MMM 192: Winter is coming.

Going to do something a little different this week and celebrate an endangered species as well as the coming season of snow and ice. Beware the soul stealing power evinced herein, but enjoy its splendor in the meanwhile.

Not her real shade, I’m sure. Still, pretty to see.

She’s quite fletching, no? (it’s an archery pun, people)
I’m sure this is a furry of some kind, and thus icky.
So did the Vikings invade Britain because of women like this, or are there women like this because the Vikings invaded?
I can feel my soul draining away just looking at this one.
I love plaited braids. I also only learned that’s what they were called last week.
I’d make her cocoa.
Prepare for the coming cold, my friends.


  1. They are all beautiful. And most likely, women.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the point of these posts.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. I waited on someone yesterday who is most likely psychotic and I need a CCL.

  5. I’m not sure I understand the point of these posts.

    You are not alone. Also, it feels like November here already.

  6. It’s nice out here today. I mean – not “nice” – is kinda wet. But it’s not cold.

  7. It was a little warmer yesterday, but so damp that I can’t shake the early winter feeling.

  8. Ok. typing crazy story. REmember a while back I told you guys about some guy who freaked out about me not bringing (automatically) sour cream with his redskin potatoes? He freaked me out so much I went and sat BEHIND the restaurant until he left. Well he’s been back but hadn’t done much until last week he weirded out with one of our regulars.

    Then yesterday. THere is SOMETHING wrong with him and it’s scary wrong. Like he’s going to blow. First he accused me of giving him “the small lemon slice” on his water. I informed him there were two stuck together and I just was pulling them apart.

    THen his meal – the cook forgot to add an ingredient. I apologized and went to correct it. (as I walk away he mutters “UNBELIEVABLE”)

    When I brought it back he first accused me of bringing him a raw ingredient (nope) and then …

    “Did you make my salad?” – him in accusing scary voice.

    “no – the salad person did”

    “well – there was NO cheese on it”

    “I’m sorry – the salad guy is new”

    “Is the cook who made my food new too?”

    “No … he just made a mistake … he works long hour … ‘

    “LONG HOURS???!!!”

    (omg guy is fucking me the freak out again)

    He then went on to
    1) accuse me of KNOWING that there was no shrimp in his food
    2) accuse the cook of purposely forgetting the ingredient “because he knew it was for me”

    I told the manager and had a ton of other people come to the bar to watch this scary dude.

    I brought him whatever shit he needed and basically ignored him. He left me a penny tip (which I threw on the floor). @@. He showed me huh?

    I hope and pray he never comes back. I don’t ever want to wait on him again. I think he’s really going to blow. Paranoid something or other. And he starts getting shaking angry when he flips the fuck out.

  9. And the cooks do work very long hours. They mostly work open till close as well for all their shifts.

  10. nice job leon

  11. i just heard bernie sanders say:
    “guns should not be in the hands of those who should not have them…”


  12. Yea let’s make him president. He’s so smart.

  13. Car in, a couple of times you mentioned paying taxes on a 15% tip level. How does the IRS know? Do the restaurants report it now?

  14. The restaurant reports it. We used to pay at 11%. They just upped it. It may only be 13% but basically I used to get a nice check when I bartended but now it’s a pittance.

  15. All the CC tips are reported though. So if you get a night of all CC tips – you get taxed at that level.

  16. I’d tell the managers that he scares the shit out of you and that they should consider throwing down the ban hammer.

    Fuck that guy.

  17. Wow. When did the honor system go away?

  18. MJ I’m going to tell them today. The regular manager wasn’t there yesterday.

    She wanted me to give him a free dessert to make up for it. I said no way. I don’t want him to come back.

  19. Don’t know scott.

  20. i agree with MJ – ban that guy
    & also start carrying

  21. Have any of you (Hotspur) heard about any weird viruses on iMac?

    I have a screen that I normally get when an upgrade is available telling me to call apple. Strange. Fake?

  22. I think your iMac has prostate cancer.

  23. you pay taxes on percentages of sales now, right? They try to take into account the cheapskates, but some times you’re the Louisville Slugger, and some times you’re the ball.

  24. If an upgrade tells you to call apple, it’s most likely fake. Plus they probably give you a link to click, right? That’s the in, it runs a program that tries to open a security hole. Most of the time they don’t work, because script kiddies are mostly incompetent. But they are annoying.

  25. Fake.

    The new OS came out a few days ago and it was the normal update process.

  26. Even better, if it asks you to update Windows, it’s probably fake.

    Reft Reg fake.

  27. Dear Santa,

    I want number four under my Christmas tree and wrapped in a big ribbon. Five and six as well.



  28. Thanks, Jay!

  29. Thanks, MJ.

    It appears you guys have kicked my computers prostate in the ass!

  30. Carin, I think MJ is right, you’re a great employee (much harder to get than a good customer) and this guy is creepy, his ass should be banned and maybe a friendly cop who comes in should be told of this guy’s weirdness.

  31. Alex, did you call your date back yet? If so, how did that go?

  32. Mare,

    I called and left a message telling her that I had a wonderful time and hoped to see her again soon, and that I’d call her later this week.

  33. Sounds good, Alex.

  34. Also, I sent her a picture of my dick.

  35. Have we had any updates on Teresa? Is she still in the hospital?

  36. Also, I sent her a picture of my dick.


    That could be good or that could be bad. It’s a sliding scale.

  37. It was a nice picture. I even used soft lighting and one of those filters. A classy dick pic.

  38. “Also, I sent her a picture of my dick.”

    Nice touch.

  39. Black and white would have been nice. Perhaps you should send her another?

  40. Yeah, those gouache dick pics are so very, well, gouache.

  41. You don’t think black and white would have been too pretentious?

  42. Keep it classy. Put a little top hat on it.

  43. Where did you get a picture of Hotspur and what makes you think this will help your case?

  44. Carin, what the fuck is wrong with the cooks at your restaurant? They always had HotBride’s back when shit heads came in. One raised voice and they were out in the dining room or bar in a nanosecond.

    Mare, that shit is fake.

  45. The cooks don’t really come into the front of the house. Plus they speak Spanish and sometimes he’s hard to communicate what’s going on. If Armando had been there he would have done something (he’s the head cook on friday/sat nights) but he has sunday’s off. He’s a big (scary looking ) Messican.

  46. “eep it classy. Put a little top hat on it.”

    Don’t listen to MJ. He’s a fool. Who know how he got GND.

    But a BOW. That would be tasteful (SYWM) and show her your arty side.

  47. I’m glad we’ve branched out to “dating advice” here at this shit-hole blog.

  48. Tell your manager that you won’t serve the guy. Tell the hostess not to sit him in your section. The penny tip would have gotten him banned at the inn.

  49. Don’t listen to MJ. He’s a fool. Who know how he got GND.

    I’ve always assumed it involved alcohol and low self-esteem.

  50. “I’ve always assumed it involved alcohol and low self-esteem.”

    And roofies.

  51. And roofies.

    Rohypnol: For when she has just too much self-esteem to sleep with you.

  52. If he think that penny tip “showed me” he’s an idiot as well as a psycho.

  53. Penny tips are the hallmark of a passive-aggressive little-dick whose wife probably pegs him every night.

  54. Penny-tips killed it.

  55. Tell your manager that you won’t serve the guy. Tell the hostess not to sit him in your section. The penny tip would have gotten him banned at the inn.


    ^^Yes. And the restaurant isn’t under any obligation to serve him are they? Just ban his psycho ass. This guys control issues are creepy.

  56. Oh, thanks, Hotspur about the iMac deal.

  57. I had that happen once. I followed the guy outside and stared at him while he was in his car.

    He called the manager of the restaurant and I got in a little trouble.

    Oh well.

  58. Working with the public is a tough gig. I think that your management would support you not serving the asshole but that opens up another can O woims. Now you are the focus of The Weirdness.

    If you see it again just bring it it’s food with the bare minimum of decorum. Not rude, not nice, just blah.

    I don’t know why some cocks just love to get in a twist w/ servers. It probably reminds them of fighting w their ex’s.
    The Good ‘ole Days.

    Keep plugging’ Car.

  59. My wife and her girlfriend are going to Dances w/ the Stars today.
    Talk about diving on the grenade!

    I’m going to have to buy her (my wife’s girlfriend) something nice. I owe her big time.

    That was a narrow escape. I could have found myself on the wrong side of the camera. no craft service. No breaks. No nada. Just sit in your seat and clap like a trained seal for six hours.

    Lazarus, Jumped UP!!! That would suk.

  60. “I don’t know why some cocks just love to get in a twist w/ servers. It probably reminds them of fighting w their ex’”

    I think it’s because they know the person basically HAS to be nice to them or they will lose their job (they hope). They’re basically pathetic losers in real life and a complete and utter failure socially /etc. Having power over those you view as powerless is as good as it gets for such people.

  61. Elliot has difficulties with mirrors and windows. All those dogs threatening his turf, and they just won’t back down.

  62. Also, I sent her a picture of my dick.

    That’s just common courtesy. I mean, she’s got to know whether you’re worth a third date or not, right?

  63. Well, at least it fit on that little phone screen.

  64. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 5, 2015 12:55 pm

    Well, at least it fit on that little phone screen.

    Actually, to make it fit I had to have your mom take the picture.

    From across the room.

  65. I think it’s because they know the person basically HAS to be nice to them or they will lose their job (they hope). They’re basically pathetic losers in real life and a complete and utter failure socially /etc. Having power over those you view as powerless is as good as it gets for such people.

    There’s a certain portion of the population that has a negative association with behavior and tipping, likely because the perceived balance of power has shifted with the server.

    My guess is that Mrs Obama has sent back 96.89% of her entrees.

  66. My guess is that Mrs Obama complained about her food after she got her fill.

  67. Customer: There’s a fly on my pizza!

    me: It’s on top of the cheese, and you have 1 piece left

    Customer: We didn’t see it right away!

  68. I had a couple on Friday tell me – upon completing the meal – that it was “very disappointing”.

    “I don’t expect you to do anything but ‘we’ [husband looks sheepish at this point] were very disappointed in the food.”

    Uh …ok. Sorry? They had eaten almost everything. There was a shrimp left and a quarter of a baked potato. I had been to check on them and everything was fine.

    So … I did nothing.

    The wrote ALL OVER THE CREDIT CARD receipt that they were “disappointed” and would never come back and left me a 9% tip.


    Honestly I hate people. Most people are pretty happy with our food – it’s generally very good. Every now and then something slips out not as good and if you TELL ME I’ll get it recooked. Or get you somethign else.

    But if you eat it all and then say how horrible it was (w/o anything specific …) … it’s over. Sorry. SUcks to be you. Cook your own food.

  69. Yesterday there was a giant hair on the wings GND ordered. They remade them, the waitress ignored us, and they didn’t comp anything.

    We’ll never go back because the food was *meh* but I still tipped the chick 20%.

    She had a great rack.

    So, Car in, my advice to you is to wear a low cut v neck.

  70. I hate going to Car In’s restaurant.

    The food is horrible. And the portions are so small!

    And the waitresses all seem to have a chip on their shoulder about something.

  71. Very frustrating day yesterday. I recorded an hour long podcast with a great guy, Bryan McGrath. Serious player in policy and strategy. China, maritime security, carrier warfare, history. Sound was great, topic was great, he’s a great speaker, and the flow of the interview was great.

    Only problem was, I forgot to record the call.


  72. There is no way I’d tip 20% being ignored.

  73. Ouch, xbrad.

  74. been there, done that.


  75. Jay, they were impressive. I like to reinforce poor choices.

  76. Tipping on a scale of A-cup to F-cup.

  77. I never ignore anyone. Unless I think you’re a psychopath. I usually give folks with hair in their food a dessert (and remake the meal). It’s not the place’s policy to comp the food if it’s remade unless something really egregious happens.

    [our portions are huge btw Wiser]

    Unless by “portions” you mean my ‘boobs’. And then you’re right.

  78. And I’ve had meh food and never gone back. But never once did I stiff the waitress or written all over the check. I honestly can’t imagine ever doing that.

    I can’t imagine having so little going on in my life that I’d feel the need to do such a thing.

  79. I dont understand why you can’t review the Podcast to your hearts content.
    It’s archived as a podcast, no?

  80. Comment by mare on October 5, 2015 12:07 pm

    Just ban his psycho ass.

    Great, piss off the psycho…… Spend the rest of your shift wondering if he’s gonna come back with a flamethrower, or just wait for you outside……. :)

  81. For some reason, servers in NM have a giant chip on their shoulder. They really resent having to wait on you. Good service is seldom seen.

  82. I have given shitty tips to a few waitresses, but they earned it. Some people aren’t meant to work in service. That guy isn’t meant to be in public. Tel his mom to keep him chained in the basement.

  83. “They’re basically pathetic losers in real life and a complete and utter failure socially /etc. Having power over those you view as powerless is as good as it gets for such people.”

    This perfectly describes my former brother in law. He was horrible to servers. The control freak had his wife on a $20 per week allowance.

  84. If the food was awful, it’s not the server’s fault. Tip her appropriately and complain to management.

    If the food was good but the service was awful, then still tip the server because she’s going be taxed on it anyways. Complain to management. Stiffing her isn’t actually going to fix anything.

  85. I’ve had that experience in NM (Farmington) Pepe. I was there for three weeks and did not have a pleasant server but for a teenage kid at a cafe.

    I wasn’t in the best of moods either as most of the joints didn’t didn’t serve booze nor beer or wine?!!

    What am I supposed to drink?

  86. *dies of thirst*

  87. New Mexicans aren’t very pleasant people. We resent outsiders. We don’t even like each other.

  88. I just got an email from someone who wants us to build a house for them, with a link to Google Docs. The link asks for my email and password.

    What should I do?

  89. Have your credit card ready to enter, in case they ask.

  90. I dont understand why you can’t review the Podcast to your hearts content.
    It’s archived as a podcast, no?
    Here’s how it works. I set up a conference call. And then we talk. But there’s a little button that you have to press to *record* the conference call. Guess which little button I forgot to press?

    And so my conference call service happily tells me that yes, I spent an hour on the call, and no, they didn’t record it.

    If I had recorded it, it would then allow me to download it, edit and post process it, and then reupload it as a podcast.

    But I’m a fucking retard.

  91. “Initially Mrs. Mann was not aware that Genesys was a Catholic hospital. She was receiving treatment for her brain tumor there,” Tucker said. “She had no reason to question.”

    People are fucking retards.

  92. Call the NSA xbrad, they probably have it recorded. I’m sure you’re on a list.

  93. now I see.

    Sofa King Guitarded.

  94. The ACLU is the Devil’s advocate. Literally true, not figuratively.

  95. I’m waiting for the ACLU to come out against age of consent laws.

  96. *click*


  97. Great, you’ve grievously wounded the thread.

  98. It’s pining for the fjords.

  99. Does anyone know whether this thread left a will?

  100. It left everything to your mom.

  101. Miracle of miracles, I actually saw a cute ginger in yoga pants at the store today.

    Normally it’s full of grannies and illegals.

  102. I’m pretty sure you were hallucinating.

    Also, I’ll have some of what you’re having.

  103. Make mine a double.

    HI CYN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Make mine a triple.


    HI MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. I’m disappointed that you don’t have any pix of Brazillionaires.

  106. Check your Cynmail.

  107. NO! You’re not my real Dad!!

  108. I know, but roleplay turns me on.

  109. Roleplay or foreplay?

  110. Ew

  111. So, I took my last antibiotic this morning and I can tell that I need another round, so I called my doc’s office and left them a message telling them just that. I showered and got ready to go in case she wanted to see me again… nothing.

    So, I pushed the button on the Walgreen’s Rx for a refill a little while ago, which will prompt the pharmacist to call my doc’s office for the authorization to refill this.

    So, Nothing.

    *drums fingers on desk*

  112. How about we role play that I give a fuck.

    Nope. Unpossible.

  113. We should role play that all you all need a good spanking.

  114. What did The King Hawaian say to The Kaiser?

  115. Well, it’s not going beyond foreplay while you still have the clap.

  116. Peniscillin.

  117. I retract my earlier comment.

    I’d like to be the spanker, though.

  118. Finally home and sitting still.


  120. We should role play that all you all need a good spanking.

    I’ve been a bad dog.

  121. xbrad, is this sailboat shit gonna be on the test?

  122. xb – this chick likes spankers too

  123. I was hoping maybe Hotspur would get it. The aft sail of a multi-masted ship is generally known as the “spanker.”

  124. Here comes the boom.

  125. Hot skinny redheads was a nice change of pace today Leon.

  126. I’ve been a bad dog.

    You get the spray bottle and the rolled up newspaper.

  127. You get the spray bottle and the rolled up newspaper.


  128. You need to buy some bourbon and roses.

  129. Hot skinny redheads

    Two of those three words don’t really go together.

  130. We all cant be Sea Scouts, can we?

  131. I found that I was collecting them in addition to the usual stuff and thought it might be best to make a post of them.

    There aren’t, like, thousands of these in the binders, though, so I probably can’t do this again anytime soon.

  132. Shepherd’s pie, chicken carbonara, and shrimp pasta salad in the freezer. I should be good for the week unless Keef decides to go shopping in my kitchen again.

  133. This is an 18 day week. I’m already tired.

  134. Jeasus, Squirril! Them’s some hours. That’s bad ass. I miss workin like that. Beer tastes sooooo good.

  135. No lie Chumpo. When I get home and crack that first cold brew, I’ve found Nirvana.

  136. Should that be Cumpow?

  137. I used to get home about 7a. It was too early to go inside the apts so Id sit im the back of my truck, smoke, and drink a six; laughing at the straights going too work. They would side glance at me and hurry on thier way. I miss that.


  138. I need to talk to the shipping company and see if they are still looking for a dockhand. It’s still a crazy schedule, but it isn’t 11 days a week.


  140. When I worked at UPS, the hours were 11-2 or 3AM. You have to plan your beers well in advance, leaving them in the fridge in your roommate’s care was bad policy.

  141. The shipping people start at 3:00 a.m. instead of ending, but it’s four days a week.

  142. Night work makes you crazy.

  143. The guy that steals your food probably works nights.

  144. The guy who steals my food is probably a deadbeat. Cheyenne has a ghetto and I’m ground zero. I’m also a collosal wimp. I feed all the people.

  145. It could be Mare.

  146. hmm, we have a picky eater. And he freaks out when I make popcorn.

  147. Mare is a short, fat, black dude. Name’s Keef.

  148. Take him back to the pound for a “visit”. He’ll shape up.

  149. For Leon’s binder:

    She looks a little shaky, might not be the best form.

  150. Don’t fall for it, he’ll eat when he’s hungry.

    My Mom was convinced that her dog would only eat if she sat on the floor while he dined.

    We took care of him for a while, we didn’t sit on the floor and he didn’t die.

  151. He’s testing you. He’s hoping you’ll Oso and start feeding him bacon and steak.

  152. Smoked chicky chicky.

  153. Chewing is too labor intensive.
    I want my bacon delivered by IV.

  154. Smoked chicken goes in MY belly.

    He’s still freaking out at strange times. The popcorn? Then I was making my lunch for tomorrow, and he was barking up a storm.

    Come to think of it, I was cutting smoked chicky chicky.

  155. Pup is traumatized by the change in environment. His peeps are gone. It’s like losing your family in childhood. This is very hard on a dude.

    Buy some little jars of meat baby food, like pureed chicken etc. and stir a teensy little bit of it into the water, and into the hard dog food. It’s comforting. After a while you can wean off it.

  156. My spoiled divas love bacon and ribeye.

  157. Mrs. Jay has been trying different kinds of treats. He isn’t even eating his food from the shelter. Like you said, probably just stressed.

    He seemed in such a good mood, too.

  158. It is raining here. Raindrops on skylights are pretty scary for blind wienerdog. Skittish wienerdog is under the bed.

  159. Home.

    I think we’re going to ban the dude. I know I’m not serving him ever again. Apparently he’s done this around town – so this won’t be his first banning; thus taking some of the fear out of me.

    He’s an ex alcoholic/drug addict. I think his brain is left-over scrambled.

  160. Car in, did you have 2 patrons that freaked out over lemon slices on their water glass?

  161. No – I had one freak -out because he didn’t want the lemon (and was rude as FUCK) and the other freaked out because he accused me of grabbing a “Thick” piece of lemon and exchanging it for a thin one. For him. (I was actually taking two pieces apart from each other.

  162. I didn’t realize lemon slices were such a polarizing issue.

  163. My brother’s youngest daughter’s dog suddenly cannot walk. Took him to the vet today, and spending the night tonight for observation, he ate a poisonous toad or mushroom the vet thinks.

    Sprinkle crack on his food Car in, or LSD, maybe Heroin. That will fix him.
    just kidding…maybe, its better than spit.

  164. Don’t watch the game, Car in.

  165. Prayers for the doggeh, Vman.

  166. Vmax,
    We had a cat that we thought would be with us until we died.
    One day he jumped up on the bed to help me sort laundry.
    He was hopping around until his back-leg did not work, and then the other.
    He looked at me very puzzled and cried. He looked very confused.
    I rushed him to the vet. She could not find a pulse in his after-parts and said that he had clot. Heparin did not fix it and we lost him.
    It was very hard.
    We’ve had 27 cats. We will never have another.
    It’s just too hard, when they go…

  167. It is hard to loose them ChrisP.
    Zeke is good, but Rig my niece’s dog is the same age as Zeekster. Gabe is far older and I was worried all weekend with him. He appears to have pulled off a significant recovery. I am so relieved.

  168. Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
    Out in the back seat of my ’60 Chevy
    Workin’ on mysteries without any clues
    Workin’ on our derp moves

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