Thursday Debate Hangover Comb Over

Like many of you I’m following the so-called GOP race for the president in a manner that would best be described as “cautious”. After having my hopes dashed repeatedly by the promises of politicians I’m more of a skeptic than I’ve ever been. The people who we believe would do the best job in office are drowned out by celebrity noise and mainstream media buffoonery. Despite this cynicism I know we have an obligation to remain engaged in the process. As much as I’d like to shrug my shoulders and walk away while uttering “Let it burn“, I can’t. Still, being served shit sandwiches over and over again is getting old.

Happy time!



  1. Heh, Hulkcake smash!

    Where’s Thor? We don’t want an unhappy Cyn or Oso.

  2. Fiorina impressed me. She rose above it for a few minutes, before arguing with Trump over stupidity and getting beat with experience, all the while Paul and Christie cheering on the mud wrestling.

  3. Doesn’t matter. America needs a clown.


  5. Post updated for Cyn

  6. In Ann Arbor. Where’s hotspur?

    Wakey wakey

  7. I worked last night and missed the debates.

    ‘Tis a pity.

  8. Trump won, according to “the” important people. Go ahead and start hoarding carbs, and quit exercising.

  9. No

  10. Let it burn

  11. I’m at my office.

  12. Well- where I’m at sux

  13. Breitbart has a poll. Maybe you wanna go there and make your mark.

    It’s okay with me that Trump is still out in front right now. He’s a great lightening rod. We need a strong lightening rod.

    I’m with the Cruz Crew through and through, but I liked the tone and strong responses from Fiorina and Rubio. I wish Cruz could relax and sound a bit more natural. He has integrity and character — he is not posing or lying.

    Maybe the more relaxed natural Cruz will come out and play as time goes on. Cruz always has solid responses, but he is no entertainer or clown — and I worry that the WhiteHouse will need to be won by a clown.

  14. Lightening is what you do when you add milk to coffee take books out of your backpack. Lightning is what you protect your house from with a rod and a wire.

    And Hotspur is the one who should have caught that.

  15. Well- where I’m at six

    Well, come over here then.

  16. Not until I get back my daughter.

  17. Where should we eat lunch hotspur and do you want to join us?

  18. Casey’s, and yes.

  19. Lightening: (slightly nsfw)


  20. Where is Casey’s? Not sure when we’ll be done. I’m starving.

  21. Not until I get back my daughter.


  22. That’s right next to your office right?

  23. Yes.

  24. Poll Cathy mentioned:

    You need to give them your email and agree to get offers to vote though. I get too much email as it is now and probably should trim the list down yet again.

  25. Ok. Be there in 15 probably

  26. You can park in the back. Come in the back door.

  27. Gross

  28. *sets low hanging fruit trap

  29. How come I have to eat this stupid salad, and Car in and Hotspur get to go out to lunch?


  30. You know what you did.

  31. Good post, Jimebro.

  32. Carin is always a blast, and her daughter is cute as a bug.

  33. can any of you youngsters ‘splain to me what the much a mic drop is?

    *ties onion to belt*

  34. Use, been using that one for years.

  35. Huh. New place just gave me a counter I can’t refuse.

    Guess I’m not working from home after all. WPP.

  36. What does WPP mean?

    *returns Chumpo’s onion belt*

  37. I think it means Worst Pumpkin Pie

  38. Women’s Pudenda Problems

  39. Thanks Chumpo!

    I like my WPP with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  40. Wicked Pinto’s Penis?

    yeah, I went there.

  41. That explains why jimbro eats his with ice cream, mare.

  42. Barack has sent me an email on the debates:

    Last night, the Republican candidates for president tried to explain why one of them should be the next person to lead this country. Well, Jay, Republicans have an opportunity to show some leadership right now — in this very moment.

    With Congress back in session, it’s time for the GOP to do some work. They’ve got to pass a budget by the end of this month — a budget with no strings or nonsense attached — or they’ll be shutting down the government for the second time in two years.

    And let me be clear: A government shutdown would be completely irresponsible, but it’s not inevitable. Congress can pass a budget that invests in American families, in our schools, in our roads, in our military, and in all the things that truly make this country great. That’s a budget I’d be more than happy to sign. But instead of trying to find ways for us to move forward together, some folks are threatening to shut down the government because I won’t accept a budget that hurts the middle class or makes it harder for women to access health care services they need by defunding Planned Parenthood.

    Now we’re getting closer and closer every day to Election Day, and if we want a Congress that won’t play politics with people’s lives, we’ve got to elect Democrats who will work tirelessly fighting for people like you and me. So if you’re able, pitch in $3 or whatever you can to help elect Democrats.

    So, quit shutting down the government, and spend, spend, SPEND! To hell with your religious convictions!

  43. White people problems.

  44. MJ is white?

  45. Who knew muppet porn was in high demand. Hunh.

  46. Worthless Political Pandering

  47. I’m orange.

  48. Congratulations??

  49. I’m not sure either. Gonna sleep on it.

    And by sleep I mean drink a bottle of Chardonnay.

  50. Alas poor Kermit, I knew you well!

    ( Related: )

  51. J’ames if I wanted to read that shit I’d troll my moms Facebook page.

    Lunch with Hotspur was delightful. And I had a salad.

  52. And by sleep I mean drink a bottle of Chardonnay.


    Be there in about 5 minutes. Let’s solve some world problems. But one bottle won’t cut it.

  53. Haven’t seen my husband in 27 days. Picking him up at the airport today.


  54. Until I can bartend from home … I don’t see why any of yous guys should be able to so either.

  55. You should add two xanax to that Chardonnay… for science.

  56. May it be a joyous reunion Mare.

    Don’t burden the man with any WPP.

  57. What was he in for?

  58. I was gone two weeks arrived home at the airport where he had left the car that day to travel..then he’s gone two weeks.

  59. Haven’t seen my husband in 27 days. Picking him up at the airport today.
    Mr Mare’s point of view:

  60. Just had a friend ask if I’d like to visit her while she’s hanging out near Surprise, Arizona for the month of October but I had to say probably not considering we’ve been apart so much.

  61. I got rid of the xanax about a year ago. That was a poor decision.

  62. Is Xanax for sleeping or anxiety?

  63. We’re not going to see Mare for 27 hours minutes once Mr. Mare gets home.

  64. It was for anxiety and it worked really well. I was as normal as I think I’ve ever felt.

    However, my doctor was also my friend and prescribed me 120 1mg tablets, which is enough to lead to problems if you have absolutely no self control.

    On a scale of 1-100 my self control is somewhere around, fuck it, let’s have another 12 shots of tequila. So into the terlet they went. After I had some fun, of course.

  65. Why don’t they also pull his pants down and suck his dick?

  66. Holy shit, you’re kidding me, Hotspur. The world is on fire and Obama is responsible for most of it and WTFF?

  67. It’s good you’re so self aware, MJ. Less to write about in your diary which is a good thing.

  68. Did my name come up during the debates? Because it should have.

  69. Jeb Bush: The fatter, dumber, slower, less athletic and socially confident Bush.



    Whittle nails it.

  71. PSA: Don’t dump your old meds down the toilet. It gets in the water that fish fuck in. Put them in some nasty moist garbage and put them in the trash. Then they’ll be carted off to a landfill and slowly seep into the environment where salamanders fuck.

  72. “A man who could lock himself inside his own car.” That was good.

  73. Carly/Carson ’16

  74. Scott, I missed the debate. Who said that, and about whom?

  75. It was from Mare’s link—Bill Whittle said it about Biden

  76. Love Whittle. Thanks.

  77. Love how he begins his Afterburners, with that little misdirection.

  78. Name that device!

  79. Is that Achmed’s clock?

  80. What a dork. Not gonna get laid building clocks, Mohummad.

  81. Luntz’ dunces declare Fiorina the winner!

    Take that, racist MJ the dwarf misogynist!

  82. Evening.

  83. That moment was huge. It will be interesting to see the next round of polling data.

  84. She was just as good at the first debate.

  85. There is a new one at AOS, she pulled even with Trump in a poll of people who watched the debate.

    She’s going to beat him.

  86. So it’s going to be President Fiorina, glad that’s settled.

  87. Our second woman president is going to be so awesome.

  88. I’d vote for her. It would be a pleasure watching her debate any of the Dem contenders.

  89. The left is freaking out because she “wants to start a war” with Russia.

  90. That link about a-hole getting a 2nd Nobel is a spoof site.

  91. They better hope that when Ahmed brings his clock in the ‘little pencil box’ (yeah, the news actually reported it that way), he doesn’t add some boomies while showing Commander F*ckface.

  92. *waits for the Democrat War On Woman to start

  93. It’s already started. The left will always tell you who they are most afraid of by the nature of their attacks.

  94. PP is out in full force attack mode on Carly. No one is actually linking the video in question. 22 million people found out about the PP videos last night.

  95. Daesh has no reason to take out TFG. He is advancing the caliphate for them. Looks like Achmed the Clockmaker is a bit more connected than first reported.

  96. So will the Secret Service be racist profilers when they confiscate little Achmed’s clock when he goes to visit TFG or will they let him in and be incompetent when he sets off an explosive device in the White House?

  97. I saw one of the Klanned Murderhood defensive attacks on Carly.

    I figure that if you’re getting your news from VOX, then every day must be an adventure as reality beats you up and steals your lunch money, and you can never figure out why.

  98. Oso, was it you or Pupster that had the link to the shooting range in Minnesota the other day? I’d look for it but I’m too lazy.

  99. Why on earth would any Muslim want to harm Obama?

  100. Because he never wears his burka in public.

  101. Pupster linked it.

  102. Thanks.

  103. I don’t know how to link anything. Too lazy/old to learn. GOML

  104. BiW it is kind of funny watching them defend the indefensible without links just Kaa “Trust in me…” (OMG Live action Jungle Book trailer)

  105. It’s easy to kill people who are worth more dead to the murderers than alive to the people who conceived them.

  106. Paul

  107. BiW, that’s a brilliant insight. Seriously.

  108. I’m still waiting for “recruits” that are having multiple late term abortions for a cut of the tissue transportation costs. Cough.

  109. Thanks Scott, I found it and sent it to a neighbor of mine. He lived in MN for years and was an avid shooter / hunter. Figured he might know the place. I’m taking him here sometime soon:

  110. Yeah, if Hitler’s mad scientists could have figured out a way to synthesize a youth serum from the harvesting of jooooooooosssssss organs, he’d likely be feted by the same people who keep comparing him to evvvvvvviiiiiilllll reich wingerz.

  111. >>>I’m still waiting for “recruits” that are having multiple late term abortions for a cut of the tissue transportation costs. Cough.<<<

    That would make a significant dent in the BAAL Memorial Lamborghini Fund for Unrepentant Harpies.

  112. Pretty sure any video evidence that supports my gut feeling is “Heavily edited”

  113. This looks pretty darn tasty. I’ve never learned to make hollandaise sauce, but I loved it whenever I’ve had it.

  114. Yum. If I don’t go to Raahauge’s this weekend I might make that Saturday night.

  115. Wonders if lauraw has a Dr stethoscope

  116. I buy a Hollandaise sauce mix. Close enough.

  117. Brad, talked to my friend about the bar in PS. Looks like escrow will close in late October. I’ll keep you posted.

  118. Thanks. There’s gonna be free beer involved, right?

  119. We’ll be sitting in the owner’s box. Or barstool. Or whatever. So, yeah, I would think so. If not, surely we can con someone here out of their Visa.

  120. And I’m going to Uber it. We’ve become big-time fans of the service.

  121. Oso, I do. My Dr. Brother-in-law bought me a lovely one as a gift, before I started my first clinicals last year. He had it inscribed, too. His generosity made me cry in my pants.

  122. I’m dying to find out how pasta carbonara comes out, made with zucchini noodles and my homemade black pepper bacon.

    Next week. I’ll let you guys know what happened. DON’T GO ANYWHERE


  124. I love my Uber experience in San Diego, big fan of it. Haven’t tried it here yet.

  125. Well crap. I remember the stethoscope story now. I was going for the Joy Behar low-hanging fruit and lauraw ruins it by reminding me of the abfab story of her real stethoscope. Pretty happy for Paula and lauraw, but snarking on the View would’ve been funny.

  126. pauli:

  127. I got signed up and permitted to be a Uber driver, then got a jerb in MN. Uber was the back up plan.

    Boy2 and I are driving back to oh HI oh tomorrow to pick up some more junk and bring it to MN. Some of it we actually need. Going to be the first major road trip in the truck. If anyone finds out where Colex is let me know, if it’s Columbus I could use some help loading the truck.

    BBF is set to pop early in the morning, Pup out.

  128. This should keep you busy for a while:

  129. Pupster, I’m in Racine.

  130. heh. Pups must be used to Somalis by now. Columbus to Somali central.

  131. Greek food?

  132. Our Numex pepper plant is loaded, Oso. What is it exactly that you do with these things?

  133. Roast them and add them to everything!!!

  134. I have to pickle more peppers this weekend.

  135. Burgers, steaks, burritos. Garnish.

  136. calabacitas is corn, squash, onions, and peppers. Quelites is spinach, beans, onion, and peppers.

  137. Project time!

  138. Just being clear, because I know a few ways to ‘roast’ peppers. When you roast them, do you blacken them on a flame, then peel off the skins?

  139. Yes

  140. Oven roast is fine

  141. Jimbro, mi familia uses jumbo roasters. Mom just put away

  142. ok

  143. I don’t like seeds. The chile “meat” is flavorful with everything.

  144. You can also use long tongs and a flaming burner to ‘blister’ the skin.

    Not kidding, saw pics of that with the note that it was the easiest way to get full coverage.

    I’m just going to pickle whole ones with the skin on from here out. Skinning them is an enormous hassle. Poblanos are too thin-fleshed to peel safely, and the hungarian waxes I’m pickling separately are normally pickled with their skins anyhow. The bell peppers I’m just going to eat.

  145. dan likes meaty chiles for rellenos. I’m allergic to eggs. YMMV

  146. “meaty chiles”

  147. Heh. Thick enough to be stuffed.

  148. Crap. Not seeing the foodie here

  149. Leon, as you noted, it’s not worth peeling the little ones. Bell peppers are wonderful roasted. Awesome on sammiches or for topping meats.

    My family usually does the big sweet bells right on an open flame, even right on a gas oven range top. Just park them directly on the grate and let that side turn black. Turn to blacken a new side. Repeat.

    Set them in a big pot and cover with a plate and towel. Let sit for 20 minutes after roasting, so they can steam themselves a bit. You can rub the skins right off with a tea towel after that.

    Mom makes a big bowlful, and then turns them with sliced garlic and olive oil. Great on everything.

  150. Exactly,

  151. I made iced tea with fresh stevia leaves, spearmint, and lemon balm from the garden.

    If I bottled this stuff hipsters would pay $10 a gallon.

  152. Bells are supposed to be skinned and sectioned for pickling, and that’s the only reason I think I’d ever bother.

  153. Sounds yummy. Diabetics look at Leon and say BUY$$$$

  154. Having the best food on Earth coming from the backyard is so luxurious.

    If I bottled this stuff hipsters would pay $10 a gallon.

    Nope. $5 a pint.

  155. Maybe even more, if you had a nifty fake backstory and a picture of an approved oppressed ethnic person on the bottle.

  156. Anita got a call from the folks that live down-hill from our rental.
    “The Bosc Pears are ripe. Come and pick as many as you like.”
    We have 5 empty canning jars.
    Me: “Anita, what are you going to do with the pears you pick?”
    Her: “Eat them.”
    She brought home about 100 pounds, plus a box of Gravensteins, and a box of Asian Pears…

  157. Maybe even more, if you had a nifty fake backstory and a picture of an approved oppressed ethnic person on the bottle.

    I was going to put a picture of the hard keeper horse on it and call it Skinny Pony Lemon-mintade. Best I can do.

  158. Pear pie, pear bread, pear butter…

  159. Chris, you could fatten a dozen hens or one sow with those.

  160. Grated pears make a wonderful marinade base for stir fry or thin grilled beef strips, you know. Follow the recipe for Korean bulgogi. Great stuff.

  161. I love bosc pears. Wish I had this problem.

    I bet big fat deer love them too…how are you set on ammo, Crispy?

  162. OK, goodnight. Early am tomorrow for school, then work. Have a great weekend, guys.

  163. The irony makes my brain hurt.

  164. So this is it then?
    You’re here to win friends
    Click click saddle up see you on the derp then
    And all our old friends
    Pick up their phones then
    Ring ring call them up
    Tell them about the new trends

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