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Please observe the excellent art of David Ball.

Region capture 23

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Ball paints in S.F.

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He has a cat.

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  1. Trippy

  2. I’ve slept about 18 of the last 24 hours.

    Wakey wakey

    Safe surgery for Tifw. And I looked like a blown-up tick after just about every one of my babies. Stupid IV fluids. Would happen to my dad too. Which made no sense since they had to get that fluid out of him with dialysis.

  3. (I thought I was just exaggerating but I just did the math and I’m not far off. )

  4. Mrs Caruthers had a 6.5# baby and left the hospital heavier than she arrived even after a 15 hour fast.

  5. Today is Li’l Possum’s first day in day care. I’m simultaneously hoping that it’s

    1) entirely uneventful and everyone comes home happy
    2) so emotionally traumatizing that my wife wants to stay home with the baby

  6. neat stuff El Chumpo….
    *wonders if Kinkade had a student with an LSD habit*

  7. My work friend who had her baby around the same time started back a week or so ago. She wants to work morning shifts (which are short) and then complained that it’s not worth it. Sorry. You knew that. Night shifts or doubles – otherwise there’s not a lot of money. She gave her one shift away this week.

    I think getting out of the house a few times a week is good – I loved my babies – but a few shifts a week were good. If that is an option.

  8. Hola knoblers.

  9. I keep suggesting that she should try to negotiate 2 or 3 days a week, but military budgeting is a mess and she says they can’t pull it off.

    Bullshit, start with that as your open. The place barely runs without her. She can tell a peon what to do the other 2 or 3 days and that’s better than them losing her outright. With enough will from the people in the chain anything’s possible.

  10. My friend was going CRAZY at home with her two boys before she had the baby. I told her she took off too early. She’s in full baby-moon right now but in a few months she’s going to get stir-crazy. She lives out in the BOONIES – there is nothing there.

    Working can suck – but it is nice to have adult inter-action.

  11. Being active in the parish gives us lots of opportunities for that. I get what you’re saying, though.

    I am working at home a little while this morning. Benny’s in my lap. I miss this a lot.

  12. Working from home is so much better. It would be extremely hard for me to work a regular job.

  13. When I was a kid and bitching about 12 hour days on a tractor at the farm my dad would say, “Work, as bad as it is, beats hell out of daytime television.” ‘Given that I was missing re-runs of gomer pyle, mchales navy, hogans heros, Gilligans island, and green acres, I chose to dissent. Now I couldn’t agree more.

  14. This poat smells like Balls.

  15. You know it’s amazing how Obama gets worse and worse at being President.

  16. I guess sean’s penis killed the poat with the smell of balls.

    Except for Car in, that is.

  17. Anyone know?

  18. Your mom?

  19. Ha! That never gets old, mang

  20. Nominated for the stupidest comment made by anyone anywhere:

    Edward Schiappa, head of comparative media studies at MIT, said that while Smithers’s sexuality had been obvious for years, it was still noteworthy for a character on one of the most popular and long-lasting shows on American TV to come out.

    Yeah… how incredibly unique and ground-breaking…. for someone to be gay…. on television…. in 2015…

  21. Yeah, they’re really breaking new ground, aren’t they?

  22. Wiser – you left out how BRAVE such a thing is. Those producers are – like- on the front lines.

  23. Damn close to being a Navy SEAL

  24. Pretty sure it’s an Ocean Sunfish or a Sea Monstah

  25. Anyone see this tidbit from Matt Walsh on facedouche today?

    But the most significant moment came early on when Cecile Richards again confessed to being a dirty rotten liar, admitting that abortion does not account for “3 percent of their business,” as she and her minions have repeatedly claimed, but in fact abortion is a full 86 percent of their non-tax funded revenue. As some of us have been saying for years, abortion is almost their entire business. Everything else is a smokescreen. A front. It’s like a store that sells old VHS Disney tapes in the front and hardcore porn behind a door in the back. Everyone knows it’s really a porn shop. Just like everyone knows Planned Parenthood is an abortion warehouse and nothing more.

  26. Oh, from Congressional testimony. I wonder if we’ll hear anything about it.

  27. Hey ladies!!!!(Jerry Lewis’d) Outlander Season 1, Part 2 came out on DVD today. YW

  28. Now that the Elk are in Rut, we hear them bugle at night.
    This morning at 0310, I heard one really loud. I figured that, with the bright moon, I might see him, so I got up and looked outside.
    Not only could I see him, had I opened the window, I could have touched him.
    The garden was full of very large beasts.
    Good thing Anita brought in the wagon-load of sweet-peppers yesterday.

  29. Jebus, they released the video Carly was referring to, and everyone has been trying to pick apart. Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see it.

  30. That’s exciting Chris. Even seeing white tail deer bucks or moose down in my field near the river leaves me in awe. I have never seen them that close to my house.

  31. ChrisP and Pepe like to listen to Elk Buglers. Not a euphemism.

  32. Read the story Jay. I just don’t have it in me to watch the video. Even the description caused a visceral response.

  33. J’ames, stock photo and the voiceover isn’t about THAT exact BBA. (Baby Born Alive) Most people are unaware of BBA.

  34. Our house is being swarmed by bugs trying to get in for the winter.

    I hate these things, some new invasive species that looks like a stink bug. I’ve killed 30 of them so far today.

  35. but, that little part in that video is from this one. Not the whole thing, but this little part. It’s in her video, too.

    Cecile got roasted today.

  36. Oso – I have it in my hot little hand.

  37. Box Elder Bugs?

    My mom calls em Democrats.

  38. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, from China. First spotted in PA in the 90’s,

  39. I saw the first hint of red leaves in a sugar maple out in my field today. It’s been so warm the leaves are still mostly green. Rain and cooling are on tap for the next several days.

  40. It’s started here, jimbro, leaves are a-fallin. There was a bunch on my car today.

  41. Kill the stinkbugs. C I L L Kill the stinkbugs. J’ames, that is the MFM dilemma. Try to make her look like a liar without linking any footage, or nitpick the footage she was talking about. I’m glad Carly is making people aware of the PP video. I didn’t like her throwing Ben under the bus.

  42. Even in a normal year the color change is a bit delayed along the river compared with inland and up north in The County.

    When it gets cool we get invaded by field mice, stink bugs, house flies and ladybugs. I set a bunch of snap traps baited with peanut butter but so far no victims.

  43. In Albuquerque, the leaves change in the Bosque first. (Along the river) The mountains are usually a few weeks ahead of the Bosque.

  44. Brazilian women are pretty hot.

  45. Aren’t they more booty than boob?

  46. Take pics. We’ll make a ‘Brasil Chicas’ tab.

  47. Aren’t they more booty than boob?

    You say this like it’s a bad thing.

  48. Gingy is now 100% blind. No peripheral vision. No light, dark, or shadows. We have been blind proofing the Condo. We thought we were almost there, but with observation we realized we had a way to go.

  49. MJ (in bad porch yew geeze): “ladies, my friends in America say Brazilian girls cannot be so beautiful as I saying to him. Help me show fact of thing?” *holds camera up*

    Chicas de Brasil: “Ew. Go away tiny pervert man.”


  50. Bunda is the extent of my port jew geese.

  51. We had pipe insulation around the edge of the glass coffee table for so long, it looks funny without it.

  52. The David Ball I prefer.

  53. Scott, our Vet sounded like you. No point in surgery at her age. Just make her safe. She’s like a pinball. She keeps walking from waterbowl to bed to pad closet. It is almost like she’s landmarking and counting. She seems to be adjusting better than I am.

  54. Car in, are you going to binge watch?

  55. Someone should blind proof the ghetto bar.

  56. Did someone piss in the potted plants again?

  57. Evening.

  58. Ewww. Mall by Kauffman Stadium had live potted plants and trees. They all smelled like urine. It was disgusting. Back in the day. First parking lot that I saw armed guard tower lifts. By the time I saw them at the LA Zoo parking lot, I was inured.

  59. Awww, Gingy – it’s harder on you, Oso, than it is on her. Would she wear one of those halo-loop collar things?

  60. Howdy, Jew! How

  61. Grrr. How’s the piggehs?

  62. Cyn, she won’t even wear a collar or bandana. I’d like to try. It is freaky watching her pace out her steps. She doesn’t seem to mind the pinball effect. Took her 20 minutes to locate the puppy pad yesterday. Dan said she did it in 5 today.

  63. Nose prints everywhere,

  64. The piggies are good. I only have one barn full of culls right now.

  65. How did she do wearing the Cone of Shame? She might be inclined to wear something to help her even if she didn’t like it before.

  66. You can use scents to help her, like Pledge or scented candles. Textures too, Ruby figured out carpet runners in no time.

  67. Loud clock.

  68. She refused the cone. Scott, thanks so much about the carpet runner idea. Beats pillow bumpers.

  69. Those are great suggestions, Scott.

  70. Cyn, we call her Kelly Clarkson. Miss Independent. She and I have been butting heads since Day 1.

  71. Carpet good, bare floor bad. You’ll be surprised how quick she figures it out.

  72. Cyn, she won’t even let MaryAnn wear the bandanna or cone. She’s bossy.

  73. Scott, I’m amazed at how quickly she’s cut time in 3 days. She did fall off the bed ramp and I found her on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. 1st day of blindness. Dan fixed her ramp. Funny, but not funny.

  74. We tried the cone after Rowan’s neutering surgery since he was licking the incision site incessantly. After watching him freak out for a solid hour we took it off and placed our faith in the Vet’s suture technique. All went well without it.

  75. Did you put different sounding clocks in different locations, Scott?

  76. Jimbro, MA is my licker. She had a neurotic hot spot and had to be coned. She’s my epileptic.

  77. Neurotic Hot Spot would be a great band name. Pretty sure The Epileptics is taken.

    Yes, and after listening to a couple of their “songs” I can understand why they didn’t make it big.

  78. Hahaha.

  79. Early on I think we scented stuff, but she really didn’t need our help.

    I was just thinking of anything that would help. Our house is simple, road noise in the front, running refrigerator in the back. I know she used echolocation, it was cool watching her swerve just before hitting something.

  80. Gingy is playing us. Chicky chicky hasn’t been good enough. We’ve been catering to her. Roast beef. Hamburger. Bacon. Ham. Anything to get her to eat. Dan said she ate her bacon, and licked the bacon off of her chicky chicky this morning. Guess who is going tough love tonight?

  81. Scott, we got used to the swerve. She’s working on the sway. She puts her head down and rolls with the bump. Much progress in 2 days. Still breaks my heart.

  82. That will pass. She’ll be zipping around like a seeing dog in no time.

  83. Yell directions at her. Ruby learned LEFT and RIGHT really fast too.

  84. Usually neat to hear elk bugling, not so much outside the bedroom window from 2:30 to 5:00 AM.

  85. Scott, she is smart. She has a big vocabulary already. We’re like Stop. Turn. Right. Right. Left. We’ve been working on directions for awhile.

  86. I remember elk hunting with the exBF. Mostly Chama and DelNorte CO

  87. How does elk taste?

  88. The oak trees around our house had a lot of acorns this year. We’ve had deer right around the house for the past week or so.

    An elk bugling woke the hunters up one morning at 4:30. He hung around until just before dawn, then took off with some cows. They never got a good look at him.

  89. It depends on the elk. If it’s an old bull that’s been fighting, not so good. A fat young cow isn’t bad. Meat is pretty red.

  90. Elk jerky with chile.

  91. I had two great horned owls on my roof last night at 2am, bugling the song of their people. One was echoing down the chimney.

  92. Around here, a bumper crop of acorns is followed by a bumper crop of Lyme disease.

  93. Not a fan of owls. They see wiener dog puppehs as eat them up yum

  94. Yeah, you don’t want a Yorkie around this neighborhood. Hawks during the day, owls at night. You’d have to go out with them, on a leash, for potty time.

  95. Neighbor across the street used to have a yorkie. One night an owl almost carried him home for dinner. He refused to potty by himself ever after.

  96. One episode down Oso.

  97. Whoot whoot Car in!!!

  98. ^^he had talon marks down his side.

  99. Beasn, a hawk tried to lift off with Shadow. Shadow is the Doxies toy poodle friend. Treated for puncture wounds to the chest.

  100. Have you all caught Poldark on PBS?


  102. “Have you all caught Poldark”

    that some kind of social disease?

  103. Scott, I love that one. Beasn, I watched Poldark. Prefer the books to the show.

  104. I’ve got a dog. He lives in the back yard where all the rest of my dogs have lived. If he croaks, he get’s a 2.5′ hole to spend eternity in like the rest of them. I have dogs but I’m not a “dog person”.

  105. My dogs are my bebes. Dan’s mom feels guilty that Pepper lived and died in the backyard. He was a dog.

  106. After all the testimony today, after all the videos, after the media’s lies have been debunked, Mr. RFH’s cousin posted “I stand with PP!”

    Is it deliberately choosing evil or is it living in the echo chamber that is NYC?

  107. I bought the first six books, oso.

    Oh hey and look, Outlander Frank

  108. Is it deliberately choosing evil or is it living in the echo chamber that is NYC?


  109. roamy, a FB friend was describing a conversation with a lefty who said the following…”why are you concerned about a foetus which is called a baby by the religious right when so many kids have unhappy lives”……….perhaps the cousin feels the same way.

    It’s not human, so why not make a few bucks off of them?

  110. Roamy, I have friends turning their profiles pink for PP AFTER the testimony. They are in denial. See also Evil.

  111. Roamy,
    Even the evil witch that runs PP admitted the “only 3% of our business is abortions” is a lie.
    It’s actually 86%…

  112. I think it is great that there is good coming out of fetal tissue. Remember when it was just thrown away? (Kill me nao)

  113. Mr. RFH is singing this. My favorite comment is the one where they changed the lyrics to “If I knew you were coming, I’d have locked the door.”

  114. oso, leave the video on your PP supporter’s wall.

  115. She is single and childless, livin’ the Sex and the City life. PP is a need in that world, is all I can figure.

  116. Ahoy, from a roadside restaurant.

  117. Ahoy! Where am you, m8y?

  118. Did you meat-up with Pupster?

  119. Ahm in San Cramcisco. It sux. Ive been coming here (shut. it.) since 1978.

    It has always been lame.

    R you feline bettah?

  120. kek

  121. Only marginally; not sure that these antibiotics are strong enough to tackle acute sinusitis + acute bronchitis + possible pneumonia. Today is day four of the meds with a 10 day script written; we’ll see.

  122. Beasn, I’m Switzerland. My cousin, Raul, has been endorsed by 2 pols that I despise. Dan thinks I need to share the endorsements, just to be supportive. Grrrr.

  123. Cyn, you sound like you have MCPO level crud.

  124. I let it go too long before seeing the doc I think.

  125. Do some lines of Honey.

    Emty 3PO told me that it cured his cronic trouser itch.

  126. Oh hey, I have that too; I’ll give honey snorts a whirl.

  127. MCPO had to go a few times before his creeping crud cleared up. He was extra cranky.

  128. Cyn,
    My last sinus infection, they gave me Yuuuge antibiotic pills, for a long time, that killed the infection, but also the bacteria that made my gut work.
    Eat lots of live youghert.
    Good luck…

  129. Local honey in tea. With bourbon.


  131. XBrad skips the tea and honey, right?

  132. I’m forgetting something. I’m rocking the Roz voice from Monsters, Inc.

  133. Phlegm draining into my tummy. Generating mucus. I’ve got a job.

  134. My family cure was honey, Lemon, (not party or bear) and bourbon.
    I will not be offended if you improvise.

  135. *leaves roadside restaurant clutching at stomach*

  136. V, how was yer fishing voyage?

  137. Vman, that was mi familia cure as well.

  138. Good Chump,
    We limited out on trout and reds, with several other species thrown in for good measure.

  139. Heh Oso

  140. Had this at dinner – it made me think of you miscreants:

    (Thanks to Cyn for fixing the pic for me!)

  141. True Story: DRINK. My grammo would mix Vicks and tobacco and put it up her butt. Called it the “Cure”. Lived to be 100. Never had a cold. I called the curandero shit voodoo. I’ve had several colds. Never had Vicks and tobacco up my butt.

  142. Thats whats up. Good fishing.

    Im on the road.

    B Excelent to eachother.

  143. Wyld Stallions!

  144. Phlegm draining into my tummy. Generating mucus. I’ve got a job.

    Spit. Don’t swallow. I was pre-med for a semester.

  145. My grammo would mix Vicks and tobacco and put it up her butt.

    Beech Nut? Red Man? Garretts? Copenhagen?

    I got to get this shit right the first time, chica.

  146. PG, I don’t know. I never allowed the voodoo. Loose leaf tobacco that she rolled her own cigarettes.

  147. She got it at the Fox Cave near Glencoe.

  148. Comment by osoloco11 on September 29, 2015 10:58 pm
    . Never had Vicks and tobacco up my butt.

    There’s still time.

  149. I’ll die young, thanks.

    //skips tea, honey, lemon, etc

  150. Pepe, my mom was an LVN before becoming an RN. She was crazy. Still goes for the curandera shit before modern medicine, Cray cray.

  151. I always enjoy osoloco’s comments, even though I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about half the time.

  152. **rams vick’s and copenhagen up the ol’ poop chute**

    **wonders what all that ripping in the time/space continuum is all about**

  153. Most of the time oso is talking about racism. And shit. Learn to deal.

  154. So, my old boss what done me wrong was at the same party as me tonight, I didn’t punch him in the face.

    I feel victorious and also like a pussy at the same time.

  155. 45/60 on my linear algebra exam. Bleh.

  156. HHD is up

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