Sunday Morning Comment starter

BBF comments are closed and I can’t reopen them, so here’s a thing to talk about the weather on.

Here’s a gardening video.


  1. See? Shiny new comment section. I’m so good to you people.

  2. I’m really starting to hate that guy. Something about his motormouth pisses me off. And now he’s even selling the soil microbes, too? Compost is full of micorrhizae. You do not need to buy them. Just add a little compost to the potting mix. Jackass. I bet there’s a bunch of people out there buying $$$ designer dirt just because of this pothead.

    And that’s a shitty seed starter. The great thing about plastic sixpacks is they are light and flexible and you can flip them to their sides and push the rootball out the bottom (hopefully intact) with one hand while supporting the delicate seedling with the other. And you can carry flats directly to the garden to get them into the soil fast, which is important. Since you can’t do that to this big heavy chunk of water-filled pottery, you would have to dig each plant out with a spoon and then bring them to the garden. Which is guaranteed to damage more roots. This is just generally a great idea for wasting time and space, not really useful if you have any amount of serious gardening to do.

    Cute idea to clutter the shelves of eco-tards who will forget to add water to it within several weeks of purchase.

  3. OK, time for worky-worky. Have a great Sunday, kids!

  4. Fucking pottery, ayfkm? Ok really, bye

  5. This is for Leon. I don’t know what it means, however, it does have “mares” in it so it must be good:

  6. Is that garden guy just coming off a drug fueled hooker rave? Doesn’t he look like he’s got the hangover/drug sweats? What is the deal with his hair? Is he in the tropics?

  7. “goatse,” indeed!

  8. Wakey

  9. Carin, how many doubles did you pull yesterday? And by “doubles” I mean spit in some jackasses potatoes.

  10. ^^Just for the record I think that spitting in food is the lowest form of scum behavior and do not believe that Carin would ever do that, that being said, I still would like to know how many jackasses she served yesterday. Whew, my coffee fueled comment rave is causing me to say crazy shit more than usual.

  11. I didn’t spit in anyone’s food yesterday but in hindsight I should have friday night because I was surrounded by white trash 10% tippers. At one point – I looked around the diningroom and tried to figure out where the fuck all these people had come from.

    Everyone was nice yesterday though. And for every 20% tipper plus – thank you. You’re making up for losers who can’t do fucking math or think servers don’t deserve tips/etc. [i’m not bragging when I say I’m an excellent server … it’s just a fact … when I get 10% it has NOTHING to do with me] #assholes

    I get people who tell me that that wish I wouldn’t bartend because they want me to wait on them at the tables. I have a lot of people who request me etc. I’ve gotten people who ask to speak to the manager to tell her how awesome I am.

    10%-ers can go fuck themselves.

  12. She wouldn’t spit in food.
    She might serve food that fell on the floor.

  13. Friday night – because the 10%ers were in such high numbers I only made 17% (before tip out) – which means i walked with less than 15%. You know – the amount I get taxed on by the fucking federal government.

    That was after plenty of 20% and a 30% on a $100 tab.

  14. A week ago – some old man angrily said “YOU CAN TAKE THIS BACK BECAUSE I DON’T WANT A LEMON WITH MY WATER.” Ok asshole.

    Came back a minute or two later and said it would be a few minutes because we were all out of glassware . You know since his precious lips couldn’t handle just REMOVING THE FUCKING LEMON FROM THE RIM (it wasn’t IN the water – just on the side). We were out of glasses and I had gotten THAT glass from the cooler for beer glasses.

    “It’ll be a few minutes”.

    *wait wait wait. [hope he’s getting thirsty]

    *Do nothing exceptional to find him a glass.

    Finally I bring him a small glass (for cocktails) and told him that was the best I could do.

    THen I made sure he could see that there WERE FUCKING LEMONS ON EVERYONE’S WATER.

    THen – I am syrupy sweet. 20%.

    That’s right.

  15. 10 AM and football is on!

    This is so Californian.

  16. How does the IRS know? I thought servers were on the honor system.

  17. Credit card receipts. I always try to leave a cash tip.

  18. weird dating scene in CA

  19. just got a weird tiny url message telling me i am banned for spamming…. ? what the hell

  20. Nothing like advertising your loose sphincter muscles to a prospective date as a come on.

  21. For when Cyn finally gets around here.

  22. Good Gin in the Morning!!


  24. Nothing like advertising your loose sphincter muscles to a prospective date as a come on.

    Worked for me.

  25. Nobody tipped me at all last night, even after serving dinner.

  26. You probably weren’t showing enough cleavage. Undo an extra button next time.

  27. Try wearing a shorter skirt or opening one more button on your blouse. It works for Carin.

  28. Heh, Jewstin got it in before me

  29. It’s a glorious fall day here. Sunny and nice outside in the sun. I’m goIng to fire up the PBC later to smoke a chicken.

  30. Number of STDs: 189,112

    Number of times I asked to see a Brazilian: 452

    Cachaca consumed: 60.99 liters

    Number of unarmed black men shot: 617

    Fucks given: 0

    Number of times speaking Spanish got me out of a jam: 893,123,890

    Barrels of cocaine: 2

    Dollars saved: 1M

  31. Sounds like a nice vacation. Hope you brought back some OTC penicillin

  32. Is that Brazilian dollars, or real dollars?

  33. USD

    I was actually there to work so I had limited time for fun. Lots of good dinners, but in all seriousness I worked about 12 hours a day.

    The women are beautiful, though.

  34. Comment by MJ on October 4, 2015 1:14 pm


    hahahaha….good ones!

    I miss the lists.

  35. The women are beautiful, though.
    According to Xhamster, about half of them have a penis.

  36. According to Xhamster, about half of them have a penis.

    Perfect for MMM!

  37. According to Xhamster, about half of them have a penis.
    Flight attendant on the way back was a tucker. Or possibly went all the way and gave up the manly bits. Dunno.

    Either way, she/he was unbelievably attractive.

  38. So…..CoAlex, did you stick the girl from last night, yet?

    If not, you’re doing it wrong.

    Pro tip: In; out. Repeat if necessary.

  39. Turtle sex:

  40. Is that garden guy just coming off a drug fueled hooker rave? Doesn’t he look like he’s got the hangover/drug sweats? What is the deal with his hair? Is he in the tropics?

    He’s a total stoner, he lives just outside of Vegas, and I actually agree with Laura, his videos have gone from very informative to shit-tastic lately. I didn’t even watch this one before I drove up to Howell today.

  41. Hey MJ, where were you based down there?

  42. Couldn’t Alex also do up:down, repeat.

  43. Some mofo stole my question mark.

  44. Or possible, Left;right repeat?

  45. Repeat if necessary.


    missed that…hahahahahaha

  46. Total douches like MJ need to hang out here more…like me.

  47. Out.

  48. I did up:up down:down left:right left:right left tit:right tit and then select:start.

  49. ha! Alex worked all knobs.

  50. Curitiba. It’s pretty far South.

  51. I’ll hang out more this week, mareface. I’m in Charlotte with pretty good access to the intertittywebjenkinsboobsmashtubes.

    Oh wait. We’re going to Asheville on Wed-Sat. Going to see a concert and then do absolutely nothing except go to the breweries during the day and make really nice dinners at the cabin in the evenings.

    Not sure about the intertittywebjenkinsboobsmashtubes at the cabin. Last time it was good but you never know.

  52. It’s nice up there.


  54. Have a great time, MJ!

    But be sure to stop by this POS site ASAP. Ooooooh I feel like Oso with all my letters.

  55. Say hi to the new addition, Elliot!

    He is busy exploring his new home. We visited grandma earlier, where those pictures were taken.

  56. Hi Elliot. Hopefully his former owners trained him well.


    I could watch that all night, Scott.

    When God closes a door. . .

  58. He’s a year old, abandoned. No barking at the shelter, but he kinda went bark crazy at Petco.

    Then he found his mortal enemy at his new house: the ceramic collie. I had to hide it. Pretty funny.

  59. Have you owned a dog before?

  60. Awwwww, Elliot is precious. He’ll have his issues but who doesn’t. Congrats new daddy!!

  61. Me: I’m gonna clean the garage, work out, finish my homework, make dinner and go to mass!

    Migraine: Fuck You!

    Me: I’m gonna sleep all day and eat greasy tacos for dinner.

  62. I have owned a dog before, but not in this house. Had dogs growing up, and one in college that I acquired from a roommate.

  63. Scott, that puppy vid is hilarious.

  64. What is he? Cocker cross?

  65. Definitely Cocker, but the way he follows his nose around everywhere he’s probably part bloodhound.

    No info on heritage, unfortunately.

  66. Jay, your patience and good nature are perfect for an adoptive pup that may have some issues.

  67. I kinda see Dachsund.

  68. Elliot is too cute. I say Elliot the way ET did. Puppy gif made me laugh.

  69. Scott, me too. Shape of head and ears.

  70. Coat too.

  71. That would make him a Cocksund.

  72. Well, his best buddy at the shelter was Otto the Dachsund.

    Colors do resemble Dachsund, but don’t see it in the face and body.

  73. Elliot is so silky and adorable.

    ELLIOT vs. LASSIE: Two dogs enter, one dog, er, has to hide in the closet

  74. Face: Dachsund. The rest , I don’t know crap.

  75. I think it’s the ears. The face looks mostly cocker, but there is definitely something else there.

  76. I thought his snout looked like a kraut.

  77. We need Oso to officiate.

  78. Poor Otto, now all lonely.


  79. Only allowed one, HOA rules. Otherwise we would have had 2 dogs today.

  80. I been waitin’ all day for Sunday Night

  81. J’ames – He’s ADORABLE!

  82. And Oso already weighed in. That’ll teach me.

  83. She might not remember.

  84. He looks like a good match, congratulations Jay. Does he like smoked meat?

  85. I think he could fall asleep mid belly rub.

  86. We haven’t given him the PBC test. Customer, not subject.

  87. *catching up from last thread*


    You out-kicked your coverage Alex.

  88. Haha, he wouldn’t come down the basement stairs at first. Sat at the top and whined.

    Put him on the leash, and he walked right down. No problems since.

  89. Scott, I’ve just barely started drinking for today. Memory still here.

  90. We’re only allowed 1 pet per HOA rules. MA is my illegal. My DREAMer. My Breaking The Law Dog.

  91. Law Dog

  92. F the HOA. Make them fight you.

  93. We don’t need 2 dogs.

  94. You might.

  95. Cowboys find a way to lose this one, because they suck.

  96. MMM isn’t very muscular this week, so it’s best to interpret it phonetically while looking at the pretty pictures. 502am.

    Good night.

  97. Still plenty of time to not win this one.

  98. Refs are winning this one…..

  99. J’ames, that’s where we got law dog.

  100. Law Dog™

  101. Walter threw another of his poems at Belmont Club, today:

    ” Walt Erickson


    The portrait seemed familiar, disconcertingly so. In the dim light of the darkened gallery the eyes seemed to follow him. Wherever he stood in the room the eyes looked directly at him, seeming to speak. And then, in a searing flash of recognition, he realized who the man in the portrait was. It was himself. And then he noticed the bronze plaque under the portrait. It read, Barack Obama, the last president of the United States, died in the nuclear attack on the Capital in the summer of 2016. He turned, shaken, to find the sky and stars now visible through the shimmering walls, until he stood outside, in a cold and bitter wind.

    The tortured stones shone brightly in the fullness of the moon
    Turned molten in an instant on that fateful afternoon
    As brighter than the sun the fearsome flashes lit the sky
    And one by one the cities of the West began to die
    While hidden in the ocean depths the subs so quiet lay
    And in response their missiles launched and silent flew away
    All through the night and through the next the missile subs replied
    And in the brightness of the night the mighty cities died
    He walked among the tortured stones and shivered in the cold
    He waited for the smiling man to whom his soul he sold.”

    If the JEF keeps fucking with Vlad…

  102. You play the heavy
    It’s a real derp movie move
    “Stoned at the Alamo” tonight
    The closer you are the quicker it hits you
    Try to be nice and look what it gets you

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