Big Tooth Thorsday

We got a lot of rain yesterday and the weather (nsfw) finally turned fall-like. I blame the Blood Moon. I took a couple of days off to get my upper wisdom teeth removed as well as getting a crack in my tooth repaired. It was the old bait and switch. The crack in my tooth near a filling has been driving me batshit crazy over the past month or two. The wisdom teeth were just hanging out there bothering no one except the dentists thinking about the sweet extraction money they were passing up on an insured patient. Really, I’ve been hearing that those teeth would need to be pulled “someday” for the past 30 years or so. Turns out the wisdom teeth came out and it was too bloody to do the filling repair for my cracked tooth. I’ll be back.

Thor smash!

UPDATE: Obama to the American people


  1. Thatswhatimtalkingabout.

    *opens a lovely cervesa.

  2. THOR!

  3. All is right with the world.

    Feeling bettah, Madam?

  4. Today, finally, I seem to be a bit better.

    TY for asking :)

  5. Linky fail, Scoot

  6. Puns, and a list! Winning!

    31 Tumblr Puns So Great They’ll Make You Angry

  7. This made me snicker

  8. HA!

    That needs to be made a header pic STAT.

  9. And I see that it has been.


  10. I like how the headline works for every header pic. In a weird and wonderful way.

  11. Jimbro is the funniest pediatric orthopedic surgeon in the world.

  12. No one likes the puns?

    NO ONE?


  14. Thank you for the compliment Mare. It’s a pretty small pool though, to be fair to actual funny people,

  15. The lidocaine has completely worn off and I’m feeling it now. My mouth doesn’t hurt as much as my head does. I’m taking Tylenol now and Paula is bringing me some Toradol the dentist called in.

  16. So, no BBQ tonight?

    *get better, mister Jimbro!

  17. Brazilian = hot

  18. I managed to convince Paula to buy the goods for making smoothies for dinner. No spicy foods, alcohol, crunchy foods for 24-48 hours he said. I may be in BBQ form by Sunday though!

  19. Jay shut your whore mouth about the puns.

  20. MJ are you talking about the waxing or the people?


  22. Greetings from Illinois.

  23. Are the Illinoisians hot?

  24. I know Lost Angeles is bad, Double but I do think that IL is going to be worse.

  25. So far, no, Cyn. But I’ve mostly been hanging around with my uncle and aunt. And it’s really best for everyone if one is not attracted to one’s family.

  26. How do their grooming habits compare to those you’re accustomed to in your native lands?

  27. Well, Chumps, my uncle and I have been swapping stories about how poorly our respective states are being run by their rotten asshole political machines, so it’s kinda fun.

  28. These Illinoisans are a neat and industrious people, though they seem to leave unpopped popcorn all over in fields next to their roads, Jimbor.

  29. “Greetings from Illinois.”

    don’t talk about the noise
    when you’re in the noise

    first rule

  30. my uncle and I have been swapping stories about how poorly our respective states are being run by their rotten asshole political machines,


    Your uncle sounds like a great guy!

  31. Vanity Lic Plates are free in IL. See how many funny ones you find.


  32. I’ve been waiting all week for Thursday night.

  33. Hey MJ!! Does DNG need to worry about PID when you GBH?

  34. Say what you will about the pontiff, this was pretty miraculous.

  35. The people. I haven’t asked anyone about their pubes.

  36. I’m watching CNN. I had no idea it was so stupid. There are bimbos talking about how some shooter guy was motivated by his hatred for women.

    They don’t even know his name. FFS.

  37. “asked”

  38. If I ever go nuts on some kind of stabbing frenzy, please tell them I was motivated by my hatred of Arianism.


  40. I noticed mr. TiFW was here earlier. Do we know anything about his bullwhip capacity? If not why not?

  41. Found on the old poat, an update from Mr. TiFW:

    Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on October 1, 2015 7:43 pm

    TiFW update from Mr TiFW. Morphine texting “”. Added the dots myself. Curse you auto -correct.

  42. Mmmmmoarphine

  43. Me and morphine could be best friends.

  44. So this new hurricane is named Joaquin.
    It is pronounced as Wakeen. What kind of fucked up pronounciation is that? I have lost all respect for the letter J.

    From now on, i am going to call two of the Hostages as Way in Ames, and MWay.

  45. I could live off of morphine, cockiness, and booze.

    Until I died from it.

  46. It would be a short, wonderful life.

  47. We’ve started supplementing the horses with shredded beet pulp soaked in molasses. It smells like the best oatmeal cookies you’ve ever eaten.

  48. Why don’t your horses work?

    You want cookies? Plow something.

  49. >>Comment by MJ on October 1, 2015 8:14 pm
    I could live off of morphine, cockiness, and booze.
    Until I died from it.

    >>Comment by scott on October 1, 2015 8:16 pm
    It would be a short, wonderful life.

    Ha ha ha!

  50. I might see a baby get born tomorrow. Hope I don’t cry too much. Gonna cry. But hope not too much. Don’t want to be a big uncontrollable ninnybloomers.

  51. gross

  52. Pretty cool, lauraw.

  53. Heh. Do you guys switch places at the same computer or separate laptops in different places in the house?


  54. “Cry” is polite for puke.

  55. I didn’t cry or puke, and it was my kid.


  56. We have two computers, Pupster.

  57. I cried, but I had that whole pregnancy hormone thing going on.

  58. Leon, I thought you said a couple weeks ago that you did cry when lil’ Possum was born? Am I misremembering?

  59. He cried out of his mouth.

  60. I cried after when I held her. During I was too scared.

  61. For educational purposes I hope you get to see some babies being born. Not my bag at all.

  62. During I was too scared.

    Yes, this. Both times for me.

  63. I also had ONE JOB, and it was sort of critical that I be paying attention while she was being born and for the first 2 minutes she was out. I couldn’t relax enough to have an emotion.


  65. I was too scared.

    You’re…you’re not supposed to be scared! You’re the men! You’re supposed to be granite!

  66. I didn’t cry.

  67. I passed out once though. Does that count?

  68. Oso and beans … I will not admit how many episodes of outlander I watched today. But the mill scene is SEARED into my memory.


  70. Maybe when you see your grandchild born, Carin.

  71. Granite doesn’t cry either.

  72. Maybe lauraw.

  73. Honestly though once they came out I felt about 300% better.

  74. I hate Obama.

    Carry on.

  75. You’re…you’re not supposed to be scared! You’re the men! You’re supposed to be granite!

    No, we can be afraid, we can’t show it. Causes panic in the womenfolk. We can talk about it later when the danger is past.

  76. My husband was a ton more scared than me. That’s why nurse, dials, midwives are good. My mom was there when I had my little birth emergency and that was a good thing.

  77. Nurses and dulas

  78. To anyone in that room, I looked solid the whole time.

    If they looked at me at all.

  79. I was a little nervous when the boy was born. I got ticked when the heart monitor kept malfunctioning. No pulse…….jiggle the electrodes, okay…..and repeat.

  80. Doulas are amazing people.

  81. I just got back from a 2 1/2 hour meeting with the wolf reintroduction people. Went about as well as expected with a room full of ranchers and people who are going to be releasing large predators in their area. SMH.

  82. Goiodnight. I have to get up in a few hours. Wish me luck!

  83. Goo Luck!

  84. Pepe, didn’t your part of the state have to build bus stops for kids that were wolf proof?

  85. Car in, I don’t know if Beasn has the part deaux yet. I’m still jonesing for season 2!!!

  86. Oso, the wolves have been mainly in the far western part of the state. Yes, they’ve had to build protected areas for kids. It’s ridiculous, they’re going from 110 wolves that they know about (guessing) to 325+. Nobody here wants wolves, they will kill pets and livestock.

    We already have wolves within a few miles of my place.

    They’re basically saying “We’re going to dump out a big bag of rattlesnakes, which part of the kid’s playground will work best? We’re giving you a say in the process!!!”

  87. I bet Udall and Hindlick are all in!

  88. Actually a representative from Steve Pearce’s office was there. She was definitely on the rancher’s side.

  89. Pepe,
    Is there not a generous compensation program in place for any livestock lost to the wolves?
    If there is, what do you care? You profit!


  91. Gotta prove it, Chrispy. Gotta jump through tons of government hoops. Fund can be exhausted. Odds that you’ll get paid are slim. I’ve spent years building my herd, don’t really want them mauled by a pack of wolves.

    What good are wolves? They were exterminated for a reason.

  92. This has turned into a decent foobawl game.

  93. Steve Pearce is the only representation we have. My cousin was endorsed by Hindlick and Lujan-Grisham. I H8 them both. ChrisP, endangered or re-introduced have more value to D-rat libtards than domestic animals. Suddenly a meadow mouse that no one knew existed is putting ranchers out of business. It is all BS.

  94. Insert football domestic violence joke here

  95. Take me now baby here as I am
    Pull me close, try and understand
    Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe
    Derp is a banquet on which we feed


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