MMM 193: Columbus Day edition

Week 12 begins today. I gave that a lot yesterday, prayed about it, and I’m pretty sure it’s not where I’m supposed to be. Tired of waiting to hear, so this week I’m going to start taking concrete steps toward the door, starting with contacting potential future bossman. The call never happened because we texted instead and he was swamped at the time, so it’s time to call, or at least to schedule a call. The only thing holding me back is me, so it’s time to get out of my way. The longer I stay, the harder it’ll be to leave, and the more time I’ll have wasted, both mine and my current coworkers. They are all good folks and I’m getting tired of keeping them at arm’s length because I don’t want to stay. It’s a big mess and it’s all my fault. Maybe I had to do it to learn that I didn’t want to do it, maybe not.

Baby girl had a stuffy nose last night. I’ll let you know in the comments whether she managed to clear it up enough to nurse or sleep effectively.

Now, pictures. First, some action.

Yoda is just off-camera teaching her The Force.
Her husband is just off camera realizing he’s a lucky man.
Can you even swim in a suit like this, you think?
Pretty sure she’s using this wrong. First one to tell her gets an atomic wedgie.
Bicep veins.
A perennial MMM favorite.
LENS FLARE. I WANT MORE LENS FLARE. It’s like Michael Bay directed this photo shoot.

Happy Columbus Day! No irony, no apologies.


  1. Hope the Possum snot clears up

  2. Comment by Cyn on October 11, 2015 11:00 pm

    Show me a pee-pee. Good pee-pee! (say this WHILE he pees)
    Show me a poo-pee. Good poo-pee! (say this WHILE he poops)
    Treat him and say Good pee-pee!
    Treat him and say Good poo-pee!

    Comment by xbradtc on October 11, 2015 11:09 pm

    Dammit, Cyn, I pooped and poeed.

    Coffee went up my nose.

  3. hey is the last one Caitlyn

  4. I love the reaction of the guys in the first gif.

    wakey wakey.

  5. he’s got a real flair for white dresses


  7. Yay, Wiserbud! **favorites but doesn’t retweet**

  8. I’m not really sure I understand how this will motivate me.

  9. At least it’s not a blue dress.

    *plays up the proximity of the Clinton comment

  10. Stupid 5pm baseball game, I’m gonna miss most of it.

  11. MJ, when I was really fat I found looking at fit women highly motivating. I’m sorry, but this just isn’t about you. Also you’re gay.

    Possum’s snot went from clear to green but she was breathing fine after the green stuff came out.

  12. Crap. Race registration starts at 2 on friday and I work at 4. I thought they did THursday registration. crap crap crap.

  13. The guys in that first gif are adorable. Their reaction is sweet.

  14. If this isn’t about MJ, I don’t want to participate.

  15. Yay, Wiserbud!

    heh. Guess my other “happy anniversary, you crazy kids” tweets sort of crossed the line…..


    Top comment by Skeptical Thinker is pretty good, too.

  17. Running around done. Time to coffee up again.

    Great sales at Kohls.

  18. I got the cutest white/chicken cookie jar for $7.

  19. crazy guy update – he had not appeared since “the incident”. Yea!!!

  20. Comment by Hotspur on October 12, 2015 10:50 am
    If this isn’t about MJ, I don’t want to participate.



    Wiser, any news on your finger crossing deal?

  21. Any news on Teresa??

  22. I think MJ’s participation here is falling BELOW the minimal requirements.

    Perhaps we should impose a fine?

  23. Wait, requirements?

  24. Wiser, any news on your finger crossing deal?

    not yet.

  25. Nothing on facepork, mare.

  26. jimbro, how were the PBC ribs? Everyone has been emailing me, wanting to know.

  27. That’s such a long time to be in the hospital. No sleep, constant interruptions with checks for this or that. Poor thing.

  28. I’ve been busy, so let me sum up the weekend:

    Cabin, parents in town, birthday party for new friends that are so ooh-la-la I can’t even begin to explain it, brewery tour in NODA, chili cook off, house shopping, and pizza.

    *still confused about the post

  29. Did you win the chili cook-off?

  30. Where is NODA? Why do you people, yes, YOU PEOPLE, insist on using acronyms? I never know what the eff anyone is talking about.

    *kicks rock, hurts toe*

  31. Inside to Out: H2, IB

  32. Heh, one of my favorite Chili Cookoff jokes.

  33. And MJ, I’d like you to TRY and explain how ooh-la-la your new friends are.

    *kicks MJ, loses shoe in his ass*

  34. WM!

    *whatever, mare

  35. *kicks Jay, jay suddenly loses his ability to make puns, mare looks smug and satisfied*

  36. Comment by Cyn on October 12, 2015 1:16 pm
    Inside to Out: H2, IB


    Have to admit, I was gleefully waiting for that girl to fly off into the grass.

  37. I don’t know what ooh-la-la friends are either. Are they like your former Gaybors?

  38. I have SO much gardening to do. Yikes. But I have to run and then go to work today. I’m going to just have to block off 45 min a day I think until it gets done. I did a bit – I don’t think I hit my 45 min mark.

  39. jimmy kicks != losing puns

    What do dwarves and midgets have in common?

    Very little.

  40. That’s a classic, J’ames. MA and I are being bums. Watching baseball. Eating Cheetos.

  41. I gots millions of em. I also have nieces and nephews who all try and tell jokes worse than Uncle Jay.

    It’s a bottomless pit.

    You’re welcome.

  42. Ok gonna go plant one more thing.

  43. Oso, you’re damn lucky I know that MA stands for MaryAnn.

  44. Carin, what race are you training for?

    *If Jay says “the human race” I’m gonna be pissed*

  45. Yeah!! clicking on squatty fuchin potty was a “good idea”! now I have a shitting Unicorn looking at me from every webpage.

    It reminds me of the good ole’ days.

  46. Did you win the chili cook-off?
    I tasted and drank beer. The Cincinnati chili was the BOMB.

  47. Was there beasn in the Ohio Chili?

  48. Was the Cincinnati chili served with spaghetti?

    I had korma chicken for lunch, which I will regret later. I picked out a dozen whole peppercorns, and I missed a couple.

  49. Where is NODA? Why do you people, yes, YOU PEOPLE, insist on using acronyms? I never know what the eff anyone is talking about.
    NODA stands for North Davidson. It’s the hippy/creative/artistic part of Charlotte. I really like it, and the people are super nice. Just wouldn’t want to live there.

    NODA brewery is one of the best in the city, and they just opened a huge new tap room about 2 miles down the road from my place.

  50. I don’t know what ooh-la-la friends are either. Are they like your former Gaybors?
    Yes, but they’re straight. I like them a lot, but the whole group is pretty snooty.

    They don’t swear very fucking much and that bothers the fuck out of me.

  51. Next time your there drop an upper decker. That’ll get ’em cussing.

  52. Is this why Oso likes HI so much?

    *threw that in just for mare.

  53. Mare – the detroit marathon is this SUnday but I’m only doing the half. It’s the cool one that crosses the board – across the bride and back through the tunnel. It’s really cool. I usually hit the bridge right around sunrise!

    And Cincinnati chili sucks.

  54. So MJ is hanging with hipster douchbags.

  55. MJ should cropdust his new friends. Loosen ’em up a little bit.

  56. They don’t swear very fucking much and that bothers the fuck out of me.

    Tell the fucking assholes they can kiss Hotspur’s ass. Then let them try to figure out who the fuck Hotspur is. Then send them a picture of Mare’s ass.

  57. PBC ribs were awesome Jay. I cut two racks in half so they’d be closer to the top of the barrel where the heat and smoke concentrate. Lots of leftovers if you’re in the area.

  58. mare’s ass?

  59. hey don’t swear very fucking much and that bothers the fuck out of me.

    Pussies, eh??

  60. Eh, they’re all very successful blah blah blah blah. Yuppy types.

    I’m going to take up bowling cuz I watched The Big Lebowski on the flight back from Brazil.

    I also got GND to allow me to name out next dog Larry so that I can ask him….

  61. Looking good, Mare.

  62. Xbrad, firm, round, muscular…I could do worse. Not sure how I explain the tail though.

  63. Hmm, I think I should skip workout tonight, and watch the baseball game.

  64. That’s good Monday therapy, Jay.

  65. My husband never swears. Not because he’s goody goody although he’s very good at everything (heh). It’s because, well, I don’t know. He just doesn’t and he has said when his friends get together they don’t swear around him either. My husband is a very good person and far too good for me. But my husband would say to me as Jamie Fraser has said to Clair, “”You’re no verra sensible,… but I like ye fine.” Actually, my husband thinks I’m pretty sensible. So I don’t know what I’m saying.

    In real life around him, I say damn, hell and fricken but not in public.

  66. MJ, are you still in triathlon shape? Still working out? Prefer to drink and enjoy life? What’s up, little fella?

  67. Only person who swears more than I do is your mom.

    She’s a regular fucking swabby.

  68. Hotspur, does your mom call it “shagging” or “just what I do at 5 o’clock.”?

  69. Just got a visit from 3 Dem candidates running for local office.

    I was very polite to them. After introducing themselves, they asked me if there were any issues that I was concerned about.

    15 minutes later, I think they realized that I wasn’t going to be voting for them, but they did compliment me on being so well informed. One of them even asked if I might be interested to sit on some committees here in town.


  70. Next time your there drop an upper decker.



  71. Not sure how I explain the tail though.

    ooooooh, it’s a tail.

    I thought you had just stopped grooming your pubic region…

  72. My husband doesn’t curse either, mare. He occasionally gets mad at me for dropping too many f-bombs.

  73. Yer

  74. So, I’m pulling for Ted Cruz. He seems like he has a plan and the bone fides to make allies and threaten enemies. I like his take on legal immigration, and his tax plan (flat, like hotspur when he cross dresses).
    He was a little hot out of the gates w/ the shut down and all but he grabbed some headlines as a froshman Sen. Whateve.

    What do you all think?

  75. I only swear in context.

  76. Terrence Wise, 2nd generation fast food worker speaks at the White House.

    Wow, what an inspiration.

  77. Found the video from The White House:

  78. I am for Ted Cruz. I agree with this: “He seems like he has a plan and the bone fides to make allies and threaten enemies. I like his take on legal immigration, and his tax plan (flat, like hotspur when he cross dresses).”

    He is quietly letting other candidates do whatever while he continues to visit and talk with people, campaigning and getting his own message across.

  79. MJ, are you still in triathlon shape? Still working out? Prefer to drink and enjoy life? What’s up, little fella?
    I’m not really in good shape right now. My shoulder was really fuxxored for most of the year. I can still run, but not like I used to.

    I start lifting tomorrow morning! I’m about 5 lbs overweight but I should be back to normal in 4-6 weeks.

    Enjoying life, but keeping it on the level for the most part.


  80. Yes, Mare. He seems to me to be the only candidate in a very long time that isnt up his/her own ass; meaning that he puts forward a mature persona.

  81. I swear but not (usually) in front of my kids. I can turn it on/off. I have a few go-to phrases when I’m around sensitive types.

  82. Fuxxored shoulder is no excuse. Stop being a wuss.

  83. It was pretty bad. Boo hoo!

  84. 20 years in the fast food industry and he’s still earning minimum wage?


    If he wasn’t good enough to earn a single raise in 20 years, he would have been fired.

  85. Spam from Ban Ki-Moon. That’s a new one. UN’s gonna send me nine millyun dollars.

  86. Drinks are on Roamy!

  87. I bet the same guy was wearing a white coat and pretending to be a Dr when Obama was pushing Obamacare.

  88. I agree with Scott. Calling BS on 2nd Gen fry guy.

  89. If you been working in fast food for 20 years, the problem’s not the pay rate.

  90. McDonalds grooms it’s employees for management. Unless you suck.

  91. I’m gonna guess his employment history is … as they say … spotty.

  92. “It was pretty bad. Boo hoo!”

    Whatever. Baby.

  93. Making fries is a trade, you see, a family craft passed on through generations, like smithing or barrel-making.

  94. He said he works at McDonalds and Burger King. But in the other story it’s Burger King and Pizza Hut.

    Plus they can’t get ahold of the guy directly, just his publicist.

  95. One of my nieces finally made assistant manager of a fast food place after 3 years, and I thought that (or she) was slow.

  96. My great grandfather was a fry guy, in the old country.

  97. He claims he lost his home last year because he was unable to keep up with the mortgage payments.

  98. On the same topic, there was some liberal that decided he was going to expose Walmart from the inside and ended up grudgingly liking them for the opportunities to advance, that the training was there and it was simple enough to get promoted if you showed up on time and did the work.

  99. Maybe working at the bottom rung in fast food isn’t something that supports a mortgage and isn’t supposed to.

  100. Did a republican kill his seeing eye dog too?

  101. Nobody earning minimum wage has ever qualified for a mortgage.

    He’s a union hack.

  102. He claims he lost his home last year because he was unable to keep up with the mortgage payments.


    Fuck tracking down this guy. We need to find the bank that gave him a mortgage…..

  103. He’s a union hack.


    ya think?

  104. WARNING: Huffpo link!

    This says he makes over $9 an hour. So there’s that.

  105. Did he get demoted to less than the wage that was paying his mortgage? How!?

  106. One of my friends here buys into the living wage bullshit. He thinks you should be able to afford an apartment on your own working the fry-machine forty hours a week.

  107. And from a .gov website:

    It’s not just the higher wage he’s fighting for; it’s a union, too.

  108. But they don’t work 40 hours a week, or they would have health insurance. All those places have that.

  109. Did he get demoted to less than the wage that was paying his mortgage? How!?

    Don’t hit on the underage girl working the front counter.

  110. My grandmother still gathers all the women in our family together after Thanksgiving to make fries according our family’s traditional Norwegian recipe.

  111. Did he get demoted to less than the wage that was paying his mortgage? How!?

    Got caught banging a cashier in the cooler?
    Smoking a joint out by the dumpster?
    Gave free food to his friends?
    Took a week off, but didn’t think to tell the manager?

  112. keep fighting for $15, idiots.

  113. Actually, he probably got demoted back to minimum wage because the mean, nasty rich franchise owner wanted another yacht.

  114. Terrance Wise ……if you take away the W and the S and rearrange you’ve got……..retrainee.

  115. If those kiosks are anything like the new Coke machines, the ones with 50 different soda menus, I’ll pass.

    My lawn, get off it.

  116. I like the new Coke kiosks.

  117. mmm, lime coke with a lemonade back.

  118. I H8 them. Don’t make me share my Coke Zero with non-diet or Splenda based drinks. BTW KC/Astros was freaking why I love baseball!!!

  119. MJ, I have been doing an offshoot of the Tony Horton deal Shaleen Extreme and one of her other sets of workouts called PIYO. They are core focused. Lots of pushups, triceps pushups, planks and the weight lifting is done slowly.

    Love them. Been seeing some good results. My husband does them also and is getting his old cuts back. His core is stronger and his back is less hurty from sitting at his desk so much. I love that they also stretch you out really well.

  120. Fuck tracking down this guy. We need to find the bank that gave him a mortgage…..


    Exactly. Ridiculous.

  121. There’s always some moron who takes 10 minutes to figure what he wants. I skip to the tea, but I’ve seen Mini-me wait in line behind 8 people.

  122. If he wasn’t good enough to earn a single raise in 20 years, he would have been fired.


    hahahahah, yeah he should at least be a manager or own a couple by now.

    He was obviously a shit employee.

  123. Coke kiosks? I think I need to get out more often.

  124. Sounds pretty good. I fully expect that you’ll be able to bounce a wine cork off of your abs by the end of the week.

    Tomorrow morning I start a TRX class at the gym. Boo!

  125. Did any of you hear Ben Carson’s interview with Dennis Prager? Very, very good. Cleared up a lot of the BS the media presented as his answers to gotcha questions. He’s no fool. Don’t let the media, even for a moment, convince you he is.

  126. Once I get this layer of fat off my abs, I won’t be as veiny as some but there will be something to show for this work.

  127. Kiosk.

  128. He also doesn’t speak like a high school dropout.

    He’s just like Obama, well funded and fake. I think George Soros has an island somewhere where he grooms his bots.

  129. Sam’s is still working out the kinks to Shop & Scan. Ideally, people aren’t theives so you just scan their phone at POS (Point Of Sale) after they’ve scanned items with their phones while filling their carts. Sam’s Club app works better/faster than our internal PDAs. Biggest problem I see is Members not having our Club set as their Club and having to explain items are online only or not our location.

  130. I have yet to see one of those.

  131. Mare, my dad said the same thing 30 years ago that Ben Carson said about the Holocaust. He said he never understood how the Jews could outnumber the guards 25 to 1 but meekly submit to the cattle cars and gas chambers.

  132. I asked that exact question in a History class.

    I received no answer from the prof.

  133. Yes, Roamy and a day after Carson said something ALONG those lines people actually confronted a gun man and swarmed him. It worked.

    He was asked the question, “What would YOU have done if confronted by a gunman.”

    He made the decision, well, I’m going to die might as well die trying. There is NOTHING controversial about that statement.

  134. I think there may have been some armed resistance in the ghettos but, IIRC, that didn’t end well.

  135. By the way, not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I love the Gadsden flag in the first gif in the poast.

  136. The problem for the Jews in the camps was, if they killed the guards, what next? No where to go, no where to hide.

  137. It’s fine to talk about resistance and fighting to the death, but remember that you’re fighting millions of years of evolution. Our ancestors weren’t the apex predator. Instead, they evolved instincts to survive in a world where the apex predator often hunted alone and by detecting motion. We’re wired to freeze when we think danger is around. We’re wired to form hierarchies and to follow those in charge, because cooperation was crucial to hunting and to defending the tribe. The Nazis knew how to manipulate the situation. The Jews didn’t know what was happening until it was too late, and that uncertainty led them to follow orders from the people who seemed to know what was going on. Once they were in the camps, under barbed wire and the watch of guards with machine guns, worked to the bone and starved to death, it’s a lot harder to organize a fight.

    When a guy threatens a crowd with a revolver, he only has six shots. Yet he can hold a crowd hostage easily because no one wants to be the first person to charge in and get killed. Plenty of people have walked to their deaths because their minds couldn’t grasp that they were about to die, or simply gave up. It’s human nature. It’s why the military spends so much time training soldiers to respond without hesitation or thought, and tries to create scenarios as close to real combat as possible. They have to overwrite the default programming.

    It’s also why I’m not upset with the whole “shelter in place” concept, especially for schools and such. Lock the doors, get away from the windows, and find a weapon to defend yourself is a sensible policy, especially when combined with letting teachers conceal carry in their classrooms (the lack of which is my biggest complaint about current policies).

  138. goddamn I am about ready to cut several motherfuckers.

  139. *says serenity prayer through clenched teeth*

  140. what’s the score, Sean?

  141. Evening.

  142. Errybody 666 – Sean 2

    But I just got a first down and there are runners on twelfth and love.

  143. I love a good sportsball game match.

  144. Baseball is the reason I’ve only cried once today. I watched Trump in NH this morning. IMHO he’s still a Democrat. I liked how he handled Little Miss Grumpy Pants. Carson is growing on me. Mostly because his book sales offset the fact that our new book buyer didn’t buy balloon calendars and my sales are off 50% to LY.

  145. I flipped through all the channels. No baseball here.

  146. Sportsball.


  147. They don’t call sportsball the beautiful pastime for nothing, you know.

  148. No baseball? What???? I love Pete Rose on FS1. Hitting clinic on hitting a knuckleball. He and Eric Karros.

  149. If you are on Twitter, go to Topps and vote for Trout. I Love HIM!!! Even if he’s all lame about #FlyEaglesFly and makes me want to kick MCPO.

  150. Plus 1, Oso. I like Mike too!

  151. “The problem for the Jews in the camps was, if they killed the guards, what next? No where to go, no where to hide.”

    kinda weird that the Allies never cut the rail systems to the camps –

    we knew where they were (our shame)

    other item:
    we were fighting a variant of sloth and a large dose of normalcy bias – it’s a cost/benefits equation –

    a non-psychotic mind can/t wrap itself around horrors of that magnitude

  152. Different mindset. Living on base most of my life, I never thought about guns. Moving to NM, everybody had guns. My roommates. Their families. Guns. I learned you can’t count on cops. Survival is up to you. Not about politics. About life.

  153. Sounds like Detroit.

  154. I been waitin’ all day for Monday Night at the Football

  155. I still think of SD as the Murph. The Q? What?

  156. The Whale’s Vagina.

  157. I feel pretty damned under-prepared right now armswise. But money’s kinda tight due to wasting a shitload of it over the past coupla years traveling. Silver lining with the muzzies over-running western Europe is that it may save me $10k. I kinda wanted to see Cologne Cathedral and the parade grounds at Nuremburg. May not happen.

  158. If you are on Twitter, go to Topps and vote for Trout.


    I’m more of a cod or scrod guy myself. Wild salmon as well, none of that farm raised crap.

  159. Jam, there was a ship with over 900 Jewish refugees. We turned them away, sent them back to Europe.

  160. Scrod for your bod.

  161. I saw a game at the Murph. Those folks know how to party.

  162. ^^^^YES

  163. The Elk’s lodge I worked at served fried scrod all through Lent on Fridays. It was the only thing we served that I liked.

  164. Roamy, one of my original college floor mates was a 2nd gen German Jew that ended up in Mexico after her parents were declined sanctuary in the US. Whew. Her brother was an Israeli pilot.

  165. *adjusts scrodpiece*

  166. Mike Trout is my guy. I love him. Bryce Harper is a douche.

  167. *turns sharply away from Sean*

  168. We left early. We didn’t want to be around when 60,000 drunk people got in their cars.

  169. SD has a trolly system now. The drunks get dispersed.

  170. Don’t hate the playa, Cyn. Hate the game.

  171. Scrodpiece



  172. *lowers chin and whispers, “The Game”*

  173. Brick’d/

  174. Comment by scott on October 12, 2015 8:42 pm

    We left early. We didn’t want to be around when 60,000 drunk people got in their cars.

    I always wonder about the NASCAR races, 40,000 people who have been drinking beer all day and think they can drive like Dale Earnhardt get in their cars and race for the exit…..

  175. 40,000? More like 150,000

  176. Sidebar at HQ had a link to Grand Funk’s We Be an American Band. I wasted about 30 minutes listening to old GF tunes. They were my second favorite band behind Deep Purple back in the day.

  177. Deep Purple was the soundtrack of my life.

  178. The one time I went to a game at the murph, I purposefully stayed in a hotel that was near a trolley station so we wouldn’t have to drive to stadium. San Diego seems like a pretty cool town considering it’s in California.

  179. Smoke on the Water FTW.

  180. Perfect Strangers is my favorite DP tune. Ian Gillian had some serious range.

  181. SotW FTW!!! I love SD. Too many people. I’ve been known to medicate to chillax at Hotel Del.

  182. Mare Translation: Smoke On The Water For The Win!!! I love San Diego.

    Not sure about the rest of it.

  183. San Diego is a nice town, and for a city of its size is anomalously conservative. Petco is a really nice ballpark, too. Great sight lines all through the place.

  184. I’ve been to 5 pro football games. I think every stadium is now closed.

    The old Cleveland dump.
    Houston Astrodome
    Jack Murphy
    The old Cowboys place

    What about Phoenix? Do they have a new place?

    That place was annoying. It was close to the airport and every 3 minutes a jet would fly over, low and loud.

  185. I even like the Messican food in Old Town. Roberto’s and Rubio’s are meh. I said MEH!

  186. Is it more conservative than the other cali urban centers because of the military presence? Or does anybody know?

  187. Went to the first game in PHX. It’s ok.

  188. PG more conservative in some ways but lots of Messicans.

  189. Cards plays in U of Phoenix stadium which is in Glendale. I went to Fiesta Bowl there the year Baylor got their ass handed to them by Central Florida. Nice stadium.

  190. Cowboy Stadium, Irving 3 X, Jax, Arrowhead, but in the Pepsi Box, Silverdome, Dan has way more FB stadiums. College too.

  191. I have way more baseball stadiums. Minor and major.

  192. Hockey arenas, too. College and NHL.

  193. Only 2 NBA games. Lakers. 80s. Suns with Luc Longley.

  194. #GoCubsGo

  195. The only place I’ve ever seen a pro game is at Jerry World. Been to HS games at old Astrodome, old Texas Stadium in Irving, been to college games at Cotton Bowl, U of Phx stadium, and the murph.

  196. My dad took my bro to the Clippers game BITD. Boy. Wee bit bitter.

  197. I loved the Astrodome. I like baseball at the Trop. They have roaches big enough to require tickets.

  198. I am confused by what the contractor is calling decking. I thought it was called sheathing. Waferboard beneath the siding.

    Tail joist sounds dirty.

  199. Never been to an NBA game. My wife says they’re way more entertaining in person than on TV. She went to see Thunder vs Rockets a couple of years ago when James Hardin was still w Thunder. I think she wants him.

  200. PG our Suns game was with the first female ref. She was calling ticky tack BS. Old guy was trying to keep the game balanced. I decided at that point to save my $$$ for hockey games. NCAA basketball. Vegas in March Madness is EPIC!!!

  201. NBA live is like NHL live. Much better then on TV.

  202. I think I’d enjoy an NCAA tourney hoop game. I’m told if you hang around outside after the semi’s you can pick up tix for the finals reasonably cheap from fans of the team that didn’t advance.

  203. MA was Gingy’s dog. She’s the one that socialized her. We were extraneous. Really having a hard time trying to make MA a snuggle bug like Gingy.

  204. You know what is really exciting live but doesn’t translate well to TV? A good 4×400 relay where most of the teams can run sub 3:00. I’ve seen it at TX Relays and it’s cooler than shit. But on TV it’s just meh.

  205. I have been to a Pistons game. I mostly enjoyed the dancers. Basketball bores me.

  206. PG, YES! Las Vegas has 3 tourneys now. It is pretty cool. I had tics to the Houston/NCState game at The Pit. I was sick of basketball and allergies by the time the Final rolled around. Dan was there for Valvano. I was watching on TV.

  207. The Phi Slamma Jamma upset?

  208. Yep. I’d been partying all wknd with out of town journos. Got tickets for the Final. Was tired of basketball and parties. Watched game in hotel suite.

  209. Dan’s grandmother called parish priest. Told him her grandson liked basketball. Dan attended game with priest. No quid pro quo for future Catholic Lottery.

  210. Roamy,
    For us, “sheathing” was the plywood/OSB that went over the studs that formed the framing for the outside walls of the house.
    The TYVEK /house-wrap went over that, and the siding,(in our case Hardy Plank – cement siding) over that.
    What are you dealing with?

  211. Sadly, when The Chargers leave The Murph will bite the big one.

    Even if they stay The Old Man is dust.

    SD is conservative because La Jolla and Rancho Sant Fe is old $.

    And there are a considerable number of thumpers here.

  212. You could get seriously injured telling that story around some people. I’ve got a friend who snuck into a luxury box at the Alamodome about 10 or so years ago for a semi-final between Kansas and somebody back east, can’t remember who. He and his cousin were about twelve free beers in when the real owners of the box showed up at half time. They were escorted by security to the parking lot. My friend and his cousin……not the real owners.

  213. Also, plus kne on live track and feild.
    I used to get backed and go watch competitions because I liked this chick blah blah blah.

    Very exciting.

  214. Did anybody quickly realize why anybody else was avoiding eye contact and walking quickly away from the bathroom today?

  215. Senator Seanm?

  216. Watching Chiefs/Steelers from the Pepsi Box was awesome. Private bathroom. Free food. Awesome seats. Target started cracking down on execs after that/

  217. Sean, some of the dog lovers avoid Dan and I right now. Adjusting.

  218. I attended one Dodger game. Ended up being in section with the peanut bag guy.

  219. Scott – you’re thinking of Sun Devil Stadium where the planes fly right over.

  220. You can get a pretty good view of Chad from some seats in Sun Devil Stadium.

  221. Yikes.

    The whole sha bang is going to fail, eh. I got into Kaiser when Barry overplayed his hand.

  222. Chad needs to be invited to the next meat-up.

  223. I need mega lead time to the next meat up.

  224. Yeah, Chumpo – a scary house of cards those ACA co-op things.

  225. Dentist tomorrow. Another ruined day.

    New epoxy tooth.

  226. Sorry Scott.

  227. I could throw another meat-face-thing together, say March… the weather is great here then. Or even Super Bowl Weekend might be fun. You People let me know and I’ll make it happen.

  228. We went to Sun Devil stadium once. I kept picturing one of the planes crashing right into the middle of it. I may have issues.

  229. No blimps at that place.

  230. Epoxy – hunh. That sounds kinda cool actually.

  231. March? Spring Training? 5 months notice?

  232. Car in, fly to Vegas. Road trip to PHX.

  233. Scott, you come out for a meatup and I guarandamntee you a blimp.

  234. Comment by Cyn on October 12, 2015 10:50 pm

    ” I guarandamntee you a blimp”

  235. This guy is great, Cyn. He knows I don’t have insurance, so he gets creative.

    – You need a crown, that costs about $1500 and will last about 15 years.
    Or I could make you a new tooth out of glue that will probably last 10 years for $300.

    Glue please!

  236. Those are the best guys to have Scott, insurance or no. You should find out what he drinks.

  237. My guy in Beverly Hills sets permanent teeth for $1500. You need a referal?

  238. I am not going anywhere for the next year and a half.

    I want to go everywhere after that.

  239. Tonight will be new antibiotic number 4 (of 10) pills and I am finally starting to feel like I’m not melting into the couch.
    This ebolacrudAIDSflupneumoniabronchitis shit is nasty.

  240. We need to set up lauraw nurse bait. Almost Scott bug out bait. Combination.

  241. *makes note to order blimp in 1.6 years from now*

  242. Sorry, Cyn. I’ve read it’s brutal.

  243. He’s mostly retired and kind of out of it, and he’s rebuilding my tooth tomorrow. It will be interesting.

  244. We will visit Phoenix.

  245. It’s the mostly- or soon-to-be retired guys who know stuff. I had a dentist rebuild my front tooth when I was 13; he used ceramics, IIRC, and told me I’d need to replace it in 10-15 years.

    I finally had it redone after 35 years because it was finally starting to stain enough to show.

  246. You’d better.

  247. ChrisP, yes, that is what I am talking about, except we had Dryvit and no house wrap. I have no idea why the builder is calling it decking, and I am confused. Whatever it is, it is getting replaced/repaired as well as the tail joists, top and bottom wall plates, wall studs, and insulation.

  248. Thanks, Oso. I have learned from this that waiting three weeks to see the doc for something like this is probably two weeks too long.

  249. MiL keeps calling Dan to ask how Gingy is doing. Dementia sucks.

  250. It does at that, Oso.

  251. I thought it was hard last year with FiL. Dan and I are both struggling with empty mornings. Gingy was such a bully/Alpha MA was lucky to have AM time. We are still adjusting. Progress: MA is starting to chill ax on the upper ottoman.

  252. Decking refers to the roof.

  253. Lots of time for all three of you, Oso. Hugs.

    Nighty dreams, hawtsausages

  254. G’night Cynabons! It’s a process. I get it that Gingy was just a dog. We were supposed to get her cremains today. Vet observes Columbus Day. Tomorrow.

  255. Whatever happened to TexasJew? I’m gonna be down in El Paso the first week in December.

  256. He’s on twitter.

  257. Jim Levy. Oy vey!

  258. You heathens need to listen to God Bless The Outcasts

  259. Oso, have you ever read the Rainbow Bridge poem?

  260. *slowly uncrossing fingers ’cause FML

  261. Sorry, Wiser, I was hoping you’d have some good news.

  262. Roamy, one of my original college floor mates was a 2nd gen German Jew that ended up in Mexico after her parents were declined sanctuary in the US.

    My college roommate’s MiL and FiL had to go from Vienna to Bolivia.

  263. Ah crap Wiser, I’m sorry.

  264. mmmm, I just ate celery with peanut butter slathered on it. They used to give us that in high school lunches and I don’t think I’ve had it since then.

    This concludes this Emergency Important News Update.

  265. hmmm, not tired yet. . .

  266. Color and sky brush and blue
    Scarlet fleece changes you
    Crimson derp sinks from view

  267. still not tired

  268. I’m just reading that Playboy is going to stop having nude photos.

  269. Mr. RFH’s phone went off at 3 AM. My mind decided it was time to wake up and think about all the crap I gotta do. Rah.

    Decking would make sense if they were working on the roof, but they haven’t gotten that far yet. What needs replacing is the waferboard underneath the windows.

    And now I see there is a new poat.

  270. Darnitall – sorry, wiserbuns.

  271. Rosetta is very busy

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