. I make him watch debates with me. He thinks AC wants to haz the sexy times with Martin O’Malley.

  151. Assad indvaded Syria?

  152. Assad is president of Syria last I checked.

  153. “BUSH”


  154. Hes the King of Leon, Leon.


  155. Ronald Raven!!!! DRINK!

  156. If this bitch says “God given right” one more time I will scream.

  157. Hahaha! Uber Roger Ailes. Good one Chump.

    After this there may not be anymore dem debates. I’ve never seen a debate where everyone loses. This is a fucking trainwreck.

    Who’s the first one to just come out and say “elect me and I’ll give you $12,000,000”.

  158. Commie fight!!!

  159. http://is.gd/SPhV5C

  160. Seriously…I know I’m biased but this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

    If any of these fucksticks become President I’m moving to Cyn’s house.

  161. “Climate Change”


  162. All are Welcome to my Demtarded-Free Zone, aka TITS2Boogaloo.

  163. Where’s Don Lemon? I want to hear some questions about tranny bathrooms in grade school.

  164. What’s up with center parts? GHEY!

  165. Did it just get balder in here?

  166. Elect me and we will force all the rich white devils into the sea on rafts made of smart asians and you will be kings

  167. Joe Biden must be watching this with a boner for choosing to not be a part of this midget bowling sheltered workshop.

    Headline tomorrow: BIDEN WINS!!!

  168. I watched The FUCKING Donald yesterday AM and he answered this shit better than any of these commies.

  169. Ho Lee Fuk. These people aren’t very bright.

    But I really like the way Bernie Sanders refers to himself as Bernie Sanders.

  170. Noun, Bodner: When Vice President Joe Biden gets a boner.

  171. Floyd, wake up and attack Pupster!!!

    FLOYD!!! WAKE UP!!!

    Stupid lazy pig.

  172. I’ve switched from beer to bourbon. *Shakes fist in air MARE!!!!

  173. Look. It’s MJ.

    *golf clap*

  174. DREAMers and illegals. DRINK!

  175. I wish I had a dog whose favorite food wasn’t headphone wires, extensions cords, and my fingers.

  176. Rosetta!

    *feels gross, pushes another pin into Grandpa Simpson doll

  177. Hahahaha. Seriously watch Lincoln Chaffee when he’s not speaking.

    I’m not even sure he knows where he is.

    “Who am I and why am I here?”

    I think there is a good chance he may accidentally take his pants off.

  178. I’d like to see Lincoln Chafee’s underwear.

    Dollars to bear claws that he’s a white brief man. Blue and yellow stipe on the waistband.

    Same with Hillary.

  179. Mom!! MJ is trying to kill Bernie Sanders!!

  180. It would be funny if Lincoln Chaffee was wearing women’s high heels.

  181. Jim Webb strikes me as a boxer man.

  182. In all seriousness…who’s winning this mess?

  183. Dollars to chocolate filled croissants that Lincoln Chafee likes the taste of bright red lipstick.

  184. Sanders, then Hillary.

  185. I was thinking crayons, myself. And I’m watching baseball.

  186. O’Malley’s hair is the winner. Hands down.

  187. Biden and TFG.

  188. That’s not a bodner it’s a Biner and he’s hanging it out of the Amtrack window as he rings the bell.

  189. O’Malley has giant hands. I bet his chad is chad sized.

  190. Martin O’Malley is the whitest man ever.

    What pin in Sanders wearing on his lapel?

    It would be funny if Jim Webb had a pin on his lapel of a guy turning a boy upside down and putting his penis in his mouth.

  191. In all seriousness…who’s winning this mess?


  192. Hanging Chad has just taken on a whoooole new meaning.

  193. Hillary: “Having a woman in the oval office would be how I’m not Obama’s third term.”

    Sorry dear, but we’ve had a useless pussy in the oval office for the last eight years.

  194. Great…Dan just called everyone on stage “A bunch of pipe-smoking fucks” and changed channel to baseball. (I had to edumacate him about Jim Webb. He’s the only fuck on stage Dan would vote for if he had brain damage and had to vote for a Democrat)

  195. Well Biden is getting in for sure after this.

    Dukakis may get in the race after seeing this overflowing toilet of crap.

  196. “Having a woman in the oval office would be how I’m not Obama’s third term.”

    To be fair, O’Malley could have answered similarly.

  197. Ha! Good one CoAx.

  198. Mondale/Ferraro 2016

  199. Jimmy Carter is still constitutionally eligible for another term.

  200. Brain cancer. Jimmeh!

  201. Fritz n Tits Riding on Dukakis’ tank chugging jenkum would walk all over these pretenders.

    What a shame.

  202. My D-rat RL peeps love Hill Dawg. Le sigh.

  203. Goddamn, she is one shrilly fuck.

  204. “My friend Sen. Gillabrand”

    New theory: Hillary! is the one who told Gillabrand that they “liked ’em chubby.”

  205. Hahaha! Mondale/Ferraro

    Clinton/Free Hemlock 2016

  206. So,
    Biden steps in at the last moment with the “Biden/Obama 2016” ticket.
    Immediately after their victory, steps down, “For Health Reasons”.
    Obamas third term…

  207. When Hillary fake laughs 1,000 puppies die.

  208. Hillary isn’t ready to support marijuana until more research is done on how she’s polling among libertarians.

  209. Hill is already running Creeper Joe vids. Hashtag WarOnWomen Original Birther. Yawn.

  210. Nict.

    “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”
    -12th Amendment

  211. Surprise surprise, Goth Fonzie “Finds as much or more to agree with in the Dem debates as the GOP”

  212. Dan is killing me. He’s dropped more F-bombs watching Doyers/LGM than I did during the debate.

  213. Rosetta, for realzies? Can’t be, he’s been here over an hour and hasn’t insulted Mare yet.

  214. The conventional wisdom is that these debates help the ultimate candidate prepare for the presidential debates but I don’t think that’s case here.

    Mark Twain once said “Never argue with an idiot because people can’t tell who the idiot is.”

  215. Chumpo,
    As a vice president, he would not “be elected” as president. There Is another amendment covering this…

  216. Hi Hot Rocket!! XOXOXOXO

    Mare is like the tranny Lincoln Chaffee except with an extra testicle which would make a total of one testicles.

  217. I keep expecting Lincoln Chaffee to start advertising a sale this weekend at Chaffee Furniture Warehouse. Kids get a free haircut!

  218. O’Malley speaks within a 1/8th octave.

    What’s that buzzing sound?

  219. Wait!
    Hasn’t John Edwards killed off all his accusers?

  220. tranny Lincoln Chaffee = redundant

    **tackle-hugs Rosetta**

    I sent Rocketboy to Rolla. Rolla is a drinking school with an engineering problem.

  221. Hahaha! I wouldn’t buy anything from Chaffee Furniture.

    Nice stool.

    I wonder if he can get within 100 yards of a grade school. He has a high creepy factor.

    I can’t wait to watch the media try to spin this dirty diaper of a debate.

  222. Sorry, Chris. I’m going w the 12th holds sway over the 22nd.

    You’re millage may vary.

  223. Welp, there’s seven hours I’ll never get back.

  224. Rolla is a great school! Nice job Rocketboy!

    I hope he gets drunk one night and gets 12,000 digits of pi tattooed on his back.

  225. Hola Rosie!

  226. Hello Vmaximus! How are you my friend?

  227. I am well my friend.
    How is Floyd? And Rosie JR?

  228. Daisy and Hank?

  229. You can’t just drop in and comment and not catch us up with yinzers!!!!

  230. All the tiny people and bulldogs are great.

    This is how time flies:

    Yesterday Henry comes home from school, gets a box of Cookie Crisp cereal out of the pantry and goes into the den to watch Nickelodeon.

    I went in to ask him how school was and he said “Get outta here, Dad. I’m watching TV.”

    It was cute and I laughed. Then I beat him with a baseball bat.

  231. Xbrad, it’s been good so far. The 767 is awesome, the 757 is a bit more old school. I’ll be flying both

    Should be a good mix of flying. Some Hawaii, some Europe, some South America, some domestic. It will be fun.

    Also, across the street from the hotel is an establishment that features Colorado naked folk dancing.


    Life is not bad right now, just studying a lot.

  232. Haha, I have a friend who used to dispatch for Glendale and had to visit Shotgun Willie’s. Supposedly it started out as a high-end steak joint until the owner realized he could make more money with titties.

  233. Wow. Who’s the new guy? How many bullwhips are shoved in your ass right now?

  234. Rosetta,

    I seem to remember that Jim Webb fought Ollie North for the USNA boxing title.

    Can’t remember who won. I think it was North.

    His book “A sense of honor’ is the single best description of life at a military academy that has ever been written.

    ‘Born Fighting’ is also a great book about the role of the Scots-Irish in the shaping of our culture, particularly in the south.

    As was mentioned by a lot of people on twitter, he’s running in the wrong primary.

    He’d make a great Sec Def or even VP for a Republican.

    Also, go to wiki and read his Navy Cross citation, He’s a hero.

  235. Snapper???

  236. Charles Glasser
    1 hr · New York, NY · Edited ·
    “I promise you each a pony.” *crowd roars*
    “I invented the Free Pony Program, and I say you are all entitled to TWO ponies.” *crowd totally loses their shit*
    “My colleague is wrong: I say you shall each have as many ponies as you want! And not just ponies, but unicorns that fart glitter!”
    *crowd and CNN “journalists” all faint from series of synchronized orgasms*

  237. Oso,
    Long drunk story.

    It involved getting… well, let’s just save it to the next meet-up.

  238. Damn, signing in from a new Computer. Will try and change to the rightful and righteous Phat!

  239. You woudn’t happen to have a spare 737-800 flight manual laying around, would you?

  240. Wow. Who’s the new guy? How many bullwhips are shoved in your ass right now?

    Right now? Seven. And they all smell like Ivanka Trump.

    Gotta go beddie time. Night night.

    Also everyone go suck off the nearest Argentine Blue-Bill Duck.

  241. Phat…how many Chad’s involved in the Snapper story?

  242. I have the next two days off in Denver,

    May take in a hockey game. I have not looked at the schedule, however Denver University has a good hockey team.

    Which means hockey MILF’s.

    COAlex, you in?

  243. My cousin, Carla, attended DU. (Shut it, Scott! :) )I attended a DU/Minnesota game with her. My first non-club hockey experience.

  244. OSO, only about 5 Chad’s since I was still able to have sex.

    Last time we saw Chad in Phoenix he was at 8 Chad’s and I sincerely doubt he was able to ‘achieve the desired hardness’.

    For reference: 8 Chad’s = falling down in the street drunk (which I witnessed)

    9 Chad’s= Puking

    10 Chad’s = ER visit and stomach pump.

    4 Chad’s is about the sweet spot.

  245. Jajaja. (Laughing in Messican)

  246. Phat, I can’t this week or next. I’m swamped with work and class at the moment.

    I’m going to be up in Denver on the 24th for a couple of events, including a momee. We could meet up then.

  247. x-brad,

    It’s all digital now.

    When I moved over to the 757/767 they wiped my Ipad of all the 737 content.

    I do have a very detailed 737 book that is better than the flight manual. Free if you want . It’s mainly systems and annunciator lights.

    Send me physical addy if you want it,

  248. COAlex,

    What is a ‘momee’.?

    Regardless, I’m here until 12 Nov.

  249. Moron Meetup. The Colorado AoSHQ morons usually hold them twice a year up in Denver.

    I’m going to a cutting party earlier in the day, then the momee until about 7pm. We could meet up for drinks afterwards.

  250. Wonders if CoAl has the same definition of “Cutting Party” that I do?

  251. Nah, sword geeks getting together to slash at targets.

    Of course, we make all the jokes about smoking clove cigarettes and listening to The Cure.

  252. Tomorrow I may draft an explanation of the new ‘Chad Scale’, since our old ‘Indian’ scale has been deemed racist,

    The best thing about our new rating system is that many Hostages got to witness it.

    Off the the top of my head: COAlex, Roamie (who got a shoulder rub from the CHAD!…and offers of more), Tushar, Hotspur, and yours truly.

    I had to get up at 3:15 this am to fly a damn simulator, so I’m about stupid enough to be in a democratic debate, Will try and stay up for a bit so i wake up at a normal time in the AM.

    Love you guys,

  253. Love back atcha. Sorry about your Fredbirds.

  254. COAlex,

    When and where is your moron meet up? I can be there if my sim schedule permits.

  255. Phat,

    That’s still in the works. I will let you know when I know something.

  256. OSO,

    It sucked, but I cannot fraking believe how many HR’s the Cards pitchers gave up!

    I hope the Cubs lose.

  257. I’m mostly looking for a good guide on the FMC

  258. I H8 every team on the NL post-season side. Royals are the only team I H8 on the AL side. I H8 the AL. Baseball dilemma

  259. Go Cubs!

  260. I couldn’t get over how many LOBs the Cards managed. Felt like I was watching a Reds game!

  261. Go Royals!

  262. Oso you can STILL have Cueto back. What a joke he is.

  263. Yes, I am big fan of Schadenfreude.

    I just hope they get eliminated at Wrigley,

    Cubs fans tears are the best,

  264. I too am seeking the next Bartman

  265. I’d rather have Cueto than Votto. Stoopid Canada.

  266. G’night guys. Trying to teach a 12 yr old dog how to snuggle.

  267. xbrad,

    For most Boeing aircraft, the FMC is common with minor differences,

    I’ll delve into it tomorrow.

    I’m sure I’ve seen an “FMC Guide” on our training site.

    And yes, I know I need to tell the last Yeltsin story on your site!

  268. The best thing about our new rating system is that many Hostages got to witness it.

    Off the the top of my head: COAlex, Roamie (who got a shoulder rub from the CHAD!…and offers of more), Tushar, Hotspur, and yours truly.


    I think you two were chatting when I got in the pool and he yelled “You want a drink?” I was feeling a bit bad and just wanted to float a bit and said no thanks. Later I watched the festivities from under the shade with Dave and took pictures.

  269. I’ve been crowned, the king of it
    And it is all we have so derp
    To hear my words and they’re diamond sharp
    I could open it up if it’s up and down

  270. Sorry Lipstick!,

    I now remember you on the deck! People are spreading rumors that I may have been drinking that day.

    It’s true.

    I still want CO Alex to describe what he saw when we went back to Chad’s room to get more drinks. Damn, that was funny.

    I know what I saw, but I have a job where I’m used to this stuff, I want an unbiased, newbie, opinion,

  271. Xbrad, I may have just posted content to your blog.

    That’s the end of the Yeltsin story. Have a lot more Russian stuff, but nothing blog-worthy.

    Let me start thinking of some old Desert Storm stories…

  272. Ha, I remember hearing about how impressive the full bar was in Chad’s room!

  273. I will await Alex’s input, but I loved the two girls in panties ironing their dresses for the night.

    Although the full bar was impressive. But later in the night it left a mark on Chad,

  274. And that’s how you get to 8 Chad’s. You’re in PHX with a hot chick who is staying IN YOUR ROOM, Yet you get too fucked up to have a hard-on.

    You are at 8 Chad’s.

  275. I am a comfortable 6 Chad’s and I am going to bed,

    Have the next two days off and plan on going to the gym, studying, and sleeping.

    May go see a little native naked folk dancing tomorrow night…

  276. That’s right — the girls with the ironing board, hahaha.

    Oh yeah, we need Alex for the full description.

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