Sniiiiiifffff….ah, freshness!

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year. Give thanks for our blessings!

UPDATE: For the Brady haters!


  1. I didn’t get to the cattails. I am going to get two quarts of peppers pickled, though. I also gathered about 1c of mustard seeds (roughly 10 billions seeds).

  2. I had to go to the store and a very friendly Persian truck driver struck up a conversation. I think I helped him buy some heroin. I hope that is what he wanted., because if he was after a real horse I gave him the worst directions ever.

  3. He said whores, not horse.

  4. The two are usually found in close proximity.

  5. Oops. The dive bar where he parked his truck is where all the whores hang out.

  6. It would be funny if he really was looking for a horse.

  7. I just checked San Antonio weather. July and August would suck, but the rest of the year looks very nice.

    Lots more sunshine than here, and no snow.

  8. I think Scott and lauraw should move to lapeer.

  9. I could do her landscaping and she could do my veggie garden.

  10. They could come and shit on my porch whenever they wanted.

  11. I recommend Cheyenne. July and August are quite nice, and we sit on a transportation hub. Amazon is opening a distribution center here. We will soon have Amazon Prime.

  12. Lol. I’m leaving that there.

  13. Ha ha ha ….

  14. Everyone is invited to shit on my porch.

  15. **shits on Car in’s back deck**

  16. Oh yeah sure…NOW it’s OK.


  18. Our DC is in Wyoming.

  19. Did the chicken a little differently tonight, I bought a hotplate and blackened it in a cast iron skillet outdoors, then grilled it over charcoal.

    Galdarn that was pretty tasty. Used this:

  20. No smoke in the house, except coming from under the collars. That stuff is pretty spicy.


  21. I bought a propane powered camp stove for stuff like that. I love it.

    Stinky/smokey stuff gets cooked outside.


    Might be the opossum scat in my barn. I just caught another one. Didn’t even have any bait on the trap.

  23. I’ll try to keep the roads clear, Oso. I don’t want you to run out of widgets.

  24. There us sweet love in San Antonio.

    Puppy, what dates are ye going to be in SoCal?

  25. Well, the new kitchen sink faucet and InsinkErator disposal unit are installed and there are no leaks. Profanity count (unofficial) was 3 goddams, 3 motherfuckers, 1 fuck me running backwards with a giant horsecock, and seis mama mi verga, pinche cabrones.

  26. Good job, Pendejo. Not even one little cocksucker sumbitch?

  27. Oops. I would feel bad about making a new poat in light of this one if it hadn’t required at least half an hour of work.


  28. Chumpo, I’ll be in Anaheim Monday and Tuesday night, I’m staying near Didney Land and attending a convention at the, uh…convention center. Any advice on colors to wear and gang signs to flash would be appreciated.

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