Another sleep-in Saturday

Well, not for me. Trebuchet team will be here in about 3 hours, but let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Getting ready for Halloween?

morning poem
Unearthed this one from 2008.
Y’all have a good day.
Poat update by RFH – not funneh.


  1. Siding completely torn off the house, and what happens last night? Rain.

  2. I need to buy that mug for Paula.

  3. The CRNA who ran my cases yesterday was talking about having her whole upstairs removed last weekend. Her roof was replaced about 7 years ago by a less than stellar crew and it leaked. Very slowly until a torrential downpour we just had and the roof collapsed in the middle. The water was held back by foam sealant so they were unaware until a catastrophe happened. The whole upstairs was rotted.

    Remind me again why home ownership is a great idea…

  4. Wakey wakey.


  6. We made the mistake of having EIFS installed when we built the house. That might work in Arizona, it does not work here. There are several places around the windows and below gutter joints where the wood has rotted beneath the EIFS, so it *looked* fine from the outside. We were part of a class-action lawsuit some years ago and had some repairs done and yearly moisture measurements. Now we’ve gotten rid of that shit. Getting a new roof, too.

    They have torn up the yard, obliterated a lot of my plants, broken at least one outdoor light fixture, broken the dryer vent (reminder that I need to check the water heater vent), and have done something to the outdoor plugs to where the GFI won’t hold, so none of the bathroom outlets work. And we’re only on the 3rd day.

  7. Yikes Roamy.

  8. Please tell me that in true mad scientist fashion you’re putting in experimental software that will malfunction horribly and try to take over the world or at least cause chaos.

    I’d have to be at the job far too long to get away with that.

  9. So … the Obama shoe is a real thing?

  10. WTH are you talking about?

  11. Darn, Roamy. What has happened to American customer service?

    What is the Obama shoe thing?


  13. Kobe designed his newest Nike shoe as a tribute to Obama. It’s $225

  14. EIFS must not work up here because I have never heard of that before.

  15. Updated poat. I need to look behind Rocketboy’s desk and in his closet to see if damage has come through the wall.

  16. The shiny parts are where it was repaired last time. Nice rotten area right above it on the right where the gutter meets the gable.

  17. * googles *

    Ah, it’s a relatively new thing. New homes are hard to find around here.

  18. I’ve never heard of it either w(hich is not surprising). There are EIFS inspectors though:

  19. My next home will be cordwood masonry. “New” methods appear to all amount to building your house out of paper mache`.

  20. Yeah, the inspector is the one who makes the moisture measurements and checks the integrity of caulking.

  21. My town was mostly built in the 40’s.

  22. We use EIFS a lot, but it has to be detailed properly, as does any siding material.

    Loads of shady contractors out there, and it sounds like you found one, Roamy. No excuse for any of that damage to your yard and house you’ve described.

  23. The contractor was highly recommended, I think it was the subcontractors doing the damage trying to hurry the hell up and get out of here on a Friday.

  24. So, they left your exterior open to the elements overnight, or even worse over a weekend?

  25. Then again, the original builder was highly recommended, but he usually had his son helping him. Son had left to start his own business, and dad couldn’t handle what he had signed up for. He was building three houses about as far apart as you can get in Madison County and doing a shitty job on all of them.

  26. Hotspur, yep. The guy with the housewrap didn’t show up.

  27. Or they saw the amount of damage underneath the EIFS and needed to plan how they were going to replace the rotten parts.

  28. Sorry this is happening to you, Roamy.

  29. This was well thought out

  30. Trying to look on the bright side, that it’s getting done, that none of the studs are rotten, that there’s no termites, that the weather is in the 70’s.

  31. Oh, and neither Mini-me nor I got food poisoning from the volunteer dinner Thursday night. Four people did.

  32. Yikes!

  33. The Obama shoe made me think of this story:

  34. Pot lucks at work make me nervous. Stay away from the potato salad!

  35. I made german potato salad and german chocolate cake for my work’s Oktoberfest celebration yesterday. I assume nobody died, I’d have probably gotten an email. We grilled brats.

  36. Congrats to Brent for not fucking up!

  37. It was pretty fucking hard not to. Thanks Cyn!

  38. F-bombs away

  39. Texas beating Oklahoma…wonders never cease.

  40. *marks exception list for Pupster’s Olde Fashion Aseptic German Potato Salad*

  41. We average about one potluck a month in the office between holidays and staff leaving or retiring. A lot of the staff drives a good distance to work and in the warmer months I am particularly leery of mayonnaise based dishes. It’s probably fine but I always remember the oft repeated Epidemiology quote about food poisoning: “It’s always the potato salad”.

    German potato salad isn’t mayonnaise based is it?

  42. Germans: not killing each other with potato salad since 1349

  43. Germans: Killing everyone else since..well…forever.

  44. Good drinky, MJ!
    Good show, Wiserbud!

  45. Goody goody!

  46. I was working in that area and could actually listen to the show on my radio. Good job, Brent.

  47. Dead or dying termites are dropping onto the kitchen counters and floor lately. There must be a small hole way up above my desk because sand-like stuff drops down onto my head, shoulders and drinks. Termite poop.

  48. I, too, tend to stay away from potato salad and macaroni salad. 90% of the time, someone buys them from the grocery store, so they are not that good anyway.

    The suspect dish here was chicken. I ate one bite and decided, nope, not good, and stopped Mini-me after a bite or two. The guy who brought them said a friend of his, an executive chef somewhere, had grilled them for him, parcooking them. He then said that he’d kept them in his fridge “for a couple of days” then finished cooking them in chicken broth.

  49. And good news – Mr. RFH bitched at the contractor, who promptly came out with two other guys to fix things.

  50. Thanks, Scott. Honestly, I was nervous before going on. Mostly worried that I’d screw up and make Wiser look like a dumbass for inviting me on.

    But I think it went well and I had a blast doing it. Big thanks to Wiser for having me on.

  51. Also good news – the trebuchet crew liked my white chili (raaaacist). Gonna post the recipe in a bit.

  52. Yay, Brent! I’ll listen once Wiser posts the show.

  53. Yay Mr. Roamy for yelling at the contractor and ruining his Saturday.

    He deserves it.

  54. German potato salad isn’t mayonnaise based is it?

    Nope, vinegar.

  55. Mostly worried that I’d screw up and make Wiser look like a dumbass

    Pfft. Like you could dig that well any deeper.

  56. Nice job, Brent.

    You didn’t even call me wiser.

  57. >>>>Pfft. Like you could dig that well any deeper.

    Aaaaaand fuck you too.


  58. I think I’m actually prouder of not calling you Wiser than I am of not cussing.


  60. Hey wiser, can I call in hammered next time? I mean, you took a call from a guy clearly fucked up. I wanna do that.

  61. >>>>Hey wiser, can I call in hammered next time?

    Wait, you weren’t hammered this time???!?!

    By the way, don’t disparage my “drunk @1:45 in the afternoon” listeners. That’s my target audience around that time of the show.


  62. Germans: Killing everyone else since..well…forever.

    I’m 99% German. I haven’t killed anyone. Yet.
    There are a lot of people needing to be kilt.

  63. I’m 99% German. I haven’t killed anyone. Yet.

    It’s that 1% that’s restraining you.

  64. Btw, I love that 30 seconds in, your boy was completely on my side. “Well, that is a valid reason, Steve.”

  65. He just does that to tick me off.

  66. It’s that 1% that’s restraining you.

    Actually it’s a bigger percentage. I forgot my grandma came from Czechoslovakia. Though she could have lived in a German pocket.

    On grandpa’s side, hundreds of years back, there is an entry for Alsace, France. There’s the white flag.

  67. Having Brent on SES? Didn’t know your list was that short. Guess I’ll have to listen and find out.

  68. When I turn the ignition key for my lawnmower, nothing happens. If I turn it on and off about 46 times the starter will eventually engage.

    I figured it was the ignition, so I replaced it. Nope.

    Then I figured that maybe the butt switch in the seat was going bad, so I disabled it. Nope

    Could it be the starter?

  69. You cut me, Jay. You cut me deep.

  70. >>>>Could it be the starter?

    Is it plugged in?

    (Seriously, are the wires firmly connected to the switch?)

  71. (Seriously, are the wires firmly connected to the switch?)

    This. It sounds dumb, but it seems like there’s a loose power connection somewhere.

  72. Im at a pumpkin patch and its 100 degrees.
    This is bullshit

  73. I feel you Chumpo. I walked outside just to throw trash away. It’s only 80 degrees, but humidity is off the charts. Just gross.

  74. anybody know of a good trick to cure/curtail a dog who likes to bite when playing? It’s pretty bad.

  75. Check the lead going to the coil in the solenoid.
    Are you getting 12v there when you hit ‘start’?

  76. Bad switch, bad solenoid, corroded wiring…

  77. Jay – I found that yelping really loudly worked well and then stop playing. On occasion, shoving my sharp fingernail into the roof of his mouth when he bit helped too.

    Also, some guy recommended this book once and I always vowed to get it if I got a pup again.

  78. I’ve got nothing to test it Chris. It’s a new ignition switch. It’s acting as if the starter is stuck, and hitting with electricity 47 times loosens it. Once it’s warmed up it works perfectly.

  79. HA. That was me, excellent book.

    I lost my temper with my lab when he was too bitey. I flipped him onto his back and bit him in the throat. He let out a soft yelp and never bit me again.

    That’s exactly what Mom would do.

  80. Looks good, I’ll check it out, thanks!

  81. Lawn mowed, ten million more mustard seeds gathered.

  82. I know many folks are against them, but shock collar. I had a boxer who thought it was great fun to sprint across the yard and then fling her 50 lb self into your legs/waist. Which was a serious problem considering my wife was pregnant.

    I was against the collar. I tried everything. Nothing worked. So I finally broke down and got the collar. Put it on her. Next time out in the backyard, I had the remote in my hand. Sure enough, here she comes full speed. Right before she jumped, I hit the button. Just for a second.

    That one time was all it took. She never again tried to do it.

    So, while I’m not generally a fan of shocking your pets, it was absolutely effective.

  83. Yep, we’ve thought about the collar, too. Just to get his attention, which is the whole idea.

    Came across an extension cord end that was chewed today. Gotta nip this in the butt before something bad happens.

  84. Some dogs really hate squirt bottles.

    A blast of water and a firm NO might do it.

  85. Yes to the squirt bottle.

  86. You got DOTW wrong. You don’t muddle the ginger and syrup. You simply layer them.

    You’re welcome. ;-)

  87. One book suggested Tabasco sauce. You put a drop on your non-playing index finger. When the dog bites the playing hand, insert Tabasco sauce with a firm NO. Author guaranteed you wouldn’t have to do this more than 3 times. Ruby got it in two.

  88. You don’t muddle the ginger and syrup. You simply layer them.

    hey, I just copy-pasta what he sent me earlier this week. Don’t blame me if he got it wrong on the show.

  89. Scott, we had a beagle when I was a teenager. Greatest dog ever. But she loved to dig under the fence and escape. Someone suggested putting the hottest pepper we could find in the areas that she liked to dig.

    Dad did that.

    Turns out the dog liked the pepper. We caught her licking the dirt.

  90. They are all different, you just got to figure out what buttons to push.

  91. Like children!

  92. bcoch, updated the show link with a link to your podcast and your info.

    Now sit back and watch your audience grow exponentially.

    You’re welcome.

  93. You shouldn’t use shock collars on kids under the age of 5.

  94. No, Brent, you may NOT put the shock collar on your kids.

  95. Dammit.

  96. Wait….I can’t put the collar on the….ummmm……

  97. Thank you, wiser!

  98. Wiser, I texted AtC that you linked our podcast. “Please tell me he put up a language warning.”

  99. >>>>Wiser, I texted AtC that you linked our podcast. “Please tell me he put up a language warning.”

    Oh hells yeah.

  100. Oh hells yeah.

    “Lmao. Yeah, he did.”

    “Then, Yay!”

  101. That was one of the worst leg breaks ever.
    Glad I wasn’t eating.

  102. Did someone say leg break?

  103. Just ordered a used copy of the dog book for us to use on Rowan. He’s a jumper when he wants to play. Any time Paula comes home from work he starts in on her with the jumping behavior. He tries it with me but isn’t as persistent. Counter surfing too.

  104. Technically, it might not be broken. If you google video search “chubb leg injury” you can watch it. It’s gruesome.

  105. Yeah it’s nasty. I’m assuming that if it was broken, he wouldn’t have stayed on the sideline so long.

  106. I fixed a counter surfer with a giant wall of pots, pans, and cans, balanced on the edge.

  107. That might be worse than broken.

  108. Marcus Lattimore anyone?

  109. * barfs *

  110. When we first took our dog to be trained, we somehow ended up with a holistic, zen type of trainer, who told us things like, “dogs aren’t pack animals, and there’s no such thing as the alpha dog.”

    So things didn’t go well.

    Then we went to an old school trainer. That dog was following his lead within 30 seconds. His remedy for counter surfing was this mousetrap-type gizmo, which would snap if the dog touched it. It had a really wimpy spring and the action arm was a big plastic paddle, so it couldn’t hurt anybody. But it startles the heck out of a marauding pooch, making them disinclined to try again.

  111. * barfs *

    The wife had never seen the Lattimore thing. I showed her.

    “OMG!!! Why would you show me that?!?!? That’s horrible!”

  112. Georgia is getting it’s ass kicked.

    Andy must be crying into his brisket.

  113. Gingy would never let MA on the sofa with Dan. Ottoman only. MA wasn’t allowed above the foot of the bed. Gingy strictly enforced what MA could do. Dan has been trying to get MA to sit with him.

  114. “its”

  115. Oso, been getting caught up and I am so sorry.

  116. It’s been a rough week.

  117. Carl’s Jr doesn’t have free wifi. H8CHKN does. They share a parking lot. Was it wrong to use H8 wifi? (Stoopid free wifi at McDs, H8CHKN, and Sam’s blocks the HQ. I have to backdoor through Twitter links)

  118. The video really didn’t zoom in and I’m on my phone sized screen. The fact that Chubb is sitting dejectedly on the sidelines with a brace, ice pack and crutches point toward a ligament injury. Most commonly it would be MCL, medial meniscus and ACL with the knee planting and giving way. Too bad for the kid regardless of the injury.

  119. It hyperextended a long way. It looked like the rear leg of a dog.

  120. PCL, maybe combined with an ACL and a meniscus or two. Hard to reconstruct and rehab from.

  121. Evening.

  122. **barfs**

  123. Evenings make me sick, too.

  124. Evening, everyone!

  125. So, Albuquerque City Council has changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day. Yawn. My Native friends are all eggcited.

  126. I hate knee injuries in football. I still cringe at the Willis McGahee injury vs, Ohio State. McGahee was killing them and the tv cameras showed an Ohio State coach screaming at the defense “Take out his knees”. A couple of plays later they hit his knee from the front and it bent completely backwards.

  127. Berkeley changed it decades ago, oso.


  129. Sean, I was hoping we could outlast the PC crowd. Denver caved years ago, too. I always like it when the Messicans and the Indians fight.

  130. Our older boy has friends with crappy home situations. Tonight marks the second time this week we’ve had a kid at our house who is feuding with his parents. She was the psych nurse at work all day. Now she’s carrying through at home FFS.

  131. Paula is good people. Sorry she lost her family time.

  132. Situation defused. She called the kid’sfamily and talked it out. He’s going home tonight. We’d have him over for the night but we’re all busy in the morning and tomorrow is the driver’s ed exam. We need him on his A game and not up all night playing GTA. We’ve had this kid around before and the family is dirt poor. It’s got to be tough for him at home and school.


  133. Driver’s ed exam on a Sunday?

  134. Dusty Baker in the studio! Woo hoo, oso!

  135. *wonder dog theme*

  136. Is that called a Squirrel?

  137. We’ve had a month of Saturday/Sunday 0930-1230 driver’s ed classes to drive him back and forth. Tomorrow is the exam at the school, not the DMV. With our work schedules we couldn’t swing the weekday classes they offered.

  138. They’ve held up really well, we’ve lost more than we’ve worn out. They don’t fly too bad for fabric Frisbees either, don’t hurt her mouth, easy to catch.

  139. Dusty Baker…Grrrr

  140. I think that was Ruby’s favorite when she could see.

  141. Oh, and the four rubberized corners glow in the dark. Pretty cool to play with even if you don’t have a dog.

  142. That price is pretty good for a dog frisbee. The fabric ones usually go for close to ten bucks.

  143. MA liked her flying squirrel. She fixated on Do pretty early and became Do obsessed.


    Saw these guys in the late 90’s down in Providence RI. Forget the name of the club but remember the friends I was with.

  145. Do?

  146. Do!

  147. Female Coworker X: Did you see the show about Bill Cosby last night?

    Me: No.

    Female Coworker X: OH MY GOD. Well, you know about the-

    Me: Yeah, he’s disgusting.

    Female Coworker X: OK. Well, I was talking to [Male Coworker Y] this morning about it. You gotta hear this.

    Me: OK

    Female Coworker X: I told him all about the show, and that it was just incredibly horrible how many women are coming forward about Cosby, the rapes and stuff. And [Male Coworker Y] just shrugged and said, “Eh.” THAT WAS IT.

    Me: *shaking head* What did you-

    Female Coworker X: I mean, don’t you think that’s just offensive, I mean, to say (her voice rises here) to a woman? About rape? To just be like, “Eh?”!!

    Me: I don’t care either. I mean, I don’t watch TV and just don’t keep close track of crime news. He’s a nasty old raper. It’s sad. Glad he got found out.

    Female Coworker X: Oh I know, it’s so horrible, because so many people looked up to him.

    Me: Yeah, I really used to like that guy.

    And we went back to work.

    Moral: It is now a crime to be insufficiently outraged by crime.*

    *Provided that it is a crime against women, and you are a man.

  148. Eh.

  149. Do is a donut shaped tennis ball dealio. From Kong. MA is Gollum and Do is Precious.

  150. My problem with the Cosby crap is not a single accuser stood up contemporaneously. Most profited at the time with roles/work. Even the most recent one waited a year to speak up. Casting couch is a Hollywood staple. At least his victims were of legal age. They all met privately with a married man. If that is victim shaming, I’m guilty.

  151. Your words don’t have meaning.

  152. If you were on FB you could see pics of Do.

  153. They were not all of legal age, Oso.

  154. And, he drugged some of them without their knowledge.

  155. Okay, I’ve read the thread and I’m most concerned about Lippy’s beverage getting termite poo dropped in it.

    *hopes I can sleep tonight*

  156. Playboy mansion accuser. I believe he drugged women. Unfortunately, not a single one went to the police or hospital in time to be tested. I think Nick and Disney employ pedos. Unfortunately, parents on the money train let crimes fly by and don’t protect their children.

  157. I just wish he’d been indicted criminally.

  158. There’s a reason Disney keeps crapping out damaged young women and men. Something’s wrong in there.

  159. Do.

  160. When Squeaky the cat bites me I yelp (not too loudly) and make a point of staring at the place where she bit. Then I whine a little bit like a hurt animal might while still staring at the injury.

    She gets it now and only gives very gentle grips with a lick afterward.

  161. Did anybody realize that trying to actually explain to anybody else how “fucking magnets” work was a waste of time today?

  162. Squeaky the cat? Yay!

  163. Mare, I thought the little bit of sandy residue at the bottom of my glass was just un-stirred lemonade powder.

    I’ll stop right here with the remembrance that I was brought up with a “waste not want not” point of view.


  164. Did anybody realize that trying to actually explain to anybody else how “fucking magnets” work was a waste of time today?


  165. I still think the fact it was an “Open Secret” in Hollywood and with comedians for years yet it wasn’t until a black comedian got pissed by Bill’s “Keep it clean” comments that it became public knowledge is a bunch of crap.

  166. Lipstick,
    If there was something bad in the glass, the alcohol has killed it.
    Keep telling yourself that and, bottoms up!
    Perhaps get someone to examine your abode for “Pests”?
    Just sayin’…

  167. Oso, Squeaks was dumped out of a car somewhere near here, we surmise, and spent weeks meowing so loudly in the neighborhood that when my friends (whose apt. I’m living in) gave her to me her throat was so sore she could only squeak hoarsely.

  168. Sean,
    Were you talking to the JEF, that thought aluminum was magnetic?
    If so, good luck with that…

  169. Squeaks now has a home with an awesome furry mama.

  170. ChrisP, apparently the owner of the duplex is a dickplex and won’t do any upkeep. I’m here living with dear friends (since we were teens), but they are gone most of the time, so I’m just working around it.

    Hats are handy as well as folded paper towels to cover drinks.

    Thank you for the reminder that vodka kills germs!! :)

  171. Ahh, I’m not that furry.

  172. Hahaha.

  173. If Cosby raped those women, fuck him. That they waited so long to come forward is shameful. They could have prevented others from being abused. But any blame put on them is for their actions/inactions. Cosby bears the full responsibility for any sexual assault.

  174. Anita is playing a tune on the Viola, that, when she finishes, I fully expect to hear:
    “Good evening, and welcome to “Masterpiece Theater”. I am your host, Allistair Cooke”.
    I *should* know its name, but I don’t…

  175. Alex, what is a burlesque show?

  176. Mare, song and dance by women in revealing clothes.

  177. Anita is excellent in the extreme.

  178. How can we prove sexual assault when not a single 1 of 50+ accusers came forward in time to capture physical evidence? Not one. Not even the most recent.

  179. Here you go, Crispy:

  180. So then you’re skeptical of the claims against the Catholic priests?

  181. Bcoch,
    If they met and did drugs, and had sex, with no force, followed by “regret”, I’m not a sympathizer.
    If that’s NOT the way it went down, burn him…

  182. Bingo, crispy

  183. 2 pairs of headphones, and eliminating on the guest bed. Someone is crying out for attention.

  184. Sorry. I’ll try to be better.

  185. Hollyweird is a cesspool. Unfortunately, for women working there, any accusation is going to bring down the wrath of the powerful. A lot of these women were screwed up beforehand/have a history, which makes it hard to prove anything and there’s a good chance that they will have their lives ruined. The casting couch is real, the rampant alcohol and drug abuse is real. It doesn’t mean that Cosby isn’t a rapist, but the whole culture is such a mess that it provides him plenty of cover and concealment.

    Far better if one of their brothers/fathers had simply put a bullet in Cosby years ago.

    And any parent who allows their kid to be on Disney or Nickelodean should have it used as the first piece of evidence against them at their custody hearing.

  186. Bcoch, in a word “Yes”. My credo is “Call cops ALWAYS” DiT always says that anecdote isn’t data. RL friend was dating a 15 year old. His mom got worried. Sent 15 yr old to Las Vegas. When the Pedo priest crap broke in NM, former 15 yr old that broke my friend’s heart when he took up with Las Vegas priest was one of the first guys to cash out in the Catholic lottery. BTW my abuser was a school bus driver. Access to kids for 30 yrs. The fact that he was my grandfather doesn’t matter.

  187. I remember when neighbor kids threw rocks at my Grammo. I always thought my grandfather must have violated one of their family members.

  188. CoAlex knows. Cosby became an issue when he went against plantation thought. Rapey raperson was A OK until he told gangsters to pull their pants up.

  189. Got another ping on eharmony. This one says that her occupation is “Business Woman” and her school was “State University”. Let’s see how long until I get hit up for money.

  190. Dammit. I need a better back up than Mr Lowered Expectations!

  191. Go State!

  192. Man, Cal gave up five turnovers in the first half, but we’re only down by a touchdown at the half. Could be worse.

  193. I really don’t want y’all to think I’m defending a rapist. I’m not. I just want it to be proved in a court of law. I was never able to prove anything. I know what I know.

  194. Didn’t think so, oso. Justice is important, and it has to be done right.

  195. RL You’re lying.
    Even if you aren’t lying, Shut Up.
    What are you trying to do? Kill Grammo?

  196. The Human Mind in denial. When I was in 2nd grade, a window didn’t properly seal in the putty. 7 hours of glass being pulled out of me. I have no memory of it. Limited scars. I was already in therapy at the time. My “Talking DR” said stuff that resonated. Long story short. My Mom’s family and my Dad’s career took precedence over my mental health.

  197. The human mind is capable of incredible feats of rationalization and self-delusion.

  198. The waking human mind.

  199. The only thing I remember about my talking Dr is the blue bear I would hold while we talked. (How fucked up is that?)

  200. I guess my point is that unless the defendant has cash, no one cares about the victim.

  201. Unfortunately the worst predators also know how to pick victims that are vulnerable and isolated.

  202. When my sister was very young our dad was investigated. Mom claims that sis made comments, knew things, that were more than anyone could casually know. Sis blames mom to this day. It’s the reason that mom isn’t invited to the wedding.

  203. Go State!

    Ha. I woke people up. Don’t ever change, Sean.

  204. Elliot is having a nice nap. Good to see after his busy day.

    Go Chumpo State!

  205. Good luck, Jay. I think the gang here gave up some excellent advise as usual.
    I never had a challenging dog provided that I took em everywhere with me and gave them every thing that they thought they wanted.

    All the time.

  206. Seems that is the key. Even when you don’t know what the frak it is that they want.

    you should just know

  207. I fell asleep with my forehead against the keyboard. Doofus.

    Hi Elliott!! *pet pet, scritch scritch*

  208. What was Elliott’s busy day?

    Tell me, tell me! *whine whine*

  209. Elliot’s busy day was pooping and peeing everywhere he wasn’t supposed to.

  210. he’s asleep below the desk right now, sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

    In his head innocent, I would say. haha.

  211. Better nip that headphone habit quick. Pretty soon he won’t be content to chew up cheap earbuds for the dollar store. He’ll wanna gnaw on $100 Beats by Dre earphones.

  212. Yeah, there will be no $100 dre’s here. I already hid the Sennheisers.

  213. Deckard experienced replicant problems.

  214. Morning.

  215. Oso, it’s a classic scenario where a repeat rapist can gauge when a victim’s word will not be believed against his. This knowledge forms part of his motive to act. Afterwards, the victim checks his math and finds it correct. This forms her motive not to act.

    Also, he had enablers.

    See: Savile; Jimmy, and Sandusky; Jerry, for further explication of the celeb rapist phenomenon.

    I’m sure we’ll be hearing about similar cases in the future.

  216. ^^yes^^

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