The End is Nigh or Something

So, there’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse or a supermoon or a blood moon or all three tonight. I think the gist of it is that the moon is supposed to blow up or some junk. I’m not sure, but Roamy could probably blind you with the science behind it. That is, if the moon wasn’t fake. Anyway, these guys wrote a song to celebrate the occasion:

More moon facts below the jump:

• Did you know that the moon is NOT made of cheese? No? You didn’t? What the fuck is wrong with you?

• Robert Heinlein was inspired to write his classic novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend and editor, who is pictured here:


• For centuries, prophets and sages have seen portents of doom in the moon and its phases. This one, from Nostradamus jumped out at me today:

Grim Selene shall wax crimson and fall
As the lachrymose Tangerine man yields
Chanting an austral hymn
To hearty cheers of sundry and all


• If the moon were made of barbecued spareribs, would you eat it? Just say yes and we’ll move on.

• If you want to see what all the fuss is about tonight, make sure you’re actually looking at the moon, and not something else.


Anyway, that concludes today’s lesson about the moon. For more information on the moon, visit your local library or listen to this Pink Floyd song Sorry, Cyn.

*Colorado Alex*

Since Leon can’t put up MMM, and Jay won’t be able to until this afternoon, a little pre-MMM for you all.  I found a stunning example of a beautiful, graceful, athletic woman to serve as an example to us all.



  1. There’s, like, real jokes in here and everything.

  2. Dammit, Shawn

  3. Where? I wanna see.

  4. Moon Shit

  5. Go Loins!

  6. I ben waitin’ all day for Sunday Niiight

  7. That chick Sean linked to will be BBF one of these weeks, she’s actually a pretty amazing person with a great ass, impossibly tiny waist and incredibly large breasticles.

  8. Dammit, Shawn
    Click on the very last linky of the poat again, Cyn.

  9. Awww, you fixed it ♥♥♥♥

  10. Live moon watch, currently from the UK but should switch to the Canary Isles when it starts (I think).

  11. Oh, and Jimbro, since I pushed down your poat, here’s an apology for you, too.

  12. I can see the moon from my house!

  13. Too much air in my pickled peppers. I have to make more pickling juice and repeat the process or just keep them in the fridge.

    Probably the latter.

  14. We are going down to the lake to howl at the moon here in a bit.

  15. Hey, I want an apology pic!

  16. From the last poat: Chumpo, I’ll be in Anaheim Monday and Tuesday night, I’m staying near Didney Land and attending a convention at the, uh…convention center. Any advice on colors to wear and gang signs to flash would be appreciated.

    Feel free to chime in too, Sean.

  17. We’ve got 15 minutes until moon rise here

  18. I can be there in 5 hours 9 minutes Pupster; keep the ice cold.

  19. Cyn, you would be very welcome.

  20. Any advice on colors to wear and gang signs to flash would be appreciated.

    You’re white, aren’t you? Just wear your normal clothes and try not to make excessive eye contact with anyone…um…more brownish than you…and you should be fine.

    (Unless your normal clothes include baggy white T-shirts or wifebeaters, black jeans or Dickies work pants, and Nike Cortezes.)

  21. Also, walk around shouting ‘Compton, Motherfuckers! Live the dream!’. You won’t regret it.

  22. In the unlikely event that anybody says “Órale holmes, where you from?” to you, don’t tell them about the place in Minnesota you just came from.

  23. I always say “Detroit”.

  24. That might work, leon. People are rightly afraid of Detroit.

  25. I pay Detroit car insurance rates, I may as well get something out of it.

  26. Thanks for the apology pic Sean. Ima pass it on to Oso.

  27. I may skip MMM this week, I’m exhausted and we have this lovely fresh EotW poat. Also I killed an opossum and I’m feeling too morose to be motivational.

  28. Yo Holmes

  29. The eclipse is underway.

  30. I live to give, Jim.

  31. Better eclipse watching link:

  32. the SLOOH site can’t seem to handle the traffic and keeps glitching out the live stream

  33. We tried a group moon viewing but the dogs were not being good canine citizens. I’m inside with my 4-legged paste eating window lickers and they’ll give me a shout out when “it’s really good” so I can look out the window.

  34. Moon’s half gone here.

  35. This is a pretty good Eclipse link, too:

  36. Seven minutes after the top of the hour is when we’re into the real “full” show

  37. It’s overcast here. Fuck that Man kin the Moon. That guy is a dick

  38. Belated apology pic for oso:

  39. O M G Sean! That is so freaking awesome! Thank you!

  40. Can’t see the eclipse from hospital room; the MNF guys have been showing pics, though.

    Pretty cool.

  41. I had to get off the sofa. Watching from computer. Sliver left.

  42. I can just barely see it if I go out in the parking lot.

  43. Moon is finally up high enough to see–it’s beautiful

  44. From Pinterest

    Long but worth it (which is also what your mom said about last night with Hotspur)

  45. The images on the youtube link are stunning

  46. Overcast here.

  47. When it started, the moon was barely over the mountains. It is pretty cool. I can see a reddish tint.

  48. The images on the youtube link are stunning

    I don’t know, it’s just an old car commerc–oh, you mean your youtube link. Never mind.

  49. Your link was nice too, Sean.

    *puts crayon picture of Eclipse on the fridge*

  50. Maximum eclipse at about 47 minutes after top of the hour.

  51. Very red now. Pretty cool.

  52. Had to drive a little bit to see the first part of the eclipse, mountains to the east blocked it. Got to listen to elk bugling and the elk calves and cows talking.

  53. “Severe Clear”, here tonight, but the moon is not up, yet.
    The eclipse will be well under way before we see it.

    The clear sky means we will get out 4th frost. The garden looks like it’s been hit with a flame-thrower. The spaghetti-squash are laying out there in front of God & everybody. Their vines, which were still blooming, are now rotting on the ground. The sweet-peppers are just sad. We will have to pick them in the morning, as the plants are done.
    The ‘maters are pretty sad, too.
    Oh well. It’s cool enough that I’m tempted to start the gas-log, but I’m in denial about the arrival of Fall.
    Perhaps, tomorrow…

  54. I kind of hate The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. In fact, I’m annoyed by most of Heinlein’s work. Well, more apt to say that I’m annoyed by the fanboys who dredge up his work every time some discussion of libertarian politics comes up.

    TMiaHM: “But they made line marriages work in the book, so obviously polygamy would work in real life!”

    Starship Troopers: “We should require military service for voting rights!”


  55. Trees are in the way now. Back to stoopid Donkeys game.

  56. Did anybody find the fact that anybody else’s alternate history novel hinges entirely on their being brutally murdered somewhat disconcerting today?

  57. Roamy,
    It was NOT me…

  58. Alex,
    THIAHM was fun. You take Heinlein way too seriously. It was adolescent escapism.

    Lighten up, Francis…

  59. When the moon finally made it’s appearance, here, it was in total-eclipse, so you really had to look for it.
    Very dim, and quite red, as the light bent around the atmosphere picked-up all the smoke and shit.
    Pretty cool.
    It, very quickly, started coming out of eclipse, with a brightening ring from the bottom-right, spreading across the face.
    It was so cold out, I had to retreat to the garage to set-down my drink, as my fingers were getting numb.

    I *did* give-up and light the gas-log. It’s fall and I have to accept that…

  60. Went to Holy Name Lake and watched the eclipse somewhat irreverently, good clean family fun.
    (Unless your normal clothes include baggy white T-shirts or wifebeaters, black jeans or Dickies work pants, and Nike Cortezes.)
    *hurriedly repacks suitcase*


  61. Now, the real sunlight is starting to break through, from the lower-left, as a bright-ring. Pretty cool.
    All you folks east of us have already seen this.
    It’s interesting, anyway.
    As always, the left-coasters are the last to know…

    Oh, goody, another scanner call:
    “Self-inflicted Gun-Shot Wound to the head. Stage-out and wait for PD.”
    Been happening a lot, lately…

  62. Great lunar show

  63. Glad you enjoyed it, Cyn. I hope it didn’t turn you into a werewolf or anything.

  64. **puts Tushar on “Kill First” list**

  65. Good morning.

  66. ‘morning, Roamie.

  67. Bravo, Sir.

  68. Hope leon doesn’t break his streak today.

  69. Leon is streaking today?

    *looks at shoes*

  70. Well, you would have to look down to see him.

  71. Streak broken, Jay. I’m at the office away from my binders. I mentioned last night that I wasn’t going to do MMM for today. We’re stuck with the end of the world.

  72. MMM, Jay in Ames edition will launch later this afternoon. I’ll slap one together for ya, buddy.

  73. Oh boy!! Chicks in overalls.

  74. Chicks with dicks.

  75. The contract has a position open north of Phoenix. I’m debating whether or not to submit a resume.

  76. Poat updated until Jay can get a more permanent MMM fix for all of us.

  77. MMM Keep leon’s streak alive scheduled for 13:57.

    Just because leon would want it that way.

  78. *lights candle*

    Leon will be missed, but his spirit is still with us. In his memory, we will continue to look at pictures of overly-manly chicks and mock his sexuality.

  79. Heh. I was watching Billy Madison Saturday and that pic of Bruce was in Billy’s dad’s office.

  80. Phoenix is nice, CoAlex. I’d move there.

    Also thanks Jay. I actually came home so I could nurse my sinus headache and could have picked up the slack, but I’m happy to have the help.

  81. Be careful what you wish for, grasshopper.

  82. Yeah. I said that knowing I’d be completely disappointed.

  83. Blood moon – end times….

    Massive invasion of antagonistic death cult to once civilized nations.

    Heard a blurb on the radio about Boehner. “Now that he has resigned…he will now work with democrats to get bills passed, including funding PP, in the little time he has left. ”

    When has he not worked with democrats, I’d like to know? Talk about giving the republican party a big F U as he exits the building.

    And the rule should be, if you are resigning, you resign and leave the next day.

  84. Boehner going with the scorched earth policy?

    Here’s my shocked face.

  85. I may submit my resume just for the hell of it. If they give me a good enough offer then great. The only problem is that they’re pushing to find someone soon, and I couldn’t move before January, due to classes.

  86. Good luck, alex. I’m thinking of entering the job market, myself.

  87. New Drew poat up you go NAO!

  88. I bet TFG is upset that he doesn’t get addressed by his “Excellency” like this Iranian POS. Good thing he’s calling out Saudi for the stampede. Waiting for “Death to America” in NYC. I H8 this POS. (Watching CSpan and UNGA)

  89. Hey Beasn, how long did your arm hurt after that shot?

  90. I agree with Drew most days. I’m a Cruzer. Rubio and Rand tossed their credibility when they joined Team Yertle.

  91. TFG is pissed that the Saudis aren’t as anti-Western as he believed, and that they are quietly on the Israelis side. Notice that he was willing to bow and scrape to the Saudi king early in his Presidency, but then shifted to the Iranians once the Saudis made it clear that they were not supportive of a US pullout of the middle east.

  92. Exactly, CoAlex. The Saudis see the need to stop the Daeshbags. Why doesn’t the MFM report what is happening in Yemen?

  93. The German government is seizing vacant residential and commercial property to house migrants. Lots of Germans are being evicted from their apartments to make room.

    I think the shit is about to hit the fan.

  94. If they are vacant, why are people being evicted?

  95. The Euro militaries are *VERY* interested in counter-IED training. I think that they see the writing on the wall.

  96. Just wait, eminent domain will be warmed up here, too. Glenn Beck will help out.

  97. Apartment owners are being offered something like $650 a month per migrant, so they are evicting all of their tenants and cramming the place full of migrants.

    They even kicked kids out of a school to house migrants.

    In the end, Germans will be homeless.

  98. If they move 500000 terroristsmigrants into Detroit, the house will be on the market.

  99. Germany misses Hitler and they are trying to summon him. That’s the only way any of this makes sense.

  100. Join us on the New Poat!


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