Hello future job-seekers, have a latte, get comfy and look at large boobs and stuff.

I’ll bet it’s been a long time since you heard this song.


True story, that’s me singing “yeaaahh” at 2:40


Your model for today is from Essex, UK, 5’7″, 9 stone, 32GG-26-36. Please release the hounds and welcome, Miss Beth Lily!





^The picture that disproves the theory that glasses make you look smarter.





  1. Fun

  2. Bags

  3. I like the little black dress in the last pic.

  4. The shelf in the drinking vid had two VHS copies of MegaForce.

  5. She looks boobs.

    wakey wakey

  6. Looks like the wife person isn’t gonna get up in time to feed the horses herself, so I get to do it.


    It almost sounds like they politicians are pushing the refusegees into East Germany (which has been politically and economically weak since reunification) rather than West.

    Germany still has compulsory military service. Nearly every grown man knows how to operate a sub-machine gun and knows basic small-unit tactics.

    The extrapolation is left as an exercise for the reader.

  8. >> I like the little black dress in the last pic.

    me too

  9. I carefully compared the various outfits, and had to concur that the little black dress stood out prominently.

  10. She seems slutty enough.

  11. Is nine stone over or under a hundred pounds?

  12. Depends on the weight of the stone.

  13. I’ve got lots of stones around here and they all weigh different amounts. Scott has a point.

    How come the US gets ragged on for not adopting metrics while the English still does their weight in stones?

  14. I think she’s a candidate for “Motor Boating BBF Model of the Year”.

  15. BBF models use lighter stones, so she’s probably around 105 lbs.

  16. I don’t know, she’s got pretty big stones.

  17. Those kind of boobs make exercise and walking up right difficult.

  18. but lots of fun to watch!

  19. 126

  20. The picture with the glasses makes her look like a simpleton. Well, more simpleton-like than the other pictures.

  21. She’s a slut.

  22. Stones is a perfectly fine unit of measurement. The metric system is a commie plot.

  23. The glasses mean shut up, SCIENCE!

  24. I just noticed Pupster’s caption on the glasses picture…hahaha, yes.

  25. I bet she would dust a bed if you asked her to.

    And by “dust a bed” you know what I mean.

  26. Suck a golf ball through a garden hose?

  27. I just got some hipster douchebag glasses. I think they make me look smarter.

  28. I really have to go running today and it’s windy as Floyd after a spaghetti and meatball dinner.

  29. I just got some hipster douchebag glasses. I think they make me look smarter.

    Couldn’t hurt. *runs

  30. Yesterday was OMG cone of death and 10 inches of rain.

    Today it’s maybe some rip currents

  31. I may have to turn the heat on today.

  32. 39 yesterday, 42 this morning.

  33. November weather, here too.

  34. She seems nice tits.

  35. Had to turn on the furnace this a.m..

  36. car in and oso, I did not get the second DVD of Outlander. Don’t like the rape scene.
    Gabaldon started to bug me with all her rape culture.

  37. Pepe, that sucks about the wolves. I don’t want your cattle and pets to get eaten but I don’t want the wolves all dead either because of gubmint assholery.
    They do know they are wasting money and wolves lives, right? Stoopid f*ckers.

  38. 37 comments. You guys are an embarrassment.

  39. I represent that comment

  40. Then get busy, MWay.

  41. Now that it’s found out the Shooter targeted Christians, how long before the MSM drops the story?

    The left creates the hate – cause Christians are bigots, thus the shooting justified – in order to step closer to their glorious utopia of only government – the worst criminal element (themselves) – is armed.

  42. Hey, I was busy. Had to take XMom to an appointment.

  43. I commented all week, you guys pick it up.

  44. Beasn – just finished the first season. Yes the rape thing is yucky but … it’s in the story – *shrugs*.

    Let’s not focus on that.

    Let’s focus on the scene where Jaime fixes the mill.

  45. Comment by xbradtc on October 2, 2015 2:39 pm

    Hey, I was busy. Had to take XMom to an appointment.

    Motel? or Truck stop?

  46. Highway rest stop.

  47. Tiger costume pic… Rawr

    I’d hit it

  48. Tiger costume pic

    I wonder if she ever saw that Washington politician’s picture:

  49. Washington, Oregon, 220, 221…

  50. I wonder if she ever saw that Washington politician’s picture:

    I would NOT hit that

  51. Crikey, Cyn.

  52. Good afternoon Lovely citizens!

    About to eviscerate my computer and replace the motherboard.

    Yeah, this may be my last post ever.

  53. If any of CO contingent are around, I will be in Denver from 8 Oct-13 Nov trying to learn a new aircraft (767). Drinks and dinner are on me!

    Prayers for my instructors…

  54. Can you wear one of those huge foam cowboy hats during training, phat? That would be a hoot.

  55. Graphic representation of reporter pool at Obama’s press conference:

  56. Hi Phat

  57. Ace had a post on this, but I’m a huge fan of Larry Corriea and this is better:

    Fisking ‘ The Modern Man’:

  58. Jay,

    In you honor I will sign my little name placard ‘Turd Ferguson’ during the welcome orientation.

  59. Hello to Jimbro!

    Sorry I’ve been out for a while. Life issues.

    Eldest Phatspawn is coming home tonight or the first time since starting U of Illinois 2 months ago. I suspect she misses the dogs more than us.

  60. heh, good Corriea piece.

  61. I suspect she misses the dogs more than us.

    She’ll butter you up good before putting in the funding request.

  62. Jay,

    I paid her Sorority bill.

    There are chores that need doing.

  63. I have a tech savvy friend coming over tonight to help with the MB replacement.

    Normally I’m pretty good at tech stuff, but I’m leaving on Sunday and don’t want to brick the wife’s computer. Paying him with beer.

    Barter economy is AWESOME!

  64. Jets vs Dolphins from London at 0930 this Sunday. Too early for beer. I’ll be sticking with coffee and eggs. There’s a potential to watch 4 NFL games this Sunday!

  65. I like being challenged.

  66. Like, to duels?

  67. Wow!
    Anita just showed me BiWs picture on FaceChimp.
    He’s down about 70 pounds.
    Good job, BiW !

  68. In the fourth pic, I think she missed some — oh, that’s just glare. Never mind.

  69. My rear brakes lasted for 193,000 miles, a good run.

  70. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 2, 2015 6:19 pm
    Like, to duels?


  71. Good job, BIW!!!

    How are you doing it?

    I heard prancercize is invigorating!

  72. BIW doesn’t prance.

  73. Misunderstood Mascots

  74. Howdy y’all. I’m glad the boobs came out without a hitch, I had it scheduled to publish, but my inter net was down this morning and yunz is blocked at work because of adult content, apparently

    Do these boobs look familiar? I did a search on her name and nothing came up except a birth announcement for some kid named Lily posted by Andrew in the early 2000’s. She has a couple of aliases but I’m too lazy for that shit.

  75. Evening.

  76. Today somebody gave me 1500 Baby weaner piggies to play with. I’m exhausted.

  77. Eldest Phatspawn has landed!

    Already gave a small lecture in the car about using the word ‘like’ as a conversational pause.

    Damn, that annoys me.

  78. Like, totally.

  79. Phat,

    Once you get settled in we’ll make plans. I need to go up and visit my cousin anyways.

  80. Maurine moved back to Hawaii. One stinky microwaver gone, 2 to go. (Porfirio and Salina)

  81. * jiggles handle *

  82. Mark Steyn: “Surely Obama could declare the Middle East a gun-free zone and put that unarmed security guard in charge.”

  83. Gun free zones is one of the dumbest ideas ever.

  84. “Graphic representation of reporter pool at Obama’s press conference:”

    Jimebro for the Win!!!

  85. That’s one of the only photos he has of his mom.

  86. It’s a Family Affair

  87. I see that worried derp upon your face
    You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine
    She’s found somebody else to take your place
    You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine

  88. Merg.

  89. Morning time



  92. Blerg……

  93. Time to go feed the ungrateful herbivores.

  94. Comment by Jimbro on October 3, 2015 7:39 am


    HA! Good one.

  95. One of you cob loggers ought to send this to Ace:

  96. Blessed be the peacemaker.

  97. wakey wakey.

  98. Blessed be the peacemaker.


    I lol’d. Do the dogs think the cats are part of their pack and want to keep order (dominance order)?

  99. When oskar was younger and I used to take him to this one kennel – the lady told me Oskar was a dog genius with other dogs and would break up fights like that. SHe loved watching him do that.

    He’s a DOG genius. With people it’s taken him time. And Zelda is hopeless.


  101. Digesting breakfast, then gym, then lunch, then I get to visit wife’s family and do some baby shopping, then church, then dinner. Can’t do the potato and mustard harvest or cut cattails because the rain’s coming.

    Weekdays are so much easier.

  102. Worky worky for me today.

    Baby shopping? They sell them in stores now?

  103. She needs a doughnut pillow so she loses her flat spot.

  104. I’ve got taco meat left over from last night, I think I’ll make a taco omelet.

  105. “Taco meat”

  106. “Left over”

  107. Heh

  108. The stream of consciousness that is going on here is pretty great.

  109. I don’t want to live in a world where Cyn cannot relate something to sex.


  111. H2 – IB



  114. Holy shit, that’s some rate of descent.

    Also, what the fuck are you doing, David?

  115. never knew jimbro was so musically talented

  116. I hope David was okay.

  117. Comment by Pupster on October 3, 2015 12:09 pm



    Also, I love the mug.

  118. I might get that mug and take it to work after I stop trying.

  119. I bought the Animosity International mug after I lost my childlike sense of wonder.

  120. I bought the Animosity International mug after I lost my childlike sense of wonder.



  121. I lost my childlike sense of wonder when I started clicking on Rosetta’s links.


  122. After clicking a few Rosetta links, that lady that wanted to blind herself makes a lot more sense.

  123. *gets Jimbro Friends tattoo*

  124. *instantly regrets*

  125. We’re on a HIGHWAY to HELL…

  126. Expressway!

  127. I’m still laughing over these two:

    What is the name of your least favorite child?

    In what city did you first experience ennui?

  128. I had to essplain ennui to my wife.

  129. Everytime there’s a Daeshaun or Tyquon called out on game day, Mrs. Pupster giggles. I may have married a racist. She also has no idea what ennui is, but we are doing shots of crown royal every commercial break so far and the heart wants etc….

  130. How’s her shoulder these days, Pupster?

  131. Her left elbow is the big problem right now, both her shoulders and right elbow have been surgically repaired. She is FORBIDDEN from lifting anything over 10lbs but she does it anyway and pays the price with pain and soreness after the fact. I’ve got both the boys supervising her full time but she still will grab stuff and move it and complain about pain the next day. My new jerb’s health benefits just kicked in 2 days ago, so we are going to bankrupt the system getting her left elbow fixed this year, probably Boy2’s back next year (scoliosis).

  132. Sorry to hear it. Hope the surgery helps.

  133. Is it Saturday? I slept 4.5 hours a night for 7 days.

    How the fuck do people do this?

  134. Cocaine.

  135. MJ. How many std’s have you picked up this week. Round to nearest dozen.

  136. A Brazillion I’d guess

  137. I hate puns so much I could stab them in the face, but that Brazillion one was pretty good. Jimbro is blazing this week.

    *hopes Jay does not read this comment*

  138. I’m high on Toradol and Tylenol mare. Disinhibition obviously.

  139. Comment by Jimbro on October 3, 2015 5:26 pm

    A Brazillion


  140. Is MJ’s trip for work? Or is he just partying as hard as possible before marriage?

  141. I’m kind of curious about how much fun Pups and his wife are having. They seem to have this “watching football means giggling, shots and general hilarity” thing down.

  142. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 3, 2015 3:45 pm

    I had to essplain ennui to my wife.

    “It’s the feeling you get when you realize you married me.”

  143. MJ. How many std’s have you picked up this week. Round to nearest dozen.

    Did anyone else read this as “MJ. How many studs have you picked up this week. Round to the nearest dozen.”, or was it just me?

  144. Gym done. Drinking protein shake (Your whore mouth: shut it), and trying to work up enough drive to clean the house before I get ready for my dinner date.

  145. Dinner date? How did you meet?

  146. Tinder.

    I don’t know if I should go with suit and tie and flowers, or jeans, ed hardy shirt, and a pack of condoms.

  147. “I hate puns so much I could stab them in the face,”

    point taken

  148. Alex, just don’t wear a dress it starts the relationship off on the wrong footing.

  149. Oh, and speaking of footing don’t wear heels either.

  150. We’re good. Half a bottle of Crown Royal down, ribs and chicken on the grill, OSU up by 7 but Indiana driving. Trying to make German potato salad but I think I may have drunked it up a bit. Pupster boys know I wont make them keep doing chores if they watch OSU football with me. Forced FAMILY TIME!

  151. Polyester leisure suit, and a pocket protector.

  152. Whose turn is it to kick Jam’s ass?

  153. Well done, Pupsters.

  154. Tartan kilt with a merkin surprise

  155. So the Pupster Boys get to watch football as well as mom and dad getting blitzed. Good times all around.

  156. kilt chat site
    smirkin’ reprise

  157. Got home in time for the last 10 minutes of OSU/Hoosiers. Pretty sure I’ve caught up with the Pupsters.

  158. That could be his date.

  159. Gingy has lost weight. Down about 7# in 3 weeks. We are going crazy trying to find food she’ll eat. Bacon is a hit. So is ribeye. WTF buys ribeye for their blind, skinny, freaking dog? (We do)

  160. The “real person” testimony on the Fan Duel commercials makes me less inclined to learn more about the site.

  161. CoAlex, we expect date update before the losers on the ONT. Just sayin

  162. CoAlex’s date?

  163. I’ve been working in grocery for the last 3 days. Today a Mamber asked me for chicken broth. Me: It’s right here. Member: That’s chicken soup. Me: It’s chicken broth with a recipe for chicken soup. Member: I don’t want chicken soup. Me: It’s chicken broth, not chicken soup. Member: it looks like chicken soup, I want chicken broth. Me: shrugs. Walks away. Fin

  164. They couldn’t read.

  165. Scott, crap. I just thought it was senility. Now I feel bad.

  166. Was MJ really in Brazil?

  167. Sorry Oso.

    It’s fairly common.

  168. LIPSTICK!!!11

  169. Lippy, we think so. He was posting. No pics of Cristo Rey.

  170. Scott, I had Dan laughing at my Abbott and Costello chicken soup routine. Tell him your hypothesis, he criticizes me for making fun of illiterates

  171. You are a monster.

  172. SCOTT!!1! How are things?

    OSO!!1! He should have taken your word for it — I imagine illiterate people are kinda used to having to do that.

    And who with normal capability can’t read today? Not being snooty, just curious how that can happen.

  173. I’m watching WolfCop it’s exceeding my every expectation.

  174. Things are ok, and I hope they are for you too.

  175. Lippy, you missed our illiteracy comments. I work with a guy named Alvin who is functionally illiterate. Old guy from LA. Awesome memory. Can fix anything. Can’t read.

  176. Nobody chooses illiteracy. Either a duty to a child was dropped somewhere, or a disability was not understood / treated, or they come from a culture where literacy is a luxury item.

  177. Lauraw, my grammo had a 6th grade education. Her father provided the home for the teacher and insured his children at least had a 6th grade education. Other ranchers sent their kids to his school. Still got a better education than most kids in NM today.

  178. Your great-grandfather did a lot of good, Oso. I can’t say the same of mine.

  179. One of our Albino Africans went to Germany first. He speaks 4 languages, including English. Our tax dollars just paid for eye surgery for him. He may someday be able to drive after this surgery.

  180. “…there but for the grace, ” etc

    Goodnight, all. Workyworky tomorrow, again.

    Oh, by the way, I did witness a baby being born yesterday. Anyway, goodnight.

  181. Pretty awesome, Lauraw. Did you sing Circle Of Life? G’night

  182. Goodnight Laura.

    Don’t dream about the delivery!

  183. Deliverance

    Was there a lot of squealing?

  184. Hi Lippy. My 13 yr old bebe went blind last Sunday. I’m in denial. Gingy is a trooper. We have an appt with the hospice Vet. Gingy is in denial that the end is near. I burst into tears if you ask me about her.

  185. Jewstin is our go to guy for squealing like a pig.

  186. One of my bosses when I was a recruiter was functionally illiterate. I mean, I don’t know how the fuck he made E-7, in a job that kinda centers on, you know, paperwork?

    Eventually, he was fired as a station commander, and took his retirement at 20 years.

    And promptly got hired by Gary, IN school district as a JROTC instructor.


  187. Then I won’t ask, but just send you my love and support.

    She has the best care and love from you.

  188. That was for Osita.

  189. Thanks Lippy! I’m a mess.

  190. Dan is a bigger mess than I am. He tries to be tough. She’s his baby.

  191. I know. It’s so hard, our responsibilities at this time.

  192. I H8 responsibility. SiL fell and broke her wrist. Dan has been sole everything for his mom for a month. She refuses to move into assisted living. I still think we should have a bigger say than SiL. She doesn’t do shit.

  193. Balloon Fiesta started today. 700+ Hot air balloons. Tonight was balloon glow and pyrotechnics. Yay, me. We can see and hear fireworks from my house. My dogs H8 fireworks. 7 more days. Pray for winds.

  194. Dan’s in a tough position. You too, of course. Lazy SiL’s wrist should be good enough by now to do some things.

    And crap, there WOULD be fireworks at this time.

  195. Lippy, I am so done with SiL. She is so lucky that FiL went first. He was done with her and loser kids years ago. I remind myself about dementia and take deep breaths. Dan is such a Saint.

  196. When I bitch about Dan, I look like the asshole. Oooh…bathed and took care of my dad after my mom beat him with his wheel chair. Ooh…shopped for his groceries for years. Ooh…makes me visit my mom so I have no regrets…asshole.

  197. He was going to cut her out of the will IIRC? Drama!

  198. Oops, was replying to 12:28

  199. It’s hard to live with/up to a saint.

  200. Yep. He knew that Dan was always there. SiL was always about the $$

  201. Lippy, it really is. Everyone always takes his side. My family too. I’ve always been shallow and venal. Suddenly, that’s revelation?

  202. I’m amazed by some of the guys who got hired to our program. One of the program managers is a retired SGM who can’t write worth a damn. He was basically hired for his rolodex. Good guy, but reading his emails is an exercise in patience.

    How hard is it to learn the fundamentals of written communication? Hell, just read a lot and you’ll pick it up by osmosis.

  203. WTF CoAl? You are on topic about a post and we want detail on date.

  204. I’m on the less is more train. I communicate solely by emoji with Dan.

  205. Ok, so date AAR.

    She’s gained some weight since her pics, but is still cute IMHO. She likes to run and bike and just finished a cycling trip through the French countryside back in August. She’s a clinical nurse specialist in oncology, which I guess means that she doesn’t work with any one patient but works with nurses to improve patient care. She’s very serious about her job and loves it. She ordered a bourbon with dinner, has reddish-blonde hair, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She owns her own home.

    We met for dinner at 7pm and grabbed a drink at a nearby bar afterwards. We talked almost nonstop until 10:30, when I finally walked her to her car, exchanged numbers, and gave her a kiss on the cheek goodnight.

    Now the weird part. Back in high school my junior year English teacher had a program where we read the same books as a junior year English class in Denver. We’d exchange letters with pen-pals in this other class where we discussed the books and they came up to visit in the Fall, while we went down to visit in the Spring. It turns out that she was in that class. Her pen-pal was a classmate of mine. When their class came up to visit we split up to a couple of houses for the night. I had to ask and make sure that she wasn’t part of the group that I was in, because that would have been the cherry on the weirdness cake.

  206. Sounds weird enough to be real. Need help with date 2?

  207. I’m going to call her tomorrow and tell her I had a lovely time. I’m thinking of inviting her to trivia at the local bar.

  208. Lippy, it really is. Everyone always takes his side. My family too. I’ve always been shallow and venal. Suddenly, that’s revelation?

    I’ve never got the impression that you’re shallow and venal and we’ve talked a good deal.

    Of course compared to a saint, anybody would move down on the scoreboard. But it’s kinda A LOT of something that a saint chose and loves you.

    Now spit it out, CoAlex! Was she as described? Start with that.

  209. When I was 12 and Dan was 11, we passed each other on the mean streets of Lincoln, NM. Again in the 80s. He was flirting with a blonde. I needed help with the puzzles at the toy store. He was rude and dismissive.

  210. Must learn to refresh before commenting.

  211. Lippy,

    I’d seen pics, but she’s obviously gained weight since they were taken. But that was about it. She actually looks a bit younger in person than in her pictures.

  212. Lippy, thank you. I make fun. Dan is a great guy. He loves me to distraction. Loves his doggehs. I’m self-deprecating on behalf of both of us.

  213. CoAl, we like her already. Don’t be a mensch.

  214. Oso, I’m trying not to be. We had a lot of good conversation, I think that she’s cute, and she seems like a fun girl. The only problem is that she has no desire to leave Colorado.

  215. Colorado is kind of beautiful. What are your moving options? Long term moves are negotiable. I never expected to live in NM for 30 years.

  216. She sounds like someone who has her act together, Alex, that’s great and what luck. Like that you will call her tomorrow — to me it’s the act of a gentleman and not someone playing games by trying to make her wait and wonder. Trivia at the bar will be fun and relaxed.

  217. Isn’t a mensch a good guy?

  218. 2 votes for date chick. Trivia Sunday sounds like fun.

  219. Lippy, I don’t know yiddish. Sounded funny.

  220. “a person of integrity and honor.”

  221. Craving Primanti sammich and Yuengling

  222. Craving Primanti sammich and Yuengling

    Talking to me will do that. 🙂

    Leffe Blonde is my new fave. It’s a Belgian ale.

  223. When I was 12 and Dan was 11, we passed each other on the mean streets of Lincoln, NM.

    Mrs. Pendejo claims that she saw me at an arcade in Red River NM a couple of years before we started dating. We were both on church youth group ski trips. I have no recollection of it. She’s probably just playing the “it was inevitable” card.

  224. Love you, Lippy. Dan swears he didn’t ignore me at the toy store, too. I subsequently met the toy store staff. Dan was the rude guy hitting on the blonde.

  225. Fans and AC inhibit blind bebes hearing. Getting hot in here. Gingy snuggling with Dan. G’night

  226. G’night Osita.

  227. Does everybody remember Prell?

  228. Drop a pearl in it

  229. That was in the commercial

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