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We need a new poat, so here’s some stuff from the funneh folder.
mom bingo
Even your beer is trying to tell you something.
beer message
Name that Hostagette.
Y’all have a good day.


  1. It’s no BBF, but at least it has Lynda Carter’s bewbs.

  2. Roamy selfie?

  3. And no, I’m not gonna fucking talk like a pirate today.

  4. As I understand it, while at HP, Carly replaced a lot of the workers with H1-Bs. She also made many of the engineers knowingly train their replacements before they were escorted out.

    And she still managed to run it into the ground.

  5. How about talking like a fucking pirate, then?

  6. They also acquired Compaq, which depending on who you talk to was a wild success or epic failure.

  7. The salmon brines.

  8. UConn was a 23.5 point underdog to Missouri and they are winning at the half.


  9. Lacross?

  10. Talk like fucking a pirate day?

  11. Who’s in for making and selling “Joe Touched Me Here”(with various directional arrows)t-shirts if Biden enters the race?

  12. “Hillary didn’t answer the 3 am call, and all I got was this rag for wiping servers”

  13. “We never received any 3 AM calls.”

    (next week)
    “There is no proof that we received any 3 AM calls.”

    (next week)
    “I am not aware that there were 3 AM calls.”

    (next week)
    “The vast rightwing conspiracy is making up the issue of 3 AM calls.”

  14. “Well obviously I meant 3am in a different time zone.”

  15. “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  16. Listening to the game on the radio. There are ads for the CT DOT.

    Why the fuck would the dept of transportation have an advertising budget?

    We are doomed.

  17. Sweet sweet federal money. Use it or lose it.

  18. “I’ll call *you* at 3 AM (cackle).”

  19. WTF, Virginia Tech?

  20. For those not watching the VT-Purdue game, VT was on the 2 yard line. QB drops back to pass, gets tackled, fumbles the ball, Purdue runs it back 90+ yards to score.

  21. Hey Wiser, please post your radio shows.

  22. If you sell a computer game that’s only available via download, shouldn’t your fucking servers be able to download the whole damn file?

  23. I think I found one of Mare’s wedding photos.

  24. Anybody here a Longhorns fan? If you are, we’re enemies today.

    And you’re a fag.


  26. Looks like Pupster got into the liquor cabinet again.

  27. Longhorn fans are, by definition, fags. The saying is that the only things in Austin are steers and queers. And it’s hard to find any horns. Your insult is thus rated non-applicable.

  28. Was Austin always full of dickweeds and pinkos, or did that just happen over the last few decades?

  29. 7-0 Bears!

  30. Texas found a good QB.

  31. We’ve also started getting pretty sloppy.

  32. Penalties always seem to kill us.

  33. Goddamnit,


  35. crap. Oh well, it was a fun song.

  36. Tied up at the half. Coulda been better, coulda been worse.

  37. When I got home from the store today, I saw Anita on the lawnmower in the back yard.
    When I got into the house, she was in there, tearing her clothes off and screaming.
    She mowed over a yellow-jacket burrow and they got upset at her.
    Stung on neck, arms, and back.

    Never had a reaction, until today.
    Vision started fading.
    BP dropped to 75/30.
    I gave her a couple Benydril right away, but she got pretty scary.
    She didn’t want to go for a ride in “The Big Red Box”, again.
    Probably should have.
    When her BP normalized, she started to shake really bad.
    She’s feeling better, now.
    We should probably get her an EpiPen, and kill the wasps…

  38. Crap, chrisp. yes and yes. meesa loves anitap

  39. Holy crap. That must have been terrifying.

  40. one of my friends got stung by hornets and had a reaction. He’s never been allergic, but his face swelled up really bad.

    Wonder if there is something different with the insect venom.

  41. I think Cal just got jobbed on that call.

    They have to give him the TD.

  42. Well, they went and got it over again. But, yeah, looked like it broke the plane.

  43. Is Anita okay, Crispy?

  44. Well, back to the comedy of errors that is ISU at Toledo. Both teams trying to lose the game.

  45. Epi pen would be a great idea ChrisP. Scary stuff. I’ve got one for my house courtesy of my sister even though I’ve never had a reaction. I feel better knowing it’s available with my bee hive in the yard.

  46. I think that the last time she got multiple stings may have “sensitized” her.
    This was pretty scary.
    In spite of her pleadings, I SHOULD have called 911.
    I. Fucked. Up…

  47. Even with the Epi you need the ER. Reactions seem to be more severe with aging.

  48. Oso,
    Who the fuck are calling “OLD”?
    Reactions seem to be more severe with aging.
    Don’t make me take you over my knee…

  49. Gchrispy, so, so glad Anita is stable. Oh, my, goodness, what a scare.


  51. Mare came up for air.

  52. Calm down, Crispy. Here, have a Werther’s Original.

    *runs away*

  53. Hahaha Had a severe reaction at Popeye’s recently. Pharmacist at work told me I needed to stop testing my previous allergen parameters. My reactions have increased in intensity once I hit 50. Hit it hard! LOL

  54. Did anybody tell Alabama there was a game tonight?


  55. Did anybody find out what a mistake it was to assume this whole time that anybody else couldn’t speak English today?

  56. Half the people at dinner tonight are wearing formal wear, half are wearing medieval garb.

    The hostess is stacked and wearing a strapless dress with a plunging neckline and she keeps spilling out of it. It is glorious.

    Another gal is wearing a leather bustier, a skirt slit to her hip, and fishnet stockings.

  57. Chris, prayers for Anita.

  58. I haven’t seen this many prey girls with bruises and ballgowns since the NFL hall of fame dinner.

  59. Pretty.

  60. GlobeAlex on a roll…

  61. Now we’re drinking Fireball and watching Muppet videos on YouTube.

  62. Good thing I waited a second to kick the chair after Texas scored that last TD.

  63. You won, Sean. We missed a short field goal at the end of regulation, and lost in overtime.

  64. Making AmazingRibs bratwurst again, kicking it up with some ghost/scorpion/tepin mixture. A little spice is all that recipe needed, it’s delicious.

  65. When life gives you lemons, make bratwurst.

  66. I got nothing to say I ain’t said before
    I bled all I can, I won’t bleed no more
    I don’t need no one to understand
    Why the blood run derp the hired hand

  67. I still don’t understand the meaning of the middle of Fury. When Pitt and the young soldier meet with the 2 ladies, and then the rest of the tank crew meets up with them.

  68. Never seen it.

  69. Well, that’s tacky. SIL just invited me to a bridal shower for my nephew’s wife. They were married New Year’s Eve.

  70. ^^gross^^

  71. What a crazy college football day.

    Went to bed and woke up to some surprises.

  72. Oh, and shut your whore mouths.

  73. Give them some cab fare and kick them out.

  74. Invite them to your baby shower.

  75. Never again Fireball and Captain Morgan. Dear God, never again…

  76. *slams door, watches CoAlex wince*

  77. POL Updated.

    And Pepe will pay for that. After I figure out how to pour myself out of bed.

  78. Real sad news regarding Mary Katharine Ham

  79. Oh, that does suck, scott. And with a baby on the way.

  80. ugh, awful news.

  81. Yep, that’s not really what I wanted to wake up to.

  82. I didn’t know she was pregnant. Now the photo makes sense.

  83. Oh gosh, that is awful.

  84. Prayers for MKH and her family, terrible news.

  85. Dang.

  86. *Makes a sunday*

    Bikes are dangerous.

  87. New one:

  88. The White House actually put out a mostly gracious statement.

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